zfs discuss - Oct 2008

Friday October 31 2008
8:59PM 3 S10U6 and x4500 thumper sata controller
12:18PM 14 questions on zfs backups
12:02PM 2 TimeSlider and ZFS auto snapshot problem into indiana
2:27AM 17 questions on zfs send,receive,backups
Thursday October 30 2008
8:39PM 7 zdb to dump data
8:04PM 3 after controller crash, ''one or more devices is currently unavailable''
3:40PM 3 Managing low free space and snapshots
10:50AM 4 DNLC and ARC
9:56AM 8 Enabling load balance with zfs
Wednesday October 29 2008
8:49PM 1 zfs shrinking swap
7:33PM 1 Resilvering after drive failure - keeps restarting - any guesses why/how to fix?
6:30PM 5 zfs zpool recommendation
4:28PM 11 zfs boot / root in Nevada build 101
8:17AM 4 [osol-bugs] what''s the story wtih bug #6592835?
7:08AM 5 Custom Jumpstart and RAID-10 ZFS rpool
2:41AM 2 Dribbling checksums
Tuesday October 28 2008
7:25PM 2 lu ZFS root questions
2:27PM 5 Performance with tens of thousands of zfs filesystems
10:00AM 2 COW & updates [C1]
12:00AM 1 SXCE snv_97 ZFS lots of filesystems test
Monday October 27 2008
5:54PM 5 zpool import: all devices online but: insufficient replicas
3:23PM 3 [ha-clusters-discuss] (ZFS) file corruption with HAStoragePlus
1:42PM 2 ZFS / Question
12:16PM 0 Mix disk speed in a zpool
9:03AM 1 dataset directory [C1]
12:18AM 7 zpool import problem
Sunday October 26 2008
5:29PM 4 Cannot remove slog device from zpool
10:59AM 2 Boot from mirror
4:31AM 5 recommendations on adding vdev to raidz zpool
Saturday October 25 2008
2:00AM 16 Verify files'' checksums
Friday October 24 2008
11:57PM 26 diagnosing read performance problem
11:49PM 0 video on ZFS booting in Update 6
7:10PM 3 sata on sparc
2:18PM 12 Disabling auto-snapshot by default.
Thursday October 23 2008
9:04PM 64 ZFS + OpenSolaris for home NAS?
2:49PM 2 zpool cross mount
9:13AM 1 (ZFS) file corruption with HAStoragePlus
Wednesday October 22 2008
7:51PM 2 ZFS Pool can''t be imported on fresh install with one broken vdev
5:42PM 12 Hotplug issues on USB removable media.
4:26PM 25 Disabling COMMIT at NFS level, or disabling ZIL on a per-filesystem basis
3:15PM 5 ZFS boot vs Linux fuse
3:25AM 1 Oracle on ZFS best practice? docs? blogs?
12:35AM 2 zfs migration question
Tuesday October 21 2008
3:44PM 4 Building a 2nd pool, can I do it in stages?
1:00PM 6 Tuning ZFS for Sun Java Messaging Server
Monday October 20 2008
9:57PM 10 Setting per-file record size / querying fs/file record size?
6:38PM 0 Sun Web Console for OpenSolaris
4:32PM 2 RAID-Z True Volume Size?
4:29PM 3 Windows XP nfs client poor performance
12:58PM 1 unloading zfs module
7:10AM 4 ZFS Success Stories
6:33AM 1 zfs snapshot stalled?
Sunday October 19 2008
9:08PM 10 ZFS scalability in terms of file system count (or lack thereof) in S10U6
8:52PM 5 Booting 0811 from USB Stick
2:18PM 2 Recover after disk labels "failure"
9:25AM 14 ZFS write performance on boot disk
7:02AM 9 My 500-gig ZFS is gone: insufficient replicas, corrupted data
Saturday October 18 2008
7:42PM 2 Pool corruption avoidance
7:01PM 0 smb "veto oplock files" in solaris Cifs / ZFS
11:56AM 4 Best practice recommendations for backing up to ZFS Fileserver
6:04AM 0 zpool command hangs, how to recover?
Friday October 17 2008
8:20PM 0 bad ZFS-backed iSCSI target
2:23PM 2 Why does ZFS pool require root privileges to access?
6:22AM 4 How can i make my zpool as faulted.
Thursday October 16 2008
3:00PM 1 ZFS pool not imported on boot on Solaris Xen PV DomU
11:05AM 5 Strange result when syncing between SPARC and x86
10:36AM 8 Lost Disk Space
4:38AM 7 zfs cp hangs when the mirrors are removed ..
Wednesday October 15 2008
11:29PM 6 Best practice recommendations for ZFS + Virtualbox
10:24PM 7 Enable compression on ZFS root
8:57PM 12 Tuning for a file server, disabling data cache (almost)
2:05PM 3 OpenSolaris, thumper and hd
4:39AM 29 HELP! SNV_97,98,99 zfs with iscsitadm and VMWare!
Tuesday October 14 2008
5:45PM 0 L2ARC on iSER ramdisks?
2:21PM 4 Change the volblocksize of a ZFS volume
7:31AM 48 ZFS-over-iSCSI performance testing (with low random access results)...
12:47AM 3 zpool CKSUM errors since drive replace
Monday October 13 2008
3:49PM 3 scrub restart patch status..
3:14PM 41 Improving zfs send performance
Sunday October 12 2008
7:22PM 11 am I "screwed"?
Saturday October 11 2008
11:13PM 5 questions about replacing a raidz2 vdev disk with a larger one
8:11AM 4 restore from snapshot
3:17AM 0 occasional very slow zfs commands on x4500 with SolarisExpress 97
12:19AM 7 volname
Friday October 10 2008
11:09PM 2 Reboot during live upgrade from snv_97 to snv_99
3:03PM 0 [osol-rfe] RFE: ZFS quotas and reservations
10:49AM 0 CIFS / ZFS Permission issue
7:06AM 0 zpool replace is stuck
5:40AM 5 add autocomplete feature for zpool, zfs command
Thursday October 9 2008
11:05PM 0 "zfs set sharenfs" takes a long time to return.
8:09PM 6 Strategies to avoid single point of failure w/ X45x0 Servers?
11:33AM 2 ZFS Replication Question
Wednesday October 8 2008
7:58PM 1 Troubleshooting ZFS performance with SIL3124 cards
7:29PM 5 Pros/Cons of multiple zpools?
12:58PM 1 Shutting down / exporting zpool without flushing slog devices
9:16AM 5 Resilver hanging?
Tuesday October 7 2008
12:09PM 6 ZFS Mirrors braindead?
10:58AM 1 ZFS confused about disk controller
Monday October 6 2008
8:41PM 15 Looking for some hardware answers, maybe someone on this list could help
8:00PM 7 Comments on green-bytes
5:46PM 19 zpool imports are slow when importing multiple storage pools
2:31PM 4 [Fwd: Re: ZSF Solaris]
6:56AM 3 Is It a SATA problem or there is something else !!!!!!
Sunday October 5 2008
6:38PM 0 xterm - strange output
12:25PM 4 Permanent errors on filesystem (opensolaris 2008.05)
11:53AM 1 Odd zpool / zfs issue
5:37AM 19 An slog experiment (my NAS can beat up your NAS)
Saturday October 4 2008
8:29AM 0 data corruption causes unremovable files
Friday October 3 2008
5:14PM 2 Root pool mirror wasn''t automatically configured during install
2:25PM 0 Destroying old zpools
Thursday October 2 2008
4:21PM 1 Terrible performance when setting zfs_arc_max snv_98
9:01AM 8 ZFS Boot on SAN
Wednesday October 1 2008
5:52PM 8 making sense of arcstat.pl output
5:17PM 2 query: why does zfs boot in 10/08 not support flash archive jumpstart
2:53PM 2 Sidebar re ABI stability (was Segmentation fault / core dump)
9:20AM 83 zpool unimportable (corrupt zpool metadata??) but no zdb -l device problems
6:30AM 3 Weird ZFS recv / NFS export problem
5:59AM 2 make zfs(1M) use literals when displaying properties in scripted mode
2:42AM 6 ZFS, NFS and Auto Mounting
12:19AM 1 ZFS Pool Question