samba - Apr 2008

Wednesday April 30 2008
10:28PM 0 samba domain member server outside Active Directory domain
10:05PM 1 samba in NATed network
6:47PM 1 - temporary administrative password reset tool
6:08PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.3.0 released
5:26PM 1 wondows & ldap passwords are changed but with an error
2:57PM 0 a php script to change password
2:56PM 0 duplicate name exists on network
2:19PM 0 Querying FS Device types
1:42PM 0 pdc logon failed without samba error
11:44AM 0 Bug ID 515? was: Re: Strange behaviour regarding timestamps when copying files
9:02AM 2 XP share not listed in Linneighborhood
7:39AM 0 smb.conf advise
7:12AM 2 group profiles
1:04AM 1 files with ~ in filename
Tuesday April 29 2008
4:21PM 1 net view produces error 5
2:39PM 0 Strange behaviour regarding timestamps when copying files
2:02PM 2 samba windows domain controller
12:09PM 0 new password empty
7:14AM 1 NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND when print client tries to write to \epmapper named pipe
6:06AM 1 winbindd hangs up while retreiving usernames.
2:32AM 0 Samba fails diagnosis.txt test #5 nmblookup
Monday April 28 2008
6:05PM 0 Problem with PDC functionality after client upgrade
5:20PM 1 SAMBA with NetApp filer
4:14PM 0 smbfs / cifs mount error - "password too long"
4:14PM 0 winbind v3.0.26a w. nss info = sfu; wbinfo fine, getent not
3:51PM 1 Monday, April 28 - Samba Mashup Report
1:34PM 1 Planning to start a new server
11:55AM 2 Samba 3.2.0-pre3 packages in Debian - version of Samba in Debian lenny
10:06AM 6 Strange behaviour of winbind on solaris 8
Sunday April 27 2008
12:08AM 1 File & Printer Sharing With Windows98
Saturday April 26 2008
11:50PM 2 Erratic / unstable PDC
Friday April 25 2008
11:52PM 2 openldap - samba
8:54PM 1 interdomain trust between two samba pdc's
6:38PM 0 controlling concurrent domain logins?
6:37PM 1 XP SP2 not running sambaLogonScript:
5:52PM 1 samba and openldap authentication issues!
2:55PM 2 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.0pre3
2:46PM 1 Re: samba Digest, Vol 64, Issue 25
1:30PM 0 [3.0.28, 1] getpeername failed. Error was Socket is not connected
9:29AM 3 Samba segs when serving files from a windows partition on OpenBSD-4.2
Thursday April 24 2008
10:20PM 1 is there a bandwidth limit per file?
10:17PM 5 Yet another Samba How-to
9:07PM 0 logon problem
8:30PM 3 question, pdc bdc on diferent subnet
8:19PM 1 Maxtor NAS share problem
6:09PM 1 Windows app can't clean up temp files
5:36PM 3 migrating from Samba to Windows
2:58PM 0 Problems w/ Samba 3.0.28 DFS and Windows Terminal Server
2:44PM 0 When is Create Temporary File Request used?
1:09PM 1 The "printer admin" option is deprecated
11:42AM 1 winbind could not get info
11:21AM 0 The problem with compiling samba
2:38AM 1 select() timeout on winbindd_privileged pipe
12:06AM 3 Problem joining XP SP2 Machines to the domain
Wednesday April 23 2008
10:53PM 1 3.0.28a winbind fails to resolve sid-to-gid for local groups
8:20PM 1 samba+cups+ad
7:30PM 0 Re: winbind v3.0.26a w. nss info = sfu; wbinfo fine, getent not
7:20PM 1 Samba PDC, joining XP workstation 'network path was not found'
7:15PM 1 Full control access rights mapped as execute
7:09PM 1 Mis-behavior of ldap.conf regarding nss?
7:09PM 0 Group mapping question
6:02PM 1 nested groups not working with sudo and winbind
5:00PM 1 winbindd_privileged problem with 3.0.28a
2:07PM 1 (no subject)
2:07PM 0 winbindd hangs up while retreiving users
2:07PM 1 using samba as nfs server replacement?
2:07PM 6 Unable to access linux files from windows using samba configured in linux Vmware
2:06PM 0 Can't get ldap passwd sync = only to send password request to ldap server
2:06PM 0 samba and gpfs
2:06PM 1 Broken symlink inside a folder
12:47PM 3 profiles migrate
11:54AM 0 changing file permissions from Windows
11:38AM 0 Running Samba 3 in a FreeBSD jail
11:34AM 1 my samba hangs for 60 seconds
Tuesday April 22 2008
11:49PM 2 Can't use Encrypted Passwords with ldapsam backend
6:23PM 0 smb from PC but not from MAC
3:45PM 0 Directory creation access
7:33AM 2 Problems with winbind, idmap and usrmgr.exe
12:29AM 1 Convert ssha password to sambaNTpassword?
12:04AM 1 OT: Vista & NTConfig.POL
Monday April 21 2008
11:54PM 1 Samba server, works fine for several days, then load increases indefinately till server unavailable
4:23PM 1 Windows shortcuts and permissions
2:10PM 0 samba pdc and xp host
2:00PM 8 Samba send SPNEGO if Extended Security is ON
11:53AM 1 Default ACL problem in new file
10:50AM 0 tdb_fetch_uint32 failed and create_builtin_administrators failed
10:47AM 0 Command 'net rpc ...' yields nothing
9:50AM 1 smbstatus und srvmgr.exe give different informations
Sunday April 20 2008
8:07AM 0 Samba seems to be working - but Linux client can't see windows machines
Saturday April 19 2008
1:31AM 0 Annoying Winbind Pause While Looking Up Permissions
12:43AM 1 Unix ADS group membership or vice versa
12:16AM 2 problem with [homes] share for users with unix logins
Friday April 18 2008
8:57PM 0 file permissions?
8:52PM 1 Can't kill smbd process
7:17PM 0 Vista SP1 performance fix - maybe!
2:32PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 64, Issue 18
1:19PM 0 wbinfo -r help?
12:50PM 0 Winbind authenticated users lose connection over telnet or login
9:46AM 7 Samba and Vista profile probs
8:15AM 2 [3.0.28,1/smb.conf] Can't hide dot files
7:17AM 0 Samba hangs for a minuate then works fine
6:37AM 1 smbd in hybrid mode
Thursday April 17 2008
11:29PM 2 Samba + terminal services
11:01PM 1 I need something about the source explain.
11:00PM 0 samba 3.0.25a
11:00PM 0 roaming profiles WXP and Win2k
8:53PM 0 inotify trouble
8:34PM 4 Bad file modification date/time stamps created from windows clients
5:13PM 0 winbind can get uid and gid from sfu, but not homedir or loginshell
3:10PM 2 Samba Replication
1:25PM 3 Samba 3: bad read performance
12:41PM 3 login failed
11:21AM 1 LVM + xfs + Shadow copy
Wednesday April 16 2008
10:33PM 0 Applciation cannot open a file
7:44PM 1 Samba PDC and Samba domain member - LDAP/Winbind/Idmap confusion
7:13PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.3.0RC1 released
4:46PM 0 script to move user profile directories
12:27PM 1 valid users = +group doesn't work
8:18AM 0 broken client with domain name
12:27AM 3 Can connect directly, but not browse samba server from Windows Workgroup network
Tuesday April 15 2008
11:16PM 1 winbindd not included with 2.2.5 on SCO OpenServer 5.0.5
10:36PM 0 Errors on migration from 3.0.4 to 3.0.24 with LDAP
8:57PM 1 how to make 'winbind nss info = sfu' work in v >= 3.0.26a
5:35PM 0 diagnosing cause of NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME error
5:08PM 1 using Windows DC in security = server mode
5:08PM 0 chdir (/root/tmp) failed - but why is it trying?
5:08PM 0 sambaPwdMustChange
5:08PM 0 Samba in Active-Drirector environements with centralized sid to uid mapping
5:08PM 2 SMB/CIFS vs DFS
5:08PM 0 Domain Member using winbind and local Unix accounts
5:08PM 0 Samba v3.0 domain to Windows 2003 AD
5:08PM 0 Migrate SAMBA 3.0 domain to Windows 2003 AD
5:07PM 0 findsmb inconsistent results... what gives?
5:07PM 1 2008 server join
4:41PM 1 check password script
1:40PM 0 login ldap pdc
5:47AM 3 Samba 3.0.28a does not listen on UDP ports
2:08AM 1 Browsing Samba shares slow when server has no DNS access
Monday April 14 2008
8:14PM 2 Vista problem, with ADS samba
6:50PM 2 corrupt files... oplocks?
3:45PM 1 administering permissions via Windows 2003 Server
2:59PM 1 cannot connect to server
8:15AM 7 Samba / LDAP / Idmap
6:01AM 1 profiles limited to certain hosts
3:41AM 0 problem with user nobody and net groupmap
Saturday April 12 2008
3:28PM 1 Error join Samba: error setting trust account password
Friday April 11 2008
4:54PM 0 Working PDC: "Initialization failed for alloc backend"
3:35PM 1 Samba & Active Directory - Login from non Domain Machine
3:15PM 0 samba and mac
11:51AM 1 Fileshares failing
10:12AM 1 Samba keeps resetting smbpasswd permissions
Thursday April 10 2008
4:13PM 4 File locks?
4:03PM 0 loss of trust?
12:21PM 2 Trouble with trusted domains
11:38AM 1 Tdbtool in Samba 3.0.28a
Wednesday April 9 2008
10:51PM 1 Samba Slow for Shared App.
10:06PM 0 Running remote commands using Samba
9:52PM 1 Password sync problem from unix to windows
8:51PM 6 Help: justification for Linux PDC vs Windows...
7:54AM 2 write list vs read list
Tuesday April 8 2008
11:59PM 0 Fwd: file locking issue
11:13PM 1 ACL/Excel file issue
10:45PM 0 disable '_' to '/' replacement in %S for default service configuration
10:05PM 0 "restrict anonymous = 2" breaks Dfs root functionality
7:05PM 1 unable to compile samba 3.0.28a on RHEL 5.1 i386
7:01PM 0 Mac OS upgrade upsets access to samba shares
6:01PM 1 Samba / Vista Problem
5:22PM 1 Printing Problem with Samba ' Failed to allocate a print job'
4:56PM 3 Username case mangling -- Linux username is mixed-case, Samba returns lower-case
3:20PM 0 hardware change
3:16PM 0 samba.conf share settings
2:04PM 0 failed to get machine password for account
1:14PM 0 mac os x & samba: refresh problem
1:12PM 3 problems setting a public share
12:50PM 0 AUTO: Luc Sainte-Marie is Out of Office / N'est pas au bureau (returning Wed 04/09/2008)
10:04AM 0 Issues with migration from default mapping to idmap_rid in 3.0.26a
8:11AM 0 Command to force a windows domain client to log off
Monday April 7 2008
9:28PM 1 Redhat 3 upgrade
6:23PM 0 Questions about Active Directory Password Cache overlay
9:59AM 1 how to know if kernel supports oplocks
3:01AM 0 Help me, Winbind errors with samba 3.x!
Saturday April 5 2008
4:11AM 0 Time quota for users in samba PDC
1:18AM 1 ZFS shadow copy patches
Friday April 4 2008
8:43PM 2 Samba 3.0.24 handling LDAP responses incorrectly
7:55PM 0 Weird - all printers auto-installing
5:04PM 1 Issue with Samba 3.0.28a and Active Directory
4:21PM 6 PDC migration: printing trouble.
3:55PM 5 How to create a write-only share?
3:14PM 1 winbind with multiple domains
3:06PM 0 moveuser.exe and Vista
3:06PM 0 Re: Samba to ADS 2003
1:11PM 0 ssh and samba using different ldap trees
12:42PM 1 ACL strange behaviour
12:02PM 2 Samba 3.0.28a under Solaris 8 + problem?
10:06AM 0 Cannot print from Win2003 R2
9:54AM 0 workgroups
6:12AM 1 3.0.28a+ 2008 server join with security=domain
12:34AM 2 Domain logons w/ LDAP backend
12:30AM 0 tdb already open
Thursday April 3 2008
10:03PM 2 Multiple IP addresses
8:35PM 1 Samba authentication to Kerberos via OpenLDAP, third and last try
5:37PM 2 Winbind ignores idmap configuration (3.0.28a)
4:58PM 1 list all samba accounts
1:56PM 0 Vista, %H, booting up
1:13PM 2 Samba users as local workstation admins?
12:47PM 1 issue with 3.0.28a
12:10PM 0 workgroup questions
9:49AM 1 what is the meaning of number in "make_connection_snum()" ?
5:17AM 1 Facing the problem while cloning the samba repository
12:38AM 1 Smbpasswd help101
Wednesday April 2 2008
5:16PM 0 PANIC: internal error
4:50PM 2 user account status
4:43PM 3 weird election with non-existant machine
1:21PM 0 tdbsam allow users to change password without notice!!!
12:38PM 0 problem with pdbedit logon hours and usrmgr.exe
8:59AM 3 Urgent... winbind and keytab file creation
12:54AM 0 Performance on freebsd 6.3
12:12AM 2 Problem with cups print job name
Tuesday April 1 2008
6:14PM 1 Samba PDC, OpenLDAP, and passwd chat
5:16PM 2 renaming a computer fail on a samba domain using ldap backend
3:22PM 1 Strong(er) authentication required when joining Active Directory (Samba 3.0.28)
3:02PM 0 Standalone server providing authenticated services to AD clients?
2:17PM 2 smbldap-useradd -w won't create machine account
7:15AM 2 strange behaviour
4:15AM 1 strange permission denied problem
1:02AM 1 LDAP different Group SID -- not supported for NETLOGON calls