Xen devel - Jan 2005

Monday January 31 2005
10:33PM 11 [patch 5/5] xen: net features
10:33PM 9 [patch 4/5] xen: netback mac selection
10:33PM 4 [patch 3/5] xen: xm/create mac selection
10:32PM 0 [patch 2/5] xen: xm/blkif ide dev-numbers
10:32PM 0 [patch 1/5] xen: blkfront vbd bugfix
10:32PM 0 [patch 0/5] xen: set of net and block patches
8:33PM 0 [PATCH] 2.6.11-rc2 SMP fixes
7:27PM 1 Driver domain: e1000 pci error
6:43PM 0 [PATCH] Hook USB virt code into 2.6 build
3:35PM 4 Virtualisation in Fedora status, jan 2005
2:28PM 2 Multiple network interfaces setup
2:06PM 2 Troubles starting OpenAFS client in XEN
8:23AM 1 RE: Xen Use of Vanderpool technology
Sunday January 30 2005
9:09PM 24 Reproducable data corruption on xen-unstable
8:43PM 10 Xen kernel issue
6:54PM 2 can''t save domains
5:21PM 2 [Noobie] SCSI Driver under VMWare
Saturday January 29 2005
9:59PM 3 Alternative to VMWare
11:31AM 2 Code size vs. linux source code compatibility in the hypervisor
5:56AM 7 ttylinux unable to mount root fs on gentoo
Friday January 28 2005
10:52PM 3 Is networking working in unstable?
10:18PM 0 XenCD v1.0pre02 available
8:34PM 3 [PATCH] Daemonize xcs
6:27PM 1 Sharing Memory
12:55PM 0 RE: agp and framebuffer (intelfb) - your milage mayvary
11:22AM 3 xen 2.0.3 self reboot machine
Thursday January 27 2005
9:40PM 1 XenoFreeBSD 5.3, /dev/mem
9:18PM 1 pinning dom0 cpu
6:03PM 2 ttylinux instructions
12:25PM 8 agp and framebuffer (intelfb) - your milage may vary
10:19AM 2 xend crash/hang scenario
7:54AM 1 traceroute causes xen reboot from virtual machines
4:25AM 4 atropos still broken?
1:43AM 2 booting erro on FC3
Wednesday January 26 2005
10:33PM 2 drdb fails under xen
9:33PM 5 accessing a char device in xenU
6:33PM 2 minor correction to install.sh
6:07PM 0 RE: Re: Back end domains : input desired
5:31PM 10 XenCD prerelease available
10:23AM 5 how to setup NAT for domU?
3:51AM 3 Netbsd-related build errors
1:24AM 20 Xen as a kernel module
12:48AM 1 config file format when using web browser to access Xend and create a domain
12:15AM 2 Please document new build requirement for ''patch''
12:06AM 1 Compiling xenlinux 2.4.29 with grsec.. help needed
Tuesday January 25 2005
11:10PM 0 need explaination on some memory remap code
10:26PM 2 Kernel panic on xen-unstable from 24.1.2005
9:02PM 4 Xen 2.0.1 on 2.6.4 kernel
8:43PM 1 kernel BUG at arch/xen/i386/mm/hypervisor.c:99!
7:53PM 0 How to map multiple pages from a DomU to Dom0?
2:54PM 15 Newbie question: "error creating domain: vbd: segment not found"
1:17PM 10 2.0-testing.bk
11:11AM 5 Serial console funnies
6:41AM 0 Re: Xen-devel digest, Vol 1 #798 - 2 msgs
5:13AM 1 [PATCH] list.h minor clean
4:47AM 0 MYSQL bechmark results on XEN and LVM2 and GNBD
4:28AM 1 xenU''s on separate subnets
1:14AM 0 RE: [PATCH] (revised slightly) create kernelsymlinksin /boot
Monday January 24 2005
11:07PM 3 MYSQL bechmark results on XEN and NFS
7:32PM 3 Xen and VLANs
6:56PM 0 [PATCH] make network script not break with ipv6
6:13PM 1 virtual network
2:10AM 2 Porting Openbsd to Xen?
12:40AM 1 replication with xen?
Sunday January 23 2005
10:06PM 5 Partitioning VBDs in unpriviledged domains.
2:01PM 4 how to see the data changing in a running domain?
1:18PM 1 [patch] linux-2.6 performance fix
Saturday January 22 2005
7:45PM 0 ac_timer accuracy
12:38PM 6 No console output with NETDEV_BACKEND set!
12:27PM 3 tiny kconf patch
2:22AM 3 xen2.0.3 and aic79xx
1:45AM 0 EDD failing; not finding ide disks
Friday January 21 2005
10:17PM 8 Xen automated testing framework
10:08PM 5 hdc: lost interrupt
9:51PM 1 serial port use in domain > 0
9:26PM 0 RE: [PATCH] (revised slightly) create kernel symlinksin /boot
9:05PM 4 Xen to use OSDL DCO aka "Signed-of-by:"
7:47PM 5 RE: [PATCH] (revised slightly) create kernel symlinksin /boot
6:50PM 4 2.6.11-rc1+ anyone?
5:51PM 1 RE: [PATCH] (revised slightly) create kernel symlinks in /boot
5:47PM 0 12: xen-banner.patch
5:46PM 0 11: sane-make-syntax.patch
5:46PM 0 10: prefix-DESTDIR.patch
5:45PM 0 09: python-path.patch
5:44PM 0 08: linux-2.4-modules.patch
5:44PM 0 07: fhs-paths.patch
5:43PM 0 06: init-script-force-reload.patch
5:42PM 5 05: parallel-make.patch
5:42PM 0 04: bash-for-mkbuildtree.patch
5:41PM 0 03: INSTALL.patch
5:40PM 0 02: doc-make-vars.patch
5:39PM 0 01: pic-lib.patch
5:38PM 0 (no subject)
5:35PM 0 (no subject)
3:55PM 39 [PATCH] xenctld - a control channel multiplexing daemon
3:42PM 0 kdb for xen linux 2.6.10
3:14PM 12 xm pause <domain>
10:49AM 13 Bridging firewall?
2:11AM 0 Updated xen RPMs for SUSE Linux
12:55AM 3 Rebooting domain0 independent of other domains
Thursday January 20 2005
11:38PM 8 save / migrate not working on gentoo?
10:51PM 5 suspend operation in XEND
9:56PM 4 [PATCH] create kernel symlinks in /boot
9:45PM 0 Vanderpool Preliminary Specification for IA-32 and Intel Itanium Processors
8:44PM 6 XEN migration architecture question
7:22PM 1 save/restore solution
5:13PM 2 lomount: handy for file-backed VBDs
2:50PM 2 OS/2
2:05PM 1 Newbie question re: root partition spec in grub.conf
7:44AM 0 Xen/ia64 alpha running
1:23AM 10 Question about CPU utilization
12:39AM 18 xen 2.0.x and debian
Wednesday January 19 2005
11:18PM 26 Re: Where to get FreeBSD port for Xen
10:58PM 5 Xen on any linux
10:54PM 1 FreeBSD 5.3 now stable on latest xen-2.0-testing.bk
9:23PM 7 allocating virtual nic to domain0
9:15PM 1 EVTCHN driver in DomainU
9:11PM 15 Must have been asked before, but I can''t find the solution
8:35PM 8 performance problems
7:57PM 26 Fw: Xen on /. again
7:53PM 3 what''s the best way for a DomU module send control message to Dom0 via control interface?
7:46PM 5 Error: Error creating domain: (13, ''Permission denied'')
5:46PM 0 Vif routing setup
2:39PM 3 Xen Security
1:45PM 3 Domain Save-Restore
12:41PM 0 French article about XEN
11:03AM 1 Xen : symbolic links issues
3:53AM 5 [PATCH] Trivial fix for latent bug in page_alloc.c
2:24AM 3 VBD extents
2:19AM 25 x2d2
2:10AM 6 Yet another "Not enough memory for DOM0 memory reservation"
Tuesday January 18 2005
11:46PM 9 Creating partitions on domain U
10:30PM 0 RE: calling vif-script
10:06PM 0 User manual correction
9:50PM 12 Kernel crash
8:14PM 1 TCP migration or TCP handoff on XEN
5:59PM 0 save/restore
9:54AM 0 [PATCH] docs change: pci_dom0_hide -> physdev_dom0_hide
7:16AM 0 Solaris
5:45AM 0 [9fans] running plan9 on xen. (fwd)
2:40AM 1 high I/O cost for drbd and xen?
2:07AM 0 Should we move mailing list server (was LXR-type source code browsing)
12:04AM 3 XenDebugger-HOWTO
Monday January 17 2005
10:50PM 5 Windows...
9:57PM 2 weird problem in event channel setup
9:24PM 0 Xen 2.0.1 / Xenolinux 2.6.9+drbd+heartbeat odd behaviour starting domU
9:23PM 8 LXR-type source code browsing
8:55PM 3 forgot to mention that plan 9 really works
6:25PM 4 Xen on /. again
2:10PM 4 Xen not booting on debian
12:42PM 0 Stack problem during boot a privileged guest
9:55AM 9 databases and xen?
8:29AM 1 minor addition to Xen FAQ
7:56AM 0 RE: nfsroot and brige
6:05AM 0 [PATCH] Xen bk snapshot: netfront.c should use module_init()
Sunday January 16 2005
11:41PM 10 sHype Hypervisor Security Architecture for Xen
10:27PM 14 Not enough memory for DOM0 memory reservation
10:22PM 7 starting domain when block device already mounted
4:42PM 21 ARP problems in -testing?
Saturday January 15 2005
11:21PM 5 What is domain creation flow-chart in XEND
10:46PM 7 time drift on dom0
10:46AM 5 Reprogram the Mini-OS for the Xen Version 2.0
1:38AM 17 (repeatable) cross-domain networking failure
Friday January 14 2005
9:39PM 3 x86_64 support
9:15PM 0 Fedora Core 3 & Xen How-To for Beginners
9:03PM 0 [PATCH] Add comments to libxc public header
9:00PM 4 [PATCH] Allow Xend to find device number for sdX or hdX with udev
7:16PM 1 mkswap in guests
7:15PM 7 lvm management of block devices in dom0 not working as well as it should
5:01PM 1 xen-unstable dom0/1 smp schedule while atomic
4:40PM 2 network advice needed
9:37AM 0 Réf. : XenSource Inc.
6:48AM 1 Setting domain parameters for domain0?
1:50AM 10 VIF setup
12:49AM 6 Bandwidth monitoring?
12:18AM 0 Failure saving domain
Thursday January 13 2005
11:51PM 0 Domain 0 memory reservation problems
11:18PM 2 Status of AGP
10:51PM 0 [Bridge] nfsroot and brige [fwd]
9:07PM 3 restore Error: 1
6:44PM 1 iptables not working with XEN2.0 on Fedora Core 3
6:04PM 1 FreeBSD Xen documentation ?
5:06PM 0 Re: potentially nasty oops on startup
5:02PM 2 Booting Xen on IA64 (for Dan Magenheimer)
4:50PM 5 xenU kernel doesn''t start in unstable
4:06PM 5 poor I/O performance on domU
11:55AM 1 RE: Re: nfsroot and brige
4:55AM 1 Setting up virtual network
3:08AM 2 Debian Sarge Root Raid + LVM + XEN install guide (LONG)
Wednesday January 12 2005
11:05PM 1 serial console with xen
9:08PM 21 RE: nfsroot and brige
7:37PM 0 Question about distributed checkpointing with Xen
6:47PM 1 [PATCH] tools: surface smp guest cpu allocation
3:02PM 1 xen 2.0.3 and kernel 2.4
2:35PM 0 Testing Xen on IA64 (for Dan Magenheimer)
1:39PM 1 xen-U CPU usage accounting
10:35AM 0 Exporting filesystem using nfs from xen0 kernel not working.
2:02AM 0 -testing goes to 100%
Tuesday January 11 2005
11:12PM 0 [PATCH] -bk14 irq changes
8:48PM 17 [Fwd: Installing from distribution CDs]
8:47PM 0 Installing from distribution CDs
6:30PM 6 File System Performance - 10x slower
6:29PM 4 make dist and python files
5:59PM 14 Booting Xen/ia64
2:42PM 0 Linux Kernels without modules
2:22PM 1 ne2k-pci in stock xen config
9:23AM 1 Xen on IA64
1:12AM 0 network subsystem memory
12:35AM 4 Bizarre compile/link problem from minor change
Monday January 10 2005
10:14PM 3 XenSource Inc.
9:58PM 0 company
8:11PM 2 xen-stable vs. xen-testing
8:05PM 0 RE: Ping: Timer ISR backwards notices
7:39PM 2 building xen2.0 versus xen2.0testing
6:47PM 9 NPTL/TLS problem in -unstable ?
5:03PM 14 [PATCH] USB virtualisation (experimental)
8:28AM 2 Building Xen/ia64
Sunday January 9 2005
9:53PM 2 Coral with Xen
8:59PM 3 Another NPTL/TLS Question.
10:55AM 0 Xen/ia64
12:10AM 1 which cvs tree?
12:01AM 3 debian package updates?
Saturday January 8 2005
9:07PM 0 Serial interfaces in Dom1
5:22PM 6 ''Sloppier'' PCI access checks in main tree
Friday January 7 2005
11:32PM 2 unable to start X in domains other than 0
11:03PM 2 undefined symbol: xc_vmx_build
9:49PM 2 xen 2.0(.1) stability
5:02PM 3 ntpd crashing
12:34PM 3 i686 requirements
10:42AM 5 Xen newbie: inter-domain communication
10:16AM 9 NPTL/TLS segment flipping code problem
8:49AM 17 Is continuous replication of state possible?
7:37AM 4 Cannot start domU from NFS
6:22AM 1 RE: Xen-devel digest, Vol 1 #716 - 11 msgs
5:03AM 0 [PATCH] linux-2.6.10-bk9
5:02AM 4 [PATCH] arch/xen pudding
Thursday January 6 2005
10:57PM 2 Cluster howto document?
7:53PM 4 [PATCH] X server crashes Xen on xeno-unstable.bk
7:14PM 16 FreeBSD/Xen ugliness
6:16PM 1 Feature request: show full version
5:53PM 0 perfcounter interpretation
5:21PM 0 Where I can buy support in Europe or France?
4:43PM 4 Booting XenoLinux with LOADLIN
3:37PM 0 Console binds to all addresses, can I set to just localhost?
1:19PM 0 Questions regarding Interndomain communication
11:02AM 0 RE: kernel BUG error message.
Wednesday January 5 2005
7:42PM 1 HT support on VMX broken
5:09PM 2 Comiple fails for Xen 2.0.2
3:04PM 0 RE: problem with libselinux.so on Fedora Core 2 with Xen (mail for David F Barrera)
3:52AM 5 vif-bridge is driving me nuts
3:51AM 7 XEN/IA64 VHPT support
Tuesday January 4 2005
11:31PM 0 Re: trusted computing
5:35PM 3 Porting Xen...
2:39PM 28 intel agp card support 2
1:33PM 2 Xen kernel build
12:08PM 5 general question on how to install a new guest OS without rebooting
11:48AM 1 Unable to boot linux in a user domain because of libselinux.so
11:42AM 2 Xen compilation aborts on Mandrake Linux
6:42AM 0 Creating initrd for Dom-0 on LVM
5:38AM 3 Timer ISR backwards notices
Monday January 3 2005
9:54PM 0 xen and linux 2.4.28
7:28PM 0 [PATCH] docs/src/user.tex file-backed VBD warning
10:50AM 3 Netback driver fixed -- upgrade tools
Sunday January 2 2005
4:26PM 12 [XEN] using shmfs for swapspace
10:37AM 1 make *=y build fails with xeno-unstable.bk
8:38AM 5 Xen0 crash dump (/dev/ram0 root) possibly of interest
Saturday January 1 2005
7:32PM 1 Multiple partitions in a Guest OS
5:32AM 21 xen 2.0.1, 2.4.27, 2.6.9, non-bridge
12:27AM 0 xen/ia64 ALPHA release