R help - May 2002

Friday May 31 2002
9:27PM 2 error in seq.POSIXt?
8:37PM 0 Convergence and singularity in glmmPQL
5:54PM 1 Accessing MySQL from Windows
5:36PM 1 two dimensional function plot
5:30PM 1 cluster compile fails
4:28PM 1 Manual scaling a scatter plot
3:15PM 1 Warning message
2:40PM 2 Matrix-like plot
2:15PM 1 plot() accepts arrays of cex and col, xyplot() does not
1:25PM 1 2 Seemingly Simple Problems
1:18PM 1 Two questions about nmath
11:56AM 1 Re: FW: Contour v Contourplot
7:57AM 1 Library Tcltk
Thursday May 30 2002
5:06PM 1 ignoring some constants
4:27PM 0 Followup on quadprog installation
4:14PM 1 problem installing quadprog
3:08PM 2 Systems of equations in glm?
2:47PM 1 neighbor.grid and spatial.weights
2:39PM 0 R-1.5 support for HDF5-1.4.3 available for RedHat 7.3
2:34PM 1 problem of compile fortran program
2:32PM 0 Omegahat - R and S interface
2:20PM 1 To create a menu
1:58PM 3 savePlot without displaying it
12:59PM 1 Fisher test
12:46PM 3 Building a stand-alone package
10:50AM 0 foreign read.S
8:31AM 2 RODBC & Problems with Sybase Database
7:23AM 2 Bidimensional DWT
1:42AM 1 hclust.identify problem
Wednesday May 29 2002
11:17PM 2 Problem installing packages
9:11PM 0 r
8:46PM 1 Extracting intercept and residual std dev from lme results
7:25PM 1 Canonical Discriminant Analysis
6:15PM 2 Tcl/tk , question about the environment of the call
4:25PM 3 inverse gaussian random numbers
3:44PM 0 No subject
3:37PM 0 User request to ppr (projection pursuit regression, library(modreg))
3:19PM 2 Setting the Number of Columns
2:42PM 0 classification by nls and anova
2:35PM 0 add on packages for R 1.4
2:22PM 0 covariance matrix from the mda package
1:41PM 4 Why is.integer() doesn't work with single values?
12:44PM 0 lattice: levelplot() documentation
12:31PM 1 bug in xfig()?
12:13PM 1 xlab on right
11:46AM 1 conditional logit
11:43AM 0 Tree package again
11:27AM 1 Tree package
8:59AM 0 RSPerl -- install problems.
8:39AM 1 graphics in help files
5:17AM 2 Coercion/conversion of logical index to integer index
Tuesday May 28 2002
9:57PM 2 histogramming dates
6:40PM 4 Indexing Elements of a Dataframe
6:15PM 0 Complitation Error
4:51PM 0 random Forests
4:47PM 0 Job Opening
4:20PM 1 Missing values in the nlme package
2:26PM 2 peaks
2:12PM 1 constrained regression
2:10PM 2 problems with rcmd check
1:53PM 0 Rejected token 454B-CF13-218A
12:36PM 1 Intended change from version$os=='Win32' to 'mingw32' ?
10:59AM 2 logit regression, test among groups
10:51AM 0 Coplot question
10:46AM 1 passing model objects to anova()
10:30AM 0 Lattice background color answer
8:30AM 4 id & filter problems in data.frame
7:02AM 1 determination of the number of lags
6:00AM 1 simplex (boot): solving A2 %*% x >= b2 not possible
5:33AM 3 problem with fonts
12:38AM 0 Color coding labels in hclust plots
Monday May 27 2002
8:36PM 1 problem while building a package
7:51PM 1 lattice background color
4:03PM 3 functions and getting them into R
3:36PM 1 sub functions
3:33PM 2 hist failed with unused arguments
3:11PM 1 nlme cross-over and fixed nested
2:48PM 2 TAB
12:39PM 0 fitting a model for enumerated datatypes
Sunday May 26 2002
7:46PM 3 Read a Time Serie CSV
Saturday May 25 2002
11:48PM 2 rpart leaves
1:59PM 2 Function objects as arguments of a function
7:42AM 3 expressions as axis labels
5:54AM 2 Ploting in for() loop
Friday May 24 2002
7:45PM 3 Converting Character Strings into Object Names
7:41PM 3 command line edit
6:20PM 5 intersecting polygons and conversion from decimal degree to km
5:30PM 1 R and QSAR equations
5:08PM 0 separating a digest into separate messages (fwd)
4:12PM 0 OS-X (Darwin), R 1.5 and RMySQL
4:12PM 0 Score vector in optim
3:22PM 1 How to increases the Memory size for R in Batch mode
12:41PM 1 nmath standalone again
12:15PM 0 interfacing with Fortran 90/95
12:04PM 1 MASS package?
11:06AM 1 Fisher
9:33AM 1 Axis labels
12:47AM 0 problem with R-mathlib standalone
Thursday May 23 2002
8:22PM 1 references for qqnorm
7:27PM 2 Find if there is independence
5:56PM 2 crosstabulation of means
5:34PM 1 Multilevel model with dichotomous dependent variable
4:25PM 5 logistic regression or discriminant analysis ?
4:01PM 0 read.csv/mode
2:21PM 3 separating a digest into separate messages
12:31PM 1 nmath standalone
7:22AM 1 case-cohort sampling
6:57AM 1 now available: RwebWin
Wednesday May 22 2002
9:04PM 5 plotting a 1000 plots?
8:54PM 0 Cleaning Up Data Output
7:35PM 2 Problem
6:42PM 1 Two-Level Nested ANOVA
6:39PM 0 Two Level Nested ANOVA
5:55PM 1 extracting labels and axis info from plot
4:42PM 0 Problem installing tcltk on Solaris
2:24PM 1 Tps regression question
1:59PM 4 Re: assigning with operator '='.
1:21PM 1 a more specific question about qda
1:06PM 0 No subject
11:48AM 0 qda and variable selection
10:59AM 0 Code for simulating nonlinear mixed models from nlme
10:21AM 4 fitting non linear data
9:44AM 2 someProblem in R-1.4.1
8:56AM 1 tree.control
1:58AM 1 white in the default palette
Tuesday May 21 2002
9:32PM 6 Point labels
8:21PM 1 device png() in batch mode?
4:21PM 1 help with par
3:22PM 0 Bug? assigning with operator '=' to local parameter changes object in global environment?
3:21PM 2 using axis with newline characters
3:07PM 3 how to extrac one coef from lm at a time
1:59PM 0 Build
1:49PM 1 plotting functions with line width (lwd) as vectors
1:34PM 2 Unwanted Levels in R
10:38AM 1 predict.tree
8:12AM 1 memory management, scale
7:18AM 4 setClass() and packages
7:06AM 0 still have problem with ascending progressive method
4:50AM 1 standard errors in predict.nls ()
12:49AM 1 windows common dialog for color selection in R
12:48AM 0 Memory Usage in R -- resending with R version and systems info
12:43AM 1 Memory Usage in R
Monday May 20 2002
8:21PM 1 suggestion for example for base:naresid
7:51PM 1 how does one apply Western Electric / AT&T rules to R plots?
7:18PM 1 Why does this work?
5:45PM 1 need help in R
4:34PM 1 problem with levelplot
Sunday May 19 2002
9:26PM 0 newbie questions on clustering
7:34PM 1 Dynamic resizing of lists, dataframes (newbie question)
6:58PM 1 rterm.exe and graphics windows
6:31PM 3 How to shade part of a density plot
1:36AM 1 Hornet's Nests and Parallel Universes
Saturday May 18 2002
10:16PM 5 Length of a string
9:25PM 3 3D graphics with R
6:07AM 0 Fish and 'must read' statistics books. My last word, promise!
4:24AM 3 checkerboard plot?
2:58AM 2 BUG?
Friday May 17 2002
7:23PM 0 options()$warn==2 and try()
6:02PM 0 What is the most efficient way to assign to PARTS of obje cts in other frames/environments?
5:33PM 1 RMySQL/methods problem
4:33PM 0 aggregate() classing var. def.
3:54PM 0 round.POSIXt gets certain values wrong
3:48PM 1 How to report bugs?
3:42PM 1 Spectral Analysis
3:18PM 1 What is the most efficient way to assign to PARTS of objects in other frames/environments?
9:34AM 1 split-plot design?
9:10AM 2 read.table
9:03AM 1 Correlation with small N
8:56AM 0 Alternative to aggregate and cbind
8:28AM 2 Installing R-1.5.0 on Linux
7:05AM 0 making vectors with particular correlations
6:48AM 1 quadratic discriminant analysis ?
5:10AM 2 Blue Book
12:38AM 1 Strange R CMD check \usage parse error
Thursday May 16 2002
10:40PM 3 building packages on windows
9:49PM 0 is.na() can coerce character vectors to be factors within a dataframe
9:41PM 1 foreign library - negative integers??
7:24PM 1 Using merge can convert character variables to factor
7:03PM 1 glm(y ~ -1 + c, "binomial") question
5:29PM 0 segmentation fault when closing ggobi instances
5:20PM 3 Wind rose plots?
4:54PM 0 Course*** R/S-Plus Programming Techniques II in Seattle, June 17-18
4:19PM 2 S-Plus Files
4:00PM 1 neural network
3:45PM 4 packages on windows
2:34PM 1 grid search with failed evaluations (and nonlinear start values as a secondary consideration)
2:28PM 0 Opening R under MacOS9 on G3
10:33AM 1 Factors in lattice
9:35AM 1 Tps
9:15AM 5 Bib. reference on R
Wednesday May 15 2002
10:19PM 0 Geometric Algebra in R?
6:24PM 3 Processing "vignette" files
5:23PM 0 R-patched on Windows
4:16PM 0 anova on aov with Error() [long question]
3:40PM 1 ploting a linear model
3:30PM 3 graphics question
3:09PM 3 Struchture change of a data frame
2:27PM 2 combining vectors to matrices or data frames
1:34PM 1 Fwd: Re: Combining many dataframes from listings of objects?
9:58AM 0 Reading multi-line FWF data
9:42AM 2 Combining many dataframes from listings of objects?
7:56AM 1 calculating likelihood-based CI
6:48AM 3 question about scan()
6:32AM 4 alternative to table
4:43AM 1 can't get rcmd to work on windows2k....
1:19AM 0 aov probabilities
Tuesday May 14 2002
9:03PM 2 R CMD check
8:20PM 2 Printing a plot on Windows
6:14PM 2 NaN/NA and sprintf double format
5:32PM 2 quantile() and boxplot.stats()
5:20PM 1 probs in memory
4:59PM 2 tapply and empty subsets
4:51PM 1 cutree() and horizontal dendrograms
3:44PM 1 princomp
3:40PM 0 FW: Summary of Suggestions for poor man's parallel processing
12:13PM 5 Question
10:32AM 2 least summed square distance + fit
6:12AM 2 Raster management data
12:26AM 1 Functional Data Analysis
Monday May 13 2002
11:48PM 0 Sweave gives different output with different R sessions
11:07PM 5 installing labDSV library
8:35PM 1 Tcl/Tk Questions!
7:28PM 2 plot() function
6:21PM 1 Spatio-temporal analysis of homicide rates
4:09PM 1 GLM family variance function
2:15PM 0 Plot fixed effect with covariates failed
1:23PM 1 ifelse
11:25AM 2 Interactive R, with wrapper
10:22AM 1 GLM questions
3:21AM 0 Rweb
1:23AM 3 Histograms rotated, side-by-side
Sunday May 12 2002
11:50PM 4 Generalized Estimating Functions
4:50PM 0 Redundancy analysis
4:42PM 1 ACE and AVAS
2:10PM 0 c/fortran output?
1:14PM 2 update.packages()
9:15AM 2 Is this a bug of pweibull()? (Follow up)
2:31AM 0 still trouble (RE: Compiling R-1.5.0 failed on AIX4.3)
Saturday May 11 2002
10:49PM 1 deleting invariant rows and cols in a matrix
10:28PM 0 Error Message
10:09PM 0 User Function
5:03PM 2 RODBC sqlFetch
4:37PM 1 barplot
4:06PM 2 modelling a particular design
3:37AM 2 Bug on Mac version of lm()?
2:59AM 0 Cutom graphing : Which package (Base, Grid or Lattice package) ?
2:42AM 2 Jump diffusion GARCH modelling/simulation in R ?
2:40AM 1 Custom graphing : Which package (Base, Grid or Lattice package)
1:11AM 4 Is this a bug of pweibull()?
Friday May 10 2002
11:29PM 1 qqnorm() with weighted data?
7:39PM 1 Saving problem with rm150
4:21PM 0 PNLS step error in nlme
3:52PM 1 updata.packages()
3:33PM 1 Summary of Suggestions for poor man's parallel processing
1:13PM 2 RODBC for importing dbf
1:00PM 0 prevent surpressing zero frequencies
9:59AM 1 expression in lattice
9:07AM 2 lattice: labelling shingles
7:47AM 0 InterScan NT Alert
1:14AM 1 barplot()
12:49AM 1 Conflict between 'nlme' and 'methods' on R-1.5.0 ?
12:40AM 2 exporting data.frame
Thursday May 9 2002
8:51PM 0 Summary of Netlogic problem
4:59PM 2 Trim function ?
4:22PM 4 Rsquared in summary(lm)
3:56PM 2 truncated normal
2:43PM 0 tree vs rpart vs randomforest
12:27PM 2 Help on creating custom financial time series graphs
8:46AM 0 Two Courses from Insightful Corp.
1:24AM 1 colored text
Wednesday May 8 2002
9:01PM 0 , Netlogit
6:45PM 1 increase iteration in weilbull survreg
5:09PM 2 TCLTK and windows
4:03PM 1 HGLM in R (was: writing a package for generalized linear mixed models)
3:53PM 3 Inputting Co-ordinates
2:23PM 0 Problems with package XML
2:16PM 1 ts acf accessing to values
2:08PM 1 Difference in 'read.table' between R.1.4.1 and R1.5.0
12:45PM 3 Suggestions for poor man's parallel processing
7:11AM 1 math symbols in plot legend
4:53AM 3 R 1.5.0 terminated while plotting groupedData
Tuesday May 7 2002
11:38PM 3 good procedure for creating plots for PowerPoint
8:10PM 1 MASS
7:59PM 4 printing from graphics window in R-1.5.0 on WinNT
4:55PM 3 [OT] R 1.5 for debian woody
3:38PM 4 attractive spatial point process?
3:31PM 4 Putting obejct into Graph title
3:25PM 0 clustering: single linkage path in minimum spanning tree
11:50AM 2 problem with package binaries
9:22AM 1 Re: R: tseries
7:16AM 2 Discretization of numeric attributes
7:14AM 1 More on ties with rank()
6:21AM 1 Problem with ties in rank()
5:05AM 2 passing a matrix to C++ with .C()?
1:43AM 1 No subject
Monday May 6 2002
11:52PM 3 Spearman rank-order correlation matrix
8:34PM 2 Upgrade to 1.5.0
5:31PM 1 Did something big change in 1.5?
2:34PM 2 need help building R on SGI
9:50AM 3 function sort.list()
9:39AM 4 Subtitle?
9:18AM 3 Using Object's Name in Function
9:01AM 2 A logit question?
7:52AM 3 Viewing certain numbers without NA's
1:17AM 1 Load Data
Sunday May 5 2002
11:55PM 2 Passing a Matrix to .C?
7:37PM 0 Announce: My arma_scan.R for ARIMA
6:30PM 1 writing functions
11:20AM 1 possible changed organization of help files in 1.5.0?
3:32AM 0 How to get the position from a file to drill down
Saturday May 4 2002
9:54PM 1 lattice help....
2:18PM 0 R gui
1:56PM 0 Code for simulating repeated measurements or for estimating correlation structure
9:51AM 2 R crashes trying to read a data.frame
9:20AM 0 Windows pre-compiled packages updated for rw1050
8:14AM 1 algorithm -- generating combinations
3:09AM 2 Sys.getenv("os") issue
12:45AM 0 R Server Stas
12:42AM 1 acf() function
Friday May 3 2002
10:44PM 1 Daylight savings time and conversion to POSIXt (arghh!)
8:10PM 0 Technical Forums
7:16PM 0 Compiling R-1.5.0 failed on AIX4.3
4:53PM 3 skipping columns with read.fwf?
4:51PM 0 Nested anovas in R
4:36PM 0 Computing on language.
4:36PM 1 change default directory
3:08PM 2 delete rows
1:33PM 6 problems with rexp ?
1:16PM 2 sub() of matrix returns a vector and not a matrix
1:02PM 1 Problem with table
12:05PM 1 Detailed instructions for building packages
11:58AM 1 On creating an R package..
11:43AM 2 an info on 3d representation
9:49AM 2 array of matrices resp. dataFrames
9:36AM 1 "lower or equal" symbols in lattice graphics tick labels
8:07AM 1 R-squared in lm
7:50AM 3 Regression models for ordinal responses ??
3:07AM 0 tab complete for R under ESS/ 2
2:51AM 4 GUI Input Forms
Thursday May 2 2002
11:00PM 0 Jean-Francois RAMI/RPG/SEMENCES/EURALIS est absent.
9:56PM 0 tab complete for R under ESS
9:45PM 2 coercing "numeric" components of data frame to "factor" or "ordered"?
9:25PM 3 Surface Graphic
5:47PM 1 Re: help.start() problem with netscape 6.2.2 (was: R 1.5. 0 RPM's for Mandrake)
5:41PM 2 plot survival points
5:09PM 3 Building own packages on Windows 2000!
4:49PM 1 design/HMISC packages
3:47PM 1 Compiling R-1.5.0 failed on Solaris 5.8
3:43PM 2 help.start() problem with netscape 6.2.2 (was: R 1.5.0 RPM's for Mandrake)
2:39PM 0 Rconfig.h file
1:12PM 0 identify.hclust problem
12:51PM 1 splines
12:36PM 1 Returning a dataframe from a C function (How) ?
12:33PM 0 improving match.args()
11:52AM 0 R.1.2 vs R.1.4/R.1.5
9:33AM 0 Uncomplete code with pictex device driver
9:26AM 2 General "moving" functions
9:21AM 2 a question
9:07AM 0 biplot labels
8:59AM 0 segmentation fault
8:57AM 2 Two scattered matrix
7:54AM 0 ncp parameter in F distribution
2:22AM 2 problem with lme in nlme package
1:00AM 1 how to trap any warnings from an R function -- again :(
Wednesday May 1 2002
9:24PM 2 predict assistance
7:53PM 0 Non-alignment of <NA> from print.data.frame()
6:52PM 0 coefficient of determination on a nls regression
6:40PM 0 make check
5:25PM 1 compiling R-1.5.0, package methods, on Solaris 5.7
4:39PM 0 display env variable
4:36PM 1 julian() in base depends on chron
3:49PM 1 polynom division
3:48PM 0 RPart help
2:51PM 3 bivariate normal cdf and rho
9:47AM 0 No subject
7:55AM 1 "normal probability plot" with a percentile scale?
6:35AM 3 upgrading to 1.5.0/uninstalling 1.4.1 on Linux
2:43AM 2 R-1.5.0: compiling package foreign on WinNT failed