Xen users - Aug 2008

Sunday August 31 2008
4:15PM 5 Can''t start domU after upgrade to xen3.3.0
Saturday August 30 2008
8:46PM 7 Ubuntu Hardy Heron x64 w/ Xen 3.2 hangs on boot at /etc/rc.local
3:25PM 4 BLKTAP limit in Dom0, can''t boot with pygrub
11:54AM 0 How to export an Intel USB-Controller to DomU / Driver tried to write to a read-only configuration space
1:25AM 0 [Virengeprüft] Create Frambuffer at Runtime possible ?
Friday August 29 2008
10:52PM 0 RE: VT-d "partial" success - passing DVB-S tuner to Windows DomU (based off previous thread of similar name!)Link to this message
10:08PM 0 Relocation / Migration
5:52PM 4 xen dom0 initrd
4:11PM 7 Any feedback on qaoed?
3:17PM 6 virtual machine lvm issues during install
12:32PM 3 Still trying to run hvm (Invalid mode)
8:44AM 0 VMKnoppix 5.3.1DVD 20080827 (Virtual TPM is supported on Xen and KVM/QEMU) is released.
5:46AM 0 Unable to boot domU
4:55AM 0 Route network setup not passing across Dom0
3:55AM 1 About Xen on Vserver guest
Thursday August 28 2008
9:52PM 11 Nasty kernel panic
7:27PM 4 HVM and tap:aio?
7:27PM 4 f9 domU with JDK1.5 crashes
6:36PM 0 domU video modes supported by VNC?
5:13PM 2 eth0 -> Dom0, eth0:1 -> DomU1 (bridged) and eth0:0 -> DomU2..N (Nat)
1:58PM 3 Strange virt-manager problem on sles10sp1
12:55PM 0 Re: OS X on Xen - Working!!!
12:24PM 1 exception looking up device number for hda1: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ''/dev/hda1''
8:53AM 8 RHEL 5.2 Xen Kernel doesn''t detect all amount of physical memory
8:04AM 0 PCI passthrough - pci interrupt gets disabled
3:46AM 4 NIC not working inside guest
Wednesday August 27 2008
8:56PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 42, Issue 168
7:50PM 1 Can a domU see how many CPU''s the dom0 has?
7:38PM 2 What is the relation between Xen and the number of CPU?
6:09PM 3 first time w/ XEN - Looking for some advise
4:15PM 0 Long delay during boot of virtual machine when no CD in CD-ROM drive
3:13PM 0 Debian Etch, Xen 3.1.0 and multiple networks
2:59PM 1 1 vbd attached to 2 guest systems
2:21PM 1 ACPI HPET Timer - Works on standard Kernel - Broken on Xen Kernel
1:47PM 0 Pass through quirks
1:22PM 31 problem with extra storage via iscsi
1:10PM 0 questions about schedulers in Xen 3.1.0
1:05PM 0 Xen Summit 2009 Proposal for Review
1:03PM 0 (no subject)
12:38PM 25 enable svm support
11:46AM 9 xen networking in ubuntu gutsy
3:57AM 4 Modules not loading
Tuesday August 26 2008
10:44PM 1 GPLPV and disk speed
9:06PM 1 Installing 3.2.0 rpm''s compiled from srpm
7:16PM 1 Xen PV Drivers and Windows 2000 server SP4
6:52PM 0 Weird emacs problems on vnc console
6:03PM 6 RHEL 5 installation.
5:45PM 2 Live Migration
4:58PM 4 Converting VMWare Machine with SCSI disks
4:34PM 0 GPL PV: Performance issues with Xen 3.1.0 and xp64.
4:00PM 0 Weird vnc console behavior
3:26PM 1 Duplicate Domain Issue
1:54PM 0 Xen searching to run an deleted domain
12:52PM 4 Missing device question
10:27AM 2 Module crash during xen boot on SuSE Linux 11.0
9:00AM 2 unable to start virtual1
7:50AM 5 Cannot start virtual machine
7:38AM 1 Xen 3.1.4 HVM: Boot disk not found..
7:24AM 2 information of xen in rhel5
Monday August 25 2008
11:12PM 1 Can''t start Ubuntu 8.04 domU, getting kernel panic.
5:45PM 3 Dell 2950 III for Xen virtualization
2:32PM 2 Xen IMG Convert
11:13AM 2 Xen 3.2 Problem on Ubuntu
10:58AM 3 Problem: when I am trying to create a PV guest on DQ35
10:42AM 0 Problem when I am creating a PV guest on DQ35
9:22AM 0 Problem
7:25AM 0 Live migration fails when source machine has multiple domUs
7:22AM 0 running windows 2003 under xen - unmapped device for ELDL=82
4:50AM 2 libvir: Xen error
3:47AM 1 Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
3:44AM 0 4gb seg fixup, etc.
3:30AM 2 Guest''s network access
2:12AM 0 error compiling xen
1:39AM 14 Network dies when downloading on dom0
Sunday August 24 2008
8:41PM 6 Laptop Xen Wifi
Saturday August 23 2008
12:03PM 0 what decides the number of DomUs that Xen supports?
1:27AM 7 Bridge Networking stops working at random times
Friday August 22 2008
9:27PM 0 Virtual bridge not coming up?
9:21PM 1 dom0 VNC not there
4:13PM 1 More complex bridging setup
3:49PM 11 Re: Problem with Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708bnx2
3:06PM 3 Problem with Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II BCM5708 bnx2
3:05PM 1 Xen 3.2 Laptop Networking
11:32AM 5 fedora as domu on ubuntu gutsy host
11:21AM 3 Network problems, wierd ping
10:06AM 12 Xen 3.2.1 and PCI passthrough
2:09AM 1 Xen Fedora - http runs away and takes VM with it?
12:30AM 1 Re: OSError trying hvm (was: svm flags not present) SOLVED
Thursday August 21 2008
10:55PM 0 xendomains hangs up during shutdown
7:45PM 1 FreeBSD 7
6:49PM 0 ha xen and storage cluster with two nodes
2:00PM 1 FreeBSD as domU
1:56PM 5 GPLPV Driver and SMP
1:42PM 1 need a long time to install Xen on UBuntu?
12:41PM 5 Xen & TC & Asterisk
8:18AM 1 strange xm dmesg output
8:11AM 2 probing disk i/o over all domU''s
4:46AM 8 drivers to run windows as HVM guest
3:58AM 1 OSError trying hvm (was: svm flags not present)
3:18AM 4 FreeBSD HVM Guest boots very slow.
Wednesday August 20 2008
10:03PM 1 Benchmarking
8:41PM 1 Large Network Traffic brings the server down
8:41PM 8 Question on default xen network configs
7:50PM 3 booting XEN with /usr mounted through NFS
7:45PM 4 DomU ethernet speed?
5:50PM 0 VoIP Traffic Shaping
2:29PM 0 Problem with xen/libvirt on CentOS 5.2
12:51PM 4 problem with pygrub
11:41AM 44 GPL PV drivers for Windows 0.9.11-pre12
8:19AM 9 Upgrading xen from CentOS 5.0 to 5.2
2:49AM 4 network setup for HVM guests
2:34AM 3 Installing XEN on Debian Lenny/Sid x64
1:00AM 0 Iser support for XEN
Tuesday August 19 2008
9:55PM 5 cross hypervisor communication problem
9:09PM 0 strange error from the kernel
4:17PM 4 Xen 3.1.4-x86_64: Installation from Binary tarball
3:46PM 1 Baloon driver for Windows
3:22PM 4 windows xp/xen cpu utilization
1:18PM 0 Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) hosted by Fujitsu : Call for Speakers / Topics [Japanese and English]
12:40PM 4 svm flags not present
12:15PM 0 tsc problems under 3.[12].x
5:12AM 0 Xen Networking options...
2:58AM 1 Re: [DRBD-user] Re: DRBD VBD''s with Xen status
Monday August 18 2008
5:06PM 3 Enabling VT support
4:55PM 15 How to upgrade domU
1:05PM 12 Xen 3.2 on debian dom0 2.6.18 x86_64 running Windows XP SP3 : gplpv 0.9.11pre11 not working
8:37AM 0 xc_domain_shutdown graceful shutdown?
Sunday August 17 2008
11:15PM 4 network configuration für domU
9:57PM 4 xen tools compile failed - missing gnu/stubs-32.h
3:51PM 18 Xen 3.1.4: HVM Configuration
2:36PM 1 problems while start vm
Saturday August 16 2008
10:16PM 2 xen redhat 5.2 deployment
7:58PM 3 when boot xen, got grub error 20
8:01AM 2 GPLPV Drivers and WIN2000
1:59AM 3 Clock drift
Friday August 15 2008
9:02PM 1 RE: Add more disk (the best solution?)
8:46PM 3 ERROR: Not a Xen-ELF image: No ELF notes or ''__xen_guest'' section found.
7:36PM 1 No module xennet found for kernel
6:03PM 2 kernel ip boot line
5:23PM 5 Add more disk
3:38PM 4 Xen.org Community Weekly Update
9:12AM 1 Which cpu scheduler is used default in xen-3.2.1?
Thursday August 14 2008
8:46PM 1 Dom0 networking fails ...
2:34PM 5 Windows XP inside Debian GNU/Linux
2:27PM 0 GPLPV with my windows 2003 is slow
12:12PM 6 GPLPV - Server 2008
9:24AM 0 Access to raw keycodes in xen domU
Wednesday August 13 2008
6:49PM 1 PCI Passthrough on VTd Enabled Board
6:12PM 5 Xen 3.x.x in Vmware - Bridge Network
4:53PM 2 exporting SAS card for using external device
3:21PM 3 Fencing
2:09PM 0 xm block-configure
1:57PM 3 Migration of physical host to Xen-Instance
11:47AM 0 Xen bridge network issue with bonding interfaces
11:24AM 7 how to specify vif device name?
10:35AM 1 R: Re: route or nat
9:59AM 3 route or nat
7:40AM 3 Domain ID
7:32AM 1 Xen+Vserver - How to use them together and what is the advantages/disadvantages?
Tuesday August 12 2008
11:35PM 4 Xen HDD failure - Migration
10:17PM 1 Avoid resources(disks) conflict on a multiserver envorioment
8:43PM 0 dom0 boot doesn''t show on serial console anymore.
6:35PM 0 Xen migration fails with "leaking g.e. and page still in use!"
4:46PM 3 ACM errors -- CentOS 5.2 and Xen 3.2.1 incompatibility?
3:45PM 0 PCI Passthrough issue with e1000 driver on Fc8 domU
2:45PM 4 getting a usb dongle working in hvm domU
12:56PM 7 Another GPLPV update
11:12AM 3 Converting full virtualized Linux domUs to use paravirtualized drivers
10:06AM 1 Powernow Failure with Xen Kernel
9:20AM 0 Xen 3.2.1 Lockup
Monday August 11 2008
8:15PM 2 Disable access for Dom0 to eth0 but still bridging it to DomU
6:16PM 0 Live Migration SPECweb2005
5:16PM 2 Need Kernel for NetBSD to install on Xen
4:24PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 42, Issue 65
3:31PM 0 tap interface shuts down for unknown reasons
3:21PM 3 Xen domU Gateway
10:29AM 8 Live migration - Networking take 2 minutes or so to return
3:04AM 2 xen client side package.
Sunday August 10 2008
10:22PM 1 Xen Enterprise configuration files
6:39AM 1 can''t access irc server on xen domU, please help
6:36AM 0 boot from USB
Saturday August 9 2008
3:27PM 4 Upgrade 3.0.3 to 3.2.1
1:21PM 2 Xen on Pentium M laptop?
10:57AM 2 kernel panic
12:35AM 3 Cannot assign device in Xen-unstable [VT-d]
Friday August 8 2008
10:00PM 2 lock domU file backed vbd''s?
5:47PM 1 Adding a block device to a new Linux Guest
2:59PM 0 North America Xen Summit Dates For Consideration
2:50PM 1 kernel.sysrq, is it used in the Xen kernel
1:46PM 0 xen 3.2.1: vm crashes at boot after starting the vm with a reboot
11:14AM 0 Why my X11 can''t start in Xen? (startx failed, gdm failed, xdm failed)
8:59AM 1 Centos 5.2, Xen 3.2.1 and Bridge Problems
5:50AM 1 Not enough RAM for domain 0 allocation.
3:31AM 5 PCI Passthrough problems (Cannot access network but e1000 loads fine)
3:28AM 0 CentOS 5.2 routing on new zones
Thursday August 7 2008
2:48PM 10 Diskless xen
2:27PM 6 DomU network configuration problem
2:25PM 0 Booting Problem after compiling Xen 3.2.1 on 2.6.25-14.fc9.x86_64
2:14PM 0 xm save and restore
1:45PM 2 Bridged networking weirdness
1:32PM 0 Re: away
1:26PM 0 On xm migrate
11:58AM 1 xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
10:06AM 0 Xen Feature List
7:53AM 0 xendomains script fails if more than one DomU in AUTO
1:46AM 0 unsubscribe
Wednesday August 6 2008
11:43PM 2 RE: VM with PV drivers; Win2003 lock-up
7:30PM 1 Network receive performance of Xen
5:53PM 0 kexec regression between 3.1.0 and 3.1.3 ?
3:56PM 11 Xen Setup
2:47PM 2 Security audits and compliances
1:59PM 3 Prob Connecting VM through http or ssh
1:34PM 1 locked myself out with iptables
9:53AM 0 vcpus in HVM
6:10AM 6 Adding more vCPUs to Windows 2003 standard, from 2 to 4
4:36AM 2 guest config xen 3.21 disk problems
3:49AM 8 xen-friendly glibc
3:07AM 1 harddrive setup on new install xen 3.2.1 cent 5.2
2:43AM 4 FC 9 xen kernel does not boot
Tuesday August 5 2008
8:32PM 0 Re: away
8:09PM 3 HVM iSCSI Boot ROM
5:03PM 3 gplpv 0.9.11-pre10 BSODs
4:17PM 2 one DomU, 2 IP =>why ? any ideas,
4:12PM 3 NetBSD on CentOS 5.2 Xen 3
2:55PM 2 Centos 5.2 using LVM -> DRBD 0.82 -> Xen Problems
1:39PM 2 CD/DVD drive in DomU
9:46AM 2 VMX on Lenovo R61, disabled bi BIOS ?
9:22AM 1 Recommended Dual Socket Xeon Motherboard?
6:48AM 1 HVM and routed networking
5:53AM 6 Installing Xen
Monday August 4 2008
10:53PM 6 Re: Xen-3.2.1 VT-d supportLink to this message
10:02PM 23 Xen and iSCSI - options and questions
6:02PM 0 strange scheduling / io problem
5:50PM 2 Xen-3.2.1 VT-d support
5:49PM 6 Live Migration Problems
5:03PM 6 dom0 and domU shutdown behavior
3:47PM 0 question about hvmloader and "No PCI config space access function found"
12:18PM 0 CPU Sheduler: Gurantee a define value of CPU Time
12:07PM 6 Out of SW-IOMMU space for 7222 bytes at device ...: swiotlb or dom0_mem?
12:54AM 12 svm.c:83:d917 Bad instruction length 0
Sunday August 3 2008
10:16PM 10 Windows 2003 Enterprise didn''t find Hard Disk Drive
7:20PM 3 xen 3.2.1 / dom0 with pci_bus_probe_wrapper error
6:45PM 1 network-script don''t start on boot
5:11PM 0 Ido Levy is out of the office.
4:43PM 2 Benchmark results
2:33PM 1 Xen 3.2 on CentOS calculates AMD cpu frequency incorrect
4:58AM 3 Infiniband with Xen 3.0.3
12:54AM 3 Installing 3.2.1 on Debian Etch
Saturday August 2 2008
11:41PM 3 Getting a Dom0 Kernel Version > 2.6.18 ?
10:00PM 1 Alternative to XenCenter
8:27PM 1 XenStore communication
6:16AM 0 Xen guest configs in sqlite databases?
Friday August 1 2008
7:05PM 2 Second Dom0-like DomU with graphics hardware access
3:41PM 3 NetBSD on Xen
3:27PM 1 3ware pbs : tw_cli strace
12:37PM 1 tw_cli doesn''t work on dom0 kernel
12:00PM 1 Migrate 32bits virtual machine between 64bits hypervisor
11:51AM 38 how to run fsck for a crashed domU?
8:32AM 3 Xen Networking problem!
7:58AM 0 HVM domU networking
7:40AM 0 Hardware Assisted Paging Question
6:23AM 10 can I clone a runiung domU?
3:59AM 0 How to ''mkinitrd'' of CentOS (domU) on Ubuntu (dom0)?
1:58AM 0 Migrating an HVM domain to localhost
12:57AM 0 [Fwd: Exporting USB /USB-PCI-Device to DomU]
12:19AM 0 Exporting USB /USB-PCI-Device to DomU