Xen devel - Nov 2009

Monday November 30 2009
7:18PM 2 [PATCH 14/14]: libxenlight, checks before device deletion and addition
7:17PM 0 [PATCH 13/14]: libxenlight, enables less than maximum vcpus
7:17PM 0 [PATCH 12/14]: libxenlight, allow domain to publish its suspend evtchn
7:16PM 0 [PATCH 11/14]: libxenlight, write vcpu availability paths in xenstore
7:15PM 1 [PATCH 10/14]: libxenlight, get state for one domain
7:15PM 2 [PATCH 09/14]: libxenlight, domain resume
7:14PM 0 [PATCH 08/14]: libxenlight, remove vss and xapi patch on domain destroy
7:13PM 1 [PATCH 07/14]: libxenlight, destroy device-model only for hvm domains
7:13PM 0 [PATCH 06/14]: libxenlight, set domain handle
7:12PM 0 [PATCH 05/14]: libxenlight, fix uuid code
7:11PM 0 [PATCH 04/14]: libxenlight, avoid writing empty values to xenstore
7:10PM 2 [PATCH 03/14]: libxenlight, 8MB slack for PV domains
7:10PM 0 [PATCH 02/14]: libxenlight, disk and nic destroy calls
7:09PM 1 [PATCH 01/14]: libxenlight, refactore device destroy code
7:08PM 10 libxenlight or libxenheavy?
6:02PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: add basic tmem freeable info to xentop
3:58PM 0 [PATCH] Linux dom0 statistics for case we use network bonding
3:55PM 3 [PATCH/RFC] report hardware tsc frequency even for emulated tsc
2:51PM 7 Xend crashes, how to debug?
2:27PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: fix segfault when reading blktap2 devs
2:23PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: fix multiple console with stubdoms
1:22PM 2 Creating Windows domU''s
1:01PM 2 Jemery''s Linux dom0 pv_ops plus GEM KMS of Intel
10:26AM 0 [PATCH] ia64: eliminate build warnings
10:24AM 0 [PATCH] qemu: fix a format specifier
7:43AM 2 [PATCH] Memory pool for paravirtual guest in memory over 128G system
7:40AM 0 [PATCH] fix bugs in c/s 20321
6:25AM 7 [PATCH] cleanup for __start_xen()
6:17AM 1 [PATCH] xen: cleanup for xen_pv_domain()/xen_hvm_domain()
5:36AM 8 Problem with 2.6.30 pv-ops domU
Sunday November 29 2009
11:24PM 0 Xen Pv-Ops DomU Virtualization Support for ChromiumOS64
5:56PM 8 Intel IOMMU: Assigning IGD device: 00:02.1 on some machines, causes Xen to freeze for >2mins because of RMRR mappings
5:48PM 2 compile error with current xen/master
Friday November 27 2009
7:27PM 2 Jeremy''s kernel with Xen stable?
6:55PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: implement blktap2 support
4:31PM 1 [PATCH] libxenlight: fix suspend\resume
3:14PM 4 Xen.org Community Weekly Update Nov 20 and Nov 27, 2009
10:40AM 5 [PATCH] libxenlight: add console command
10:36AM 1 [PATCH] libxenlight: fix hvm flag when no hvmloader
10:26AM 0 [PATCH] linux/PCI/MSI-X: Don''t disable when it was never enabled
7:46AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww47]
7:41AM 0 [PATCH] xm: Allow detaching vif by MAC address
6:22AM 3 [PATCH] x86/mm: disallow mmu hypercalls for a dying domain
6:06AM 0 [PATCH][IOMMU] Free unused interrupt remapping table entry
5:16AM 2 [PATCH] x86/mm: set_p2m_entry() should return 0 on error
2:26AM 45 [Pv-ops][PATCH] Netback multiple tasklet support
Thursday November 26 2009
2:41PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: implement pause and unpause
2:40PM 11 Partial succes VGA passthrough Ati Radeon HD4850 on Asus P5Q-EM DO (Q45 chipset)
11:30AM 0 [PATCH] x86: Remove redundant logic for mp_register gsi.
8:51AM 3 (v)MCE# injection
8:17AM 2 [PATCH] x86 shadow: fix race when domain is dying
2:10AM 0 [PATCH][resend] xend: Fix regression when create_vbd for tap
12:45AM 0 bootloader (pygrub) broken in unstable?
Wednesday November 25 2009
9:24PM 7 [PATCH] Implement rdtscp emulation and rdtscp_aux "support"
6:15PM 1 [PATCH] Fix casting usage in xen_create_msi_irq.
5:01PM 0 [PATCH] Fix maxvcpus support
2:45PM 0 [PATCH] xen: do not unmap grant status on suspend when using v1 grant tables
2:42PM 0 [PATCH] Fix build when CONFIG_HPET_TIMER=n
2:12PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: move logging macros to the public header
2:11PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: clean up the domain when it dies
1:08PM 11 [Xci-devel] Porblem with disabling and then re-enabling a PT device in Windows
12:22PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: implement stubdom support
11:56AM 0 [PATCH][2/2] pvops-dom0: Resolve the xen acpi processor dependency
11:55AM 5 [PATCH][1/2] pvops-dom0: Xen acpi processor logic cleanup
11:43AM 0 How to get specific pv-os kernel-
11:19AM 0 [PATCH] xend: little fix for tap
11:14AM 1 [PATCH] Add maxvcpus support
10:17AM 0 [PATCH] Add maxvcpu support
8:59AM 0 [PATCH] cpuidle: Add decaying history logic to menu idle predictor
Tuesday November 24 2009
10:46PM 0 [PATCH] replace tsc_native config option with tsc_mode config option
6:42PM 13 Bug when disabling/enabling a PT device with MSI enabled
6:14PM 8 [PATCH] tweak memory error correction field in the SMBIOS data
4:36PM 0 Xen API Development Activity
12:02PM 0 [PATCH 10 of 10] New/Updated drivers: Disable xenbus warning for console during domU boot and vfb timeout during domU shutdown
12:01PM 0 [PATCH 9 of 10] New/Updated drivers: New generic RTC class PC-style ''CMOS'' driver backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
11:59AM 0 [PATCH 8 of 10] New/Updated drivers: Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet driver backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
11:58AM 0 [PATCH 7 of 10] New/Updated drivers: MMCONFIG PCI config space access driver backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
11:57AM 0 [PATCH 6 of 10] New/Updated drivers: Enable PATA support in some SATA drivers
11:42AM 0 [PATCH 5 of 10] New/Updated drivers: ITE IT87xx and compatibles driver backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
11:40AM 0 [PATCH 4 of 10] New/Updated drivers: Intel TCO Timer/Watchdog driver backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
11:38AM 0 [PATCH 3 of 10] New/Updated drivers: Intel 82801 (ICH) driver backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
11:37AM 0 [PATCH 2 of 10] New/Updated drivers: Intel Core (2) Duo/Solo temperature sensor driver backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
11:36AM 0 [PATCH 1 of 10] New/Updated drivers: ATI drivers backported from Linux Kernel Ver.
10:16AM 5 [PATCH] xen: register timer interrupt with IRQF_TIMER
10:13AM 4 [PATCH 0 of 10] New/Updated drivers for linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
7:58AM 2 linux-next: alacrity tree build failure
7:20AM 0 Memory pool for paravirtual guest in memory over 128G system
5:03AM 0 disable S4 for HVM
1:33AM 5 [PATCH]xen/acpi: make poweroff really work for pv-ops dom0
Monday November 23 2009
11:14PM 4 [PATCH] libxc: failure to save/restore 32bit HVM guest
10:43PM 5 Question: dom0 electrocuted by implicitly unmapped grantrefs
9:49PM 0 tg3.ko not created after compilation of Xen 3.4.2 from sources
7:42PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: fix freeable memory accounting error
6:07PM 0 tmem: fix another race in tmem on domain destroy
5:31PM 0 Q on adding NIC
3:02PM 9 Question about vcpu_avail
1:20AM 0 [PATCH] xend: pci: show error msg properly if pciback/pci-stub are not loaded
12:13AM 0 [PATCH,MINI-OS] Fix fb/kbd initialization
12:11AM 0 [PATCH,MINI-OS] Fix xenbus_unwatch_path calls
Sunday November 22 2009
7:14PM 11 [PATCH 0 of 5] pygrub support for Grub2 grub.cfg syntax
10:27AM 6 Strange interaction from grub2 and XEN
7:27AM 3 Xen: cannot start HVM with VIF
4:21AM 0 Video of Google Chrome OS on Xen
1:11AM 6 Screenshot Tutorial: How to D-I-Y your own Google Chrome OS with Xen-based Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala amd64 Virtual Machine in Fedora 11 x86_64 Pv-Ops Dom0
Saturday November 21 2009
6:38PM 2 Question about linear mapping of shadow page tables for 64bit HVM guest
11:32AM 2 [PATCH] xen: correctly restore pfn_to_mfn_list_list after resume
Friday November 20 2009
11:45PM 6 Bizarre pv kernel ultra-high frequency rdtsc?!?
7:10PM 0 disregard ''make stubdom fails; fixed''
6:46PM 0 make stubdom fails
3:46PM 0 [PATCH] qemu: pci_scan everytime we register a device
3:45PM 0 [PATCH] pcifront: fix multiple initialization bug
1:59PM 0 [PATCH]: Minor tools bzip2/lzma decompression fixes
11:03AM 8 [xen-3.5][linux-pvops-] Xen BUG at hpet.c:663
10:44AM 0 Xen live-migration implement
8:29AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww46]
8:22AM 5 XM create issue: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
7:28AM 1 About Xen API
7:26AM 0 The overhead of VCPu migration in xen
7:24AM 0 [PATCH] Add support for XCP Windows PV drivers
5:52AM 1 [PATCH] Remus: remove Py_RETURN_NONE for Python 2.3
5:42AM 0 [PATCH] Remus: fix a warning
3:24AM 0 Xenoprof for Oprofile 0.9.5 in now available
2:08AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] libxenlight: fix compilation error for ia64
2:03AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] [IA64] Remus: ia64 counter part of 07f6d9047af4
1:46AM 0 [PATCH] docs: descriptions of PSCSI_HBA and DSCSI_HBA
12:32AM 1 Testing for domain states (before starting, before restarting, and after "save")
Thursday November 19 2009
11:42PM 3 libxenlight availability
11:02PM 1 repo not working
6:06PM 6 Arbitrary reboot with xen 3.4.x
5:06PM 3 cloud infrastructure + xen
3:55PM 0 XCP/XAPI and libvirt support?
3:52PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: fix memory leaks
10:18AM 0 xen networking issue
9:50AM 3 [PATCH] linux: force proper address translation in Dell RBU
8:05AM 0 .config for xen kernerl
1:00AM 3 Can the open source XAPI toolstack be used on SUSE 11?
Wednesday November 18 2009
10:01PM 1 which cpuid bits are exposed to pv guest OS and why?
9:02PM 1 [PATCH] Fix compile error when CONFIG_XEN_PCIDEV_FRONTEND=m
7:59PM 2 XCP: Patch to XenAPI stack to allow domain resume, HAP control and a few other features.
5:57PM 0 [PATCH][VTD][v2] enabling ACS P2P upstream forwarding
3:21PM 6 [PATCH 1/3] libxenlight: Clean up logging arrangements
1:06PM 1 Migrate linux to run on Xen
10:01AM 0 CFP: 2nd Workshop on I/O Virtualization (WIOV ''10)
9:48AM 0 [PATCH] enable directed EOI
Tuesday November 17 2009
11:18PM 23 Problems booting latest xen pv-ops linux kernel
9:49PM 3 [PATCH][VTD] enabling PCI ACS P2P upstream forwarding
7:04PM 20 Crash with paravirt-ops kernel
5:55PM 4 [PATCH] libxenlight: Clean up logging arrangements
5:10PM 4 building unmodified_drivers on a recent kernel
4:37PM 2 [PATCH] libxenlight: implement support for pv guests
9:06AM 0 [PATCH] xend: Remove tab indents
7:53AM 0 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #20453 & Xen0:#b9160...
6:56AM 5 [PATCH]pcpu tuples [was Re: Xen 3.4.1 NUMA support]
2:35AM 5 xm save still fails
Monday November 16 2009
10:52PM 1 why would XENMEM_decrease_reservation fail?
10:44PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: printk too chatty when tmem enabled
10:39PM 0 suspend event channel
9:44PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: fix regression from c/s 19886 "Remove page-scrub lists and async scrubbing"
5:34PM 7 xen-api installation problem
5:00PM 2 [PATCH] Relax assertion in VRAM tracking code
4:33PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: fix double-free bug
2:39PM 0 [PATCH] rombios: don''t busy-wait for keystrokes.
1:34PM 0 Xend start problem
12:10PM 3 Re: [PATCH] libxl: check for early failures of qemu-dm (v2)
12:06PM 2 compile error in xen-unstable
12:00PM 15 [PATCH] Dont call msi_unmap_pirq() if did not enabled msi
10:50AM 0 [PATCH] Fix one bug in pcpu.c
8:35AM 0 [PATCH] tools: fix libgcrypt detection
Sunday November 15 2009
2:04PM 0 a question about domainU build
9:04AM 0 about write virtual block device
5:03AM 2 compile error with pvops and pcifront
12:10AM 1 What kernel?
Saturday November 14 2009
6:44PM 1 Emask 0X4(timeout)
5:49PM 2 Xend fails to start on Xen 3.4.2 Dom0 ( pvops) on top of Ubuntu 9.10 Server
4:42PM 0 Bios Bug 8254 timer not conected to IO-APIC
4:53AM 1 [PATCH] x86: Use __always_inline to ensure scale_delta linked to vsyscall section.
12:54AM 0 [PATCH] tmem: fix domain shutdown problem/race
Friday November 13 2009
11:43PM 11 [PATCH 0/7][RFC] make xenguest save & restore functions reentrant
10:16PM 5 [PATCH Xen-unstable] Balloon down memory to achive enough DMA32 memory for PV guests with PCI pass-through to succesfully launch.
9:54PM 0 [Xen-API] [RFC] host memory ballooning daemon
8:32PM 1 [Patch] Dynamic update to device ocontexts
6:01PM 0 [PATCH] xen: allow stubdom to call unmap_domain_pirq
5:54PM 0 [PATCH] pcifront: implement dynamic connections and disconnections
5:54PM 0 [PATCH] xend: call xc_assign_device for all the devices to hotplug
5:04PM 6 xen-unstable: Xen BUG at sched_credit.c:925
1:46PM 0 Weekly Xen.org Community Update - November 13, 2009
9:36AM 0 [PATCH][IOMMU] make vtd faults dmesg more readable
9:22AM 0 Xen Network error
6:40AM 1 Several Issues about GPL Windows Driver
1:13AM 5 [PATCH] Remus: IMQ patch for linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
1:10AM 15 [PATCH 0 of 3] Remus: control tool
12:38AM 1 save/restore/save hangs
Thursday November 12 2009
11:55PM 4 [RFC] draft tsc_mode patch (to replace tsc_native)
6:15PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: implement pci passthrough
5:58PM 0 [PATCH] libxenlight: fix name to domid conversion
5:51PM 8 Binding ISA Irq seems to malfunction in Xen 3.4
3:45PM 0 [PATCH][DOM0] Add CPU hotplug support to PV_ops dom0
3:39PM 1 [PATCH][DOM0] Export apic_id for acpi_processor object
12:59PM 3 strange ethtool output in xen environment
11:08AM 5 [PATCH] Don''t assume the vcpu_id is continous in alloc_vcpu
11:03AM 1 [PATCH] Support physical CPU hot-add in xen hypervisor
10:52AM 15 [PATCH] Allocate vmcs pages when system booting
10:47AM 0 [PATCH] Update pcpu_info hypercall interface
9:51AM 1 [PATCH] some cleanups
4:26AM 0 [PATCH] Add PSCSI_HBA class and DSCSI_HBA class to XenAPI
Wednesday November 11 2009
10:19PM 2 [RFC[ XCP and OSS Xen
9:16PM 8 Latest pvops hangs on boot
3:08PM 11 [PATCH] PoD: Handle operations properly when domain is dying
12:47PM 1 Compile break on SLES10
12:28PM 1 PVOPS Build Failure: CONFIG_PCI_XEN flag not produced
2:34AM 2 A kernel panic occured when booting a pv guest at a xen-unstable
Tuesday November 10 2009
9:56PM 7 Crashing DomU
4:38PM 17 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.4.2 released
4:23PM 5 How does the self-ballooning daemon calculate the selftarget?
1:38PM 1 regarding tutorial on how to work on Xen
12:31PM 0 [PATCH] Mark CPU present when it is detected
11:11AM 0 [PATCH] make tools build again
5:52AM 3 Failed to reboot Dom0 kernel because of segfault
5:29AM 12 Will pv-ops dom0-patched kernel be eventually merged into Linus Torvalds'' mainline Linux kernel tree?
4:48AM 1 VM_FOREIGN could be set into direct_remap_pfn_range()?
3:34AM 2 [PATCH] x86 boot: simplify reloc.c
3:11AM 5 Latest xen/master
Monday November 9 2009
11:44PM 6 Git error when cloning pvops tree
10:02PM 8 Problems with tip (Remus?)
9:17PM 9 [PATCH More PCIFront]
9:10PM 0 Unexpected error: <type ''exceptions.TypeError''>
8:04PM 6 [PATCH] e820: fix clip_to_limit()
7:19PM 0 [PATCH] e820: fix e820_change_range_type()
7:16PM 2 Printing the exact source line in Xen panic call trace
7:07PM 0 [PATCH] cmdline_parse_early: fix parse ''edd='' option
7:01PM 0 whither xen-ia64?
5:35PM 1 User questions on xen-devel
4:57PM 0 Using NX bit in Xen 3.1
3:29PM 0 [PATCH] Fix compile error: error: too many arguments to function ''pci_frontend_enable_msi''
3:27PM 0 Q on suspend/resume in netback/netfront
2:05PM 0 [PATCH 2 of 2] enable libxenlight compilation
2:04PM 3 [PATCH 1 of 2] introducing libxenlight
2:04PM 6 [ANNOUNCE] libxenlight
12:21PM 6 timekeepeing in XEN - request fo comments
12:21PM 1 xen_block:how to read mbr using blkfront driver
10:47AM 1 Video Demonstration: Building a Rocks HPC Cluster with Xen Hardware Virtual Machines (HVM)
9:44AM 1 How to disable pae in xen
7:40AM 7 Xen-devel [XEN PATCH] [Linux-PVOPS] ballooning on numa domains
1:14AM 0 xenoprof samples lost due to no mapping
Sunday November 8 2009
9:56PM 0 vcpu/cpu
8:05PM 1 latest xen/master 32bit dom0 kernel build fails in xen_create_msi_irq
11:45AM 23 Max. PV and HVM Guests
5:44AM 7 [Xen-usersl] Xen Kernel tree on Ubuntu Kamic
Saturday November 7 2009
10:51PM 5 BSoD with GPLPV + tap:aio
5:10AM 8 Low Network Throughput between HVM Guests
Friday November 6 2009
7:49PM 1 Booting the same disk in a VM and on native hardware
6:37PM 29 pv 2.6.31 (kernel.org) and save/migrate
4:56PM 10 [PATCH] large file support for lomount (for 32-bit dom0)
4:41PM 1 dm-command: unknown command"pci-ins" ?
3:05PM 2 Setup FreeBSD 8.0-RC2 UNIX amd64 HVM with Xen 3.5-unstable C/S 20143 and PV-OPS Dom0 Kernels
2:49PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update - November 6, 2009
1:41PM 0 typo on cloud_source.html
12:51PM 6 [PATCH] xapi toolstack (xen-api-libs): fix compile errors
11:29AM 3 [PATCH] to fix the bug for tboot on x86_32 brought by c/s 19914 and 19922
9:49AM 1 blktap2 for pvops dom0 kernel?
9:36AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww44]
9:29AM 3 [PATCH] Enlarge the size of the global mmio_space mmio.
9:17AM 7 [PATCH] ioemu: passthough: add no_wb option for pci conf write
8:20AM 4 [PATCH][DOM0] Expose physical CPU information in dom0
8:20AM 9 [PATCH] Add hypercall to expose physical CPU in xen hypervisor
1:15AM 18 xenoprof: operation 9 failed for dom0 (status: -1)
1:05AM 6 VF as default interface on dom0
Thursday November 5 2009
10:58PM 15 [PATCH 00 of 11] Remus 0.9 released!
9:50PM 4 [PATCH] mask cpuid TSC invariant bit for various circumstances (Take 2)
3:14PM 0 Anyone has any experience with installing Rocks HPC Cluster software with Xen HVM Virtual Machines?
2:24PM 3 [PATCH] x86/dom0: support bzip2 and lzma compressed bzImage payloads
12:04PM 0 Third release candidate for Xen 3.4.2 released
10:18AM 0 [PATCH] Add two more VBD statistics into Xentop
9:52AM 0 Some questions about Xenstore&Xenbus
9:30AM 3 xen cpuidle c states
6:25AM 2 need to explain the code
1:52AM 8 ioemu build problems on xen-unstable 20399
Wednesday November 4 2009
11:44PM 0 [GIT PULL] A couple of Xen bugfixes
10:53PM 3 Troubles building the xen linux pv drivers
9:43PM 1 How to allocate a page inside the guest OS from Xen
9:03PM 3 [PATCH] xc_resume: fix modify_returncode when PV guest width != host width
1:48PM 0 [PATCH xen.git] Add hugepage support to balloon driver
1:17PM 8 Porting linux network driver to Xen
12:02PM 29 Xen 3.4.1 NUMA support
7:52AM 3 [PATCH] ioemu: fix drive name parsing
5:41AM 2 inputs on porting network(nic) drivers from Linux to Xen
5:34AM 0 Error processing drive xvda
2:37AM 1 a question about loading domain0
1:49AM 0 Error from xenalyze
Tuesday November 3 2009
6:19PM 9 XCP Windows PV Driver Problem
3:58PM 0 [PATCH] xenbus: do not hold transaction_mutex when returning to userspace
3:30PM 10 release of ''xapi'' toolstack
1:29PM 3 Xen.org Announces Xen Cloud Platform 0.1
11:30AM 6 [PATCH] xen passthrough: fix recent regressions
10:36AM 0 [PATCH] x86: improve reporting through XENMEM_machine_memory_map
10:20AM 1 xenstore reboot/crash watch
5:58AM 0 [PATCH] Disable vPMU feature by default
2:38AM 0 2.6.31 hvm config (kernel.org)
Monday November 2 2009
9:45PM 5 pv_ops (2.6.31) and CONFIG_NO_HZ
9:35PM 0 [PATCH 2/2] Fix problems with vbd hotplug on Linux
9:35PM 0 [PATCH 1/2] Fix problems with vbd hotplug on Linux
9:35PM 0 [PATCH 0/2] Fix problems with vbd hotplug on Linux
9:02PM 16 How to Stop scheduler
8:42PM 6 how to change the memory size of a VM
8:11PM 0 Re: Cannot restore saved domain when using stubdoms
12:52PM 3 Changing CD Images (ISO files) in QEMU Console
12:03PM 1 Is kernel xenifid?
10:43AM 2 Anyone compiled xen3.4 with xenifid kernel 2.6.29
10:26AM 1 [PATCH] xend: passthrough: revert some parts of changeset 20348: 9ead82c46efd
9:23AM 0 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #20382 & Xen0:#aa218...
9:06AM 4 Xen guest performance as a streaming server
8:37AM 4 Intel ET Quad Port NIC - PCI Passthrough / VT-d
8:18AM 0 scheduling while atomic bug
8:17AM 5 c/s 20384
7:49AM 4 32bit-pv-VM 128G memory limited
Sunday November 1 2009
10:47PM 1 Grub error
2:04PM 1 Xen/Domain0 notification of a VM reboot
8:32AM 3 Picture Tutorial: How to Setup Slackware64 13.0 HVM domU with Xen 3.5-unstable pv-ops Dom0 Kernel in Fedora 11 x86-64 Dom0