Xen users - Jul 2005

Sunday July 31 2005
3:43PM 0 choose the right mac addresses!
1:13PM 0 AW: vif interfaces drop packets
12:54PM 0 Dmesg Floods
11:52AM 1 xen 3.0 on UP amd64 - rootfs mounting problem in xenU
9:26AM 2 Serial port module in Xen
7:25AM 1 Panic in mounting a floppy (on domain0)
Saturday July 30 2005
10:25PM 0 (no subject)
7:22PM 0 fb0 - conflict?
12:43PM 2 Xen boot has poor screen resolution and fails to load X11
9:03AM 4 Burst Ram for Dom-U
Friday July 29 2005
11:57PM 1 problems with initial xen install and domains on fc4
6:29PM 2 X on DomU
3:38PM 1 multiple level lvm snapshots
11:05AM 0 XEN SuSE 9.3 "create" Domain Problem
10:55AM 7 Setting the date not working in xen
9:44AM 0 XEN SuSE 9.3 "xm create" problem
9:37AM 4 segmentation fault in xen nslookup
8:37AM 0 Re: lvm root partition
8:24AM 2 Xen networking fails after long uptime
2:59AM 0 The joy of xen
Thursday July 28 2005
11:03PM 1 FW: error accessing cdrom in domU
8:16PM 2 Root-NFS: No NFS server available, giving up.
7:05PM 0 my apologies
7:02PM 0 RE: [uml-user] Problem installing UML
6:23PM 3 pincpu in 3.0
4:53PM 3 malloc problems?
4:21PM 11 vif interfaces drop packets
1:03PM 2 Error in make compiling xen 2.0.6
12:14PM 2 kernel panic - Init problems
10:20AM 2 depmod error when compiling kernel
3:37AM 2 (no subject)
Wednesday July 27 2005
9:59PM 0 suse 9.2 and rhas4 - domU reboot
9:35PM 0 suse 9.2 and rhas4
8:12PM 1 is there a detailed explaination of the disk, root, and extra tokens?
6:56PM 0 Enabling auto domU start causing system reboot
6:27PM 0 error accessing cdrom in domU
6:01PM 0 network broken on domain0
4:50PM 1 runlevels
4:47PM 0 cdrom access in domU
4:22PM 0 how to destroy orphaned vifs
3:53PM 2 Troubles compiling xen
1:23PM 10 Serial port in domU
11:57AM 2 serial port in domain > 0
11:56AM 3 Xen substituting UML
11:26AM 1 Debian, Xen 2.0.6 and the TERM env
9:53AM 2 Backup strategy
8:54AM 4 Failed to Install
6:04AM 6 XEN hardware compatibility list
Tuesday July 26 2005
10:35PM 3 network is unstable
9:40PM 0 (no subject)
7:53PM 7 Watchdog support in XEN?
5:52PM 1 Re-starting backend domain
4:53PM 0 error in sata_sil loading?
12:22PM 11 Xen on production enviroment
10:51AM 1 Xend webinterface - does it exist in xen-unstable ?
9:27AM 1 Shutdown and IPMI
4:09AM 5 using USB Host Controller in domU
3:34AM 2 how to create image file ?
Monday July 25 2005
11:51PM 1 Re: Which distributed file system for xen
8:39PM 5 machine reboot with nmap
4:34PM 0 Xen Presentation at SFBay PenLUG Meeting 7/28
3:47PM 1 111 Connection Refused
2:45PM 2 Timer ISR Errors?
11:32AM 1 Xensv
9:32AM 3 syslog problem
7:32AM 3 guest domain not booting
3:20AM 1 Error in xend start of xen-unstable
Sunday July 24 2005
11:49AM 0 Error with virtualnetworkdevices
6:05AM 0 how to create RedHat 8.0 raw image from existing Guest OS
Saturday July 23 2005
12:32AM 0 (2nd try) domain died after xend.console.connect
Friday July 22 2005
8:22PM 1 virtual routing issue
8:06PM 2 Which distributed file system for xen hosts/guests?
2:26PM 5 Can''t shutdown domU
10:57AM 3 Bad performance with SATA disk
10:46AM 4 IPtables support in xen for the domU
8:32AM 2 How do I disable usb support in the xen kernel build
7:25AM 1 Hi
5:25AM 1 So close....
2:42AM 1 could anyone help me out
1:34AM 0 network routing
12:29AM 0 context switching overhead
Thursday July 21 2005
9:21PM 4 relation between vcpu and domain
5:17PM 3 udev failing -- now what?
5:01PM 0 Problem with memory
2:23PM 0 problem with speedstep
2:14PM 2 xend- funny error message
12:28PM 4 SMP support - not working!
12:20PM 3 xenU root device problem
11:52AM 3 Xen 32bit DomainU on Xen 64bit Domain0, is it possible?
11:39AM 6 basic question on how to compile 2.4 xen
9:40AM 2 cciss module - where is it in menuconfig?
9:24AM 1 Mandrake 10.1/Xen howto
8:09AM 3 /lib/tls on gentoo
7:56AM 0 tg3 network card not working
4:26AM 3 Help for a confused newbie
2:08AM 2 RE: Trouble in boot dom0 in xen3.0devel
1:18AM 4 ballon driver
Wednesday July 20 2005
10:43PM 8 ramdisk option in domU config file does not work
6:09PM 1 SMP limits in 3.0
4:25PM 3 Apache2 without /lib/tls
3:29PM 3 how do I get iptables support in domU
11:05AM 2 RE: Trouble in boot dom0 in xen3.0devel
9:27AM 5 Unstable kernel build fails - please help
8:21AM 0 Subversion server not working properly on dom0?
5:21AM 1 64bit Xen domains
Tuesday July 19 2005
7:04PM 0 starting xen domain always crashes
5:47PM 2 Xen 2.0.6 on WBEL4 starts looping for 99, 9% CPU after some time
4:54PM 2 Domain0 memory requirements?
4:54PM 6 Firewall in a guest domain?
4:53PM 2 VPN
3:59PM 2 Problem in migrating xen domains
3:43PM 2 xend start errors - help!!
1:32PM 1 Boot Errors modules.dep
12:20AM 1 Dell 2850 PERC 4e/Di lock up
Monday July 18 2005
11:24PM 3 how to switch domains in ssh terminal?
8:02PM 11 anybody using RHEL4 in dom 0?
7:32PM 0 current status of xen DRI support
6:31PM 9 intermittent network hangs
1:34PM 2 Unable to communicate with Dom0
11:53AM 0 DOMU loses outside connection
10:39AM 3 hidden eth1, how to use in DomU?
7:20AM 0 nbd
5:52AM 0 cd installation
2:15AM 0 Using 2.4 kernel in the domain U
1:17AM 0 dhcp does not work for domU
Sunday July 17 2005
8:10PM 0 2.6.12-xenU hangs at boot
Saturday July 16 2005
2:14AM 8 Help creating virtual networks of domU guests
Friday July 15 2005
10:43PM 1 [Fwd: Re: lo doesn''t come up]
6:29PM 1 xend start fails
11:17AM 0 System reboots with new 2.4-xen0 kernel
7:45AM 5 Xen and MMX trouble on Pentium III
3:18AM 3 lo doesn''t come up
Thursday July 14 2005
9:02PM 0 AW: AW: CPU monitoring
7:22PM 1 AW: CPU monitoring
6:09PM 2 Problem Xen two processor
5:18PM 3 problem when building xen from source by gcc4
1:12PM 2 Compiled kernel does not have 2.4xenU
12:28PM 0 Notebook - random hang of dom0
12:20PM 0 IPS module.
10:44AM 2 broadcast from domain-0 not reaching guest
7:26AM 1 a file-backed VBDs domain ERROR
Wednesday July 13 2005
10:04PM 2 Can''t find the reason for "Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console"
9:02PM 2 COW disks
4:46PM 0 The Xen of ndiswrapper
4:30PM 0 Lack of Network Connectivity
4:03PM 1 Driver domain problem
3:52PM 0 xen network
11:32AM 2 virtual interface problems
9:06AM 0 Problem migrating Domains
9:03AM 13 Serious performance problems - is Xen not ready for production use?
8:21AM 4 Xen 2.0 and LVM
6:25AM 4 HELP,why connection refused!
6:09AM 1 I cannot mount usb disk in xenLinux
Tuesday July 12 2005
11:44PM 0 domU IP address
7:47PM 2 PCI device access and debugging output
5:35PM 3 xen and gnbd
4:42PM 2 live migration, loopback devices & NFS.
3:10PM 1 domU networking
2:33PM 0 Xen used to teach linux
2:33PM 4 CPU monitoring
1:55PM 4 Using xen with separated hardware configurations
11:55AM 3 how to compile a xen kernel on fedora core 1
7:19AM 6 xen and rsync
5:58AM 0 question install from source
5:41AM 0 domain died after xend.console.connect
5:08AM 0 Error starting xend : IOError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument
2:54AM 1 (no subject)
Monday July 11 2005
10:47PM 2 postfix on centos-4
9:13AM 1 beginners question concerning security
Sunday July 10 2005
8:16PM 0 Xen stops working
7:21PM 5 problem in booting additional domains: "Error: Adding extent to vbd failed: error 8"
5:30PM 0 RE: Odd swap behavior
9:29AM 7 Does Xen-unstable support PAE now ?
1:13AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 5, Issue 30
Saturday July 9 2005
5:58PM 1 root partition for dom0 and other domains
10:57AM 3 Shared interrupt in 2 domains: cards disabled
Friday July 8 2005
9:20PM 1 How to install old Linux version in xenU
3:45PM 7 Networking change in Xen unstable
2:24PM 2 initrd, module missing
11:25AM 1 Networking issue on DomU
8:54AM 4 Mtu/802.1Q limits on vif ??
8:16AM 2 Question :"make world"
3:09AM 1 vifs and networking
12:25AM 0 booting custom xenU kernel
Thursday July 7 2005
11:05PM 1 LVM Resize Unrecognised
5:07PM 1 Error: Internal Server Error when saving domain
4:30PM 0 problem to balloon memory beyond initial allocation
11:45AM 0 Problem Aide Xen (fwd)
5:49AM 11 Why my system only use 3.3G memory ?
Wednesday July 6 2005
11:08PM 0 Xen and Ndiswrapper with Athereos chipset
10:33PM 2 Badness in local_bh_enable at kernel/softirq.c:140
7:49PM 2 Strip problem with xen unstable
7:00PM 4 Xen questions - Swap, networking and errors
8:58AM 1 Problem with Java and Xen
8:22AM 0 Shutdown from Dom0 hangs on killall
7:42AM 7 Xen DOM0 on RHEL3
7:30AM 0 x86-64 dom0 kernel with smp fails to compile
7:26AM 1 unable to create guest domain
3:40AM 3 DomU: Unable to find swap-space signature
Tuesday July 5 2005
7:21PM 3 How do I compile a DomU kernel
5:00PM 1 Versions of Twisted/TwistedWeb
3:54PM 9 Problems starting xfrd to migrate a domain
2:22PM 0 Translating Xen User manual
1:35PM 2 A question
1:02PM 4 Problems creating additional domains ...
12:45PM 0 A question in ttylinux
10:45AM 0 Can''t restore a domain
9:57AM 1 config file
8:18AM 7 Xen DomU + iptables
7:26AM 1 Question ttylinux
5:43AM 5 Could not open channel to DOM0
4:40AM 0 Partitioned LVM VBD
1:04AM 1 Question :Python
1:00AM 1 Question: ttylinux
12:12AM 1 modules dependency file
12:03AM 1 to Andy Smith
Monday July 4 2005
6:50PM 4 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(3, 1)
1:03PM 1 Init error on boot up
1:23AM 2 A Question :xend start
Sunday July 3 2005
6:47PM 7 Accessing /dev/ttyI0 in guest domain not possible?
10:58AM 2 xen 2.0.6 and wifi problems
Saturday July 2 2005
6:07PM 5 Cant boot xen on am64 with sata hard disk
1:15PM 1 Compiling drivers for xen: xen0 and/or xenU?
Friday July 1 2005
3:14PM 1 Cannot find Ethernet card with xen-devel
2:49PM 0 xen fails to compile
12:35PM 0 Network Hickups
10:21AM 1 direct access to ethernet card from domU
9:47AM 2 ERRORS in xend-debug.log
9:42AM 1 Question xend start and log
9:38AM 2 I notice a slow Daemon startup
9:35AM 6 How to run a 2.4 kernel distro under a 2.6 dom0
8:33AM 0 XENBUS xs_read_watch: -5
2:30AM 4 xenU does nothing