Xen devel - Feb 2005

Monday February 28 2005
11:04PM 10 Blocking upcall to dom0
9:03PM 2 Linux 2.2 kernel support?
7:59PM 15 XEN CD --> USB stick
7:41PM 1 time.usleep(500) in xend
7:23PM 0 can dom0 use a virtual interface ( vif0.0 ? ) instead of a physical one?
7:06PM 2 Storage for library of domains
1:56PM 1 Xen/Pacifica
7:10AM 1 vanderpool articles
6:43AM 0 Re: Newbee - Xenoboot CD (Ted Hilts)
5:52AM 0 eth aliases and xen
5:25AM 2 Big xend bug!
Sunday February 27 2005
9:55PM 1 RPM errors after moving /lib/tls to /lib/tls.disabled
9:16PM 3 Newbee - Xenoboot CD
8:48PM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] Move xcs to unix domain sockets.
5:47PM 0 [Patch Trivial] Getting natpicky..
5:40PM 1 xen-devel list now archived at MARC
1:21PM 6 x86_64
1:17PM 1 happy updates
2:53AM 0 RE: [PATCH] warn when iproute2 or bridge-utils aremissing]]
Saturday February 26 2005
9:20PM 1 RE: VGA extended text modes
8:57PM 36 Proposal for init/kexec/hotplug format for Xen
8:27PM 1 RE: Calculating real cpu usage of Xen domains correctly! (PATCH)
7:54PM 0 RE: PIC register ''bx'' clobbered in ''asm'' -xen-unstable build error
7:12PM 0 RE: [PATCH] warn when iproute2 or bridge-utils aremissing
6:54PM 1 [Fwd: [Xen-changelog] Move xcs to unix domain sockets.]
4:37PM 1 question on unstable src build
7:36AM 6 More questions on Xen
7:00AM 2 Bad read performance
1:39AM 0 Making xend work
12:55AM 0 xen-br0
Friday February 25 2005
11:02PM 0 [PATCH} xu.c cleanup
10:29PM 0 Please do a bk pull on the xen-ia64 tree
9:12PM 2 [PATCH] add oprofile Kconfig
9:02PM 4 PIC register ''bx'' clobbered in ''asm'' - xen-unstable build error
7:08PM 3 [PATCH] warn when iproute2 or bridge-utils are missing
6:40PM 1 DOM0 memory allocation
6:10PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Build cleanups. Build dynamic libs as -fPIC always.
5:55PM 6 Xen Security meeting summary
1:09AM 2 network problem from guest domain
12:16AM 5 2nic network bridge fails
12:09AM 0 memory manager in Mini-os - are initial page tables still placed at the top of memory ???
12:05AM 0 [PATCH] Support 1000 HZ guests
Thursday February 24 2005
11:14PM 1 vif-bridge
10:45PM 8 Crash
10:03PM 2 xcs not running
8:21PM 0 domU''s not stopping until...
4:02PM 1 older stable version of xen 2
11:54AM 2 shared memory between domains
11:40AM 0 [janitor] Small fix on devmem.c
10:20AM 0 [patch] add console_use_vt check
Wednesday February 23 2005
11:32PM 9 happy happy happy
11:29PM 19 Calculating real cpu usage of Xen domains correctly!
10:56PM 1 PikeOS
9:28PM 14 dynamic libraries
7:56PM 4 atropos
6:37PM 3 Endian safe mkelf32.c
5:53PM 7 XenFreeBSD
3:06PM 1 No route to localhost in virtual domains
3:02PM 6 Limiting Domains'' Network Network Transmit Rate
12:40PM 1 Unable to open initial console on dom0
10:36AM 0 Re: Fwd: RE: PSE in guests
3:38AM 3 [PATCH] Cleanup rmb()/wmb() usage
1:11AM 2 PSE in guests
Tuesday February 22 2005
11:24PM 0 [PATCH] serial-split.c
7:36PM 0 [PATCH] Add very verbose output to xcsdump
6:45PM 6 vm86 - DCC probes don''t work
6:04PM 3 build error from xen-unstable-src.tgz from uk site 22feb05 18:00 utc
4:36PM 0 Xen patches
4:12PM 4 Tiny patch: xen and vserver
11:29AM 3 Some general questions
11:28AM 0 Re: Xen-devel -- confirmation of subscription -- request 693957
10:59AM 12 Floating Point Exception when compiling w/ gcc
10:58AM 1 module loading in Xen VMM?
5:17AM 6 VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)
12:09AM 7 XEN on a USB stick
Monday February 21 2005
11:52PM 0 FW: organizing virtual machines
10:53PM 8 organizing virtual machines
10:42PM 0 xen.bkbits.net missing changesets?
10:28PM 6 Memory limits?
9:29PM 2 Full Shadow Mode and phys_to_machine_mapping
7:56PM 3 Domain0 booting on LVM device
4:25PM 0 Roadmap for Xen with Vanderpool
4:14PM 2 A reorganization of Xen sources is necessary before integrating Xen into Linux.
3:28PM 7 xen and reiserfs
11:17AM 2 RE: xen brings machine in a boot loop. Serial console output attached.
10:02AM 2 xen vs. vserver
8:40AM 0 French community / XENfr.org
8:26AM 1 error binding to event channel
Sunday February 20 2005
10:19PM 1 "outgoing" serial port
10:58AM 0 RE: X86_64 status?
10:58AM 0 RE: Invalid or unsupported executable format, or is ita reiserfs problem?
8:48AM 6 To use xcs or not?
4:20AM 9 VM-Tools 0.0.2
Saturday February 19 2005
7:40PM 0 [PATCH] check read/write return values
10:31AM 3 debian build okay but no initrd
8:02AM 2 Iptables & dom0/domU
12:41AM 0 error in unstable as of 28feb05 14:39 PST
12:07AM 1 xen 2.x and xen 3.x
Friday February 18 2005
11:36PM 0 Domain-0 Memory Requirements?
9:44PM 10 mapped memory delay?
6:35PM 1 Update on Xen on my hardware with nForce SATA
1:26PM 14 autotoolizing xen?
10:14AM 2 Xen/ia64
9:54AM 1 Ethernet driver interface
7:30AM 2 regardin xen
12:50AM 1 Xen, Linux, & Cell
12:46AM 3 Kernel Panic with xenU on Athlon XP
Thursday February 17 2005
9:40PM 1 Xen logo shirts
5:19PM 2 NetBSD/Xen kernel fixups?
5:02PM 5 network dead after xend started
4:27PM 0 porting non-vanilla linux 2.6.10 kernel to xen
2:06PM 0 Detecting Xen patch
1:41PM 10 Invalid or unsupported executable format, or is it a reiserfs problem?
10:26AM 1 Trivial fix for vif-bridge
10:04AM 4 highly available xen
7:41AM 1 serial port
4:00AM 3 adding more than one disk.
1:53AM 8 xen/ia64 and elilo relocation
1:05AM 9 xen, OpenMosix + pretty gui = virtual iron killer
Wednesday February 16 2005
3:08PM 8 Xen and VMware
3:00PM 2 xen and virtual iron
6:21AM 3 Confused about Xen memory management.
6:10AM 7 console driver - How domain0 processes console messages ?
3:06AM 1 Anti-IP-spoofing blocks the wrong packets
1:11AM 5 Status of save/migrate in xen-2.0.4?
Tuesday February 15 2005
9:32PM 11 Xen and Vanderpool
8:05PM 1 [patch] make make clean remove a few more files
5:12PM 9 Question about OCFS1/2
4:07PM 1 [patch ia64] remove duplicate uint64_t definitions
8:57AM 0 Proposal of talk about Xen at the Libre Software Meeting 2005
5:38AM 6 xen-testing and redhat-cluster devel
12:30AM 8 (free)dos under xen
Monday February 14 2005
9:15PM 3 Problem with apache proxying between domains
5:04PM 0 saving domains still not working
4:28PM 0 hdX: lost interrupt? - not truncated
4:25PM 5 hdX: lost interrupt?
3:53PM 5 xen and tls (fwd)
2:20PM 5 debugging frustration
12:24PM 5 2.4.29-xenU VBD performance (problem)
7:51AM 1 Question about event channels and masking event channels
5:00AM 11 serial console stopped working
4:57AM 0 hdc: lost interrupt?
2:59AM 0 sHype hypervisor security architecture - additional info available
1:45AM 0 Xend fails to start on bootup.
Saturday February 12 2005
9:40PM 2 fedora and xen domain problem with gpgkey?
7:31PM 2 linux-2.4.29-xenU and blockdev --getss
10:02AM 1 RE: XenCD xm save problem: solved by 2.0.4
6:41AM 3 New to Xen: Can Xen Work with OpenMosix?
1:19AM 0 XEN problems when using large # of NICs in domain U
Friday February 11 2005
11:56PM 7 mini-os for Xen2
9:53PM 13 [PATCH] VM-Tool: C-based Xen management tools
7:35PM 0 how to configure two NICs in config file
7:33PM 3 trying to get a domU to manage lvm pvs
6:38PM 5 domU and loadable modules
4:56PM 0 madwifi: oops
3:29PM 1 building current xen/ia64
3:14PM 0 Xen 2.0.3 & NetBSD 2.0
11:48AM 7 fdisk hard drive image
3:10AM 1 xend HTTP protocol documentation?
Thursday February 10 2005
10:38PM 2 giving access to device to another domain
7:14PM 0 network interface limitations
6:15PM 0 madwifi
5:18PM 0 xend crashing
3:12PM 4 SiS AGP problem
2:10PM 0 hard drive image
2:05PM 1 swap space considered in domain save?
8:54AM 3 direct_remap_area_pages() does not work for multiple pages?
7:21AM 5 openldap needs /lib/tls
7:06AM 1 Questions/Help with network/IP setup
12:05AM 6 XenCD xm save problem
Wednesday February 9 2005
11:24PM 22 saving domains
10:58PM 2 domU not reporting more than 1GB of RAM even while xm list is showing 1.5GB.
10:05PM 1 make install doesn''t detect missing prerequisites
9:49PM 1 VNET - full update
7:24PM 0 RE: [PATCH 2/2] netfront skb padding
6:54PM 1 RE: [PATCH 2/2] netfront skb padding
5:26PM 1 RE: [PATCH 2/2] netfront skb padding
4:15PM 6 Other additional vnet questions
4:02PM 3 tools/vnet build issues and a patch to fix part
1:51PM 2 -fpie or ssp (IBM stack hardening)
8:55AM 8 no Power-off after shutdown
8:43AM 5 Balloon driver
4:08AM 5 xend silently fails to start (but it starts xfrd), no error in xend.log
2:12AM 1 RE: [PATCH 2/2] netfront skb padding
Tuesday February 8 2005
10:24PM 1 resizing of block device
9:36PM 7 newbie xen question
9:20PM 5 sharing PCI devices
7:30PM 6 [PATCH] netback comment clean-up (trivial)
7:17PM 4 Diff between std, xen0 and xenU kernel
6:03PM 0 Refcounting domains... is this a bug?
5:15PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Some functions aren''t static and could be (damn C language!).
5:04PM 1 problems saving in 2.04
2:19PM 3 Newbie problem: disk error launching FC3 in non-0 domain
2:08PM 3 hardware-watchdog driver problems in linux 2.6.10-xen0
9:19AM 0 FYI: need multiple terminals or desktop in DomU
4:38AM 0 [PATCH] YA trivial patch: statics, remove check_region, remove pci/compat.c
2:22AM 5 ATI fglrx OpenGL working in Xen!
12:57AM 1 madwifi, 2.6.10, 2.0testing.bk problem confirmed
12:44AM 0 XendDomainInfo - patch to fix restart warning
12:07AM 2 Cannot connect to console 13 on domain 1
Monday February 7 2005
11:33PM 1 one Newbe again :/
11:09PM 3 migration question
10:59PM 5 Why are I/O rings bidirectional?
10:18PM 0 [PATCH] 2.6.11-rc3 used_math changes
9:09PM 3 LWE
8:24PM 0 Packaging Xen (was RE: debian python-install.patch (3 of 5))
7:03PM 0 [PATCH] Simple makefile changes for x86-64 compiltion of tools
5:13PM 2 Whither 2.0.4 announcement?
4:25PM 1 trying to get vmware working inside xen0 or xenU
4:20PM 0 madwifi under xen 2.0-testing.bk under 2.6.10: ah ha!
1:57PM 1 ctxt->pt_base != 0 when creating a new domain
10:25AM 0 Re: can"t save domain
Sunday February 6 2005
3:37AM 0 xen domU crash (xfs specific?)
Saturday February 5 2005
5:39PM 1 suse 9.2
4:39PM 0 Demultiplexing Network Packets
4:24AM 4 debian add-build.patch (5 of 5)
4:24AM 2 debian pic-lib.patch (4 of 5)
4:24AM 17 debian python-install.patch (3 of 5)
4:24AM 0 debian clean-mtrr.patch (2 of 5)
4:24AM 0 debian tools-misc-TARGETS.patch (1 of 5)
4:24AM 0 debian 00-index (5 patches)
3:39AM 3 XenCD 1.0rc01 available
2:47AM 7 ATI Radeon 9600SE and intel-agp, again
Friday February 4 2005
11:44PM 3 [Xen-changelog] 1. Deleted slab.c, added xmalloc.c. Do not rename header or remove
9:32PM 0 [PATCH] Fix initrd support for Linux 2.4/2.6
9:04PM 2 I/O bound dom0 locks-ups
3:37PM 8 More driver domain issues - rebooting backend hangs
1:56PM 0 xen source tree
1:44PM 0 RE: Building domains as a lesser user (was Re: bootloaders for domain != 0)
12:33PM 1 RE: Building domains as a lesser user (was Re: boot loaders for domain != 0)
10:32AM 1 Newbie problem 2 - ''Warning: unable to open an initial console''
10:28AM 0 Problems shutting down ttylinux VM''s
9:44AM 0 RE: Building domains as a lesser user (was Re: boot loaders for domain != 0)
9:38AM 6 RE: Building domains as a lesser user (was Re: bootloaders for domain != 0)
8:49AM 2 can''t save domain
8:31AM 3 Newbie boot problem (root on logical volume?)
5:10AM 0 this list is spam according to spamcop.net!!!
2:30AM 7 RE: Building domains as a lesser user (was Re: boot loaders for domain != 0)
Thursday February 3 2005
11:34PM 6 Mapping pages from dom0
11:12PM 3 RE: [PATCH] Xen Grub-style boot loader
10:22PM 0 RE: [PATCH 3/3] Replace slab.c with a very simpleallocator.
10:18PM 1 Reboot of device domain - what exactly should happen?
9:06PM 0 IBM T41 with atheros code
7:51PM 2 bug in LDT error checking on stable branch
7:09PM 0 page fault on LDT when loading %gs
2:12PM 3 General questions on IA64 porting
1:25PM 15 boot loaders for domain != 0
8:43AM 3 RE: [PATCH 3/3] Replace slab.c with a very simpleallocator.
12:22AM 2 DoSing Xend, unable to destroy domain
Wednesday February 2 2005
9:23PM 1 Migration Errors
8:23PM 3 Performance issuses with Splash2 applications on XEN
3:36PM 2 mapping guest domain memory to Dom0
6:21AM 2 [PATCH 3/3] Replace slab.c with a very simple allocator.
5:09AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] Replace slab caches with typesafe allocs...
5:07AM 6 [PATCH 1/3] Typesafe allocators
3:09AM 1 Linux 2.6 Kernel To Include Xen Virtualization Technology
3:07AM 0 #146571 - xen gets stuck at boot with "APIC error on CPU0"
12:04AM 2 A few questions
Tuesday February 1 2005
10:44PM 0 X server (xdm) needs keyboard input to start?
8:30PM 10 RFC: Creation of virtual bus, hook-up of Xen devices
6:29PM 1 disk=phy:ftp/data,0803,w at cmdline
4:14PM 1 Re: Re: [PATCH] Hook USB... and a first question about the USB code
3:10PM 1 can''t compile -- again
1:11PM 14 Driver domain - NEW issue: IRQ handling error
1:02PM 3 BVT scheduler settings examples
11:29AM 1 watchdog
10:50AM 0 can''t compile
9:27AM 5 Cannot save/migrate domains
4:29AM 17 Failure to get memory for GATT table, again
2:06AM 1 Saving segment registers on interrupt / lost NMI
1:16AM 4 Failure with ATI Radeon 9600