samba - Apr 2006

Sunday April 30 2006
10:17AM 0 prepopulate winbind db with certain uid <-> SID mappings?
8:34AM 0 access denied to printer after changing the dns-domain
Saturday April 29 2006
7:47PM 1 What is the meaning of the output from smbstatus?
3:57PM 2 hp asu - nt domain
2:10PM 1 Smbpasswd versus Winbind and tdb backend
11:06AM 1 Samba 3.0.23pre1
10:19AM 0 - non root user
8:19AM 0 smbfs mounts become unusable after Windows reboot
1:42AM 3 Samba 3.0.22 PDC - "The parameter is incorrect"
Friday April 28 2006
10:10PM 0 trouble with make/VPATH
9:59PM 1 Can Samba write to NTFS disk on separate machine?
4:58PM 1 Possible issue with XFS Quotas and 3.0.22
2:35PM 0 Fix for trouble with ferdora core 5 with samba
2:21PM 0 samba-3.0.22 on debian etch, fchmod_acl : Operation not supported
2:13PM 1 Status column in Windows Clients
1:34PM 4 trouble with ferdora core 5 with samba
1:30PM 1 smb.conf(5) manpage suggestion re. idmap backend
1:01PM 0 Bad performance samba and Windows XP
12:05PM 2 : Win XP Client does not remove directories
12:37AM 2 samba 4 for home network sharing
Thursday April 27 2006
11:39PM 1 need help with write access
11:39PM 2 Conistent problem with clients joining domain
11:39PM 0 migration samba file server
11:39PM 1 XP and Samba
11:38PM 0 Samba appears to be slow
9:21PM 3 Win2k clients won't rejoin Samba PDC domain, "Remote Procedure Call Failed"?
4:53PM 0 Authentication problems
4:38PM 2 winbind nss info = sfu is not so much working
4:05PM 2 Inconsistent Authentication Results on Different Servers
4:04PM 1 Question regarding sizes of of Samba for SuSE Linux
2:07PM 1 Samba and CUPS
12:37PM 2 Samba+Ldap: Properties Dialog doesn't show owner, only groups, shares have R attribute set
11:25AM 1 Unable to reset file permissions
11:22AM 2 oplock not working correctly
10:21AM 1 ADS mode with ReiserFS freezes Server
9:25AM 3 become_domain_master_query_fail
Wednesday April 26 2006
9:24PM 2 Samba 3 with ADS problem
7:39PM 0 3.0.23pre1 Security tab acls on share
7:16PM 2 Missing Files on share
6:20PM 0 Folder name "shares"
3:35PM 1 Bad Password
2:10PM 0 Many msgs log.winbindd about "group xxxxx in domain yyyyy does not exist"
1:35PM 3 Problems connecten a pc to samba om fedora server
1:21PM 0 Roaming profiles ... again!
6:34AM 1 hanging smbd(s).....
2:18AM 1 ACL not working
Tuesday April 25 2006
11:54PM 0 Cannot access share from Windows - Update
6:59PM 0 access denied to printer auf change of dns-domain
4:59PM 1 copy error "big" files from xp to linux
4:53PM 1 Changing Windows Passwords
4:11PM 8 Permissions for share
3:36PM 2 how to know local path ?
3:01PM 0 extrapolate log in/out time from logs
3:01PM 1 disabling cups printing
11:38AM 0 Date from a file changes overwriting it
9:08AM 0 Processes freezing and monopolising the CPU
9:04AM 0 adding computer account fails in LDAP replication environment
7:22AM 0 allowing anonymous or guest access on samba shares
6:57AM 1 [3.0.20b]connection reset caused winbind to panic
3:54AM 0 copy error "big" files
3:24AM 0 wins problem, "netbios aliases" never gets updated in the wins
3:19AM 0 Cannot access from Windows...??!! Samba 3.x and FreeBSD 6.0
Monday April 24 2006
10:42PM 0 How to limit master browser to a specific network
9:47PM 3 smbd/oplock.c:oplock_timeout_handler(375) after samba upgrade
2:51PM 1 Samba Login Problem on Windows
2:03PM 0 samba+ldap: authentication probelm.
2:03PM 1 source compilation errors on HPUX 10.20
12:32PM 0 Trusted domain want to add users in the trusting domain ?
12:16PM 0 saving from word & excel
11:49AM 1 Stateful Takeover in a Cluster environment
11:45AM 1 File locking problem
10:55AM 0 samba cannot find renamed cups server
9:30AM 0 winbind and AD authentication on AIX
5:51AM 2 Samba-LDAP Roaming Profiles
5:43AM 1 Mysql as backend for samba
Sunday April 23 2006
1:33PM 0 Re: TDB locking overhead and performance...
12:13PM 1 File lock problem
11:18AM 2 Samba 3.0.23pre1 Available for Download
9:53AM 0 Where SIDs In Old Old Samba?
9:53AM 0 logon script does not get executed
9:53AM 0 FW: samba rejection error on log level 1 with win xp pc reboots
9:53AM 0 Domain trust relationship between Samba 3.0.21c and AD 2003
9:52AM 0 doubt in samba-ldap configuration
9:52AM 0 Adding a machine account after using LDAP
2:15AM 1 User Manger for Domains can not reset user password.
Saturday April 22 2006
6:20PM 0 setting default acl on move
5:22PM 2 Re: TDB locking overhead and performance...
2:22PM 1 nmbd[1892] error
11:09AM 0 Pam ignored?
5:58AM 1 slapd.conf samba schema question
5:50AM 1 Samba query on possible backend database
4:39AM 0 Roaming Profiles for selected Users
4:19AM 0 Problem with "net groupmap"
Friday April 21 2006
11:35PM 1 Samba library error - Solaris 8
10:37PM 2 Domain admins and samba
5:40PM 0 net getlocalsid Segmentation Fault
1:48PM 0 Samba starts strangely but doesn't answer
1:34PM 3 NT logon ok but XP logon very slow
11:44AM 0 what are the possible backend databases for samba
11:08AM 1 AW: getent not working (again)
10:23AM 2 getent not working (again)
8:05AM 0 Smbstatus/lsof reports root instead of real username
7:45AM 1 Write access after creating old username on new PC
4:01AM 2 Problem with Samba PDC, W2k SP4 + rollup clients, user accounts
4:01AM 0 samba rejection error on log level 1 with win xp pc reboots
4:01AM 1 make_server_info_info3: pdb_init_sam failed
4:01AM 0 Archive bit not reseted
2:54AM 0 samba 3.0.22 possible bug - sid for bdc
Thursday April 20 2006
11:09PM 0 Access denied
7:03PM 0 krb5-1.4.3 & Solaris 8
5:47PM 0 how to make sure XP clients are loading NTConfig.POL
3:45PM 0 Problems coping newer files
1:52PM 0 Some suggestions to sample Samba config files in documentation
12:19PM 2 ERROR: no seteuid method available
9:42AM 0 Hardware upgrade, Samba migration.
9:38AM 0 how to use recycle:excludedir
9:37AM 2 Red Hat Enterprise and samba
9:22AM 0 Roamin Profiles for selected users
3:55AM 1 hosts equiv
3:32AM 0 Help with "net groupmap", users of groups don't have permits
3:26AM 1 connecting From unix solaris to windows system
3:26AM 3 How to set mysql backend for samba; Urgent pls
3:26AM 0 access to samba dir's without acl's
3:26AM 2 group members from trusted domain
3:10AM 0 PDC + File Sharing without password
12:50AM 1 Shared Samba locking system
Wednesday April 19 2006
9:54PM 1 full access to the home dirs as Admin in Windows
9:31PM 2 Dropped frames streaming video to samba
6:13PM 0 Re-name home drive
5:55PM 0 Samba turning
4:47PM 0 Sysprep & Samba
4:26PM 2 W2K Domain Users in Samba
2:07PM 0 two domains / shares
1:26PM 5 Reduntant Samba servers?
1:03PM 1 quota on xfs on lvm doesn't work(?)
12:32PM 0 Samba slow
12:18PM 0 Cross-compiling failed for sh4 platform
10:38AM 2 adddriver: too many files - string overflow
7:26AM 2 unable to browse samba server with Win98, but it works with WinXP
Tuesday April 18 2006
9:50PM 1 Ntconfig.pol policies not applied immediatly after been read
8:25PM 1 Domains and Windows Update
8:01PM 1 Browsing Issues
7:14PM 4 Managed to make some progress, stuck again.
5:22PM 2 Joining Samba to ADS domain (win2k3)
4:22PM 0 Joop Martens is afwezig.
12:41PM 0 cifs + uid confusion
12:30PM 1 How to map locked user Administrator in AD domain to guest ?
6:52AM 1 Scenario 0 ¡V SAMBA 3.0.22
Monday April 17 2006
11:25PM 0 samba-vscan package for debian
4:12PM 1 Samba 3 - Rebuild WINS database
11:30AM 1 Oplocks break and no route to host problems
10:53AM 1 Smbd using too much CPU
2:20AM 4 If you ever wondered about Samba and the Golden Penguin Bowl and that suit...
Sunday April 16 2006
10:30PM 3 Some files not showing...
2:00PM 2 Stable Network Down
1:52PM 0 [Fwd: Re: can't connect to swat]
11:28AM 2 can't connect to swat
10:29AM 0 Windows delayed print Samba printer
3:31AM 0 Samba PDC LDAP: Got too many (2) info entries for domain
2:50AM 0 Samba Restart -- Re-caching dependency info (mtimes differ)
Saturday April 15 2006
9:01PM 2 Why Can I Delete?
11:05AM 0 Failed to initialise SAM_ACCOUNT for user
11:05AM 1 Debian package including --with-acl-support?
11:05AM 0 samba daemons
11:05AM 1 ACL Support in Samba 3.0.20b
11:05AM 0 Max number of users
11:04AM 0 problem for the user with numbered password
11:04AM 0 3.0.22 Cups shares naming mixed up
11:04AM 0 remote subnet browsing
11:04AM 0 Set "setuid" bit on a Solaris server from a Windows client
11:04AM 0 Is printcap information required if no [printers] share?
11:04AM 0 Join Active Directory, Share: Only allow an AD group read/write?
8:15AM 0 File Locking and Deleting Problem
Friday April 14 2006
8:46PM 0 Revised smb-wall (Was: smbclient -M --> ERRmsgoff?)
5:36PM 3 hardware to use with samba?????
4:34PM 2 smbclient -M --> ERRmsgoff?
1:26PM 0 error message: Can't contact the NETLOGON pipe
11:13AM 1 HW suggestion for a new office
9:14AM 1 UID/GID Issues with Samba in ADS mode with Winbind
8:34AM 1 Samba Member Server Authentication
Thursday April 13 2006
8:19PM 1 Several anomalies - Samba ADS member computer
4:13PM 0 Need help figuring out "homes" share path
12:58PM 2 read only - write list
11:52AM 0 various problems
11:28AM 0 What port/protocol is used for winpopup messages?
9:09AM 2 Big performance difference between smbclient put/get
6:08AM 1 Adding a GNU/Linux client to a FreeBSD Domain controller
Wednesday April 12 2006
11:12PM 1 Problem mapping from windows x64 version
9:35PM 0 Add local windows user
7:45PM 0 Bad password when attempting login to SSH with AD account
6:57PM 1 OpenLDAP and Active Directory synchronize
5:50PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.0.1 released
4:41PM 1 3.0.21c winbind crash
3:04PM 0 smbspool and printing
3:04PM 0 3.0.22 [Printing, CUPS] share names mixed up due description field?
2:48PM 0 Win and linux shared filesystem with chmod support for linux side?
2:46PM 0 Samba and Infrant
7:31AM 2 Semaphore Error
Tuesday April 11 2006
11:19PM 3 Active directory authentification with Samba
10:18PM 1 Printing to Samba printer causes application to abort
8:57PM 0 LDAP search for root.
7:00PM 0 Is Samba Acting as a BDC
6:54PM 0 Samba in Windows 2003 AD environment
6:35PM 1 How do I apply active directory group policies to samba shares
1:19PM 0 execute external commande : unrar
1:00PM 0 PANIC: Could not fetch our SID - did we join?
12:42PM 4 Winbind
12:21PM 2 File Permissions
10:56AM 0 Default Network Profile
10:39AM 4 Unable to run application from share
3:45AM 2 file transfer problem
1:19AM 2 Browsing problem
Monday April 10 2006
10:51PM 1 Winbind without NetBIOS?
7:26PM 1 Windows 98 Freezes when rename a network folder
4:13PM 2 Samba 4.0 compilation problem
4:03PM 2 Weird XP synchronisation issue. Using old cached IP?
1:55PM 1 pam_group with samba
1:50PM 1 win2003 access smb share
1:07PM 1 samba and sun one ldap
12:29PM 1 pam_winbind log ip nr
8:39AM 0 Can pam_winbind be configured to issue Kerberos tickets onuser validation?
7:57AM 1 does samba support multiple domains?crucial issue for ISP company
6:21AM 1 Should Oplocks be enable Pershare
5:12AM 0 CIFS on freebsd
2:17AM 0 Pls help!does samba support multiple domains?
Sunday April 9 2006
9:11PM 0 Security
9:11PM 0 execute command
9:10PM 0 RE: unrar
9:10PM 1 Can pam_winbind be configured to issue Kerberos tickets on user validation?
9:10PM 0 .tmp files
10:59AM 2 Samba Storage Server getting extremely slow!!!
Saturday April 8 2006
7:48PM 2 Samba and Logging Off Windows XP
1:05PM 1 helping out with documentation?
11:54AM 3 stress testing
11:42AM 0 Cannot join to domain: Username could not be found.
3:36AM 2 Roaming profiles cannot be used fully unless a member of "Domain Admins"
12:11AM 4 Preventing Multiple Logins in Samba
Friday April 7 2006
9:27PM 0 3.0.22 debian packages
8:33PM 0 cannot add workstations using smbldap-tools
4:28PM 1 new to samba
1:55PM 1 (no subject)
11:08AM 0 Mounting Network Shares with CIFS Instead of SMBFS
10:26AM 1 smbcacls cannot locate the object of a samba share
7:00AM 1 Win2K cannot retrieve print driver, XP is okay
5:28AM 1 How to restart samba with reboot
4:23AM 0 Can samba be set to not allow white space in file names? i.e. automatically convert space to %20. (Like TAS)
Thursday April 6 2006
11:20PM 2 DOS/Windows Archive bits, and file ownership
10:57PM 1 If I use "valid users" option, I can't log into the domain
9:04PM 0 Could not start samba
4:54PM 0 smbclient can't write to windows share with domain account
4:20PM 12 net drive mapping not working in login script
1:46PM 1 Fwd: RE: Not able to join domain
12:57PM 2 Join to Windows domains
11:58AM 7 Not able to join domain
3:51AM 0 samdump a local file
12:20AM 1 Run away samba, and free() errors
Wednesday April 5 2006
11:17PM 1 Info required
11:16PM 2 XFS and inherit permissions bug?
3:16PM 0 (no subject)
2:45PM 0 Pb on data transmission size
1:02PM 1 Strange message from Samba
11:31AM 1 domain member server authentication problem
11:24AM 0 Add a Linux Sever to a Windows 2003 PDC to authenicate against Active Directory.
10:29AM 2 Samba 3 + LDAP - Error Joining Windows XP To Samba Domain
10:27AM 0 Problem Joining Windows XP Clients to Suse PDC Domain
9:43AM 0 Error Message With One PC
9:24AM 0 winbind enum users = yes, but: is there a limit?
8:48AM 1 FW: Read-only attribute.
8:14AM 1 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
7:37AM 0 CIFS mounting problem with
6:45AM 0 roaming profiles multilanguage problem
5:18AM 1 remote BDC
5:18AM 0 Slow performance to samba server with OSX client
5:18AM 0 Facing problem while configuring samba
12:33AM 1 Automatically create profile directory
Tuesday April 4 2006
11:11PM 2 Can't connect XP to Samba domain: (user name could not be found)
6:30PM 1 Question regarding samba and smbldap-tools
5:28PM 0 How do I override the (apparently) default printer admin
4:21PM 0 Running a PDC and BDC with different revs of Samba
3:48PM 1 OS X - Free space reporting issues.
3:25PM 0 get quota command - Example
2:49PM 0 wbinfo -t fails - 3.0.20b-3.4-SUSE
2:06PM 1 authentication with Active Directory domain failure
1:39PM 1 Migrating an existing NT domain to samba
12:50PM 3 degraded performance under domain login load
11:04AM 1 problems mounting Win2003 Server Share - smbclient is working smbmount is not
10:24AM 0 Need help debugging (long)
8:32AM 0 changing date and time of files
12:01AM 2 uploading client printer drivers broken ?
Monday April 3 2006
7:46PM 0 Offline Folders
7:18PM 0 Announce version / Announce as
7:00PM 1 No UID associated with this user name
3:20PM 0 Samba 3.0.21c broken timezone handling
2:56PM 1 FreeBSD amd64 w. LDAP: smbd hangs
2:30PM 4 RPC Protocol Error
11:25AM 2 User groups
10:19AM 0 retrieve domain group member
8:46AM 0 Samba Process Getting Hanged
2:32AM 0 Samba with on access file scanning
Saturday April 1 2006
11:20PM 1 Russian CHARS
11:19PM 1 problem with showing title of the share
11:19PM 0 add machine script problem with Fedora core 5
11:19PM 0 upgrade 3.0.11 to 3.022
10:02PM 1 Samba perms vs. fs perms
2:39AM 0 Winbind and email server]