wine users - Jan 2012

Tuesday January 31 2012
10:48PM 1 Installing Ubuntu Naty 11.10 Fifa 10
9:48PM 1 2 virtual desktops.
5:02PM 2 winecfg: creating new .wine-directory results in errors
3:07PM 1 Wine 1.4 rc1 - repository?
6:39AM 7 How Functional is Wine's IE supposed to be?
5:24AM 2 Hype The Time Quest Regression
4:48AM 0 mv Makes Wine Run App
Monday January 30 2012
6:08PM 1 Visual Basic game
5:34PM 3 Need For Speed Underground Regression
5:20PM 4 DIB Engine
5:11PM 1 Wine 1.4: Not Installing
2:14PM 7 WoW is not beeing started, wine has problems
1:39PM 0 Re: Wow crach.. I use bumblebee to activate nvidia optimus
2:31AM 2 hMailServer- where are winetricks mdac and jet40 ?
Sunday January 29 2012
11:39PM 0 Slackware Wine Warcraft 3
8:30PM 1 How To Start Troubleshooting
6:39PM 0 OpenSUSE Wine packages
3:18PM 2 Sandbox Error Running Wine Live
8:00AM 4 World Of tanks
2:45AM 2 loaded Unreal Tournament (GTOY) runs choppy Ubuntu 11.10
Saturday January 28 2012
3:11PM 1 Counter - Strike with Steam random Freeze, have to shut down
11:09AM 2 chkdsk in wine
10:33AM 2 Re: World of Tanks
10:02AM 1 FreeGate Error
7:47AM 0 Error installing LeaguesOfLegends
2:34AM 2 Fallout 2 quits at the "Please Stand By" screen.
2:29AM 1 Question about Wine 1.2.2 and running uninstalled Windows programs
Friday January 27 2012
11:29PM 1 cmd line parameter to set windows version?
9:58PM 1 .
9:05PM 1 1.4 rc1 download links
7:38PM 1 Re: Problems with NeverwinterNights2
7:12PM 3 Missing DLL....
7:05PM 1 Problem Initializing the video display
6:24PM 1 Spore Galactic Adventures
3:10PM 1 Re: Can't get GTA San Andreas to work on Linux
12:29PM 1 Re: Can't get GTA San Andreas to work on Linux
12:22PM 0 Anyone understand this Climate Change article?
9:29AM 0 Nikon Vs Canon rant again?
7:05AM 1 Re: Cant install worms3D anymore
Thursday January 26 2012
10:52PM 0 Re: Anyone able to install Sony Vegas HD Platinum in a linux os?
2:39PM 3 Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (GOG version)
Wednesday January 25 2012
10:46PM 4 Setting Virtual Memory For Wine Apps
7:20PM 1 Wine crash on patching
4:05PM 5 Error: err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization
3:09PM 2 how i can run windows program inside a wine box?
11:24AM 3 Installing FM
9:56AM 3 Wine on Windows
4:50AM 1 Re: Setting capabilities for process running under Wine
4:40AM 5 wine 1.3.7 / crashes pulling linux desktop down ?
2:41AM 1 Arcview 3.2
2:36AM 3 Graphics Card - DC Universe Online (DCUO)
1:58AM 0 Re: Using wine for Peoplesoft Development
Tuesday January 24 2012
10:48PM 1 Wine Does not recognize Mousepen 8x6
9:10PM 1 [Offtopic] menus of Windows applications
8:09PM 2 Atom Zombie Smasher - winemenuebuilder - msvcp90.dll ...
5:13PM 5 WoW: cannot open non-existing files
3:27PM 1 The Sims Medieval Problems
3:14PM 7 Alternative to windows media player?
5:48AM 3 getting apps in wine to access a network computer
5:17AM 3 I do not know how to install 32 bit libraries error
Monday January 23 2012
11:03PM 5 Problem with automatic mounting of disc drive (Ubuntu 11.10)
6:53PM 2 Deisable/Enable Momentum Mouse On Mac Wine
2:11PM 9 Starcraft I broodwar dying on mouse click.
10:24AM 1 Re: Setting capabilities for process running under Wine
7:44AM 5 Help with Wine and running exe w/ possible malware?
2:56AM 1 Wine and Steam
Sunday January 22 2012
9:35PM 4 move temp files directory?
9:04PM 6 Anyone successful with Quicken 2012?
8:58PM 2 FFXI Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition Install
8:42PM 1 Word 2010 open file
6:47PM 0 Eve online Ubuntu 12:04 64 bit splash screen
6:36PM 1 Windows registry file in wine?
5:16PM 0 menubuilder is sick.
2:26PM 2 Using Quicken 2001 on Wine
9:34AM 1 WineD3D installation issues
6:02AM 7 Running Windows Apps Live With Wine On Linux Live DVD
2:53AM 1 Timing related application crash
2:21AM 1 err:process:__wine_kernel_init boot event wait timed out
Saturday January 21 2012
10:35PM 1 How to dowload game (wold of tanks)
5:47PM 7 evernote installed but login screen corrupted
5:47PM 2 How do i download from Wine?
5:36PM 1 help with couponprinter.exe
3:07PM 1 Disable icon extracting
2:13PM 4 wine and msgdatamanager
12:05PM 10 Wine cannot connect to internet/network
11:32AM 2 iriverplus4
11:09AM 1 Problem with rc/po translating
11:08AM 1 Eve Online, compiz and Twinview
4:16AM 1 Improper install problems can't remove
Friday January 20 2012
10:56PM 6 Sacred2 Falling Angel
6:13PM 1 Honeywell CMC decode utlity
4:34PM 6 How to disable or fix Inertial/Momentum Scrolling?
3:50PM 2 No sound in Wine 1.3.37 (tried known solutions already)
2:22AM 2 Counter-Strike Source Ubuntu 11.10 64bit
Thursday January 19 2012
10:31PM 5 Install wine 1.3.35
11:23AM 0 How to Convert FLV to MP4 or MP4 to FLV on Mac OS
10:23AM 1 Mirc crash on Ubuntu 10.04
9:38AM 2 Need help with Morrowind graphical glitch
3:21AM 0 StarCraft 2 Installer not working
12:29AM 2 .Net 4 through WINE??
Wednesday January 18 2012
9:28PM 1 Steam doesn't login on v1.3.37
1:15PM 2 Wine + World of Warcraft + Process Affinity
6:14AM 1 IDM on Linux Mint 12
5:35AM 1 Wedisk: "ActiveX cannot be registered"
2:59AM 3 make shortcuts wine program with multiple wine versions
Tuesday January 17 2012
11:35PM 1 2 lists?
11:07PM 7 Help trying to bisect
5:20PM 2 Problem with new versions of wine and some 2D games.
2:29PM 0 Cannot run wine explorer
9:07AM 1 Error when trying to install a game from CD
8:30AM 5 MS Office 2010 Home - activation and licenses
1:41AM 2 Insufficient disk space error
Monday January 16 2012
8:10PM 5 coreldraw 9 almost loads hangs at self regestration
2:55PM 1 failed to load avisynth.dll
2:07PM 2 Black screen -- MTG: Duels of the Planeswalkers
6:58AM 2 Re: [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed
Sunday January 15 2012
9:11PM 1 How to create servers in low ports
8:28PM 2 Can't get Wine to work passed the most basic
7:23PM 1 movie label 2012 on mac
5:21PM 2 Trying translations with make, encoding worng
3:48PM 7 Fallout 2 crashes at "Please Stand By" screen.
12:55PM 1 How to close nicely a wine application from script
8:51AM 5 Fonts issue during run time
8:45AM 1 Old Wine, New Wine, and ??
8:26AM 2 How to make the filesystem case-insensitive in Wine 1.3.35 ?
Saturday January 14 2012
11:21PM 1 Alltunes crashes right off the bat
7:23PM 1 Keyboard stuck (w) after some time with a few games
7:07PM 6 Wine OK on HP Mini 1000??
1:22PM 6 professional application Olympe5
7:35AM 1 Re: Prepare > Properties in Office 2007 causes WINE to freeze
Friday January 13 2012
9:26PM 0 Best VPN For iPad
7:20PM 1 Guild Wars on Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit
6:53PM 0 Re: problem with DNS in wine - need help
3:26PM 1 Re: Failed to Register craxdrt.dll on Ubuntu 10.04 WINE
1:57PM 1 Wine problems after OS upgrade - possible causes?
12:11PM 0 Free YouTube Downloader for Mac
Thursday January 12 2012
10:31PM 2 Doom Builder 1
9:24PM 3 Installing wine on mac
9:04PM 1 Wine installed... but not?
6:02PM 1 How to install Paint.NET on mac under Wine?
5:34PM 3 error 201
3:57PM 1 launch .lnk
3:33PM 0 Need help with using CMBChine online bank USB token with Wine ( unofficial USB patch-set applied )
12:06PM 1 Trying to run FL Studio results in invisible main window
7:14AM 1 Re: Morrowind GOTY
3:35AM 1 Re: FS 2004
12:53AM 1 The Tournament Director 3
Wednesday January 11 2012
11:42PM 0 Re: Fireworks Cs5 mouse drag problem
1:33PM 2 Lord of the Rings Online > Volume III, Book 3
2:20AM 2 Arch and latest wine : major Dsound crashes with my apps
Tuesday January 10 2012
10:43PM 4 Problem with wine after installation
7:05PM 11 problem running quickbooks
4:38AM 1 Remove Application button in Winecfg doesn't work
3:22AM 1 How to run a vb6 client server application with mysql datase using wine
Monday January 9 2012
11:06PM 4 "timeGetTimeā€œ function in winmm.dll
10:40PM 6 New to Linux and Wine, need to know a few things
8:14PM 7 Wine Crashing
6:31PM 12 Rethinking WineConf
4:14PM 0 Re: Artrage 3.5.4 on Ubuntu 11.10
11:34AM 0 Vampire -Bloodlines freezes with "fov 69"
10:01AM 0 Re: Steam crashes at startup (with no error message) on Ubuntu
9:57AM 0 Re: Photoshop CS5 (Fedora 14 wine 1.3.18)
9:54AM 0 Re: World of Warcraft problems in Patch 4.0.6
5:41AM 4 Trouble Running Batman arkham city
3:40AM 5 Limiting the execution of Wine to allowed programs
12:04AM 5 Playing Warcraft II: Edition
Sunday January 8 2012
1:17PM 2 Sound always disabled in AoE II: AoK
7:55AM 4 wine problem with photoshop...
4:28AM 1 Re: winetricks Directx9: Unsupported style(s) 0x144
Saturday January 7 2012
6:53PM 1 Trouble getting AMOS software to run due to ActiveX?
5:54PM 1 PCSX2 problem with DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
2:40PM 1 VB Script yet another post
12:43PM 0 Re: Heroes VI on Wine
7:01AM 2 DLL Errors running Cateia Games' "Hotel"(OGRE3D-based game)
6:53AM 1 I can't able to install wine 1.2
6:37AM 1 Trouble running iTunes 10.5.2 in Wine under Ubuntu 11.10
1:00AM 1 Change Cursor/Pointer
Friday January 6 2012
10:55PM 1 How to add fonts to the source code ?
9:46PM 1 Installing the hard way?
2:40PM 4 Cant install dotnet4
1:36PM 0 Re: winetricks ie6/ie7 on 64bit system
10:18AM 0 How to compile Wine for best performance?
9:57AM 1 intercept Alt-F2 in winconsole
Thursday January 5 2012
10:51PM 5 Install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET problem
10:02PM 1 Anyone able to play "A New Beginning" Game
9:24PM 1 Re: winetricks ie6/ie7 on 64bit system
2:06PM 1 Re: Artrage 3.5.4 on Ubuntu 11.10
11:15AM 1 LOTR BFME2 Wine Install
Wednesday January 4 2012
8:37PM 1 Re: Bioshock 2 SecuLauncher: Failed to start application
6:26PM 1 wow on arch 64bit
9:50AM 2 Is this a Wine bug or a Gnome/Metacity bug?
6:09AM 1 Re: running Johnson J-edit under wine
Tuesday January 3 2012
10:24AM 0 fixme:ntdll:find_reg_tz_info
8:44AM 0 Re: Wine 1.3.25 kills sound with PulseAudio
Monday January 2 2012
8:16PM 0 I know this has been asked a lot but...
8:12PM 2 Errors trying to run ControlCenter.exe
9:12AM 1 Special Place for Wine's Programs?
3:32AM 1 Anybody have any luck with games on Sandy Bridge?
Sunday January 1 2012
9:15PM 3 e-sword doesn't appear to be entered in registry
5:48PM 1 Re: Wine for the iPhone anyone?
12:24PM 2 what is the problem and how to fix this?
10:24AM 2 question about the build system of wine
6:28AM 2 Oblivion Low FPS