R help - Mar 2003

Monday March 31 2003
11:13PM 0 Windows XP specific memory problems
10:09PM 4 Convert char vector to numeric table
10:06PM 1 nonpos. def. var-cov matrix
8:53PM 1 model.tables limitations
8:42PM 2 power.t.test
8:02PM 2 Does R have an inverse wishart distribution?
7:46PM 3 monte carlo method for circle area
5:55PM 1 circle
4:11PM 1 rbind data.frames with character vectors?
3:48PM 2 Using R2HTML
3:40PM 0 raw image data in R and ipred
11:00AM 3 Three graphs
9:33AM 1 ccf
9:22AM 2 point-biserial correlation
8:05AM 1 memory.size problem
7:46AM 4 "font problems in X11 with linux R"
7:30AM 0 SAM: Significance of Microarray Analysis availability in R
4:47AM 0 read.table command in Rweb
4:00AM 5 integer overflow error problem
12:10AM 1 Windows and Linux version
12:08AM 0 fitted() and loglm()
Sunday March 30 2003
9:56PM 0 r-help: mozilla and R -- again
9:30PM 3 Lattice: Saving multiple plots
9:08PM 2 Problem to install RMySQL
8:49PM 3 problems with read.table in windows
7:17PM 5 Fortran compilation problem
6:29PM 1 memory problems in NLME
6:11PM 1 Suggestion: add log argument to stripchart
12:11PM 1 Two bugs in TS package?
8:13AM 2 Question on Plotting
6:18AM 0 Request for confirmation.
3:25AM 3 Using the R commands
1:19AM 1 simple test of lme, questions on DF corrections
Saturday March 29 2003
9:49PM 0 pdf function assignment (beginner''s question)
6:37PM 1 Goodness of fit tests
2:18PM 1 Temporarily turn off certain warnings
6:55AM 1 "ordered dotplot"
1:13AM 2 obtaining coefficients from a pspline fit
12:03AM 2 Repeated measures help
Friday March 28 2003
11:58PM 0 Observational data questions <not S-language question>
10:36PM 1 overlapping pattern match (errata 2.0)
10:31PM 0 overlapping pattern match (errata)
6:00PM 0 Ajusts in nls
5:16PM 0 [Fwd: Re: st: Multinomial logistic regression under R and Stata]
4:44PM 4 Problems with data.matrix
4:42PM 15 Statistical computing
4:14PM 0 HTML help pages unreadable
4:00PM 0 header intact
3:52PM 0 weighted least squares
2:00PM 0 Problems with make.cdf.package
1:43PM 2 Tweedie, dglm in R ?
11:49AM 1 Poisson Regression
10:14AM 0 the chi-square test for trend / Correction
9:09AM 4 Testing for randomness
7:04AM 3 the chi-square test for trend
5:55AM 2 file.show("morley.tab") responds "NO FILE"
1:34AM 2 overlapping pattern match
Thursday March 27 2003
9:52PM 11 mozilla and R -- again
9:17PM 4 Logical Indexing of vectors -- Odd Behavior or....
7:47PM 2 Question about R^2 in nonlinear models
7:09PM 2 get the values of unique ID
5:17PM 1 Re: [Rd] R-1.7.0 beta available
2:54PM 5 Plot of Canonical Correlation Analysis
2:49PM 2 About ability of "allShortestPaths" function in e1071 package
2:12PM 0 random error and grouping variable correlated
1:22PM 7 Request
12:59PM 0 Using ? for object summaries
12:27PM 0 a statistic question about chisq.test() (aprilsun)
11:24AM 1 How to obtain final gradient estimation from optim
10:38AM 2 Na action with Lowess smoothing
10:32AM 4 Multinomial logistic regression under R and Stata
8:30AM 0 missing value analysis for survey data
12:25AM 0 R TclTk iwidgets::combobox
Wednesday March 26 2003
11:41PM 1 nls
10:30PM 0 R TclTk iwidgets::comboboc
10:25PM 2 Categorical data (Monte Carlo exact p-value)
7:35PM 3 a statistic question about chisq.test()
7:35PM 3 hist overlay...
6:35PM 3 2 scatter plots in the same graphic window....
5:35PM 1 Simple NLME problem (I hope)
3:23PM 0 CMDS
2:35PM 2 Spatial Clustering
12:13PM 2 Plotting K-M Curve when have several strata
11:20AM 2 ifelse()
11:10AM 1 Solving equations
2:59AM 1 RSPerl, R-1.6.2 and Perl-5.8.0
Tuesday March 25 2003
11:58PM 2 How to write the output of a function into a file?
9:48PM 2 Re: Bar plot with variable width (down a drill hole) - now missing intervals?
9:01PM 2 Help with data.frame subsets
8:42PM 2 locfit troubles
7:19PM 0 Howto calculate MS from a unbalanced data
4:56PM 2 Bar plot with variable width (down a drill hole)?
2:50PM 1 R help: correlograms
2:06PM 1 geoR vector length error
12:33PM 1 Help : stablereg parameter interpretation
11:47AM 1 Cannot rebuild src.rpm
11:07AM 4 R software for Hastie book
8:54AM 0 isoMDS results
Monday March 24 2003
10:00PM 1 using tapply with a matrix?
9:17PM 0 compiling R on Linux w/ Intel compilers
8:33PM 1 Winedt and R on Windows XP
7:49PM 0 how to show a section of a matrix neatly (or row by row ) that satisfies some condition
7:40PM 1 negative binomial regression
7:40PM 1 how to show a section of a matrix neatly (or row by row) that satisfies some condition
5:56PM 2 Box Plot Question
5:47PM 1 cross correaltion
5:01PM 2 Problem with the step() function
3:48PM 2 Is it a bug in list() behavior?
1:25PM 0 About Scheffe test
1:23PM 2 Help regarding C/C++ usage ..
1:09PM 0 cross correlation
11:37AM 1 Install on Solaris 5.9
7:31AM 1 wavelet model on time series in R?
7:29AM 0 arima
4:36AM 2 Robust standard errors
4:05AM 9 Scripting with an external editor
1:19AM 0 Summary: extracting the names of the dataframe and variables
1:14AM 1 APC Modelling and the GLM function
Sunday March 23 2003
10:18PM 1 fontsize
7:41PM 1 Loess
4:03AM 0 Is there any good tool for Hanling Data on the Net
1:09AM 1 export lm object to ascii from batch mode
Saturday March 22 2003
11:27PM 1 extracting the names of the dataframe and variables in aov or lm
7:17PM 2 How to check a matrix is positive definite?
7:07PM 5 Sample weights
12:32PM 0 Two courses in Philadelphia
Friday March 21 2003
8:36PM 5 manipulating "..." inside a function
7:21PM 5 Problem with read.table
5:59PM 1 Savitzky-Golay Derivative and Smoothing
5:35PM 2 rsync
3:01PM 0 ArrayAnalyzer and Bioconductor
2:43PM 1 barplot legend size
2:19PM 0 Redundancy in Variables (and canonical correlation)
2:19PM 2 Trying to make a nested lme analysis
2:00PM 1 trellis plot
1:00PM 1 Integer manipulation
11:35AM 0 Postscript PB
10:54AM 0 Postscript PBs
8:45AM 0 CCA (Curvilinear Component Analysis)
8:43AM 0 Re: [BioC] mva functions
6:45AM 1 The best way to end up with TIFF {Was: end up with WMF)
Thursday March 20 2003
11:39PM 3 command line limit?
11:08PM 1 param() in R
10:12PM 1 Plot multi series on one plot
9:59PM 1 Install R on unix
8:01PM 0 RH 8.0, Mozilla and help.start() - Deja Vu All Over Again....
6:56PM 1 Question about Error due to memory allocation issue
6:30PM 1 ANOVA: F value >1 or < 1
5:46PM 1 Measure of Redundancy In Variables
3:09PM 1 dataframes (The message that once had a suspicious header)
3:02PM 0 [Fwd: Your message to R-help awaits moderator approval]
2:41PM 1 combining dataframes
11:48AM 2 Matrix problems
4:44AM 1 R-1.6.2: installation problem on Solaris 2.8
Wednesday March 19 2003
11:56PM 3 The best way to end up with WMF files
8:12PM 0 Mixed effects model
7:29PM 0 Sorry for the mistake!
7:28PM 2 Some more general questions
7:14PM 0 Numerical precision and signif()
7:14PM 0 graspeR problem
6:15PM 2 Time Series-like barplot?
5:00PM 2 Center of Closed Contour
4:45PM 3 How would I analyse data like this?
10:35AM 1 adjusting a periodical function to a time series
9:26AM 1 postscript problems
9:09AM 0 RMySQL
4:25AM 3 r-help using random generating
Tuesday March 18 2003
9:26PM 0 frailty variance parameter in survreg()
9:20PM 2 How to free memory
8:24PM 3 Tukey's HSD
8:02PM 1 COURSE***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques***April 2003 - Boston and San Francisco
7:47PM 0 Course on "Data Mining and Explorative Multivariate Data Analysis"
7:40PM 0 Passing Bablok regression
7:37PM 2 Change directory in script
6:26PM 1 temperature profiles on maps
5:03PM 1 weighted.mean and na.rm=T in R-1.6.2
2:49PM 4 network connection
2:45PM 0 SciViews R GUI preview version available
2:01PM 2 Strange and disturbing bug
1:07PM 2 To load Add-ons
12:02PM 0 Réf. :
10:48AM 3 References of R in use
6:40AM 3 Package installation when $RHOME is not writable (win)
5:37AM 1 Simulation
5:32AM 1 How to use R from Delphi
2:48AM 1 Building hdf5 for ms-windows
Monday March 17 2003
10:09PM 1 help with likelihood contour plot
10:06PM 1 search engine dose not work for Morzilla
9:39PM 1 postscript and ps.option metrics
9:01PM 2 scoping rules; summary
7:42PM 1 Using .Call function to do matrix calculation
7:19PM 0 automated legend for points.geodata
4:52PM 3 Error in file(file, "r")
4:30PM 2 Trying to build R-1.6.2 under sparc-sun-solaris2.9.
4:16PM 1 "r-square in LME?
4:11PM 1 glm -gamma errors
2:20PM 2 Filled box on graph
2:06PM 0 Season Determination
2:06PM 0 Short Course in R: University of Hertfordshire
1:42PM 4 X11 connection error in web cgi mode only
12:33PM 0 Problem with pdf device.
7:45AM 0 file encoding
7:01AM 2 how to use R in delphi or vb ?
5:50AM 2 search function
3:52AM 1 RMySQL Install Problem
3:16AM 1 scoping rules
2:28AM 1 "Debugging R from within Emacs"
1:48AM 0 Built-In Wilks Lambda for lda?
12:39AM 1 Error in making R-1.6.2.
Sunday March 16 2003
1:38PM 0 scientific notation
11:49AM 4 xgobi?
Saturday March 15 2003
9:53PM 3 round() seems inconsistent when rounding 5s
6:47PM 2 Help.start, .Renviron , and .Rprofile
4:53PM 1 plots to metafile and x/y ratio
2:22PM 1 formula, how to express for transforming the whole model.matrix, data=Orthodont
10:09AM 0 configure, IBM AIX and checking whether leap seconds are treated according to POSIX...
1:55AM 1 Keywords
12:25AM 1 quote supression
12:14AM 2 Help with reading data
Friday March 14 2003
11:49PM 0 Summary: length() "ain't misbehavin'" after all
10:41PM 0 RSessionDA 1.0-rc1 released.
10:17PM 1 Formatting significant digits with trailing zeros
10:09PM 2 boxplots with multiple numerical variables
9:44PM 1 Using Arial font in linux
8:54PM 2 plot
7:26PM 1 multiple plots...
5:40PM 2 odd behaviour of 'while'?
3:44PM 1 Fw: length() misbehaving?: More
3:35PM 6 length() misbehaving?
3:12PM 2 numbers and decimal points
2:48PM 3 logistic regression
2:19PM 2 grasper installation
12:43PM 1 any european maps
10:15AM 1 Two graphs of different sizes on one devise. How to?
10:05AM 0 gls with "crossed heteroscedasticity"
8:53AM 1 Execution halts after some time.
8:32AM 2 iterative reweighting in LOESS function
2:26AM 2 R "FinMetrics" Package Available?
Thursday March 13 2003
11:00PM 1 small error in regression tests
10:44PM 3 Looking for GUI
10:11PM 2 memory limit
8:32PM 1 [OT] Dirk, check your email configuration
6:21PM 2 RODBC and Excel in Widows
4:56PM 1 how to install BLAS on Solaris
4:36PM 0 Repeated measures 2-way anova -- robustness question
4:36PM 2 Median Regression Model
4:00PM 0 solve lagrange
2:07PM 6 error installing R on linux 8.0
1:27PM 1 GARCH estimation
11:02AM 0 standardized residuals
10:04AM 1 geepack(geese) vs. glmmPQL
3:29AM 1 apply() and unary operators
2:42AM 0 Offtopic --- book references
Wednesday March 12 2003
10:05PM 0 avoiding excel's odbc limit on number of columns
9:34PM 1 apply with two matrixes
8:17PM 3 png plots
7:25PM 1 Rcmd BATCH
6:18PM 2 quasipoisson, glm.nb and AIC values
6:05PM 3 Independent Components Analysis
4:22PM 2 variables in a correlation matrix
3:45PM 7 R help
2:08PM 0 Thank you all!
2:04PM 0 job opportunity
1:28PM 0 temporal evolution and variance after rotation of eof
1:13PM 6 Simple question about export
12:01PM 1 simulating 'non-standard' survival data
10:54AM 1 Filling graphic objects
10:46AM 0 [S] Gstat: multivariable geostatistics for S (R and S-Plus)
8:43AM 1 problems with numerical optimisation
7:46AM 2 How to collect the Rtools to build packages
5:04AM 0 help-- Cox ph models
4:14AM 0 point characters in text
2:37AM 2 [OT] Appropriate test?
12:34AM 1 manuals source (i.e. *.tex) files
Tuesday March 11 2003
11:00PM 3 R-Graphics: Scaling axis
10:04PM 0 different file types
8:59PM 0 Stair steps plotting
8:22PM 0 About statistical independece or cumulant books or papers
8:08PM 2 changing pen mode [or adjusting for overlapping points?]
5:51PM 0 Time series application question
5:21PM 1 MAPE
4:07PM 1 objectname completion
2:43PM 0 correction
2:22PM 1 about yesterday predicted values
2:20PM 2 about the "mini-distribution" (R for Win )
2:12PM 1 beginner plotting with dates
12:06PM 1 Goodman / Kruskal gamma
10:58AM 0 RE: mvtnorm
7:43AM 0 Interrater and intrarater reliability
4:41AM 3 fft help
Monday March 10 2003
11:54PM 0 including point char. in plotted text string
10:16PM 2 Biplots
6:02PM 0 ape 1.0 is on CRAN
5:48PM 2 graphics backgrounds from gray to white in png()
4:49PM 0 SNOW: Simple Parallel Computing in R
4:43PM 1 help--Cox ph model
4:29PM 1 predicted values
3:39PM 1 Least-squares means
3:13PM 1 GLM
2:29PM 0 FAO: Staff & Students (Glasgow University & Glasgow Players)
12:53PM 1 DLL error after update.packages
12:21PM 4 terms.formula
11:50AM 1 ylim in plot(corresp(,df=2))
11:17AM 4 sampling and gini index
7:48AM 1 rpart returning only 1 node
6:08AM 2 Creating a sequence of variables in a data frame
4:20AM 1 R command line
1:51AM 3 VIM Syntax Highlighting
Sunday March 9 2003
10:11PM 0 Setting a toggle parameter in winMenu
1:25PM 2 getMethod in a setMethod context
9:33AM 1 lists of lists
9:16AM 1 strings spanning multiple lines
12:30AM 1 Mac OS X help
Saturday March 8 2003
10:40PM 1 Getting rid of "outer box" in cloud()
9:14PM 3 where is kurtosis??
7:54PM 1 How to transfer lists to other computers or to S-Plus
6:07PM 2 hist() basic question
5:01PM 1 How to store histogram plots
4:56PM 0 RE: Text Rotation (was: Take care with codes()!)
3:12PM 0 RE: Text Rotation (was: Take care with codes()!)
2:31PM 1 FIX: pscales=list(...) and splom
12:43AM 2 Looking for non-central F quantile
Friday March 7 2003
10:04PM 1 general matrix inner product?
8:44PM 0 New version of pmg -- Poor Man's GUI
7:26PM 1 help on haplo.score
7:10PM 1 REML option in gstat
3:27PM 1 Type IV sum of squares
3:10PM 1 multi-user installation
2:36PM 5 Moving average
2:11PM 1 "Local trend surfaces" Ex from V&R MASS
10:30AM 0 Job opening: Biostatistics expert
9:22AM 1 Cluster analysis
7:21AM 1 Boot
5:00AM 24
4:24AM 1 Exact logistic regression
12:36AM 1 column name changes based on substrings
Thursday March 6 2003
11:47PM 2 compiling R on sparc-solaris
11:44PM 1 Calling R program from an IDE
11:41PM 2 Preferred C++ compiler under Windows 2000
11:14PM 6 type III Sum Sq in ANOVA table - Howto?
10:26PM 3 multiple plots and postscript()
10:23PM 0 Mixed up threads
10:21PM 0 Initial release of RSessionDA
9:26PM 0 Resizing R console window (was BSOD with ESS...)
9:11PM 1 Proper way to document print( ) functions
7:42PM 1 Suppressing row labels.
7:14PM 2 Error in terms.default()
6:32PM 2 question about model formula
6:08PM 6 Followup: copy-paste graphics from R to Word on Mac OS X
3:52PM 1 least absolute deviation regression
2:46PM 1 Problems with variable types.
2:33PM 1 tkexit
2:22PM 1 post mail
12:48PM 1 [stuart.leask@nottingham.ac.uk: R in your pocket on a Sharp Zaurus]
10:43AM 0 Correlation test
10:38AM 2 anova subhypotheses
7:23AM 1 Timezones
1:02AM 0 loop avoiding on time interval intersects
Wednesday March 5 2003
9:52PM 0 rmutil??
9:36PM 8 how to find the location of the first TRUE of a logical vector
9:34PM 1 cor.test in matrices
9:21PM 1 printing POSIXct values in table labels
7:54PM 2 problem with cclust[er] package
7:48PM 0 PL/R is being noticed in the PostgreSQL community
7:26PM 3 reading in tab delimited data in a loop
7:17PM 1 problem with ccluster package
6:51PM 2 reserved words documentation
6:40PM 1 Does barplot handle log scales?
2:06PM 1 Dataframe in loop
7:51AM 2 BSOD with ESS under win2000
6:05AM 8 How to draw several plots in one figure?
3:21AM 0 Autologistic regression
2:14AM 1 logistic regression for repeated measurement
Tuesday March 4 2003
8:38PM 2 How to extract R{i} from lme object?
6:37PM 0 Disregard:"problem at installing Rade"
6:17PM 1 problem at installing Rade
6:03PM 1 Sample size and stepAIC, step, or AIC
5:45PM 0 implementing ecological models in R
4:40PM 1 r-help-bounces and r-devel-bounces e-mail?
4:37PM 0 tseries contains a class for irregularly spaced time series
3:40PM 1 suggestion for addition to R-lang.texi
3:14PM 0 Williams' corrected G-test
3:04PM 0 Unit root test for panel data
2:37PM 3 linear model with arma errors
2:17PM 1 (no subject)
12:29PM 0 Instability in package gld in R?
11:59AM 4 Parallel programming using R
10:30AM 1 tex/pdf?
9:54AM 0 Recall: Embed R in other applications
9:43AM 0 Embed R in other applications
5:58AM 2 log axis assignment
5:10AM 4 How to estimate or approximate a 3-D surface
4:15AM 3 for loop problem
3:37AM 4 writing several command line in R console
12:54AM 0 Finally get SJava work
12:23AM 1 R version conflict.
Monday March 3 2003
11:06PM 1 transition matrix problem
10:48PM 0 lm, gee and lme
8:43PM 0 [despammed] RE: multidimensional function fitting
6:24PM 1 optimization tools
6:02PM 2 saving a plot to a file
2:33PM 3 Turning a string into an expression
1:13PM 5 (no subject)
12:41PM 1 density(): obtaining p-values
5:39AM 2 samin and vmmin
3:40AM 1 using data() in an example
3:16AM 1 Use Rterm in rxvt for Cygwin?
2:25AM 1 Q: Best-Practice for Swing-GUI calling R-code on Windows?
12:53AM 1 How to change the default library directory?
Sunday March 2 2003
11:41PM 0 gss_0.8-2
7:34PM 2 ESS+R not closing gracefully
4:20PM 1 model.frame.default problem in function definition
3:42PM 1 A quirk in `transform'?
9:10AM 1 Dynamically changing point's symbol in grid.points...
5:40AM 1 'methods' and "[<-"
Saturday March 1 2003
5:27PM 0 debug
4:58PM 1 error message from gls(), unstructured in lower triangle, identical diagonal, help.
2:21AM 0 is.empty for formal class object