zfs discuss - Dec 2008

Tuesday December 30 2008
2:22PM 2 read/write errors on storage pool (poss. ahci/hw related?)
1:06PM 1 snapshot before patching..
8:34AM 7 ZFS Import Problem
7:32AM 0 lofiadm -d keeps a lock on file in an nbmand-mounted zfs
4:45AM 9 Noob: Best way to replace a disk when you''re out of internal connectors?
Monday December 29 2008
7:02PM 2 How ZFS decides if write to the slog or directly to the POOL
5:17PM 8 Zero page reclaim with ZFS
4:49PM 1 disk resizing with zfs
2:21PM 5 Problem with time-slider
Sunday December 28 2008
11:05PM 0 Snapshot manager service dependency error
10:52PM 4 Upgrade from UFS -> ZFS on a single disk?
9:45PM 2 Degraded zpool without any kind of alert
5:11PM 2 zfs mount hangs
4:30PM 56 ZFS vs HardWare raid - data integrity?
Saturday December 27 2008
11:10AM 5 Redundancy for /opt by raidz?
Friday December 26 2008
11:13PM 19 separate home "partition"?
Thursday December 25 2008
9:57PM 1 ZFS filesystem and CIFS permissions issue?
3:49AM 7 What will happen when write a block of 8k if the recordsize is 128k. Will 128k be written instead of 8k?
Wednesday December 24 2008
12:50PM 10 Possible to switch SATA ports?
10:02AM 0 How cloud I recovery my opensolaris 2008.11 RC2
Tuesday December 23 2008
7:46PM 1 device error without a check sum error ?
4:21AM 1 Upgrade from UFS Sol 10u5 to ZFS Sol 10u6/OS 2008.11[SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Monday December 22 2008
10:18PM 2 zfs create performance degrades dramatically with increasing number of file systems
1:54AM 3 Problem adding device to mirror
1:43AM 0 ZFS recovery?
Sunday December 21 2008
11:08AM 0 ZFS and AVS replication performance issues
8:10AM 2 add new disk to existing rpool
12:55AM 7 replicating a set of zfs snapshots
Saturday December 20 2008
4:56PM 0 Question on RaidZ expansion
12:36PM 2 General question about ZFS and RAIDZ
11:52AM 18 How to create a basic new filesystem?
12:40AM 0 change zfs syspool settings
Friday December 19 2008
4:11PM 7 raidz with 5 disks
3:32PM 1 zfs import/export sym-link unlike endianness?
3:32PM 3 Reboot during import
12:40PM 0 OpenSolaris panic while ZFS receiving (SXDE 89)
1:52AM 4 ZFS boot and data on same disk - is this supported?
Thursday December 18 2008
9:57PM 4 Replicating many home directories between hosts
8:40PM 2 zpool import
7:54PM 4 zfs boot Solaris 10/08 whole disk or slice
3:32PM 1 Accented characters in zfs filesystem names?
10:42AM 3 automatic forced zpool import with unmatched hostid
8:24AM 2 Removing Disks from pools
Wednesday December 17 2008
10:48PM 0 Destroying a zfs dataset
6:17PM 0 rename&mount problem
5:44PM 10 Cannot remove a file on a GOOD ZFS filesystem
1:48AM 4 ZFS and SAN Arrays
1:10AM 11 zpool detach on non-mirrored drive
Tuesday December 16 2008
8:29PM 0 growing vdev or zfs volume
6:05PM 4 Drive Checksum error
4:14AM 0 future PCIe x4 SATA/eSATA card products
Monday December 15 2008
9:06PM 0 zpool import broke my system
5:57PM 6 ZFS and aging
5:06PM 5 ZFS filesystem creation during JumpStart
4:54PM 38 Using zfs mirror as a simple backup mechanism for time-slider.
4:47PM 0 ZFS snapshot create/deletion event notification
2:17PM 0 WBEM Services monitoring of ZFS file systems
6:25AM 1 zfs source documentation
2:44AM 15 Need Help Invalidating Uberblock
12:13AM 4 UFS over zvol major performance hit
Sunday December 14 2008
1:00PM 9 Hybrid Pools - Since when?
12:44AM 3 zpol mirror creation after non-mirrored zpool is setup
Saturday December 13 2008
5:25PM 9 ZFS as a Gateway for a stroage network
5:18PM 1 [Fwd: Re: [indiana-discuss] build 100 image-update: cannot boot to previous BEs]
Friday December 12 2008
6:18PM 0 ZFS promotions
4:15PM 2 perm/mode is lost on zfs raw device
4:06PM 1 performance issues with os200811 and zfs
3:58PM 1 HELP! - Re-use a disk with UFS that previously was part of a ZFS pool
10:19AM 7 ZFS home server SATA disk setup
10:18AM 3 Intel SS4200-E?
1:51AM 2 ZFS Installation Question
Thursday December 11 2008
6:43PM 9 Easiest way to replace a boot disk with a larger one?
6:21PM 10 To separate /var or not separate /var, that is the question....
4:29PM 0 ZFSAgent
5:47AM 1 Incremental stream panics system
12:48AM 1 ZFS with IMAP(Cyrus)
Wednesday December 10 2008
11:05PM 0 smf needs a THAW method?
10:08PM 2 cannot mount ZFS volume
6:46PM 24 Split responsibility for data with ZFS
5:42PM 1 what command to zero out unused blocks in zfs pool?
4:51PM 7 Changing casesensitivity for existing filesystems?
7:04AM 1 SXCE, ZFS root, b101 -> b103, wierd zfs list ?
Tuesday December 9 2008
10:15PM 0 (no subject)
6:56PM 3 ZFS vdev labels and EFI disk labels
6:38PM 0 mismatched replication level question
12:59PM 5 cp: Operation not supported
5:53AM 0 zfs ioctls and cli concepts
3:16AM 4 ZFS resize partitions
Monday December 8 2008
11:09PM 13 zfs & iscsi sustained write performance
6:03PM 14 zfs is a co-dependent parent and won''t let children leave home
2:41PM 0 Monitoring ZFS Statistic
1:29AM 5 How to use mbuffer with zfs send/recv
Sunday December 7 2008
8:07AM 0 OpenSolaris 2008.11
Saturday December 6 2008
8:04PM 1 How to compile mbuffer
5:06PM 7 SMART data
5:42AM 20 Problem with ZFS and ACL with GDM
Friday December 5 2008
7:35PM 13 ZFS fragments 32 bits RAM? Problem?
6:16PM 3 redundancy in non-redundant stripes
3:55PM 5 Status of zpool remove in raidz and non-redundant stripes
Thursday December 4 2008
10:58PM 5 help please - The pool metadata is corrupted
9:31PM 2 ZFS+NFS4 strange timestamps on file creation
1:18PM 0 Resilvers restarting - is there a current bug for this?
6:42AM 11 help diagnosing system hang
2:19AM 18 zpool "cannot replace a replacing device"
Wednesday December 3 2008
8:39PM 22 OpenSolaris vs Linux
7:39PM 1 Availability: ZFS needs to handle disk removal / driver failure better
6:32PM 0 Flash Archive Support for ZFS?
Tuesday December 2 2008
7:16PM 12 Asymmetric zpool load
5:42PM 2 A failed disk can bring down a machine?
12:22PM 24 Hardware Raid Vs ZFS implementation on Sun X4150/X4450
10:47AM 1 zfs_nocacheflush, nvram, and root pools
10:21AM 3 [install-discuss] differences.. why?
4:04AM 8 zpool replace - choke point
3:05AM 9 How often to scrub?
2:17AM 0 ZFS UI management
12:42AM 4 rsync using 100% of a cpu
Monday December 1 2008
8:50PM 3 Gnome Disk Usage Analyzer
6:45PM 4 Is SUNWhd for Thumper only?