wine users - Apr 2009

Thursday April 30 2009
11:23PM 2 Wine with Jaunty 64bit libxcb problem
11:20PM 1 Does wine work on gNewSense?
6:46PM 0 Out of Memory problem with an old app
5:55PM 1 multiple wine version questions
10:37AM 7 Problem in Wine 1.1.20 Unhandled page fault on write access.
8:37AM 0 How to Rip DVD and Convert Video to any video formats
7:46AM 0 SketchUp problems
12:04AM 0 CreateProcess and redirected stdout from Linux apps?
Wednesday April 29 2009
8:20PM 5 New to Wine on a Mac, Please Help
6:28PM 1 Warhammer Online
5:57PM 3 Re: Wine memory problem
2:04PM 1 msxml6 for 64bit wine
1:39PM 1 Running wine within a VM ... Is it possible ?
1:21PM 1 ssh from a windows application running on top of wine
12:22PM 2 [Oblivion] broken Menu Fonts
10:22AM 4 Jaunty Network Problem
9:51AM 0 Enjoy DVD and Video on Your iPod Touch/Nano/Classic(Windows/
9:50AM 0 How to transfer music from iPod with iPod Rip and iPod Rip f
7:58AM 7 Is it possible to install and successfully run httpd-2.2.11?
5:08AM 0 keystroke speed issue
Tuesday April 28 2009
10:49PM 1 What's the performance of the intel x3100 like?
7:47PM 1 Updating Wine and using native DLLs
3:44PM 1 Gw.exe -- keyboard:X11DRV_MapVirtualKeyEx keyboard layout
2:45PM 1 the program calcs could not execute
2:13PM 0 Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException
1:52PM 1 Re: How to deal with the message: winedevice.exe has encountered
11:35AM 1 Adobe Elements 6, some general qyestions.
10:36AM 0 File association in wine
9:39AM 0 Re: I'm having trouble compiling wine 1.0.1 on Mac OS 10.4.11
8:32AM 12 Bugzilla Registration fails
8:25AM 1 Troublesome Toad for MySQL on Wine
6:16AM 2 VDrumLib, BankEditor Software for Roland TD20
6:06AM 1 Office 2003 setup crashes
4:10AM 1 ati and nvidia, why the difference?
1:47AM 2 Wine menu items?
1:46AM 1 Rainmeter desktop display, skins not transparent
1:11AM 2 just wondering what to expect
12:55AM 3 [steam]Last Remnant + MSVCR80.dll
Monday April 27 2009
11:51PM 0 How to deal with the message: winedevice.exe has encountered a serious problem
9:21PM 0 vampire the masquerade - bloodlines extremely slow
7:13PM 0 Wine on MacOSX?
4:29PM 3 "Fahren Lernen Max", how to make it work?
4:18PM 1 Errors running winecfg
3:00PM 5 Wine and /home partition woes on Gentoo/amd64
1:15PM 6 File access denied when printing from a Delphi application
1:02PM 3 warcraft issues
12:56PM 0 Re: Banned for different viewpoint
6:52AM 0 How convert all movies and music (including protected DRM) a
3:12AM 1 Sharing City of Heroes with other users
Sunday April 26 2009
10:02PM 0 IE 6/7 Long Pause Loading YouTube Videos
9:21PM 4 Failed to load wine, winecfg, wineconsole, etc.
8:56PM 1 City of Heroes not working anymore
6:52PM 2 64-bit Linux benchmarks faster
6:12PM 5 Steam problem
5:43PM 2 running wine app without X server or without xvfb
4:56PM 2 Ventrilo crashing - not sound problem.
4:20PM 5 Problems installing NfS2
1:26PM 1 Translation-related question
10:50AM 1 Edmax multifuctional printer manager under wine
10:06AM 7 GTA3 issues under wine 1.1.20
7:51AM 3 Deleting the hidden .wine folder in OSX... Help!
7:14AM 2 install office 07 on ubuntu 9.04
2:58AM 3 How to remove dangling menu items
2:16AM 4 Squeezing every last drop of performance out of DirectX
Saturday April 25 2009
11:40PM 4 uninstall update? NOTHING WORKS
11:17PM 2 "...winedevice.exe has encountered a serious problem..."
7:54PM 0 Why flash in Firefox doesn't always show Chinese words?
4:33PM 0 Warhammer + Wine + Macbook
4:14PM 7 Wine on MacBook - Linux and OS X problems
3:38PM 1 printer layout page setting problem with TibetDoc
3:28PM 3 RSS no longer works
2:14PM 6 Problem with parameter from Tux to win
9:08AM 2 patches mentioned in bug report comments
7:55AM 3 Missing Wine in Ubuntu Applications Menu
7:27AM 4 How do I use the developers version of Wine 1.1.20?
3:44AM 2 replace wine's mswsock.dll with the M$ one?
12:09AM 3 Help for Wine 1.0.1
Friday April 24 2009
8:33PM 1 Could Not Launch Error, EVE online
6:01PM 1 How to show hidden files in applications?
5:36PM 1 "Unhandled page fault on read access" with a grid OCX in VB6
4:54PM 5 error in FAQ
1:03PM 3 Wine 1.1.19 fonts problems
12:21PM 0 Top 5 Best DVD to iPod Converter Review
10:38AM 2 Memory allocation
9:15AM 0 Re: Trouble loading TVersity service
7:26AM 1 Word 2007 slow on jaunty
12:50AM 2 Garbled/blurred fonts.
Thursday April 23 2009
10:32PM 3 Some news for AutoCAD users
10:25PM 4 Which version of OpenGL is wine using?
5:50PM 2 Run-Time 75 Error
5:24PM 4 Windows 2008 Server Standard Licences
1:09PM 0 Top 5 Best iPod Video Converter Review
12:31PM 16 Darwine: Running an SDL game
8:13AM 1 Opening/associating help files with native viewer, Mac OS X
7:41AM 4 First application in Wine
7:07AM 0 Proxomitron on session start
6:13AM 6 First time wine-user with some problems!
5:09AM 1 Can't install Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
2:39AM 0 How to import music from iPod to iPod without iTunes
Wednesday April 22 2009
10:37PM 1 .msi installation failed - need help!
10:07PM 6 wine over ssh
4:55PM 1 linux editor for windows application?
3:27PM 1 photoshop cs4
3:06PM 1 Can't Install Steam
2:50PM 0 Rome Total War - missing directx 9
10:57AM 0 Popular Conversion Tools Among People
5:16AM 1 Photoshop CS - Lacking Features
4:37AM 0 ActiveX error when running an application(VB6 based)
4:30AM 0 wine-users Digest, Vol 45, Issue 102
2:21AM 2 Wine for Xubuntu?
12:01AM 1 SlickEdit 2009 With Darwine, MAC OS X 10
Tuesday April 21 2009
10:41PM 0 Core
9:23PM 2 Maintining both 32bit and 64bit wine servers in single mach
7:45PM 1 Freezes my Computer when I....
7:07PM 0 strange Slowdown GTA SA
1:11PM 6 Darwine, OS X 10.5.2, Apple TV and Sky Player
12:16PM 1 how to add new dll?
9:10AM 1 Problem with Sage Line50 Reports
6:30AM 0 iPod Compatible Video
6:01AM 4 Microsoft Expression/.NET framwork
Monday April 20 2009
9:30PM 6 wine and lpia architecture
8:33PM 1 wine pagefaults on WinMediaPlayer (&all audiovideo apps)
2:57PM 0 wine is unable to load driver
2:55PM 6 unimplemented function msvcrt.dll
2:45PM 4 wine is unable to load driver "Sentinel"
1:13PM 7 Trying to make a Delphi database application run correctly
11:15AM 2 ODBC in wine
10:33AM 0 How to Put Movies on an iPod
7:47AM 0 How to rip DVD and convert video and burn a DVD
6:22AM 0 How to Convert Video and Rip DVD to Any Video Formats
Sunday April 19 2009
11:11PM 2 Lifeform installed, only partial functionality
9:23PM 1 MS Office 2000 cd key problem
8:35PM 5 wow memory error
8:06PM 0 Warcraft III, LAN connection issues
7:41PM 1 Socks v5 & wine?
2:32PM 2 unable to find the default bottle
10:10AM 1 Question on Install
3:31AM 2 Sound quit working for no reason
1:21AM 0 Re: Program from a network share
12:20AM 2 Wine 1.1.18 FC10 and Office 2007
Saturday April 18 2009
9:25PM 1 Winetricks and Multiple Wine Processes
9:12PM 1 No text in Qt-4.5 apps
8:16PM 1 Visual C++ Runtime Error R6034 - Mah Jong Quest 3
6:43PM 2 directx problem
5:07PM 0 Freelancer - multiplayer lag
4:22PM 3 heroes III screen resolution
3:21PM 1 no words
1:37PM 2 Regression testing - compilation error after second bisect
12:07PM 0 Mac Darwine
11:37AM 0 Mac Darwine "Open With" file suffix association
11:17AM 1 EDBEngineError
10:33AM 4 no ForceFeedback in Wine
Friday April 17 2009
11:01PM 1 Regression testing questions...
7:28PM 3 OS X programs on Linux
6:47PM 6 service control dispatcher failure in wine-1.1.19
4:07PM 1 Re: How to discover within my application if executed in Wine?
3:22PM 7 WineHQ Ubuntu and FBReplicator
2:53PM 0 Nice walkthrough of installing Wine and two database applications
11:10AM 4 DOS application won't load.
10:43AM 1 Hooking in wine
10:31AM 2 Share an easy way to make ringtone for your iphone(windows/m
9:14AM 1 How to change iPhone Wallpaper
8:23AM 2 Re: How to discover within my application if executed in Wine?
7:23AM 1 Re: Frontlines fuel of war - Problem
4:03AM 2 Re: Program from a network share
3:55AM 2 Some professional Tools for iPod and iPhone
3:29AM 1 Re: Program from a network share
1:07AM 2 Want to view your DVD movies on your iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune?
Thursday April 16 2009
7:23PM 1 wine x printers
7:09PM 2 WinCVS breaks after 1.1.17
1:15PM 4 fortress forever doesnt show up in games list
11:24AM 7 Problem with graphics
10:57AM 0 Print options dialog (LPR) disappeared
10:12AM 2 Run application by vb6 on wine
7:09AM 0 An Easy Tool to Convert DVD to other video format (Windows/M
6:09AM 2 Can not launch browser in Evernote
Wednesday April 15 2009
9:25PM 0 Runtime error while I run sigmaplot 11 on fedora 10
8:16PM 2 Threed32.ocx error wwhen installing VB6 application
1:40PM 1 Ventrilo, either output or input :S
11:40AM 1 Need help running uTorrent with Wine...
8:51AM 0 The easiest way to convert Mod/Tod video from JVC and any vi
8:35AM 4 Diablo 2, cant start, (direct draw?)
6:22AM 0 How to Convert Video to Any Video Formats
1:43AM 1 World of Warcraft Error Since Patch Day!
Tuesday April 14 2009
9:59PM 0 Strange: Application starts up only when Wine is force-quit
7:21PM 2 Preload error
7:12PM 2 Wine/City of Heroes problem
6:52PM 2 I broke wine
3:32PM 4 Problem with Hitman Blood Money
7:06AM 1 How to rip a DVD on Mac/Windows
Monday April 13 2009
10:46PM 2 Win Program loses focus and cannot regain it back.
9:34PM 5 WineHQ on Mac OS X
5:41PM 5 No wine-pthread in 1.1.19 ?
3:16PM 0 Re: Diablo II LoD Crushed to go to Act 2!
2:12PM 1 wine + fglrx + DRI causes total system lock up
1:42PM 1 MVP Baseball 2003
1:04PM 2 Gameguard ruins wine?
12:58PM 1 "Select Script File" window
9:46AM 2 Run Worms in FullScreen
8:44AM 4 little fighter 2 vdragonballz 3.0 mod crashes on load sprite
8:33AM 1 Supreme Commander Forged Alliance graphical problem
Sunday April 12 2009
10:55PM 4 How to improve gaming performance?
8:37PM 3 problem with DivX9 and winetricks
6:15PM 4 Problem to compile wine on hardened sources
4:06PM 1 Embedded video
11:13AM 1 Re: WinFam doesn´t start
1:52AM 1 Logitech G5 mouse software install help
1:36AM 0 Daz Studio 2.3.x on Jaunty/Wine - partially works, need help
12:28AM 3 Hi, complete ubuntu 8.10 novice needs help with wine
Saturday April 11 2009
10:39PM 3 Images not show (or flickering) in old app
9:42PM 1 Fractal Explorer is messy
7:51PM 3 New game on Steam: Braid
5:06PM 7 live for speed on suse
4:45PM 0 Sid Meier´s Alpha Centauri
4:00PM 3 winedevice.exe
2:36PM 3 Can not get HLSW v1.3.1 to run in Ubuntu
2:04PM 1 USB Headset - No Master Control
7:26AM 3 some code removed:(
6:29AM 3 Installing Visual C++ Runtime Files
1:56AM 1 Archhive down?
Friday April 10 2009
8:58PM 3 Apropos Agent 6.5 crashing when launched
8:10PM 1 Mouse cursor not visible in World of Warcraft 3.0.9
4:35PM 1 Stronghold 2 Problems
3:30PM 3 dvd decrypter 'No Devices Detected!' error
1:32PM 0 truemoneygames
12:05PM 2 Concept: Wine as a workspace
9:11AM 1 Serial Ports
7:28AM 6 ActiveX error when running an application(VB 6 based)
6:55AM 2 Re: .rpm repository for CentOS 5 / Scientific Linux 5
2:43AM 0 Nice review of Wine on
Thursday April 9 2009
9:34PM 1 Mailing list question.
5:19PM 7 Gentoo, ALSA built as module, no sound in wine (Wow)
5:07PM 4 WINE test code for 64bit
4:39PM 1 passing parameters to winstall
3:55PM 3 Patched wine only for one prefix?
12:38PM 1 Unmount USB-stick from Windows application
9:28AM 7 Test: patch to add adva,ced d3d settings in winecfg
8:47AM 1 MEPIS - WIne won't load Photoshop
12:15AM 1 Poker Academy Pro demo not accepting activation code
Wednesday April 8 2009
8:54PM 5 Trying to Run UnRealWorld through Wine
7:27PM 3 World of war-craft and nvidia
7:17PM 1 Civilization 4 beyond the sword 3.17 does not run properly
6:32PM 6 Weird error.
3:25PM 3 Invalid handles for RegOpenKey with 64bit wine
8:03AM 1 vb app runs, but cant connect to database
4:17AM 0 Enjoy Your Favorite Videos on iPod at Will
12:10AM 3 Wine Sound Issues
Tuesday April 7 2009
10:22PM 4 WoW, and most other games, do not run under Wine.
7:13PM 5 google stylebuilder / layout 2
5:10PM 12 now that i have downloaded
12:43PM 3 ERROR: Couldnt Load Game.dll
12:40PM 2 Running Foxpro Applications from a network share
7:29AM 0 How to convert Mod/Tod Video to popular video formats
5:12AM 4 crash: can't start 3d app =((
2:30AM 2 VNC/XEPHYR/8bit/256 colour mode and wine
1:20AM 1 Steam will not load after update
1:12AM 1 Re: congratulation.
Monday April 6 2009
11:05PM 1 Perfectworld and wininet problem
3:32PM 1 google sketchup 7 pro
3:03PM 0 problem with console application in 64 bit
2:36PM 1 debugging application install failure
12:09PM 1 WINE and linpus
10:14AM 3 The Rosetta Stone : Installer doesn't work
3:34AM 4 Warcraft III not recognizing
2:25AM 3 starting programs with wine(and other issues)
Sunday April 5 2009
10:04PM 3 WineVDM crash on CDROM speed test...
8:46PM 2 Permissions
8:29PM 4 Game install failed
4:37PM 1 Resolution problem w/ Hoyle Card Games
2:17PM 2 AGEod American Civil War vs. Wine 1.1.18
9:56AM 1 can't run camfrog by wine
9:44AM 0 Using xvkbd to remap keys
5:39AM 7 oblivion gfx problems
3:37AM 2 Requesting Maintainer for Legacy Family Tree 7
1:41AM 4 Help installing software with multiple cd's
Saturday April 4 2009
10:13PM 1 Bcalc.exe
8:16PM 4 have wind installed on desktop and laptop with mepis lenny
3:44PM 1 Can't install Doom3
3:27PM 0 "HW T&L" problems
2:09PM 0 Installed Microsoft Project 2007, but one small prob
7:30AM 2 Resolution issue
3:29AM 1 Steam problems
Friday April 3 2009
11:48PM 2 Start application with no sound
11:25PM 1 Acrobat Reader won't start from a applications
9:00PM 1 How to open a file in MS Office with double-click
8:48PM 3 No icons in my app
7:38PM 3 Wine IA64 (Itanium) build
6:51PM 3 DVD Decrypter With LInux Mint does not work with wine
6:45PM 3 Wine in kubuntu-9.04
6:16PM 1 Wine hangs vb program after 3/4 seconds
4:48PM 8 How can we improve WINE?
4:37PM 3 Communication between native MacOS X application and WINE
3:57PM 2 characters problem
2:59PM 27 How can we improve WNE?
2:23PM 2 Ventrilo Linux Client (Spux)
10:40AM 2 Recovering Icons
9:49AM 0 What debug channel for Gothic 3 graphics issue?
7:07AM 0 Runtime error when executing graphics program
7:02AM 0 Full guide: How to Copy/Rip DVD and Convert Video on OS X
6:07AM 0 Some Popular Video Converters (Mod/Tod/Any Video Format)
4:52AM 1 ATI video card problems with WoW
4:51AM 1 Wine - VM serial communication
12:46AM 1 WIne TEXT won't show. PLEAS HELP
12:46AM 1 xxxxx.exe is not a valid Win32 application
12:13AM 2 Trying to run a VB software using wine
Thursday April 2 2009
11:40PM 1 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
11:07PM 1 all programs starts very slow
8:12PM 0 NetBSD machine available?
7:01PM 1 wine 1.0 with google sketchup 7 pro
4:57PM 1 DOS application crashes..
4:46PM 4 Problems with Counter Strike Source
3:28PM 5 Error in starting "wine file" in x86_64 FC10 env
3:28PM 0 wine 1.0 under Kubuntu HH 8.04 with Google SketchUp 7
3:04PM 3 WinBUGS breaks under WINE > 1.1.12
2:30PM 2 Shockwave pleyer doesn't work?
10:39AM 0 Share : how to convert DVD and video to iPhone, iPod, Zune, PSP
10:37AM 0 Share : how to rip DVD and convert Video to iPod
10:35AM 0 Share : Music/Video/Photo from iPhone/iTouch/iPod to PC
8:49AM 1 How to make your own free iPhone Ringtone(Windows/Mac)
8:13AM 0 Problem Football Manager 09 & CoD 4
7:41AM 1 How to Rip DVD and Convert video on OS X
6:52AM 2 Problem getting wine to run my chess program
6:21AM 1 Re: Links 2003 & Grand Prix 4
2:47AM 1 Can anyone tell me what this error means??
12:46AM 0 How to Fully Enjoy DVD and Edit Video on Your iPod Touch/Nan
Wednesday April 1 2009
11:45PM 3 Electronics Workbench 5.2 has misc. problems in Wine
9:15PM 19 Install LiveZilla In wine
8:27PM 8 LOTRO & Wine Performance Issues
4:11PM 3 How often is Wine updated?
4:07PM 3 How do I know if Wine will support whichever Windows program
3:53PM 0 Earth 2140: I was able to play it just once
11:13AM 6 Wine on Ubuntu 8.04 FreeNX with Mac OS X 10.3 NX client
10:58AM 0 Re: C&C Red Alert 3 - Lan (and also hamachi) play
10:54AM 2 wine, 3D games and amd64
9:05AM 2 Hamachi on Wine?
12:23AM 0 Export Word To MindManager with Wine?