wine users - Mar 2010

Wednesday March 31 2010
9:46PM 1 How to choose the appropriate winedebug channels?
4:47PM 1 Problem running City Of Villains
4:21PM 3 GArena w/ Linux
3:15PM 0 Take the survey and wine WINE!
8:55AM 1 compiling wine on ubuntu 9.10 64bit from the repo sources
8:48AM 0 Re: AADE Filter Design: "ActiveX component can't create obj
1:16AM 1 Media Player classic does not run any video
Tuesday March 30 2010
11:00PM 1 Game Maker and WINE
6:10PM 3 Microsoft.jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered on the lo
5:12PM 2 PC-BSD8 Sound runs, but Wine HL2 has no Sound
3:52PM 1 Assign a different date for software execution
11:54AM 2 Re: Football Manager 2010 - resolution on netbook
9:48AM 8 Wine & Windows viruses
6:54AM 1 Photodraw 2000 & Karmic Terminal Problem
5:34AM 0 Re: Sound issue with either WINE or World of Warcraft...
Monday March 29 2010
6:07AM 1 CentOS 3.8(Final) + Wine
Sunday March 28 2010
5:44PM 3 A Question to Start a Game with env
5:02PM 15 frame/graphics lag in microsoft Freelancer
3:46PM 1 Trackmania United Forever : no sound !!!!
3:20PM 1 CD doesn't work
2:44PM 3 how to see an USB disk through Wine
1:18PM 3 Install of QuickenDL 2009
10:41AM 14 finding or creating ~/.wine folder (Snow Leopard problem)
9:31AM 2 Moving Spider Solitaire from XP to Kubuntu
12:14AM 1 steam windows not working and tray icon broken?
Saturday March 27 2010
7:45PM 2 Oblivion play issues
7:40PM 2 Wine issues in general...
5:25PM 2 Comm Ports
3:24PM 0 Re: Wine Fails to recognize DVD RW Drive
10:37AM 1 Dual Screen problem
6:17AM 1 opengl4
1:38AM 1 OpenGL 4.0
1:20AM 1 CivIV - Warlord version 2.13 Issue
Friday March 26 2010
11:45PM 2 Installing, "c compiler cannot create exectuables", Mac OSX
9:09PM 3 2 screens and fullscreen games
12:53PM 5 email address
11:12AM 3 Changed my home directory
7:56AM 5 Ångström Linux run wine?
4:09AM 1 coursesmart bookshelf on gentoo
Thursday March 25 2010
11:32PM 1 Blockland -- Torque Game Engine
10:38PM 8 Mysterious 15 second startup delay running Wine as www-data
9:03PM 1 Metro 2033 NoSteam
7:10PM 7 Unreal Engine 3
7:06PM 1 Program links result in error
7:03PM 1 Cannot install MS office
10:11AM 4 CreateFile \\\\.\\x: non-root
9:48AM 3 Vampire - Bloodlines won't install in Wine 1.1.41
7:32AM 0 moonlight mono drivers
6:19AM 1 Canon DPP 3.8.0 issues on Kubuntu 9.10
2:22AM 1 Visual Studio Express 8
Wednesday March 24 2010
11:59PM 2 MSVCR80.dll Unimplemented Function.
9:07PM 1 multicore machines and libx11 crashes
4:16PM 6 Cannot write to.. Broken pipe..
4:15PM 3 a question about installation winetrics!
3:21PM 1 Re: Justvoip linux
1:43PM 1 Installing Enterprise Architect
11:36AM 3 Noteworthy Composer Hangs on Startup
10:07AM 4 Help Sound and vid now works in PP07?
9:36AM 1 Re: Justvoip linux
8:21AM 1 dll not found
7:46AM 2 invalid exe format
6:56AM 1 Sim Tower
6:36AM 2 Problems with all games in Steam
2:36AM 2 Civ4 current version could not be determined
Tuesday March 23 2010
10:50PM 0 Re: Ctrl Select Dodgy
10:48PM 0 Re: Browse/Open File Dialogue Slow
9:22PM 5 World of Warcraft - Screen Tearing
7:09PM 1 Utorrent Problem
4:08PM 3 installshield installers not work in wine 1.1.41 ubuntu 9.10
3:30PM 4 Photoshop CS4 WINE version 1.1.17 - unable to locate three d
2:04PM 1 Re: Photoshop CS4 WINE version 1.1.17 - unable to locate three d
12:55PM 1 Re: Photoshop CS4 WINE version 1.1.17 - unable to locate three d
10:16AM 4 Re: Global Agenda
5:14AM 0 Re: Editing is disabled
3:53AM 1 Re: Photoshop CS4 WINE version 1.1.17 - unable to locate three d
Monday March 22 2010
5:37PM 3 Insert Symbol not working in MS Office 2007 Word
5:31PM 1 Wine goes wrong on AT3N7A-I motherboard?
4:18PM 4 Garmin Webupdater "runtime error"
2:08PM 1 Metaeditor 1.1.41 can't edit file
1:39PM 0 Wine on Mac OS X: Open MS Access DB on network share (Samba)
12:37PM 2 winetest-latest.exe crashes on notebook, leads to reboot
12:21PM 9 No such file or directory
5:46AM 0 Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet online poker
Sunday March 21 2010
11:56PM 2 Ubuntu DEB Packages for Hardy?
10:57PM 1 Re: shell open fails with some folder names
10:46PM 1 ZGameEditor crash on wine-devel 1.1.41 on Mac OS 1.6.2
10:30PM 3 After uninstallation of programs shortcuts weren't removed
9:40PM 1 Can't initiate install of office 2003 from disc. msi issues?
7:09PM 4 audio tab in winecfg crashes winecfg
4:27PM 0 o2mania1.0.1(english version)textures fail to start the game
3:59PM 2 Am i here because of Macindows ?
2:48PM 1 wine 1.1.41 sound check
12:09PM 3 The Sims 3 : Brightness problem.
12:08PM 1 wine 1.1.40; Ubuntu 9.10; PowerPoint 2007 slow
10:30AM 1 Photoshop CS4 WINE version 1.1.17 - unable to locate three dlls
Saturday March 20 2010
6:00PM 2 MetaEditor does not load
2:41PM 2 sketchup white box under cursor
12:53PM 1 problem with start.exe in 1.1.41 ?
9:34AM 3 ALSA_Mixer
8:57AM 1 oleaut32.dll
1:23AM 1 J Rivers Media Jukebox won't recognize my cd-rom drive
12:31AM 2 The Sims 3 : Some (not important) errors
12:22AM 2 Cannot see png files in Office 2003 in WINE
12:01AM 0 Age of Empires III install
Friday March 19 2010
10:05PM 1 lol cakes !!! help me with my wine probs :)
9:41PM 4 Application runs with wine 1.1.28 but not with 1.1.40.
5:13PM 4 Multiple wine crash causes no sound in Linux
4:44PM 2 Issues when compiling latest git
4:34PM 1 [SOLVED] wrapper script for launching unix programs
12:38PM 0 Tell Me More *10*?
1:58AM 2 Updated game checklist - columns now sortable
1:32AM 2 Trying to remove apps from Wine menu!
Thursday March 18 2010
6:11AM 0 ExamKiller Nortel 920-465 exam braindumps
2:26AM 2 Today's Ubuntu update breaks WoW in Wine
Wednesday March 17 2010
10:49PM 1 regression since wine 1.1.36
8:21PM 5 Transform & Lighting (T&L) in wine
7:52PM 2 DotNet app says that I am "missing information"
5:35PM 0 Sims 3 and Microsoft.VC80.CRT
3:10PM 1 Office 2007 disappearing pop-up menu
8:43AM 2 how to skip failing test
3:00AM 2 Re: netflicks
Tuesday March 16 2010
8:21PM 1 Program download, .Net Framework help
7:33PM 1 Registry error - wine app install fails
6:09PM 1 Edit a AppDB Entry?
6:08PM 0 Re: Help me creating a proper backtrace log
5:35PM 10 Wine latest install fail (mac)
4:02PM 1 How do you manually uninstall a program?
2:56PM 0 Tekintsd meg a Netlog profilomat
2:38PM 4 Wine make depened && make error
9:27AM 1 How does Wine communicate?
6:00AM 2 run wine in the window
4:29AM 1 Spam
Monday March 15 2010
11:03PM 0 "createObject" and "new" on VB6
10:15PM 4 No Fullscreen vs Virtual Desktop
9:53PM 3 wineboot fails
7:38PM 2 Problem with an older VB program
4:54PM 9 trying to install adobe flash player
1:52PM 3 interesting fault.. how? (autocad 2008)
Sunday March 14 2010
11:34PM 4 wine 1.40 and ImgBurn..
10:06PM 2 Keypress Issues
11:19AM 1 Dragon Naturally Speaking into Linux apps
Saturday March 13 2010
10:58PM 1 Commence 2000 - need help
8:46PM 4 Tombraider demos does not run
6:11PM 1 Braid
5:20PM 3 how do i install the very latest version?
4:27PM 3 wine+wineasio under mac os x 10.6
12:03PM 2 gl problems since upgrading..
10:11AM 1 Paint Shop Pro 9
10:10AM 1 Building Wine 32bits on Sid64
12:20AM 2 Error with winemp3.acm for Sony ereader software
Friday March 12 2010
10:40PM 1 Re: Install a with program multiple CDs on Wine, with a Mac
4:40PM 1 Mount&Blade can't find dinuput8.dll
1:45PM 0 winedevice and screen size changes with xrandr
11:34AM 3 PNG support broken??
11:15AM 0 Palm kicks off GDC with new 3D gaming tools
8:22AM 2 xubuntu 8.10 64bit compile issues 1.40
3:27AM 1 Force Unleashed and Steam won't run
3:08AM 4 New to Ubuntu & Wine...What is the 1st thing I need to do?
Thursday March 11 2010
11:21PM 1 Warcraft III in Second X Server
7:16PM 1 Strange problems with WH_CALLWNDPROC hook
3:51PM 2 Wine install issue?
2:44PM 4 Need help editing wine.
1:24PM 7 OpenGl Problem Mac snow leopard
11:10AM 3 Yugioh Joey the passion directx9
8:42AM 0 Yu-Gi-Oh Online
12:54AM 2 Unhandled Exception -- Menus Not Visible
Wednesday March 10 2010
6:32PM 1 issue to execute an app from my windows server
4:06PM 2 MT4 can't show icon
3:39PM 3 Hi
11:53AM 2 Windows API to connect UnixOdbc is not functional in Wine
Tuesday March 9 2010
5:57PM 1 wine "dragon age" winetricks "directx 3d" patches and hacks
11:18AM 2 Compiling very old wine
10:48AM 2 Problem running application
9:44AM 0 How much wine should I allow
8:23AM 1 IE6 won't install
5:38AM 1 Considering buying Asus Eee PC 1201N - WINE perf. question
5:12AM 5 New to wine -- some problems.
Monday March 8 2010
11:32PM 3 Wine Gecko install notification
9:59PM 0 Winetest.exe could mess up your secured wireless access on Windows
9:34PM 7 Unable to create D3D device
8:47PM 3 Napoleon Total War?
5:29PM 1 Word 2007 crashes when showing "Open" or "Save As" dialog
5:01PM 0 Best Guide to Great Sonoma Valley Wineries
2:27PM 3 Problem with systray after update
11:28AM 2 Sound & Video PP07
11:27AM 3 Can't run VGHD
9:44AM 1 ¿Can I detect tray icon position of a Wine app?
9:42AM 1 Planescape Torment,
9:19AM 1 for help:how to call a windows dll in linux by java program!
6:31AM 0 wine, ie7, vbscript and java
2:49AM 3 Wine on Mac -- ePSXE 1.7.0--PLEASE HELP!!
1:44AM 5 256 Bit Color Mode
12:23AM 7 Noteworthy Composer error message - meaning please
12:10AM 5 acom.pc lite and wine
12:01AM 0 Maya 2010 works in current wine!
Sunday March 7 2010
8:15PM 1 <<wine: Module not found>>
8:09PM 1 What incredible cruft ...?
6:03PM 3 alien vs predator 2010 fails to start
3:35PM 2 Wine 1.139, Donor Perfect and Ubuntu 10.04
10:40AM 1 Bordeaux 2.0.0 Beta 2 for Mac Released
10:13AM 1 BF2142 - keeps wanting the install discs
8:20AM 2 Keyboard lag in WoW
7:54AM 2 Half life 2 steam problem
Saturday March 6 2010
10:57PM 4 Exploration of Wine as a desktop shell
9:35PM 10 Crazy (and just maybe awesome) idea: Winux
9:02PM 2 Windows Drivers in wine?
8:03PM 1 hooking omnipage ocr software to scanner
6:06PM 1 what do the keyword "download" in bugzilla means anyway?
4:52PM 1 tippfix 1.1 fails to run in wine
2:31PM 1 Out of memory
11:36AM 4 StarCraft beta downloader folder dialog issues, how to solve
9:59AM 1 register dll on program files
9:58AM 1 sims 3 - installation problem (wse x509 certificate tool)
8:01AM 0 S>lvl109 pure str paladin
3:13AM 1 soulseek-wine
Friday March 5 2010
9:18PM 1 New Wine user on OS X - Installer problems.
7:26PM 1 make depend fails when building Wine 1.1.40
5:59PM 1 soulseek in wine, ubuntu 8.
3:25PM 2 SuSE 11.x has (broken) 64-bit Wine by default
11:29AM 3 Silverlight Application in Wine
9:25AM 4 Ubuntu Karmic 64 and recent Wine problem
7:58AM 3 Wine won't run any game, but runs software fine
Thursday March 4 2010
11:22PM 0 Volunteers needed to update checklist of top 50 games
9:41PM 1 Which Wine for Mint 6?
8:06PM 1 Making config.sys available to Quicken
7:59PM 7 Performing a Regression Test
6:27PM 5 cmd /c "c: && echo 1" File not found
6:12PM 2 Assassin's Creed 2 doesn't work
5:46PM 2 winamp on fedora12 wine 1.1.39 doesnt start
5:01PM 1 Ubuntu x64 AMD counter strike source
12:01PM 1 It is possible to emulate any navigator on Windows ?
10:23AM 0 Compiling wine in Solaris.
8:27AM 1 powerpoint is just blank
8:12AM 0 Operation Flashpoint - testing request
7:31AM 2 X Error of failed Request
5:21AM 2 No Wine in Applications menu?
Wednesday March 3 2010
11:50PM 2 Battlefield Bad Company 2 (not beta))
8:49PM 1 Barnes & Noble eReader question
3:57PM 0 Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat
3:08PM 0 Boonex Dolphin PHP script is SCAM! Beware!
1:31PM 0 Error Trying to run Genexus 9.0
11:42AM 1 Flatcast Viewer F52 Streaming Software no Sound -Error Messa
9:58AM 4 Access Samba Shares Tru wine
3:54AM 2 Another one, out of curiousity
1:28AM 1 Age of Empires/Sim City
Tuesday March 2 2010
11:23PM 1 How to tell a program that I have the right DCOM installed ?
8:39PM 3 winetricks - reinstall downloaded runtime libraries
7:12PM 3 Erro "winspool" em aplicação interna do wine
3:46PM 0 CodeWeavers Releases Crossover Office 9.0 for MAC and Linux
3:09PM 1 How to install C&C: Tiberium Dawn in Ubuntu Karmic
12:59PM 1 Re: Error compiling wine 1.0.1: undefined reference to `__wine_e
12:57PM 2 Metatrader 4
12:30PM 0 more about boba tea
9:31AM 1 how to convert mtv files?
1:27AM 0 how to convert mtv files
1:24AM 0 Re: Running MTV VideoConvert.exe
Monday March 1 2010
5:51PM 2 Call of Duty 4 Problems...
3:33PM 1 disable IPv6
2:15PM 0 Writing to database for Albumplayer in wine-1.1.38/39
11:17AM 0 Error compiling wine 1.0.1: undefined reference to `__wine_exception_handler'
10:54AM 0 High CPU usage when minimized
10:42AM 2 .NET App tells missing font
8:25AM 0 Re: Running MTV VideoConvert.exe
8:00AM 3 Working in Office Live Workspace
7:54AM 5 Documents do not open when icon is clicked - Ubuntu 9.10
1:32AM 12 Never had an app work in WINE