wine users - Apr 2008

Wednesday April 30 2008
11:39PM 1 How do I test janitorial task ReplaceMalloc for console.c?
9:38PM 3 0.9.60 Wine with Ubunto 8.04- Create "S" drive with space
8:03PM 2 WInelib download
5:50PM 0 Battlefield 2....i am very new to linux
4:19PM 2 How do i issue "msiexec /i msxml3.msi" in the terminal...
3:05PM 2 Multilingual application on Mac OS X
2:56PM 1 Posting problem
2:41PM 1 SimCity 3k. Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Wine 0.9.60
2:05PM 10 Run service on Wine?
12:35PM 4 Garbage screen in some games
12:16PM 0 Wine + WoW + Debian unstable amd64 :?
12:13PM 0 Wine Weekly News #346 - Dan Kegel interview
11:42AM 3 I need a few tips on installing wine and using it...
9:59AM 1 Application links gone!!
9:56AM 2 Wine and Java applications
9:05AM 1 services.exe using 100% CPU
6:04AM 5 Debian updates
5:43AM 1 Unable detection of disc in my cd-rom drive
Tuesday April 29 2008
11:07PM 4 More than 50% performance decrease.
9:15PM 4 Weird font in Firefox
6:48PM 3 winectl and DS Manager from Tibbo
6:38PM 1 One toolbar button not working in Chart Navigator
4:17PM 0 error "compressed file wasn't extractet" but file exists
2:56PM 2 Artificial Planet - How to run with Wine ?
1:18PM 3 [Fonts]I can't select the script
9:37AM 3 Sibelius Mac on Linux
7:12AM 2 How to install Wine on ubuntu 7.04 or 8.04
4:46AM 3 The Master Genealogist 7.01.000 on Wine 0.960
3:41AM 2 Kununtu Menu Problem With Wine
12:28AM 9 Found a bug, not sure how to report
12:22AM 5 Copying error messages text to the clipboard in Wine 0.960
12:13AM 2 Suggestions for AppDB
Monday April 28 2008
10:33PM 1 rsyncing Wine fails
9:35PM 4 Wineserver causing heavy CPU load
9:18PM 3 Wine help 9.60
8:41PM 3 Problem with World of Warcraft
8:33PM 6 RHEL5 - Download via EPEL was success but with errors
4:15PM 1 Some fixme messages that always occur, so i'm now curious...
12:10PM 0 wine and ashlar's drawingboard
11:06AM 4 Cad/Cam Package problem
Sunday April 27 2008
9:33PM 5 Problem running applications on Kubuntu 7.04
8:52PM 1 wine will not install programs
8:01PM 1 Wine 9.60 and MAME32 0.124
6:13PM 1 Vitamin's email address?
2:59PM 3 Lotus Notes and Compiz under Ubuntu
2:41PM 1 DotNet over wine?
1:29PM 1 X3 Reunion sound+movies
12:56PM 1 Cannot run any newer game - DD Error
6:08AM 2 Newbie question on installing program with Wine
3:32AM 4 Windows Help files
Saturday April 26 2008
9:54PM 2 No internet connection with Opera and Safari
9:12PM 1 Re: Ubuntu users, please upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy for Wine 0
8:21PM 2 Unable to resize the configure box in Wine 5.59
8:19PM 0 Text input not recognized
6:46PM 11 Odd display problem for 0.9.59/60
5:43PM 2 Counter Strike: Source. Crashes upon joining game.
5:23PM 7 Printing to a network printer and installing PPD files
3:41PM 4 problem entering text
3:18PM 9 No hide button in 0.9.60 ?
2:35PM 3 mounting a cd
2:17PM 1 Games don't work on Ati radeon 3650
1:12PM 1 AOM Gold not installing nor able to run w/ mounted drive
11:15AM 1 How to activate an additional language in Wine?
11:02AM 0 Text bug in winecfg!
6:13AM 3 Rise of nations problem
2:28AM 1 what are the repo propagation delays like?
Friday April 25 2008
10:02PM 17 Who asking users to install native DirectX?
8:48PM 2 White cube in dx 3d tests
7:39PM 9 Program Blocked?
6:44PM 5 Game crashes after loading screen (Victoria)
6:31PM 7 Diablo on Wine
6:29PM 5 DX steam problems on WINE
11:03AM 9 Can wine change short date format?
7:15AM 2 quick time for windows on wine
6:13AM 18 Wine memory problem
3:10AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Preference of Linux flavors]
1:16AM 1 Wineboot Just Hangs
Thursday April 24 2008
9:05PM 4 Napster.......
5:26PM 0 DVD Fab HD Decrypter, surpisingly better than windows
4:19PM 6 CoGetClassObject errors
12:43PM 4 different wine installations
11:15AM 1 Remote Access Service
4:06AM 2 HUGE .... WINE runs a very complex testing proggy
2:20AM 4 Wine not seeing my drive?
Wednesday April 23 2008
11:03PM 0 Powerpoint sound.
10:20PM 2 Preference of Linux flavors
8:07PM 3 Firefox
6:37PM 2 Wine and the 2.6.24-16 kernel
3:38PM 2 Drop down menus lock up wine
2:03PM 1 CNC3 - Kane's wrath - cursor missing :-(
1:25PM 2 How-to "unload the debugger and try again"
9:22AM 8 The single major remaining Wine complaint everyone makes...
6:27AM 1 Re: Ubuntu users, please upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy for Wine 0
2:37AM 1 WINE causing USB ports to shut down?
2:21AM 4 API call
Tuesday April 22 2008
10:49PM 4 Need help!
9:43PM 2 Idea: WineLib based Window Manager
9:32PM 0 Multiple CD install
9:18PM 1 Using Ubuntu Packages for Debian
8:01PM 2 Final Fantasy XI with Ubuntu?
5:17PM 4 wine and detaching a remote X application
3:34PM 1 Re: Ubuntu users, please upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy for Wine 0
2:30PM 2 Wine and NetBEUI
1:37PM 2 Ubuntu users, please upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy for Wine 0.9.60 and later
12:10PM 4 Installing Windows Drivers in WINE
9:11AM 2 Rating of games running on the latest build...
7:12AM 1 HeapAlloc vs. malloc. How does HeapAlloc work?
7:02AM 4 Steam Tahoma Font
5:34AM 0 GRAW 2 is finally working
Monday April 21 2008
11:59PM 2 Problem with simple mud client in Wine (richedit issue)
8:35PM 4 key remapping
6:26PM 3 REMove lines out of ./wine/system.reg
2:33PM 1 Wine Font / Screen size problem
1:41PM 2 packages for etch lagging behind :(
12:40PM 5 Cleaning up a WINE install.
11:30AM 1 Install problem with UBUNTU Gutsy
9:27AM 1 Primus's msihaps
6:42AM 1 Microsoft ADPCM Audio CODEC
Sunday April 20 2008
11:07PM 2 Boot live usb without hard disk,could reduce performance?
8:19PM 3 direct x (any version)
6:11PM 3 MS Internet explorer instead of Gecko
5:45PM 4 Getting clipboard information from X to go into wine?
12:18PM 2 wine 0.9.60 - mandriva 2008.1 spring no sound under wine
3:38AM 2 Xbox
3:05AM 2 Anyone have experience getting Poser 7 to work?
Saturday April 19 2008
7:39PM 1 Proxy Tunnels / Wine
6:05PM 1 Problem with changing disks in multiple CD's installation
4:15PM 1 Gamepad calibration? Some bits not working...
3:47PM 3 Wine LGPL version
9:03AM 1 Diablo II: No music in menu
9:01AM 2 Problem with HTML Help Workshop compiler
8:07AM 3 Trusted storage failed to initialize
4:50AM 2 How can i install and play Lineage II?
Friday April 18 2008
6:48PM 1 Re: thank you!
6:13PM 1 Re : Re: file damaged - error by application
4:47PM 1 MapCreate6
3:25PM 1 Re : How to remove read access to / and my $HOME
3:06PM 0 Re : Re: file damaged - error by application
12:54PM 1 PowerPoint Viewer 2007 crashes
11:49AM 1 XFORM and PlgBlt
11:06AM 2 Getting gamepad to work, detection problems.
10:44AM 2 Wine DirectX on Mac OS X
8:03AM 1 Problem with PHD guiding
4:28AM 0 got font problem invoking wineconsole (w/ debug info)
1:39AM 2 Clarification required, wine not working
Thursday April 17 2008
9:15PM 3 Installshield error
5:34PM 4 Running win or Linux apps on a Power PC Mac
5:13PM 1 App installation trouble
4:20PM 3 Track Mania Nations Forever - today released/4free
4:11PM 1 NinjaTrader 6.5
4:07PM 3 basic installation error
10:51AM 1 GGPO
9:47AM 3 seatools for DOS
6:20AM 3 OpenGL Applications using MFC fails
Wednesday April 16 2008
10:48PM 3 Caution when deleting .wine ...
10:34PM 4 Newbie Question
9:50PM 4 "radio mobile" difficulty by wine newbie
7:21PM 1 Wine suspending itself? (WoW on laptop with i945GM graphics)
7:01PM 1 App defaults and registry
1:44PM 1 Wine Virtual Desktop Question
10:25AM 5 downloading WINE not from a linux machine.
10:22AM 2 missing libaudio2 file
10:05AM 0 pc calcio 5.0 (or pc f├╣tbol 5.0)
7:17AM 1 Forcing DirectX 8.1?
5:22AM 3 file damaged - error by application
3:33AM 3 How to remove read access to / and my $HOME
Tuesday April 15 2008
10:21PM 9 Winelibs question.....
9:45PM 5 Wine error?
9:34PM 1 Star Wars Galaxies with wine-0.9.59 (puppy 3.01)
6:37PM 1 16-bit support missing
6:16PM 1 Steam chugging exsessive ammounts of cpu
5:56PM 2 Thai keyboard input does not work
1:11PM 5 wine config is stuck in 800 x 600 i think...
9:28AM 7 Eve and morals
9:21AM 1 uninstall cleanly some programs
8:58AM 1 Running Windows console program
7:16AM 1 Re : wine asio
5:12AM 2 Diablo 2 + LoD Error 22
4:45AM 3 Help. dll not found
3:53AM 0 Installing Wine offline
1:47AM 4 .reg files, please help!
Monday April 14 2008
6:25PM 0 DOSVM_Int31Handler Real mode segment - no longer supported
5:54PM 2 IPX
4:18PM 2 Viewing .CHM files with hh.exe from command line
2:14PM 1 Problem with Securom when starting Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
8:51AM 3 [Fwd: Lotus Notes with wine in opensuse 64 bit]
6:37AM 0 Re: Debian Lenny packages needed by users?
2:25AM 5 Gecko problems under Debian Sid (AMD64)
2:19AM 1 shift, alt, or ctlr + mouse click not working in 0.9.59?
2:06AM 2 Might and Magic - Doesn't read CD Drive
12:52AM 7 An error I can't seem to get past ...
12:22AM 10 wine asio
Sunday April 13 2008
8:16PM 1 Removed menu entries and now they don't come back
7:42PM 2 Appdb application not submited
6:43PM 4 GTA:san andreas problems
6:22PM 1 Can't install Team Fortress 2 - no disc no. 2
5:55PM 1 Winkawaks
9:48AM 1 Lotus Notes with wine in opensuse 64 bit
Saturday April 12 2008
11:46PM 1 diablo 2. No video modes found
10:18PM 6 Configuration problem
8:00PM 10 Java in Firefox
6:01PM 2 Diablo II no longer intalls....
4:45PM 2 Games freeze with CD music
2:30PM 1 Silkroadonline
1:05PM 0 Sound with Powerpoint Viewer 2003 and 2007
8:48AM 1 Finale
1:16AM 3 Prince of Persia - Sands of Time
Friday April 11 2008
10:38PM 0 Alien Shooter - Vengeance want start.
7:32PM 0 Re : Can't install IE6
5:27PM 2 does anyone know if
5:01PM 2 Uninstallation of Programs
4:48PM 0 wine-users Digest, Vol 33, Issue 50 stepbridge
3:45PM 0 PopCap Games -> HW Acceleration
1:35PM 1 program halts
1:27PM 4 Can't run Active State perl .exe
9:17AM 1 Steam just keeps crashing, version after version...
5:15AM 0 Review of Wine-Doors
4:24AM 0 Modifying wine.inf
3:06AM 3 StarAlliance TravelDesk (PC-based timetable app)
2:00AM 2 wine explorer /desktop doesn't work the first time
1:08AM 0 Rosetta Stone crashing
Thursday April 10 2008
11:13PM 0 Fwd: Video on using WINE for gaming
10:52PM 3 wine dpi too large
7:34PM 4 Office 2003 Service Packs
3:39PM 3 Generating a properly configured Wine installation
2:47PM 7 Games not loading
1:50PM 4 override winspool.drv
10:53AM 2 Cannot get UNC paths to work correctly
6:09AM 2 Adobe Photoshop CS and CS2
2:33AM 0 Hey, we rated a dancing banana!
2:27AM 2 winsock2
2:19AM 0 Garmin MapSource updater
Wednesday April 9 2008
9:36PM 4 Knights of the Old Republic Issue
9:05PM 1 Failure to startup BF1942
8:25PM 3 wine 0.59 D3D problem
6:58PM 8 Testing basic direct x capability
4:36PM 0 Problem with "MoHAA Nvidia patch" - I can't apply it to wine 0.9.59
2:25PM 2 compilation from git failed
12:31PM 4 SetWindowsHookEx16
12:34AM 0 Resolume 2.41 black preview windows
Tuesday April 8 2008
9:13PM 1 is back up!
8:43PM 3 Wine (CrossOver for Mac) acting weird with modifiers.
8:20PM 2 Updating to 0.9.59 (source) from 0.9.58 (synaptic)
6:23PM 4 Help Need
5:23PM 7 wine config
4:30PM 1 Re: Need administration rights for first start
4:30PM 3 wineasio 0.7.4
3:30PM 6 World of Warcraft freezes and stutters periodically
12:42PM 12 Getting old versions of wine?
10:34AM 1 Change profile folder for users
5:40AM 0 Wine deb repositories
5:33AM 0 Resolume under wine
1:55AM 1 wine-0.9.59 regression??
Monday April 7 2008
9:24PM 3 Bugs not triggering if foret to run winecfg
9:13PM 1 9.58 ies4linux busted: Repository with 9.44?
7:48PM 0 Logo usage?
7:45PM 4 Unable to access Debian repository.
5:00PM 2 How to compile Wine for Ubuntu 7.10 ?
3:08PM 3 installed app not in app menu; emule ports questions
8:23AM 2 Rosetta Stone problem
3:52AM 1 Re: How about this replacement of WINE.
3:09AM 2 Re: How about this replacement of WINE.
Sunday April 6 2008
11:41PM 2 Steam-based Applications Crash
6:57PM 1 running 4oD fails
6:43PM 0 How about this replacement of WINE
5:33PM 0 Re: Lineage 2 priv server
5:15PM 1 Re: Lineage 2 priv server
2:44PM 2 Re: How about this replacement of WINE.
1:55PM 2 Re: How about this replacement of WINE.
12:40PM 2 Yahoo Messenger 8, almost working except it crashes on login :(
12:09PM 4 I want to help fix wine, but how do I go about fixing a bug?
6:23AM 6 Writing an automated install script
5:48AM 4 How to: Run a DOS program using Wine
3:25AM 3 A few questions about trying to fix WINE for running a game correctly
Saturday April 5 2008
7:56PM 1 wine 0.9.58 problem with wincfg
11:50AM 2 installing dotnet20 fails
11:49AM 2 installed dotnet20
10:47AM 1 Need help with Talisman Online
8:53AM 3 UT2003 and Wine
7:41AM 4 Can't install IE6
Friday April 4 2008
9:00PM 3 After years - goodbye to Wine-Users
8:53PM 0 Google SoC is still accept applications from Students
7:47PM 3 Taskbar buttons missing in Wine 0.9.59
7:23PM 2 Bugzilla Searching
5:45PM 0 GRLevel3 Radar Software
5:43PM 1 iTunes and Safari
4:21PM 2 Sound Control Panel in Winecfg
4:10PM 3 Weird fullscreen behavior with 0.9.57 and 0.9.58
1:24PM 3 Sage Instant Accounts
1:10PM 1 Re: New winetricks 20080402: new verbs dotnet20, win2k, flash, m
11:42AM 1 Re: New winetricks 20080402: new verbs dotnet20, win2k, flash, m
10:29AM 1 Installation from 2 cds
9:46AM 5 Uptake of wine users
7:18AM 3 help: how to use the wine to install 3ds max 9.0/8.0?
5:20AM 1 Re: New winetricks 20080402: new verbs dotnet20, win2k, flash, m
3:07AM 4 Wine Re-Installation Issues: No menus or .wine being created
2:09AM 5 Usefull dll overrides
1:46AM 0 Re: help needed running visual FoxPro 6 application
1:27AM 1 What is wine
1:06AM 0 looking 4
12:19AM 1 Ragnarok doesn't start
Thursday April 3 2008
7:32PM 1 Re: help needed running visual FoxPro 6 application
7:15PM 4 Menu font size
6:37PM 9 3D-games dosen't work
8:10AM 1 Office install: product key information is not accepted
4:03AM 4 I'm a noob, what do I do
3:34AM 0 Re: Problems on recent versions of Wine - MS Office 2000 and Sho
2:46AM 3 Centralized DB of Windows Applications
Wednesday April 2 2008
10:33PM 4 Windows-Application can't handle .dbf- Files correctly
10:13PM 2 New winetricks 20080402: new verbs dotnet20, win2k, flash, msls31; updated mono, liberation
9:47PM 1 Notepad -- anyone having trouble with the "enter" key?
9:18PM 2 Problems on recent versions of Wine - MS Office 2000 and Shockwave
4:32PM 6 Wine menu in Windows application
3:37PM 5 Forum vs Mailing lists - by the numbers
12:06PM 5 Wine 0.9.46 and Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos
11:23AM 1 Can't print anymore
7:14AM 2 Software won't run in 0.9.58
6:34AM 2 why i can't install wine even i had used the wineinstall
5:08AM 2 Sneaky Windows install through Wine
5:07AM 0 Re: wine don't handle hard coded resolutions & refresh rates
12:59AM 2 Unminimize / Repaint problem
Tuesday April 1 2008
7:55PM 1 Aceess Violation problem
7:54PM 2 ea download manager.
5:36PM 3 regedit not working
2:26PM 7 wine doors not uninstalling?
11:19AM 7 Notepad - resizing
9:14AM 4 Running an old Win95 game
4:51AM 4 Tiger Woods 2004
2:04AM 4 Cannot Read Access Control List - Error 1400