Xen devel - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
7:42PM 0 Xenclient build error for crti.o
6:49PM 2 Trace Disk I/O per guest domain!
4:52PM 1 Fw: Re: Re: Failure to setup Xen 3.4.1 Dom0 on top of Ubuntu 9.10 Server HVM DomU ( xenified kernel)
4:22PM 1 Tracing Dom0 virq
4:02PM 2 Dom0 power off
3:17PM 5 Xen.org Website Update Complete
1:31PM 0 Xen.org Website Going Down for Update
11:47AM 0 Re: Re: Failure to setup Xen 3.4.1 Dom0 on top of Ubuntu 9.10 Server HVM DomU ( xenified kernel)
11:05AM 0 request for suggestions on project Rootkit blocking using virtualization on xen
8:21AM 4 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH] [IA64] Fix serial console freeze issue
6:50AM 6 Guest OS boots up slowly
5:48AM 4 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #20125 & Xen0: #16529...
Sunday August 30 2009
8:38PM 3 xen 3.4.1 fails to boot with iommu=1 on d5400xs intel skulltrail using e5410 xeon cpus http://www.pa
4:33PM 0 Re: Re: Failure to setup Xen 3.4.1 Dom0 on top of Ubuntu 9.10 Server HVM DomU ( xenified kernel)
9:58AM 0 pvusb and error conditions
6:36AM 2 failed in debugging Xen hypervisor with gdb stub of xen
2:23AM 1 [PATCH][PV_OPS_DOM0] Fix domain0 hang when cpuidle is disabled in Xen
Saturday August 29 2009
10:45PM 2 cpu.c BUG, Xen or hardware failure?
4:21PM 5 VT-d failure on Intel DQ43AP board
1:48PM 6 Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
Friday August 28 2009
9:01PM 3 unlock_cpu_hotplug() Kernel Bug
7:56PM 0 rdtsc: correctness vs performance on Xen (and KVM?)
2:51PM 0 [PATCH] tools: make error report more verbose
10:27AM 2 [PATCH] x86/numa: fix c/s 20120 (Fix SRAT check for discontig memory)
8:28AM 0 [PATCH] properly __initdata-annotate command line option string buffers
8:28AM 2 [PATCH 1/2] xen: fix the error handling of msi setup
8:27AM 0 [PATCH] x86: properly __init-annotate time.c
8:26AM 0 [PATCH] introduce size_param()
8:22AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww34]
8:21AM 0 [PATCH] x86/emulation: honor failure of in_longmode()
8:18AM 0 [PATCH] ept: remove execute permission for granted pages'' P2M entries
8:14AM 0 [PATCH] adjust non-default sized console ring allocation
8:03AM 0 [PATCH] fix get_free_pirq
7:54AM 64 [PATCH 2/2] graphics passthrough with VT-d
7:54AM 14 [PATCH 1/2] graphics passthrough with VT-d
7:53AM 14 [PATCH 0/2] graphics passthrough with VT-d
Thursday August 27 2009
7:22PM 1 [PATCH] xenfb: connect to backend before registering fb
5:28PM 4 cannot access memory beyond end of bootstrap direct-map area
3:21PM 0 Disk Read / Write for individual DomUs
8:23AM 0 [PATCH] [xen-unstable.hg]fix msi_free_irq()
1:24AM 0 [Announce] Backport of igb driver to linux-2.6.18-xen
Wednesday August 26 2009
11:53PM 0 To get the Disk Writes/Reads for individual DomU(s)!
9:20PM 2 virtual frame_table?
6:59PM 0 Bugzilla Update for XCI Development
6:00PM 3 [PATCH] softtsc for PV domains
2:19PM 4 Fix for SSP error in tools/python/lowlevel/xc/xc.c
1:32PM 2 What opens /dev/cdrom when guest is started
11:32AM 4 IO controller Mini-Summit 2009
11:28AM 2 [PATCH] [HVM] add super page support for HVM migration
9:33AM 2 Is it feasible and stable to deploy a 32-bits Dom0 on 64-bits Xen Hypervisor?
9:09AM 0 Re: Xen-devel Digest, Vol 54, Issue 203
8:35AM 6 can dom0 modify Shadow PT of HVM domU?
6:53AM 2 Fw: Re: [fedora-virt] Re: [Fedora-xen] Dom0 kernels
1:21AM 1 quick question
Tuesday August 25 2009
9:54PM 60 write_tsc in a PV domain?
9:00PM 2 [PATCH 1/1] XEN: enlighten, use uninitialized_var(cx)
6:30PM 8 HVM dropped packets
6:01PM 0 [Patch] tools/python/xen Flask MLS security label handling
5:50PM 6 pvops dom0 20090825 xen_acpi panic
4:29PM 17 Re: [bisected] 2.6.31 regression: fails to boot as xen guest
3:47PM 24 nVidia Geforce 8400 GS PCI Express x16 VGA Pass Through to Windows XP Home 32-bit HVM Virtual Machine with Intel Desktop Board DQ45CB
2:57PM 0 [PATCH] xen-unstable: fix stubdom newlib SIZE_MAX definition in stdint.h
2:23PM 1 [RFC] [PATCH] Accurate accounting for credit scheduler
2:08PM 0 [PATCH][pv_ops] fix the compiling warning when CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR_XEN is not set
12:54PM 5 And another gplpv update
12:33PM 0 Xen and OCFS interoperability issue
10:01AM 1 [PATCH] XEN: remove undefined functions
5:19AM 1 [PATCH] Fix typo in configure_vtpm
2:37AM 11 GPLPV drivers update
Monday August 24 2009
9:20PM 0 [PATCH] Fix SRAT check for discontig memory
8:03PM 0 [PATCH] xen/xsm/flask: Fix Flask MLS context generation
7:48PM 3 XCI Developers - New Mailing List
7:37PM 0 XCI Bugs in Bugzilla
5:30PM 5 Kernel paging request crash
4:17PM 33 Xen Paravirt Operations Domain 0 Serial Console Problem
3:50PM 0 [PATCH] Set path in #! line of pygrub, too
12:22PM 0 Broadcom / Serverworks HT-1100, HT-2100 - PCI Passthrough?
9:50AM 3 Xenoprofile on 2.6.27.hg xen dom0 kernel - cannot shotdown
8:54AM 1 [PATCH 1/8] blkio-cgroup-v11: Introduction
8:26AM 0 [PATCH V2] xend: Add support for URI (''file:'' and ''data:'' scheme) for PV/kernel and PV/ramdisk
7:30AM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: make do_settimeofday() return -EPERM when clock can''t be changed
Sunday August 23 2009
5:08PM 2 [PATCH] Fix bzip2/lzma compilation/linking problems in tools/libxc/Makefile
4:08PM 15 Bridged Networking in Dom 0 and Virtual NIC in Windows XP Home 32-bit HVM Guest
1:44PM 0 [PATCH] fix pv bootloader bzip2 decompress support not available error message
Saturday August 22 2009
10:44AM 15 Compiling nouveau open source nvidia graphics card drivers for Xen paravirt-operations domain 0 kernel
Friday August 21 2009
10:17PM 10 softtsc for PV guests
5:20PM 0 Re: [RFC][PATCH 0/4] PVUSB: add paravirtualized USB support for Xen
4:23PM 0 Xen 4.0 feature request - Brainstorm on Networking and Virtual Switches!
4:02PM 2 Several vtpm patches and workarounds: persistence, stability, tpm_emulator-0.5.1
3:52PM 0 [PATCH] x86: run timers when populating Dom0''s P2M table
2:30PM 0 [PATCH] Two fixes for upstream.
2:19PM 0 [PATCH] docs/misc: Update XSM Flask documentation
1:41PM 2 Xen.org Community Weekly Update
9:51AM 0 Common config in xen
9:41AM 5 pvops dom0 20090821 issue (msi)
8:59AM 1 Question about XenAPI
8:19AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww33]
6:55AM 0 restoring domU: BUG: recent printk recursion!
Thursday August 20 2009
4:07PM 1 CS 20084 breaks multiple-cpu HVM guests
3:47PM 3 [SPAM] [PATCH] tools/flask/policy: Updates to policy and policy build infrastructure
3:30PM 3 __HYPERVISOR_COMPAT_VIRT_START for HVM guest with PV drivers
3:02PM 1 [PATCH] Fix testcase ''11_block_attach_shared_dom0'' for up-to date linux kernels
3:02PM 2 [PATCH] Add password support to pygrub for GRUB bootloader
1:46PM 0 [Xen-API] 32 bit vm on 64 bit xen server
1:11PM 0 [PATCH] shadow_alloc_p2m_page() should call shadow_prealloc() before calling shadow_alloc()
10:18AM 3 Balloons, crash-dumps, populate-on-demand, and shared zero pages
9:17AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xapi xm-tests
8:47AM 0 [PATCH] Add status section to xm-test/README
8:30AM 1 migrate issue
6:49AM 1 [PATCH] Fix issues in upstream.
2:24AM 7 Is it possible to access XenStore remotely?
Wednesday August 19 2009
7:12PM 4 [PATCH XEN-UNSTABLE PV_OPS] Balloon fix
7:03PM 6 Xen BUG at msi.c:391
5:46PM 6 Is there a Bugzilla for dom0 pv_ops or anything similar?
5:21PM 3 [PATCH] fix pygrub domU grub.conf timeout=0 handling
1:05PM 18 [PATCH][v2.6.29][XEN] Return unused memory to hypervisor
1:04PM 0 [PATCH] AMD IOMMU: support more iommu parameters
11:57AM 0 [PATCH] xen-hvmctx: don''t compile for ia64.
11:56AM 1 [PATCH] [IA64] define BYTES_PER_LONG to fix compilation error.
9:10AM 0 [PATCH] xen pm trace utility cleanup
8:47AM 0 [PATCH]: tools/CPUID: remove vendor specific CPUID bits masking
7:08AM 3 revisit the super page support in HVM restore
2:26AM 2 [PATCH] xend: passthrough: check if a device is behind PCIe switch that lacks ACS
Tuesday August 18 2009
6:43PM 51 pvops dom0 work roadmap
5:47PM 5 Suggestion: drop python 2.3 support for xen-3.5
4:33PM 0 [PATCH] better same_vm checks
3:10PM 1 Performance issues on dom0
2:14PM 2 [PATCH] xen/xsm/flask: Update to policy.24
1:18PM 3 [PATCH] x86: miscellaneous emulator adjustments
1:07PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64: adjust emulation of control transfers
12:48PM 8 [PATCH] x86: extend runstate area updates
10:29AM 0 I am a fan of XEN, is there someone who can tell me how to setup a XEN development environment.
7:16AM 0 Where can find the source of XenRT?
6:47AM 13 capturing windows crash dumps
5:49AM 0 [patch] linux- ixgbe: memset size in netif_napi_del()
5:45AM 8 [PATCH 0/3] xen: msi support for Xen dom0
2:42AM 0 [PATCH] tapdisk:check O_DIRECT on hole file for performance
2:42AM 1 [PATCH] ioemu: need probe backing file format
1:29AM 0 pv_ops dom0 developing base branch
12:26AM 15 [pv_ops domU] - unable to handle kernel paging request / refresh_cpu_vm_stats / vmstat_update
Monday August 17 2009
6:34PM 0 Xen Summit Asia Topic Submissions Accepted
5:53PM 0 Xen Summit Asia Program Committee Formed
5:16PM 1 Libvirt-cim provider
4:34PM 0 [PATCH] qemu: ignore xenstore events while paused
10:58AM 0 xen domains
9:39AM 0 When doing PT for a device, fails to bind the interrupt, if the specified irq is *not* PT_MACHINE_IRQ_AUTO
9:17AM 1 Xen on machines with non-contiguous io-apics
6:40AM 16 how to read value from xenstore inside kernel
4:18AM 1 [PATCH] xm,xend: Remove tab indents
2:24AM 0 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #20055 & Xen0: #52535...
Sunday August 16 2009
8:58AM 2 [PATCH RFC] Per-CPU vector for Xen.
2:17AM 5 [PATCH] Fixed legacy issues when extends number of vcpus > 32
Saturday August 15 2009
10:11PM 1 Compile linux-2.6.18-xen.hg with changeset 927 error
Friday August 14 2009
10:44PM 4 Crash when booting 32-bit kernel with pvgrub
9:22PM 4 Why xen 3.4.x doesn''t works on server with this controler Symbios Logic SAS1064ET PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS
7:19PM 6 Current xen-unstable xen crashing in boot
6:14PM 0 [PATCH] disable log-throttling in xen_platform after boot
4:47PM 0 [PATCH] stubdoms: parse bridge informations
4:08PM 0 [PATCH] drivers/xen/blkback: Add the kernel side of the blkback queueing feature.
2:56PM 0 [PATCH] xen: move mce quirks into seperate files
2:18PM 0 [PATCH] xen/xsm/flask: Fix AVC audit message format
2:16PM 0 [PATCH] xen/xsm/flask: Fix sidtab locking bug
12:49PM 0 [PATCH] AMD IOMMU: Destroy passthru guests when IO pagetable allcation fails
11:43AM 2 general kernel NULL pointer vulnerability
10:25AM 0 [PATCH] xen: cleanup rdmsr/wrmsr
9:48AM 2 [PATCH] tools/python/xend: VBD QoS policy bits
9:44AM 0 [PATCH] xen: xen-debug is too noisy
Thursday August 13 2009
3:51PM 3 Announcement: xenalyze trace analysis tool released
3:15PM 0 [PATCH] qemu: remove check on ram_size
1:46PM 0 [PATCH] VMX: issue an NMI rather than just calling the NMI handler
12:08PM 2 xenbus for solaris?
11:54AM 0 Does not boot Xen when compiled with -O0. Is this expected outcome?
11:53AM 0 [PATCH] xen: handle access to MSR_AMD64_NB_CFG
9:21AM 8 build of xen-unstable(cs:20054) failed for i386/x86_64
7:47AM 28 [PATCH]: Implement bzip2 and LZMA loaders
6:35AM 0 Python OSError, VM does not start
4:51AM 2 [patch 0/2] linux-2.6.18-xen: MMCONFIG
1:58AM 0 how to determine whether a kernel is PV or FV without __xen_guest section?
Wednesday August 12 2009
4:09PM 9 [PATCH] fix qemu memory leak
3:58PM 0 VM does not start
9:31AM 0 x86 numa: fix nodes'' memory parsing when SRAT table includes future-hotplug memory range
8:54AM 0 [PATCH] xen: PAT support on AMD
2:15AM 15 [PATCH] fix the bug of gdb which debugs xen.
Tuesday August 11 2009
11:15PM 0 BUG - last sysfs file: /sys/devices/vif-0/net/eth0/broadcast
10:01PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: one-liner correcting stat parsing ordering
8:12PM 0 XEN 3.4.1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
6:00PM 1 xen 3.3: clean / graceful shutdown of guest Windows OS
3:00PM 0 Fix checked builds of Windows on AMD processors
12:12PM 4 [PATCH] [IOEMU]: fix the crash of HVM live migration with intensive disk access
10:07AM 1 [RFC] xsave/xrstor: changes to the struct vcpu_guest_context
9:21AM 0 [PATCH] ioemu: build fix: use TARGET_PAGE_SIZE
7:57AM 0 Re: XEN 3.4.1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
7:57AM 0 Re: XEN 3.4.1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
4:05AM 0 [Patch] fix "%016x" format of xentrace
Monday August 10 2009
5:00PM 0 [PATCH] Include private Xen headers in stubdom libxc build
3:48PM 2 Guidance needed
1:48PM 5 Xen help
9:52AM 0 [PATCH][XEN] xen: make mce debug output more verbose
8:04AM 2 Problem with migrating/saving 2.6.30 vanilla kernel with multiple VCPUs
3:02AM 0 How to use windbg to debug XEN windows XP domainU under Suse 10sp2?
2:46AM 1 How can I add new custom hyper-calls to a specific DomU ?
Sunday August 9 2009
2:37PM 0 [PATCH] XEN: includecheck fix for drivers/xen/evtchn.c
9:48AM 0 xen save problem
Saturday August 8 2009
9:53PM 48 Vt-d not working with 3.4.1
8:15PM 1 [PATCH] xen: xen_init_cpuid_mask: Zero cx before calling xen_cpuid
3:42PM 3 Bug in pygrub? Boot loader didn''t return any data!
12:59PM 0 [PATCH] Fix TypeError when calling get_last_updated api call
11:30AM 0 add ''hibernate'' option to xm
9:02AM 0 difference between DMA heap and dom heap
2:49AM 1 How to implement a simple driver in Windows with xen?
Friday August 7 2009
9:04PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: expose freeable memory
8:24PM 2 Tracing Dom0 irq/virq
5:54PM 4 ioctl and Xen
12:34PM 0 Fix iptables failure test in vif-common.sh
10:39AM 0 [PATCH] xen: replace magic value with define
9:37AM 8 [PATCH] Enlarge default NR_CPUS to 64 for x86_64
9:18AM 0 [PATCH] To use common p2m ops in common p2m code path
8:40AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww31]
8:34AM 16 resume of HVM guest without PV drivers
6:51AM 1 MMCFG Problem
3:01AM 0 [PATCH] Rename device backend value when xm save/migrate
Thursday August 6 2009
10:35PM 12 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.3.2 and 3.4.1 released
10:04PM 3 [PATCH] fix ioemu build
2:10PM 18 XCI: can we get to the demo state?
10:40AM 2 [PATCH] hvm emul: fix cmpxchg emulation to use an atomic operation
9:57AM 28 HVM and WIndows NT
9:32AM 12 HVM guest sees two NICs even though just one vif configured
6:49AM 3 [Patch] cmpxchg emulation returns wrong ZF
1:12AM 1 With latest Qemu and Xen-3.4, VT-d does not work
12:28AM 4 HOWTO use Virtual Hard Disk - VHD with Xen domUs?
Wednesday August 5 2009
5:45PM 0 [PATCH] tmem: save/restore/migrate/livemigrate and shared pool authentication
2:00PM 6 [PATCH 0 of 4] ept code fix-ups
5:21AM 0 [PATCH] xend: Remove _setSchedParams
3:03AM 0 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #20001 & Xen0: #52535...
2:32AM 0 [Patch] patch for EOI acceleration
12:38AM 9 kernel BUG at mm/page_alloc.c:424!
Tuesday August 4 2009
6:56PM 1 Trying to build c/s 19597 for xen-3.4.0-rc4-pre
6:36PM 8 main.c:674: undefined reference to `xen_init_mtrr''
6:26PM 2 [Patch] cpu synchronization while doing MTRR register update
3:49PM 0 Final release candidates for 3.3.2 and 3.4.1
2:31PM 2 How can i redirect the writes to the console from the HVM (port 0xe9) to Qemu?
9:19AM 5 Enable GNTTABOP_copy hypercall for HVMs
6:35AM 1 Unable to install windowsxp in xen
2:57AM 0 setting/passing parameters to netback at runtime
1:22AM 57 Error restoring DomU when using GPLPV
Monday August 3 2009
11:51PM 1 Xen guest floating point problem
7:11PM 0 BUG: xend cores when creating a VM with 16MByte RAM
6:51PM 0 Q: python naming style (longName vs. long_name)
6:48PM 0 [PATCH] xm-test restore: use ext3 (instead of ext2) and xvda (instead of hda)
6:46PM 0 [PATCH] Disable DEBUG_STACK_USAGE which breaks xm-test cases
6:43PM 0 [PATCH] xm-test network 13 fix used protocol and extensions
6:41PM 0 [PATCH] xm-test memset Adapts memory setting to up-to-date kernel memory consumption
6:39PM 0 [PATCH] xm-test 10_block_attach_dettach_multiple_devices fixed
6:37PM 0 [PATCH] xm-test block-create: use ext3 as filesystem
4:20PM 5 Building XCI on a 64 bit Linux - Fails
2:46PM 1 [XCI] ruby-dbus download problem
2:37PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86-64: fix Dom0 boot on AMD K8 CPUs
1:36PM 4 errors building - redefinitions in pci.h
12:04PM 0 [Patch] avoid memory leak in xend
10:58AM 0 [PATCH] adds two missing cirrus_update_memory_access
9:44AM 13 kernel BUG at arch/x86/xen/multicalls.c:103!
9:00AM 0 [rfc] xend: pass-through: Extend multi-function mapping
8:35AM 1 [PATCH] xend: add checking when a device is hotplugged into pv guest.
Sunday August 2 2009
11:24AM 0 LVM snapshotting on dom0 panics XFS root on pv domU
9:58AM 1 stub domain crash under heavy disk i/o
Saturday August 1 2009
7:58AM 1 usb hub passthru
12:28AM 0 [PATCH] Xen: Properly setup uninitialized P2M entries.