Xen users - Sep 2008

Tuesday September 30 2008
10:54PM 2 Increase size of file-based diskimage (with MBR, partitions + fs)
10:45PM 6 dev86 for HVM
8:53PM 0 Xen Summit North America Program Committee Volunteers
8:40PM 2 Panic on PCU 0
7:57PM 0 How to get Xen 3.1.1?
7:13PM 3 Problem using Xen - SATA
11:23AM 2 Debian testing + xen 3.2.1 + dom0 kernel 2.6.18 + clvm 2.x -> impossible ?
6:32AM 0 RAMDISK: Couldn''t find the valid RAM disk image starting at 0
Monday September 29 2008
4:20PM 1 SEDF-DC and ShareGuard?
3:30PM 2 Problem starting stubdomU
2:13PM 0 Stub domains and gplpv drivers?
1:02PM 3 LVM related bug in the GPL PV drivers for Windows?
12:15PM 0 Re: AW: xm save fails on OCFS2
11:52AM 3 net upgrade
6:09AM 1 Small DataCenter has an example.
3:42AM 3 xm save fails on OCFS2
Sunday September 28 2008
5:31PM 1 "BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#n", results in very slow domU''s
12:19AM 3 Mouse pointer - slow response
Saturday September 27 2008
7:26PM 0 Windows HVM Balloon Driver
6:48PM 9 xm save -c
1:41PM 2 Windows SP, high CPU utilization xmtop after unpause
1:12PM 2 XEN 3.3 - pci in domU does not work
Friday September 26 2008
8:27PM 0 Does Xen support cpu frequency scaling?
4:13PM 0 AW: Help GPLPV Drivers
3:40PM 1 Xen and DHCP problem
2:30PM 3 Roadmap for Xen 3.4 Link
2:24PM 0 How to get the real CPU usage from Xen?
1:51PM 4 Xen.org Community Weekly Update
1:21PM 2 HugeTLB in PV-domain
12:54PM 3 Windows Server 2008 Bluescreen on update
8:22AM 0 Centos multiple bridging
7:24AM 1 SWAP in domU
Thursday September 25 2008
10:13PM 2 domu''s time is frozen after change dom0''s time backward
9:50PM 3 virt-install HVM with url and kickstart?
3:22PM 21 major slow down with xen implementation
2:16PM 8 Serial Console Problem
2:06PM 0 PCI passthrough x 3.1 x 3.2.1 x 3.2.2 x 3.3.0
1:46PM 9 Using xen in multihead distributed setup
9:37AM 0 qcow support
9:01AM 1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
7:29AM 0 Real advantages with Xen 3.3 vs 3.2.1 in Linux console-only environment?
6:37AM 7 How to increase loop device
5:27AM 1 Help: grub problem ( Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format )
5:14AM 0 Help.... Xen PV Drivers for windows.
Wednesday September 24 2008
10:11PM 1 xen 3.2.1, make world doesnt work
9:32PM 1 More vcpus than physical cores and hvm
7:52PM 1 Memory and Logs issue
7:31PM 0 Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) - Are you joining us in Japan?
6:02PM 4 xm top strange values
5:41PM 0 nmap from br0 to br1 don''t work
3:17PM 2 Xen management
3:03PM 8 MAC Address for GPL PV network card
2:23PM 2 PCI Pass through on AMD with HVM?
2:23PM 1 Passing audio to DomU
12:41PM 1 Please:( Help me, Kernel Panic, Could not find file system.
10:46AM 9 Xen 3.3 hypervisor with stock dom0 kernel from Debian Etch?
9:08AM 3 How to manipulate xen image size
7:41AM 4 Best way to redundant images?
6:58AM 0 unsubscribe
6:55AM 0 Bridging configuration problem on Xen 3.0.3
6:45AM 0 Re: Using Xen 3.3 with Debian Etch? PV domU
6:38AM 2 Help GPLPV Drivers
5:43AM 0 I have one problem with Xen GPLPV Drivers.
2:02AM 0 checksum offloading causing problems?
12:48AM 6 How to transfer files from DOM 0 to DOM U
12:39AM 3 Xen 3.0.4 + CentOS5.2 "Could not mount root filesystem."
Tuesday September 23 2008
10:46PM 1 Converting XenEnterprise image to XenSource
6:17PM 1 non-page-aligned MMIO BAR found since 3.3
5:27PM 1 Xen Converter
4:57PM 7 Problem to boot Xen 3.3.0 using CentOS as dom0
4:31PM 2 Where can I see message printed by do_console_io?
1:57PM 1 Jumbo frames with domUs in bridging mode
10:37AM 0 pygrub with iSCSI
7:41AM 1 xm commands
7:32AM 5 Shared Folder
5:22AM 2 Using Xen 3.3 with Debian Etch? PV domU troubles.
2:44AM 1 Networking problems on opensuse 10.3
12:22AM 0 Setup advice needed
Monday September 22 2008
10:22PM 0 Guest crashing after real-mode call to a VT-D passed device
9:34PM 1 xen kernel version
8:46PM 3 How to check/test network performance?
4:23PM 1 two network interfaces and HVM
3:12PM 4 networking problem
2:32PM 2 Dual core Amd
1:51PM 4 Process ids
11:44AM 1 XEN - on kernel 2.6.22 and newer
9:18AM 7 performance of pv drivers for windows
8:34AM 0 Working COMPAT_VDSO patch?
5:08AM 8 bridge-utils problem
Sunday September 21 2008
10:00PM 5 Good unidirectional TCP performance, weird asymetric performance going bidirectional
8:03PM 0 Bridge stops forwarding on fc8 xen 3.1
4:19PM 3 Re: Using suse xen patches with vanilla/gentoo kernel
Saturday September 20 2008
4:29PM 1 What does ''non-page-aligned MMIO BAR found'' mean and can I fix it?
3:13PM 1 Loop module not detected
2:57AM 2 Re: My domU cpuinfo shows "cache seize: 16KB" ater upgrading to Xen-3.3.0... but in Xen-3.2 it has 2048KB!
Friday September 19 2008
10:49PM 1 Live migration under drbd
10:42PM 15 Still confused about bridging (I think)
10:28PM 11 How do I get a version of Dom0 later than 2.6.18
5:09PM 0 Problem w/ Xen Bridge
1:39PM 8 Windows and Multiple CPUS?
9:02AM 1 Live Migration problems
8:38AM 3 Giving a domU direct access to a NIC
6:57AM 2 Private vlans for guests
5:34AM 2 About MAC address
12:29AM 3 Connecting dom0''s with VPN?
Thursday September 18 2008
10:48PM 0 drbd + xen + heartbeat
7:55PM 4 Migration stalls with kernel
5:34PM 0 domU cpuinfo shows only 16 KB ater upgrading to Xen-3.3.0!
5:14PM 1 Debugging a crash
3:51PM 6 Question about kernels in Xen
9:59AM 1 is there a maximum of domu? my network died
6:52AM 2 Xen 3.3 + Drbd - block device script broken?
6:31AM 7 how do I increase a LVM based xen domU?
6:05AM 3 domU network interface not reporting bandwidth usage
Wednesday September 17 2008
10:32PM 0 xen + drbd
7:15PM 3 Controlling VNC console port
5:12PM 0 Re: RES: SAN + XEN + FC + LVM question(s)
4:46PM 1 R: Re: bridge and tcpdump
4:22PM 8 BMC Remedy on xen?
4:10PM 0 R: Re: bridge and tcpdump
4:07PM 0 R: Re: bridge and tcpdump
3:40PM 3 bridge and tcpdump
3:10PM 15 xm delete - Error: <Fault 3: ''machine1''>
1:32PM 4 is it possible to mount a domU''s LVM partition in dom0 ?
10:05AM 1 /dev/tty: No such device or address error in newly created CentOS 5.2 domU
7:39AM 0 PCI/USB forward to domU works, but this is a strange problem!
7:24AM 7 Unable to ping guest hostname
Tuesday September 16 2008
10:43PM 0 scsi passtrough
10:14PM 4 Howto made LVM2 snapshots of my whole HVM domU disk, not per partition.
8:52PM 1 Re: Dom-0 and Dom-Us dont receibe Ip from network [Solved]
8:05PM 1 HVM guest high CPU usage
5:10PM 3 xen on openSUSE
5:09PM 0 Configuring Routes in Dom0
5:01PM 0 xen 3.3.0: 64bit domU and 32bit dom0 on 64 bit hypervisor
4:53PM 1 xen cannot find root filesystem
4:22PM 3 windows guest and only showing 3.75 out of 8GB ram
3:56PM 0 Howto compiling Xen 3.3
8:29AM 7 xen 3.3.0 PCI device delegation
6:32AM 2 Xen 3.3.0 on Ubuntu Hardy and xmlproc module.
3:09AM 0 Re: RES: SAN + XEN + FC + LVM question(s)
Monday September 15 2008
7:29PM 0 Xen Summit North America 2009: Hold the Date
6:59PM 0 Stubdom crashing on startup
4:02PM 7 SAN + XEN + FC + LVM question(s)
3:44PM 1 Device already mounted in guest domain problem
3:02PM 3 DomU max memory problem
1:11PM 0 Installing XEN Problem - x86_64 - stubdom
12:15PM 1 Not enough loop devices
9:56AM 1 Domain ID
7:00AM 8 problem on cloing guest
Sunday September 14 2008
2:34PM 17 How to create an Ubuntu Hardy guest
2:19PM 1 virt-install problem
10:46AM 3 xen 3.3.0 etch sources console hangs
3:42AM 0 New Xen.org Site is LIVE
2:56AM 7 About Xen commands
2:49AM 5 How to clone a Linux VM
Saturday September 13 2008
3:17PM 3 Login problem on ssh connection
2:39PM 5 domU not able to access external network
10:30AM 8 Xen vs VirtualBox
8:38AM 5 CPUS, cores and threads inside domU
Friday September 12 2008
8:44PM 4 Windows didn''t react
8:09PM 2 Announcing the first release of SnowFlock
8:07PM 9 Problems with SCSI
6:31PM 0 [Fwd: Re: strange effect using xvm core build in nevada CE build 97]
5:21PM 2 Can''t see changes in LV Size inside domU (after lvextend on dom0)
3:44PM 0 Fwd: [Bug 1303] sometimes centos4 domu deadlocks
10:33AM 7 GuestOS Automation
6:12AM 5 problem with GPLPV drivers > 0.9 in Win XP HVM
12:20AM 3 Recovering space or "shrink" disk img?
Thursday September 11 2008
10:06PM 0 64bit / 32bit PAE DOM0 - Migration ?
9:24PM 12 pciback module not working
7:21PM 2 question about disk = [ ''phy:/dev/vg1/vol1, sda, w!'' ] construct
7:07PM 4 Xen Fedora image for DOMU
6:15PM 5 Windows Server 2003, reboot hangs
5:10PM 2 About RAM on DomU
3:53PM 8 Xen only recognizes 3.5GB of RAM
2:35PM 1 HVM not working with Debian
1:55PM 2 domU OS backup and restore best practices
1:35PM 0 CD/DVD automount issues
1:03PM 0 domU kernel does not use complete RAM
11:20AM 0 Xenserver 4.1.0 on Sun X2200 With NVRAID enabled??
9:03AM 1 network driver performance
5:51AM 0 Trying to compile IT821X driver for 2.6.18 -- but can''t configure it
1:12AM 1 Error in /etc/init.d/xendomains if using option XEN_DOMAINS_AUTO_ONLY=true - saving of the domains always fails / shutdown is called
Wednesday September 10 2008
11:12PM 0 Accessing the VNC using HVM stub domain - xen 3.3.0
9:58PM 0 kernel oops errors+xen+lvm snapshot
8:53PM 1 Xen-3.3 Etch amd64 compil error
5:31PM 0 netperf strange issue
5:30PM 6 domU unbootable after unknown error
5:27PM 1 Do I need a dummy?
3:50PM 6 pci passthrough and svm
3:35PM 1 pci pass through of sound cards
2:34PM 4 install error: No module ehci-hcd found for kernel (I added the module "EHCI HCD" in buildin Xen0-Kernel)
1:54PM 5 drbd8 - lvm - xen
11:43AM 4 Is it possible to copy the contents of one domU to another domU?
Tuesday September 9 2008
11:36PM 1 Activating XP but it doesn''t retain the activation
8:04PM 2 Re:API call: VIF.get_network not found
7:57PM 7 Allocate more Memory than real
7:36PM 10 xenstore -- read UUID
4:33PM 1 How to monitor network usage
2:30PM 14 Problems with bridged networking
2:26PM 2 xen-3.2.1 HVM issues
10:04AM 2 xen and Acronis boot disk
9:03AM 2 No shared physical device in virt-manger on centos 5.2
6:42AM 2 pci passthrough question. Do I need VT-D ?
Monday September 8 2008
10:08PM 1 Problem with vm-install
3:18PM 0 Confused, how is network-nat supposed to work
9:06AM 0 IO Error on xvda
8:58AM 1 xen 3.3.0 cpufreq usage
7:52AM 0 OpenSuSE 11.0 x86_64 guests on CentOS 4.6 Host
6:16AM 3 raid10 + lvm + domU NoGo?
12:54AM 2 Dom-0 and Dom-Us dont receibe Ip from network
Saturday September 6 2008
7:19PM 2 xen 3.3.0 etch make error
10:34AM 0 Slow disk access on Gentoo when using xen-sources-2.6.18
Friday September 5 2008
11:18PM 0 Is that possible to use dual view on Windows Vista on Xen
8:37PM 6 Fwd: Xen - large virtual machines
1:22PM 0 use xenoprof
12:33PM 0 3.2.1+ HVM + HAP + NUMA - Poor Memory Performance
9:30AM 0 IpTables, Bridges and letting all traffic though to Vif interfaces
Thursday September 4 2008
10:09PM 0 Using blktap without xm command
7:42PM 1 IP Forwarding in Dom0?
4:55PM 2 32bit domains on 64-bit Xen
4:48PM 1 IPv6
4:11PM 0 Possible to use vanilla kernel as domU kernel?
3:41PM 0 Cannot boot into xen kernel
3:40PM 1 RE: How to simply automatically resume suspended Xend managed domains on Xend start in Xen 3.2.1
1:18PM 12 Sharing space on a SAN?
12:36PM 0 gplpv - tool to copy network config from qemu 8139 adapter to xen adapter
12:34PM 0 Accessing a usb printer in domu
10:16AM 9 Domain Crashes everyday
9:13AM 0 xm migrate --live crashes
8:38AM 0 domu firewall gateway
8:12AM 0 How to simply automaticall resume suspended Xend managed domains on Xend start in Xen 3.2.1
6:36AM 1 Strange /proc/cpuinfo
2:55AM 2 Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron bridged networking xen connectivity loss
Wednesday September 3 2008
10:48PM 5 Maintain VNC session across reboots?
9:30PM 1 ParavirtOps Kernel
7:31PM 0 Floating point exception
6:56PM 3 Dom-U attributes
6:55PM 0 Xen 3.3.0 and Windows XP HVM
6:34PM 0 Xen 3.3.0 Floppy Syntax
5:07PM 0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, are they executed in xen startup
5:01PM 1 kernel.sysrq, does it work for Xen
4:39PM 0 Network Bridge Troubles
4:20PM 6 eth0 on dom0 not working on a bridged conf
3:34PM 2 Kernel Root FS Error
2:39PM 0 Xen dom0 and Rocks
1:51PM 0 Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Event Registration Open
10:55AM 1 Install win2003 on xen
10:34AM 0 Update from 3.2 to 3.3 questions
10:05AM 4 how to create /dev/xvda
8:10AM 4 use java to run xm tool
6:50AM 5 Unable to start Xorg in dom0 (Linux kernel 6.1.18)
5:38AM 0 Xen 3.3 and ACM Security Errors
3:48AM 5 Install XP on sata XEN
12:59AM 3 Preferred Disk Image Format / Kernel Location
Tuesday September 2 2008
8:20PM 0 capturing cpl changes
8:13PM 14 Network is unreachable
7:48PM 7 xen 3.3.0 PCI device must be co-assigned to the same guest
5:47PM 1 Iptables getting enabled
4:25PM 4 64-bit PV domU (2.6.27) hangs during boot?
4:14PM 1 Dom0 upgrade process / gotchas
3:58PM 0 Direct Foreign Mappings
2:33PM 1 domU without an ID does not halt ??!!
1:50PM 9 how to expand a xen image?
11:43AM 1 Trouble Compiling!
9:42AM 1 menu.lst and pciback.hide
6:26AM 1 Not able to open local host
3:13AM 4 Usage of pci-attach
Monday September 1 2008
10:06PM 4 Xen 3.3.0 and setting up Windows
9:59PM 3 Does Xen 3.3 require new kernel?
5:40PM 10 Unable to xm console in a running domU
1:57PM 9 domU network fails under load - vif breaks
11:34AM 3 Report to a domU a change on a disk
6:19AM 0 OCF Resouce Agent
2:57AM 0 Scoping with XEN
2:46AM 0 Network Performence Scoping
1:07AM 5 [Virengepr├╝ft] How setup shorewall with xen-3.3 ?