zfs discuss - Nov 2008

Saturday November 29 2008
4:15PM 75 Slow death-spiral with zfs gzip-9 compression
9:35AM 12 Problem importing degraded Pool
Friday November 28 2008
12:09AM 9 cpio silently not copying files > 2GB -- seriously!?
Thursday November 27 2008
9:04PM 2 Micron - 1GB/s PCIe SSD''s
8:39PM 17 Separate /var
6:16PM 6 2008.11 rc2 weird zpool import behaviour
Wednesday November 26 2008
10:14PM 2 New 2 ZFS: How 2nd computer recognizes ZFS storage pool on USB drive?
12:51PM 17 Best practice for swap and root pool
10:43AM 9 ZPool and Filesystem Sizing - Best Practices?
10:36AM 2 zfs znode changes getting lost
Tuesday November 25 2008
11:19PM 2 Can a zpool cachefile be copied between systems?
11:04PM 5 ZFS ACL/ACE issues with Samba - Access Denied
10:34PM 1 ''zeroing out'' unused blocks on a ZFS?
2:18PM 3 HELP!!! Need to disable zfs
1:58PM 0 Odd filename in zpool status -v output
1:54AM 1 New 2 ZFS: How assign user permission to read, write, execute a new filesys?
Monday November 24 2008
8:30PM 2 replacing disk
8:22PM 5 ESX integration
6:15PM 0 Stuck pool
1:51AM 2 Long delays in txg_wait_open() - Waiting for transaction group to open
Sunday November 23 2008
5:21PM 34 "ZFS, Smashing Baby" a fake???
Saturday November 22 2008
5:41PM 9 Performance bake off vxfs/ufs/zfs need some help
5:33AM 6 RC1 Zfs writes a lot slower when running X
1:20AM 13 ZFS fragmentation with MySQL databases
Friday November 21 2008
11:14PM 31 `zfs list` doesn''t show my snapshot
10:45PM 9 So close to better, faster, cheaper....
7:35PM 2 Peculiar disk loading on raidz2
8:40AM 1 Scrubbing the ZIL
1:47AM 1 Time-slider - zfs auto-snapshot services transition to maintenance?
12:52AM 3 zfs w/ SATA port multipliers?
Thursday November 20 2008
7:52PM 1 ZIL performance on "traditional" HDDs
7:43PM 2 raid-z with usb drives
3:54PM 10 zfs hardware failure questions
Wednesday November 19 2008
1:43PM 7 Upgrading from a single disk.
Tuesday November 18 2008
9:04PM 4 Best practice for ZFS on boot disk - use HW RAID? or ZFS Mirroring?
Monday November 17 2008
6:37PM 0 zpool errors - ZFS-8000-8A
6:35PM 14 Storage 7000
6:29PM 1 proper or best zpool command to use to resurrected a disk that has been temporarily disconnected
6:05PM 0 Another ZFS panic apparently caused by an interrupted recieve
5:33PM 3 slice overlap error when creating pools
5:22PM 0 ZFS Root Pool mount point
4:51PM 15 ZFS space efficiency when copying files from another source
4:27PM 2 how to rebuild zfs root grub
Sunday November 16 2008
9:31PM 2 scrub
9:28PM 0 ZFS performance
6:57PM 0 Status of the ADM
2:41AM 8 Mirror and RaidZ on only 3 disks
1:51AM 4 [ldoms-discuss] Solaris 10 patch 137137-09 broke LDOM
Saturday November 15 2008
11:41PM 5 Fwd: [osol-announce] IMPT: Do not use SXCE Build 102
4:09PM 2 ZFS hangs on laptop
10:26AM 2 Seeking thoughts on using SXCE rather than Solar 10 on production servers.
9:37AM 2 ZFS snapshot list
12:29AM 1 [pkg-discuss] where to for ''pkg install'' issues
Friday November 14 2008
10:43PM 23 Still more questions WRT selecting a mobo for small ZFS RAID
9:49PM 6 zfs not yet suitable for HA applications?
9:29AM 3 fmd wakeup disks in zpool
5:22AM 0 Wrong on-disk format file system written
Thursday November 13 2008
11:23PM 5 s10u6--will using disk slices for zfs logs improve nfs performance?
9:25PM 1 Can anyone help with posix_fadvise on ZFS?
8:51PM 4 Zpool mishap
5:47PM 15 Best SXCE version for ZFS Home Server
11:16AM 1 rpools mismatch
6:57AM 1 free space function
4:31AM 2 ZFS
Wednesday November 12 2008
11:40PM 8 zvol snapshot at size 100G
11:30PM 21 zfs boot - U6 kernel patch breaks sparc boot
11:04PM 19 continuous replication
10:56PM 0 ZFS boot panic
10:20PM 2 Recover ZFS pool
9:38PM 0 ZFS send state
8:10PM 0 ZFS sens state
7:54PM 0 unable to ludelete BE with ufs
7:45PM 1 zfs filesystem corruption
6:15PM 7 10u6 any patches yet?
3:13PM 6 Inexpensive ZFS home server
9:55AM 1 Resilvering is SLOW!. Not progressing at all
7:47AM 1 Replace Drives in RAIDZ Array
6:58AM 4 Backup/Restore root pool : SPARC and x86/x64
6:38AM 4 Possible ZFS panic on Solaris 10 Update 6
4:13AM 1 Rewrite vdev label?
Tuesday November 11 2008
5:07PM 26 OpenStorage GUI
3:12PM 3 ZFS capable GRUB install from within Linux?
10:09AM 0 Autoreplace not working
8:48AM 0 Q. ZFS requires freespace in file system ?
12:57AM 5 Strange zfs receive error
12:42AM 0 Poor read/write performance when using ZFS iSCSI target
Monday November 10 2008
11:03PM 0 panic on boot
10:55PM 4 Lost space in empty pool (no snapshots)
7:52PM 4 grub prompt after aborted ufs to zfs live upgrade
6:55PM 9 Sun Storage 7000
4:42PM 1 raidz problem
4:00PM 2 atomic_set and what assumptions are proper
2:03PM 0 How to deal with "ended in grub> prompt" issue ?
12:32PM 2 3rd party SAS-disks in J4000
7:52AM 6 VERY URGENT Compliance for ZFS
12:38AM 2 Is a manual zfs scrub neccessary?
Sunday November 9 2008
5:49PM 1 Fully supported 12-port SATA cards?
2:55AM 0 zpool replace not working, any ideas?
Saturday November 8 2008
11:59AM 4 MIgrating to ZFS "root"/"boot" with system in several datasets
Friday November 7 2008
10:05PM 2 A couple of newbie questions about ZFS compression
7:24PM 2 Is ZFS already the default file System for Solaris 10?
5:29PM 2 Ended up in GRUB prompt after the installation on ZFS
5:11PM 15 How to diagnose zfs - iscsi - nfs hang
1:43PM 1 Recover zpool/zfs
5:09AM 0 [osol-help] How to install to OpenSolaris on ZFS and leaving /export untouched?
4:25AM 2 ZFS problems which scrub can''t find?
4:08AM 0 what did I do wrong?
3:39AM 2 boot -L
3:20AM 0 How does zfs handle with ''..'' while snapshotting
1:00AM 2 root zpool question
12:54AM 2 copies set to greater than 1
Thursday November 6 2008
11:09PM 45 ''zfs recv'' is very slow
7:04PM 1 zfs version number
6:03PM 4 zfs (u)mount conundrum with non-existent mountpoint
5:17PM 0 zpool missing device > data recovery ?
4:52PM 11 Disk space usage of zfs snapshots and filesystems - my math doesn''t add up
3:35PM 3 Help recovering zfs filesystem
8:30AM 4 Downgrading a zpool
2:52AM 11 zfs free space
Wednesday November 5 2008
9:55PM 14 ZFS on Fit-PC Slim?
7:29PM 1 Roch star & cool stuff
7:25PM 1 Oracle on ZFS
2:50PM 7 Race condition yields to kernel panic (u3, u4) or hanging zfs commands (u5)
2:21PM 2 ZFS on emcpower0a and labels
1:02PM 17 migrating ufs to zfs - cant boot system
5:41AM 2 compression on for zpool boot disk?
3:57AM 0 ZFS problem recognition script?
3:35AM 0 ufs to zfs root file system migration
2:34AM 0 change in zpool_get_prop_int
Tuesday November 4 2008
11:46PM 0 QUESTIONS from EMC: EFI and SMI Disk Labels
10:53PM 2 Fwd: Re: FYI: s10u6 LU issues
10:17PM 5 Is there a baby thumper?
5:24PM 2 problems with ludelete
5:12PM 2 L2ARC in S10 10/08
4:01PM 1 Best method do securely wipe a zpool?
1:39PM 0 [storage-discuss] Help with bizarre S10U5 / zfs / iscsi / thumper / Oracle RAC problem
12:52PM 0 does disksize matter for a zfs mirror
11:43AM 2 ZFS wrecked our system...
8:22AM 6 HP Smart Array and b99?
12:24AM 0 Bizarre S10U5 / zfs / iscsi / thumper / Oracle RAC problem
Monday November 3 2008
11:29PM 1 is putting zone paths on zfs supported in Solaris 10 u5/u6 ?? Documentation on that? - 66124245
10:54PM 4 FYI - proposing storage pm project
1:38PM 5 Files from the future are not accessible on ZFS
11:47AM 7 zfs compression - btrfs compression
10:47AM 4 cleaning user properties
9:26AM 0 Zpool with raidz+mirror = wrong size displayed?
7:22AM 0 Some Samba questions
Sunday November 2 2008
6:39PM 2 Backup/Restore
5:42PM 5 zones/zonerootA,B,C
5:17PM 5 ufsrestore to ZFS
12:26AM 3 luactivate: how to fix things from boot:net?
Saturday November 1 2008
4:52PM 8 Help with simple (?) reconfigure of zpool