samba - Mar 2008

Monday March 31 2008
7:13PM 0 Create directories for share
4:43PM 0 samba and unix groups problem
3:45PM 1 smb.conf parameter additions not in man page
2:55PM 1 Username case mangling: Linux username is mixed-case, Samba returns lower-case
2:55PM 0 smbd oops
2:55PM 0 Migrating from 32 to 64 bit with TDB sam
2:55PM 1 Force User based on directory name
2:55PM 1 Problem in working with domain DFS links
2:54PM 0 help with running tests in the ctdb/tests folder....
2:54PM 0 WinXP x64 + Centos 5.1 + Samba
2:54PM 0 unable to run "net rpc join"
2:54PM 3 Vista Read/Write performance
2:54PM 0 getting 0x00000057 on Vista
2:53PM 0 xp can not join domaine !
2:53PM 0 First file download from samba dead slow (fwd)
2:53PM 1 Users groups are not synchronized with Samba
2:53PM 0 Failed to set servicePrincipalNames
2:52PM 0 how to limit space of share
2:52PM 0 XP x64 will hang/bsod when using mapped network drive
1:27PM 3 Samba Restrictions
8:21AM 2 Samba-winbind under Solaris8
6:16AM 0 winbind, AD on other network an machine accounts
Sunday March 30 2008
1:51PM 2 get Samba Server via VPN from windows XP
8:35AM 1 smbldap-populate....maputf8 errors
Saturday March 29 2008
11:37PM 0 domain_master_node_status_fail
10:58PM 0 Workgroup Color Printer Recommendation
6:21PM 1 Samba 101 help
1:54PM 1 Access Denied - How to solve it?
Friday March 28 2008
1:21PM 1 Need help getting roaming profiles to work
7:07AM 2 Samba Administration Tool recommendations
6:37AM 2 Difference Between ver 3.2.x and ver 3.0.x
5:41AM 1 Problems with Samba(idmap_ad/sfu on AIX
1:42AM 1 Samba 3.0.25b as a domain member to a Samba PDC
Thursday March 27 2008
6:46PM 1 How to exit samba gracefully from within the smbd code
6:18PM 0 smbldap-useradd will not add sambaSamAccount objectClass
4:06PM 1 smb.conf(5) and winbind nss info
4:01PM 1 Still get error 13 when mounting w2k3 share
2:26PM 2 Samba Share Mounts with Java
2:21PM 1 Samba with ldap backend password change trigger
2:00PM 1 samba automatically delete folders ??????????
1:40PM 2 User restriction on some client machines
10:49AM 0 nmbd: process_local_master_announce: incorrect name type
1:26AM 2 question about login connections in XP vs Samba server
Wednesday March 26 2008
8:39PM 1 permission puzzle
8:12PM 0 FW: samba and active directory on win 2003
7:10PM 1 configure script not found in newly checked out source from SVN repository.
7:09PM 1 wrong ELF class error
6:34PM 0 obtaining SWAT
4:46PM 2 user accounts
4:17PM 2 Mount error 13
1:29PM 0 correction
12:53PM 1 new to samba, pointers/guidance needed
7:04AM 0 Unable to access shared folders from domain members
3:47AM 0 smbtorture Failed in Windows 2003 server
2:47AM 0 Samba 3 Trust Relationship with Win2008 AD problem
1:37AM 1 samba3.0.22 - "net setlocalsid" with no effect
12:54AM 0 how to disable SPNEGO
Tuesday March 25 2008
9:48PM 2 Expected transfer rate of samba, SATA over gigabit to SATA
3:42PM 0 Samba printing via CUPS fails
2:12PM 0 winbind 3.0.28a not working with nt4 -> windows 2003 trust domain
8:01AM 1 ldapsam_modify_entry: LDAP Password could not be changed for user michael: Confidentiality required
7:13AM 0 pdb_increment_bad_password_count: pdb_get_account_policy failed.
6:40AM 0 About: pdbedit command
1:57AM 0 winbind between trusted domains really acting up under 3.0.28a
1:48AM 0 How to set "change on next login" in AD account from samba
Monday March 24 2008
9:37PM 8 Poor performance on open/copy/close/rename file operations via remote/VPN connection
8:32PM 1 Desktops for non-roaming profiles
Sunday March 23 2008
11:17PM 2 Recovering Windows computer account string
5:58PM 1 trouble with logging Windows XP pro in samba4
11:43AM 1 Errors: Conversion error: Illegal multibyte sequence ...
Saturday March 22 2008
9:00PM 2 Printing failure through PDC
Friday March 21 2008
3:33PM 0 problem loading ldif
2:38PM 1 refuse login from more then one machine at a time.
1:02PM 2 upgrade from 3.0.14a to 3.0.27a; CUPS log files flooding!
9:41AM 5 SWAT Error on Debian
9:17AM 0 PDC & BDC
Thursday March 20 2008
3:45PM 1 winbind and compat mode in nsswitch.conf
10:05AM 0 Why machine LCT field in smbpasswd file not any more updated ? (since 3.0.23)
4:45AM 2 Recycle module... Stable?
Wednesday March 19 2008
8:01PM 2 AddPrinterConnection returns ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER
5:21PM 2 Domain Authentication Issue - Bug Found
5:08PM 0 Fwd: Re: failed to add domain dn= sambaDomainName
3:52PM 1 smbclient transfer speed on solaris
2:21PM 1 how to add registry files to windows
1:25PM 0 a bit OT: Windows XP clients & performance
11:43AM 0 Samba is accepting student proposals for the Google Summer of Code now.
11:33AM 1 Problems with Samba - Domain not reachable
11:10AM 1 Frontend cache VFS
9:07AM 0 Summary of yesterday's 3.2.0 Bugzilla Day
5:21AM 0 segfault with failed to set uid
Tuesday March 18 2008
7:49PM 1 Setting up ADS in Samba with MIT kerberos mapping/backend
5:48PM 1 LDAP Logon Script Management
4:41PM 2 Question
2:44PM 1 failed to add domain dn= sambaDomainName
12:05PM 0 vista svn checkout to mapped drive slower than xp
12:02PM 1 Running a login script
11:01AM 1 ntlm_auth
9:26AM 1 how to log only opened files via vfs_modules?
3:45AM 0 0x00000057 on Vista
3:17AM 0 win2003 STOP error
3:00AM 0 logfile reopen error happen (may be samba bug?)
12:38AM 1 kinit succeeded but ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind failed
Monday March 17 2008
6:58PM 1 CUPS not linked in
5:05PM 1 Mapped Samba drive slows Windows Explorer
4:22PM 1 VPN server and logon to Samba PDC
4:14PM 0 Question about guest user
2:23PM 0 Networkdrives with samba 3.5.5
10:12AM 1 Samba/Ldap problems with Versions > 3.0.24
9:06AM 0 Reminder: Tomorrow Bugzilla Day for Samba 3.2.0
7:56AM 1 chdir (/var/lib/samba/profiles) failed
Sunday March 16 2008
10:18PM 8 HP Deskjet 6940 and 6988
Saturday March 15 2008
6:17PM 0 sam_account_ok: Account for user 'user' password must change!
3:37PM 0 vista client doing svn checkout to samba share
2:48PM 0 Browser Logon by smbclient.
Friday March 14 2008
10:01PM 0 several servers, one xp box
4:58PM 1 Extended Error 161 Using a WIndows 98 client with a Samba share
3:30PM 0 log output and browse list problem
2:16PM 1 3.0.28, symlinks, vmware & windows
2:15PM 0 User Level Security
1:44PM 0 Roaming profile works for all users except one
11:58AM 0 unable to write to a share
11:41AM 2 Problems with Samba
5:29AM 1 winbind segfaulting
12:11AM 1 WinXP Pro can't join Domain (Samba PDC) after server migration but current domain machine are OK
Thursday March 13 2008
9:49PM 1 Cannot disable roaming profile in smb.conf
8:10PM 1 Can't access shares
5:13PM 1 Attributes
4:39PM 0 Re-2: reiserfs, samba, symlinks and windows
2:46PM 1 reiserfs, samba, symlinks and windows
1:14PM 0 multiple ldap backends problem
12:55PM 2 Is there a maximum number of shares samba can serve?
12:13PM 1 directory depth limit?
12:12PM 1 file creation mode is not obeyed
12:03PM 0 strange behaviour of "check password script"
9:24AM 1 incorporating linux machines in windows network
Wednesday March 12 2008
8:45PM 0 Group permissions not honoured by Windows clients
6:19PM 1 [smb.conf] "browseable = no EXCEPT valid users" possible ?
2:11PM 0 Using Samba 3.0.28 on Solaris 8 in combination with Windows NT (no ADS)
7:29AM 0 ctdb now in Debian lenny - samba-related packages in Debian
4:55AM 2 When are folks arriving for SambaXP?
Tuesday March 11 2008
11:50PM 0 Large file freezes, OpenBSD + WinXP x64
10:54PM 1 msdfs root -- client error "refers to a location that is unavailable"
9:24PM 2 SC.exe equivalent in Samba?
9:00PM 0 Samba 3.0.28a
7:58PM 2 Samba exporting an NFS mount
6:45PM 2 File share access problems
5:47PM 2 Kerberos authentication for non-windows KDCs
5:44PM 0 group mapping slowing samba
4:30PM 1 Copying (Samba -> WinXP SP2) MATLAB generated .jpg files very slow.
2:26PM 0 samba + cups
2:22PM 0 changepassword cgi script
12:08PM 0 Migrating from Samba PDC to AD
11:58AM 1 Signal 11 in Samba adding Windows XP printer driver
10:18AM 2 problem to join windows XP hosts to samba-ldap PDC
7:23AM 2 $ char in password
12:44AM 1 net file close
Monday March 10 2008
10:41PM 1 Problem with ADS idmap backend
8:45PM 2 Share permissions
7:25PM 1 samba password change web interface
3:08PM 2 SWAT Won't Start - Alarm Clock
Sunday March 9 2008
9:47PM 0 NSCD On Linux Question
9:24PM 0 net command - createcomputer parameter
7:58PM 0 Access denied in Shared directories
5:26PM 1 I still don't understand it-- what is the relation between cause and effect?
1:25PM 0 smbfs failed to preserve ownership when cp files
8:24AM 2 Samba + Kerberos ONLY NO AD
12:22AM 1 Migration to Samba.
Saturday March 8 2008
11:29PM 0 (no subject)
9:05PM 0 samba and active directory on win 2003
7:40PM 1 Changed network card, now can only access by IP--Can't find hostname
5:02PM 0 Samba 3.0.28a Available for Download
4:02AM 0 Failed to Set UID Error and Can't become connected user Error
12:28AM 3 Samba to Kerberos via OpenLDAP
Friday March 7 2008
7:22PM 1 Samba file access speed test
6:54PM 1 Get logged on username
5:26PM 0 Urgent Help :How set "NT password" for an for an user
2:39PM 2 Importing Accounts from Windows?
2:02PM 2 I changed smb.conf, but nothing seems to happen!
1:44PM 0 Samba 3.2.0 and internal shared libraries
8:31AM 0 No usersidlist
8:28AM 1 How to convert local profile to server profile
3:58AM 1 How to give user access to only 1 directory on a share?
Thursday March 6 2008
11:55PM 0 Configure specific nmbd response
9:35PM 4 Problems running samba in vmware
9:15PM 1 roaming profiles stored on BDCs? how?
4:33PM 1 Vista, 35 second login delay, domain only.
4:25PM 1 Re: cifs verses smbfs for Linux clients -time stamp issue
2:56PM 1 Problems sharing windows printer with linux
1:47PM 0 Bugzilla Day for Samba 3.2.0pre2 on Tuesday, March 18
4:45AM 2 server-side AND client-side symlinks?
4:31AM 1 Best way to handle profiles from deleted accounts?
Wednesday March 5 2008
10:08PM 1 samba-3.2-pre2 feedback
9:35PM 0 Problem with 'homes' share
9:24PM 1 The Infamous "read_data: read failure for 4 bytes"
8:05PM 4 Unable to mount using sec=none and mount.cifs
5:30PM 1 Samba as standalone server & problems with saving documents
2:28PM 0 XP spontaneous reboot after folder rename on samba share.
11:21AM 1 Restricting printer access
10:37AM 1 Strange NT_STATUS_PASSWORD errors after upgrade to 3.0.26a
7:10AM 0 security = ads problems
2:44AM 0 VISTA domain login error
2:34AM 1 check join Linux (SAMBA) to Domain controller Win2003!
Tuesday March 4 2008
9:32PM 1 couldn't find service %u, Samba 3.0.11
9:25PM 1 Curious: Windows -> Samba 4 transition path?
9:06PM 0 file not found while Upgrading Samba
5:25PM 0 smbd keeps dying
3:44PM 0 Printer properties dialog looks and behaves different if driver is installed on samba or on XP
3:29AM 3 Strange behaviour of Samba3 with wireless clients
12:10AM 0 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..
Monday March 3 2008
7:48PM 1 Samba and /etc/passwd
2:40PM 1 fun with compiling samba
8:50AM 2 Vista joinDomain gdwError = 0x32
4:18AM 0 samba2 | samba3 as domain member server to 2000 domain
Sunday March 2 2008
10:49AM 2 workgroup remains invisible!