Xen devel - Mar 2005

Thursday March 31 2005
10:14PM 0 [patch] non-SMP build fix
9:07PM 0 Re: Xen-devel Digest, Vol 1, Issue 18
2:42PM 0 Xen summit ?
2:37PM 0 USB Update
6:21AM 2 [PATCH] incorrect memset usage.
3:25AM 3 Is machine_to_phys_mapping a 4MB ''superpage''?
12:21AM 2 grub Error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory
Wednesday March 30 2005
9:13PM 6 gentoo startup scripts
8:40PM 0 [PATCH] libxc xc_ptrace gcc 4 fix
8:08PM 3 irc
3:49PM 0 d->mm.pagetable?
11:20AM 1 PACKED in structure is xen.h - newbie (OT)
9:22AM 0 build domains other than domain 0?
7:30AM 0 RE: PAE support revisited - questions
5:11AM 2 [patches] shype for xen / patches
4:51AM 2 save/restore problems
Tuesday March 29 2005
11:33PM 2 [PATCH] libxc-x86-64-fixes.patch
11:09PM 1 [PATCH] ioemu-x86-64-fixes.patch
11:08PM 0 [PATCH] ioemu-x86-64-makefile.patch
9:36PM 3 Can Xen VMM or dom0 see the console input to certain domU?
7:59PM 0 continuous reboot
7:54PM 3 xm create == XendError: Error creating domain: (0, ''Error'')
3:58PM 3 dom0 reboots (reproducably) when installing rpms in domU
11:39AM 7 Stable Release policy?
9:03AM 0 page table management in domU
7:41AM 0 [PATCH] [RESUBMIT] xfrd x86-64 compilation fix
12:48AM 0 thread-safe xm commands
12:26AM 4 [PATCH] add pae flag to xen/Rules.mk
12:15AM 1 x86_64/page.h L1_DISALLOW_MASK, etc
Monday March 28 2005
8:54PM 2 [PATCH] add a ''tags'' target for ctags
8:34PM 2 [PATCH] make SMP boot again with gcc 4
5:38PM 2 domU reboot
4:55PM 3 dom0-smp failed to execute MMU updates
3:08PM 2 Xen dom0 fails on boot
12:35PM 1 Re: Welcome to the "Xen-devel" mailing list
8:57AM 3 IMPORTANT: Mailing list closed
Sunday March 27 2005
7:37PM 3 Xen 2.05 - using printer (/dev/lp0) from a guest linux OS?
5:52PM 0 RE: Interim Xen Wiki [was: domU Filesystems]
3:36PM 0 rebooting domU
3:32PM 4 problem w/ mbootpack
Saturday March 26 2005
11:05PM 1 hardware support
7:00PM 0 Arch changes process suggestion (was: [patch] final header fixes)
6:14PM 81 poor domU VBD performance.
4:14PM 1 xend unable to start: xen.lowlevel.xu.PortError
Friday March 25 2005
10:59PM 0 Please pull latest ia64 changes
10:34PM 0 [Patch] get raise_softirq()from the right header
9:25PM 25 RFC: 32 bits as smallest atomic size.
8:36PM 0 [PATCH] misspelled if def in xen/arch/timer.c
8:32PM 8 domU Filesystems
7:03PM 4 extremely slow disk access
5:55PM 0 [Patch] Add ELF e_machine for PPC64
5:13PM 12 [bug?] xm sysrq == Internal Server Error
5:07PM 7 [PATCH][RESUBMIT] tools top level makefile cleanup
1:54PM 3 hda: lost interrupt
12:53PM 1 [problem]build from source error
8:38AM 2 xend failure, restart doesn''t work
4:31AM 3 Framebuffer (was Xen port of ReactOS)
Thursday March 24 2005
11:43PM 2 NFS support
9:31PM 2 [Q] eth0 not up on dom0
9:22PM 0 [patch] small accounting and lockup fix for xenfreebsd on -unstable
8:53PM 7 hanging dell hardware
7:06PM 0 Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempt to kill init!
6:06PM 3 deleting mtrrs in dom0
4:14PM 0 RE: Re: [Xen-changelog] If Xen is told to use a serial console via a com1= or com2= directive
3:52PM 0 Xen port of ReactOS
3:49PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] If Xen is told to use a serial console via a com1= or com2= directive
1:52PM 1 domU to dom0 security
8:45AM 1 shutdown a hangup domU?
12:17AM 1 Does grsec work yet?
Wednesday March 23 2005
11:28PM 0 RE: PAE: config and file layout
10:01PM 9 [patch] final header fixes
9:29PM 3 [PATCH]local apic initialization
8:47PM 2 Xen virtual machine crash
5:10PM 1 RE: [patch] PAE support revisited
3:22PM 1 RE: [patch] PAE support revisited
12:36PM 19 [PATCH] xen-2.0: privileged port connections
12:16PM 1 processor priority for domains?
10:59AM 1 2 nics
8:04AM 0 Réf. : Re: Distro for Xen?
7:57AM 0 Réf. : Fc3 xm boots always maintenance mode
4:56AM 3 Fc3 xm boots always maintenance mode
1:21AM 2 domain state blocked?
Tuesday March 22 2005
11:49PM 0 xend startup fails
10:15PM 5 [PATCH] 2.6.11-xen-sparse: missing CONFIG_SMP in pgtable-2level
9:10PM 18 [PATCH] tools top level makefile cleanup
8:00PM 0 how to build extra modules
7:43PM 0 No interrupts on ttyS0 and ttyS1
6:54PM 1 [PATCH] tool xfrd x86-64 compilation fix.
6:02PM 0 RE: [patch] PAE support revisited
5:29PM 0 Missing packages kept /etc/xen/scripts/network from working
2:28PM 1 Vanderpool and Xen 3.0 question !
11:12AM 0 Accessing memory of a different domain
6:36AM 5 Distro for Xen?
4:27AM 0 Re: [uml-user] NPTL/db4 problem with FC3
4:09AM 1 The 64 megs at the top
1:39AM 0 xm shutdown feature request
12:42AM 0 [PATCH] x86-64-paging-init.patch
Monday March 21 2005
9:25PM 35 [PATCH] libxen-3.0 (libxc rewrite)
8:48PM 0 [patch] console.c include
8:37PM 8 cross compiling 32 bit Xen on an x86_64 system
8:32PM 11 NPTL/db4 problem with FC3
8:28PM 0 [patch] IO-APIC in drivers/pci/quirks.c
7:54PM 2 some questions (xfrd, syslog, mem, preempt)
7:21PM 15 PAE support revisited
6:40PM 5 xen.lowlevel.xu.PortError: Failed to map domain control interface
5:16PM 4 [Q] bkbits Access
4:54PM 0 [PATCH] Fix for libxc x86-64 enablment makefile patch
2:04PM 2 USB?
12:15PM 26 RFC/Patch: Support for other bootloaders
12:15PM 4 RFC/Patch: Build changes for cross-compilation
10:43AM 1 serial ports for console
8:16AM 0 A bit offtopic, Xen on a monday
4:53AM 0 [PATCH] libxc x86-64 enablement
4:44AM 0 Setting for IP and domain
3:36AM 7 uclibc-dom0/xen 2.0.5 trivia
2:48AM 0 freebsd sparse tree for -testing
1:31AM 2 any recent changes to bridging or networking in -testing?
Sunday March 20 2005
11:25PM 3 sharing file spaces
9:47PM 4 I/O descriptor ring size bottleneck?
6:09AM 2 Perferred way for Patch Submission (inline or attchment)?
2:44AM 0 gdb sparse tree
Saturday March 19 2005
9:43PM 1 Xen 2.0.5 - Xend doesn''t start
6:43PM 0 virtual console demo
5:22AM 2 extending blkif_request_t
1:56AM 2 Benchmarking Unstable
1:54AM 0 [PATCH] x86-64-build-fix.patch
Friday March 18 2005
10:05PM 3 how to avoid building ACPI?
9:16PM 0 patch to xc_ptrace for -unstable
8:51PM 0 [patch] cross-compile xen core
7:53PM 2 Nightly xen snapshots
7:07PM 1 USB virt 2.6 port status
6:32PM 5 __va() vs phys_to_virt()
4:18PM 2 Trouble getting a DHCP address when booting.
2:56PM 0 Xen 2.0 testing link failure on Debian / curl + libidn11
10:47AM 0 Xen hosts on PeerFS
8:53AM 0 domU stats
3:56AM 1 PATCH: fix debian xen 2.0.5 package postinst showstopper
12:04AM 8 "virtual cluster" debug support
Thursday March 17 2005
11:08PM 11 A tale of three memory allocators
10:43PM 1 can''t access SATA drives on a VIA board
9:55PM 10 BUG: xen-unstable boot stuck after mtrr
9:51PM 0 Scheduler for audio playing and CD burning?
9:11PM 3 start of day mem layout
8:46PM 1 Question about 64 bit Xen
8:35PM 2 freebsd sparse tree for -unstable
8:25PM 3 ntpdate issues?
7:55PM 1 [PATCH] (trivial) simple fix for install.sh not working on symlinked dirs
7:13PM 0 grant_table includes
7:12PM 2 __function API
6:57PM 1 tools compiling problem
6:40PM 2 fsck.reiserfs problem
5:21PM 4 Can''t boot 2.0.5 binaries
5:14PM 5 xfrd inifinite loop reloading pages
2:19PM 0 Problems with network settings
12:54PM 0 Problem with network settings
12:36PM 5 problems with console in domU if physdev access enabled
7:53AM 1 RE: So should we do anything? (was Re: [Xen-announce] IMPORTANT: mailing lists moving)
4:13AM 6 Another migration question
3:51AM 0 Updated fglrx patch for ATI Radeon and Xen
3:17AM 0 request for help
Wednesday March 16 2005
5:14PM 0 Re: dispatch_usb_reset & more usb 2.6 status
1:13PM 9 IMPORTANT: mailing lists moving
12:55PM 1 RE: Fwd: [Cooker] Re: Configure Xen in Mandrake 10.2 cooker
12:07AM 1 Recent -unstable changeset breaks xen/ia64 build
Tuesday March 15 2005
11:43PM 1 bk weirdness
10:17PM 0 Cleanup sequencing for FE of split drivers?
7:26PM 3 Live Migration and Bridge Settings
7:23PM 1 compile warnings in __IRQ_STAT
6:25PM 3 [patch] include missing headers
6:00PM 0 [Xen-changelog] Changelog list
5:04PM 0 no such directory: /var/lib/xen/xend-db/domain/
4:56PM 0 2.0.5 solves the save/migration problem
4:41PM 2 isdn-card loads but doesn''t work in dom != 0
3:39PM 4 problem with PCI in Xen?
2:36PM 14 Reproducible system crash
2:15PM 25 Using Debian packages
10:58AM 5 drdb
Monday March 14 2005
10:26PM 0 Xen Users Wanted for Computerworld Story
7:08PM 1 Fwd: [Cooker] Re: Configure Xen in Mandrake 10.2 cooker
6:13PM 2 RE: trying to get vmware working inside xen0 or xenU
5:28PM 2 2.6.11 unstable buiild error with highmem
5:02PM 3 x86-64 32bit applications support discussion
3:06PM 1 Configure Xen in Mandrake 10.2 cooker
12:07PM 4 [patch/unstable] page table cleanups
10:42AM 3 Applying patches to xen kernels
6:33AM 1 again lost interrupt
2:58AM 2 usb harddisk problem
Sunday March 13 2005
11:59PM 0 SMP + K8 hangs on boot
11:32PM 8 Linux 2.6.11 does not build SMP
10:53PM 0 warnings when installing modules with latest from -unstable
6:16PM 0 [PATCH] console exit
6:13PM 0 [PATCH] xendomains LSB INIT INFO
3:55PM 18 AGP problems with 2.0.5
3:21PM 2 pagetable maps itself
2:47PM 1 2.0-testing: CONSOLE_PORT_BASE
6:21AM 0 FreeBSD on -unstable
Saturday March 12 2005
11:36PM 3 Missing FD0 when using XEN kernel with Linux 2.6.10
7:59PM 1 xcs segfaults on vm shutdown
6:02PM 18 Interrupt forwarding
2:03PM 2 Xen benchmarks vs ESX (vmware)
10:14AM 3 Vif numbering
4:28AM 0 [PATCH] scheduling VMX partitions broken
1:24AM 3 DOM0 falling off of network when running latest FreeBSD
Friday March 11 2005
11:41PM 2 Patch [4/4] Debian-2.0.5-1 disable-html-docs.patch
11:36PM 2 Patch [1/4] Debian-2.0.5-1 python-install.patch
11:28PM 0 Patch [3/4] Debian-2.0.5-1 non-xen-init-exit.patch
11:28PM 0 Patch [2/4] Debian-2.0.5-1 add-build.patch
11:28PM 2 Patch [0/4] Debian-2.0.5-1 00-index
11:08PM 3 evil idea: oracle, postgres, solaris
9:28PM 8 dynamically allocating loopback devices?
8:13PM 10 follow-up to guest debug support patches
7:00PM 0 guest debug support patches
5:00PM 2 RPM errors after moving /lib/tls to /lib/tls-disabled
4:13PM 0 RE: Bridged networking broken ? (was: Xen works fine)
4:11PM 0 RE: Bridged networking broken ? (was: Xen works fine)
4:06PM 13 RAMDISK: Image too big
2:57PM 3 [PATCH] atomic_read
2:05PM 0 RE: Bridged networking broken ? (was: Xen works fine)
1:23PM 2 RE: Bridged networking broken ? (was: Xen works fine)
12:41PM 0 gcc + ia32 + 64bit ?
4:39AM 0 periodic DOM0 reboot before getting prompt
2:55AM 2 interesting output from xm list
Thursday March 10 2005
11:52PM 0 RE: out-of-memory problem whenrestoringballooneddomains
11:07PM 6 RE: out-of-memory problem when restoringballooneddomains
8:58PM 1 RE: out-of-memory problem when restoring ballooneddomains
8:55PM 3 Xen in SuSE Pro 9.3
8:47PM 7 Xen 2.0.5 released!
7:24PM 2 HZ=1000 with Xen?
7:24PM 1 2.6.10 patches
6:42PM 4 out-of-memory problem when restoring ballooned domains
6:13AM 1 debugging guest domains
5:20AM 3 Xen hosting provider
Wednesday March 9 2005
11:55PM 0 [PATCH] -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 fixup
11:30PM 1 Xen + VT
10:09PM 0 [PATCH] today''s gcc4ism
10:02PM 0 Xen & VT
8:28PM 0 [PATCH] Cleanup error paths in xen/common/dom0_ops.c
8:18PM 2 Booting Xen on Redhat 4.0
7:31PM 3 Accessing the hypervisor from VMs
7:01PM 2 APIC error?
6:44PM 0 VM scheduling and network I/O
2:28PM 8 Generic Xen
2:12PM 1 Custom Domain 0 Kernel Hang/Reboot
1:49PM 10 Debian Problem
1:03PM 3 Multiple real IPs for a single interface card
10:58AM 0 Problem booting domain0 kernel
8:01AM 1 Xen-changelog
3:54AM 3 [PATCH] fix error path handling in physdev
1:59AM 0 Re: config diff
1:29AM 1 Migration questions
12:17AM 2 irq processing related question ....
Tuesday March 8 2005
10:46PM 3 Scheduler portability problem
8:08PM 3 is the hypervisor another domain?
7:32PM 1 dom0 to internet
6:49PM 4 General protection fault with via agp
6:04PM 2 Custom Kernel Question
9:48AM 1 compile error "drivers/xen/balloon/
6:52AM 29 Interrupt levels
4:23AM 1 virtual machine migration question
3:32AM 1 Disappearing Kernel Options
Monday March 7 2005
10:31PM 0 RE: status of dom0 USB and USB virtualisation
8:21PM 1 Advice on HIGHMEM
8:20PM 1 IDE DMA issue or not ?
4:17PM 6 xen + debian packages + megaraid driver
3:59PM 10 address mapping between domains
9:47AM 6 Badness in local_bh_enable
3:28AM 5 Re: ports
12:26AM 6 Xen compatibility interface numbering
Sunday March 6 2005
9:39AM 1 Is grant_table_op () ready to use ?
5:01AM 1 trapping into xen on x86_64
4:32AM 0 Stopping xend while a domU is running
Saturday March 5 2005
10:15AM 0 Unable to save domains>0 or view with VNC
7:15AM 6 network stability with 100Mbit
3:34AM 0 Xen source compiling error
1:49AM 5 horrible nfs server performance on domU
12:08AM 2 Scheduler guts question
Friday March 4 2005
10:37PM 3 Problems with balloons and HIGHMEM (>896MB)
10:22PM 1 [PATCH] gcc4isms part 2
9:08PM 2 compiling Xen on x86_64 machines
8:50PM 0 memory allocation guidance
8:29PM 0 [PATCH] xcs should use /var/lib/xen/
8:01PM 2 [history] VMM Quadrants
6:12PM 0 [PATCH] gcc4isms part 1
5:41PM 3 USB virt port to 2.6 status
5:23PM 35 severe security issue on dom0/xend/xm/non-root users
4:13PM 1 xm list
3:25PM 0 XEN, LVS and VRRP (keepalived)
12:17PM 1 2.6.10-xen0 crash / oom / page fault
11:46AM 3 frontend and backend
12:38AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Xend port] -- Thanks
Thursday March 3 2005
9:57PM 14 Serious performance issues
8:11PM 0 Xen 2.0.3 - bridge faliure??
7:38PM 4 gcc4: char * vs unsigned char *
7:17PM 0 Documentation Project
7:08PM 4 Domain 0 SMP
6:49PM 0 [PATCH] gcc4 array type has incomplete element type
5:38PM 2 X problem (radeon/intel-agp) on unstable
3:48PM 0 Forwarded mail....
3:01PM 0 BitKeeper patch (fwd)
2:31PM 3 Graphical demo CD beta
11:13AM 12 Networking problems with debian packages
9:15AM 1 Console listen interface config
4:38AM 4 Xend Question
3:32AM 8 A little more clarification
3:14AM 0 sendfile in guest domain
3:07AM 6 Page table and memory management
2:34AM 5 x86-64 Xen development
12:43AM 1 reboot issues and xm hangs {FC4]
Wednesday March 2 2005
10:09PM 4 Error initializing xen_net
9:37PM 1 Interrupt delivery
9:19PM 0 [PATCH] libxc fix: fast trap id is only for x86 patch
9:17PM 2 simple bk question
7:39PM 8 Xen "restarting system" on Fedora FC4
6:08PM 2 Strange xend problem shutting down domains
5:08PM 1 Fwd: xc_map_foreign_range()
4:49PM 0 Lineox & initrd
3:59PM 0 comping problems with last xen-unstable bk
3:41PM 3 netfront module
2:42PM 24 unstable binaries
2:39PM 3 [PATCH] Credit Limiting Backend Network Interfaces
1:48PM 2 "general protection faults" in dom0 when loading intel-agp module
5:56AM 0 [PATCH][UPDATED] cpu barriers moved and x86-64 cpu barriers added
4:19AM 7 AGP & Binary Nvidia Drivers
3:50AM 0 [PATCH] cpu barriers moved and x86-64 cpu barriers added
Tuesday March 1 2005
11:26PM 1 save / restore
10:57PM 0 balloon driver and mem parameter
10:11PM 4 Interest in running ReactOS and Windows under Xen
10:02PM 5 New Xentest automated testing framework snapshot
9:51PM 0 Error compiling balloon.c - nightly testing tarball 1/3/05
9:06PM 12 help with horrible network failures
9:01PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Newbee - Xenoboot CD]
9:01PM 0 XenCD sources?
7:56PM 6 x86-64 tools fix question
7:05PM 0 [PATCH] uninitialised variable in xcs
5:15PM 0 Xen/ia64-unstable
3:26PM 0 [PATCH] fix printf compile error
3:21PM 3 [PATCH] fix gcc4 compile error
2:55PM 13 openafs not supported?
12:32PM 0 newbee:not able to get network working in domain-0
12:06PM 1 Being Nomad with Xen...