wine users - Feb 2009

Saturday February 28 2009
8:13PM 0 Help with speeding up GW please
5:32PM 0 How to stop creation of :Zone.Identifier files?
1:36PM 1 Safari 4 - anyone got this working?
9:47AM 1 Help installing Silkroad online..
5:03AM 0 Re: Over 4GB RAM issue
Friday February 27 2009
8:36PM 2 [HOW-TO]Nvidia latest graphic drivers for ubuntu users
8:34PM 1 Steam games will not launch
6:10PM 1 Help "Patching Your Git Tree"
4:57PM 0 Firefox default Browser. HowTo?
1:05PM 3 Crash Problem "World of warcraft" _ Need Help
9:22AM 0 The "wine-users" mailing list
8:43AM 2 Smth. about "Icon=" option in .desktop files created by WINE
5:31AM 1 Invalid characters when dealing with Japanese language
5:28AM 2 Microphone works in Ubuntu, but not in WINE
4:23AM 3 Wine regedit settings
1:32AM 9 the new wine
Thursday February 26 2009
11:11PM 0 Re: Keyboard not recognized. Help, please.
9:56PM 1 Controlling Amount of Memory Available
9:55PM 6 Firefox default Browser. HotTo?
11:35AM 1 How to unstan
11:25AM 2 Wine asio compile error
10:50AM 0 No ime switch in Wine
10:26AM 4 Question about wine.. and About Directx for Wine..
9:25AM 1 DameWare NT Utilities 6.x fails to start / 'no network'
9:25AM 2 When ODBC native support in wine?
6:21AM 3 Oracle & OpenOffice
5:49AM 0 Fwd: Cursor patches
3:03AM 0 Wine shirt
12:03AM 1 'cannot allocate memory' error, Ventrilo
Wednesday February 25 2009
10:29PM 1 Wine64 status
9:35PM 1 Re: Over 4GB RAM issue
8:15PM 2 Re: Over 4GB RAM issue
6:37PM 2 login won't show up in WoW
4:21PM 0 Microsoft Outlook 2003 with wine 1.1.15
2:42PM 1 Might have a COM+ issue
2:32PM 1 Why isn't my sound card recognized today?
2:22AM 0 small fix for Civ CTP
1:02AM 3 Temp folder growing out of control
Tuesday February 24 2009
10:05PM 1 garbled font
8:47PM 2 programs through wine crashing
8:30PM 3 Ubunto & Wine Neueinstieg (German)
4:59PM 0 Re: starcraft battlenet
4:46PM 0 debugging segfaults
4:34PM 1 Anyone running EasyGPS or ExpertGPS?
2:04PM 5 Wine runs your malware!
11:34AM 1 UI font in CS4 all fubared
10:03AM 1 I have a few simple questions
8:19AM 0 Re: Printing from wine
6:31AM 0 Re: Xorg cursor instead of wine's (or even changing wine's defau
3:43AM 2 Wine for Windows Vista?
1:03AM 4 C&C Red Alert 3 - Lan (and also hamachi) play
12:54AM 2 Quickbooks internal web browser
12:26AM 1 "err:wgl:opengl_error No OpenGL support compiled in."
12:01AM 2 Wine Slow on 64-bit Ubuntu?
Monday February 23 2009
11:00PM 3 WoW: Wrath of the Lich King issue
9:14PM 0 Apps that perform better on Wine than Windows?
9:05PM 2 Yet another question about wow
7:39PM 1 reverse wine odbc
6:52PM 5 Application Database?
5:29PM 3 DVDFab Platinum
5:20PM 6 The Sims 2
4:29PM 3 Adobe CS3
11:37AM 2 Question about error
9:35AM 6 Error running applicacion, please Help
7:58AM 4 Re: Playing wine games with hamachi?
3:46AM 4 Gcc error during make depend/make of latest Git-Wine source.
2:23AM 1 Quickbooks IE 6 requirement
1:11AM 6 Dissable and Enable Compiz help
Sunday February 22 2009
11:49PM 10 Wine installation problems
11:23PM 1 Some of the text is smeared.
10:39PM 0 Fwd: Jaunty and pulseaudio
9:05PM 1 Gothic II: Night of the Raven 2.6 crashes
8:15PM 2 Age of Empires II Won't Run
5:52PM 3 Pokerstars
4:15PM 11 Dawn of War trouble and other questions
3:26PM 1 Can't get Splinter Cell Double Agent to run
11:33AM 0 SCIM malfunctioning on wine 1.1.15
9:32AM 3 football manager 05?
6:32AM 2 ..... !()!!)!)!)!)!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) wou
4:50AM 4 Cannot Update orean.sys driver
2:39AM 4 Rebooting during installation
2:31AM 4 Help running program
1:58AM 1 (no subject)
12:03AM 2 StarCraft display issues, why is WINE not saving my settings?
Saturday February 21 2009
10:57PM 0 Wine windows always on top
9:10PM 6 Sid Meier's Pirate's HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:43PM 2 Installing wine 1.1.6 from source in Ubuntu
7:34PM 1 File not found in wine
6:41PM 0 Quicktime RTSP server
6:10PM 1 Can't see anything on the Window
2:45PM 5 Launching Steam games broken in SVN.
2:42PM 1 Re: Oracle client 9 and Java
1:34PM 6 When install windows application; it says low disk space
1:30PM 1 DOW2 on Wine
8:56AM 0 oracle 9i installation problem
8:08AM 2 Compiling Winelib application under x86_64
6:04AM 0 dekaron fussion wine 1.1.15 ubuntu 8.04
4:52AM 1 Xorg cursor instead of wine's (or even changing wine's default cursor)
4:00AM 2 Wow keeps crashing.
2:01AM 0 vcrun6 install problem
12:44AM 3 error while installing orcad
12:07AM 2 Firefox on Wine as preferred browser
Friday February 20 2009
4:06PM 0 Diablo II Maphack Key
12:49PM 2 OLEDB not work !
9:37AM 1 Problems emuling, Need help
3:40AM 1 Program Install error messages
1:02AM 2 Sorry (didnt find on search)
Thursday February 19 2009
11:41PM 2 Getting CD music to work (Heroes of Might and Magic II)
9:55PM 4 Minimizing WoW - Painfully low FPS
8:38PM 1 No sound in Wine under OSS after update.
4:33PM 2 Installing wine on an Asus EEEPC 901
12:13PM 3 www = wine won't work :-(
10:23AM 3 Close without saving crash apps
8:50AM 0 Firebird 2.1 and Wine under MANDRIVA
6:21AM 1 Printing Issue
1:08AM 3 Error mesage Plese HELP
1:06AM 2 Can not install/run Volocity
Wednesday February 18 2009
10:38PM 0 Im trying to run a game on wine, I need some help...
5:23PM 1 WoW FPS under Wine?
4:19PM 2 Locale problem with Wine
1:16PM 1 Wine + Audiosurf ?
10:20AM 3 boot timeout problems, e.g. winecfg
7:21AM 3 Rubies of Eventide and WINE
5:30AM 1 Problem with compiling OpenGL application in Wine
5:19AM 1 downloadable exe
Tuesday February 17 2009
3:33PM 3 cannot install iTunes
1:08PM 5 Sun JRE 1.6.0_12 installer hangs then crashes
10:09AM 5 Problems in Compiling MFC
9:09AM 2 Quickbooks 2008
9:06AM 6 Chattha Sangayana - bit of a challenge
8:10AM 0 Luxology Modo302 - laggy interface
2:16AM 16 Disabling S3TC support for Wine 1.1.14 How do I patch?
Monday February 16 2009
6:12PM 0 Embedded OLE objects problem with Arena Simulation software
4:30PM 5 Arcsoft Photoimpression 5
3:52PM 4 Wrath of the Lich King
2:38PM 5 Photoshop Cs3 or Cs4
2:31PM 2 IE running on Wine, but it taking CPU resource 100%
2:19PM 1 Please advise: Wine problem with Oracle database installation
10:49AM 5 [Colin McRae Rally] Crashes the X-Server?!
Sunday February 15 2009
8:00PM 3 Wine always crash very badly
6:53PM 0 F.E.A.R 2 Input Oddness
6:50PM 3 EVE Online
3:59PM 2 Debian repos and apt key
3:21PM 0 Re: Should i report this bug in Battlefield 2?
2:24PM 2 Help!My first use of wine!
1:20PM 1 Some shortcut bugs...
12:24PM 1 Re: Should i report this bug in Battlefield 2?
8:39AM 2 Emulate SNMP windows-service
3:16AM 2 cannot read words on any wine screen
1:35AM 2 Wine/WoW not detecting monitor hz
Saturday February 14 2009
11:17PM 6 WHY can't I make it work?
7:46PM 3 Missing Tab Text in Quicken Deluxe 2009?
7:44PM 1 Wine 1.1.4 reports version 1.0.1?
6:02PM 1 Ventrilo
2:47PM 1 Cambridge Grammar cd (runs with Win 98, NT4 ... not wine?)
2:21PM 4 Error resolving dependencies when installing wine
11:26AM 4 wine 1.1.15: winebuild failed with status 32512
9:32AM 3 Building wine with profile generation
3:57AM 3 Printer in Wine
3:51AM 5 wine on RAM?
3:48AM 6 Wine X CrossOver
1:56AM 2 Possible to wrap a program with Wine?
12:07AM 5 Expect Deadlock!
12:04AM 1 HD video
Friday February 13 2009
5:40PM 0 NBA 2K9 and Wine Info
4:28PM 4 Problem PS 7.0 with UC Logic tablet
1:47PM 5 BattleFront II -- UnderWine NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:54PM 3 3D Multiseat & wine-1.1.14 - alsa sound problem
10:21AM 1 [Thinkwave] Run-time error 429: ActiveX
7:24AM 2 Why austin987 was banned from wine forum ??
4:14AM 2 Re: BattleFront II -- UnderWine NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:00AM 3 Accessing Windows network from application in Wine
Thursday February 12 2009
8:15PM 1 Guild Wars
8:07PM 6 Banned for different viewpoint
6:49PM 6 Is there a way to globely install software
6:16PM 1 EULA won't let me agree when installing WoW via wine.
4:41PM 1 Newbie - missing cursor and unresponsive to input
4:16PM 0 Fine Reader 8 does not pass through serial number check.
4:09PM 0 Re: Heroes of Might and Magic 5 crash
12:03PM 1 NSIS Error, trying to do command /NCRC
10:43AM 2 Microsoft Office 2003 Premium version does not run
3:28AM 0 No subject
1:51AM 0 Problem at Lingvo 12 installation
Wednesday February 11 2009
11:45PM 2 very noobish question about how WinE works.
10:58PM 1 Can't register on AppDB
6:30PM 2 Problem with Betfair Poker and Wine 1.1.14
2:53PM 1 Command line and X server
2:28PM 0 Fw: Re: An idea for the appdb
2:26PM 1 Suunto PC POD ( usb stick ) unreacheable
2:22PM 1 Re: Can't run Evidence Scribe
9:21AM 1 Multiple Desktops in wine
6:57AM 1 Debian 5 no sound in wine.
5:58AM 3 /var/wine not owned by you
4:29AM 0 Clubdj Pro 3
1:31AM 1 Microsoft Project 2003 in Wine
Tuesday February 10 2009
9:05PM 3 VerbAce translation software in Wine?
8:39PM 0 can't get Wine Gecko from sourceforge
5:06PM 1 Looking for wine success stories
4:43PM 5 HandyCafe
3:58PM 5 Is there a hope for Serv-u
12:49PM 2 Cannot find DVD/CD drive...
11:20AM 5 MSN 7 installation
6:28AM 0 Unable to minimize wine application windows
5:45AM 1 Error trying to Install ZBrush 3.1 under 1.1.14
3:32AM 0 Wine Joystick Oddities
Monday February 9 2009
7:10PM 1 wine and diablo 2
7:06PM 1 AppDB video card data
6:35PM 0 Re: Incredimail....Need help/ideas to get it running
5:36PM 1 Re: Incredimail....Need help/ideas to get it running
5:01PM 4 Please
4:35PM 2 Problem setting up a server on UDP port 59
2:26PM 0 Frequent
4:00AM 2 Frequent "Out of memory" issues with DX9 games under Gentoo
2:58AM 0 imagicos
1:14AM 3 Issues with getting wow to run correctly...
Sunday February 8 2009
5:28PM 1 Error msg on shell trying to open WoW (Newb)
5:07PM 0 Some questions/suggestions
3:33PM 2 Need assistance connecting Garmin GPS via USB in Mapsource
2:48PM 7 Helpful Hints for OS X Users (Idiots Guide?)
1:59PM 1 Quicken 2008 Registration
11:34AM 1 Solaris 10 and
10:20AM 1 wine internet explorer
8:30AM 10 can wine detect win AD logon scripts
8:08AM 1 Wine menus - rebuilding, deleting
5:40AM 2 Can I use EXPORT in a def file to export Dll's functions?
4:18AM 1 Dot Net 2.0 Functionality
12:33AM 1 Trying to get Kawaks and/or NeoRage X to run in Wine.
Saturday February 7 2009
11:51PM 1 Set Audio Defaults in Wine
11:14PM 0 MS Access 97
9:45PM 1 Howto change default wineprefix settings?
6:24PM 1 Fable crashes
12:21PM 6 WinFam doesn´t start
11:24AM 2 Applications close
11:10AM 2 Gentoo 2008
7:55AM 1 Re: Links 2003 & Grand Prix 4
7:33AM 1 Wine with 2x nVidia GTX260 lame peformance ingame?
3:12AM 1 Re: IBP under Wine in Ubuntu 8.04
Friday February 6 2009
9:12PM 0 Nox used to work fine but now it asks for a CD
8:36PM 3 What DLL should I start working on!
8:02PM 0 "SRM Training System" error Port None (usb / serial)
5:56PM 2 "viewed as not acceptable by the community"
5:43PM 5 Wine + WoW gives black screen...
4:56PM 2 Re: IBP under Wine in Ubuntu 8.04
4:18PM 1 Microsoft Access 2003
3:48PM 1 help me!
2:38PM 2 Program won't load fonts when run outside of installed dir
1:54PM 0 winsock errror for ioctl cmd 9800000c in wine 1.14
10:39AM 1 Wine automatic proxy authentication?
2:52AM 1 IE 6 - popups disabled and cannot open links in a new window
Thursday February 5 2009
9:10PM 1 Verifying CD presence fails
7:12PM 1 Updating to a Development Version breaks 'wine-dev'
6:34PM 1 Re: Civilization III: Complete on Steam won't run
5:26PM 2 installing Windows ttf fonts.
2:43PM 1 Removing/Reinstalling Broken Wine
2:06PM 1 problems launching applications using opengl
1:58PM 1 Can't Open
1:17PM 0 Having problems with wine mouse hack
11:31AM 2 New to Linux, Need to Run Wine on Linux Linpus (AcerOne)
9:49AM 3 WNetGetUser16
7:45AM 2 Can't Open "C:\" Drive
6:59AM 3 How to establish Japanese text in WINE
2:30AM 0 Re: Installing Windows programs under WINE for Live session user
1:54AM 0 Error running an exe application
12:48AM 1 "Why Windows Must Go Open Source"
Wednesday February 4 2009
11:07PM 4 Which version of wine am I using?
7:01PM 1 Games Crash to Desktop after initial splash screen is shown
6:18PM 0 DeLorme TopoUSA 6.0 fails to install
5:45PM 2 Uninstalled Programs will not leave the menu
5:35PM 12 Detecting a programm runs using Wine
11:15AM 4 Dissapearence of the program
8:53AM 0 Re: Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics
Tuesday February 3 2009
11:31PM 1 Re: Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics
11:12PM 2 Darwine fails to run applications
11:07PM 2 Could not found winmm.dll
10:08PM 1 Poor performance in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
9:41PM 2 SteamInstall.msi results in "Error: Success"
5:03PM 2 Re: Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics
4:37PM 3 fixme"wininet:InternetSetOptionW Err - WoW Download/Install
2:57PM 1 Problem with alpha-blending animations under Wine
1:36PM 2 Re: Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics
6:24AM 0 How to launch webstart using Wine
6:04AM 12 Is there a chance that Globalscape Secure FTP work on Wine
1:13AM 4 Command line App within Linux command line?
Monday February 2 2009
9:10PM 0 Fwd: Simple but awesome demos of Wine?
4:03PM 1 Thumbnailer for Windows apps?
12:24PM 1 Desktop icon
11:46AM 2 Wine certification and corporate cooperation
6:47AM 1 Lossywav crashing with Wine
Sunday February 1 2009
11:35PM 3 Help with English Stars3
7:49PM 1 Intel Graphics Driver problems...
7:22PM 3 Trying to Run a Program, I get these errors
3:32PM 3 Sorry, is Wine rep down?
10:11AM 1 Wine & .PFM/.PFB fonts
4:51AM 4 Installing Warcraft 3
2:44AM 1 wine in battlefield 2142
12:30AM 1 Warcraft III won't run anymore