samba - Feb 2006

Tuesday February 28 2006
10:46PM 0 Can't join domain
8:07PM 0 Connecting to SAMBA for first time takes a very looong time
5:08PM 1 Win2K3 Server, in Terminal Session,
4:36PM 0 Samba-Client questions: SMB-blocksize and caching
2:49PM 0 [Repost] W2K Offline Files strange locking behavior
1:02PM 1 3.0.21c: idmap_rid segfaults on AIX 5.3 ML4
12:42PM 2 Samba Invalid user not working
12:10PM 0 Samba 3.0.2x with trusted domains.
10:26AM 1 Can not cancel print job
3:53AM 0 Kerberos errors...
2:43AM 4 Moving samba PDC to new machine (same name?)
2:25AM 1 Windows XP Home and samb a share
Monday February 27 2006
10:41PM 1 Errors after building 3.0.21b on AIX 5.2
10:23PM 0 Solaris9 + samba-3.0.10 UIDs and ProcessIDs
10:23PM 1 Samba on top of NFS question
10:23PM 0 Permission denied after successful mount of Windows share
8:49PM 1 Need Advice
7:48PM 1 Multiple domains served by a single LDAP tree
6:43PM 0 users can't change file attributes
6:12PM 0 Security = Server and guest ok
6:12PM 1 "printer admin" still working in 3.0.21c?
6:08PM 4 klist reports no tickets cached
5:14PM 2 NTUSER.DAT, user's settings
5:07PM 0 link error in libmsrpc
4:47PM 0 ls uids
4:34PM 1 specifying groups: @ vs. +
4:33PM 1 Samba 3.0.21b binaries on AIX 5.2 ML4, fails to run after install
4:26PM 0 Authenticating users via samba to an active directory
4:05PM 0 acl and winbindd woes
3:53PM 1 / wbinfo -r not working!
3:19PM 1 Authenticating to AD with usernames containing dots
11:20AM 0 nmbd shutdown
9:58AM 0 Two PDCs Samba trustrealtionship --> winbind configuration
9:48AM 0 Solaris nsswitch.conf with winbind
8:56AM 0 unable to connect to CUPS server localhost - Connection refused
7:43AM 0 LDAP?
2:39AM 0 How to safely upgrade samba-3.0.14a-2 to samba.3.0.21c
Sunday February 26 2006
11:56PM 0 interest of winbind
10:24PM 0 Samba using wrong IP address
5:54PM 0 homedir and LDAP
3:04PM 0 group on the smbldap-tools
10:29AM 0 Problems with Samba after update
9:23AM 3 Change Domain SID
Saturday February 25 2006
10:21PM 1 Compiling Samba on AIX 5.3 with idmap_rid fails
9:48PM 1 Basic setup password problems
9:48PM 0 Blocked...!!!
6:46PM 1 net rpc rights command not available
10:04AM 1 'inaccessible' via windows client
9:04AM 1 samba 3.0.21c Installation error "client/smbmnt.c:296: undefined reference to `swrap_close'"
1:11AM 4 Building 3.0.21x on AIX 5.2
Friday February 24 2006
11:41PM 1 Uploading driver to Samba
11:18PM 0 Windows ACL/Samba
9:32PM 2 Vacation
9:20PM 1 Samba Authentication of Local Linux Users
9:19PM 0 Error after updating Samba
5:49PM 3 Samba 3.0.21c Available for Download
5:29PM 1 Deleting undeletable files gives no error
5:14PM 2 Add printer driver difficulty
3:14PM 1 Winbindd_privileged permissions pb on RHEL 4 AS
2:34PM 1 Client view update rate configurable?
2:18PM 0 stats from samba logs
2:13PM 0 adding permissions
2:02PM 0 send message with 'smbclient -M' to a certain user?
1:45PM 1 Samba and Groups
1:13PM 0 Samba 3.0.21b "krb5_cc_remove_cred failed"
11:52AM 2 samba 3.0.21b glibc error
10:51AM 0 Samba and CUPS
5:25AM 1 Passwords complexity with smbldap-passwd
3:10AM 0 Problem building 3.0.11on AIX 5.2
3:10AM 1 Backup Servers
3:09AM 0 Windown XP maching used as pirnt server cannot pirnt from UNIX:
3:09AM 2 Samba domain groups
3:09AM 1 preserving ownership when copying from Windows to Samba
2:22AM 0 How to upgrade samba?
1:43AM 0 problem with winbind
1:35AM 1 How-To for FC4/Samba
Thursday February 23 2006
11:52PM 0 permission denied accessing directories - groupmap - please help
11:43PM 0 Auto-reconnect samba mount
11:39PM 1 Public shares in FC4
9:55PM 0 Recipe or Howto?
9:53PM 0 W2K Offline Files strange locking behavior
9:45PM 2 Confused about groups and access
9:17PM 1 Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect
9:14PM 1 random file size % 2 Gigabytes
7:25PM 0 Webin: set logon script
6:11PM 3 Samba 3.0.21b / Security = Server / Windows 2003 or XP clients / AIX 5.3 = Problems...
4:20PM 0 smbldap-adduser problems
3:50PM 2 Name resolution problem
3:34PM 2 domain user notifications?
3:25PM 0 Is anyone using Samba in a forest to authenticate multiple domains?
1:29PM 1 Migration from Samba 2.2 to Samba 3.020b
11:34AM 0 urgently help - critical error.
10:21AM 1 Problems joining a RHEL4.0 version of samba to an active directory
7:45AM 0 XP to smb: won't log in as administrator
1:56AM 1 samba and pocket-pc
1:40AM 0 ? BDC & LDAP
12:45AM 1 wbinfo -g/-u error
Wednesday February 22 2006
11:03PM 2 Kerberos auth w/o a domain
10:07PM 1 inherit groups?
8:39PM 0 Problem authenticating another domain
7:57PM 0 Group Migration from tbd to ldap on same machine
7:16PM 1 Wrong user used when mounting with mount.cifs
6:33PM 0 Linux tool for create windows shortcut
4:56PM 0 [OT] windows user migration
4:54PM 3 How to make a symlink appear as a real file (for a Linux client)?
3:38PM 0 Permissions when writing files
3:18PM 0 Samba 3 vs. MS 2003
3:15PM 2 Windows UIDs
1:33PM 2 Join AD domain using security = domain ?
1:30PM 5 Can't join my domain
12:34PM 0 samba + swat not working
11:23AM 1 Can gencache.tdb be deletely at will?
7:54AM 2 Questions about sub-folders, access...?
5:08AM 1 [Fwd: New Unix user and group domain]
5:07AM 1 Does anyone use rhosts or hosts equiv autentication in Samba ?
3:37AM 0 Clients freezing when opening same files
12:07AM 2 Samba 3.0.21b winbind crash
Tuesday February 21 2006
11:11PM 0 Trusted domains within a large enterprise
10:44PM 1 WINS and INet~Services name
10:26PM 0 configure samba
5:53PM 0 Packet send failed
5:23PM 1 unknown interface | win 2k server
4:49PM 1 Effect of disabling LM/NTLMv1 auth on an AD?
3:57PM 0 safe_strcpy problem in Samba 3.0.10
2:44PM 0 Authenticating Samba on NT4 SRV
1:39PM 0 nobody run "add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd ....."
12:22PM 1 help, we are running out of idmap uids
11:14AM 0 Interrupt system call
9:37AM 1 Samba PDC/LDAP not mapping "logon drive"
Monday February 20 2006
9:55PM 2 Primary and secondary group issues with Vintela VAS and Samba
8:45PM 5 How to control who can log into the samba box
5:59PM 0 SUMMARY: Winbind/Samba Setup on RHEL 4
5:19PM 2 Easy one...
3:34PM 0 Strange log message
1:07PM 0 R: unexpected smb stop service.
12:11PM 0 net rpc user ADD flags unknown??
11:57AM 3 Smbpasswd in a cron job
11:54AM 1 Change smbpasswd in a cron job
11:32AM 2 ADS and sharing home directory
10:38AM 0 Windows 2000 AD group filtering with winbind
9:05AM 0 samba domain problems
7:45AM 2 Winbindd Error : Could not init idmap -- netlogon proxy only
6:21AM 4 Samba 3 + Exchange 5.5
6:06AM 0 monter un dossier partager dans fstab
6:05AM 0 How to reject files
6:05AM 1 Samba with 2 subnet browsing
6:05AM 3 My Network Places not finding Samba server
6:05AM 0 Change Default Directory
2:51AM 7 3 simple questions
Sunday February 19 2006
10:04PM 0 SID problems?
7:00PM 3 Adding machine account to LDAP with pdbedit fails
2:24PM 2 How to setup mirroring
12:31PM 0 CIFS: mounting public/guest shares impossible? error: SessSetup = -13
12:01PM 1 samba as PDC with ldap
6:12AM 0 xenophobe client
Saturday February 18 2006
7:34PM 0 Preformance counters
5:15PM 3 Samba LDAP PDC BDC quit working
5:09PM 0 Upgrading Samba?
11:19AM 1 Error "The remote procedure call was cancelled"
Friday February 17 2006
8:07PM 3 Outlook path to pst file is lost when using roaming profiles
7:59PM 0 Are these still all the recommended settings for using roaming profiles?
7:11PM 1 Domain User access control in the smb.conf
5:31PM 1 unexpected smb stop service.
1:45PM 2 Problem with NTConfig.POL+SAMBA+LDAP
8:17AM 2 Question about policies [OT?]
1:07AM 0 How do I use machine password for groupmember list?
Thursday February 16 2006
11:23PM 2 Samba Problem on AIX
11:08PM 1 Samba isn't trying the correct mix of capitals for a given username
11:08PM 1 Strange messages in logs
11:08PM 1 kerberos error when users in trusted win2k domain try to browse samba server
11:07PM 1 Documentation error?
11:07PM 2 Samba version and ports
9:21PM 5 how to make folders invisible
8:43PM 0 Joining a domain - ads_connect: no results returned
7:46PM 1 Too Many Ace Entries for file
7:41PM 1 Joining a trusted domain
6:23PM 0 samba 3 schema update and reindex ldap databases
5:26PM 0 homes share inclusion
5:16PM 0 Winbind - Windows 2000 AD group filtering
5:01PM 0 Setting the user shell...
4:31PM 2 edited tdb... restart samba?
4:18PM 0 how to control what users can log into the box if using ad/pam-ssh/winbindd?
4:00PM 0 net rpc user flags unknown?
3:36PM 3 Authenticating another domain
3:32PM 3 idmap rid backend core and INTERNAL ERROR Signal 11
11:41AM 4 authenticate a share access to win2k3 server
10:45AM 0 PDC
10:37AM 1 smb/cifs or nfsv3: which is "cheaper"
7:15AM 0 Tip for modifying vfs_recycle.c
7:09AM 1 Patch for vfs_extd_audit.c
5:23AM 1 Rejoining Computers to the domain
3:07AM 0 about upgrade samba from 3.0.11
1:45AM 0 How to Make SMB server authenticate against multiple ADserver
1:31AM 0 Is there a way to map user ids to the same rid on eve ry smbbox
1:13AM 1 How to Make SMB server authenticate against multiple AD server
1:13AM 3 Samba does not work with new AD groups
1:13AM 1 Is there a way to map user ids to the same rid on every smb box
1:13AM 0 FW: Help required on Samba software
1:13AM 0 need information!!!
Wednesday February 15 2006
11:09PM 3 hiding dot files and the printer
10:46PM 2 samba setup in win2k A.D.
10:38PM 2 Samba + LDAP Windows Join Domain
9:04PM 1 configure can't find ldap_initialize on HP-UX 11i
8:05PM 1 SAMBA Home Directories with AD authentication
7:05PM 0 winbind and pam and ssh that's pam enabled
6:15PM 0 Winbind/Samba Setup on RHEL 4
6:13PM 0 ldap
5:46PM 1 ADS and RPC
5:42PM 0 net share add command
4:27PM 0 3.0.21b and eventlogs
4:18PM 2 smbd fails to start on Fedora Core 4
3:44PM 1 umount share on user logout
10:39AM 0 dfree (bad disk size reporting at Windows)
9:31AM 1 groupmapping doubts
4:05AM 1 Problem changing passwords (LDAP + SMB + smbldap-tools)
12:26AM 0 Samba MS Small Business Server 2003
Tuesday February 14 2006
11:14PM 1 share permissions
8:08PM 1 domain member with LDAP nss
6:41PM 2 migrating samba PDC from one computer to another
5:22PM 3 Logon without Domain
4:42PM 0 AIX 52 and long (>8) character Windows usernames
3:42PM 1 RE: problem with Too many open files(REASON FOUND)
2:58PM 1 smbclient -L misses some shares when using NULL-Sessions
2:56PM 8 Smbpasswd -m -x not working, "object class violation" error
1:30PM 0 default printer's option configuration
1:15PM 0 status of samba joining Windows 2003 SP1 ADS
1:04PM 0 authentication error after primary group change
8:02AM 3 recycle:exclude
5:48AM 1 usrmgr not functioning
4:48AM 0 vfs audit logs
4:33AM 0 Winbind problem w/ ADS domain local group and other-domain members
3:49AM 0 Problem cooperating with Windows and AD
Monday February 13 2006
11:47PM 3 Samba not listening on hua???
10:29PM 3 recycle bin
9:22PM 1 lilesystem size limit samba on 64bit 2.6 kernel vs. clients win2k/winxp ?
6:02PM 3 libldap not found
4:57PM 0 Samba slowdown under load.
4:36PM 1 Computers changing names in DOMAIN
4:34PM 1 Samba User Authentication
4:31PM 1 How to delete NON-EMPTY directories through a Samba share?
2:32PM 0 Question about Samba 2.2.2 and Active directory.
1:52PM 0 checking password strength issue
1:12PM 0 Can't connect to shared printer
11:29AM 2 New 3.0.21b-1 Samba does not respect system "Groups"
10:33AM 0 Accessing Samba home directories across 2 different NT/AD domains
10:16AM 1 Roaming Profile won't upload to workstation that didn't create it
9:07AM 2 Printer migration problem
5:07AM 0 Linux smb client on a Windows 2000 LAN network
4:52AM 1 Disabling locking for DLL files
1:52AM 0 Commercial questions about Samba
1:24AM 0 install samba on x86_64
Sunday February 12 2006
11:08PM 1 problem with Too many open files
10:07PM 0 PDC Profiles - definitive perms
8:36PM 1 how to set valid allowed workstation logins
4:48PM 1 Neither host nor Windows client can connect to host's LAN IP address
3:25PM 1 XP not saving profiles
7:43AM 0 domain master query
Saturday February 11 2006
10:59PM 0 question regarding the IPC share
10:57PM 1 Regarding samba problem
10:56PM 0 Problems with 2003 Server and Samba 3.0.1
5:54PM 1 Smbmount syntax for two users?
1:54PM 2 GPL question regarding distribution
12:48PM 0 samba can use swap space?
8:57AM 0 stopping samba failed
1:04AM 0 Samba + ldap, acounts expiring? but pdbedit says otherwise
Friday February 10 2006
11:28PM 0 Failing with LDAP backend
10:37PM 0 problem using 'winbind nss info =' statement
7:59PM 0 Domain controller: LDAP server signing requirements +pam
7:51PM 0 Upgraded from 3.0.9 -> 3.0.21b - Now adding machines aproblem
7:20PM 0 Upgraded from 3.0.9 -> 3.0.21b - Now adding machines a problem
6:06PM 0 Adding domain computer account to local group
5:54PM 1 Using Samba PDC for Policies
5:50PM 1 Question on AIX 5.2, Samba and NT domains
5:11PM 2 Autocreate user home directories.
4:39PM 1 Samba, LDAP, and unix account
2:43PM 1 horrifying slow samba.
2:41PM 1 Fwd: WINBIND security methods does not load
2:37PM 0 smbclient chown and chmod problem
2:33PM 0 WINBIND security methods does not load
12:27PM 0 Upgrade to 3.0.14 breaks NT4 client login
10:31AM 1 RE: Samba - cups rights problem
10:12AM 2 Unable to access and browse a DFS tree
1:05AM 0 smbd write performance depending on windows operating system?
12:12AM 0 Help w/ winbind & re-bind after error Referral
12:12AM 0 winbind init script question
Thursday February 9 2006
10:58PM 6 POLL: Does anyone actually use multiple passdb backends on the same server?
10:51PM 6 chown DOMAIN+mylogin /dir fails (Please help)
10:33PM 0 DCE and SAMBA 3.0.21b
9:36PM 1 Error Messages in /var/log/messages
8:26PM 0 [ Re: Solaris ACL vs Unix permissions]
7:12PM 0 BDC error
6:25PM 0 ads kerberos key problem
5:29PM 0 PDC with XP Clients, logon timeouts
4:53PM 0 nmbd strange error messages
4:31PM 1 Solaris ACL vs Unix permissions
4:03PM 0 pam ftp login format?
3:06PM 0 pam samba and aix
2:31PM 0 Subject: filesize problem...
2:10PM 0 SAMBA configuration nightmare (AIX) - idmaps do not work (core dump), ldap/nss_ldap and pam fail
2:08PM 4 idmap backend, LDAP & Windows AD
12:07PM 0 NTLM Login Errors
12:06PM 2 NTLM Join Errors
11:18AM 2 Samba quota's
10:01AM 1 net ads dn - reading netbootGUID attribute
7:45AM 1 [Fwd: Understanding some Policies]
7:45AM 1 [Fwd: Is this option supported by a samba v3 PDC ?]
6:59AM 0 samba/ldap network and domain setup advice
6:32AM 1 About join domain in different subnet.
6:27AM 0 domain user + local admin group
6:19AM 3 Xp Home hack + Domain join
5:54AM 0 Cannot join windows XP machine to Samba Domain
5:53AM 1 Office 2003 hangs when writing to share
3:57AM 0 korean character sets
2:50AM 0 help with Samba v. 3.0.21b authentication
1:42AM 0 filesize problem...
1:26AM 0 Samba 3.0 / 2.2 secret.tbd files
Wednesday February 8 2006
11:36PM 0 Client printer install problem in Active Directory
11:34PM 0 win2k will not authenticate when logging in
11:12PM 0 smbtree on localhost
8:45PM 1 winbind can see some groups but not others
8:45PM 0 Re: Repost: Help - compilation of
8:42PM 1 PDC. Samba
6:20PM 1 displaying ntfs acls for a remote windows host
5:46PM 1 Browse list propagation
3:58PM 1 Primary Group ID (Well-Known RIDs)
3:37PM 0 ldapsam last logon time
3:20PM 1 New trick for old dogs
2:17PM 1 Samba Security
12:03PM 0 Vijay - kerberos + vsftpd
11:47AM 2 ldap authentication without 'ldap filter' parameter
11:21AM 0 strange.. w
10:42AM 0 NT doesn't like that ... primary gid of user [info] is not a Domain group
9:43AM 0 [HELP] Samba resets KickOffTime when changing password
9:29AM 1 Problem with netbios names
4:59AM 0 WG: Samba-Client questions: SMB-blocksize and caching
4:59AM 1 Profiles on different network?
4:59AM 0 Smbmount and permission denied
3:03AM 2 IntegraTUM WebDisk
1:09AM 2 Windows machines won't join Samba Domain...
Tuesday February 7 2006
4:35PM 0 wrong data in var/cache/samba/printing/ ?
2:47PM 0 Migrating Windows Domain
2:25PM 0 samba and idmap_rid panic
2:08PM 0 cp /usr/local/samba/lib/en.msg /usr/local/samba/lib/en_US.msg okay?
12:24PM 0 net rpc printer command problem
10:56AM 0 smbd/service.c:set_current_service(49) + chdir (/data) failed
10:07AM 0 how to use x509 certificates withs SAMBA file serveur ? is it possible ?
9:36AM 1 Samba Deleted My Linux Home Directory ?
9:14AM 1 [resend] SAMBA and X509 certs ?
9:06AM 1 delete readonly
2:46AM 1 hardware and configuration for school's servers
2:46AM 2 Adding Users to Samba Kill Access
2:46AM 2 SAMBA and X509 certs ?
2:35AM 1 Bugzilla down temporarity for server maintenence
1:10AM 0 operation not permitted
Monday February 6 2006
11:20PM 0 SAMBA Winbind and AIX and chown not showing ad user id
10:39PM 0 Samba & Active Directory Trust
10:05PM 2 Getent Not Working
6:27PM 6 Samba rpm and /var/*/samba directory for .tdb files
3:40PM 0 double quote for group inside smb.conf ?
2:20PM 0 Winbind/rid and authentication questions
2:14PM 0 little help with my config please (repost with smb.conf)
12:49PM 5 Samba seems to cause complete server crash
11:57AM 2 How to see files in use in samba, not swat, not smbstatus
6:43AM 2 Samba 3 by Example - chapter 5 & 6 ( Manager -> sambaadmin)
6:25AM 0 samba crashes losing all machine a/c's
3:27AM 0 users doesnot forced to change their password although I already ran pdbedit
Sunday February 5 2006
11:03PM 1 Active Directory and Native Mode - NEw to Samba
10:08PM 0 smbd dead but pid file exists
6:17PM 1 Join Domain Problem?
5:47PM 2 Guarddog, Samba, Win98
12:54PM 0 ok - now how to access a share?
1:34AM 1 Re: BUG 3380: fix crash when changing printer drivers.
1:10AM 4 Too many open files, Bug 3342
12:12AM 0 newbie : mapping problem between linux and samba users
Saturday February 4 2006
6:57PM 2 bwinfo -u works getent passwd doesn't
5:02PM 4 Questions about file system support in Samba
3:19PM 0 Understanding some Policies
3:12PM 0 little help with my config please
3:04PM 0 Is this option supported by a samba v3 PDC ?
3:02PM 0 samba / ldap
12:50PM 1 Usernames & Passwords
7:42AM 1 winbind setup problem
4:21AM 1 user must logon to change password
3:00AM 1 Trying to mount with minimalist smb.conf
12:19AM 7 SAMBA netbois lookup issues
Friday February 3 2006
11:33PM 0 WINS hint please
11:04PM 0 ad and samba and a share - pam needed?
8:20PM 0 Problems viewing shares on a SAMBA/Windows 2003 ADS setup
7:47PM 1 Using samba volume with C# FileSystemWatcher class
7:47PM 0 problems listing over 2000 files using smbmount from a windows share
7:01PM 0 because of ldap migration or bug 1345?
6:55PM 1 How to configure samba to make differen pid for each user attached to it
5:30PM 3 Sharing a Secondary Hard Drive
4:07PM 0 Confused about what I am seeing with domain names - --getdcname fails for ad server
3:32PM 1 Multiple groups accessing subdirectories
3:31PM 1 Cross domain and user home questions.
3:09PM 0 Samba 3.0.21b
2:50PM 8 Confused about what I am seeing with domain names
2:40PM 0 How to automatically add user and machine name when new user / machine login into samba domain?
2:26PM 5 trouble with winbind
10:31AM 1 change password on next logon
7:11AM 0 samba with remote ldap backend
1:55AM 0 can we have 2 administrator for a Linux Server ?
1:54AM 1 MSAccess can't cope with Samba printer set as default
1:45AM 0 Samba 3.0.21 with ADS authentication on Solaris
1:02AM 2 Enabling 'idmap backend = ad' for user auth
12:54AM 0 XP not creating thumbs.db on samba shares... Solved!
Thursday February 2 2006
11:40PM 0 re: installing samba PDC on the same server ?
11:34PM 0 Re: installing samba PDC on the same server ?
8:37PM 0 Winbind Username Lookups
6:23PM 0 Re: Samba on AIX
5:07PM 0 Trouble with smbstatus
3:49PM 0 re installing samba PDC on the same server ?
2:37PM 1 tdb corruption
2:03PM 0 Users get their roaming profiles read only!
1:45PM 0 BUG? smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root
10:06AM 0 administrator rights on workstation
10:02AM 3 samba4wins only with samba >=3.0.21?
6:33AM 4 Newbie - samba 3 as PDC
3:44AM 1 disk space limit
2:12AM 1 how to set share folder for every user ?
1:36AM 2 DFS redirection to sub-folders beyond share
12:16AM 2 Error building with Fedora packaging
Wednesday February 1 2006
11:39PM 1 Samba 4
10:52PM 0 errors joining win 2000 to samba pdc
10:52PM 2 VFS audit
10:52PM 2 domain users + local admin group
10:52PM 2 Newbie: Directory Not Accessible
10:45PM 0 SAMBA 3.0.21b expired password issue for Solaris 9 - perhaps a bug in winbind or /etc/pam.conf misconfigure
10:10PM 0 guest access to samba shares from windows
9:22PM 3 Manual UID & GID mapping with Active Directory
8:09PM 0 Windows Program to generate smb hashs
7:48PM 1 logins fine, then not: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
7:40PM 4 Red Hat and "use sendfile"
7:01PM 0 Newbie: Samba Directory Security Issue
4:07PM 4 ADS and samba domain member: ads_connect: Cannot resolve network address for KDC in requ
4:05PM 3 Increasing samba performance
3:02PM 0 Fwd: ADS and samba domain member: ads_connect: Cannot resolve network address for KDC in requested realm
3:00PM 1 ADS and samba domain member: ads_connect: Cannot resolve network address for KDC in requested realm
2:46PM 2 RPM Version
2:03PM 1 Reset the user and group mapping database
1:58PM 1 How to create seperate .rpm's for RedHat
1:36PM 3 No access check deleting printer drivers
12:41PM 6 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root
12:10PM 0 Can samba change file's ownership?
12:09PM 1 secure channel & ntlmssp in 3.0.21b
11:56AM 0 samba + active directory : I delete a file in the windows profile, it reappears on another station!
5:46AM 0 3.0.21b: smbmount hangs
3:09AM 2 User Rights for shared files
1:39AM 0 (no subject)
1:38AM 1 Questions about Samba
1:37AM 0 Net rpc share migrate
12:07AM 2 Problems Compiling samba on HP-UX 11.00