Xen users - Oct 2010

Sunday October 31 2010
11:30PM 7 XCP, NFS for storage and bonded NICs
5:46PM 10 dedicate nic to drbd in domU
1:16PM 0 Re: [Fedora-xen] Xen dom0 (core) merged to upstream Linux 2.6.37 and other new features
8:47AM 0 How are kernel modules installed using ddk.iso for xenserver 5.6 base installation
Saturday October 30 2010
5:04PM 2 Exchange 2010 on Xen 4.0.1
1:37PM 6 can not unbind pci device, xen kernel, openSUSE
1:30PM 6 GPLPV Uninstall = 0x7b Bluescreen
12:31PM 0 raw disk hot swap
12:50AM 0 DomU configured with NAT loses network connectivity.
Friday October 29 2010
7:07PM 2 (strange idea) unfriendly migration
5:28PM 0 Re: In the process of deciding to virtualize, manyuncertainties
5:21PM 0 PCI DSS 2.0 Good News
5:02PM 0 Re: Re: [Xen-devel] Re: xend does not start
4:45PM 0 Re: In the process of deciding to virtualize, manyuncertainties
2:49PM 1 Re: In the process of deciding to virtualize, manyuncertainties
1:26PM 9 Installing Xen 4.0.1 on Ubuntu 10.04
12:44PM 0 A problem about pre-build xvpappliance - how to use the xvpweb in it?
12:05PM 0 A question about XVP Xen API error.
10:36AM 1 Re: In the process of deciding to virtualize, manyuncertainties
8:23AM 0 Hardware passthrough without MSI-X
7:23AM 1 Re: In the process of deciding to virtualize, manyuncertainties
6:11AM 0 problem with online storage add - device stuck in state 3 until reboot
6:04AM 0 XEN 4.0 : htree_dirblock_to_tree: bad entry in directory
12:56AM 0 scalability issue.
Thursday October 28 2010
10:23PM 0 XCP: iscsi redundancy
10:09PM 0 Which chip to buy when building a server for Xen
9:02PM 0 fxsave, fnsave, ltr hang for guest OS.
6:17PM 0 Xen - strange memory managing issue
5:53PM 0 HVM + IGD Graphics + 4GB RAM = Soft Lockup
5:40PM 8 Windows 2008 SBS on Xen 3.4 does not install
3:56PM 2 Named in domu listening on only some IP addresses
12:37PM 2 debugging VM startup
11:15AM 1 Xen Cloud platform and xenserver 5.6
8:23AM 8 Status of Xen 4.0.x and pv-ops dom0 kernel 2.6.32.x
7:18AM 3 In the process of deciding to virtualize, many uncertainties
1:43AM 1 Ubuntu 9.10: amd64: Xen-4.0: linux- No Network connectivity in domU:
Wednesday October 27 2010
9:28PM 1 GPLPV
8:49PM 0 XCCS, BUG 10272010-2, load balancer
8:07PM 2 Trying to get a good grasp on what to expect from Xen
7:57PM 25 xend does not start
7:42PM 0 XCP 0.5.0 bug, XCCS impacted
2:39PM 1 xen, openSUSE can not provide USB support my Windows XP guest HVM domain
12:46PM 1 Logging
12:40PM 0 Centos installation problems
12:39PM 0 missing /dev/xvda on xen cloud platform 3.4.2 during centos 5.5 dom 0 installation
9:49AM 2 DomU crashes after live migration
9:34AM 0 The problem about Windows live migration
8:42AM 2 Problem starting Windows guests: Domain unable to be unpaused: an integer is required
7:43AM 0 Could xen start up the existed windows 7?
Tuesday October 26 2010
10:02PM 0 test
7:25PM 6 SW RAID powered Xen node - knowledgeable feedback much needed
4:44PM 16 Xen 3.4.2 networking help
2:05PM 2 Strange fsck messages showing up in dmesg
1:41PM 2 Xen Ubuntu 10.04
5:53AM 0 [SPAM] xen vm network not working
1:30AM 4 Xen 3.4.x Stable?
12:02AM 1 network bridge question
Monday October 25 2010
11:23PM 10 XEN 4.0.1 + pv_ops kernel DomU issues
9:50PM 2 disk performance on server migrated
7:46PM 0 error message in Domain from Dom0 ?
6:57PM 0 Migration issue
5:59PM 1 domU kernel.org kernel
4:39PM 0 Re: Re: Unable to pass device to IOMMU
3:33PM 1 Converting XP SP3 VM to run in Xen
3:16PM 0 page allocation failures
1:41PM 0 EXT3-fs error (device xvda2): ext3_lookup: deleted inode
11:53AM 0 Anyone had issues with Areca hardware raid and xen?
7:02AM 0 How can I configure my resolution under Dom0?
5:16AM 0 Does xen save bridge names not existing anymore and try to recreate them?
Sunday October 24 2010
9:48PM 0 BUG: soft lockup - CPU#7 stuck for 61s! [udisks-dm-expor:11772]
2:56PM 0 XenWebManager beta version release
1:58PM 0 OpenSolaris domU Grant table setup gotcha
12:55PM 0 Virtual Network configuration & Wiki
7:50AM 0 Secure Xen neworking help (route, ebtables, private network)
4:33AM 0 DVS?
Saturday October 23 2010
8:34PM 0 diagram correction for Xen Networking with vlan on bonding
1:11PM 9 xen4 on debian squeeze, slow mysql in domU
Friday October 22 2010
11:05PM 2 PXE boot post-install-script example?
8:17PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 68, Issue 41
6:16PM 22 [UNSTABLE REPORT] Intel Integrated Graphics (IGD) VGA Passthrough to Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial with Xen 4.0.2-rc1-pre Hypervisor and pv-ops dom0 kernel
12:26PM 1 XCP - source code for loader in /opt/xensource/packages/files/guest-installer/
7:23AM 2 [XCP] port usage for XAPI
6:07AM 0 Attaching a new VDI to a VM using the dd command in linux
2:52AM 6 help a newbie please
Thursday October 21 2010
11:22PM 0 libxs documentation
10:09PM 1 Resize NPIV Block Device
9:00PM 1 over-allocation of memory
5:36PM 2 XCP, technology question
3:43PM 0 VNC problem in qemu-dm
1:52PM 1 Prob
1:28PM 4 PCI Passthrough Problems/Questions
1:04PM 0 Re: Re: [Fedora-xen] another xen build and pvops kernel
4:51AM 6 About acessing Virtual manchine with realVNC
4:46AM 4 how to mount a disk of domU?
2:35AM 6 RE: Build linux-image.deb via make-kpkg for xenified aka Suse
12:31AM 1 PCI Passthrough with kernel.org domU kernel
Wednesday October 20 2010
4:20PM 0 Problem boot with an AMD Opteron 6128
3:38PM 3 CPU Prerequisites for Live Migrations
1:48PM 0 bug mmu.c
12:44PM 1 Suporte
6:12AM 1 Installing Ubuntu 10.04 as DomU on Xen
3:30AM 4 Keeping domU configs sync''ed across nodes in a cluster
Tuesday October 19 2010
2:59PM 0 console logging
1:02PM 2 CentOS dom0 and domU kernel with xen 3.4.3?
12:48PM 0 Mandriva and Xen
12:05PM 5 max utilization
11:19AM 3 AW: Re: [Xen-devel] with SUSE patches: Invalid Kernel
8:41AM 7 PV-Driver
Monday October 18 2010
11:20PM 3 Trying to make tools for 64bit Xen hypervisor
7:28PM 1 Weird domU appearing right after boot
5:00PM 1 Ubuntu as domU
3:21PM 0 fedora unable to boot
2:49PM 6 Re: [Fedora-xen] another xen build and pvops kernel
2:43PM 0 xen host freezes in bridged mode with large broadcasts
2:31PM 3 xen randomly crashes all VMs hosted on iSCSI NAS array
9:53AM 0 hi query regarding kvm networking
9:39AM 0 XenSummit / XenDirections Asia 2010
7:02AM 0 why there''s no newest kernel-xen rpm for redhat/centos?
3:27AM 2 Shared storage and file-based VHDs
Sunday October 17 2010
8:11AM 5 Debain Domu Xen PV boot hangs at CRON message
5:23AM 1 resolv.conf setup?
2:04AM 2 Problems with installing Xen 3.1.3 from source code.
Saturday October 16 2010
6:27PM 11 any opinions on debian vs. opensuse for Xen?
11:47AM 0 RHEL 6 /etc/inittab misconfigured
Friday October 15 2010
5:47PM 4 What hardware to use for XEN
4:47PM 2 Xen Guest - how to change boot order?
3:44PM 0 domU domain id keeps changing
1:52PM 0 domain id keeps changing
12:01PM 2 XCP xapi debugging
11:44AM 7 High availability Xen with bonding
9:15AM 0 Rolling/live upgrade from RH XEN 3.0.3 to gitco''s 3.4.3 possible?
8:27AM 2 offload issues
Thursday October 14 2010
11:01PM 0 SR-IOV error "not enough MMIO resources for SR-IOV"
10:46PM 3 XCP: buitin templates (how they works?)
5:48PM 0 Fw: Re: [osol-discuss] [xen-discuss] XEN on OpenIndiana
3:51PM 0 Installing Xen 3.1.3 from source over an existing Xen hypervisor
11:53AM 1 Can''t install HVM DomU: Windows 2008 R2 server on CentOS 5.5
11:24AM 12 best practices in using shared storage for XEN Virtual Machines and auto-failover?
10:26AM 0 32b domU with 64 bits dom0 on opensuse 11.3
7:52AM 0 Creation of Storage repositories SRs'' for Virtual Disk Images VDIs''
2:50AM 5 copying or dding from a VM-template resulting in the whole system getting stuck
1:13AM 0 Unable to run susestudio XEN domU on older dom0 machine
Wednesday October 13 2010
11:59PM 0 recommendations on Infrastrutre documentation software
6:26PM 0 domU: very long to be online
1:25PM 0 git on Xenserver/XCP
12:25PM 1 Migrate PV - BUG: recent printk recursion
12:18PM 4 usb_add to windows guest
7:40AM 1 Can I execute xm vcpu-set and mem-set successfully when the domU is running?
12:02AM 0 XenSource API - VBD.get_VDI and guest agents
Tuesday October 12 2010
7:39PM 1 Trouble with XCP .5 ISO booting
5:47PM 4 using Linux as a front-end controller for a SAN?
11:58AM 0 Shared Storage on Xenserver 5.6
11:37AM 0 DSN: failed (Biomedea@t-online.de)
10:55AM 0 Valid Config for 32 bit pvops kernel (my new kernel is panicing)
10:39AM 2 special passwords for xenserver direct console, could it be?
9:33AM 0 Any idea of what can be done about Xen seemming to only service one Domain at the time under high Disk I/O load
9:28AM 7 Can I create domU on ZFS?
5:26AM 0 disk - error
Monday October 11 2010
4:06PM 1 set Domain-0 default memory allocation
11:45AM 1 Have some problem in Xen 4.0.1
10:08AM 0 DSN: failed (Delivery failed)
7:14AM 1 HVM is required for this operation
4:01AM 0 DSN: failed (Mail System Error - Returned Mail)
Saturday October 9 2010
2:27PM 1 [XCP] How to access a physical serial-port from a domU?
10:49AM 1 hvm-guest get wrong time (UTC)
9:20AM 1 modules not loadable
9:13AM 0 [Xen-API] Snapshots
8:45AM 5 [XCP] Changing IP on XCP pool members.
7:22AM 0 Restart VNC server (qemu-dm) for VM
Friday October 8 2010
10:07PM 0 XCP - Enabling sFlow on XCP 0.5
8:33PM 1 VT-d with P6T Deluxe
8:02PM 1 error during installation of XCP
4:10PM 0 ubuntu net install hangs
7:50AM 0 Windows domu on NFS
1:04AM 5 Unable to boot after installing xen 4.0.1 on Ubuntu 10.04
Thursday October 7 2010
11:31PM 0 Creating windows ami using xen
11:17PM 0 The new configuration option
11:13PM 1 setting hostname in xen config .xml file
11:45AM 0 Creation of VDI,VBD and disk lists
11:35AM 0 XENBUS: response ring is not quiescent
10:07AM 2 Windows Guest
7:30AM 1 Sound or USB passthrough for Windows guest at Citrix XenServer 5.6 Free
4:50AM 0 Storage configuration and creation of vm-disks, VDI, and VBDs
1:33AM 3 XCP, Xen Cloud Control System ver 0.5.5 released!
Wednesday October 6 2010
10:08PM 2 xen 3.4.2 networkings - multiple nics to multiple VMs
10:01PM 0 XCP 0.5 migraton troubles
9:27PM 0 remus support in xen 4.0
9:25PM 1 xen boot failure after host memory upgrade
8:46PM 0 Xen on 2 Dell R300
6:19PM 16 LVM and resize2fs
5:29PM 2 XCP - file boot instead pygrub
3:42PM 1 Embedded Xen question
1:06PM 4 Problems with Xen Tools instalation
11:14AM 7 XCP community call
10:37AM 0 xend don''t start, Exception starting xend: (111, ''Connection refused'')
8:38AM 1 unknown bootloader
7:40AM 0 ConVirt Enterprise 2.0.1 released.
6:27AM 0 Could not install Xen 4.0.1 on Fedora 13, Please help me.
5:45AM 0 multiply stub-domains
2:36AM 0 FYI Ubuntu Lucid potential boot hang when fstab references a missing drive
Tuesday October 5 2010
11:54PM 2 Snmp CpuRawIdle showing double?
8:54PM 0 limited number of tap:aio disks - only 64 devices
4:00PM 2 can''t get hvm to work
Monday October 4 2010
4:07PM 3 installing hypervisor on domU
3:01PM 1 Xen domU crashes accessing to drbd disk if using maxmem.
12:33PM 0 Error from bootloader no bootable disk
10:01AM 6 Clock (time) issue
8:04AM 2 Which Linux distro is used by xen developers?
12:41AM 2 CPU cap
Sunday October 3 2010
4:08PM 12 Windows 2003 Network Problem
2:25PM 16 XCP 5.0 Your license has expired. Please contact your support representative
1:27PM 0 Host in a Box
1:58AM 2 Can''t create HVM guest using 4.0.1
Saturday October 2 2010
10:38PM 0 Fwd: Re: [Openswan Users] klips_error:ipsec_xmit_encap_once: tried to skb_put 20, 16 available. This should never happen, please report.
2:32PM 1 modprobe.conf
2:25PM 0 xenstored is not launching
11:29AM 0 xm console stability
9:03AM 1 configurations for domU installation
Friday October 1 2010
11:58PM 1 running a hypervisor inside a domU guest?
2:13PM 1 XEN BUG i387.c159 at XEN4.01 on debian squeeze
11:58AM 2 trouble building 4.0.1
10:01AM 1 [XCP] vdi with names ''base copy'' and ''0''
9:18AM 2 missing logical device
7:47AM 1 DomU shutdown Crashes Dom0 Networking
6:59AM 3 High iowait every day at the same time.
6:39AM 0 DSN: failed (TEST)
6:16AM 0 Does VT-d work on Asus P5Q-EM?