Xen users - Sep 2005

Friday September 30 2005
8:49PM 4 Xen-unstable with VMWare 4.5
7:31PM 0 error with vif parameter
4:27PM 7 porting vmware''s vmdk to domU
2:49PM 1 ports used during migration
2:45PM 3 keepalived in xenU
1:56PM 4 duplicate address detected
3:53AM 3 Following on from mini-os help request
1:34AM 0 mini-os: please help make this compile
Thursday September 29 2005
11:46PM 0 Not able to get Virtual TPM working with Xen,
11:18PM 1 Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
3:37PM 0 Xen tutorial on Linux Congress, October 11-14, Hamburg
1:56PM 0 RE: xen on a remote computer, installing virtualmachines without cds
12:59PM 0 xend start fail
10:27AM 0 2 nics in domU
7:34AM 1 FreeBSD Supported YET??
4:46AM 1 FC4 SMP domU ?
Wednesday September 28 2005
11:10PM 4 general question message pops up twice
10:25PM 7 xen on a remote computer, installing virtual machines without cds
3:30PM 0 kernel linux-2.4.30-xenU
1:46PM 10 how to compile a xen kernel (on debian testing)?
1:10PM 5 mixing 2.6 / 2.4 kernels lots of fun
9:40AM 6 dual personalities
7:27AM 2 Xen-2.0 with recent kernel
7:01AM 3 DomU on SMP
5:12AM 0 problems with xend
Tuesday September 27 2005
8:52PM 1 Debian domU - no more processes
5:24PM 0 can''t find other disks
4:46PM 0 Re: With regard to questions on xen-dev about memory and disks
3:55PM 1 AW: DomU start problems
3:32PM 6 DomU start problems
2:41PM 0 AW: invalid network interface after starting xend
1:44PM 2 invalid network interface after starting xend
1:43PM 6 Memory and other settings for xen server, help needed....
10:22AM 0 Error: Error creating domain: (14, ''Bad address'')
7:55AM 1 RPM sources
6:18AM 2 compiling xen with custom kernel
Monday September 26 2005
10:43PM 2 mini-os
6:43PM 2 xenU SMP support gone in 2.0-testing?
6:05PM 3 hide other users processes
5:58PM 1 sata_nv
4:54PM 0 FC4 xen guest question audit blah looging
3:40PM 1 Xen on Itanium?
2:53PM 0 booting a domU from a cd to run a linux distro installer
2:38PM 1 Can''t boot dom0 - not enough ram
2:20PM 1 xm save question
9:17AM 0 questions about networking
7:04AM 1 Allocating memory
5:22AM 0 FreeBSD domU
Sunday September 25 2005
10:24PM 4 suse guest domain?
Friday September 23 2005
3:33PM 2 Number of domains versus memory usage
2:44PM 0 possibilities: used ISDN in xenU
12:46PM 2 boot problem
11:59AM 0 kernel panic with xen unstable and bacula-sd
11:55AM 2 error when starting xen
10:08AM 0 compiling errors
Thursday September 22 2005
11:34PM 1 xen help,.
11:02PM 2 Fwd: Re: Newbie: How to run Xwindows in the guest OS
10:37PM 2 xenconsole: Could not open tty `/dev/pts/2'': No such file or directory
6:26PM 2 Frequent rpm db corruption / lock-up
4:56PM 2 32bit and bigmem
4:10PM 4 Cannot ping from dom0 to domU and vice versa
2:39PM 4 Status of USB or Firewire?
12:43PM 1 LPFC support in Xen ?
9:44AM 0 xen 3.0 user guide?
6:46AM 0 Weird tmpfs behavior -- getting trashed
6:15AM 5 Newbie: How to run Xwindows in the guest OS
5:37AM 4 Commercial Xen hosts?
4:47AM 1 conceptualizing dom0
4:42AM 0 RE:Memory assignment
3:07AM 9 Installing Xen on Redhat RHEL4
12:52AM 1 Fedora and Xen slowdown
12:13AM 2 Failed Network
Wednesday September 21 2005
11:24PM 1 Memory asignment
10:28PM 4 will there be an Alpha port ?
6:17PM 0 Xen and OpenSWAN
3:10PM 0 Re: System hangs while creating DomU on P4 [SOLVED]
2:47PM 2 System hangs while creating DomU
2:14PM 0 Written German Howto for Xen
12:05PM 0 xen unstable, smp, x64
10:47AM 5 Major problems with 2.0.7 and SATA drives
10:33AM 4 xm save wont work
Tuesday September 20 2005
9:09PM 4 rhel4 and compile patch
7:45PM 1 DELL PowerEdge 6450 XEN
7:28PM 4 network performance in 0 and U
5:21PM 1 XEN, freebsd host would not start
12:28PM 4 Build own kernel for dom-U
11:26AM 0 Need help on migrating domain 2.0.7
11:01AM 2 install problem on Linux SUSE SP1 box with Xen-2.0 ... missing modules
10:37AM 9 SMP and Memory Limits
10:14AM 1 vmlinuz-2.6.9-xenU
12:38AM 0 Need help with migrating domain 2.0.7 x86
Monday September 19 2005
10:21PM 0 Re; does vifname work in 2.07?
10:08PM 7 Multiple Domains Sharing Root System
9:41PM 0 State of mini-os??
7:45PM 0 xend.log LOOP_SET_FD: Device or resource busy
6:53PM 1 captuing kernel command arguments
6:01PM 0 Xen error
5:39PM 0 does vifname work in 2.07?
10:40AM 1 Stops at HAL daemon
7:28AM 1 How to create a guest image NEWBIE!!!!
6:45AM 4 Hardware compatibility list
6:14AM 1 XEN network setting suitable for hosting
3:33AM 0 Hang when creating domU on p4
3:21AM 0 Xen 2.0.7 Network issues
Sunday September 18 2005
7:37PM 2 Unexpected (?) bridging behavior in 2.0.7/FC4
5:49PM 0 Anyone have changeset 6902 stable?
4:13PM 1 I can''t create a vitual server
4:20AM 0 troubled with eth1 only in XEN kernel
12:22AM 3 More basic questions
Saturday September 17 2005
6:29PM 3 Xen IP stack fails handoff to pluto in openswan
12:22PM 1 Help with applying patch for bug 183
Friday September 16 2005
10:15PM 3 Need Serial port access in dom0
7:13PM 0 re: Unable to compile 2.0.7 on FC4 -- resolved
4:15PM 1 Kernel panic recoverable by hitting <enter>?
3:20PM 0 Unable to compile 2.0.7 on FC4
3:03PM 0 AW: DVD access
2:45PM 0 Creating domU failed with "xenconsole: xs_get_domain_path(): No such file or directory"
2:41PM 0 mini-os compile errors
12:43PM 2 can dom1 access hardware that isn''t available in dom0?
12:04PM 5 DVD access
9:34AM 1 bonding
9:29AM 2 Network problems
9:29AM 1 Seeing only 832 MB of 4 GB RAM on FC4 (2.6.12-1.1447_FC4xen0)
Thursday September 15 2005
11:45PM 2 DarwinStreamingServer Error with Live migration
10:29PM 1 VT enabled Hardware
8:47PM 0 Re: [Fwd: Help! Error: Error creating domain: (39, ''Directory not empty'')]
7:49PM 1 nfs
7:40PM 2 Help! Error: Error creating domain: (39, ''Directory not empty'')
7:05PM 1 RE: veth0 is from netback and vifu.0 is fromthebridge-utils?
5:11PM 4 GFS into the kernel.
4:40PM 0 XEN and NTP
4:23PM 6 Is there a working FC4/multiple NIC recipe?
2:33PM 9 xen and 64 bit host OSes
2:27PM 5 SuSE 9.3 question
12:15PM 1 RHAS on xen
11:28AM 1 ATA Over Ethernet users - 4K Stacks?
6:53AM 2 RHAS 3u4 on Xen
Wednesday September 14 2005
10:52PM 1 Bringing up second NIC crashes domU with an Oops
9:33PM 1 xm list errors
8:49PM 5 RE: veth0 is from netback and vifu.0 is fromthebridge-utils?
8:07PM 3 Basic Xen Questions
7:54PM 12 Windows on Xen+VT
3:54PM 0 jailtime images?
11:02AM 1 multiple domU kernels
2:04AM 4 xm shutdown & xm destroy won''t get rid of VM
Tuesday September 13 2005
11:56PM 1 how do i setup (simple) networking for dom0 <--> domU ?
11:12PM 12 Debian: Move /lib/tls out of the way makes a lot of binaries to break
10:45PM 1 Networking problems on 2.0.7
10:40PM 14 What''s the magic to compile a unified dom0 and domU kernel image?
5:53PM 0 Network communication for DomU servers not going to the network.
3:11PM 6 LAN configuration?
2:41PM 0 xm restore error
8:35AM 1 Tiny login Problem
8:24AM 0 Problem with DMA and Xen and with Compiling Kernel
8:16AM 2 Traceback on xm create "No such process"
6:10AM 0 using com2 from dom 0 ....
Monday September 12 2005
11:06PM 1 problems installing VT xen
8:30PM 10 Re: Load Average 1.00 at idle
8:17PM 0 HEADS UP: updated /etc/xen/scripts block-* scripts
7:43PM 1 xm save error
6:42PM 18 xen save error
6:40PM 3 Domain creation error: ''No such file or directory''
6:34PM 3 Won''t boot to Xen, GRUB Problem
6:32PM 3 xendemo-3.x.iso?
6:26PM 1 AMD64 status?
5:31PM 0 Xen 2.0.7 SLC3/EL3 RPM packages
5:28PM 2 RHAS 4.0 and Xen
4:39PM 1 Gentoo/Xen 3.0 - Failure to create domains
12:07PM 1 Red Hat Advanced Server as a guest domain
8:11AM 11 Iptabels problem NEWBIE!!!
6:26AM 3 Xen startup
12:51AM 3 Error creating domain on centos4.1
Sunday September 11 2005
2:00PM 7 FC4 Xen install won''t boot the xen kernel
12:38PM 0 ERROR: no hit for procs_running
12:13PM 0 xend crashes, error 111 connection refused
10:46AM 1 Simple problem using IDE Controller Card
8:29AM 4 xen kernels and config
2:25AM 3 Xen 2.0.7 network issues and Vncserver in Dom0
Saturday September 10 2005
3:03PM 2 lost interrupt with AMD System
12:09PM 5 Highmem for domU in 2.0.7
Friday September 9 2005
8:18PM 0 domU save files
7:56PM 0 3.0 question - changing #VCPUs per domain
7:26PM 1 ssh from dom0 to domU
2:22PM 0 XEN Setup/Configuration Question
1:41PM 0 ip accounting
11:02AM 0 Xen RAM detection/visibility
9:23AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday September 8 2005
10:33PM 8 Interdomain routing problem
9:05PM 0 Re: Xen on production enviroment
7:12PM 1 error starting NFS in domain-0
7:07PM 3 RE: veth0 is from netback and vifu.0 is from thebridge-utils?
6:46PM 1 Error launching Xen Web Control Interface
4:40PM 4 Booting FreeBSD diskless in DomU
2:37PM 0 veth0 is from netback and vifu.0 is from the bridge-utils?
1:28PM 10 Using bonding-device bond0 for Xen
11:15AM 0 Re: Xen domains createtd but no login-newbie"! Need H elp
11:03AM 5 Switches and a moving MAC address
8:03AM 0 Xen domains createtd but no login-newbie"! Need Help
7:32AM 9 Xen 3.0
7:08AM 4 Serial port problem
Wednesday September 7 2005
10:24PM 7 Asynchronous IO
8:03PM 0 adding existing os
2:32PM 0 RE: Xen on production enviroment
2:07PM 7 Re: Xen on production enviroment
1:42PM 6 sharing PCI devices ....
1:13PM 1 Boot-problem with xen
12:50PM 2 Problems using NAT in Xen 3.0
12:03PM 1 mkinitrd
10:55AM 8 How to use a newer Kernel with 2.0.7
1:01AM 0 difference of restore point
Tuesday September 6 2005
4:09PM 1 RAM
2:27PM 2 network probs trying to get nfs root to work
1:57PM 0 Use of Xen logo in presentation
8:43AM 2 set up network
8:30AM 1 Exception starting xend NEED HELP
Monday September 5 2005
8:55PM 5 Defining PCI values
6:49PM 0 Two interfaces in a guest domain
3:50PM 2 XEN, SLES9, DELL 6800 and ORACLE experience
11:54AM 2 xen-2.0.7 don''t boot on my hpt370/372 (raid enabled)
1:51AM 1 Fedora Core 4 - development "Domain 0 allocation is too small for kernel image"
Sunday September 4 2005
4:39PM 3 Xen Lockups
Saturday September 3 2005
6:57PM 0 error saveing a domain
6:18PM 0 what to install for a newbie about xen ?
6:05PM 15 xen 2.0.7 on VIA C3 (EPIA)
4:21PM 6 tls library message won''t go away
7:20AM 5 Openswan and xen problems
Friday September 2 2005
11:09PM 0 RE: Fixed MAC address causes spurios network connectivity loss - SOLVED.
8:19PM 0 RE: Fixed MAC address causes spurios network connectivityloss.
8:09PM 0 RE: Fixed MAC address causes spurios networkconnectivityloss.
8:06PM 0 RE: Fixed MAC address causes spurios networkconnectivityloss.
4:53PM 1 invalid key ''type'' when doing xm create
3:58PM 1 MTU limits?
3:19PM 0 ./configure: 239: Syntax error: Bad fd number
1:36PM 13 Xen installation
1:29PM 2 RE: Fixed MAC address causes spurios network connectivityloss.
10:16AM 0 Fixed MAC address causes spurios network connectivity loss.
9:53AM 8 xen rpm packages / fc4
9:42AM 2 howto do NAT from a bridged xenU on dual homed host with one public ip?
3:43AM 0 xen unstable on a VIA C3 Samuel 2. Need help
Thursday September 1 2005
11:48PM 1 Xen Sources
11:12PM 1 How do threads show up in ''ps'' without /lib/tls?
9:18PM 1 vifX.0 interfaces in dom0
9:12PM 0 Re: Spam:*, Xen questions - Swap, networking and erro rs
8:11PM 7 communication between dom0 and domu
6:04PM 3 DomU booting problem.
3:40PM 0 Is PCI passthrough fixed in unstable ??
3:34PM 1 Xm destroy loops
3:34PM 2 Ubuntu-Xen installer integration
3:08PM 2 My Dying Network Connections..
2:17PM 3 xen2.0 stable periodic machine freeze
1:29PM 3 xend fails to start
10:40AM 2 Default bridge
7:41AM 1 Xen-3.0 with kernel 2.6.13
5:50AM 4 Using zebra