samba - May 2005

Tuesday May 31 2005
11:42PM 0 Access denied error when trying to join XP to Samba Domain
10:59PM 0 Changing Samba-UID
10:53PM 1 net password from OS/2 client
10:46PM 2 Winbind with NIS
10:00PM 1 ADS WKGUID error
9:59PM 0 ADS WKGUID join error
9:48PM 0 Obtaining log level 10 for just specified user(s) (MS Word & Excel File Locking issue - still
7:03PM 0 winbind caching problem
6:46PM 1 weird problem
6:10PM 2 dos filetimes and documentation
5:00PM 0 Problems transferring Large Files(>1 GB) from Windows to Linux.
4:30PM 1 FW: Samba workgroup authentication
4:28PM 0 windbind stopped working
3:51PM 0 max time out
3:44PM 0 XP domain join troubles - is it XP or Samba issue?
3:33PM 1 winbind: idmap_rid - no user mapping
3:15PM 1 How to get netbios aliases not show up in browse list?
2:46PM 0 Subject: RE: Samba compatibility with NetAPP filers
2:23PM 1 Remote conection!
2:12PM 0 Special Report from DM Direct: May 31, 2005
2:08PM 1 compile errors samba-3.0.15pre2 redhat 7.3
12:24PM 0 Problem Vampire
9:29AM 1 Samba AD member
8:33AM 0 Problem setting up msdfs links to multiple targets
7:21AM 0 local users can't access a shared folder when samba is joined in the domain.
5:55AM 0 smbtar can't backup DVD device
3:22AM 1 Illegal multibyte character ...
3:03AM 0 [Fwd: samba versions above 3.0.11 doesn't respect 'dos charset' option.]
Monday May 30 2005
11:02PM 0 Problem with default keyboard layout
10:38PM 1 failed to add domain dn= sambaDomainName=hostname
6:20PM 1 pwd-must-change-time=0 not working on windows 98!!
5:42PM 2 Cannot get workgroup name
3:25PM 2 smbclient hangs
2:58PM 0 Smbclient browse shares Windows 2003?
2:45PM 0 Problem with Vampire.....
2:11PM 0 strange uid <--> rid mapping situation
2:05PM 0 Hi Fellow Samba users,
1:40PM 3 Obtaining log level 10 for just specified user(s) (MS Word & Excel File Locking issue - still)
12:42PM 1 Is this a new tls problem?
11:12AM 2 Fonts on shares (thai)
10:35AM 1 Outlook Express Mailstore on Samba share
10:16AM 0 Samba/Winbind accessing AD every 5 minutes ??
10:15AM 0 modification time
10:05AM 1 Joining Sun NAS to samba domain
7:47AM 0 Long Delays Displaying Small Folders in Windows Explorer (samba-3.0.10-1 FC2)
7:29AM 0 Naresh - Request
5:03AM 0 is dns required for windows domain?
4:28AM 1 read-only folders and files
Sunday May 29 2005
10:31PM 1 Two Sambas, but the new version is not activ
7:05PM 0 Please forward to Roger Harden
6:50PM 2 pstools / psexec equivalent for Samba / Linux?
2:53PM 0 How to check quota on SMBFS mounted file system from Unix
2:33PM 0 Horrendously slow transfer speeds in FC3 is drivingmecrazy!!! Please help... - SOLVED!
2:25PM 0 PAR1S H1LTON Movie - It shows her boyfriend sucking on he
1:11PM 1 samba docu starting?
11:43AM 0 Windows client settings for logons to samba 3.0.10 pdc
12:31AM 0 Undeliverable message returned to sender
Saturday May 28 2005
11:02PM 0 Join Request
7:36PM 0 Problem in Samba about Not Enough Server Storage Available
11:54AM 0 Couldn't find group @XXXX although group exists 3.01014
11:31AM 6 Remote Desktop Users as ADM-template?
4:31AM 1 Notice: **Last Warning**
Friday May 27 2005
6:00PM 1 ADS Join problem samba3.0.14a kerberos 1.3.5
5:41PM 1 performance on small files transfers
5:34PM 0 Re: Samba file transfer problem.
4:07PM 0 If you wondered what happened to the 3.0.15 release....
4:02PM 0 NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error message
3:37PM 0 Trusted Domain Gorups
1:17PM 6 Samba and Windows ACL Issue
1:10PM 1 Affordable & Reliable Web Hosting Solution for you!
12:29PM 1 Winbind - nsswitch.conf - SLES9
8:14AM 1 Samba > 3.0.14a
3:09AM 1 Problem reading docs in .pdf
Thursday May 26 2005
8:02PM 1 SAMBA winbind problems
6:14PM 1 Re: RE pdb_ldap.c, ldapsam_add_sam_account, existing poxisaccount
5:32PM 3 Help with samba and a VM
5:04PM 0 failing WINS test #1
4:41PM 0 Emergency - Samba Performance Consultant Required (2 hours - $500)
4:04PM 0 result was WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
2:22PM 0 Question On PDC, usernames case insensetive on windows
1:24PM 1 net ads join -> "No such file or directory" error ???
1:22PM 2 Upgrade samba from 2.2.7 to 3.0.14a
11:21AM 1 kernel error smb_errno: class ERRSRV, code 91 from command 0x32
9:40AM 0 Review about uid and gid mount option
9:38AM 0 Samba PDC, Usernames case sensetive on linux
9:21AM 1 samba-ldap and cyrillic
8:06AM 5 samba3 and kerberos authentication of users
7:24AM 0 files and folder locking
3:40AM 1 Power Users
12:23AM 0 change password failure
12:21AM 0 net use error
Wednesday May 25 2005
11:39PM 2 Volume Size
11:11PM 0 Samba 3.0.14a-1 and OSX Tiger Troubles
11:08PM 1 Restricting SAMBA access to selected Domain Users?
7:59PM 2 Career Opportunity
6:52PM 3 Auto-Extracting/expanging ISO images
6:47PM 0 Linux 2.4.29 w/ acl, joining domain, all system memory used up?!
6:31PM 0 Informal HOWTO - transparent authentication and optional
6:12PM 1 Unix Password Sync -- Are Passwords Encryped?
3:43PM 1 /var full issue: FreeBSD 5.4, Samba 3
3:39PM 0 Problem with unix extensions
3:13PM 1 HELP !!! samba shows shares without content
2:07PM 2 How to force XP to use an unqualified username?
1:38PM 0 Trouble with access permissions from W2K client to Samba 3.0.2 server
12:44PM 1 can I have more than one PDC?
11:41AM 0 Using the check names button in windows to look partial names.
11:07AM 0 Fwd: Re: Problem in fetching usernames of a group
10:06AM 0 Can't join PC's to Domain - object class 'sambaSamAccount' requires attribute 'sambaSID'
9:35AM 2 log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m creates 2 logfiles per client
9:28AM 1 Samba vs ActiveDirectory Kerberos error message
9:18AM 0 Problem with disabled user name and password fields in login dialogue on Windows XP SP2
8:58AM 1 Problems with winbind Samba 3.014a
8:27AM 1 Heartbeat + DRBD cluster : What are the config files to set in the shared volume ?
7:22AM 1 Winbind - loss of trust
6:44AM 2 binding interfaces
6:30AM 0 Re: Private document
3:40AM 3 mapping with username: "user@domain" failed
Tuesday May 24 2005
9:46PM 3 sharing NFS mounts
8:11PM 1 PDC Preference
8:07PM 0 Excel files Locking up problem
7:45PM 0 SAMBA 3.0.14a and Windows 2003 Server SP1
7:29PM 2 smb an NFS dir?
7:01PM 4 New to Samba, need help
6:51PM 1 ADS join troubles 3.0.14a
4:57PM 1 Intermittent long (~20-second) delays getting to files in a share
4:55PM 0 "Delayed Write Failed" and other similar errors on Windows machines
2:34PM 1 couldn't find service %u
10:25AM 0 gid not resolving
10:07AM 2 AW: Performance problem when writing large files!
9:00AM 1 Samba net rpc group add NT_STATUS _ACCESS_DENIED
9:00AM 0 WINS resolution not working on WINS Server
6:51AM 0 SVN checkout problem
6:39AM 1 Performance problem when writing large files!
4:05AM 0 how to use the *.patch file
Monday May 23 2005
9:54PM 0 Problem when i join Win XP-SP2 client to samba
9:37PM 0 churros
8:42PM 0 wrong number of files
7:58PM 3 Samba server crashes when logging in at XP
7:48PM 1 keytabs vs. secret store
6:49PM 1 DNS Problem under Windows XP Clients
5:24PM 1 CentOS 3.4 + Samba 3.0.9-1.3E.2, winbind problems
5:12PM 2 Testing domain group membership
4:52PM 3 Samba Domain Administrator
4:17PM 2 Problem with PDC OpenLDAP logon at Win2K/XP
3:26PM 1 Problem browsing share with W2k and XP.
3:24PM 1 One User, One Ldap, Multiple Domains
3:18PM 1 Odd Disconnect problem, again. (Recv failure for 4?)
2:07PM 1 Samb Group Printing
12:42PM 2 Netbios Alias
12:28PM 2 Is there a libsmb to make a client / server ?
12:15PM 3 Disabling [printers] share
11:41AM 0 ls -l name lookup not working with winbind Samba 3.14a
11:11AM 1 Help in performing a Half-Migration from NT to samba3.
10:42AM 1 Samba3 BDC
10:04AM 0 Accessing windows XP computers on the Network
9:56AM 0 Samba / OpenBSD - Group-Members limitation
9:09AM 2 ACL file system
8:51AM 0 Browsing.
6:44AM 0 Configuration on Sun Solaris 9/Sun SPAARC
5:46AM 1 OS X 10.4.1 ( Tiger ) client borked
2:51AM 0 Snap server can't resolve master browser
Sunday May 22 2005
11:05PM 1 Storing GPC and GPT
10:50PM 1 nsswitch not calling winbindd - suse 9.3 64 bit & Samba 3.0.14a
10:06PM 2 some cannot join domain
9:00PM 2 samba with win xp home
12:01PM 1 Strange intermittent join with XP SP2 and Samba 3.0.14a
Saturday May 21 2005
10:00PM 0 Siebel Email Marketing Error: No requests found
11:15AM 3 Standardized Benchmarking?
4:29AM 1 ssh + pam_winbind error 'incorrect password or invaid membership'
3:22AM 0 (no subject)
3:17AM 1 wbinfo -u: Error looking up domain users
3:16AM 0 (no subject)
1:16AM 1 Samba-3 by Example Exercise 2.3
Friday May 20 2005
7:01PM 1 Print Share Problem
5:05PM 2 run a script with "administrator" credentials?
4:45PM 3 SMB service not starting automatically
4:13PM 3 samba4 openldap
4:09PM 1 Re-2: Samba3 on SCO Openserver
3:38PM 0 Message Stopped by Bothways : Block Greater than 40 recip
3:36PM 1 Print servers lose connection
2:44PM 0 Alert Re MS Microsoft Office 2003 Pro / XP shortcuts on Samba
2:36PM 6 Samba and Window 2003
2:14PM 2 Samba3 on SCO Openserver
1:47PM 0 Q.'s about file system rights and winbind
1:43PM 2 Non-algorithmic RIDs
1:43PM 0 keeping tdb synchronized.
1:43PM 0 client mysteriously restricted to read-only
1:20PM 1 Winbind/ads/pam auth
12:48PM 0 Migrating from NT4 questions
12:14PM 0 Samba and Windows XP
11:20AM 2 Converting passwords to Linux (NIS)
3:11AM 0 List Command Transaction Report
3:10AM 0 Help for the Net Services Mail Server
2:04AM 3 LDAP master-slave and BDC ?
Thursday May 19 2005
11:27PM 3 Having it both ways with winbind
11:11PM 0 Samba "spamming" Windows ADS server event logs with "pre-authentication failure"?
10:39PM 0 Problems syncing Samba and Linux passwords
9:58PM 0 ADS & Kerberos Woes
8:50PM 1 making MS server 2003 a domain member server
6:22PM 1 securing root to administrator mapping
5:08PM 1 login and WinNT
4:24PM 0 winbind and vnc revisited
4:08PM 1 SMB issues across VPN
3:24PM 1 Trusted domains with ldapsam_compat in samba 3
3:09PM 0 Samba 3 and AD
2:30PM 1 ACLs on a member server
2:19PM 1 Re: One more
1:24PM 0 (no subject)
11:22AM 2 Winbind nsswitch stuff.
11:00AM 1 samba and Apple's open directory
9:40AM 1 Mac OSX breaking POSIX rights with SMB/CIFS
8:15AM 1 Re: One more
6:13AM 2 Abwesenheitsnotiz: ***SPAM*** Auslaenderpolitik
Wednesday May 18 2005
10:50PM 2 Trouble joining domain at BDC site
9:03PM 3 dual boot linux/winxp, winbind
8:47PM 1 Samba Comple Problem on Solaris 2.8
8:17PM 1 samba vpn pptp [the specified network name is no longer available]
7:27PM 0 Problem accessing samba fileserver with smbclient using Kerberos
6:50PM 4 Two questions on winbind and nsswitch.conf
5:24PM 0 Did posixGroups ever get fixed?
5:04PM 0 Re: RHEL 3 and MIT kerberos
4:44PM 1 Samba+LDAP PDC working, but without groups
4:30PM 0 Re: Upgrade process from FC3 to FC4?
3:16PM 0 Tiger, Samba, and ADS (resend)
2:51PM 0 All works except MS Office 2003 Pro navigation of win . shortcuts to shares
2:49PM 1 Tiger, Samba, and ADS
2:40PM 0 All works except MS Office 2003 Pro navigation of win. shortcuts to shares
2:33PM 1 samba server as dfs host?
2:18PM 0 Samba 3 dms doesn't allow access through interdomain trust
1:23PM 0 strange error
1:23PM 0 Re: Good day
1:17PM 2 Winbind Problem
1:01PM 0 Err#150 EINPROGRESS
12:43PM 2 winbind users and vnc logins
12:36PM 0 mac os x
12:35PM 0 Message ("Your message dated Wed, 18 May 2005 12:30:57 UTC...")
11:12AM 0 ldap user suffix, 3.0.14a
10:47AM 0 MS Desktop and MyDocuments in /home?
9:53AM 0 Winbind problem with Solaris 8
9:43AM 0 Strange Konqueror behaviow with samba share
9:30AM 0 Mounting Wind0ws server share with write access
8:51AM 1 NetShareEnum
8:47AM 0 autocad locking problem
8:31AM 0 Posting to debian-bugs-dist is not allowed
8:31AM 0 Posting to debian-bugs-rc is not allowed
2:43AM 0 Upgrading from Samba 2 to Samba 3
2:40AM 1 Cannot get machines to logon to domain
2:21AM 1 (no subject)
1:40AM 1 large file sizes
12:41AM 0 Réponse automatique d'absence du bureau : Augen auf
12:14AM 1 OS X Server and Duplication
Tuesday May 17 2005
9:34PM 3 Excel files marked read only in 3.0.11
7:42PM 1 Compiling mount.cifs on OS X Client 10.3.x and headache
7:16PM 6 RPC error logging in to PDC on Win-64
7:08PM 0 Capture files
6:16PM 1 smbldap-tools broken pipe
5:54PM 1 Allow write but not overwrite?
5:23PM 6 Samba compatibility with NetAPP filers.
5:04PM 1 Users' Profiles
4:37PM 0 Win2k ADS and winbind concerns
4:34PM 1 Group SID problems?
4:28PM 0 AD+Krb5 problem.
4:13PM 2 Samba smbpasswds and local Linux passwords
4:07PM 0 SID
4:01PM 0 NT domain computer account
3:43PM 3 Restricting winbind to the default domain
3:33PM 1 strange problem trying to connect to SMB server
3:18PM 0 reporting Wrong Password
3:17PM 0 Re: nazi spam in German over list address
2:32PM 1 Re: nazi spam in German over list address
2:21PM 3 Linux integration with AD
2:06PM 1 winbind and system-auth (on FC3)
12:46PM 1 (no subject)
12:33PM 0 howto share printers to everybody and homes to unix users
11:27AM 1 Workgroups
7:26AM 3 No Folder browseable
7:21AM 2 net command replacements for smbldap-tools
7:21AM 1 samba-3.0.0 to samba-3.0.10 upgrade
1:27AM 1 Samba server suddenly started asking for authentication of the us ers
1:02AM 3 Feature request: delete machine script
12:46AM 1 File list Performance question
Monday May 16 2005
9:10PM 1 Terminal Service profile path
8:56PM 1 Client not found in Kerberos database
8:46PM 0 samba 3.0.10
8:45PM 2 Alternative way of installing Windows printer drivers on a Samba 3.0 server
7:26PM 0 Samba and mySQL
6:54PM 1 Domain Users group howto...
6:49PM 0 unable to connect to the SMB server from WIN XP
6:27PM 1 Re: nazi spam in German over list address
6:21PM 1 Win2K3 Server, in Terminal Session, Problem connecting to SAMBA server.
5:14PM 0 Re: nazi spam in German over list address
3:19PM 1 Can't See All Linux Shares
3:17PM 0 Problem with performance.
2:55PM 2 Question about ACL.
2:33PM 1 Solaris, Winbind and Active Directory Authentication
2:02PM 1 Username DOMAIN\SAMBA_CLIENT1$ is invalid...
1:08PM 0 Re: The Whore Lived Like a German [#6214433]
12:50PM 1 Samba By Example
11:36AM 0 Some aclaration with smb.conf
11:36AM 0 Source of Spam - Windows
9:41AM 0 ACL strange problem.
7:28AM 2 Winbind problem when exec freeradius
7:26AM 0 Autoresponder about Tuerkei in die EU
6:22AM 0 FW: Problems compiling samba-3.0.15pre2 on Solaris 9
6:02AM 0 Invitacion
5:20AM 0 [Fwd: [Fwd: Help with file sharing]]
5:19AM 0 Can't authenticate to mount mapped drives
5:19AM 0 can I subscribe to linix.samba
5:19AM 0 corruption in the locking tdb, samba panics [SOLVED]
5:18AM 0 print spool file not created
5:18AM 0 Re: Auth problems 3.0.13
5:18AM 1 I could really use some help here (SAMBA PDC)
5:17AM 0 HELP !!! migrating from win2000 pdc to linux pdc
5:17AM 0 FW: Limit user groups
5:17AM 1 how can i mount file over 2G by samba ? ( The one file is over 6G)
5:08AM 2 help
Sunday May 15 2005
2:35PM 0 Trotz Stellenabbau
2:20PM 0 Inter Domain Trusts
1:41PM 4 Re: nazi spam in German over list address
12:41PM 0 idmap_rid problem - winbindd_sid_to_uid: Could not get uid for sid
10:50AM 0 Samba (RHEL 3) hangs after few days or even hours
6:49AM 0 list TSP-SHARE: List Message Rejected
3:34AM 1 Dresden Bombing Is To Be Regretted Enormously
3:20AM 0 Some Do - Some Don't
2:59AM 0 Re: Dresden Bombing Is To Be Regretted Enormously
1:40AM 1 The Whore Lived Like a German
Saturday May 14 2005
5:25PM 0 Samba-1.9.17p1 Release
4:08PM 0 offline situations: winbind on notebooks ?
3:53PM 1 permissions not transferred using robocopy, xxcopy, net share migrate shares
3:31PM 1 SWAT
11:37AM 1 Intermittent file server problems
Friday May 13 2005
9:48PM 0 Fw: directory permissions
9:28PM 2 directory permissions
8:08PM 1 users can login; groups fail even though groups are visible in getent
6:29PM 0 Weird 'net getlocalsid' problem (Samba + LDAP)
5:37PM 0 Computer Management with samba, possible?
5:19PM 0 How to sync the Unix password with Samba password
5:06PM 4 Gigabit Throughput too low
3:59PM 0 Please, Help on Winbind/Squid
2:19PM 0 possible SMBmount problem
2:04PM 0 WINS and multiple samba servers one subnet
1:46PM 1 Manage ACL.
1:38PM 2 losing access to profile when user becomes domain user instead domain admin
1:09PM 0 Unable to delete from Windows after remapping drive
12:19PM 2 Samba-3 by example Ch.3
11:54AM 2 MSI deployement with script ?
10:55AM 2 Horrendously slow transfer speeds in FC3 is driving me crazy!!! Please help...
10:35AM 1 cupsaddsmb problem
10:18AM 1 Samba 3.0.14a, Windows 2k3 and ADS
10:06AM 0 weird characters in files created by gnome login on samba share
9:45AM 0 smbd crashing when accessing share
8:45AM 1 level2 oplocks problem
8:22AM 0 Refreshing file info in a Windows XP clients
6:43AM 0 File lock in hybrids setups
3:11AM 0 samba and vfs deleted items folder
2:59AM 1 Machine Account info in Domain Controller
1:27AM 1 samba problems on aix
1:19AM 0 include files
12:09AM 0 Printer Installation Issues on Win XP (Samba 3.0.10 as PDC)
Thursday May 12 2005
11:08PM 0 Guest access with Kerberos does not work
8:11PM 0 The semaphore timeout period has expired
6:53PM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OB1261_1115922051_LUMMAIL_3 wa s generated
6:36PM 0 problem with file transfer under samba
6:10PM 2 not able to do dns lookups after following samba 3 by example
5:01PM 1 Doing a Node status request to the domain master browser at IP failed
4:54PM 3 Sarbanes-Oxley headaches
4:48PM 0 howto share printers and homes diferent way
4:05PM 0 Printers not visible in "Add Printer Wizard"
2:08PM 0 samba 3.0.x tool net
1:33PM 1 Samba & AIX
1:30PM 3 New ADS infrastructure with winbind - Which is the best ID-mapping: IDMAP_RID or IDMAP LDAP with ADS + SFU schema ?
12:57PM 0 [HELP-Syntax] net rpc share migrate
12:40PM 0 error in nbmstatus
9:27AM 0 SV: Samba + AD etc.
8:18AM 2 Exchange 5.5 on a Samba Domain
6:09AM 3 Log deletion of file
3:17AM 1 MULTI-USER databases
2:14AM 2 samba-3.0.6 on Redhat AS3
12:43AM 4 excessive TCP retransmissions with samba 3.0, slow file opening
12:02AM 0 kerberos authentication question (NIS accounts)
Wednesday May 11 2005
10:26PM 1 Slow Session Setup AndX
9:50PM 0 locking files with samba - is that possible?
9:33PM 0 My Samba share changes the timestamp when copying files to it.. (Preserve Time)
8:08PM 2 inter domain trust - another network
7:06PM 0 How do I get rid of a disabled IP address
7:02PM 0 User cannot change password not implemented in 3.x ?
6:28PM 0 ACLis working with smbclient, not working while accessing share from Windows ?
5:48PM 3 smbldap_open_connection(623)
5:43PM 0 AD authentication almost but not quite
5:35PM 0 Samba, normal?
5:19PM 1 Unable to join W2K pro to samba domain
5:10PM 1 samba3.0.14a, Windows2003, ADS
4:00PM 0 samba a winxp service pack2
3:41PM 1 Username in "admin users" is not eq root
2:52PM 1 Samba + AD etc.
2:22PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 29, Issue 14
2:22PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 29, Issue 13
1:27PM 1 structuralObjectClass and smbldap-tools
1:12PM 1 "hosts allow" in smb.conf expects only FQDN, not alias or netbios name!?
12:08PM 1 cifs share / unable to load nls charset utf8
10:17AM 1 SV: Error with usrmgr and groups.
9:46AM 0 profiles not loading
8:38AM 0 KDC Disconnected.
8:11AM 2 ACL and recursive permission
5:34AM 1 Force GID specific number
4:07AM 2 Group Nesting
2:19AM 2 Does or doesn't vampiring users add them into multipl e groups at the same time?
Tuesday May 10 2005
9:53PM 1 pam authentication?
9:05PM 2 samba + pptp
8:50PM 1 Re: Windows XP SP2, Azureus, and Samba
8:19PM 0 Resolution logon script trouble (net use lpt), a problem with windows 98se
7:26PM 2 Read-only and POSIX ACLs
6:12PM 0 Winbindd and squid ... help please
5:44PM 0 home directories on two server
5:18PM 0 Samba 3.0 + AIX 5.2 Howto
5:01PM 2 Can I tranfer my samba data to ldapsam from tdbsam?
4:53PM 2 Question about LDAP migration...
4:33PM 1 Samba BDC in the same subnet not gettingconnection requests
4:07PM 1 Error with usrmgr and groups.
2:56PM 2 ADS and Samba
2:18PM 2 Using ldap for permissions/authenication
2:17PM 1 Different shells
2:13PM 1 Browsing across networks
2:10PM 1 CIFS and DFS
1:50PM 1 Question regarding share security
1:35PM 1 PDC with winbind functionality
12:36PM 0 roaming profiles act as local (3.0.14a-1)
11:29AM 1 Samba 3 ADS problem with %g variable
11:28AM 0 rid_idmap_get_id_from_sid: no suitable range available for sid
10:07AM 0 Fail to find correct group
8:06AM 0 Refreshing file info in the Windows XP clients
7:48AM 1 Are the following cockups in ldap entries or normal behaviour now ?
7:24AM 1 Does or doesn't vampiring users add them into multiple groups at the same time?
6:25AM 1 high network traffic
2:33AM 1 Printer sleep mode problem
Monday May 9 2005
7:42PM 1 Windows Server 2003
7:03PM 1 Problem adding users from Windows using svrtool package
6:39PM 0 Inappropriate message has been deleted and not delivered
4:52PM 1 login on WinNT and 9X
4:36PM 1 A few questions
4:32PM 1 Changing AD passwords from Unix box
2:54PM 2 can join the W2K domain controller
2:38PM 2 3.0.14 and MacOs X (tiger)
2:13PM 0 Solaris 10 provided samba installation
1:48PM 0 logon script trouble (net use lpt)
11:50AM 1 Strange Problem with Sharp PCL Printer Drivers
9:42AM 1 Samba+ldap, Getent and AD (aka the good bad and the downright ugly)
9:36AM 1 Unable to load NLS charset utf-8
3:58AM 2 XP SP2 - winlogon.exe crashes
3:41AM 2 sambaDomainName=DOMAIN for next free id
Sunday May 8 2005
8:39PM 0 Basic Setup Question
5:19PM 2 Samba docs
2:20PM 2 REPOST No 3 - Browsing Problem on Samba 3.0.14 PLEASE HELP!!!
12:36PM 1 ACL & roaming profiles - XP SP2 - Samba 3.14a
3:51AM 2 Samba / AD / Winbind issues
3:27AM 0 .com with 15 Mb hosting Rs.900/= only.
2:24AM 4 dhcpv6
Saturday May 7 2005
10:36PM 0 XP Joining samba domain issue
10:17PM 1 [Nearly Resolved] Samba-3 by Example, Ex 2.4
8:17PM 2 Samba & Win2k AD domain membership
6:40PM 0 Read the Docs
1:49PM 0 Accessing shares from Windows 2003 AD server
1:39PM 0 force group broken in 3.0.14?
12:28PM 1 Win9x via Kix unable to get extended user attributes
Friday May 6 2005
10:19PM 1 Browsing problem
9:31PM 1 Problem getting Solaris 8 server to join an AD Domain
9:00PM 2 Samba BDC in the same subnet not getting connection requests
8:39PM 0 Version 3.0.10-1.fc3
7:10PM 1 issues with 3.0.14a domain member after 2003 dc upgrade
6:50PM 3 Winbind issues with UID and GID mappings
6:18PM 0 Samba LDAP PDC, BDC + Shared Interdomain Trust secret
6:10PM 1 print queue not clearing out automatically
5:20PM 0 SMB Across VPN and socket options
5:13PM 0 samba 3.0.14a + solaris acls
4:10PM 3 2000 Terminal Server issues
3:46PM 0 weird error mounting 2 homes from winxp.
2:51PM 0 AW: create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID
1:58PM 1 msdfs not working on netbios aliases?
12:13PM 1 USRMGR issues, net rpc ... OK
11:35AM 2 Winbind Issues
11:23AM 0 Re: Strangely slow tranfers speeds...
10:38AM 0 Copy count with HP printers
9:34AM 2 Roaming profiles and accounts
7:40AM 1 create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID
7:29AM 0 how to check whether samba server with security =ads is working fine or not
6:06AM 4 File Modify/Delete Problems with Samba 3.0.14a and Windows XP
6:03AM 3 Tru64 unix version...
5:42AM 1 idmap_sid_to_uid is not get called?
5:01AM 0 Authentication of Windows share fails
3:50AM 0 smbd startup error
2:13AM 0 Perf difference between Windows mapped drive and UNC share accessing Samba share?
Thursday May 5 2005
11:15PM 0 winbind pam_mount
10:27PM 0 Browsing Problem on Samba 3.0.14 -Repost-
10:17PM 0 Samba demon fails, User none in passdb, but getpwnam() fail
9:20PM 1 Weird authentication difference between smbclient and smbmount
9:17PM 0 "net rpc share (hostname)" doesn't work?
8:54PM 0 Samba with Domain trusts
7:53PM 2 getting SID on a Samba 2.2.2 domain
7:34PM 2 Fwd: Follow Up - Problem with groups & joining domain.- LDAP
6:13PM 3 Use Samba as drop-in replacement for NFS
4:42PM 0 New/Changed users can't login to samba PDC
4:33PM 0 Release 2.2.2
4:22PM 1 TRU64 5.1.A
2:12PM 0 {Virus?} Eu te amo
1:54PM 0 Trusted Domain's users not authenticating properly.
1:34PM 0 Login problems in Windows XP
11:02AM 0 Problem Save Printer Properties
10:47AM 1 PDC: Unable to change password from windows XP box
8:58AM 1 slow logon from wireless network (roaming profiles)
5:49AM 1 Auto mount/ auto map of shares
5:37AM 0 Samba+LDAP on Fedora or Redhat. system-config-athentication / redhat-config-authentication
12:40AM 0 Mac OS X 10.4 AD / Samba problems
Wednesday May 4 2005
11:49PM 1 browsing/nmbd problem - OS X
11:22PM 1 The 'nobody' account (mapping not found for gidNumber: 99)
10:54PM 0 Strangely slow tranfers speeds with samba 3.0.10 and FC3...
8:56PM 2 samba activity visualization tool
6:50PM 1 Can u help me
6:31PM 0 OS X Finder can't write to [Homes]
6:01PM 1 strange problems with permissions
5:20PM 0 trouble with Machine accounts
5:13PM 1 samba and winxp SP2
5:06PM 0 Restoring domain Administrator
5:01PM 0 Printers inaccesible
4:41PM 3 roaming profiles problem for new users
4:26PM 0 Netlogon fail .
4:16PM 0 Groupmapping trouble
3:40PM 0 W2k to W2k3 winbind enumeration issue?
3:40PM 1 "You are not allowed to log in interactively"
3:16PM 4 Adding XP pc to domain
2:10PM 0 Browsing Problem on Samba 3.0.14
2:07PM 1 LATEST SAMBA VERSION - Solaris 5.9
1:32PM 0 Problems with lexmark printers
12:33PM 1 Error in logs
12:28PM 1 owner and group permission
12:22PM 1 IDMAP question.
11:46AM 0 winbind failing
10:20AM 0 Variable substitution or wildcards in "username map"
9:44AM 1 why limit winbind to trusted domain only ?
9:43AM 1 Loading samba config from ldap instead of smb.conf
9:14AM 0 Machine trusts after migration
7:22AM 3 Dual ethernet server on the same LAN
6:39AM 1 Unstable connection to AD
4:05AM 2 exop vs md5
2:08AM 1 samba3.schema ??
12:40AM 2 winbind cache time?
Tuesday May 3 2005
11:09PM 0 OS/2 EA extended attributes issue / volunteer testing
10:32PM 0 Directory Contents Not Viewable
7:30PM 0 Adobe Software from 70USD(Mac&PC).Microsoft Software from 80USD(PC).
6:39PM 2 Migrating roaming profiles to samba
6:04PM 1 Problems with Tiger SMB connections
5:51PM 1 weird permission problem
5:27PM 1 Directories and group permissions
3:16PM 1 slow access while crossmounting samba
3:08PM 1 Conversion smbpasswd 2.2.8 to 3.0.13
2:56PM 0 A problems wiuth https ?
2:46PM 0 Granting Root privileges to Domain Member Server
2:29PM 0 net getlocalsid problem ???
2:29PM 0 wbinfo -u
1:41PM 1 the profiles keeps mapping!
1:22PM 1 Migrating Fileservers to LDAP
12:33PM 2 Problem with multi-user accessing Access DB
12:09PM 1 Creating a BDC
11:59AM 0 Samba 3.0.10-1.4E and RedHat Enterprise 4.
11:54AM 2 Problem with Windows XP
10:55AM 2 nscd, ldap and the root/Administrator account
10:11AM 1 Problems when try access to share
9:45AM 3 Revealing linux quota to windows users?
8:58AM 6 BDC, documentation, Machine Accounts Keep Expiring
8:41AM 0 Help on Winbind/Squid => Authentification work's at 75% .. cache possible ?
8:29AM 1 Option 'valid users' disappear in SWAT
6:24AM 1 Hi.
5:53AM 0 winbind: 3.0.14 to 2.2.7? NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED...
5:42AM 1 admin users
Monday May 2 2005
9:57PM 0 Network Places question
8:53PM 0 Strange file permissions behavior
7:21PM 0 User gets access denied after changed AD password
6:59PM 0 Samba 3.0.10-1.4E and RedHat ES 4.0
5:37PM 1 problem with remote profiles
5:35PM 3 Loosing admin privileges after login
5:26PM 0 winbindd terminates with INTERNAL_ERROR
5:10PM 1 HELP: winbindd stops with INTERNAL ERROR
4:54PM 1 What is good about kereberos auth?
4:50PM 2 Migrating Samba
4:27PM 0 General security question
4:17PM 0 I am unable to access my shares: Incorrect password orInvalid user name
3:22PM 1 browsing via vpn problem
10:52AM 4 auth methods and ads
12:10AM 1 samba errors
Sunday May 1 2005
10:16PM 1 ACL and copy/move file
7:38PM 1 My public folder is not public
6:11PM 0 Samba-3 By Example, Example 2.4
2:40PM 2 Samba-3 by Example Ch 6
10:43AM 1 Samba 3 PDC with ldapsam and login problem
10:18AM 1 Problems with norwegian letters when browsing samba share.
3:16AM 1 wbinfo -n and wbinfo -s are broken with win2003 SP1
3:10AM 2 smbclient - recently broken?
1:46AM 0 browsing list of nmb not correctly updated
12:10AM 3 every increasing connection count followed by load # overload