Xen users - Dec 2009

Thursday December 31 2009
10:32PM 4 Bluescreen with Latest GPLPV on Windows Server 2008 R2 on XEN3.4.1
10:06PM 0 ignore mal trouble
5:53PM 4 Xen and High Availibilty
4:39AM 34 Memory problems persist... Cannot allocate memory
4:32AM 6 Scary!!! Lost domU!!!
4:27AM 19 Xen 3.4.1: pygrub Error: Boot loader didn''t return any data!
1:04AM 2 Peth0 Missing on Debian Lenny
Wednesday December 30 2009
10:09PM 0 Debiam with Dom0 in Centos with Xen.
6:54PM 0 migration and snapshots.
7:24AM 7 installation from source
2:04AM 0 How to installing from Source
12:37AM 5 BSOD when installing GPLPV
Tuesday December 29 2009
1:11AM 9 pv_ops dom0 kernel and VT cpu extensions
Monday December 28 2009
11:16PM 1 Xen Cloud Platform, Lost VMs
8:13PM 1 incorrect cpu clock speed in windows vps
8:02PM 1 correct "extra" syntax in domU config
3:51PM 0 Xen crash unexpectedly
3:21PM 0 Xen Summit Asia 2009 Videos on YouTube
2:35PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update - December 25, 2009
12:01PM 0 some problem using xenoprofile 0.9.5
10:15AM 1 Live migration without stopping current VM
Sunday December 27 2009
9:13PM 2 running XEN on DELL R200 with SAS6iR ( raid 1 )
6:17PM 0 XEN on old CPUs
2:52PM 15 can Xen coexist/cooperate with a windows/linux dual-boot system?
2:25AM 1 xen dmesg without xen
Saturday December 26 2009
9:56AM 4 si_mkclients missing
Friday December 25 2009
8:28AM 0 platform and application vms
Thursday December 24 2009
7:19PM 0 Upgrading from 3.1.x to latest
5:16PM 0 How to do a DomU installation
12:59PM 0 Xen graphs
10:28AM 7 unknown income traffic
10:04AM 13 Xen Cloud Platform disaster
1:42AM 1 Re: A sample question
Wednesday December 23 2009
9:31PM 4 initial vpcu
8:04PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 58, Issue 119
5:42PM 7 pv_ops reassigndev for pci passthrough
9:04AM 1 What is STUBDOM?
7:45AM 2 How Many domUs on a Host
1:58AM 3 Live migration failed
Tuesday December 22 2009
10:05PM 1 domU Static IP
6:51PM 0 ypbind segfaulting in pvops dom0
5:42PM 0 Audio support in domU - Xen 3.4.2
4:28PM 19 How do I get Windows licenses for virtual machines?
4:07PM 1 VMWare as Xen VM
3:13PM 0 2009 Community Manager Goals Update
1:57PM 4 xen network problen domU
1:27PM 2 Webserver throughput in xen-environment
11:22AM 1 PCI passthrough on Debian Lenny with Xen 3.2
8:32AM 15 Vnc unable to open Display on xen CentOS
6:10AM 3 xend error on FC12
Monday December 21 2009
9:55PM 2 SIT tunnel weirdness
7:51PM 0 Question about USB
4:28PM 7 How to detect if a machine is a Virtual machine ??
3:21PM 1 which function implement "xm save "
12:54PM 26 Questions on qcow, qcow2 versus LVM
12:16PM 3 TCP Sniffing issues + Snort
Sunday December 20 2009
9:01PM 2 Ram Calculation
8:42PM 0 Primary server and MediaPC as virtuals, with separate resources?
6:56PM 6 Jeremy''s GIT-tree and network problems
3:28PM 10 xen, pvops & nvidia graphics
11:46AM 6 Problem with tap:aio
11:45AM 2 xen domu not starting up
Saturday December 19 2009
6:36AM 1 guest OS installation ERROR!
Friday December 18 2009
11:54PM 1 domU pause while migration
9:17PM 1 test
7:05PM 9 xen only shows only ONE "cpu core"
5:44PM 2 DomU causes Server to crash when using "disk = [ phy:LV, xvdb ....."
4:37PM 0 [SPAM] Re: DomU(s) in different subnets
2:32PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update - December 18, 2009
9:59AM 3 xen "set encode" (8b2a) problem
7:03AM 4 block-attach on dom0 missing
Thursday December 17 2009
9:10PM 6 DomU(s) in different subnets
8:53PM 0 Static building Xen 3.4.2 tools
6:55PM 4 Xen no Mouse/Keyboard & funkey sound skip
2:10PM 0 trouble with pci passthrough on debian to hvm domain on intel dq35jo motherboard
1:03PM 1 Information request
12:29PM 11 Netware
11:36AM 1 Windows 2008 as DomU
11:18AM 2 Disk I/O performance with GPLPV 10.0.142
11:06AM 2 Booting 2.6.31 kernel.org as domU
7:09AM 0 Queries on __gnttab_copy()
6:49AM 0 Queries on __gnttab_copy
Wednesday December 16 2009
10:13PM 3 FC5 as domU- failed to bring multiple interfaces
8:56PM 2 Domu domains not shutting down when rebooting.
6:51PM 0 OpenNebula 1.4.0 released
5:00PM 7 rebased openSUSE dom0 xen patches for 2.6.31
4:55PM 0 Dom0 ''System Halted''
1:22PM 0 xm console hangs
12:38PM 3 XEN Support for IBM JS20 PowerPC
10:42AM 0 Direct somU access to GPGPU do-able?
8:30AM 1 Unknown Kernel command line: pciback.hide
8:20AM 3 Hotplug failure when running DomU from ramdisk
5:35AM 1 Live CD with Dom0 run *BSD or Solaris?
4:39AM 12 How many guest hosts per physical host
4:10AM 1 a few questions about configuring xen 3.4.1 on OpenSuse 11.1 x86
Tuesday December 15 2009
8:28PM 0 OCF Volume and iSCSI
6:34PM 1 Pulling a specific Kernel from GIT repository
4:40PM 6 Nvidia drivers in Dom0 results in blank screen
11:31AM 0 frob_iptable not getting called for network-bridge?
4:39AM 2 2008 GPLPV + Sysprep /generalize
2:38AM 2 Device *** (***) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
2:09AM 10 Prohibit to run Xen inside guest VM?
Monday December 14 2009
8:47PM 1 Citrix Project Satori and 2.6.32-7
6:02PM 0 Mysterious crash on SLES11; VMs did not autostart
4:30PM 3 cron and domU''s
9:59AM 8 Windows 2008 64 bits + gplpv driver = BSOD
Sunday December 13 2009
10:09PM 7 Xenned box becomes unresponsive
9:32PM 6 Xen 3.4 + GPLPV + physical drive or partition
Friday December 11 2009
8:47PM 1 New to the community - a few questions
6:23PM 7 memory quesion
3:10PM 0 Weekly Xen.org Community Update - December 11, 2009
9:11AM 15 Linux DomU halted very early after booted with VT-d device
Thursday December 10 2009
10:39PM 1 xen upstream repositories
8:33PM 7 RHEL VMs in HyperV to Xen
7:36PM 3 No filesystem could mount root
7:11PM 6 Rapid Windows Provisioning
6:55PM 2 multiple vlan in dom0 and domu
2:23PM 2 Newbie network configuration
11:34AM 0 Timer and dynamic tick
11:01AM 0 Xen 3.4.2 dump registers triggers watchdog
9:50AM 0 xen tesla dom0
5:33AM 3 Bridge configuration on Xen 3.2+
Wednesday December 9 2009
5:13PM 11 Problems with pci passthrough with Xen 3.4.2
4:05PM 5 Shared storage between open Xen, VMware ESX, XenServer, KVM and a normal Linux...
2:55PM 2 1TB disk size limit?
2:45PM 2 PCI: Not using MMCONFIG, leave system completely hung while booting Xen 3.4.1
10:32AM 0 DomU crashes sometimes on startup - PCI-Passthrough
9:41AM 4 xen config for iscsi domU
9:07AM 1 Enquire about XAPI
8:25AM 0 Unsupported memory accesses after Installing Xen On Ubuntu 8.04
3:56AM 0 Passing an entire PCI device to the XEN Guest....
Tuesday December 8 2009
6:03PM 6 domU time out of sync, ntpdate won''t update it
3:26PM 0 Time gaps in system logs related to NTPD
2:51PM 0 Qemu-DM Option ROM
9:00AM 1 fedora 11 HVM guest on cento 5.4 dom0
7:29AM 0 please vote
Monday December 7 2009
6:32PM 2 USB Pass through to a Para Virtual Machine
4:37PM 1 XEN on old hardware
3:48PM 9 Trying to Run OpenSolaris PV
10:30AM 0 best VM Manager
8:39AM 3 ConVirt 2.0 Beta is now available
Sunday December 6 2009
5:04PM 1 Kernel panic
1:56AM 2 Dom0 & DomU Clock not synchronized
Saturday December 5 2009
10:52PM 31 pv_ops domU crashes on pv_ops dom0 (directly at boot)
9:33PM 0 remove
4:09PM 3 PVGrub can''t find config file for domU on logical volume
8:55AM 1 Dom0 kernel for Embedded System
8:21AM 1 regarding Xen summit asia curiosity
4:52AM 2 UnknownHostException on Xen Guest OS
3:52AM 7 Xen.org Community Weekly Update - Dec 4
Friday December 4 2009
9:19PM 12 how to get xen with a kernel 2.6.27 or above?
8:03PM 0 Xen and EC2 power DARPA Network Challenge Team DeciNena
6:01PM 0 Xen slips in Google Chrome OS (sort of)
5:56PM 3 Can''t boot into xen
5:20PM 0 Failed to initialize xenstat library.
4:07PM 0 Slow (RAM?) performance using Xen (3.2.3) kernel -- dual AMD Opteron (h2000m)
3:05PM 1 xen 3.4.2 upgrade from 3.4.1.
10:40AM 0 Linux VMs freeze
9:07AM 6 GPLPV driver Send performance
5:37AM 11 Dom0 network restart required
Thursday December 3 2009
10:04PM 1 how to create XEN config file of running domU?
8:53PM 0 Upcoming change in Xen 4.0: handling of the rdtsc instruction
4:48PM 0 Re: USB Support
4:24PM 1 3.4.2 domU networking fails to recover after glitch
3:42PM 0 Failed to initialize xenstat library
3:41PM 7 Black screen with 2.6.31 pv_ops
2:15PM 0 Bugzilla is back up and running
10:29AM 3 Announcing the Release of the World''s First 64-bit Build of Google''s Chromium OS with Xen Virtualization Support
9:48AM 5 Vnc with Xen
9:25AM 10 No vmx flag, and no vnc
8:58AM 5 TAPE on guest
8:27AM 1 Problems about XAPI
7:46AM 3 Xen DomU with high IOWAIT and low disk performance (lvm raid1)
1:27AM 2 loop-module will not load
12:25AM 0 Bugzilla is Down
Wednesday December 2 2009
7:07PM 0 the vps lost network after reboot
7:02PM 3 (re)load new kernel with rebooting host node?
1:32PM 2 make[3]: *** No rule to make target `/home/enming/xen-3.4-testing.hg/xen/include/xen/config.h'', needed by `asm-offsets.s''. Stop.
12:44PM 0 Unexpected error: <type ''exceptions.OSError''>
12:31PM 0 How to use tapdisk
10:23AM 1 remus how to?
10:08AM 0 Error: int argument required
2:52AM 0 windows vps randomly loses connection with gplpv drive
2:27AM 0 NTP/Timer Resolution on Xen
Tuesday December 1 2009
10:02PM 0 ready Hardy Ubuntu image download available?
9:11PM 5 does anyone actually use ''on_crash''?
8:03PM 3 qemu-dm high cpu usage
1:47PM 3 Error: xc_dom_boot_mem_init: can''t allocate low memory for domain
1:35PM 7 SLES10SP2 (xen 3.2.x) vs SLES11 (xen 3.4.x)
11:41AM 8 GPLPV and vcpu more than 8
10:58AM 13 IPTABLES on Xen
10:43AM 11 can not remove windows vps from hard disk
5:02AM 0 Error during booting Dom0