samba - Feb 2008

Friday February 29 2008
6:46PM 1 uid x sid on LDAP
10:25AM 0 problem with winbind (netlogon proxy only mode)
6:59AM 0 Member Server creates Samba Domain in LDAP
3:10AM 1 freeRADIUS + krb5 + samba + AD
3:05AM 0 Error in the Samba log file (smb.log)
Thursday February 28 2008
11:52PM 1 Inheritable Permissions Issue
7:24PM 1 msdfs root / directory structure.
5:32PM 1 Printing samba, cups and legacy 16 bit applications
3:10PM 2 Is there a Samba4 list that I can use?
9:24AM 0 Windows permissions and inheritance
8:13AM 1 [Samba to samba transfert] Timestamp problem
7:15AM 0 net user info result depends on protocol and is not syncing with ldap
2:12AM 3 Samba server joining domain and browsing group shares
Wednesday February 27 2008
11:44PM 0 Samba and wins
9:28PM 0 Slow response time opening documents from Samba on Redhat compared to opening them on Sun
4:13PM 0 Re: Windows C# unable to access Samba directories.
3:02PM 2 Winbind+ldap = core dump
2:46PM 2 Still unresolved: adding printers as a non admin domain user doesn't work
12:28PM 1 krb5.conf file in /var/lib/samba/smb_krb5; Samba 3.0.27a
10:43AM 0 Samba malformed ACL
10:32AM 0 max password age won't work (3.0.27a)
7:37AM 0 Joining an AD domain
7:37AM 0 Problem authenticating against W2k3 ADS
7:37AM 0 connect through smbclinet failed
7:36AM 0 Vista Sync (offline file) and Samba Problem
7:36AM 0 please help me st up samba as an application server
7:35AM 0 Weird Problem with 2000 and XP
7:34AM 1 Do I have to create user accounts twice??
7:34AM 0 Running 2 network cards with samba
7:34AM 0 Samba suddenly not working, and all I did was change hard drives!
7:34AM 0 Transparent migration Samba 2.2 to Samba 3.0 (diferent servers)
7:34AM 0 problems with GID while mounting shares
7:34AM 0 GID problems
7:34AM 0 Problems with Samba share access
7:34AM 0 XP to samba = ok samba to XP = NT_STATUS_INSUFF_SERVER_RESOURCES
7:33AM 0 Groups authentication?
7:33AM 0 Samba 3.0.28 with VFS-Module "GPFS"
7:33AM 0 nmbd will not run
7:33AM 0 Cant't modify passowrd on Windows 2003 server
7:31AM 1 UserPrincipalName with samba/winbind 3.2
7:31AM 0 Authentication problem
7:31AM 0 xinetd and nmbd config file
7:30AM 1 MS-SMB Protocol v2
7:30AM 0 AD maximum user token size
7:30AM 0 per share encrytion
7:30AM 0 Cached user?
7:30AM 0 Samba 3.0.26a: "Attempt to create file with volid set - please report this"
7:30AM 0 samba,robocopy and gpfs problem
7:26AM 0 can't use Swat to add new user
7:25AM 0 wrong uid in lock database
7:25AM 0 security setup problem
7:25AM 0 Patch for Kerberos on OpenBSD
7:23AM 0 Listing users from a group (net rap groupmember list)
7:23AM 1 Samba 4 on Debian etch
7:22AM 0 Need to "net use \\someserver\someshare" to increase speed?
7:21AM 0 create_builtin_administrators: Failed to create Administrators
7:21AM 0 auth/auth_util.c:create_builtin_users(751)
7:20AM 0 Samba AD client's settings transfer
7:20AM 0 winbind group membership
7:20AM 0 authenticating a linux samba client to a win2k domain
7:20AM 0 Procedure to upgrade SAMBA 2.
7:20AM 0 Export Users from Windows server 2003 to Samba 4
7:18AM 0 HP printer can't access samba share
7:16AM 0 XP clients won't login to samba domain
7:16AM 0 Samba 3.0.21b is not able to connect to password server
7:14AM 0 Performance problem with SAMBA
7:13AM 4 Samba/LDAP Question
7:13AM 0 smbpasswd error: rejected the tconX on the IPC$ share
7:13AM 0 Installation problem on AIX 4.3
7:13AM 0 Samba vs ActiveDirectory Kerberos error message
7:13AM 1 Samba - Win XP authentication failure
7:13AM 2 page_count x number_of_copies
7:11AM 1 WINS registration refused with multiple network adapters
7:11AM 0 Prevent unauthenticated PDC users to login locally
7:11AM 0 Delegation of authentication (S4U) and SAMBA
7:11AM 0 SAMBA mount problem
7:08AM 0 Samba on a xen dom0
7:08AM 1 After migrating from Samba 2 to Samba 3 - home share names are case sensitive
7:07AM 0 samba pdc and xp
7:07AM 0 cannot logon domain after upgrade 3.0.20 to 3.0.28
7:07AM 1 Re: Windows C# unable to access Samba directories.
7:07AM 1 Lower and Upper Case and MS C# FilesystemWatcher
7:05AM 0 Notice: Mail Backlog Being Cleared
7:00AM 1 ads_connect:operations error(problem connecting to active directory)
6:59AM 2 Server cannot share resources
6:59AM 0 Winbind separator Problem
6:59AM 2 Prevent drag and drop within Samba shares
6:54AM 0 Samba file access strange behavior
6:13AM 1 Samba 3.0.25b on centos 5.1 a lot of signal 11 very unstable!!!
5:49AM 1 Can I have share name "shareone" and "share one" at the same time?
3:04AM 1 APW New Driver Greyed Out
Tuesday February 26 2008
11:24PM 2 setup printing without a Windows PC client, how?
10:58PM 1 Performance issues after samba update (utime?)
9:44PM 1 diagnosing broken pipe errors
9:27PM 1 security = user, multiple Sambas, shared LDAP
8:28PM 2 Re LDAP adding workstation accounts fails (but not really???)
5:34PM 0 getent on Solaris 10
4:23PM 0 RE: Samba and ADS authentication - can't change filepermissions
4:19PM 1 how to make smbpasswd use or import system passwords?
11:34AM 1 Samba4 - MS specs delivered? - WAS: Re: Samba 3 vs 4, User Maintenance
9:50AM 1 Samba Domain and OpenVPN
Monday February 25 2008
9:16PM 2 Samba 3 vs 4, User Maintenance
9:13PM 2 not working.
2:38PM 1 Error accessing [homes] after 3.0.25b update (uppercase)
9:01AM 1 NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE with ldap backend
7:31AM 1 3.0.28 continuously dumping core
12:33AM 1 server string ignored
Sunday February 24 2008
10:11AM 0 REF: Samba PDC with Romote LDAP Server Problem
Saturday February 23 2008
8:11PM 0 Join domain problems in Windows 2003 environment
9:40AM 0 samba ldap group shares don't work anymore
Friday February 22 2008
11:58PM 3 Windows 2000 pro doesn't join a domain with Samba+Ldap (linux)
11:06PM 2 Adding a machine account to Samba PCD + LDAP?
10:47PM 1 WINS via WAN problem
8:47PM 1 IDMAP: migrating from a single PDC to a PDC and some Member Servers
7:44PM 3 Winbind 3.0.26a cannot authenticate with ActiveDirectory
4:58PM 0 adding unix groups to local groups
3:25PM 1 can't resolve NETBios names
3:17PM 0 AUTO: Luc Sainte-Marie is Out of Office / N'est pas au bureau (returning 2008-02-25)
3:01PM 0 samba panic
1:23PM 0 samba acls recursive
10:54AM 0 next to no frils smb.conf pointing to an existing LDAP on AIX 5.3
10:07AM 1 Samba and ADS authentication problems
3:20AM 1 Integrating Misys into existing Samba network
Thursday February 21 2008
11:03PM 0 Testing winbind
10:21PM 2 migrating user profiles to new domain
8:42PM 0 Measuring performance
7:25PM 1 NMBD unresponsive
5:18PM 2 recycle module creates empty files (0 KB)
3:18PM 1 GDI Printer problem
12:51PM 1 Samba4 and GPO´s
11:35AM 1 HFS filesystem on linux + samba -> Mac
8:14AM 0 Samba Error fills logs
Wednesday February 20 2008
6:53PM 2 Subfolders and permissions
6:46PM 0 samba, PAM and active directory
6:10PM 1 Need help upgrading from 3.0.4 to 3.0.28
6:05PM 2 LDAP adding workstation accounts fails (but not really???)
12:00PM 1 using MD5 to cipher password
10:52AM 0 samba doesn't accept groups?
10:22AM 0 Groupmapping Samba<->AD
10:05AM 1 sambaPwdMustChange attribute didn't get updated (3.0.27a)
12:47AM 3 change in AD authentication behaviour since 3.0.24
Tuesday February 19 2008
6:55PM 1 Linux clients, "force * mode"
4:57PM 3 Problem connecting to Samba server
4:13PM 1 problems with roaming profiles
2:42PM 0 idmap_ad and multiple domians
1:45PM 2 Moving / Copying files inside server across different shares
1:25PM 2 Charset conversion : init_iconv error
9:11AM 2 understanding the ldap backend
8:16AM 0 Failed to create BUILTIN\Users group! with idmap backend = ad
Monday February 18 2008
11:29PM 2 samba everyone read
11:11PM 12 cifs verses smbfs for Linux clients
5:30PM 1 Convert Profile from Local to Roaming
4:33PM 0 Group write permissions not set
3:54PM 1 Samba update process
3:11PM 3 Problem with samba+openldap with regard changing passwords from windows
8:09AM 2 Migration for Samba 2.x to Samba 3.x advice.
Sunday February 17 2008
11:27PM 1 detailed info for "profiles" tool
10:49PM 0 Re: windows 2008 server support
4:15PM 2 winbind - not ready for prime time?
12:38AM 1 "|dirname| in dfs path \boxname\dirname is not a dfs root" ?
Saturday February 16 2008
11:40PM 0 Virtual Servers with sercurity=ads
4:04PM 2 configure for rfc2307
4:03PM 2 everyone acl
4:00PM 1 wbinfo -a not working
8:52AM 1 Joining Domain Problem only with XP SP2
1:17AM 0 import individual users from tdb to ldap?
12:44AM 2 Slower performance on oplock
Friday February 15 2008
9:12PM 1 idmap_ad alloc to store uid/gid attributes in AD
7:33PM 1 CentOS 5 client in W2K3 AD Domain, getent only shows local info
6:10PM 2 Joining a Windows XP pc to Samba / LDAP domain
3:05PM 1 netbios name resolution inside linux via samba?
1:06PM 1 smbd daemon running as wrong user ID
10:39AM 0 Integration with MS Active Directory
2:58AM 0 problem with samba+winbind+kerberos+AD
1:22AM 3 Wrong perms on new files/dirs using `mount -t cifs`
Thursday February 14 2008
8:55PM 1 ZFS ACL Support
8:27PM 0 Samba in etch giving network issues
8:06PM 0 HP DesignJet z6100ps driver and print share issues
7:21PM 1 Winbind problem with more details.
5:57PM 0 Charset problem only on redirected folder Desktop.
5:22PM 3 symlink on Linux vs. Windows clients
3:54PM 1 Help "Could not get unix ID"
3:14PM 4 Attach LDAP to Samba or wait Samba4
2:00PM 0 unable to compile samba 3.0.28 on Centos 5 64-bit
11:50AM 0 Interdomain trust between Samba and Windows 2k3
9:04AM 0 Samba 3.0.24 with ldap backend , acl editor and displayName
7:55AM 0 Default Posix ACLs not honoured
5:53AM 1 multiple login deny
12:41AM 0 samba BDC, share host
12:15AM 1 smbclient error message interpretation
Wednesday February 13 2008
10:39PM 0 Fwd: Issue with version 3.0.28 on FC8
9:01PM 0 pdb_new_rid: Failed to find unused RID
6:58PM 0 Samba share over a NFS mount (tuning)
6:37PM 1 macro for number of copies
5:32PM 5 Wrong perms on new files/dirs using smbmount
5:26PM 2 Access denied when setting permissions
5:02PM 4 FreeBSD: Changing UNIX password - Password Chat?
3:23PM 1 acl, no rights and possibility to delete files
10:11AM 0 problem with init_iconv on Debian 4.0 Amd64
2:16AM 0 Can't write mount entrysmbmnt failed: 1
1:44AM 1 Problem with winbind not seeing a user as part of a group
12:02AM 1 Samba and the InterWeb
Tuesday February 12 2008
11:07PM 0 My Windows boxes can see the share but cannot find acceptable name and Password
10:31PM 2 Kaspersky Anti-virus unable to join Domain
9:21PM 1 unable to access HOMES share
8:15PM 1 RE: Delegation of authentication (S4U) and SAMBA
7:46PM 1 Winbind Error.
6:08PM 0 unable to get Windows XP to join domain using BDC
4:58PM 0 rpcclient adddriver WERR_BADFILE
4:50PM 0 problem with samba as pdc
3:35PM 1 Log file confusion
11:44AM 3 ldap passwd sync not working
10:58AM 1 CTDB and LDAP: anyone?
2:58AM 0 Issue with version 3.0.28 on FC8
Monday February 11 2008
11:12PM 1 File ownership problems
2:56PM 2 Problem: print with personal account in an active directory
2:29PM 1 Multiple homedir entries in smb.conf ?
2:27PM 0 "smbclient -L servername -N" not working
1:51PM 0 Fwd: Re: domain member WIN2003 AD - Trusted Domain
12:23PM 1 dos filemode (security concern)
10:08AM 0 winbind and nscd
9:23AM 4 domain member WIN2003 AD - Trusted Domain
1:13AM 1 FreeBSD: Changing UNIX passwords from Windows
12:38AM 0 Samba never dereference alias object
Sunday February 10 2008
4:09PM 0 vscan module: looking for a quick virus scanner?
Saturday February 9 2008
8:01PM 1 nmbd dead but pid file exists
7:31PM 0 Samba name resolution (?) over VPN
2:17PM 0 samba locking and gfs
1:49PM 13 locking and gfs
12:41PM 0 Sharing the \ filesystem - different samba versions
3:08AM 0 Point n Print, Printer Settings Could Not Be Saved
Friday February 8 2008
12:21PM 1 How to set Samba and Cups on different servers ?
5:32AM 0 samba + mit krb5 + ldap hypothetical
Thursday February 7 2008
7:19PM 0 builtin groups in samba 3.0.28
6:53PM 3 number of aces in big endian format?
5:28PM 1 Samba 3 and Windows ACL Editor
5:10PM 1 samba-3.0.25b-1.el4_6.4
4:28PM 1 (no subject)
4:01PM 1 Net Join Problem
3:50PM 0 CTDB and LDAP
11:02AM 2 Samba+ACL+w2k domain
Wednesday February 6 2008
10:59PM 0 will ms dfs links go to the "closest" file server
6:17PM 1 How to have a Default Profile per group ?
4:00PM 0 KRB KDC problem
2:16PM 1 Domain Administrator problems
1:58PM 0 Transparent Samba 2.2 -> 3.0.X migration
12:41PM 2 Is Samba Shadowcopying can be used in Production Environement with more than 20 TB of data
8:48AM 0 Mangle char prob's
6:53AM 0 Bind user name with machine account
Tuesday February 5 2008
10:11PM 0 Loading profile slow over a fast wan link
6:50PM 1 Adding a second server, SIDs in security tab?
5:33PM 2 Samba crashing word and excell?
4:40PM 2 Re: samba-3.0.23d, smbpasswd, and "NO PASSWORD" behaviour
2:39PM 2 Relaying samba
1:57PM 3 Which antivirus for a Samba (Debian) fileserver?
10:41AM 1 Map Linux Drive to Windows
10:25AM 1 Map Linux Driving To Windows
10:04AM 1 File locking in a cluster
9:04AM 7 roaming profiles
3:40AM 1 windows printer config management
Monday February 4 2008
9:52PM 3 Making Samba change the Unix Password (/etc/shadow)
9:23PM 1 Samba as WINS
8:07PM 0 halp!
6:08PM 5 WinXP/x64 - MFC CFile objects leak parent directory handles
4:40PM 1 "passdb expand explicit" deprecated
2:37PM 2 root preexec problem
12:50PM 0 MS Terminal Services Manager does not display any Terminalservers
9:13AM 0 Vista home becomes workgroup master
5:45AM 1 samba + ldap bind machine account with user account
Sunday February 3 2008
5:02PM 8 SAMBA authentication ?
1:36PM 2 FDS + samba + add machine account script
1:22AM 0 Problem with file ownership/permissions on WinXP client
Saturday February 2 2008
11:07PM 0 question about "Chapter 3. Secure Office Networking" DNS config
2:47PM 2 Linux (specially Fedora 8), issues with ldap and samba services starting up at boot time
1:30PM 1 Unix Users can't connect to Samba with AD / ADS configuration
3:21AM 3 Samba AD support on Solaris and AIX
Friday February 1 2008
10:06PM 1 Help with mapping a UNIX group to a AD Directory Group
10:06PM 0 Winbind data (getent) not persistent?
6:04PM 1 Samba + BDE and slow speed on reading (long)
6:01PM 2 Problem with SMBFS vs CIFS
11:58AM 2 Aplication slow after migration
11:03AM 1 PDC: random problems, especially NETLOGON script not always loading