Xen devel - Mar 2006

Friday March 31 2006
9:51PM 0 [PATCH] [Mini-OS] Minor traps.c fixups
9:24PM 2 [PATCH] - Makefiles for tools/loader/{hvmloader|vmxassist}
9:13PM 1 2.6.16 nor FC5 -xenU kernel will start under 3.0-testing
9:11PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] fix to not update seg.base in realmode
8:59PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9494
8:59PM 0 version 3.0.2 out?
8:49PM 5 ARP cache problems / slow connect times in routed mode - Bug #596 opened
8:07PM 0 [PATCH] update xm man page: s/set-vcpus/vcpu-set/
7:26PM 0 [PATCH] Fix reversed test in balloon.py
7:24PM 3 [RFC][patch] console_flush()
5:54PM 2 [PATCH] Non-polling trace record access
5:28PM 0 FW: [Xen-changelog] Enable the setting and trapping of breakpoints forhvm guest.
5:13PM 0 [Fwd: [Xen-changelog] Plumb network vif credit-based rate limiting thorugh xenbus]
4:44PM 2 ''conswitch'' option
4:30PM 6 Zen and Pacifica
2:50PM 0 Error on restore domU (x86_64)
2:36PM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] Set the permissions correctly on the XML-RPC UDP socket, so that non-root users
1:56PM 2 [PATCH] vnet-module
9:16AM 1 Documentation up to date?
7:22AM 0 VMX status report 9487:9316fe0c9c4f
6:59AM 0 [PATCH] fix ia64 build
5:30AM 5 networking checksum errors again
3:41AM 0 [PATCH][HVM] enable setting of soft breakpoints from gdb
2:56AM 2 Enhanced debugging for assembler files
2:50AM 0 RE: [patch] make hypercall_preempt_check() a littlemoresensitive
2:32AM 0 RE: [patch] make hypercall_preempt_check() a little moresensitive
1:50AM 1 RE: [patch] make hypercall_preempt_check() a little moresensitive
Thursday March 30 2006
11:43PM 0 [patch] Sync console before panic messages
11:39PM 1 [PATCH] remove dummy IP
10:53PM 0 [PATCH] fix xauth to make fully-virtualized console always come up
10:36PM 1 Growing a para-virtualized domain beyond its initial allocation?
10:12PM 2 linux-2.6-xen kernels and initrds
9:58PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9481
9:12PM 0 RE: RE: [RFC][PATCH] create an initrd for dom0 ininstall.shscript
8:23PM 0 RE: [RFC][PATCH] create an initrd for dom0 in install.shscript
7:13PM 8 [patch] make evtchn_upcall_pending arch-specific type
6:55PM 7 RE: [RFC][PATCH] create an initrd for dom0 in install.shscript
6:43PM 4 xm info showing too much free ram
5:17PM 2 [patch] make hypercall_preempt_check() a little more sensitive
5:04PM 0 How do I know when the guest OS has completely initialized
4:44PM 3 [patch] bitops on irq_cpustat_t->__softirq_pending
4:15PM 1 RE: [RFC][PATCH] create an initrd for dom0 in install.shscript
3:48PM 1 RE: [RFC][PATCH] create an initrd for dom0 in install.shscript
3:11PM 0 [PATCH] Fix spurious sharing errors in /etc/xen/scripts/block
3:08PM 4 [RFC][PATCH] create an initrd for dom0 in install.sh script
2:33PM 11 [PATCH] This patch fixes several issues related to vmxassist
1:23PM 0 [patch] Introduce $(AFLAGS) to specify assembler flags
4:13AM 2 loopback.nloopbacks
4:01AM 0 VMX status report 9468:d102a30417a7
12:35AM 0 [PATCH] Make cpufreq drivers (powernow-k8) Xen-compatible
Wednesday March 29 2006
11:11PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9468
9:06PM 1 RE: Re: [PATCH] build in SATA drivers to the -xen kernelfor x86_64
8:40PM 4 RE: [PATCH] build in SATA drivers to the -xen kernel forx86_64
6:07PM 5 [PATCH] build in SATA drivers to the -xen kernel for x86_64
5:31PM 0 minor documentation suggestion
5:12PM 1 RE: Assertion ''! IS_INVALID_M2P_ENTRY(gpfn)'' failedkillsmachine
4:09PM 2 RE: Assertion ''! IS_INVALID_M2P_ENTRY(gpfn)'' failed killsmachine
2:16PM 1 RE: Re: [PATCH]: Various build clean-ups
10:21AM 0 VMX status report 9459:db8266c27c4f
8:29AM 0 Assertion ''! IS_INVALID_M2P_ENTRY(gpfn)'' failed kills machine
8:00AM 0 Xen crashes while bringing up multi-proc Dom VT
7:11AM 2 GRUB - File not found
6:22AM 0 Quesiton about Dom0 processing packets for DomUs
5:41AM 2 Re: [PATCH]: Various build clean-ups
12:02AM 0 [PATCH]: xend: log process-id
Tuesday March 28 2006
11:34PM 6 vbd devices stuck in Initialising/InitWait
10:06PM 0 [PATCH] x86_64 Xen on a 64-way
9:00PM 1 [PATCH] Permit backend domain != Domain-0
7:56PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9443
7:42PM 2 [PATCH] Remove vcpu_avail from the S-Expression that''s passed on the wire
6:25PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] update guest time code
4:31PM 7 context switch
3:55PM 0 Virtual Block Device: frame_and_sects in blkif_request_t
3:48PM 3 Re: [Devel] Re: [RFC] Virtualization steps
3:27PM 1 [PATCH] Make vnet-module working on x86_64
3:13PM 0 [XenPPC] [patch] all UART parameters should be unsigned.
3:11PM 0 problems with summer and wintertime in xen 2.0.7
3:06PM 0 RE: RE: RE: Re: "xm list" causing "OverflowError:int exceedsXML-RPC limits"
2:45PM 0 Re: Accounting for only guest page faults
11:28AM 6 Status of auto_translated_mode
9:30AM 0 no member named `proto_csum_blank''
5:33AM 0 VMX status report 9442:8b5a752167a1
4:19AM 1 RE: RE: RE: Re: "xm list"causing "OverflowError:int exceedsXML-RPC limits"
4:11AM 4 [PATCH] enable modifying of registers from gdb
2:44AM 18 wallclock time for paravirtualized guests
2:29AM 7 [PATCH] XML-RPC: Cope with large integers on x86-64 systems
12:35AM 1 RE: RE: Re: "xm list" causing "OverflowError:int exceedsXML-RPC limits"
Monday March 27 2006
11:17PM 0 [PATCH] fix -xen build on ia64
10:48PM 1 RE: Re: "xm list" causing "OverflowError: int exceedsXML-RPC limits"
10:08PM 9 [RFH] xen domain0 failover stuff
9:57PM 5 64-bit failsafe callback
9:34PM 1 "xm list" causing "OverflowError: int exceeds XML-RPC limits"
8:13PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] fix of I/O instr RIP update
5:52PM 0 [PATCH][RESEND] separate xm config ''vcpus'' field into two values
5:40PM 0 RE: Re: signed-off-by process
4:57PM 1 Scheduling questions for I/O activity on Dom0
4:49PM 5 cset 9434 breaks xen/ia64 build
4:48PM 0 [PATCH] make -xen default kernel buildable on x86_64
4:32PM 0 triggering probe function
4:24PM 0 [PATCH] compile sysfs in by default for xen_x86_{32, 64}
4:01PM 0 Re: signed-off-by process
3:48PM 4 status of _patches/linux-2.6.16/*
6:31AM 0 VMX status report 9441:30ae67d6e5f0
6:29AM 1 vnet on x86_64
Sunday March 26 2006
9:08PM 2 [RFC PATCH 0/2] Xen Calgary IOMMU support
6:03PM 6 applying bug fixes
4:33PM 1 as asked... i''m reporting an unexpected error
2:21AM 0 [PATCH] Don''t reclaim vcpus those are not put into use yet when destroying HVM domain
Saturday March 25 2006
8:43PM 1 Queries on time quantum for domains
6:18PM 0 xen 3.0.1, mdadm and DEBUG problem
5:50PM 1 BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0! ind domU
9:04AM 4 xm save workaround
8:37AM 0 [PATCH] Fixing 64-bit hvm SMP guest on 64-bit Xen
7:22AM 0 [PATCH] Fixed build error with debug=y
4:48AM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9395
3:08AM 0 [PATCH] enabling gdbserver debugging for hvm guests on 64bit xen
12:30AM 1 RE: Re: BUILD BREAK (was Re: Switch the default build tomake the -xen kernel, not the -xen0 and -xenU)
Friday March 24 2006
10:46PM 1 BUILD BREAK (was Re: Switch the default build to make the -xen kernel, not the -xen0 and -xenU)
10:30PM 5 Problem bringing up 32-bit Sles 9 on a Dom-VT
10:18PM 0 xm dmesg throws error with current unstable
8:26PM 2 [PATCH] qemu pcnet emulation fixes
7:30PM 6 Patch question (Hyper-Threading support)
6:11PM 0 [patch] define panic() to have printf attributes
5:58PM 1 Xen on Intel Yonah using VT
5:11PM 1 [RFC, PATCH] bitops take a long
5:05PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9425
3:59PM 0 2 peoples at same time in xm console
3:17PM 0 Xen on Intel Macs
3:06PM 5 Writing a Xen book
1:05PM 1 [PATCH] fix for bug#515
12:05PM 1 [RFC] x86_64 and protection
11:22AM 0 [Patch] mkdir /var/xen/dump
10:39AM 0 xm save failure
9:22AM 0 [Patch] vmx-related xentrace code cleanup
6:34AM 0 [PATCH] Update gdb documentation
6:34AM 3 VMX status chgset 9425:96e3b02ec931
4:27AM 3 Overhead incurred due to Xen for a page fault
Thursday March 23 2006
9:27PM 3 [PATCH] External device migration support
8:25PM 1 [PATCH] Fixup a couple of problems with XML-RPC error handling
8:11PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Improve error handling, in particular fixing the ProtocolError that is thrown
7:59PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] Removed unused handler parameter from UnixXMLRPCServer interface -- just pass
7:58PM 10 Problems with pygrub: ValueError: unable to open file
7:20PM 0 Mini-os cleanup
6:38PM 0 Mini-os Xenbus
5:27PM 0 [patch] unnecessary zlib includes
4:24PM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] Added exception handler for ProtocolError.
12:17PM 0 [Patch] virtual time bugfix
11:45AM 3 Bug #515
8:08AM 2 [PATCH] fix compilation in traps.c with crash_debug=y [was Re: [Xen-changelog] Paravirtualise the CPUID instruction by forcing emulation with an invalid-opcode prefix.]
6:43AM 0 [PATCH] Enable Windows PAE guest on x86-64
1:00AM 0 [PATCH] get register context from other vcpu''s vmcs for gdbserver-xen user
12:48AM 2 [PATCH] add count-only option to DOM0_GETDOMAININFOLIST hypercall
12:32AM 5 [PATCH] PCI Backend - Late Binding
12:31AM 0 [PATCH] PCI Frontend - fix bus cleanup
12:13AM 3 usb device in domU status
Wednesday March 22 2006
9:42PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] fix guest time/msr64
9:01PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9368
7:30PM 0 Re: Re: [RFC PATCH 10/35] Add a new head.S start-of-dayfile for booting on Xen.
6:40PM 2 checksum `offload''
5:58PM 1 [PATCH] [TPM] Fix of a race condition in TPM backend driver
4:12PM 0 RE: Xen 3.0.1-4 for Windows XP Professional 64bit onPentium D 650 CPU
3:50PM 2 <Second Try>: mapping xen pages into a domain
3:48PM 1 NUMA support in XEN
2:48PM 0 vmx status report chgset 9364:22f1618cf57c
11:44AM 0 Xen 3.0.1-4 for Windows XP Professional 64bit on Pentium D 650 CPU
8:25AM 1 kernel error messages with 2.6.16: XFS internal error xfs_ialloc_read_agi at line 1357 of file fs/xfs/xfs_ialloc.c
8:07AM 10 (XEN) APIC error on CPU0: 04(40)
1:02AM 2 qemu pcnet emulation problems.
Tuesday March 21 2006
11:06PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] enable SVM SMI intercept
10:43PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] fix issue with svm inst decode
10:43PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] fix evtchn/lost interrupt issue
9:51PM 0 [PATCH] minor Makefile fix
9:30PM 0 How activate routing beetween domain
9:28PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9341
9:18PM 0 [PATCH] xen_sysfs.c build fix
6:46PM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] Fix the implicit declaration of function `swiotlb_init'' warning, by including
6:23PM 4 driver domains / PCI passthru on amd64
5:02PM 1 [PATCH] [XMTEST] Fix for testing for device file
4:02PM 1 xen/ia64 status
3:50PM 0 capturing a dom0 corefile
12:47PM 0 Minimum time-quantum for a DomU
12:44PM 0 [PATCH] vmxassist-syslinux.patch
11:33AM 3 Fwd: Faster resuming of suspend technology.
8:47AM 1 build Problems on amd64 - es7000plat.c:192: Warning: »sdt.count« uninitialized - Werror
7:48AM 1 RE: Re: [Xen-users] How to share data between guestdomains
5:19AM 0 VMX status report chgset 9334:b9486f0d6970
2:08AM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] Fix Xen target image dependencies.
Monday March 20 2006
11:35PM 5 [PATCH 2.6.16-rc6-xen] export Xen Hypervisor attributes to sysfs
9:01PM 1 [PATCH] Move arch/ia64 to new build system
7:13PM 1 BROKEN BUILD (Re: Upgrade genapic code to 2.6.16-rc6 codebase. Remove entries from)
6:58PM 0 [PATCH] paging disabled handling for gdbserver-xen
6:40PM 0 [PATCH] implement smp_call_function_mask
6:36PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9325
5:29PM 0 Re: "Signed-off-by" process
4:39PM 6 XML-RPC for Xend status
3:18PM 3 Bugs in mini-os on i386 architecture
2:03PM 0 VMX status report changset 9325:1ecb7f1ddc79
1:24PM 9 Re: xen hg tree from yesterda hangs when kernel console is directed to ttyS0
Sunday March 19 2006
11:28PM 2 [RESEND][PATCH][XM-TEST] Patch to correct inconsistencies of xm-test reporting.
4:37PM 0 [PATCH] Fix VMX guest can not be created on PAE xen with more than 4G RAM
2:14AM 14 Detecting deadlocks with hypervisor..
12:52AM 0 RE: [PATCH 3/3] Add shadow VRAM - mouse issue to be aware of
Saturday March 18 2006
7:33PM 19 How to share data between guest domains
1:04PM 3 Xen3 domU network packet loss (udp iperf)
4:00AM 5 bug # 477
12:14AM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND] Add mounting /sys to ramdisk
12:09AM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND] Remove Obsolete startNow() Method
Friday March 17 2006
11:56PM 0 [PATCH] pcnet emulation bug fix
11:36PM 3 please pull xen-ia64-unstable
11:20PM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Patch to correct inconsistencies of xm-test reporting.
10:33PM 10 [PATCH] Add an ioctl interface for simple xenstore access
7:36PM 0 [PATCH] adding back hvm guest apm support with new features
5:52PM 0 faster booting with Xen
4:49PM 12 APIC handling on x86-64
3:58PM 0 [PATCH] Fix VMX EFER write logic
3:35PM 0 libxenstore API stability
2:39PM 8 [Patch] time resolution fix.
1:00PM 0 [PATCH] fix VMX cpuid handling when EAX == 4
8:35AM 1 [Patch] fix xm create -load option issue
5:08AM 0 VmError: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
4:43AM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST] correct inconsistent reporting in xm-test
12:51AM 4 patch to test vbd loopback sharing issue
Thursday March 16 2006
10:59PM 3 [PATCH x86_64] x86_64 doesn''t tell the HV it is panicing
10:34PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9255
9:58PM 0 [PATCH 3a/3] Add shadow VRAM
9:58PM 0 [PATCH 1a/3] Add Summagraphics Tablet emulation
8:27PM 0 [PATCH] fix for debugging VMX guest with gdbserver-xen
8:09PM 1 mapping xen pages into a domain
7:54PM 3 xen hg tree from yesterday hangs, when kernel console is directed to ttyS0
5:45PM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Repost - Allow reporting results to a different results repository
2:24PM 3 Odd mapping behavior with map_pages_to_xen
6:34AM 0 VMX status report changset 9252:f85bb99187bf
4:46AM 0 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Remove Obsolete startNow() Method
Wednesday March 15 2006
11:57PM 1 [PATCH] [xm-test] Repost of tpm driver suspend/resume test
9:57PM 5 [PATCH 3/3] Add shadow VRAM
9:56PM 0 [PATCH 2/3] Set VNC input loop delay to 10 msec
9:56PM 8 [PATCH 1/3] Add Summagraphics Tablet emulation
9:56PM 0 [PATCH 0/3] Enhance VNC mouse/video handling
7:58PM 0 [PATCH] fix build with perfc_arrays enabled
7:42PM 3 softirq bound to vcpus
7:27PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9238
7:14PM 0 [PATCH] Mini-os console
6:56PM 1 [REPOST] [PATCH][XM-TEST] fix to init of report files xm-test
6:10PM 0 implicit grant unmap hacking [was RE: Grant tables from dom0 userspace?]
5:56PM 2 [PATCH] xc_inflate_buffer fix
5:28PM 6 [RFC] build configuration
11:46AM 0 install nvidia drvier into Dom0 successfully
11:26AM 0 [PATCH] remove unused macro VMX_CPU_STATE_PG_ENABLED
11:15AM 2 BUG - netfront.c
10:02AM 0 [PATCH] remove useless cr4 handling in vmx_set_cr0
6:02AM 0 RE: [PATCH] Fix ASSERT failure caused by NX support code onx86_64
12:21AM 0 network related memory leak question
12:00AM 2 [PATCH][XM-TEST] init xmtest report files
Tuesday March 14 2006
11:05PM 6 xm-test failures?
10:48PM 5 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9226
10:01PM 12 [RFC] VMI for Xen?
9:40PM 0 Python error: must supply either home or prefix/exec-prefix -- not both
9:12PM 0 [patch] print panic message before trapping to debugger
8:59PM 0 [patch] call out to arch code to deliver timer interrupts
8:54PM 0 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Allow reporting results to a different results repository
6:27PM 4 [PATCH][xm-test] Repost of tpm driver suspend/resume test
6:05PM 4 Workaround for buggy PIT
4:32PM 1 http://www.crn.com/sections/breakingnews/dailyarchives.jhtml?articleId=181502156
2:57PM 1 RE: Default Xen Kernel Builds (was Re: Modules in domU kernel config?)
2:57PM 0 [PATCH] Fix ASSERT failure caused by NX support code on x86_64
1:44PM 2 xen-unstable - make[4]: [cpuperf-xen] Error 1
12:33PM 4 xm save - not working on 32-bit PAE host (-testing)
10:28AM 0 [PATCH] man page for xm displaying scheduler information
7:58AM 0 [PATCH] Fixing network break after xm reboot
6:25AM 0 [PATCH] Fix the bug when compiled with debug=y, destroy 32bit VMX guest on x86-64 will hang Xen0
5:16AM 1 ia64 tripping over BUG_ON from cset 9224
5:03AM 0 [PATCH] trivial ia64 tools build fix
4:56AM 7 [PATCH] ia64 build fixes
4:46AM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: RE: Linux PG_arch_1 conflict
4:10AM 0 [PATCH] Xentop: Man page update for batch mode processing option
3:39AM 0 RE: Re: [XenPPC] Re: IRQs delivery.
2:54AM 1 [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: RE: Linux PG_arch_1 conflict
12:59AM 3 VMX status report chgset 9224:36cf47cfea4e
12:42AM 5 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Add mounting /sys to ramdisk
Monday March 13 2006
11:00PM 0 two Linux hg trees?
10:19PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9224
9:58PM 0 Re: current domU lifecycle work
9:20PM 1 RE: Linux PG_arch_1 conflict
8:36PM 1 [BUG 143] [RFC] Patch submitted, not in tree yet.
8:13PM 0 [PATCH] vmxloader -> hvmloader in comment
6:08PM 0 Re: SSL error on ui
4:40PM 14 [PATCH] i386 linux: make 32-bit PAE kernel work when built with newer gcc
4:29PM 2 [PATCH] separates config''s ''vcpus'' into ''max_vcpus'' and ''vcpus''
2:01PM 0 RE: Re: [XenPPC] Re: IRQs delivery.
9:47AM 1 [PATCH] Xentop: Batch mode processing option
6:07AM 3 [PATCH] Displaying scheduler related information using xm
3:09AM 0 extreme network configuration
Sunday March 12 2006
10:37PM 0 See Xen in action
9:26PM 1 3.0.2 imminent
9:26PM 12 mini-guest io emulation
8:44PM 2 xen create - Unexpected error: exceptions.ValueError
5:33PM 2 sedf internals question
Saturday March 11 2006
2:57PM 5 Legal concerns: added hashtable implementation
2:37AM 1 [PATCH] handle the vmx instructions from VMX guests properly
12:00AM 5 [PATCH][XM-TEST ] Add feature of test layering in groups for xm-test
Friday March 10 2006
10:06PM 2 [PATCH] - xc_core.c/xenctrl.h - refactor slightly to allow user specified output routines
9:11PM 1 RE: Linux PG_arch_1 conflict
8:59PM 0 [XenPPC] Re: Linux PG_arch_1 conflict
6:39PM 0 [PATCH] patch to enable physical cdrom tray eject
5:51PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9197
5:00PM 19 Time went backwards
4:23PM 4 [Patch]: adding physdev_op to hypercall.h
4:09PM 2 xen kernel panic
3:34PM 12 [PATCH] Add SCHEDOP_block_on
2:45PM 3 [PATCH] [XMTEST] Test for tpm driver suspend resume cycle
2:45PM 0 [PATCH] vtpm state machine fix
1:48PM 0 SuSE10 XEN3 Kernel
10:58AM 5 [PATCH] SCHEDOP_block_masked
10:53AM 6 guest kexec / domU boot loader
10:07AM 12 IRQs delivery.
6:52AM 0 [PATCH] Pending_intr process cleanup
5:21AM 0 gdbserver-xen fix for vmx gustes
4:55AM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Fix test 11_create_concurrent_pos.py for HVM - Bug 562
2:29AM 8 domUloader kernel command line arguments?
1:25AM 0 Recall: VMX status report
12:20AM 1 XenMon''s first reading
12:19AM 1 [PATCH] clean up parsing of /proc/xen/balloon in xend
Thursday March 9 2006
11:27PM 1 [PATCH] safer checks in network-bridge script
10:37PM 1 is anyone working on bug 195 (time running backwards messages)
10:14PM 2 current domU lifecycle work ?
9:57PM 0 [PATCH] xc_core.c - xc_domain_dumpcore minor issues
9:09PM 0 xen domain suspend
9:07PM 5 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9186
7:43PM 0 Triggering probe in a backend
7:42PM 9 [PATCH] clean up CFLAGS
5:59PM 11 Grant tables from dom0 userspace?
4:32PM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND] New xm-test hping network tests
3:36PM 1 FreeBSD netfront.c / problem
1:39PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: enable MTRR config option for Xen/x86-64
1:38PM 0 [PATCH] x86 linux: make MTRR handling SMP safe
2:14AM 0 [PATCH] perfc_defn.h - increase VMX reason size array
1:41AM 0 [PATCH] xc_core.c - Fix order of evaluation issue in xc_domain_dumpcore
12:30AM 1 Most recent Kernel version supported
Wednesday March 8 2006
11:17PM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Fix 13_create_multinic_pos.py for HVM
10:30PM 0 [PATCH] tools: allow interrupts to be manually given to a driver domain
9:59PM 0 [patch] Re: [Xen-changelog] Upgrade all hypercalls to use the new guest_handle interface (on the Xen side).
8:57PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9158
8:16PM 2 Trace buffers no longer working -- What changed?
5:59PM 1 xen-unstable.hg fails to compile
5:37PM 15 Daily Xen Builds
1:51PM 1 IO_APIC in para-guest
12:43PM 0 [PATCH] fix call to set_timer in vlapic.c
12:17PM 2 update possibility for domain configuration files
11:06AM 10 [PATCH] linux: allow pciback to be built as a module
11:05AM 1 [PATCH] linux: fix pcifront duplicate connect protection
10:27AM 2 VMX status report changset 9158:b41ad96f1242
10:07AM 1 Status of shadow page tables on 32bit x86
4:32AM 0 [PATCH] Fix the NX bit support issue for PAE/64bit guest on x86-64
2:59AM 0 [patch] small fix for memory information
12:06AM 0 xentop build fails, no curses.h
Tuesday March 7 2006
11:46PM 0 [PATCH] xen: fix 02_sedf_period_lower_neg.py test case
11:42PM 8 [PATCH] xm,xend: flesh out xm sched-sedf
11:37PM 15 RE: [RFC] Xend XML-RPC Refactoring
10:53PM 3 Detect Vanerpool
9:56PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9157
8:34PM 8 PCI delegation works, access to the delegated NIC doesn''t
8:19PM 3 [PATCH]: vm86 and xen kernels
6:11PM 2 Graphics in domU''s
5:48PM 1 3.0.2 Bug fixes?
4:53PM 0 [PATCH] cleanup vlapic code
10:35AM 0 [Patch] Install python tools with --force option
10:17AM 1 backend config options
Monday March 6 2006
11:15PM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST] New hping TCP and UDP tests
10:31PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] FIX svm asid 64b exits
9:59PM 0 [patch] additional gdbstub fixes
9:20PM 0 [patch] xenmon.py: add next/previous bindings to curses mode
9:11PM 1 [patch] xenmon.py: fix sleep duration, reporting of time intervals
6:30PM 5 xsd_kva mmap
5:05PM 0 Error "xc_vcpu_setaffinity symbol not found"
4:47PM 0 SuSe 10.0 and Xen 3
4:10PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9137
4:09PM 2 Build break on SLES 9 SP2
4:06PM 1 Announce of our Xen project; Routing simulation with Einar
2:24PM 1 compatibility
1:47PM 0 VMX status report changset 9137:64f11b0e2e7d
11:59AM 1 Odd start of the day memory layout
10:09AM 0 [PATCH] libxc: Verify Magic number when reading dump
9:45AM 0 How vifX.Y and eth talk on dom0 with NAT configuration?
Sunday March 5 2006
9:41PM 0 linux-2.6-merge repo contains nacked patches
Saturday March 4 2006
8:12AM 0 [PATCH] Fix some warnings when compiling tools
Friday March 3 2006
10:42PM 0 [patch] break up guest_access.h
9:21PM 0 Daily Xen Tests
5:45PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] A few changes to the new ''guest handle'' interface:
12:26PM 1 RE: [PATCH] Re: [Xen-ia64-devel] Help? Red Hat fails, Suse/Debian both work fine
12:08PM 0 RE: [PATCH] Re: [Xen-ia64-devel] Help? Red Hat fails, Suse/Debian both work fine
1:54AM 2 [PATCH] Fix network connectivity problem in dom0 on Yonah/Napa Platform
1:17AM 0 VMX status report changset 9099:cfbf7332d616
1:13AM 2 [PATCH 1/2] gdbserver-xen: minor build enhancements
12:58AM 0 [PATCH] [DOC] vTPM interface documentation
Thursday March 2 2006
11:16PM 0 [PATCH] Raise error when domain config file specifies wrong path to file-backed VBDs
10:37PM 0 [PATCH] Fix for vTPM backend
10:14PM 1 Few questions about migration
10:12PM 0 [patch] common gdbstub issues
10:03PM 0 [PATCH] VTPM_Tools - Bug Fixes
9:36PM 3 [PATCH] fix x86_64 build with specified CFLAGS
9:29PM 1 [PATCH][discuss] io_apic disable_8254_timer
9:27PM 1 TLB-miss handling in Xen 3.0
7:56PM 0 [PATCH] fix libxc warnings
7:44PM 1 [PATCH] Make xm reboot/shutdown work again (undo 8697)
7:35PM 2 [PATCH ] don''t compile HVM_DBG_LOG into xen by default
7:21PM 0 [PATCH] reworked lomount
6:59PM 0 minor patch for vmx.c ....
5:01PM 0 kernel bug during domU reboot
3:28PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: eliminate duplicate exports
2:38PM 0 Question about domain address space
2:19PM 0 [PATCH] linux: make /dev/mem handling more consistent with native
2:03PM 0 [PATCH} linux: clean up setup_arch_post.h
9:20AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: Help? Red Hat fails, Suse/Debian both work fine
8:28AM 9 [PATCH] gdbserver-xen: fix corefile access
4:53AM 0 [PATCH] Small fix for HVM guest on PAE >4G host
2:31AM 2 Status of work on virtual frame buffer for para-virt guests
1:56AM 0 VMX status report changset 9023:d8451bb6278c
Wednesday March 1 2006
11:22PM 0 RE: Please pull xen-ia64-unstable
8:52PM 0 [PATCH] Small fix for HVM PAE guests
8:36PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] cleanup of 32bit exits.S
7:18PM 2 [PATCH][SVM] 32bit msr support/enable 64bit vlapic
6:52PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9022
4:17PM 6 Re: Clock Interrupt not occurring. hypervisor_callback not being called. (more info)
2:51PM 0 [PATCH] USB split driver
12:34PM 2 domU''s on SLES 10.0b3 crashing dom0
1:49AM 0 VMX status report changset 9016:c369d960f96b
12:30AM 2 XEN and windows licensing
12:28AM 2 Scheduling questions for I/O activity