Xen devel - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
4:39PM 3 Xen IPC
2:16PM 8 [PATCH][ioemu] support the assignment of the VF of Intel 82599 10GbE Controller
2:12PM 0 [PATCH] xend: pci: Use PCIe FLR for VF of Intel 82599 10GbE Controller
2:09PM 0 [PATCH]xend: passthrough: loosen the pci co-assignment for pv guest
1:30PM 0 [PATCH] Add a single trigger for all diagnostic keyhandlers
11:46AM 4 [PATCH][xend] save/restore cpu_weight and cpu_cap
11:03AM 0 Status of upstreaming Xen PV-on-HVM drivers to Linux kernel?
10:53AM 5 throttling logs messages from qemu
10:36AM 0 [PATCH] Make ACPI Cx keyhandler always print something
8:27AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww30]
5:08AM 1 XEN memory management(NUMA or otherwise) TODOs
4:03AM 1 [PATCH] dm-ioband-v1.12.3: I/O bandwidth controller
1:19AM 7 [PATCH] vmx: correct EIP value of task-state segment
Thursday July 30 2009
10:05PM 3 [RFC] save image file format CHANGE (minor, but feedback appreciated)
9:54PM 0 [PATCH] Xen balloon: fix totalram_pages counting.
3:00PM 0 [PATCH] i386: fix full-value calculation of wrmsr handling for pv guests
2:03PM 0 Xen Summit Asia Program Committee Announcement
1:18PM 1 [XCI] Mesa build problem
9:57AM 3 strange network related problem with Xen Windows GPL PV Driver 0.10.x version
9:12AM 8 [PATCH] xen: make (set|get)_xen_guest_handle available
7:24AM 3 Given a mfn, how to tell whether it is a guest page or not?
6:33AM 0 [PATCH v3] pv-ops: register xen pci notifier
5:15AM 25 [pvops-dom0] Adding MCA logging support in pv_ops
2:54AM 1 [PATCH] dm-ioband-v1.12.2: I/O bandwidth controller
Wednesday July 29 2009
7:57PM 0 Error handling in xen-blkfront.c
7:42PM 0 [PATCH] Compile the kernel by default with bridge support
7:38PM 0 [PATCH] xm-test ramdisk fs type is changed to ext3 if needed
5:11PM 0 Using stubdoms, vif is attached to the wrong bridge
2:37PM 2 stubdom build failure
12:57PM 5 [XCI] set up a paravirtualized VM
9:36AM 10 Re: [RFC] Make AGP work with IOMMU
8:28AM 5 New release candidate for 3.4.1
7:49AM 0 [PATCH] xen-blkfront: beyond ARRAY_SIZE of info->shadow
5:09AM 0 [Patch] Extents xm-test memset 01 and 03 (adds support for sysfs memory interface)
5:01AM 1 xm-test: Results and problems
3:33AM 0 [PATCH] xend: pci: fix a typo in do_Dstate_transition
3:19AM 3 One question on xen_cpuid in pv guest
2:57AM 2 RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] xend: pass-through: device state in xenstore may be null
2:38AM 2 [PATCH v2] pv-ops: register xen pci notifier
2:09AM 1 [patch] xend: pass-through Use pci_dict_to_bdf_str() in hvm_pci_device_create()
Tuesday July 28 2009
11:13PM 1 xm save of upstream kernel (broken?)
6:00PM 6 compat tool problem with new tmem save/restore tmem_op struct
2:55PM 0 orkut - venkatesh k wants you to join orkut!
2:07PM 4 [PATCH] xen: more robust serial port driver
1:01PM 2 [PATCH] default the videoram to 4MB when it is not set
12:09PM 1 [PATCH 1/7] blkio-cgroup-v10: Introduction
11:19AM 2 xend start faild
9:06AM 3 [PATCH]xend: pass-through: fix "xm pci-list-assignable-devices'' for pv_guest
8:21AM 4 Strange network behaviour
8:20AM 0 [PATCH] make a dump directory per DomU
8:09AM 0 Release of Para-virtualized RTOS for Secure Xen ARM
5:37AM 0 [PATCH] x86,hvm: cleanup vpt.c,vpt.h
4:46AM 0 Kernel.org and Xen 3.4.0
2:21AM 6 SR-IOV dom0
1:30AM 0 Ask for help: Failed to create the domain U
1:19AM 0 [patch] qemu-xen: Use physical INTX for virtual PCI functions
1:10AM 3 Xen crashes with iommu=1
Monday July 27 2009
5:18PM 3 [PATCH] Add script to compile different versions of python; add python syntax checker
5:11PM 14 ''make tools'' error on xen-3.4-testing.hg
3:20PM 35 Cpu pools discussion
2:42PM 0 [PATCH] Initialize the ACPI "safe" power state to C1.
12:45PM 0 Problems with power management xen 3.4
10:01AM 3 [PATCH]fix hang on migration
9:35AM 0 [patch] xend: pass-through: device state in xenstore may be null
9:27AM 0 [PATCH] linux/blktap2: properly suppress compiler warning
5:27AM 2 [PATCH] passthrough: use tasklet to deliver interrupts
4:36AM 0 [PATCH][HVM] Fix a typo in vlapic.c code
1:56AM 6 [PATCH] pv-ops: register xen pci notifier
1:43AM 0 xend: pass-through: Use parse_pci_name() in find_parent()
Sunday July 26 2009
2:46PM 5 Machine hangs when doing pass-through of all the USB devices on a Lenovo T400 - With xen-unstable
2:00PM 3 change cd iso image in hvm but loop not changed?
Saturday July 25 2009
3:25PM 6 Possible bug, gplpv / pv-netdev
12:18PM 1 Xen XCI Compiled and Installed - Now what?
11:11AM 4 My domain0 cannot go to Internet while domainU can
10:01AM 9 bug in usbback
5:11AM 1 Pygrub in Xen 3.5 unstable cannot read ISO image (CentOS 5.3, SNV_117).Cannot find kernel "/images/xen/vmlinuz"
3:21AM 0 pvusb tools
Friday July 24 2009
6:06PM 4 Xen 3.4.1-rc8 iommu crash on Optiplex 760 ( Core2 E8400, Q43 / ICH10D )
5:57PM 3 Re: Re[8]: Unable to Configure Xen Dom 0 in Jeremy''s PVOPS Kernel
4:57PM 2 Re: Re[8]: Unable to Configure Xen Dom 0 in Jeremy''s PVOPS Kernel
4:47PM 0 Re: Re[8]: Unable to Configure Xen Dom 0 in Jeremy''s PVOPS Kernel
4:27PM 0 [PATCH] handle x87 opcodes in TLS segment fixups
12:56PM 3 [XCI] Build error on toolstack
10:58AM 4 KeyError: ''use_tmp_kernel'' with -unstable
9:43AM 0 build of xen-unstable(cs:19981) failed for i386/x86_64
8:23AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww29]
2:55AM 0 [PATCH]: hvmloader: Fixed get_memsize() overflow
Thursday July 23 2009
10:25PM 0 kernel-xen Perfcrt patch!
3:50PM 4 Fail to start Xend with -unstable code
2:31PM 2 new hypercall implementation question
2:17PM 3 Regarding PAE kernel with XEN 3.2.3
1:58PM 10 [PATCH] tools: python portability fixes
1:17PM 0 [PATCH] Remove excess MCE debug messages
12:21PM 1 [PATCH] blktap2: make blktap2 work for auto translated mode with hvm domain.
9:34AM 5 Domain0 cannot connect to the net while domainU can.How to make the domain0 go to the internet.
9:12AM 1 Problem in vif-common.sh XEN 3.4
9:07AM 2 build of xen-unstable(cs:19963 and 19974) failed for i386/x86_64
4:27AM 0 Compilation problem with unstable code
4:04AM 2 [PATCH] python: make tools/python/xen/util/fileuri.py work on python 2.3
3:00AM 1 [PATCH] hoplugpath.sh: fix Makefile dependency.
2:56AM 1 [PATCH] xend: Don''t call decode() if PV_{kernel, ramdisk} are ''''
2:08AM 1 usb passthrough
Wednesday July 22 2009
8:01PM 9 Compilation of staging/unstable fails in mini-os.o: In function `xenstore_dom_chmod
3:44PM 0 [PATCH] fs-front: cope with a missing fs-backend
3:06PM 0 [PATCH] stubdom: update README
1:25PM 0 [PATCH] tools: xenbackendd for NetBSD
12:36PM 109 Unable to Configure Xen Dom 0 in Jeremy''s PVOPS Kernel
11:43AM 0 [PATCH] page allocator: add mfn_valid() check to free_heap_pages() and scrub_pages()
9:17AM 2 Machine hangs when doing pass-through of all the USB devices on a Lenovo T400
6:36AM 1 question about XSM hooks
1:24AM 0 [patch] xend: pass-through: use identity-mapping of PCI functions
Tuesday July 21 2009
11:44PM 0 OSError: [Errno 10] No child processes
3:39PM 0 [PATCH] tools: implement balloon stat and cpuinfo for NetBSD
2:56PM 0 [PATCH] xen: prettify mce output
2:49PM 2 breakage with c/s 19950
2:09PM 1 [PATCH 1/9] I/O bandwidth controller and BIO tracking
1:04PM 2 Xen 3.4 and netchannel2
1:01PM 6 [PATCH] tools: use C99 __VA_ARGS__
12:17PM 5 [xen 3.5-unstable] passthrough of pci USB card fails
11:12AM 0 [patch] xend: pass-through: fix regression in the ordering of the output of xm pci list
10:36AM 4 Re: [PATCH] x86: detect use of extended APIC ID for AMD CPUs
10:11AM 0 Xen Summit North America 2010 - Proposal
6:14AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww28]
4:31AM 0 How does munmap() call Xen to decrease the reference counter when releasing a foreign page?
4:03AM 0 I need some help with gntdev
3:33AM 4 qcow can not boot under pvops-dom0
Monday July 20 2009
8:44PM 15 News - Microsoft Submits Drivers for Paravirtualization
7:18PM 3 xci pci passthru video card flr etc
5:05PM 35 TSC scaling and softtsc reprise, and PROPOSAL
4:13PM 2 [PATCH] stubdom: use TARGET_PAGE_SIZE
2:29PM 0 [PATCH] Remove support for out-of-date SLES9 and RHEL4 kernel ports from build integration
2:03PM 10 [PATCH] passthru: Fix pci bar remapping for passthru devices
1:57PM 1 Regarding inter doamain communication from user space
12:44PM 4 ABI/API breakage
12:27PM 0 xen3.3 hvm ubuntu - freeze
11:45AM 7 New release candidates for 3.3.2 and 3.4.1
11:03AM 15 Xen 3.4 multi-function pass-through tree, isn''t working...
10:03AM 0 Xen Summit Asia Dates for Planning
9:27AM 2 [PATCH] Use a single mmap interface in libxc
9:22AM 0 Xorg Restart with Xen 3.4
5:54AM 1 Memory leak associated with xc_map_foreign_batch?
5:46AM 0 about boot image size
5:11AM 5 Nothing major left to do in Xen Networking ???
Sunday July 19 2009
5:40PM 0 [PATCH] Add support for URI (''file:'' and ''data:'' scheme) for PV/kernel and PV/ramdisk
11:18AM 11 pv_ops DomU boot problem using pvgrub, xen 3.4.1-rc7, debian 2.6.26 dom0
6:46AM 4 [PATCH][pvops_dom0][4/4] use physical acpi_id in acpi processor parsing logic
6:46AM 0 [PATCH][pvops_dom0][3/4] Xen implementation of the external control operation interface
6:46AM 4 [PATCH][pvops_dom0][2/4] Introduce the external control operation interface for domain0 ACPI parser
6:45AM 0 [PATCH][pvops_dom0][1/4] add acpi parser related platform hypercall
6:45AM 2 [PATCH][pvops_dom0][0/4] parse ACPI Cx/Px info for Xen
Saturday July 18 2009
6:54PM 0 [XCI] xenclient-ioemu ! fails patch apply !
6:53PM 12 [XCI] build.git does not work! fails patch apply
3:56PM 0 Xen booting problem !!
3:00PM 8 Xen not booting !
2:59PM 1 please help - Xen Booting error
9:54AM 0 Unable to boot Xen.
3:42AM 26 network misbehaviour with gplpv and 2.6.30
Friday July 17 2009
5:15PM 0 Dom0 Kernel
3:34PM 9 stubdomain questions
2:19PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86-64: MCE: truely do Dom0 stuff only on Dom0
12:55PM 1 [RFC] [PATCH] One watchdog trips the watchdog on all processors
9:20AM 3 [PATCH] x86: moke show_page_walk() more robust
7:41AM 1 [PATCH] xend: modify sort() for Python 2.3
7:26AM 5 [PATCH] blktap2: Remove set() for Python 2.3
7:15AM 1 Every page fault caused pagetable walk when using xenoprofile
7:01AM 0 [PATCH] ia64: fix linkage error
2:02AM 1 c/s 18634 causing save/restore problem
Thursday July 16 2009
4:21PM 7 d273:v3: reserved bit in page table (ec=0019)
4:19PM 2 kernel BUG at drivers/xen/blkback/blkback-pagemap.c:65!
3:46PM 0 pv-on-hvm drivers on Ubuntu
3:14PM 0 Suspend/save wont work with the newer dom0 kernels
1:28PM 0 [PATCH 3/3] qemu: xenstore-raw-access
1:27PM 0 [PATCH 2/3] qemu: xenstore-domains
1:27PM 0 [PATCH 1/3] qemu: xenstore-watch-callbacks
1:25PM 0 [PATCH 0/3] qemu: add xenstore functions
10:18AM 0 Is Paravirtualization supports Redhat linux-9
9:38AM 0 how can I find out the free pages in a guest OS?
9:36AM 0 Re: Xen-devel Digest, Vol 52, Issue 178
8:36AM 15 Can the qemu-xen git repository be moved to a ''git://'' protocol? It can save a lot of time...
8:29AM 0 [PATCH] xend: Restore scheduling parameters
5:15AM 9 [pvops-dom0] [patch] Hook Linux''s PCI probe and remove callbacks
1:14AM 0 irq error when pci passthrough to a domU
Wednesday July 15 2009
10:33PM 2 Re: PV-Grub and PXE
8:05PM 6 linux-2.6.18-xen-3.4.0 Not Booting !!
5:14PM 0 Using splice to carry Xen granted pages through the network stack?
4:01PM 13 Latest xen-3.4-testing hangs on boot with iommu=1, on a Lenovo T500
3:50PM 0 Question about Dom0 page table operations
3:09PM 3 [PATCH] tools: simplify install of python "binaries"
1:02PM 0 Host crash with current unstable
12:54PM 0 [PATCH] i386: eliminate unsupported CPUs'' MCA handling code
12:52PM 2 [PATCH] x86: extend some of Intel''s recent MCE work to also support AMD
11:57AM 0 [PATCH] rename for_each_cpu() to for_each_possible_cpu()
11:56AM 0 [PATCH] i386: fix handling of Xen entries in final L2 page table
9:42AM 14 [PATCH] minios: minor buildsystem fixes
8:50AM 3 [PATCH] stubdom: make -> $(MAKE)
8:34AM 0 [PATCH] fix typo in comments
Tuesday July 14 2009
11:27PM 0 use spaces instead of tabs for indentation in xm_pci_attach()
8:53PM 2 Xen 64 but supported memory limit
7:05PM 7 cs 19927 crashes during boot with debug=y
7:02PM 0 xenapi.VM.create() with (data) uri for PV_kernel and PV_ramdisk
5:40PM 4 bug in dom create script regarding xenstore permission?
3:50PM 1 [PATCH] stubdom: don''t leak include dir on distclean
3:19PM 3 [PATCH] minios: switch to C99 integer types
2:24PM 0 Xen dom0 kernels wiki page available
1:29PM 1 /proc/xen empty on xen-testing
10:05AM 0 Detail request for 4.0 Roadmap
10:03AM 0 Re: Detail request for 4.0 Roadmap
9:44AM 5 [PATCH 1/3] add flag IRQF_NO_SUSPEND in ''struct irqaction''
8:53AM 0 [PATCH] stubdom: fix stubdom-dm
6:28AM 0 [patch]: qemu-xen: pass-through: pt_reset_interrupt_and_io_mapping(): use hw INTX
6:27AM 2 [patch] pass-through: use vdevn in xm_pci_attach()
Monday July 13 2009
6:31PM 1 When is next Xen Summit - North America?
5:10PM 3 Xen Save File - VM''s memory image
12:27PM 7 AW: New 3.3.2 and 3.4.1 release candidates
12:08PM 0 [PATCH, v2] x86-64: reduce symbol table size
11:15AM 0 Read domU filesystem
11:10AM 4 New 3.3.2 and 3.4.1 release candidates
11:02AM 0 Mapping grant references into HVM guests, take 2
10:57AM 0 [PATCH] eliminate grant_table_op restriction
10:15AM 0 3.4-testing Pass-Through Back-Port
9:30AM 0 bogus call from mod_l3_entry() to create_pae_xen_mappings()?
4:01AM 0 [PATCH] fix missing Crash note in /proc/iomem
12:49AM 0 Kemari repository is now open at xenbits
Sunday July 12 2009
10:28PM 1 Xenoprofile in DomU!
8:13PM 2 [Patch] Fix ''Example interactive session'' in docs/xen-api/wire-protocol.tex
5:48AM 13 pv_ops kernel and nvidia binary driver
Saturday July 11 2009
1:33AM 0 [PATCH 13/15] xen: remove duplicated #include
Friday July 10 2009
7:17PM 0 [PATCH][VTD] fix assertion fault in pci passthrough code
4:56PM 0 [PATCH] fix stubdom-dm
2:55PM 0 [PATCH 5/5] x86: merge final linking scripts
2:52PM 0 [PATCH 4/5] move cpu_{sibling, core}_map into per-CPU space
2:48PM 0 [PATCH 3/5] introduce and use a per-CPU read-mostly sub-section
2:42PM 0 [PATCH 2/5] x86: move ucode_cpu_info into per-CPU space
2:42PM 0 [PATCH 1/5] x86: move init_tss into per-CPU space
2:41PM 0 [PATCH 0/5] move various NR_CPUS dimensioned arrays into per-CPU data
2:26PM 6 [PATCH] x86-64: reduce symbol table size
2:22PM 0 [PATCH] ia64: consolidate final linking step
2:21PM 0 [PATCH] i386: fix boot
9:58AM 0 How to debug hypercall?
8:32AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww27]
6:56AM 0 [PATCH, resend] linux/x86: allow non-SMP builds of blktap2 to succeed
6:34AM 3 [PATCH V2] passthrough: deliver IRQs even if VCPU#0 is halted
3:57AM 3 Drivers cannot write to msix_iomem from DomU, is this right?
Thursday July 9 2009
7:28PM 4 HVM and free_memory query
4:36PM 1 This is pretty interesting...
4:30PM 1 Loading 2.6.31-rc1 (built via rebase/master) under Xen 3.4.1-rc6 on C2D E8400 box
4:04PM 0 [PATCH][IOEMU] ioemu build fix
3:39PM 0 [PATCH][TOOLS] update hotplug script for NetBSD
3:01PM 0 [PATCH][TOOLS] make python check scripts use $(PYTHON) make variable
2:33PM 1 [PATCH][TOOLS] Use $(PYTHON) instead of python
1:35PM 0 [PATCH][XEN] Use $(PYTHON) when compiling xen kernel
12:34PM 2 libxc: Question on kernel image unzipping
11:06AM 1 Re: [PATCH v2.0 5/6] Handler m2p table and frametable fault in pagefault handler
10:11AM 2 vbd resize
4:57AM 0 About the version of linux kernel supporting xen3.4!
2:25AM 0 PV : PCI device BCM5709 not works in DomU. ( On Dell PER610 box )
Wednesday July 8 2009
6:35PM 17 stubdomain conf error
3:42PM 1 [PATCH 33/44] includecheck fix: drivers/xen, evtchn.c
3:20PM 0 [SPAM] Memory Of...
1:07PM 0 XCI build - fails with errors on block-qcow2
11:14AM 0 Cannot map PCI device BCM5709 to DomU. ( On Dell PER610 box )
7:44AM 5 [PATCH v2.0 1/6] Add a config option for memory hot add
7:44AM 0 [PATCH v2.0 4/6] Change the m2p table initialization to support memory add
7:43AM 0 [PATCH v2.0 3/6] Change the frame table initialization to support memory add
7:43AM 0 [PATCH v2.0 5/6] Handler m2p table and frametable fault in page fault handler
7:43AM 0 [PATCH v2.0 6/6] Add interface for memory add
7:43AM 0 [PATCH V2.0 2/6] Change the boot allocator function to support memory add
7:43AM 7 [PATCH v2.0 0/6] Add memory add support to Xen
3:28AM 1 BUG using xen-unstable with XSM + Flask
1:50AM 4 [XCI] build order & prerequisites
Tuesday July 7 2009
9:20PM 8 [PATCH]Fix vlapic.h type
8:03PM 0 Building xenified kernel via xen-patches-2.6.30-2.tar.bz2
7:00PM 0 CPUID information and live migration (was: xmp domU migration problem with latest Xen 3.4.1 and linux-2.6.18-xen)
5:25PM 1 xmp domU migration problem with latest Xen 3.4.1 and linux-2.6.18-xen
4:18PM 0 [RFC PATCH 4/4] (Take 2): tmem: Build Xen interface under tmem layer
4:18PM 0 [RFC PATCH 3/4] (Take 2): tmem: Implement preswap on top of tmem layer
4:18PM 0 [RFC PATCH 2/4] (Take 2): tmem: Implement precache on top of tmem layer
4:18PM 2 [RFC PATCH 1/4] (Take 2): tmem: Core API between kernel and tmem
4:17PM 2 Xen, Windows and ACPI (old wiki documents..)
4:17PM 0 [PATCH] better error handling in fs-backend
4:17PM 29 [RFC PATCH 0/4] (Take 2): transcendent memory ("tmem") for Linux
3:55PM 0 [PATCH] fix a race that affects live migration with stubdoms
12:13PM 3 [PATCH] Enable config INPUT_EVDEV
11:29AM 3 [PATCH] vif-common.sh to support tap network devices in iptables FORWARD chain
9:22AM 2 How to get xen extra version from CPUID
9:21AM 0 xend permission error
9:19AM 2 a problem from blktap?
7:36AM 0 [PATCH] [VMX] Add support for Pause-Loop Exiting
6:19AM 5 Xen, IRQ-sharing and PCI passthrough
5:20AM 0 [Doc] [PATCH] update vtd.txt for pv-ops dom0
Monday July 6 2009
6:26PM 3 Boot dom0 and mini-OS guest in parallel
6:01PM 0 At what version was PAE enabled by default?
3:04PM 11 Xen pv kernel (2.6.30) causes s2ram to crash with segmentation fault
2:28PM 1 When will Xen 3.5 be released?
2:18PM 3 32-on-64 support in xen-unstable?
1:08PM 8 [PATCH] Fix xentop on pv-ops domain0
12:41PM 0 [PATCH] ioemu stubdom: fix scsi dma buffer size
9:20AM 5 How is the virt_hv_start_low used in compatible guest
9:00AM 0 xm vncviewer
8:04AM 0 xend, xm error.
6:12AM 0 [PATCH]x86: hvm: fix get msix entry error
Sunday July 5 2009
10:19AM 4 raw floppy disk images
4:23AM 0 3d acceleration in DomU
Saturday July 4 2009
6:46PM 1 xm block-attach with optional backend parameter
4:07PM 3 OpenSolaris 2009.06 in stub (hvm) domain at Xen 3.4.1 Dom0 with 2.6.30 vs xenified kernel
10:22AM 3 Dom0 crash when DomU maxmem specified
6:32AM 9 tg3 network stall in xen-3.4.x but not in xen-3.3.x
4:06AM 1 How can I boot windows with graphics card support on xen no-iommu
3:24AM 0 A problem about xen no-iommu graphics card passthough
Friday July 3 2009
3:24PM 0 [PATCH 3/3] AMD IOMMU: add s3 suspend & resume support
3:24PM 0 [PATCH 2/3] AMD IOMMU: add s3 suspend & resume support
3:24PM 0 [PATCH 1/3] AMD IOMMU: add s3 suspend & resume support
3:23PM 0 [PATCH 0/3] AMD IOMMU: add s3 suspend & resume support
1:52PM 1 [PATCH] x86 shadow: disable fast np path in OOS.
1:02PM 0 [PATCH] x86 shadow: avoid race between resync and fast path
12:54PM 4 [PATCH] 32on64: increase size of compat argument translation area to 2 pages
10:44AM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: allow non-SMP builds of blktap2 to succeed
8:48AM 0 [PATCH] Xend: allow pci-stub to hide devices for assignment
7:55AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2009ww26]
6:35AM 2 [PATCH] blktap2: fix save/restore/migration
6:35AM 5 nographic=1 but still have a vga adapter
6:20AM 0 [PATCH] blktap2: seperate blktap1/blktap2 disk types
4:27AM 7 [PATCH] x86, hvm: Allow delivery of timer interrupts to VCPUs != 0.
Thursday July 2 2009
11:30PM 0 [PATCH] Support for zfs version 16.
10:22PM 5 vfb console inhibiting Xen console?
8:30PM 4 shadow OOS and fast path are incompatible
2:56PM 0 3w_9xxx + Xen-patched 2.6.30 dom0 == bad LUN detection
2:47PM 3 Latency spike during page_scrub_softirq
1:35PM 0 HEADS UP, the game of hardcoded pathes and the results
1:27PM 0 xen vt-d support
10:14AM 2 [PATCH] ioemu: portability fixes for qemu-ifup
10:03AM 1 [PATCH] tools: portability fixes
9:34AM 0 closed each side of the socket when cross migration
8:45AM 8 [PATCH] switch to a known good/static GDT before kexec
8:15AM 0 [PATCH] xend: Remove disused constants
7:39AM 1 [PATCH]fix undefined name error
7:23AM 3 do_grant_table_op()''s input array size limitation
6:48AM 0 [PATCH] Fix bugs in xc_exchange_page
6:14AM 0 [PATCH] Restore uname of blktap for managed domains
2:27AM 2 ''xm create'' creates domains without a valid console tty
Wednesday July 1 2009
5:15PM 32 2.6.30 dom0 Xen patches
5:01PM 9 [XEN-3.4.1-rc5] no udev rules with udev 124
3:58PM 12 Host S3
1:41PM 3 [XCI] xci build issues
11:44AM 1 IO controller mini-summit -- Japan, Oct 2009
11:13AM 2 Xen 3.4 fails to shutdown on a Dell E6400 machine
8:49AM 2 Error compiling xen-unstable - XEN_LEGACY_MAX_VCPUS
5:58AM 1 Re: WARNING: at mm/bootmem.c:535 alloc_arch_preferred_bootmem
3:01AM 0 [PATCH] Remove redundant semicolons
12:49AM 7 [PATCH] blktap2: add blktap2 device class and device controller