Xen devel - Oct 2009

Saturday October 31 2009
5:02PM 19 Failure to load the most recent under Xen 3.4.2-rc3-pre on ASUS P5Q3
1:43PM 1 How can I map a foreign mfn when I''m in a workqueue?
11:54AM 2 Video Tutorial: How to Setup a Virtual Supercomputer Center or HPC Cluster using Xen Virtual Machines
11:02AM 6 How can Xen trigger a context switch in an HVM guest domain?
10:50AM 1 Re: Failure to load the most recent under Xen Unstable on ASUS P5Q3 Serial Console outputs with different length
10:34AM 0 Re: Failure to load the most recent under Xen Unstable on ASUS P5Q3 Serial Console
Friday October 30 2009
10:50PM 1 Failure to load the most recent under Xen Unstable on ASUS P5Q3 (8 GB RAM)
9:25PM 3 "xm save" fails on kernel.org domU with Xen 3.4.1
7:05PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update October 30, 2009
12:52PM 0 ERROR (SrvDaemon:349) Exception starting xend ((13, ''Permission denied''))
8:38AM 1 [Xen-API] api calls to update nvcpus and memory
8:33AM 0 [ANNOUNCE] AutoVMbench
8:32AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww43]
6:37AM 24 Using Xen Virtualization Environment for Development and Testing of Supercomputing and High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster MPICH2 MPI-2 Applications
1:23AM 5 64 bit Intel HVM Weirdness - setjmp\longjump fp exception in Xen, not on real hardware or AMD HVM
Thursday October 29 2009
9:28PM 0 [PATCH] add recently added gtsc_khz field to xen-hvmctx output
8:28PM 4 tsc_scale/cpu_khz imprecise and need fixing?
1:41PM 0 [PATCH] make stubdom-dm exit properly
12:26PM 2 [PATCH: IOEMU & XEN] Change ioreq layout and reduce its size
10:51AM 1 Does the Intel Express P55 Chipset Support VT-d?
3:10AM 0 [PATCH 02/02] IOEMU: Extend max vcpu number for HVM guest.
3:10AM 0 [PATCH 01/02] Hypervisor: Extend max vcpu number for HVM guest.
3:09AM 4 [PATCH 00/02] Extend max vcpu number for HVM guest
3:06AM 13 performance tools on xen
Wednesday October 28 2009
7:09PM 0 Mini-OS xmalloc and realloc patch
5:31PM 4 Second release candidate for Xen 3.4.2 released
4:32PM 9 [PATCH] AMD IOMMU: Use global interrupt remapping table by default
4:31PM 4 [PATCH] AMD IOMMU: Parse IVRS table early to prevent iommu_enabled from being disabled
3:45PM 2 Query regarding Citrix
3:44PM 5 [PATCH Linux 2.6.31] Add hugepage support to the balloon driver
2:21PM 1 Attempt to load the most recent pvops kernel under Xen 3.4.1 on board GA-EP45-UD3LR
9:29AM 12 hypervisor memory usage
3:50AM 6 Re: [virt-tools-list] Unable to complete install: ''Domain not found: xenUnifiedDomainLookupByName
Tuesday October 27 2009
9:25PM 0 ''!'' as separator for sxp?
4:41PM 1 Xen Virtualization, VT-d, VGA Passthrough, & Windows XP HVM Virtual Machine: Super PI 32M Benchmark
3:47PM 1 Understanding netback packet transmission code
3:22PM 31 Latest unstable detects cpu speed incorrectly
2:05PM 0 A problem about hvm io routine
2:04PM 0 x86: vioapic: fix remote irr bit setting for level triggered interrupts.
1:37PM 1 [PATCH] small csched_cpu_pick() adjustments
1:18PM 4 Mini-OS as dom0, init_mm questions
1:11PM 0 [PATCH] x86: deny access to the ACPI PM timer I/O port range for Dom0
1:07PM 0 [PATCH] boot parameter definition adjustments
12:29PM 1 [PATCH] [MiniOS] backporting mistake in 3.4-testing
11:52AM 1 [PATCH] miscellaneous data placement adjustments
11:50AM 2 [PATCH] irq cleanup
11:49AM 12 Virt-manager issue resolved
9:17AM 1 Where to get the source code of v2xva
6:36AM 0 Xen Virtualization & Intel VT-d: Direct Hardware Access to Graphics Card by Windows HVM Virtual Machines
Monday October 26 2009
11:37PM 4 huge tcp performance-regression on pvops - kernel (+Solution)
11:12PM 15 [PATCH] pvcpuid: mask TSC invariant bit for various circumstances
5:44PM 3 xen pv and cpuid
3:27PM 0 [PATCH] Add keymap to vfb config for hvm guests
3:23PM 0 [PATCH] Add support for Xen device policies
3:03PM 0 PV PCI passthrough - summary/status
1:55PM 9 Latest Pv_ops dom0 fails to boot
12:42PM 0 [PATCH] Xen33: Fix serial console for HVM guests
10:36AM 7 Unable to complete install: ''Domain not found: xenUnifiedDomainLookupByName
8:33AM 1 RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] passthrough/stubdom: clean up hypercall privilege checking
Sunday October 25 2009
7:57AM 5 bug in windows "on_reboot = ''preserve''"
Saturday October 24 2009
6:09PM 3 Running a VM with more than 4GB?
5:38PM 11 More Xen Virtualization Videos
9:48AM 1 Adding new scheduler in XEN 3.4.0
8:29AM 0 check_x11_devel FAILED: can''t find X11 headers in SUSE Enterprice 11
5:32AM 2 How to debug Xen?
5:29AM 2 can''t find xgettext
12:13AM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update for October 23, 2009
Friday October 23 2009
10:51PM 3 rdtsc in userspace
10:02PM 1 [PATCH] RHEL/CentOS 5, Xen 3.4.1 and Power Management
7:37PM 0 ImportError: No module named xmlproc
6:00PM 1 Hauppauge WinTV-PVR USB2 TV Tuner Pass-through to Windows HVM Virtual Machines
4:09PM 1 [PATCH] ioemu-remote: Align MSI-X table mmap/munmap - please apply
2:45PM 17 Xen 3.5-unstable, pv-ops dom0 kernel, Windows XP Home HVM Virtual Machine, PCI Express x16 Graphics Passthrough, Firewire Controller Passthrough, HD Audio Controller Passthrough, 3D Video and Disk I/O Benchmark Results
11:39AM 16 [PATCH][RFC] pv-ops: fix shared irq device passthrough
10:19AM 0 [PATCH] Shadow dirty-VRAM: avoid multiple remove_all_mappings calls.
8:34AM 5 Fw: Re: vmx problem
8:29AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww42]
8:29AM 0 working with latest -xen kernel?
7:26AM 7 [PATCH] ignore guest writes to read only memory regions or memory holes in EPT
6:01AM 0 [PATCH] [IOMMU] interrupt remapping fix
4:55AM 0 [PATCH] Fix check_sharing() in blktapctrl
4:21AM 11 soft lockups during live migrate..
3:16AM 2 doubt regarding IO scheduler and credit scheduling in netback
Thursday October 22 2009
8:53PM 1 non-emulated rdtsc: a smoking gun!
8:49PM 0 [PATCH] /xen/xsm/ Corrected check in io_has_perm()
8:14PM 4 qemu-3.4-testing problems...
6:15PM 0 GFX pass-through patches
5:16PM 4 Request for backport of 82599 quirks to 3.4.2
3:53PM 0 [PATCH][1/2] In cpufreq, check for a driver before use
3:53PM 0 [PATCH][2/2] Fix RevF detection in powernow.c
3:12PM 0 Proof(?) for system-wide TSC invariance
3:10PM 0 [PATCH] Fix sysfs handling of blktap2
11:49AM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: fix GFP mask handling in dma_alloc_coherent()
11:24AM 14 vmx problem
7:47AM 17 Strange error in domU after dom0 update
7:34AM 2 At what places is an event handler called besides a hypercall?
5:56AM 7 pvops DomU kernels [was Re: "Hotplug Scripts not working ..." error on jaunty]
Wednesday October 21 2009
7:04PM 0 HVM NFS boot problem with 2.6.31 dom0 and xen 3.5
4:32PM 0 [PATCH] fix few small memory leaks in libxc
4:31PM 1 [PATCH] fix few small memory leaks in qemu
3:58PM 0 [Patch] tools/ Adds getenforce and setenforce functionality to Xen toolchain
3:36PM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] stubdom: mmap on /dev/mem support
2:42PM 10 Audio Controller Passthrough to Windows HVM Guest
2:33PM 0 [PATCH 2 of 2] qemu: do not call xc_assign_device
2:32PM 0 [PATCH 1 of 2] xen: fix the security issue with stubdoms and pci passthrough
2:32PM 0 [PATCH 0 of 2] fix security issue with stubdoms and pci passthrough
2:00PM 0 [PATCH] mmap on /dev/mem support in stubdoms
1:07PM 20 Need help in debugging partially blocked hypervisor
11:18AM 1 XEN_DOMINF_cpu{mask,shift} ???
10:58AM 1 newbie to xen
10:03AM 0 [PATCH] x86: Initialize the affinity field after assigning the vector.
7:29AM 0 xend: bootable flag of VBD not always of type int
1:49AM 1 [PATCH] Bug in xmalloc_bytes()
12:12AM 4 [PATCH] pt_msix_init: Error: Can''t map physical MSI-X table: Invalid argument
Tuesday October 20 2009
3:24PM 0 Help for Xeon Quad core 64 bit, Xen kernel
3:17PM 1 [PATCH] implement pci coldplug for stubdoms
3:05PM 1 [PATCH] Enable TSC_RELIABLE for AMD servers
1:28PM 1 First release candidate for Xen 3.4.2 released
12:25PM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] [qemu-xen-3.4-testing] stdvga + videoram config option
12:18PM 5 Using VGA PT for nVidia, causes weird "*** int 15h function AX=5f14, BX=078f not yet supported!" messages to appear in qemu log file
10:37AM 8 Latest xen-unstable does not compile
9:57AM 5 Latest source
9:29AM 22 Why Xen will deprecated? Is it to old?
2:44AM 1 Questions with Xenoprofile
Monday October 19 2009
10:11PM 8 [PATCH] new nomigrate config option
8:51PM 0 [PATCH] c/s 20336 (oos per-domain switch) breaks xm restore
5:03PM 5 why are deep cstates disabled?
4:25PM 4 PCI tuners with XEN
11:57AM 1 Re: RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable]vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
11:18AM 10 Re: RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable]vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
9:09AM 0 Re: RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable]vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
8:34AM 2 Re: RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable]vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
4:45AM 0 [PATCH][resend] xm: Fix xm network2-{attach,detach}
Sunday October 18 2009
8:13PM 2 MTU configuration option on VIF interfaces
1:13PM 2 Adding another GPE section to an HVM, causes the original GPE to stop functioning
Saturday October 17 2009
11:22AM 0 Error found during startup
8:35AM 0 zombie domains? or at least zombie devices.
5:10AM 0 question
2:19AM 0 curly brace around else
Friday October 16 2009
11:24PM 0 [PATCH] gdbsx: malloc extra bye for null char
5:39PM 1 RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable]vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
5:09PM 0 [06/46] x86/paravirt: Use normal calling sequences for irq enable/disable
4:59PM 1 Xen & OpenMosix
1:09PM 7 [PATCH] Update cr3 in PAE mode when guest walk succeed but shadow walk fails
12:40PM 0 [Patch] per-domain switch to disable oos shadow page tables
11:15AM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable]vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
10:03AM 3 RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
9:22AM 1 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #20320 & Xen0:#34ffc...
9:02AM 1 How to send Ctrl-Alt-Del to my VM?
9:01AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww41]
8:58AM 0 [PATCH] [IOMMU] clean interrupt remapping and queued invalidation
8:48AM 2 merge conflict in pv_ops dom0 git tree in include/linux/sched.h and arch/x86/kernel/pvclock.c
8:08AM 3 [RFC] Patches for Xen 3.4.2
7:57AM 0 [PATCH] xend: Implement VBD.media_change
7:50AM 1 PG_blkback handling issue?
3:19AM 0 [PATCH] fix printf format specifier in xenlockprof.c
3:01AM 0 [PATCH] xend: Check no VBDs attached
3:00AM 4 Monitoring domU real memory usage
1:50AM 0 [PATCH]x86: document tsc_native configuration option in xmexample.hvm.
12:41AM 0 [PATCH] xm,xend: A few fixes for changeset 20314
Thursday October 15 2009
9:39PM 0 NMI on domU shutdown with PCI passthrough, Lyon''s 2.6.31-4 dom0, xen 3.5
5:34PM 0 [PATCH][resubmit] Update powernow.c to latest cpufreq code
4:52PM 0 patch x86-paravirt-use-normal-calling-sequences-for-irq-enable-disable.patch added to 2.6.31-stable tree
3:54PM 2 [PATCH]xend: passthrough: do not check non-page-aligned MMIO BAR if not strict-check
3:39PM 1 RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] Add build option to allow more hypercalls from stubdoms
12:25PM 6 [PATCH] linux/usbback: fix usbstub_exit() placement
12:21PM 0 [PATCH] Xen panic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
11:49AM 0 x86: Fix ept and vt-d co-existence issue.
10:40AM 10 When is the next version of xen is supposed to be released?
8:48AM 1 Latest Pv_ops build fail on 32-bit system
8:12AM 9 add the two command to add or delete the usb device instead of do it in QEMU console
8:02AM 2 add a description for each guest.
8:00AM 5 git for jeremy''s tree failing
7:30AM 3 Non-page aligned MMIO BAR error on dom-0 on Xen HVM setup
6:31AM 1 about libvirt
6:30AM 0 [PATCH] xm: Reuse VDI if location is same
3:52AM 8 Fail to compile xen-unstable (due to pvops tree?)
2:41AM 0 [PATCH]x86: Remove unused temporay variable.
Wednesday October 14 2009
11:47PM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] Spinlock profiling (enable in buildwith lock_profile=y)
11:30PM 0 [PATCH] gdbsx: debugger on xen for guests
7:28PM 26 [GIT PULL RFC] pvclock cleanups and pvclock vsyscall support
3:24PM 0 [PATCH] destroy stubdoms synchronously
12:24PM 5 IO controller Mini-Summit 2009
10:16AM 1 About kernel-debuginfo
9:26AM 9 [PATCH] Append ''nohpet'' in dom0 cmdline to prevent dom0 from using HPET
8:47AM 0 virt-manager cannot connect xen
6:02AM 0 [PATCH] xm: Fix xm network2-{attach,detach}
5:56AM 0 [PATCH][RFC] xm, xend: Add new option "change_home_server" to xm migrate
5:30AM 3 static vif/tap names
Tuesday October 13 2009
10:51PM 8 pt_msix_init: Error: Can''t map physical MSI-X table: Invalid argument
9:22PM 24 [PATCH PV_OPS] pciback support
7:13PM 5 pci device hotplug, race accessing xenstore
6:48PM 1 Xen API and PSCSI Devices
3:57PM 0 NMI on domU start with PCI passthrough, xen/master dom0, xen 3.5
3:21PM 3 Disk I/O Benchmark Test Results in Windows XP Home Guest on pvops dom 0 kernel
1:36PM 0 [PATCH] fix minios console end of line
12:48AM 10 Problem with pv-ops dom0 and pci-stub to hide devices: improper device assignment specified
Monday October 12 2009
5:21PM 0 [PATCH 7 of 7] qemu: passthrough support in stubdoms
5:20PM 0 [PATCH 6 of 7] xend: call pci_device_configure on the stubdom
5:20PM 0 [PATCH 5 of 7] xend: allow a device to be assigned to a guest and its stubdom
5:20PM 4 [PATCH 4 of 7] minios: fix minios console
5:20PM 22 [PATCH 3 of 7] xen: allows more hypercalls from stubdoms
5:19PM 4 [PATCH 2 of 7] pcilib: define endianness for minios
5:19PM 0 [PATCH 1 of 7] pcifront: translate physical into virtual addresses
5:19PM 2 [PATCH 0 of 7] pci passthrough with stubdoms
5:15PM 4 Scheduler problem in XEN 3.4.0
3:09PM 1 Some thing about StubDomain
12:57PM 0 domU hangs after "xm create command" having error "exception looking up device number for xvda"
8:06AM 0 libvhd HELP
7:36AM 4 How to get vmlinux?
5:21AM 5 xen/master head PVOPS kernel fails to load under Xen Unstable on Intel''s i7 (x) X58. config, console output attached.
Sunday October 11 2009
11:18PM 3 Playing 3D FPS Games in Xen-based Windows XP Home Edition HVM Virtual Machine
8:54PM 10 Memory allocation with rebooted HVM
2:22PM 2 xen/master pvops kernel boot consistently hangs on i7 with xen 3.4/3.5 where git kernel works.
2:12AM 2 compiling xen in AMD
Saturday October 10 2009
3:40PM 2 virsh dumpxml didn''t reflect viridian=1
Friday October 9 2009
9:47PM 4 (no subject)
5:17PM 0 [PATCH] Adjust mkbuildtree to handle kernel side placement of the per-architecture include directories
4:31PM 6 [PATCH] make blkfront/blktagp2 respect the elevator=xyz command line option
2:53PM 12 planned csched improvements?
2:16PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Update - October 9, 2009
12:19PM 0 [PATCH] x86: reduce the uses of CONFIG_COMPAT
7:30AM 0 [PATCH] xend: Fix VDI-VBD link for XenAPI
Thursday October 8 2009
10:58PM 5 [PATCH v2] Allow guests to register secondary vcpu_time_info
10:33PM 0 [PATCH xen tools check_gcrypt]
10:32PM 4 Stock 2.6.27 kernel hanging on WP test
9:09PM 0 XenServer vs open source
8:28PM 1 [RFC] need good name for new config option
6:05PM 5 [PATCH] trust new architecturally-defined TSC Invariant bit on Intel systems
5:39PM 0 Issue compiling build
5:23PM 5 [PATCH PV_OPS] Misc fixes.
2:09PM 0 [PATCH] Fix bug in superpage flag handling
11:46AM 0 Fw: About using Oprofile0.9.5 in xen environment
11:01AM 3 xenstore ring overflow when too many watches are fired
7:48AM 16 [Patch] support of lock profiling in Xen
6:59AM 1 [PATCH] usbfront: fix compile error and disable PM feature
5:25AM 0 Help on XENVM and VHD-util
4:28AM 0 xen stuck after starting dev
4:12AM 4 Help with CONFIG_COMPAT
12:08AM 54 IRQ SMP affinity problems in domU with vcpus > 4 on HP ProLiant G6 with dual Xeon 5540 (Nehalem)
Wednesday October 7 2009
10:05PM 1 linux-2.6-xen-sparse
9:25PM 0 [PATCH] Keep running Xen when quit gdb
8:44PM 0 [PATCH] fix check_tsc_warp bug
8:06PM 0 Xen Summit Asia - Topics Wanted
7:13PM 6 pygrub and F12 rawhide
5:16PM 19 RFC: drop frontend support for relative pointer
4:16PM 0 [PATCH] /xen/xsm/ Corrected the usage of XSM_ENABLE
9:45AM 2 [PATCH] Fix hypervisor crash with unpopulated NUMA nodes
9:01AM 9 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] Introduce a grant_entry_v2 structure.
9:00AM 35 Possible bug with pass-through hot-plug?
7:28AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] PVUSB update and bugfix: interface header
7:28AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] PVUSB update and bugfix: backend part
7:27AM 2 [PATCH 1/3] PVUSB update and bugfix: frontend part
7:27AM 0 [PATCH 0/3] PVUSB update and bugfix
6:55AM 28 Poor HVM performance with 8 vcpus
Tuesday October 6 2009
11:55PM 0 [PATCH] missing vtsc counter for hvm guests
10:31PM 34 Xen Performance
8:38PM 0 [PATCH retry] use debug-key to check/test reliable tsc
6:05PM 0 Xen Software Engineer - Oppt''y with SOURCEfire, Inc. Creators of SNORT
3:35PM 15 [PATCH 0 of 8] Xen-side netchannel2 patches, take two
3:34PM 0 [PATCH][XEN] cleanup
7:42AM 18 possible memory-leak in qemu-dm
12:50AM 60 [PATCH RFC] Extending pvclock down to usermode for vsyscall
12:19AM 0 paravirt-dom0: Warning in perf_counters_lapic_init
12:10AM 4 [PATCH] Allow guest to register a secondary vcpu_time_info structure
Monday October 5 2009
6:33PM 0 [PATCH] /tools/python/xen Updated setpolicy to support loading of flask policy
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 12 of 12] backport 36afc451599175eb8f03f1962de74e7f7a8af4db
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 11 of 12] backport 6a7ad2998ca47711eddd191caa1a95f14459793f
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 10 of 12] backport fbb7b4e0804d2168f24142eebf7552adde1968dc
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 9 of 12] backport 081501daceca74d2091e798d5dcd342c14d66d1a
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 8 of 12] backport 7403b14eeb4670d54497284b110ca3e3be4a99a4
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 7 of 12] backport c240b9af599d20e06a58090366be682684bd8555
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 6 of 12] backport 37b7842c2fb405c270efdce714425c17af3c78cd
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 5 of 12] backport 3fb94d56c6adc96ffc4a81b58c752cc4ccfae39c
1:41PM 0 [PATCH 4 of 12] backport 6512a2a7106480c19183d6466a6845bc9bdf6ec0
1:40PM 0 [PATCH 3 of 12] backport c07a9008ac6985cd5a15909c2b9977d982defc12
1:40PM 0 [PATCH 2 of 12] backport 6bbff9a0b495918309074ac60375be5f9dc868b3
1:40PM 0 [PATCH 1 of 12] revert "fix qemu memory leak in block interface"
1:40PM 4 [PATCH 0 of 12] backport critical fixes from qemu upstream
2:16AM 2 paravirt-dom0: ACPI_PROCESSOR_XEN (bool) depends on ACPI_PROCESSOR (tristate)
2:07AM 2 paravirt-dom0: Needs PCBIOS PCI probing disabled
Sunday October 4 2009
6:30PM 15 [PATCH] xen: Disable stack protector for irq helper
3:04PM 29 [PATCH 00/17] Netchannel2 for a modern git kernel
3:03PM 22 [PATCH 00/22] Netchannel2 patches for XCI 2.6.27
3:00PM 29 [PATCH 00 of 10] Xen-side netchannel2 patches
10:36AM 0 Re: Re: ATI radeon fails with "iommu=soft swiotlb=force" (seen on RV730/RV740 and RS780/RS800) . DRM for Radeon 4650 on F11
Friday October 2 2009
11:48PM 0 [PATCH][VTD] don''t enable device ATS if root port does not support it
7:50PM 3 Re: Re: ATI radeon fails with "iommu=soft swiotlb=force" (seen on RV730/RV740 and RS780/RS800) . Test commited for JF
7:03PM 0 R: Re: Read the net queue sender of dom0
6:30PM 1 Read the net queue sender of dom0
5:51PM 0 [RFC] Correct/fast timestamping in apps under Xen [4 of 4]: Virt-aware apps
5:51PM 0 [RFC] Correct/fast timestamping in apps under Xen [3 of 4]: Incarnation number and landlocking
5:51PM 0 [RFC] Correct/fast timestamping in apps under Xen [2 of 4]: rdtscp
5:51PM 16 [RFC] Correct/fast timestamping in apps under Xen [1 of 4]: Reliable TSC
5:50PM 3 [RFC] Correct/fast timestamping in apps under Xen [0 of 4]
3:51PM 0 Exception starting xend: global name ''sha'' is not defined
8:25AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww39]
6:58AM 14 Re: Re: ATI radeon fails with "iommu=soft swiotlb=force" (seen on RV730/RV740 and RS780/RS800)
5:02AM 0 Re: Re: ATI radeon fails with "iommu=soft swiotlb=force" (seen on RV730/RV740 and RS780/RS800)
1:34AM 0 Debugging Xen
1:22AM 5 xensocket or similar
Thursday October 1 2009
5:35PM 6 Re: ATI radeon fails with "iommu=soft swiotlb=force" (seen on RV730/RV740 and RS780/RS800)
4:47PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-3.4-testing] tboot: fix tboot memory mapping for 32b
11:04AM 0 [PATCH] Fix recursive lock p2m lock acquisition in POD code
9:34AM 0 [PATCH] Xen 3.2: Fix guest boot on AMD K8 machine
9:18AM 1 Compile warning
2:20AM 0 Confuse on xenctx