samba - Mar 2006

Friday March 31 2006
9:55PM 0 mount.cifs - packet signing problem
9:14PM 0 (Samba 3.0.21c) rpcclient getform 'segmentation fault'
7:24PM 1 Default Posix ACLs are ignored when copying files between two directories using Windows (XP)
6:50PM 2 \\<server>\<share> is not accessible. The network path was not found.
6:44PM 0 3.0.22 update
6:14PM 3 smb-ldap or not to smb-ldap
6:04PM 0 Samba 3.0.21c PDC with Sun Directory server 5.2
5:27PM 1 Migrating from NT4 print server to Samba print server
1:16PM 1 Local Profiles only
1:03PM 1 Linux -> Windows Server2003 Leaves Open Files...
1:00PM 0 get_md4pw: Workstation PC-WINSIC$: no account in domain
12:34PM 7 authentication performance problem
5:23AM 0 Domain Member Server
1:37AM 0 Semaphore timeouts
12:22AM 0 please help me
12:22AM 0 unexpected reloc type 0x42
Thursday March 30 2006
8:48PM 0 Cannot Access Shares (Permission Denied)
7:19PM 0 Mount a share from windows on a folder rather than a drive
6:53PM 4 samba 3 performance issues
5:37PM 0 Samba 3.0.22 RPM packages for all SuSE Linux products
5:35PM 0 w2k ADS + Samba ADS Member, quirky browse mode
4:07PM 3 Winbind and email server
3:28PM 0 Subversion on windows showing makefiles modified.
3:16PM 0 [SECURITY] Samba 3.0.21-3.0.21c: Exposure of machine account credentials in winbindd log files
3:04PM 1 HowTo Manually edit TDB files?
2:13PM 0 Active Directory Replication for offsite use
1:53PM 0 Read-only attribute.
1:45PM 4 FreeBSD Samba Binary Package
12:15PM 0 Strange problem with just 1 file..?
11:29AM 0 Samba 3.0.21c on AIX 5.2 ML7
8:50AM 0 make a machine create an account in samba / ldap automagically
4:42AM 0 Samba Primary Domain Controller with Policies
1:46AM 2 Adding FreeBSD Samba Server to windows 2003 ADS
Wednesday March 29 2006
10:37PM 3 changing passwords from Windows XP Pro workstations
10:04PM 0 Share Permissions ADS Member Server
8:39PM 2 3.0.21c and big wmv or mpg files
4:22PM 1 performance regression between 30.14a and 3.0.20
3:35PM 0 samba 3.0.21c, AIX 52 ML7 gcc 3.3.2, Error authenticating root in SWAT
2:45PM 2 domain controller cannot be contacted
1:42PM 0 Cups and samba problem
1:05PM 1 Duplex printer + samba + cups
12:50PM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 39, Issue 41
12:37PM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 39, Issue 41
10:59AM 0 Problem with Active Directory
10:59AM 3 Owner changes when modifying Excel & Word files
10:59AM 1 Linux Samba server mounts hundreds of filesystems
10:59AM 0 need help running samba3.0.11 with security = domain
10:59AM 0 Missing Files
10:58AM 0 Authentication failure
10:46AM 1 smbstatus doesn't show client names
10:31AM 0 Charset encoding
8:50AM 0 Badusername error that reboot the machine
4:59AM 1 auth problem: wbinfo works, smbclient doesn't
1:30AM 1 windows 2003
Tuesday March 28 2006
11:17PM 0 Problem with folder redirection and "guest user"
10:27PM 0 Samba3.0.21c as a PDC with LDAP on solaris 10
7:04PM 2 Linux-to-Linux Samba Migration
5:56PM 2 File versioning with Samba (on a Linux filesystem)?
5:00PM 2 ACL on groups working half
4:17PM 1 Can samba ensure that a user did not enter the previous password when password expired?
3:49PM 0 "No account in domain" error when upgrading to Samba-3 & moving to a new server
3:36PM 0 hide folders which I can't access
3:21PM 1 Domain Browsing broken after upgrade from 3.0.10 -> 3.0.21
1:56PM 2 Little help on PDC and BDC needed
1:48PM 0 samba user session
1:45PM 0 Join to ADS Type or Value Exists
12:51PM 0 Problem with samba3 and groups
12:28PM 3 Access shares over IPSEC
12:00PM 1 XP does not login Samba PDC
9:31AM 3 Error compiling samba 3.0.21c, AIX 52 ML7 gcc 3.3.2
8:51AM 1 [Samba4]
8:11AM 0 Re: Client login delays - especially after reboot (solved!)
7:26AM 1 smbclient -p
7:25AM 0 Authentication via Domain Trusts
4:29AM 2 Virtual Servers Workaround?
4:20AM 0 strange: wbinfo -a works, but smbclient doesn't?
Monday March 27 2006
10:41PM 0 Having problems adding a print driver via rpcclient
9:27PM 0 sudden intermittent (but predictable) logon & connection failures
8:18PM 0 samba - vmware - strange access problem
6:02PM 1 Running SQL over SAMBA?
4:24PM 8 Trouble with Homes
3:42PM 1 Authentication failing
12:59PM 2 cannot see the samba server when browsing
12:56PM 0 access share on machine running server again
11:33AM 0 Samba Processes Not Getting Killed
6:52AM 0 Question: How to solve the Windows Drive Mapping Problem?
Sunday March 26 2006
11:20PM 1 Why does Samba need a password and Windows doesn't
11:17AM 0 cannot browse server or see shares
9:48AM 0 Added lp, access denied ?
Saturday March 25 2006
8:40PM 3 samba does not lock files
6:18PM 0 Linux box talks to XP Pro, XP Pro permissions deniedon LinuxBox
5:36PM 0 DST is coming nigh - HELP!
8:20AM 1 Linux box talks to XP Pro, XP Pro permissions denied on LinuxBox
Friday March 24 2006
3:34PM 1 Windows not letting me connect to a samba server
1:09PM 3 Searching old posts
1:09PM 1 Where can I find explanation for smbstatus locking table values?
1:07PM 2 SFU Permission Denied
12:23PM 1 Compiling error on HP-UX 11i v1
8:23AM 1 need help running samba 3.0.11 with security=domain (again)
3:51AM 0 Join Server 2003 to Samba PDC
3:51AM 1 winbind error: rpc_pipe_bind failed
3:50AM 4 SAMBA install on IRIX 6.5
3:50AM 0 MS Word doesnt set attribute bits on share
3:39AM 0 ACL's being mysteriously removed from files/folders
12:13AM 0 Fwd: Re: Migrate NT domain 4 to samba
12:08AM 0 Joining Samba to ADS 2003
Thursday March 23 2006
9:58PM 1 Samba integration with AD
9:26PM 1 Smbd hanging
9:20PM 1 Problem creating Samba Admin account
8:03PM 0 files cannot be copied
7:10PM 0 Cups + Samba weird printing problem
6:28PM 0 trustdom question
5:43PM 0 need help running samba 3.0.11 with security=domain
3:57PM 0 Passwords
3:54PM 1 Samba PDC/Windows BDC domain sync
11:14AM 0 squid + external_acl_type +, Help needed
9:57AM 1 Samba 3.0.21b binaries on AIX 5.2 ML7 fails to join ADS domain
5:20AM 0 Files look "empty" on samba client
5:08AM 0 Please Help --- Samba accessing share very slowly
4:02AM 1 Join samba to existing Windows domain
2:34AM 1 Understanding Samba 4's features and goals
12:32AM 0 Transfer interruptions
Wednesday March 22 2006
10:57PM 0 Two local master browsers in the same subnet??
9:02PM 1 Trouble login into a Samba 3.0.21c from Windows XP Professional SP2
8:57PM 0 Deleting files with Windows Explorer.
8:32PM 1 Issue with passdb.tdb
7:55PM 2 Migrate NT domain 4 to samba
5:54PM 0 Samba Winbind wbinfo -u fails with "Error looking updomainusers"
5:32PM 0 How do I change samba password from windows in sarge
5:20PM 1 Can't Browse to XP workstation
2:32PM 1 Samba Winbind wbinfo -u fails with "Error looking up domainusers"
2:31PM 1 XP client doesn't log in
2:09PM 1 Where are the privileges saved
2:07PM 0 Samba Winbind wbinfo -u fails with "Error looking up domain users"
1:38PM 0 User authentication without password verification
1:34PM 4 Remove Directory Recursively
12:49PM 2 Authentication problems with win2k3 domain controller
12:17PM 2 samba as file share server
11:31AM 0 weird winbind problem
11:00AM 0 any plans on getting psexec / cmdat equivalent to Samba?
8:25AM 0 Winpopup/RealPopup
8:22AM 1 Samba PDC with Squid NTLM_AUTH
4:45AM 0 Configuring BDC
3:33AM 0 Mishandling read only files in 3.0.20b vs 3.0.21c
Tuesday March 21 2006
11:47PM 0 Failed to fetch error message
9:35PM 0 local profiles disappear on logoff
9:35PM 0 Newbie problem setting up samba print server with no authenticati on
9:35PM 1 2 Windows DCs, one crashes, PAM Winbind stops working
9:03PM 0 Newbie problem setting up samba print server with no authentication
8:39PM 1 [homes] access failing when security=domain
7:42PM 0 Changed the IP address of Samba server, can't logon
7:41PM 1 SambaSamAccount
6:31PM 4 samba4wins
2:35PM 0 Printer "Unable to display security information"
2:27PM 2 Samba/LDAP Domains and multiple File Servers
1:35PM 0 FC5 - Samba version 3.0.21b-2 - Transport endpoint is not connected
12:21PM 1 Problem with SAMBA+HEARTBEAT [solved]
11:55AM 0 Preventing users from logging in on certain conditions
11:50AM 1 Samba4 and externel LDAP
11:17AM 1 Problem with SAMBA+HEARTBEAT
9:38AM 0 error in log.mywin2kworksation
9:22AM 2 multiple samba server
12:09AM 1 Username could not be found
Monday March 20 2006
10:41PM 1 RHEL3, winbind, "Error looking up domain users"
8:58PM 2 file corruption
8:49PM 1 Problem joining a domain.
7:48PM 0 MS Server 2003 SP1 Domain Authentication
6:15PM 0 renaming a domain and keeping everything else the same
5:32PM 0 "Unable to display security information" on windows
5:32PM 1 can't seem to remove winbind cache
4:13PM 1 Samba FDS backend groupmap error
2:25PM 0 reference docs
2:22PM 0 samba can't lookup window 2000 domain controller's user successfully
1:57PM 0 file_set_dosmode (Operation not permitted)
12:40PM 0 check_ntlm_password: Authentication for user FAILED with error NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
12:35PM 0 SAMBA - LDAP
12:05PM 0 print server degradation
11:50AM 0 smbpawwsd -a -m pc$
7:50AM 1 winbind - security hole?
5:22AM 1 RH9 and samba-3.0.21c-1
Sunday March 19 2006
9:56PM 0 getent group not working (resolved)
10:13AM 0 WINS Subnet browsing
Saturday March 18 2006
2:19PM 4 Client login delays - especially after reboot
1:44PM 2 Problem with 'net rpc group delmem' command
1:34PM 1 Joining samba server to Windows AD OU when OU has slashes in OU name
12:37PM 0 AIX 5L 5.3 Error after Compiling the SAMBA
8:52AM 0 error:semaphore timeout period has expired
7:09AM 0 Logon Script Not Working
4:53AM 1 Curious Question
2:22AM 1 problems adding machines after upgrade - sambaSID attribute incomplete!
12:37AM 0 clients open/close files thousands of times
Friday March 17 2006
11:35PM 0 Samba (3.0.21) PDC works from remote network, but not from local network...
11:17PM 3 Samba 4 Clustering
9:04PM 3 Storing passwords in LDAP, but not a PDC
8:46PM 1 Simple Question About samba/ldap
8:43PM 0 ldapsam:trusted=yes
7:41PM 0 Mounting Samba share from Windows Mobile 5.0 platform
6:40PM 1 print server performance issues
5:35PM 1 Domain authentification problem with LDAP
5:18PM 0 get quota command
4:33PM 0 Samba Windows Performance difference browsing dir
4:24PM 1 getpwnam() fails for LDAP Users on AIX 5.3
3:12PM 1 samba3 and heimdal: both using ldap as backends
2:44PM 0 challenge that the password server supplied us is not the one we gave our client
2:28PM 0 recommendations to procedure when changing domain controller IP-addresses ?
2:03PM 1 Problem at include a machine in domain
10:28AM 2 domain users appear as local to samba
2:39AM 2 samba and mac clients
2:20AM 5 Making Share Visible To Particular Users Only
Thursday March 16 2006
10:41PM 2 Samba and Foxpro for Unix
10:33PM 1 Values for Create Mask?
10:32PM 1 tdb_fetch failed, getpeername failed, INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11
10:32PM 3 SAMBA+LDAP in a Workgroup
10:32PM 0 password expiry
9:15PM 0 ldap+samba user cannot change his password
6:49PM 0 smb.conf options help
5:36PM 1 Corrupt sam database in Samba, cant add users or change pass
2:35PM 4 Domain Authentication Problem
1:45PM 0 smbclient segfault with mulicast DNS (mdns) enabled
1:04PM 0 A question on Windows XP with Samba Linux ?
1:02PM 0 Dos Client Samba. Log level 7
12:25PM 0 More than one workgroup.
11:54AM 0 samba and password aging
11:46AM 1 SAMBA not reading ACL group permissions
10:39AM 1 Patch: patches for smbmount opton documentation ( smbmount.8.xml )
4:20AM 2 samba 4 winbind feature set
2:45AM 0 Password Expired not Prompting for a new one.
Wednesday March 15 2006
10:45PM 1 guest account beyond my grasp
9:47PM 0 Samba + Cups -> PPD Options problem - 1 attachment
9:47PM 0 Determining the samba configuration file in use by a running smbd.
9:47PM 0 some upper case letters with accent don't appear in file names
9:47PM 0 how to upgrade to samba-3.0.10-1.fc2
9:47PM 0 how to upgrade to Samba 3.0.21c
9:46PM 0 New Mirror
9:46PM 0 How to upgrade samba
9:46PM 1 Error Compiling on Fedora 3
9:26PM 0 Changing file time attributes with samba tools
9:22PM 2 Adding Users at BDC
9:21PM 2 OK,I'm In Trouble
9:20PM 0 Add local windows user question
9:02PM 1 Using NAS as PDC Shares?
8:11PM 0 Samba LDAP gidNumber=-1 queries?
7:04PM 0 "pdb_init_sam failed" fustration
6:54PM 1 ip authentication
5:28PM 1 Not using CUPS. How much can I strip from smb.conf?
5:06PM 0 winbind and schannel errors
4:49PM 1 roaming profiles and quota limits
4:39PM 0 filename length
4:15PM 1 Samba as non-root?
3:36PM 3 samba server only accessiblie via ip address and notviadns name
2:03PM 1 disconnect users after a timeout period?
2:00PM 2 samba server only accessiblie via ip address and not via dns name
1:46PM 0 wbinfo -u responds with Error looking up domain users
12:11PM 1 Samba account flags
11:24AM 1 Samba 3 and FoxPro 2.6 for DOS
8:02AM 0 word XP problem
3:08AM 0 Can't add PC to Samba domain in different subnet
2:59AM 1 mount using smbfs RW ?
2:24AM 0 trouble setting up guest account
Tuesday March 14 2006
10:04PM 1 security=share, who needs it ?
6:36PM 0 (no subject)
6:02PM 3 Daily changetrustpw breaks authentication
4:42PM 1 [OT] DeleteRoamingCache=1 doesn't work
1:13PM 0 Bug 3084
11:36AM 0 Problem with fstat on open file
10:42AM 1 how to upgrade to Samba-3.0.21c
9:27AM 2 Execute script on file write
9:06AM 1 Delay with printer properties
8:57AM 1 Printer Queue not being cleared
8:33AM 0 Smbmount right's Problems
6:55AM 0 enabling guest access to some samba shares and printers on FC3
4:39AM 0 BDC with Slave LDAP server
2:56AM 1 Transport endpoint not connected
12:05AM 1 Limit of group membership for a user?
Monday March 13 2006
11:08PM 1 nsswitch segfaults with Samba 3.0.21 on Solaris 9
10:36PM 2 /etc/pam.d/su
8:38PM 0 OpenBSD mac68k problems
8:38PM 0 Smbmount right's Problem
7:29PM 1 samba3.0.20b - nmbd error
6:01PM 0 Laptop (and Desktop) Linux as end user OS in a Samba PDC environment
12:43PM 1 is there a possibility to start a programm from samba on a windows machine?]
12:41PM 0 Trouble cups+samba 3.0.21c
4:02AM 0 Samba Configuration Assistance Please
4:02AM 0 samba dead in the water
4:02AM 0 Samba any version
4:02AM 1 URGENT!!!!! Problem: outlook.pst with samba 3.0.21c!!!!!!!!
4:02AM 1 entries in /var/log/message
1:19AM 1 samba log off script
Sunday March 12 2006
8:20PM 0 (job offered)Full-time Samba (SMB/CIFS) Developer in Seattle, US
1:35PM 0 Typo in DNS and DHCP Configuration of Howto book
12:11PM 0 How to test the fileserver performance with smbtorture (why are my "net use" that slow)?
3:10AM 1 Windows XP client over IPSEC VPN -- No browsing, limited file access.
Saturday March 11 2006
5:13PM 4 Unable to add computer to domain
3:53PM 1 Backup & Restore Samba Configuration
12:20PM 1 getent passwd "some users are missing
11:59AM 0 Error Message
7:46AM 0 Printer queue not getting flushed
2:26AM 0 Samba Restart -- Re-caching dependency info (mtimes differ)
1:01AM 0 Problem with sharing some folders
Friday March 10 2006
11:14PM 0 Samba Upgrade to 3.0.21a
9:20PM 1 restrict access to one workstation?
8:55PM 1 Trouble making Samba-3.0.21c on Ubuntu
7:10PM 1 MSCHAPv2 and NTLMv2
6:59PM 1 Winbind for five minutes?
4:08PM 0 Samba Err Valid Users
3:29PM 1 Why do un-groupmap'ed Unix groups show up in Windows?
2:40PM 1 samba4wins - all ok but how to use nmblookup from my PDC?
2:14PM 4 many servers and mobile users - "always use the most fresh user profile" - ideas?
1:56PM 0 Cannot Join Domain: Username could not be found
1:41PM 0 Authenticate through two LDAP attributes
10:26AM 0 I need make an consult on Samba locking.
9:50AM 2 Re: URGENT!!!!! Problem: outlook.pst with samba
9:26AM 1 Re: URGENT!!!!! Problem: outlook.pst with samba 3.0.21c!!!!!!!!
12:49AM 1 Directory Renaming problem Samba 2.2 on IRIX
Thursday March 9 2006
10:30PM 3 AD users from different AD domains
9:45PM 0 Samba profile problem after reinstall
8:59PM 2 system-auth-winbind
6:06PM 0 Problem with filesystem
5:50PM 0 only vfs logging not working
5:36PM 0 Using ntlm_auth to authneticate to an NTLMv2 AD part 2
4:48PM 2 Using ntlm_auth to authneticate to an NTLMv2 AD
4:33PM 2 is there a possibility to start a programm from samba on a windows machine?
3:26PM 1 Missing Driver Options
3:12PM 2 Samba, DOS, ARJ
2:18PM 1 net ads leave failed.
12:34PM 0 Firewall problem
5:16AM 0 Problems protecting one share folder...?
4:03AM 2 Samba, Winbind and AD. Nearly there but not quite
3:24AM 0 swat error
3:03AM 1 changing password on samba bdc
3:03AM 0 nmbd[7317] entries in /var/log/message
3:03AM 2 Something Strange: All my Samba servers stopped working.
3:03AM 1 Deadtime parameter questsion
12:33AM 2 Bizarre problems with two Samba in the same workgroup
Wednesday March 8 2006
11:19PM 0 Samba with nss/winbind AD authentication breaks su and passwd update
11:15PM 0 FW: getting samba to authenticate with kerberos/PAM
10:38PM 0 terrible browsing performance by connection failure to an nonrelevant pdc at ads configuration
10:32PM 0 Samba PDC can't log into XP domain members
10:08PM 2 auth via PAM or /etc/passwd
9:35PM 3 date created attribute doesn't seem right
8:57PM 0 net getdomainsid returns two SIDs - how to remove one?
8:28PM 3 how to manage 3000 Samba Connection
7:56PM 1 Upgrading Samba 2.2.7 to 3.0.1b
7:48PM 1 Authentication problems during a Windows DC reboot
7:22PM 0 Checking effective group membership - Linux side
7:20PM 2 Problems using security=server for windows 2003 client.
7:03PM 5 getting samba to authenticate with kerberos/PAM
6:07PM 2 1 byte writes
6:05PM 0 Kickoff Warns
4:48PM 1 view contents of smbpasswd
3:35PM 0 Messages in log file - what are these messages and how do I get rid of them?
3:02PM 5 SWAT is working but shows smbd/nmbd: not running
2:55PM 0 Re: Moving samba PDC to new machine (unable to change domain SID)
2:50PM 1 Print spooler full with completed print jobs
2:18PM 1 Disable More Simultaneous Logon
10:29AM 0 recycle vfs module doesn't touch modification time
10:29AM 2 mount.cifs - everything is owned by root (when mounting 2003 shares)
7:23AM 1 Dos clients on Samba 3.0.12
5:04AM 0 Assigning Permissions on Domain Member Server
3:52AM 1 Two PDC's conflict
1:24AM 1 getlocalsid: adding domain info...failed
12:40AM 0 session setup
12:12AM 1 help! mount error 11 - can't find any info on this!!
12:01AM 0 XP clients hang on accessing certain directories
Tuesday March 7 2006
9:22PM 0 samba on active Directory domain issues
7:24PM 1 "load printers = Yes" produces working but invisible printers
6:55PM 2 Samba Errors with 3.0.21b on AIX -- please help
6:30PM 0 profile and home share on a remote server
6:27PM 1 utility of winbind on a pdc ?
5:55PM 0 Samba port required
4:55PM 1 preexec and client timeout when script long to execute
4:16PM 0 How can I prevent deleting of primary directory while allowing full privileges to subdirectories
10:41AM 3 [Samba Version 3.0.20b-3.4-SUSE]: WinXP-Error writing to share
10:17AM 0 winbind -r group enumeration
10:03AM 0 connecting to samba from 2003 sbs domain client runningxpprofi
9:28AM 0 Assigning Permissions on Member Server
5:07AM 0 3.0.20b map domain user to everyone
3:44AM 0 runaway process in 3.0.21b
3:35AM 1 Samba LDAP SID and Local SID
1:14AM 1 getlocalsid error
Monday March 6 2006
10:52PM 0 Problems across a vpn
10:07PM 0 Problem renaming users
9:58PM 1 Cannot join domain: "The user name could not be found"
8:59PM 0 Authentication issue, domain level, share ok, printer fails
8:20PM 5 Dos client samba
8:12PM 1 Samba metrics gathering?
4:54PM 0 Transparent authentication issues
4:09PM 2 Unable to join to domain: The username could not be found.
3:53PM 1 On Fedora Core "service smb start" starts both smbd and nmbd. I need to only start smbd
3:50PM 0 Firewall enabled
3:38PM 0 Max Users Per Controller ?
3:12PM 1 How to compile with AIX xlc?
3:03PM 0 File/folder with non-Latin characters
1:57PM 0 connecting to samba from 2003 sbs domain client running xpprofi
1:50PM 0 connecting to samba from 2003 sbs domain client running xp profi
1:45PM 0 Windows XP Pro SP2 and samba config for some NetBIOS aliases
9:06AM 0 write failure on smb mounted NAS partition
8:20AM 0 Samba as a proxy for CIFS
8:00AM 1 Samba apparently does not recognize Linux secondary groups.
12:29AM 3 Domain logon problem
12:02AM 1 hi
12:01AM 3 Problem Accessing Samba Server from Windows
12:01AM 2 NMDB not bound to
12:01AM 2 Samba + cups = raw postscript output
12:01AM 0 Samba 3 and RH9
12:01AM 0 Domain Security and Mapping as More than One User
Sunday March 5 2006
11:24PM 1 REPOST net rpc user ADD flags unknown?
3:48AM 0 joining errors without netbios
Friday March 3 2006
10:50PM 0 how to mount network share at boot time with no user log in?
8:08PM 2 Fstab mounting error
4:16PM 0 All correct in Localhost but impossible remote connection
3:42PM 2 Force update of Samba point-and-print drivers?
2:29PM 0 Advice Needed on Migration/upgrading.
2:07PM 4 problem with "winbind separator = \"
1:42PM 0 Help compiling 3.0.21c on Mac OS X 10.4.5
1:25PM 1 Samba 3 by Example - chapter 5 & 6 ( Manager ->sambaadmin)
1:14PM 0 IBM xlc compiler and configure question
9:59AM 1 problems with AUTOCAD (german version) and samba
9:19AM 1 Need some help with installing Samba
8:28AM 1 2 x ADS
4:49AM 0 5~Re: DFS redirection to sub-folders beyond share
1:55AM 1 problem when compiling samba-3.0.21c on power PC platform
12:34AM 0 Cannot share user directory on [homes] ERRnosuchfolder
Thursday March 2 2006
11:11PM 2 SWAT + FC4 = Not working
10:55PM 3 "Segmentation Fault" when attempting to join AD
9:27PM 2 Problem with Universal Groups
8:16PM 1 Massive confusion with samba mounting
6:42PM 1 Restricting access to sensitive files
2:05PM 1 Client connection limit!?
2:03PM 0 winbind, sIDHistory and getpwuid problems
1:21PM 1 NFS und Samba Shares in synchronous mode
1:01PM 2 getting rid of lmhashes?
12:53PM 0 NMBD keep expiring servers from the list!
8:04AM 0 winbind and [homes]
7:50AM 1 New Samba wiki on-line
6:38AM 0 Solaris winbind with password aging (workaround inside)
4:55AM 1 samba pdc without winbindd
2:20AM 2 [Repost] Offline Files No Go
1:41AM 0 Problems Running an executable from samba share.
1:41AM 0 0Xc0000022 wbinfo
1:03AM 3 FW: samba as a domain member
Wednesday March 1 2006
11:58PM 0 Prevent deleting/moving of primary directory, but allow deleting/moving of subdirectories by users
11:03PM 1 3.0.21c safe_strcat string overflow w/ "net rpc share migrate files"
10:01PM 2 Samba 3.0.21b is not able to connect to password server
9:27PM 1 File deletion error message
8:39PM 0 connectivity trouble
6:20PM 3 samba as a domain member
4:05PM 0 Questions about roaming profiles
3:25PM 3 Migration from NT4 to W2K3 AD
2:28PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.0.0 released
1:24PM 0 Can't log in new users
1:35AM 0 3.0.21c Debian Packages available on