Xen users - Aug 2005

Wednesday August 31 2005
7:48PM 7 Question about stability 32bit chroot and xen 2.0.7
5:56PM 0 Re: dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expecte
5:47PM 0 Re: dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expecte
3:52PM 0 throughput differences
10:54AM 0 XenU on dual ethernet linux machine
4:46AM 1 xm balloon and /proc/meminfo
Tuesday August 30 2005
10:18PM 2 Which kernal am I using anyway?
8:55PM 0 -testing xen0 problem on debian, kernel 2.6.12
7:55PM 0 RE: domU not starting
6:47PM 3 3.0 version
6:25PM 3 domU not starting...
5:19PM 3 xend start failing
4:31PM 16 Network stalling
2:09PM 2 Prebuilt Images
1:30PM 0 Buidling unstable on FC4 [xc_core.o] Error 1
11:05AM 2 FreeBSD howto
10:09AM 2 Wiki - where to add user documentation?
8:31AM 0 unable to mount root fs in domU
8:07AM 0 Xen 2.0.7 , amd64 (32 bit mode) lvm partition: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c
5:24AM 1 Multiple VCs in a Xen domU?
4:27AM 3 Error message while booting
2:59AM 3 CPU0 is toast error message
2:00AM 6 Re: dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expecte
12:01AM 3 changing domains after boot
Monday August 29 2005
11:51PM 5 can''t create 1st domain on debian
11:09PM 2 Can DomU find it''s domain id?
9:31PM 0 Re: Compiling legacy LSI megaraid drivers (Linux 2.6. 11)with xen 2.0.7?
5:03PM 4 Xen packages availible for Ubuntu and Debian
3:33PM 2 Loopback connetion issue
12:35PM 2 boot cd
8:50AM 4 Guest OS crash!
6:32AM 0 [HELP!]ERROR: do_evtchn_op: HYPERVISOR_EVENT_channel_op failed: -1
Sunday August 28 2005
6:22PM 2 Network / Xen & Suse 9.3 ... help appreciated
4:15PM 6 firewall xenU woes (help would be appreciated)
8:09AM 2 Why using X11 on local machine
Saturday August 27 2005
9:06PM 1 problems getting xen going on FC4
11:56AM 1 Counting Bandwidth usage
2:51AM 1 xen livecd for dummies?
Friday August 26 2005
6:51PM 2 dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expected
12:28PM 0 blackhole - missed messages
11:20AM 4 Second guest os wont start
7:27AM 0 localhost kernel: unregister_netdevice:waiting for tun0 to became free
Thursday August 25 2005
8:56PM 2 DomU hang on RHEL AS4
8:25PM 3 Is there a way for a domu to find out its name
4:12PM 2 mysql
3:45PM 0 Migration Issues
2:33PM 0 [Fwd: Re: 2 network cards and two physical network.]
2:03PM 2 IPCop in DomU with Dom0 kernel, can''t login via dsl
1:11PM 1 Bug
1:05PM 0 AW: Trivial localization problem
12:36PM 7 Trying to build a stable XEN server
7:37AM 5 2 network cards and two physical network.
7:37AM 8 debs for 2.0.7 and unstable
5:21AM 0 default CPU for 2nd domain...
1:48AM 0 Unable to update glibc package on FC4
Wednesday August 24 2005
10:58PM 1 lvm in xenU
8:43PM 16 Guest O/S Questions
1:06PM 2 hanging dell hardware
12:46PM 2 2.6.12 problems
11:53AM 2 Problem restarting Guests
9:56AM 0 network scripts
Tuesday August 23 2005
10:43PM 1 no BkSp in plan9, ubuntu root fs failure, and what''s up with bsd?
4:35PM 0 xen hangs up
4:30PM 1 xenU
4:22PM 5 FC4 + Xen 2.0.6 eth0 failed
12:11PM 6 NFS-root problem
10:40AM 2 Using modem in DomU
8:13AM 1 2.6 Kernel Out of memory
Monday August 22 2005
4:38PM 3 Xend startup problem (not twisted, not wrong kernel, ...)
3:50PM 4 Kernel build help
3:18PM 0 Problem with ttylinux setup (was: New user question)
1:31PM 2 Kernel 2.4
1:18PM 2 GRUB configuration on Debian xen.deb istallations
9:48AM 0 Can''t get PCI device access in domU to work
8:47AM 0 XEND fails to start (XEN unstable, SMP, x86_64)
Sunday August 21 2005
11:37PM 0 Domain created twice ?
10:32PM 0 [Fwd from xen-devel]: Rebooting fails with more than one (lvm) phy in config (amd64 debian testing/unstable)
5:41PM 1 Plan9 on xen
1:36PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 6, Issue 82
9:05AM 4 Networking from domu to the outside
4:31AM 1 Xen locks up when copying file over network...
Saturday August 20 2005
12:05PM 0 Various distros as guests. How can I?
12:01PM 5 asterisk is working bad
11:58AM 2 DHCP in Dom0
Friday August 19 2005
10:00PM 2 Xend Won''t Start
2:46PM 2 Block device caching causes out of memory in dom0
8:30AM 0 Not enough memory error with kickstart
7:15AM 0 Xen Kernel problem (DMA at Compilation)
Thursday August 18 2005
10:51PM 0 bvt warping
4:03PM 3 Fedora Core 4 Questions and Building a 2.4 domU kernel
3:50PM 1 MacOsX?
11:08AM 2 Xen and partitioning
8:54AM 4 Debian sarge in domU
7:15AM 6 eth0 not getting an inet4 addr using DHCP
5:40AM 4 Fc4 console woes and /lib/tls
3:58AM 1 Question about memory
Wednesday August 17 2005
8:44PM 0 RE: Re: [Xen-devel] VMX Hardware
6:53PM 8 Small distro for DomU?
9:58AM 0 Why I can not make the xen-unstable?
9:53AM 1 kernel panic - VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0, 0) -- xen IDE drivers?
6:47AM 5 DomU Bridged vs. Routed Networking?
2:48AM 3 Serial Console oddity
Tuesday August 16 2005
5:07PM 3 what makes a good xen machine?
4:13PM 1 FreeBSD and sata on VIA KM400 or nForce Ultra400
3:49PM 0 bind: Address already in use
3:31PM 0 pts/0 Screen hight
2:00PM 4 no ping and ssh login after starting xend
1:50PM 5 xenU kernel and win4lin patches
11:37AM 3 Not possible to boot a user domain
8:38AM 7 Xen boot problems
7:02AM 1 mount failed trying to start domain
1:04AM 10 help boot ing xen
Monday August 15 2005
10:03PM 2 How to setup swap
8:24PM 0 Strange crashes on xen-box (imagemagick/mysql/swap)
6:38PM 7 "xm save" only works once...
6:24PM 0 Atropos scheduler
11:09AM 3 Constructor code in MAC address does matter ?
9:09AM 1 Xen0 crashes at point of ''Power Off'' of XenU
2:13AM 5 Failover
Sunday August 14 2005
8:25PM 2 Boot problem with a "scsi" disk
7:41PM 2 udev not starting on xenU FC4
10:44AM 7 VMX Hardware
Saturday August 13 2005
7:31PM 1 Error creating domain: invalid literal for int():
6:17PM 5 Webinterface Bug
12:48PM 3 XenU boot loader?
12:09AM 2 Jumbo frames in 2.0.6 dom0
Friday August 12 2005
4:24PM 15 Live migration problem
4:21PM 1 root access error creating a domU
Thursday August 11 2005
9:49PM 0 xm balloon woes
6:03PM 0 RE: [****SPAM****] - Re: could not load modules.dep stops network from working? - Found word(s) list error in the Text body
3:31PM 1 Relocation
3:18PM 4 Warning: unable to open an initial console
1:36PM 1 Xen and SELinux
11:56AM 2 only one external ip
3:40AM 19 Ideal(istic) Xen firewall design
Wednesday August 10 2005
11:30PM 4 Options for >4GB setups
10:40PM 4 could not load modules.dep stops network from working?
6:02PM 5 PXE-booting Xen
4:17PM 2 Problem with loopback device in xenU
4:08PM 6 How to setup CONFIG_SCSI_SATA_VIA=y and CONFIG_SK98LIN=y on a custom xenlinux builds?
4:05PM 0 network traffic can''t be seen by iptables when no bridge presents
1:09PM 4 Cardbus support
11:46AM 1 Xen network question
9:09AM 1 Centos 4.1 running in domU Mysql won''t start
9:02AM 1 What is Dom0?
8:17AM 4 Maximal RAM reservation for Linux-Dom0
7:27AM 0 Xen and LVM snapshots on FC4
Tuesday August 9 2005
11:26PM 3 Problem with XEN and CONFIG_XEN_PHYSDEV_ACCESS
6:45PM 0 error saveing a bsd domain
6:03PM 3 xen-2.0.7 install problem
11:58AM 0 Error: Error creating domain: vbd: Segment phy:/dev/mapper/.. is in writable use
9:19AM 1 RE: Compiling legacy LSI megaraid drivers (Linux 2.6.11)with xen 2.0.7?
9:04AM 2 FreeBSD 4 XenU
5:06AM 10 New user question...
2:15AM 1 cannot boot any domU - case #2
1:47AM 2 Compiling legacy LSI megaraid drivers (Linux 2.6.11) with xen 2.0.7?
1:21AM 5 Problems with FC4 and NFS Root
Monday August 8 2005
10:57PM 4 Error compiling Xen 2.0.7 on Fedora Core 4 with gcc4
9:28PM 2 consoles in 3.0
6:58PM 2 no consoles?
5:52PM 1 testing a domU config without starting it
2:12PM 0 vif-create?
1:52PM 1 Xen Hardware Compatability List
1:34PM 25 unstable network problem
12:11PM 2 start a guest stop after NET: Registered protocol family 1 Starting domainU stops after NET: Registered protocol family 17 (but domainU is created)
8:45AM 1 Can''t poweroff my pc after install xen domain0 kernel
Sunday August 7 2005
9:57PM 1 net bsd root disk
6:07PM 8 Running workstation and firewall on the same hardware
5:13PM 1 nVidia nForce4 Ultra SATA hangs
3:58PM 7 Xen 3.0 Dom0 Smp enable?
7:09AM 3 make ARCH=xen xconfig - why can''t I see the iptables options
Saturday August 6 2005
7:29PM 1 xen kernel patch
Friday August 5 2005
9:37PM 2 Qemu and module Kqemu under Xen
5:53PM 8 CD-ROM/Floppy support
4:23PM 7 (no subject)
3:45PM 1 networking in xen
9:06AM 2 How to crash nics and hosts
Thursday August 4 2005
8:24PM 3 COW-backed VBDs
8:05PM 12 cannot boot any domU
5:49PM 0 Poweredge 2600
5:41PM 4 How to migrate?
10:48AM 3 Compile Xen (unstable) with kernel 2.4 instead of 2.6.12
1:00AM 0 Xen 2.0.7 released
Wednesday August 3 2005
9:50PM 1 vbd-add
9:26PM 3 XEN time and system time
9:21PM 0 networking is slow/fails for more than one domU
4:09PM 12 Sharing filesystems between VMs.
3:44PM 0 Xen rebooting Dom-0 machine with nmap
2:34PM 0 domain names/live migration
2:32PM 2 xen and smp
1:08PM 3 Odd behavior?
10:38AM 4 Where is Xen 3.0
10:25AM 1 Xen 2.0.6 ( Domain0 99% Cpu again
10:20AM 10 Xen + VServer
8:10AM 0 Adding ethernet interfaces to domU on the fly?
5:09AM 1 Xensv- No such child resource
12:40AM 0 sh install.sh fails on check_iproute
Tuesday August 2 2005
9:27PM 1 save domain error
7:25PM 1 promiscous mode on all interfaces?
6:44PM 0 LVM access problem
5:13PM 3 Compile Xen
3:34PM 2 ''xm save'' problem
6:16AM 4 xen0 under bochs
5:35AM 1 Xvnc in domU
3:29AM 2 Booting Xen
Monday August 1 2005
9:06PM 5 ipc equivalent under xen
5:21PM 2 Understanding memory usage
5:18PM 1 Understanding networking with Xen
2:12PM 5 Restarting / shutting down a xen0 server
2:08PM 1 Understanding Network
1:49PM 9 Has 2.4 kernel support ended on xen?
12:34PM 4 Network interrupts disable?
7:08AM 1 Cannot console to domU after crashed ssh session
6:36AM 12 Kernel Headers for Xen Kernel