R help - Dec 2002

Tuesday December 31 2002
11:19PM 3 Probit Analysis
9:33PM 1 RODBCType&NullDataExportProblems
9:07PM 0 newbie and bivariate distributions
2:55AM 1 Selecting variables from a data.frame
Monday December 30 2002
11:07PM 2 Check whether a file exits ...
3:32PM 1 R on the Zaurus link
2:31AM 2 Writing packages with `methods' package
Sunday December 29 2002
11:20PM 1 methods package intro.. tutorial?
10:18PM 1 R on the Zaurus
8:53PM 3 lowess + turnpoints = doubling integers?
Saturday December 28 2002
7:48AM 0 graph clustering
Friday December 27 2002
4:54PM 1 handling objects plotted on x11 device
11:25AM 2 RSvgDevice & sapply(plotmeans)
4:43AM 1 Wish list: add an "until" or "EOF.marker" parameter to scan & rea dLines
4:33AM 0 Multi-line string constants: proposal
Thursday December 26 2002
11:20PM 2 Quotation marks in Strings?
9:22AM 0 Kalman-filtering
Wednesday December 25 2002
7:39PM 0 Part II Re: read.ssd {foreign} (Reading a permanent SAS d ataset into an R data frame)
4:04PM 2 Is there string class in R?
1:17PM 0 Re: Red Hat Linux 8.0 support
6:26AM 1 Compiling on IBM AIX. The package 'cluster' causes trouble...
5:16AM 0 Part II Re: read.ssd {foreign} (Reading a permanent SAS d ataset into an R data frame)
Tuesday December 24 2002
5:45PM 1 question on plot
4:36PM 3 Clearing graphics history (Windows)
4:27PM 0 R-News: congrats and suggestion
5:14AM 2 Linking R script and a COM application
Monday December 23 2002
9:04PM 1 how to call R from Perl
9:00PM 0 doubt on survreg.
8:32PM 1 Plot scales
6:16PM 1 Strange axis labels?
6:09PM 0 Barplot() questions
1:48PM 0 Extracting a dataset from an nls object
11:55AM 4 calling R from python (fwd)
Sunday December 22 2002
9:02AM 4 pasting "\" into character strings
3:55AM 1 lgamma(-0.8)=?
1:25AM 1 log axis error
12:01AM 1 a maximazation question
Saturday December 21 2002
6:09PM 0 Regexpr capturing in R?
5:35PM 1 apply vs. sapply
1:21AM 2 Part II Re: read.ssd {foreign} (Reading a permanent SAS d ataset into an R data frame)
Friday December 20 2002
10:44PM 0 new optimized BLAS
10:21PM 0 Newbie - referencing and vectorization questions
9:14PM 3 Sweave & xtable
9:09PM 1 JAVA and R
9:00PM 1 lower triangle
5:39PM 2 Part II Re: read.ssd {foreign} (Reading a permanent SAS d ataset into an R data frame)
5:35PM 1 GetRNGstate() crashes with 'Segmentation fault'
2:40PM 0 Memory Leak in 1.6.0
2:35PM 0 n-dim quasi random number generator
12:54PM 0 Summary: vectorizing test for equality
11:48AM 1 R News Volume 2/3
10:30AM 0 RE workspace vs. image
9:17AM 2 vectorizing test for equality
8:34AM 1 stack on factors
7:53AM 1 read.ssd {foreign} (Reading a permanent SAS dataset into an R data frame)
7:26AM 5 Getting graphs into LaTeX
3:39AM 1 Printing correlation matrices (lm/glm)
12:59AM 0 testing correlated proportions
Thursday December 19 2002
10:09PM 2 More on scan()
8:57PM 1 disabling NA token as na.string in read.table
8:36PM 1 New versions of lattice and grid
7:25PM 2 list to data.frame
4:57PM 0 optimize() - Solution is invariant with respect to parame ters - l exical function
4:23PM 1 newbie question on dist
3:43PM 1 lattice and display
2:58PM 0 optimize() - Solution is invariant with respect to parameters - l exical function
11:17AM 0 Ongoing unhappiness with NA and factor behavior of distributed lm/predict.lm
7:46AM 0 prediction intervals in lme
3:21AM 0 Simulation/OR in R
1:32AM 0 Course***R/Splus programming I: Essentials and Data Analysis***January 2003
12:14AM 1 Help on R commands
Wednesday December 18 2002
10:30PM 1 Memory Leak in R v1.6.1
10:02PM 1 Kernel smoothing.
9:59PM 6 Can I build an array of regrssion model?
9:48PM 2 Memory leak in R v1.6.0?
7:37PM 1 Alexander Hener/FT/DCAG/DCX is out of office.
5:13PM 1 rat array annotation
4:41PM 1 A little problem handling logicals in RMySQL under R1.6.1
4:01PM 3 workspace vs. image
3:52PM 0 Chasing after the Windows/Xemacs/R1.6.1 graphics device bug
3:42PM 1 problem with 'gnls'
3:26PM 2 weibull test
3:23PM 1 Windows binary of Dopt library
3:16PM 2 gene ontology association
3:11PM 1 from wav to R
3:03PM 2 acceptable p-level for scientific studies
8:55AM 4 Running R on a Local Area Network
3:26AM 2 meta analysis
3:15AM 3 summary stats including NA's into new dataframe
12:27AM 0 Multidimensional quadrature using "integrate"
Tuesday December 17 2002
11:32PM 0 Summary of multi-way tables: Bug?
9:10PM 0 new version of randomForest
8:32PM 0 getData.lme error
5:19PM 4 Quick tip please!
5:03PM 2 Cross-correlograms or cross-variograms in R?
4:12PM 0 A newbie question
11:43AM 0 Coloured label, terminal branch and bars in dendograms
4:34AM 3 cleaning up after example()
3:26AM 1 Breslow Day Test
1:17AM 0 How plot \ell in the title of a graph
12:33AM 1 lme invocation
Monday December 16 2002
9:58PM 2 R commands
9:08PM 3 Manipulating the output from read.spss
8:07PM 1 applying a different function to rows of a dataframe
7:34PM 2 New SVG Graphics Device for R
4:06PM 1 compiling R with gcc 3.2 on Solaris
2:50PM 1 %% in \example{}
1:40PM 0 Command line parameters to a script
12:39PM 1 Partial Sums
11:04AM 0 new package "vcd" 0.1-3
10:22AM 1 help
9:40AM 1 Compiling R under IBM-AIX using IBM native C-compiler
5:12AM 1 unknown decorana error returned (vegan package)
2:00AM 1 Creating libraries: Cannot make help
Sunday December 15 2002
9:23PM 2 irregual space plot
8:48PM 0 SHLIB issue
1:25PM 2 Interpretation of hypothesis tests for mixed models
8:50AM 3 maximum likelihood example?
1:53AM 3 axis
Saturday December 14 2002
11:42PM 1 adding contour lines to a filled.contour
9:45PM 4 scan() with "what"
6:02PM 0 tripack on solaris
3:36PM 0 Power analysis for 1-sample Binomial
10:24AM 0 r-announce,RE: Awesome Chistmas_Gift for All Ages!
Friday December 13 2002
10:29PM 1 clustering dissimilarities
9:34PM 1 Surprising results from summary(lm()) on data with NO variation
9:21PM 2 how to get Residual Standard Error
7:45PM 1 histogram bug?: type='count', unequal breaks
6:20PM 2 How to get objects from a "formula" specification?
6:07PM 0 Problem with RMySQL 0.5-0 under RH7.3
5:47PM 1 (no subject)
3:38PM 1 Problem with lattice bwplot
3:12PM 1 Advice on long for loop
10:08AM 0 R: help needed. Slow output to metafile
9:12AM 0 filter matrix
5:26AM 1 lattice barchart sorting and coloring
1:39AM 1 Loading libraries: Nas introduced
1:06AM 2 A beginner's problems with plotting
Thursday December 12 2002
11:47PM 4 sum a list of vectors
11:30PM 2 width and length arguments to postscript()
9:33PM 0 Suppressing name-wrangling in a data.frame
8:29PM 1 data.entry segfault
7:46PM 1 Anova
6:36PM 1 equation on the object
6:24PM 1 Read FWF, problem and solution?
5:20PM 2 t-test bootstrap versus permutation question
4:13PM 0 if problem in function
3:52PM 0 Export of image
3:25PM 0 interfacing ranlib
2:51PM 2 List to vector
2:17PM 3 y axis on hist
1:09PM 0 Short Course in R: University of Hertfordshire
12:43PM 0 Antigen found VIRUS= Exploit.IFrame.FileDownload (Kaspersky) virus
12:35PM 0 Mailman results for R-devel
10:13AM 0 New package : ade4
5:27AM 2 Problem with dyn.load in R1.6.1
4:07AM 1 splitting columns into groups
1:55AM 1 improving ts object
Wednesday December 11 2002
9:53PM 1 Histogram
7:26PM 2 filter on data frame
5:09PM 0 New Job
5:07PM 1 Data Frame
4:36PM 0 nlm() vs. nls()
4:16PM 3 Excluding levels in table and xtabs
3:53PM 2 Can't find nls()
11:56AM 3 Modified Bessel Function - 2nd kind
10:26AM 0 manual R en espaƱol
9:09AM 0 stepAIC and the keep argument
7:44AM 1 residuals: lm and glm
5:02AM 2 ordering x's and y's
12:50AM 1 Adding a title to a postscript file
12:05AM 1 Independant column sorting using sort.list
Tuesday December 10 2002
11:15PM 1 Installing a new R Package for MacOS
9:03PM 1 "mystic" apply ?
7:49PM 0 RPgSQL, Rdbi.PGSQL, and Rdbi for Windows?
4:30PM 1 Counting time in R?
1:42PM 1 autoregressive poisson process
1:26PM 1 Lognormal distribution
1:04PM 1 question about R - barplot function
12:57PM 3 clogit and general conditional logistic regression
12:50PM 1 lattice barchart with "negative" bars
9:53AM 2 C caron character in R
8:51AM 2 Variance of a single number
1:34AM 1 RGnumeric real time refresh?
12:35AM 0 FW: Answers to "Problem with differences between S+ and R in parsing output tables with $"
Monday December 9 2002
11:44PM 1 generalized cbind()
11:19PM 2 netcdf
10:05PM 1 r-help:
9:32PM 0 Re : Information
9:08PM 1 teach me to write functions
7:48PM 2 Problem with differences between S+ and R in parsing output tables with $
7:20PM 0 smooth curves (following)
5:20PM 0 Cyclic arrivals
4:53PM 0 writing S-Plus datasets
4:30PM 1 ifelse ?
3:11PM 1 3D density estimation
3:04PM 1 heteroscedasticity analysis
2:06PM 0 triangular PDF
11:51AM 2 Sth better than cycle?
11:39AM 2 Principal component analysis
11:19AM 0 Fitting a distribution involving a cusum
10:56AM 2 R as a COM client - is it possible?
10:08AM 0 Generating cyclic designs?
1:05AM 0 Re: R-help digest, Vol 1 #10 - 6 msgs
12:06AM 0 (no subject)
12:06AM 0 (no subject)
12:04AM 0 Population modeller position available
Sunday December 8 2002
11:28PM 1 scan problems -- what can "what" be?
10:11PM 0 Reminder to register
7:32PM 1 (no subject)
6:30PM 3 strange QQ-Plot
3:04PM 2 Warning: as.numeric reorders factor data
4:52AM 1 color of plot axes involving POSIX types
Saturday December 7 2002
10:01PM 1 bugs in system() handling long character strings??
7:09PM 0 simplex(boot) problem
10:29AM 1 fortran -> R
6:19AM 1 some strange result
12:32AM 1 for-loop ?
Friday December 6 2002
9:48PM 0 (no subject)
8:17PM 2 Unequal sized three plots in a window
6:13PM 6 fast code
5:38PM 2 Controlling graphics parameters in lattice
5:32PM 2 Fitting 2D vs. 2D data with nls()
5:21PM 0 Non-R question.
3:45PM 2 Mutiple page trellis plots with relation = "free" or "sliced"
3:40PM 3 ts startdate
3:37PM 2 R 1.6.1 segmentation fault
1:57PM 0 Bitmap & Batch mode
11:58AM 1 Collapsing levels of a factor
11:23AM 3 smooth curves
1:46AM 0 Darwin/X11/Cocoa binaries
Thursday December 5 2002
10:22PM 0 Marginal structural models
8:10PM 1 Passing options as lists
6:58PM 1 How to plot a 3D ellipsoid in R?
4:05PM 0 brillinger test
2:22PM 0 (no subject)
1:12PM 1 (no subject)
12:28PM 2 Help: draw 3 filled.contour on one page
10:01AM 2 crimson editor
9:51AM 0 crimson
8:48AM 1 rollols
5:47AM 2 Problems with segments and multiple graphs
5:14AM 2 Two different yaxes with lattice plots
3:53AM 1 is.loaded("gamma") is FALSE in Windows
1:51AM 1 tapply
1:17AM 1 R configure fails on solaris: configure:12951: error: cannot compute sizeof (int), 77
Wednesday December 4 2002
11:03PM 1 using edit.data.frame
11:00PM 1 for help!
10:57PM 0 bug in lattice xyplot key
9:24PM 1 Getting Break Points From Hist Function?
8:46PM 1 Interpreting canonical correlation (cancor) results
8:23PM 1 Mixture of Multivariate Gaussian Sample Data
6:31PM 1 Help: add arrows on a filled.contour figure
2:17PM 0 RArcInfo 0.4-2 and draft tutorial out
2:08PM 0 Re: Mailman password for R-help (and R-*) mailing lists?
1:38PM 0 RArcInfo 0.4-2 and tutorial (draft) available
11:54AM 2 compiling R under hp-ux 10.20
4:34AM 1 Converting R help files to S-Plus 6 sgml,html
2:28AM 0 R and DirectFB
2:24AM 1 R-Winedt
2:15AM 1 use of offset - clarification
Tuesday December 3 2002
11:16PM 1 Any difference in cbind() b/w SPLus and R??
10:51PM 0 Initial release of RSOAP - a simple interface to R via SOAP
10:43PM 0 RE: Initial release of RSOAP - a simple interface to R via SOAP
9:51PM 3 terribly naive question
8:21PM 1 data level for stepwise
7:53PM 1 Plotting Speed: R vs Octave
5:10PM 1 how can i get the graphic in my window?
3:50PM 1 Bisection in R
1:14PM 2 missing values and svd
1:08PM 0 last plot vanishes
8:53AM 2 Array multiplication
2:57AM 1 Common keys on separate lattice plots
1:09AM 1 Is there plan to make R multithread?
Monday December 2 2002
7:37PM 2 Crawley's book on S-Plus and one strangeness
5:58PM 0 plotting ts: overlaying different years
5:15PM 1 Confidence interval for predictions in mixed effects models
5:13PM 1 Monte Carlo chisq test
2:27PM 0 code for maximum entropy formalism
1:40PM 1 Computation time differences between Linux and Windows
10:35AM 2 R-help moved to mailman
7:51AM 1 advanced tabulation
2:42AM 1 how to make help files available in R 1.61
12:47AM 1 readLines() changes mode of connection
Sunday December 1 2002
10:20PM 1 Logistic regression
7:41PM 1 Multiple graphics windows
7:23PM 1 Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 13:23:04 -0600
6:19PM 2 Quasi-bug in boxplot().
3:30PM 0 No subject
6:58AM 2 No subject