Xen users - Oct 2008

Friday October 31 2008
9:22PM 3 Performance of WinXP after xen tools installed is terrible
8:30PM 3 Xen.org Community Weekly Update
3:40PM 0 Fwd: Re: FreeBSD 7 DomU on Centos X86_64 Dom0 Xen 3.3.0
2:50PM 1 FreeBSD 7 DomU on Centos X86_64 Dom0 Xen 3.3.0
2:16PM 0 Dom0 in debian etch and monitor goes in power save
12:49PM 0 IPtables configuration problem
12:21PM 1 misled with Installing xen 3.3.0 onto CentOS 5.2
4:48AM 1 listing and logging in to a vm
12:08AM 0 xen best practices
Thursday October 30 2008
7:03PM 0 XENSTORED_TRACE, does it work?
2:15PM 1 Re: Error: Migration not permitted with assigned PCIdevice
9:21AM 1 How to boot from cdrom?
7:56AM 7 domU network not work
7:03AM 0 xen image
5:10AM 0 Is vcpu working inside Xen
2:49AM 8 Problem with start winxp on xen-3.3.0 using stubdom
2:14AM 0 Send sysrq to pv linux guest without xm?
Wednesday October 29 2008
8:18PM 5 p2v
4:39PM 0 Config file not created?
3:02PM 0 Xen 3.3 networking and other issues
2:24PM 1 Xen3.3 DomU network problem (Failed to bring up eth0)
2:13PM 1 Does USB passthru require VT-d or IOMMU?
11:56AM 1 Tap:Aio
11:54AM 0 VFS status ?
11:21AM 2 PCI-E Passthrough - Missing VGA-Output
9:31AM 0 problems with opensuse 11 running xen on a Sun X4150
7:15AM 1 problem with dom0_min_mem on vm creation
7:10AM 0 the tapN network interface
3:07AM 3 How to use the PV driver for Linux HVM domU?
Tuesday October 28 2008
5:49PM 20 Block level domU backup
5:42PM 0 A tale about pci and xen
3:42PM 4 NFS-server in DOM-0. something to avoid?
10:36AM 0 No vmx flag for Intel T9400
Monday October 27 2008
7:50PM 0 New Xen.org Project: Xen Introspection Project
7:42PM 0 VNC not listenting on server when MAC specified in VIF statement
4:03PM 8 GPLPV drivers block when copying huge files
1:51PM 5 xen 3.3.0 + intrepid domU (2.6.27-7-server) + >4gb ram problem
8:23AM 2 Partially removing GPLPV drivers
8:23AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 44, Issue 116
Sunday October 26 2008
4:26PM 0 eject cdrom from domU
11:49AM 10 VNC access console of paravirtualised DomU
Saturday October 25 2008
4:09PM 2 VTd - PCI Passthrough - VMError: fail to assign device
11:53AM 1 Problem with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg with xen 3.3.0
4:00AM 0 Re: Having trouble NAT-ing my guests on RHEL5 (was Re: Having trouble VPN-ing my guests on RHEL5)
3:58AM 1 Having trouble VPN-ing my guests on RHEL5
1:17AM 36 Stop 8E with GPL PV Drivers
12:31AM 3 udp packet loss
Friday October 24 2008
2:44PM 0 FW: Xen.org Community Weekly Update
11:25AM 4 3ware 9650 support for Xen
10:59AM 0 windows xp hvm installation fails / hangs
5:55AM 0 RE: Changing the CD image on a running domain.
2:43AM 0 DomU slow response to key strokes
Thursday October 23 2008
7:57PM 0 I can''t connect to the Internet in Xen 3.1 + Debian 4.0
5:26PM 1 Power Management (cpufreq) in Xen 3.3
3:07PM 4 domU, 2 ethX, iscsi, vlan...
12:54PM 1 Fast write performance, slow read performance in NFS
11:15AM 0 running something from
8:04AM 2 Howto use the serialport in domU (windows 2003 server)
7:34AM 7 Error: Migration not permitted with assigned PCI device
7:25AM 14 Problem with VT-d on Mainboard Intel DQ45CB
7:25AM 14 Building from Source
5:20AM 0 XEN 3.3: xend chrashes beim Start der DomU
1:47AM 5 Xen kernel and Vmware Server
1:23AM 1 32bit DomU on 64bit Dom0
Wednesday October 22 2008
9:59PM 0 xen dom0 aoe-root
9:13PM 1 AW: NAT with static ip configuration doesn''t work
8:35PM 1 NAT with static ip configuration doesn''t work
5:15PM 0 xentrace questions
4:49PM 0 MacAddress / ioemu driver in HVM + GPLPV
3:51PM 0 HVM, USB devices and qemu monitor
2:24PM 0 destination frame 7fffffff invalid?
12:17PM 2 CentOS 5.2, xen-3.3, network/firewall setup
11:48AM 1 xend OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
10:36AM 0 RE: domains gets stalled for N seconds - problem with DMA?
2:50AM 1 DomU networking problem in opensuse 11
12:34AM 2 debian, black screen when booting xen hypervisor higher than 3.0.3
Tuesday October 21 2008
9:50PM 5 xend, xenstored, xenconsoled restart
6:36PM 0 Lockup problem, watchdog, other ways to debug?
4:24PM 3 Xen 3.2 Setup advice pretty please
1:53PM 2 xend MAC:FE:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF permanent set
9:26AM 1 RHEL5 2.6.18-53.12 IA64 xen kernel memory allocation problem
8:15AM 1 Howto make a domU 2.4.27 kernel ?
3:43AM 0 Will Xen work for my desired setup?
Monday October 20 2008
11:02PM 1 virt-install config file
12:25PM 3 How to setup my Xen network?
10:12AM 5 Shutdown of dom0 with running DomUs cannot deactivate volume group
8:45AM 0 Hauppauge PVR-350 in Xen DomU
Sunday October 19 2008
11:32PM 0 (no subject)
5:25PM 0 mini-ITX Feasibility...
Saturday October 18 2008
8:09PM 0 Stub domains & gplpv!
4:22PM 1 Stub domains & gplpv?
2:50PM 0 [Solved] Xen fixed VNC Ports -- HVM and PV
4:57AM 4 Intel DQ45CB iommu/vt-d?
1:51AM 0 Xen 3.3.0 Compiler Error
Friday October 17 2008
11:22PM 0 Re: Attempt to create OpenSuse 10.3 PV DomU at Xen 3.3 CentOS 5.2 Dom0 via pygrub
9:30PM 3 Using dd and gzip to backup LVM backed domUs
6:39PM 12 PCI Passthrough for Windows error
4:51PM 0 AW: Using serial port from a domU
4:36PM 0 Using serial port from a domU
1:25PM 1 Preventing DomU corruption in case of Split-Brain of heartbeat
1:01PM 1 16G RAM limit with Xen 32bit PAE
10:02AM 1 top result different with xentop
8:54AM 4 Vista Ultimate 32-bit install - VNC woes
2:36AM 1 Xen guest''s GUI to display in VNC
Thursday October 16 2008
10:24PM 0 Problems after deleting image
9:30PM 0 xen cannot find harddisk
8:57PM 3 CentOS + Xen + Clustering issue
7:13PM 0 HVM disk / net statistics
6:09PM 0 CPU idle usage - xenified VS PV-OPS domU
5:23PM 1 GPLPV 0.9.10 & 0.9.11.pre17/18 Network Issues
4:19PM 3 NFS between domU and dom0 causes the virtual network to freeze! Please help
9:55AM 0 test for domU
9:49AM 2 Xen 3.3 compile error - (LaTeX)
8:29AM 1 IP address vs. etc/interfaces in DomU
8:04AM 9 Shared SAN disk LUN between 2 servers and migration problem
6:39AM 2 routed vs natted
Wednesday October 15 2008
9:30PM 1 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected.
8:20PM 2 QueryPerformaceCounter and TSC returns bad results with Windows HVM
8:17PM 1 White screen after logon for Xen with Ubuntu Hardy
7:12PM 0 default gateway and xenbrX interface
6:38PM 3 2 questions
5:52PM 0 Infiniband support
5:51PM 0 XEN documentation
3:00PM 5 Running Xen inside Xen?
12:20PM 1 Resetting Windows 2003 Password on Xen
10:51AM 8 How can I monitor each domU''s bandwidth?
8:30AM 0 how to insert backend split driver in dom0
7:17AM 16 Xen backups using LVM Snapshots
2:21AM 16 Networking with xen
12:48AM 0 Define caps and weights per-VCPU in credit scheduler!
Tuesday October 14 2008
8:55PM 5 USB in DomU
8:17PM 3 Problem installing WinXP in Xen on Debian etch
5:48PM 1 xs-driver-disk sample
5:25PM 0 format of xen.gz as distributed with xen 3.1.0 tarball
5:14PM 11 Xen, LVM and snapshots
3:52PM 6 xen domU backups
3:42PM 0 benchmarking HVM
3:08PM 0 WARNING: at arch/x86/mm/ioremap.c:469 with 2.6.27?
11:48AM 3 domains gets stalled for N seconds
10:18AM 2 vif doesn''t appear
10:00AM 1 what is advantage of vnet over normal bridge?
8:07AM 2 very slow I/O performance in domU
7:27AM 1 About LV guest
7:04AM 2 DmU performances in HVM mode
1:52AM 0 About running xen-delete-image
Monday October 13 2008
7:19PM 2 GPLPV drivers and localtime
1:25PM 2 Xen 3.3 domU Networking
10:22AM 1 onboard Grafik (for dom0) + PCIe Grafik (for dom0)
8:01AM 0 Error: (28, ''No space left on device
5:33AM 3 console output
Saturday October 11 2008
9:38PM 5 XEN 3.2 HVM with VT-D on MSI motherboard NEO3-FR with P45 chipset.
9:15PM 4 CentOS ISO how to boot in Xen guest system
4:22PM 0 FreeBSD on Xen
2:13PM 0 xen panic (reboot) on centos 5.2 mpt fusion
12:33AM 1 Script or Program in Xen
Friday October 10 2008
8:28PM 0 APCI and ACPI with Xen
6:45PM 1 Xen and the Layer 2 OSI Model (PPPoE Server and Client)
4:36PM 1 Windows XEN - BSOD with Application Firewall Installs
4:23PM 0 Xen Windows Clients - BSOD with Application Firewall Installs
3:59PM 5 DomU stops booting
10:38AM 0 Xen and Bonding on Centos 5.2
7:46AM 7 Win2003+xen3.2.1: GPLPV paradrivers bluescreen - any idea why?
5:29AM 3 xen3.3 - kernel pv-ops 2.6.26 - xm console problem
1:48AM 4 Problem with installing CentOS domU in CentOS dom0
12:05AM 4 xenconsole: Could not open tty `/dev/pts/5'': No such file or directory
Thursday October 9 2008
11:29PM 0 How do I put a movie player into a Dom U
9:48PM 0 Migration fails
9:27PM 1 PCI Passthrough to Vista successes
8:16PM 2 GPLPV drivers and Windows 2008
8:10PM 0 No VMM option for defining new Virtual Machine
7:57PM 2 Booting Xen domU from DRBD 8.2
7:38PM 1 Allowing someone to do an install over vnc
4:49PM 2 xen 3.2.1 - How to boot ISO image
4:34PM 2 USB Support for Windows HVM using VT-D?
3:02PM 0 GPL paradrivers bluescreen - any idea why?
1:40PM 4 Problems at installing Xen 3.3.0
6:57AM 0 Sharing one single core CPU
Wednesday October 8 2008
9:43PM 6 Windows assigned 4GB RAM BSOD with GPLPV (0.9.10)
8:06PM 0 GlusterFS spewing errors with Xen tap:aio block driver
9:25AM 1 Xen domU with gnbd
8:21AM 1 Xen Scripts & IPTables
Tuesday October 7 2008
9:58PM 1 compatibility problem with xen 3.1 and xen 3.3
7:40PM 0 Dom0 si too slow and disabling IRQ #19
5:17PM 0 general networking and bridging
4:53PM 0 xen cluster down
1:58PM 5 HVM falls back to qemu emulation while VMX is enabled (Xen 3.1)
12:08PM 0 Download vnet module
11:54AM 0 vnet module
9:56AM 1 How to set particular ip on vif in dom0 after domU start?
8:27AM 4 Windows XP filesystem corruption when using device-mapper ?
3:17AM 0 xend accesses wrong pci slot while enabling pci pass-through on xen3.3.0
Monday October 6 2008
9:52PM 0 Where to get tar ball of unstable-Xen
9:02PM 2 Network problem in Xen 3.3
8:54PM 1 mac addresses on different virtual machines
8:26PM 0 Overhead of each Hypercall
7:12PM 4 domU''s colliding
3:58PM 0 Xen 3.0.3 (Centos 5.2) Network Performance Issues
2:22PM 0 Minimum Requirements
1:00PM 0 Old 32 bits domU on new 64 bits dom0
10:45AM 10 Xen3.1 and win2k8 hvm: lvm-backed disk sized 0 bytes
10:34AM 1 vcpus issue
8:51AM 4 VCPU and CPU Manipulation
Sunday October 5 2008
7:22PM 1 configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
4:26PM 0 IPSec + Xen
9:35AM 0 usb support
Saturday October 4 2008
5:55PM 4 Add independent interface from domU to internal bridge?
4:40PM 1 Gentoo 2.6.25 dom0 ebuild
12:21PM 3 Bridging
12:36AM 1 pygrub setup
Friday October 3 2008
6:24PM 13 RAM issue
5:51PM 0 RE: announcement : xen based opensource platformlive(beta test)
5:03PM 2 cpu affinity lost after save/restore
4:59PM 8 Pasting into virtual console?
9:32AM 2 announcement : xen based opensource platform live (beta test)
8:19AM 1 Which bios is hvmloader using ?
7:54AM 0 mmap within domUs
7:21AM 0 security policies
7:12AM 1 Serial port access from DomU
5:31AM 0 How to get hardware information from within a fully virtualized guest OS
Thursday October 2 2008
9:55PM 2 Testing high availability
9:15PM 2 centos image stuck on boot
7:32PM 1 assign ip address to a domU
1:59PM 7 dumU unable receiving mails
11:02AM 0 Xen 3.2.1 + windows XP + gplpv 0.9.11pre17 : migration internal error
8:23AM 0 ConVirt 0.9.5 released
Wednesday October 1 2008
7:56PM 4 Solaris 10
7:50PM 5 5th domU wont run
7:35PM 5 Xm Create Image Path
7:20PM 0 PCI forwarding problem (Hauppauge NOVA-T-500)
5:05PM 1 What means "w!" for disk entry in the most recent Xen Wiki Stubdom sample ? - Nothing
4:11PM 1 What means disk = [ ''file:/share/vm/OVM_EL5U1_X86_HVM_4GB/system.img, hda, w!'', ] in the most recent Xen Wiki for stub domain ?
2:09PM 9 Xen 3.3 install from source on centos 5.2
11:57AM 0 Make 2, 3 & 4 V-CPU HVMs appear as a one socket multicore CPU
9:12AM 0 AW: Increase size of file-based diskimage (with MBR, partitions + fs)
7:56AM 0 USBDEVICE statement has no effect ?!
1:37AM 1 Xen 3.2 + HVM + Windows