Xen devel - Feb 2006

Tuesday February 28 2006
11:04PM 0 Right time to migrate ?
10:22PM 2 [PATCH 0/3] Add XML-RPC support to Xend
9:45PM 22 Help? Red Hat fails, Suse/Debian both work fine
8:37PM 2 Clock Interrupt not occurring. hypervisor_callback not being called.
8:12PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] svm 64bit initial support
7:30PM 1 Common entry, exit point for hypervisor calls
5:21PM 2 Guest/Xen memory parameters
4:49PM 2 [PATCH] linux: make xencons separately configurable and modular
4:46PM 0 [PATCH] linux: allow TPM front- and backend to be modular
4:45PM 0 [PATCH] linux: allow netback to be a module
4:39PM 0 [PATCH] linux: allow blkback to be a module
4:28PM 1 chmod''ing XmTestReport/* at compile time
2:53PM 2 VMX status report
10:25AM 3 xen-2.0 + linux-2.6.15?
10:24AM 2 Porting 2.0.7 to newer linux kernel
8:50AM 0 Ack! The Xen Interfaces web page is making me blind!
7:41AM 1 [PATCH]fix reclaim memory incorrectly
7:21AM 4 Xen 2.0.7 Build failure
1:42AM 0 RE: Re: [PATCH] Fix qemu-dm segfault when multiple HVMdomains
Monday February 27 2006
11:33PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][4/4] svm cr0 handling fixes
11:33PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][3/4] svm PAE fixes
11:32PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][2/4] svm guest timer migration fix
11:32PM 0 [PATCH][1/4] svm vlapic
7:49PM 2 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs8990
4:47PM 13 [RFC] Bootloader configuration
3:21PM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: [PATCH] Fix access_ok for xen/ia64
3:08PM 0 [PATCH] Fix a missed unmap in __entry()
2:13PM 0 RE: Re: Will map_domain_page return NULL when fails onx86_32?
1:15PM 5 [PATCH] Fix access_ok for xen/ia64
12:11PM 3 Will map_domain_page return NULL when fails on x86_32?
9:53AM 5 Xen 3.0.1 Error creating domain: (12, ''Cannot allocate memory'')
9:20AM 1 [PATCH] Fix qemu-dm segfault when multiple HVM domains ---Was: qemu-dm segfault with multiple HVM domains?
6:55AM 0 VMX status report changset 8979:5541ea99106a
4:35AM 3 [PATCH] Clean up warning for page_alloc.c
1:48AM 6 [Patch] cleanup warning in xen/ia64
12:48AM 1 event channels
Sunday February 26 2006
10:49PM 22 RE: Re: [PATCH] Xen Guest Kexec
5:58PM 2 recompiling xen
3:10PM 1 qemu on Vt-x
10:07AM 17 domU clock over 23s off
12:06AM 2 a more permenant solution to /lib/tls.disabled
Saturday February 25 2006
5:47PM 0 [PATCH] use target nm when cross compiling
5:27PM 1 [PATCH] fix mkelf32 when cross compiling on i386 for x86-64
4:31PM 7 DomU not rebooting in 3.0.1
4:20PM 0 [PATCH] user guide: clarify the example for Xen serial console
12:10AM 12 [PATCH] Fox for pcnet device model data corruption
Friday February 24 2006
8:14PM 2 [PATCH][discuss] evtchn race condition
8:12PM 2 domain id
7:24PM 6 Problem with Dom0 ( SuSE )
3:20PM 0 [PATCH] Repost - support use of xen public headers by C89 era compilers
1:37PM 5 domU time lagging
12:06PM 1 New to the list
11:53AM 0 RE: Re: [Xen-users] Xen 3.0 on Ubuntu Dapper
10:02AM 0 [PATCH] make netfront build modular again
9:09AM 0 [PATCH] Tools part for VTI per-vcpu io event
5:44AM 0 VMX status report changset 8954:c646586d1065
5:38AM 0 [Xense-devel] Preview/RFC: Xen/ACM security support for migration
5:04AM 0 [PATCH] support use of xen public headers by C89 era compilers
3:37AM 0 domU''s not coming back from reboots
2:26AM 0 [PATCH] Dump shadow info should be arch specific
1:54AM 0 Re: Re: [Xen-users] Xen 3.0 on Ubuntu Dapper
1:17AM 1 Xen hypervisor on SPARC v9
Thursday February 23 2006
11:25PM 0 [PATCH] Fix restarting of domains when using a boot loader
9:56PM 0 [PATCH] don''t read whole xvd into ram with pygrub
9:55PM 0 [PATCH] Use better fifo for passing data between boot loader and xend
9:26PM 3 question about DomU kernel loading
6:51PM 2 XEN, VMX-guests and migration
4:20PM 0 [PATCH] patch to bring up AP of VMX domain
2:51PM 0 [PATCH] cleanup p2m functions
8:51AM 3 A question about CONFIG_SMP
7:11AM 0 test
7:03AM 0 [PATCH] Cleanup some vmx code.
4:53AM 0 VMX status report changset 8934:175ad739d8bc
Wednesday February 22 2006
10:54PM 0 memory leaks resolved?
10:47PM 0 [PATCH] enforcing a dynamic vcpu limit for a domain
10:04PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Adding a second IP address onto eth0 causes the vif-* hotplug scripts to
9:45PM 0 [PATCH] Do not call BUG() in translated mode in xen_create_contiguous_region
9:42PM 1 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] New IP address scheme for net tests
9:10PM 1 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] Cleaned-up patch
8:47PM 2 [PATCH] >1 IP address on eth0 causes hotplug script failure
8:45PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs8922
7:41PM 1 [PATCH] Update Mini-OS hypercalls
7:22PM 2 use case for exposing xenstore attributes via sysfs [long]
7:00PM 1 [PATCH] breakout of functions from hotplug script
5:03PM 3 qemu-dm segfault with multiple HVM domains?
3:12PM 0 [PATCH] Per vcpu IO evtchn for VT-i (RE: [PATCH] Per vcpu IO evtchn patch for HVM domain)
3:07PM 2 [PATCH] PIT acceleration enhancement
1:33PM 0 [PATCH] Fix VT-i domain builder caused by cset 8916
12:45PM 4 [PATCH] Per vcpu IO evtchn patch for HVM domain
12:18PM 0 [PATCH] change shadow_direct_map_init/clean param from vcpu to domain
11:37AM 12 [PATCH] Elf loader fixes
11:17AM 0 Make mkpatches fails in tip of xen-unstable; solution suggested
8:54AM 2 [PATCH] don''t require ebtables in the host kernel
8:37AM 0 [PATCH] Fix thermal interrupt happened when vmx guest running
8:06AM 2 phys_basetab might be used uninitialized in domain.c
6:58AM 0 [PATCH] Correct an miss operation line for the HVM x86-32 PAE guest support on 64-bit xen
6:49AM 0 VMX status report 8911:8005fbd31d8b
2:05AM 0 RE: [PATCH][XM-TEST] Add support for pulling initrdimages from a repo
12:06AM 0 Re: [PATCH] Fix IPSec for Xen checksum offload packets (Jon Mason)
Tuesday February 21 2006
11:10PM 0 Building pagetables for x86_64 Mini-OS
10:03PM 6 Is my xen-friendly glibc really faster?
9:19PM 8 Xend silently logs "Connection Refused" or "No such file or directory"
7:22PM 4 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Add support for pulling initrd images from a repo
6:26PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] fix inst decode for gfxboot
6:19PM 0 [PATCH][HVM] fix unsigned in signed test in handle_mmio()
4:00PM 5 [PATCH] [TESTSUITE] virtual TPM test
3:56PM 0 [PATCH] [TPM] Fixes and cleanup
3:42PM 2 A question about TLS libraries in case of Xen integration in Linux
2:40PM 15 [ PATCH 2.6.16-rc3-xen 3/3] sysfs: export Xen hypervisor attributes to sysfs
2:38PM 1 [ PATCH 2.6.16-rc3-xen 2/3] sysfs: export Xen hypervisor attributes to sysfs
2:36PM 4 [ PATCH 2.6.16-rc3-xen 1/3] sysfs: export Xen hypervisor attributes to sysfs
7:39AM 5 Clock interrupts + hypervisor calls
6:35AM 1 nsplitd + pdb
2:00AM 0 VMX status reprot Changset of IA-32:8896:c93c6b392ce5; IA-32e: 8907:9fa969af72cd
12:51AM 1 [PATCH 2/2] cpu steal accounting for kernel (i386)
12:51AM 19 [PATCH 1/2] cpu steal time accounting
Monday February 20 2006
11:22PM 3 dom0 starves guests off CPU
7:23PM 11 External modem in domU
4:40PM 0 Status of Xen SV interface (web interface to xend) ??
4:38PM 0 [PATCH] Cleanups to tools since HVM domain P2M table and 1-1 table are built in xen.
4:34PM 0 [PATCH] cleanup if we fail very early before direct map is built.
3:43PM 3 CONFIG_CPU_FREQ change
12:57PM 0 int causing GPF
8:06AM 0 [PATCH] add PAE option to HVM config file
2:21AM 3 vif0.0/veth0 or eth0
Sunday February 19 2006
9:20PM 0 Branch Counters
9:48AM 1 no vmxloader.c in unstable??
7:31AM 6 Logging External Page Writes for a Given Domain
6:29AM 0 [PATCH] Fixing get_mfn_from_gpfn_foreign for HVM guests
Saturday February 18 2006
3:45PM 2 Getting informations about running domains
2:28PM 2 [PATCH] Fix loading binary kernel images
12:26AM 4 [PATCH] HVM x86_32 PAE guest support on 64-bit Xen
12:06AM 1 [PATCH] ia64 build fix
Friday February 17 2006
11:26PM 0 RE: Re: user/hypervisor address space solution
11:24PM 2 [PATCH][SVM] svm update_pt fix
11:24PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] svm asid fix
11:23PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] svm inj logic fix
10:43PM 2 Modules in domU kernel config?
9:06PM 1 [PATCH] Update on xm man page for ''xm''
9:06PM 3 Change in xm interface
7:16PM 2 [PATCH] 1of1 xm-test buildroot fix
4:41PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs8868
4:22PM 11 [PATCH] Repost - xm lists display and formatting
2:43PM 2 [patch] Fix 64bit VMX guest crashing SMP x86_64 dom0
1:57PM 1 VMX status report changset 8868:776ab80f5a6c
1:33PM 0 [PATCH] x86 linux: suppress VIDEO_SELECT config option
1:32PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: fix I/O port address for first floppy controller
1:31PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: fix a gcc4 warning
10:38AM 2 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: another adjustment to vmalloc fault handling
9:50AM 0 install nvidia driver under xen 3.0
9:05AM 1 RE: Re: user/hypervisor address space solution
3:59AM 3 [BUNDLE] Xen Share w/ block device
12:06AM 1 YAIDTL
Thursday February 16 2006
9:47PM 0 [PATCH] CS 8857 won''t build with gcc 4
7:52PM 3 [PATCH] Allow building with perfc and perfc_arrays
7:09PM 0 [PATCH] fix mp_current_pci_id duplicate declaration
5:52PM 1 mm.c ??
4:18PM 1 Problem migrating domains
4:11PM 1 Re: [Xense-devel] Xen memory management
3:57PM 1 [RFC] SMP & DEBUG config options
2:19PM 0 [PATCH] Fixing HVM guests (2/2)
2:13PM 1 [PATCH] Fixing HVM guests (1/2)
1:57PM 0 Status-Infos for domU
1:47PM 2 Error when compilation of kernel start
12:59PM 1 Problem migratin domain
5:58AM 1 bad type error in get_page_type() line 1525
5:39AM 0 cleaning up after create_lookup_pte_addr()
1:55AM 0 Bootable XenU kernel
1:52AM 0 VMX status report changset 8844:1346a69694be
Wednesday February 15 2006
11:50PM 5 Migration and CPU type?
11:04PM 1 [PATCH] vcpu-set increases vcpus beyond the value set at domain creation
9:21PM 3 changeset 8831 gets sockets, cores, and siblings wrong
6:49PM 2 scaling problem with writable pagetables
6:38PM 0 [PATCH] VTPM_Tools - Threading library fix
6:19PM 3 Networking problem in domUs
5:41PM 1 fully virtualized guests broken?
4:03PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: eliminate idt_table
4:01PM 0 [PATCH] i386 linux: eliminate idt_table
3:59PM 1 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: head.S adjustments
3:54PM 4 [PATCH] i386 linux: eliminate hard coded items from __xen_guest section
11:53AM 4 how to transfer virtual address into pyhsical address
11:49AM 3 Setting up hypervisor_callback and testing
9:09AM 3 difference between PGT_gdt_page and PGT_ldt_page
2:47AM 0 [PATCH] FC4 build fix
1:16AM 0 VMX status report changset 8833:39b392a22002
Tuesday February 14 2006
10:04PM 0 xm list
9:07PM 1 implicit grant unmap
8:58PM 0 [PATCH] Fix gcc4 compiler warning
8:35PM 4 Mini-os on x86_64 Xen
7:57PM 0 Compiling 2.6.15
5:51PM 3 Daily Xen-HVM Builds
4:37PM 3 linux TPM changes question
4:13PM 1 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: a little cleanup
4:12PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: eliminate init_tss
4:11PM 0 [PATCH] i386 linux: eliminate init_tss
3:34PM 3 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Test for bug #533
2:21PM 0 FYI: Opening Day for OpenSolaris on Xen
2:15PM 0 Interface vif(d).2> goes down directly after starting up
2:03PM 2 Question about monitor_table
1:53PM 2 Question about mmu_update
1:45PM 12 Domain save/migrate issue
1:25PM 0 Domain save issue.
1:08PM 0 domain save improvement
11:14AM 0 important save feature
1:33AM 0 VMX status report 8830:fcc833cbaf82
Monday February 13 2006
10:43PM 0 [PATCH][RESEND] - add parallel routines to support domain building via buffers
10:12PM 1 Backend drivers
8:08PM 0 UPDATE: Daily Xen-HVM Builds
4:06PM 3 Trouble using update_va_mapping
1:53PM 0 VMX status report changset 8819:1d36cca98fc3
11:02AM 0 [XM-TEST][PATCH] fix ccache url
11:00AM 1 kernel.org 2.6.16-rc2 vs xen-unstable 2.6.16-rc2 - missing buslogic?
6:15AM 0 [Patch] Illegal grant mapping makes domain zombie
3:51AM 0 Xen and Dom0 application
Sunday February 12 2006
12:10AM 0 Grid Virtualization
Friday February 10 2006
10:39PM 6 a last comment on xml-rpc
8:48PM 1 [PATCH] Even prettier printing of xm network-list/block-list/vtpm-list
8:40PM 0 Bug updated: # 502 - dom0/U BUG()
7:36PM 1 [PATCH] Pretty-printing xm network-list/block-list/vtpm-list
7:05PM 2 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected (only when in auto/)
6:23PM 0 Problem with the MTU in dom0
5:17PM 0 [PATCH][vTPM] Fixes for vTPM
2:14PM 1 [PATCH] Fix XendVnet xenstore export
1:49PM 0 Is in xen-unstable yet?
10:28AM 0 [PATCH (Mini-OS, trivial)] documentation and questions for build_pagetable
9:29AM 1 VTPM: incompatible device naming between BE device and vtpm_managerd??
9:03AM 1 RE: redundant set_cr0 in vmxassist setup.c
8:55AM 0 (no subject)
7:25AM 0 Need info on Xen cluster management
5:52AM 4 Very poor VMX performance
3:28AM 0 libxen+xend vs linux vanilla kernels.
2:43AM 0 VMX status report changset 8810:754079886035
1:23AM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH]Make VTIdomain boot again
1:22AM 0 RE: gcc version (HVM domain problem)
1:13AM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] Remove Xen-specific param.h: has only cosmetic change from mainline.
12:13AM 1 pulling xen-unstable repository on a particular date
Thursday February 9 2006
11:00PM 0 [PATCH] remove x86_64 mach-xen/asm/param.h
9:33PM 0 [RFC/PATCH] sanitize prvicmd hypercall args
8:51PM 1 3.0.x release mechanism clarification please?
8:47PM 0 [PATCH] remove x86_64 pci-nommu-xen.c
4:35PM 2 xenstore watches not firing for external-to-xend code using xen.xend.xenstore classes
4:34PM 9 domU network data payload corruption
3:48PM 11 X86_64 "assert" when booting 64-bit image.
2:48PM 2 mandatory keys for creating a device by xenstore-write
2:38PM 0 [PATCH] Vnet documentation
2:36PM 0 [PATCH] Vnet UDP encaps
2:33PM 2 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH]Make VTIdomain boot again
11:30AM 0 head.S'' VIRT_START=
11:18AM 0 VMX status report changset 8793:974ed9f73641
11:04AM 2 moving from xen to xen-pae
9:32AM 1 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH]Make VTIdomain boot again
8:46AM 2 Passive domain support in Xenoprof 2.0
7:14AM 1 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH]Make VTIdomain boot again
7:07AM 1 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH]Make VTIdomain boot again
2:39AM 3 gcc version
2:32AM 0 HVM/VMX issues on some gcc version?
2:31AM 1 [PATCH]Make VTIdomain boot again
1:20AM 0 Re: [PATCH] percpu data: only iterate over possible CPUs
12:17AM 2 Re: XEN and failover
12:02AM 2 RE: Re: [Xen-changelog] Indirect hypercalls through ahypercall transfer page.
Wednesday February 8 2006
11:53PM 0 xen network performance question ....
9:43PM 2 [PATCH] make x86_64 vcpu hotplug work like i386
8:16PM 17 A migration framework for external devices
8:03PM 1 [PATCH] [BUG 447] Fix checksum errors when DNAT modifies port numbers
7:42PM 3 x86_64 stability query
5:03PM 0 Xen3 not booting on SIS 740 based system
4:22PM 1 RE: Re: [Xen-changelog] Indirect hypercalls through ahypercall transfer page.
3:05PM 2 [PATCH][SVM] tlb control enable
1:36PM 0 Page fault handling for Xen guests
1:06PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: remove dead code
1:02PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: eliminate pointless export of pm_power_off
12:59PM 0 [PATCH] linux: don''t export evtchn_do_upcall()
12:56PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: properly exit idle mode from evtchn_do_upcall()
12:52PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: call evtchn_do_upcall on irq stack and adjust irqcount
12:44PM 1 read_cr3()
9:59AM 1 RE: Re: [Xen-changelog] Indirect hypercalls through ahypercall transfer page.
9:37AM 1 changeset 8775
9:28AM 11 [PATCH] Pin vcpu for VMX domain
9:02AM 1 consoleio_read in domU
8:28AM 3 [PATCH] direct_remap_pfn_range vm_flags fix
4:57AM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] Indirect hypercalls through a hypercall transfer page.
1:08AM 0 still leaking memory
Tuesday February 7 2006
9:41PM 2 [PATCH] /sbin/udev no longer exists
8:47PM 25 x86_64 eth0 e1000_clean_tx_irq tx hang
7:33PM 0 unstable tree with 2.6.15
5:10PM 1 Small migrate.py fix
4:37PM 0 SuSE 10 and Xen 3 - Unexpected error: exceptions.ImportError
4:33PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][3/3] svm cleanup (tlb/asid/injection)
4:33PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][2/3] svm cleanup (tlb/asid/injection)
4:32PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][1/3] svm cleanup (tlb/asid/injection)
4:20PM 4 Hypercall-page initialization
4:10PM 2 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. (Xen 3.0.1 regression)
4:05PM 0 [PATCH] x86_64 linux: don''t use USER_PTRS_PER_PGD in mm_walk()
4:02PM 0 Unable to host backend on User Domains
11:30AM 1 Using non-hvm domU networking takes down dom0 external networking
10:15AM 1 [PATCH][RESEND] fix two pygrub problems
8:46AM 3 [PATCH] fix x86_64 ia32 userspace support
3:45AM 14 xencomm address space API
2:58AM 4 pointers in hcalls
2:28AM 0 [PATCH][TPM] Some cleanup
Monday February 6 2006
11:18PM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: [BUNDLE] Testing a simplerinter-domain transport
10:53PM 1 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: [BUNDLE] Testing a simplerinter-domain transport
10:42PM 3 pcnet32 device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization
9:34PM 20 Daily Xen Builds
9:19PM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: [BUNDLE] Testing a simplerinter-domain transport
7:43PM 0 [PATCH] Fix IPSec for Xen checksum offload packets
4:57PM 0 Another ''make world'' problem - unstable changeset 8758
2:56PM 2 remote xend - howto connect??
2:02PM 12 RE: RE: Intel/VT
9:45AM 0 [PATCH] VMX support for PAE Xen
9:09AM 7 no PTY on xenU of -unstable?
Sunday February 5 2006
9:39PM 1 Bug: vif-script being called after the domain is destroyed
8:42AM 2 problem on "make world" with -unstable
4:19AM 2 kernel BUG at mm/rmap.c:555!
3:38AM 25 [BUNDLE] Testing a simpler inter-domain transport
Saturday February 4 2006
9:34PM 7 Unable to boot dom0 with 2.6.16-rc1 and xen-3.0-testing
12:46AM 0 [PATCH][vTPM] Update on hotplug scripts
Friday February 3 2006
11:53PM 2 Xenoprofile Xen-3.0.1
7:24PM 2 Kernel BUG at mm/rmap.c:486
5:56PM 0 Bug: ''reboot'' inside domU doesn''t call vif script
4:45PM 2 RE: Intel/VT
4:34PM 5 Can Xen deal with minors greater than 255?
4:29PM 0 How much effort must been put to port Xen to ARM processor?
2:10PM 0 xen3 on 2.6.11
9:38AM 1 Starting non-hvm guest takes down dom0 networking
9:24AM 0 [PATCH] Establishing 1:1 direct mapping for HVM at runtime
5:43AM 7 No network device problem in -testing
2:58AM 0 Re: [Xen-users] Mouse/Keyboard-Mapping for VMX guest
Thursday February 2 2006
9:34PM 1 [PATCH] For detecting resume operation in hotplug scripts
9:34PM 9 Shouldn''t backend devices for VMX domain disks be opened with O_DIRECT?
9:01PM 0 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Fix disk.img Makefile.am target
8:20PM 0 [PATCH] [TPM] Convergence with 2.6.15
4:40PM 1 RE: No VMX-guests on Intel Xeon/VT
3:57PM 4 Unable to boot dom0 - Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2,0)
11:51AM 1 RE: Re: No VMX-guests on Intel Xeon/VT
8:14AM 1 Periodic timer interrupts in the Mini-OS (working?)
4:09AM 0 Re: Unmodified Windows etc on XEN 3.0 with
3:43AM 1 Re: Unmodified guest on XEN 3.0 with Intel/VT
12:18AM 9 x86_64 smp kernel panic
Wednesday February 1 2006
10:40PM 0 reactos
6:51PM 0 [PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND] Fix for gcc mirror in xm-test
6:01PM 0 Networking problem in guest domains
4:37PM 0 Re: x86_64 smp kernel panic
4:33PM 0 BUG while bringing up x86_64 SMP DomU
4:28PM 6 USB Xen Summit status summary
2:07PM 11 Xen 3.0.1 released!
1:44PM 2 "make xconfig" for Dom0 not working
12:41PM 6 [XM-TEST][PATCH] hvm network test fixes
10:43AM 0 Ubuntu packages
9:27AM 1 RE: Re: Kernel with very low memory requirement ( ~12MB) for domU
3:51AM 3 manipulation of RDTSC values in VT xen
2:20AM 10 RE: Still problems with VNC and Windows on Intel Xeon/VT