samba - Sep 2005

Friday September 30 2005
11:37PM 2 XP Client brings another SID in
9:53PM 1 Old smbpasswd file to new SMB 3.0 smbpasswd
8:19PM 1 Samba 3.0.20a on AIX 5.2
6:51PM 0 log.winbind error: ads_connect for domain failed: cannot read password
6:23PM 1 ugly name when mapping drives to windows
6:04PM 0 IDMAP difficulties
5:40PM 1 File sharing permissions w/ Win2k
5:12PM 1 Samba 3.0.20a Available for Download
4:30PM 1 Trouble with ntlm_auth
4:01PM 3 Differences with net join
4:01PM 0 is creating machine folders when used withsamba
3:59PM 1 Authenticating Samba against Active Directory
1:37PM 3 LDAP PDC question
12:37PM 1 Roaming profiles not supporting quota
8:49AM 0 net group members timeout
7:36AM 1 wbinfo joined the domain but -t is in error
6:55AM 0 AW: Cant browse network
12:28AM 1 recycle not working as I expected
Thursday September 29 2005
10:17PM 2 Hilfe bei Samba Problem
10:15PM 0 Samba --with-ads on AIX compile error
10:02PM 0 Samba + LDAP Login problem
10:01PM 0 winbind causing authentication to hang on solaris apps (HELIOS ETHERSHARE)
9:32PM 1 Samba Solaris HIGH Cpu
9:19PM 1 Authentication issues - One problem found, another discovered
8:50PM 7 ldapsam:trusted = yes kills smbd
8:39PM 1 adding to: winlogon problem error with Default User/ "... does not
8:37PM 1 smb_panic after upgrading
7:13PM 0 winlogon problem error with Default User/ "... does not have the correct security ..."
5:50PM 1 samba (3.0.20) doesn't use TLS for LDAP referrals
5:48PM 0 Cant browse network
5:32PM 2 SAMBA 3.0.14a getpwent() usage with LDAP backend -- URGENT HELP!!!
4:39PM 2 Unnecessary smbpasswd
4:21PM 0 is creating machine folders when used with samba
3:42PM 1 multiple domain login failures
3:35PM 1 Best docs for Samba and LDAP?
3:34PM 0 Password problem
2:47PM 1 More Random Behaviour
2:30PM 1 WINS and domain controller
2:20PM 0 Forcing DOMAIN GROUP from Windows 2000 AD for RHEL3 shared directory
1:38PM 0 winbindd and PAM problem
1:06PM 0 problem with wbinfo
11:33AM 0 3.0.20 : AIX 5.2 compile problem
9:43AM 1 VFS recycle - doesn't work for some users
9:35AM 0 Roaming Profiles and Quota
9:32AM 0 example 'get quota command'
7:42AM 0 rpcclient
3:13AM 1 winbindd_create_user: Refusing to create user that already exists
2:22AM 1 Joining XPPro failed
1:55AM 0 multiple user folders showing up
1:12AM 0 Can Samba be used to push out updates and hotfixes
1:11AM 0 Re: Need HELP in upgrading SAMBA 2.2.12 to 3.0.20
Wednesday September 28 2005
9:27PM 0 permissions of netlogon/Default User/
9:01PM 2 Can Samba be used to push out updates and hotfixes to client PC's
7:07PM 0 Samba 3.0.20 aio compile failure on AIX 5.2
7:07PM 0 Samba and OS X 10.4.2 - vfs quota inheritance not correct
7:05PM 1 Samba(4) + AFS
6:53PM 1 problems with shadow copy
6:20PM 1 Random "access denied" failures
5:23PM 2 Is there a method to search the samba archives
5:04PM 0 w2k3 ad (no sp1) 3.0.14a
4:37PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.5.0 released
3:48PM 0 Failed to get password history
3:29PM 0 Automatic printer drivers for Windows clients do not work
3:05PM 2 Migrate tdbsam to LDAP - issues?
2:39PM 0 smbldap-populate problem
2:04PM 0 RES: RES: RES: RES: Re: ACLs with Problem
1:40PM 0 VFS recycle - can't get exclude_dir to work
1:25PM 3 samba + virtual users +mysql
12:27PM 0 Roaming Profiles
12:09PM 0 W2003 and ACL.
11:46AM 0 NTFS ACL problem
11:39AM 1 home shares and disabled profiles (NET HELPMSG 3916)
11:19AM 0 [Fwd: Need HELP in upgrading SAMBA 2.2.12 to 3.0.20]
11:07AM 1 samba 3.0 and 4k files
10:42AM 2 roaming profile problem--file in use
10:00AM 2 Best practice in small office
9:13AM 1 Production Release
9:12AM 2 different logon path for different users - local profiles for a few users only - how?
8:27AM 1 Domain reconnection after network outage. (ME too)
Tuesday September 27 2005
10:45PM 0 FW: Need HELP in upgrading SAMBA 2.2.12 to 3.0.20
10:45PM 1 PDC + LDAP, cannot access LDAP when not root
10:45PM 0 Login to windows with samba running as domain master doesn't set HOMEPATH environment variable
9:05PM 1 When will be released samba 3.0.20a with latest patches ?
8:55PM 0 PDC Configuration
8:20PM 2 Samba/Firewall issues?
8:16PM 0 Samba 3.0.14a-0.4-SUSE winbind -t error with NT4 domain
7:52PM 1 Multiple Page Print Jobs Wont Sort
5:51PM 3 Free space/capacity displayed as garbage...
4:45PM 1 Authentication confusion - may be LDAP related
4:01PM 0 SMB/LDAP: Confused...
3:14PM 1 Print$ share for athlon 64bit systems or xeon 64bit
1:02PM 0 Slow shutdowns and tmp files?[VASCL:A1037FCE7F5]
1:01PM 1 net join between Solaris member and Linux Samba PDC
12:19PM 1 Need help with IDMAP storage in LDAP using Winbind
12:14PM 1 Option deprecated.
10:37AM 1 Samba 3 as PDC with Debian Linux server and Windows XP clients
9:45AM 0 share disconnect timeout
9:13AM 1 file to large
8:05AM 0 deny writing to share root
4:40AM 2 Tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnomem
12:29AM 0 profiles issue
Monday September 26 2005
11:54PM 0 w2k3 AD and samba 3.0.14a (debian)
11:54PM 1 Samba server doesn't announce itself.
11:54PM 1 RECYCLER and recycler bin
11:54PM 2 Excel problem with samba 3.0.4 and 3.0.10
11:54PM 2 help
10:36PM 0 Samba Instalation Error AIX 4.3
10:35PM 0 Problem with example: Chapter 15 of howto
10:20PM 0 FreeBSD 4.x Samba 3
10:10PM 1 Can't access some files
9:34PM 0 NTFS ACL question
9:11PM 1 newb: no write access
8:52PM 0 RES: RE RES: ACLs with Problem
8:28PM 1 RES: RES: Re: ACLs with Problem
6:09PM 1 Where Can I get Samba for AIX 4.3.3
4:28PM 0 Cannot join Windows server; SWAT internal error
3:45PM 2 Samba/AD/Winbbind OU vs. CN?
3:43PM 0 (no subject)
2:14PM 1 IAbwesenheit : samba Digest, Vol 33, Issue 35
12:00PM 0 question
11:59AM 0 How can using aio ?
11:59AM 1 Samba+LDAP (How to Expires an Account on Specified date)
8:45AM 0 Samba+LDAP (How to Expires an user Account on Specified date)
7:55AM 0 Attempt #2 :Interdomain Trust
1:47AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Samba with Mysql, Compilation of version 3.0.11]
1:46AM 1 Nmbd question...
Sunday September 25 2005
10:18PM 2 Windows special chars in filenames, cannot access files
6:43PM 2 How to Correct SWAT Root Userid & Password
6:37PM 0 samba with mysql
4:03AM 0 winbind challenge-response first
Saturday September 24 2005
6:57PM 0 Error when attempting to join ads domain:
5:36PM 0 net ads join fails on ADS 2003
3:25PM 0 Usernames charset
2:51PM 0 windows xp cannot join to domain
7:31AM 1 Users privilege in a NT-DOMAIN with samba as PDC
6:20AM 0 question regarding Perl + PAM + Winbindd
Friday September 23 2005
11:34PM 2 ADS Issues and possible bug in 3.0.20
8:38PM 1 VLAN issue
8:38PM 0 authentication problems from AD to NT4 domain w/samba servers
7:45PM 1 Password change caused lose X flag
7:01PM 1 Role of TLS in LDAP for Samba 3.x
6:34PM 1 backing up and restoring a samba configuration
5:47PM 1 pdb_mysql, pdb_pgsql and pdb_xml modules: request for maintainer
5:34PM 1 file locking
4:04PM 2 winbindd exceeding 200 client connections
3:17PM 0 unsolvable?
2:55PM 0 RES: LDAP howto
12:39PM 1 RES: ACLs with Problem
12:13PM 0 Cannot join domain from WinXP
12:01PM 2 RES: Re: ACLs with Problem
11:11AM 0 sambaSID generation for machine accounts...
10:21AM 1 Not the same folder size on a Linux workstation and on a Windows workstation
10:16AM 0 locked file
8:55AM 0 problems logging in as guest from a windows2k system
8:00AM 0 Building 3.0.20 for ubuntu
7:43AM 0 samba samba cross subnet browsing
6:52AM 0 AW: Big problem with roaming profiles
2:37AM 0 root login using /etc/shadow bypassing winbind / ADS security
Thursday September 22 2005
10:50PM 2 winbind joins with domain name , not netbios name
9:53PM 1 Name mangling problem
9:52PM 0 Problem migrating printer and driver form one samba share to another
9:52PM 1 Password expires
9:52PM 0 Error message when mapping drive
9:52PM 1 Problem with starting smbd and nmbd
6:17PM 2 LDAP howto
4:17PM 1 vfs module problem with new samba version
4:01PM 1 Password History with Ldap
3:27PM 0 getent
3:10PM 0 documentation for idmap backend = ad ?
2:43PM 3 ACLs with Problem
2:24PM 0 Big problem with roaming profiles
2:20PM 1 Question on Samba Service
1:51PM 0 Problem with Samba share
11:49AM 0 High CPU Time an Load Avarage on our Samba Server
11:10AM 0 share connection dropped after 10 minutes
9:56AM 0 winbindd default domain problem
9:19AM 1 Samba printer server error
8:45AM 5 strange error 1937
8:35AM 0 Recall: GESIS Samba config
8:34AM 3 FW: GESIS Samba config
6:35AM 0 performance
2:26AM 0 Error while logging on windows xp
Wednesday September 21 2005
11:59PM 1 Permissions Problem
11:59PM 0 Question on starting Samba service
11:59PM 1 Samba with Mysql, compilation problem. (Additionnal information)
11:59PM 2 Samba with Mysql, compilation problem.
7:45PM 0 smbpasswd
7:02PM 2 locking.tdb: expand_file ftruncate to 8192 failed (Permission denied)
6:30PM 2 Authentication for user FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER
5:41PM 4 UTMP duplicated entries
4:27PM 2 Is Samba for me? (win2k sp4 pdc -> samba)
4:19PM 1 Samba authenticating, but not against domain
2:06PM 1 get quota command
1:47PM 0 FW: Print Sharing problems. (Samba/CUPS, windows client)
1:01PM 1 Problems with an old samba patch
11:55AM 0 Samba transfer problems
11:42AM 1 wbinfo works for test authentication but cannot list users
2:03AM 1 Print Sharing problems. (Samba/CUPS, windows client)
Tuesday September 20 2005
9:25PM 0 Unable to initgroups. Error was I/O error
9:25PM 1 Windows Vista Setup
9:24PM 1 2 samba servers on different subnets
9:24PM 0 smbmount of services with embedded spaces
9:24PM 0 Samba 3 Unable to join domain
9:24PM 0 ADS and Usermap
8:45PM 0 [OS X 10.4.2] SMB strangeness
8:31PM 4 Active DNS registration on join realm?
7:10PM 1 Samba closing printer prematurely?
5:58PM 1 can't connect to osx 10.3 from win2k
5:57PM 3 XP Pro password change problem
4:10PM 0 RES: Erro winbind and ACLs
3:41PM 0 Horrible Linux/Samba vs Windows political battle - can
3:28PM 4 AD Authentication help please?
2:22PM 1 ntlm_auth multiple domain authentication
2:18PM 0 homedir question
1:29PM 1 Samba ADMIN$ share
1:20PM 1 Winbind oddness
1:10PM 3 Samba, workgroup and Windows Wins in different subnet
1:07PM 1 Subject: Samba / Windows server 2003 SP1 conflict
12:19PM 4 Two Locations, One Domain - LDAP Auth Failure
11:47AM 0 Guest user mapped account rights not being set correctly
11:14AM 1 Embedding a "Domain Group" in "Domain Administrators" ???
10:44AM 1 Letter printing in samba
10:17AM 0 UID 0 necessary?
9:43AM 0 Two Locations, One Domain
8:44AM 1 Where is current samba 3 document ?
8:34AM 6 net rpc vampire / Question or Problem?
6:46AM 1 AW: smbd errors from "getpeername"
5:03AM 1 passdb backend = pizza
1:34AM 1 Group names matching user names
Monday September 19 2005
11:50PM 5 Horrible Linux/Samba vs Windows political battle - can you help?
11:31PM 1 Samba as an NT5 (Win2K) PDC
11:20PM 0 SMBPASSWD failing for normal users - smb 3.0.14a
10:51PM 1 reverse veto files? feature request?
9:48PM 1 Samba / Windows server 2003 SP1 conflict
9:00PM 1 Erro winbind and ACLs
6:09PM 0 Problem: FreeBSD 5.4 and Samba 3.0.20 not working with ADS
5:50PM 1 stale name lookup result
5:25PM 1 Password expire
4:24PM 0 Windows printing qeue with Samba and Cups
3:52PM 0 Re-2: rid_idmap problem
3:32PM 1 SMB User connection Log
3:27PM 0 smbd errors from "getpeername"
3:22PM 1 Windows cache session used while PDC reachable
3:04PM 2 File access rights on a NFS share: please help !
2:41PM 0 Rsync & cifs or smbfs - cannot update modification date with cifs
2:30PM 1 new samba install
2:28PM 1 Auth problem
2:03PM 0 Delete one or both of two identical printers
1:13PM 0 Samba 3.014a2 with AD auth
12:51PM 1 Logon and logoff time for samba
12:23PM 0 smbd panic
11:26AM 0 can't access shared folder from windows machine
10:29AM 0 Persistent SPOOLSS_ADDPRINTEREX commands from Windows NT4.0 computers
9:58AM 0 Samba 3 performance issue
9:04AM 1 rid_idmap problem
8:51AM 0 error installing the samba
1:50AM 0 Interdomain trust relationships
Sunday September 18 2005
9:34PM 4 Problem over VPN
8:53PM 0 Problems with copied samba userprofiles
10:48AM 0 Is Samba 2.2.7 being supported in AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3?
2:40AM 1 A possible big security issue
2:08AM 0 two networks and network browsing
1:15AM 1 Windows Server 2003 Security Updates and Samba
Saturday September 17 2005
5:33PM 0 hidden files prohibited on FAT32
3:09PM 0 Linux clients with a Samba server
5:46AM 7 any known issue with printing from MS Access ?
Friday September 16 2005
11:47PM 0 nsupdate-gss question
10:07PM 0 winbind working... nis maps?
9:34PM 0 Failed to verify incoming ticket
9:34PM 0 Samba ACL and Krb5.
9:02PM 0 help with 3.0.20 admin users=
8:38PM 3 USRMGR group problems
7:56PM 0 FW: getent & winbindd on FreeBSD 5.4
7:39PM 1 Linux Authentication
7:35PM 2 ServiceControl work has hits milestone
7:11PM 0 Building a new machine SOLVED
6:22PM 0 Build Failed
6:06PM 0 Samba connection issues
5:27PM 4 getent and wbinfo not returning expected results?
1:50PM 1 Persistent SPOOLSS_ADDPRINTEREX commands from Windows NT 4.0 computers
1:28PM 1 share level parameters in global space
12:16PM 1 how to enable AIO in samba-3.0.20 ?
11:38AM 0 Samba, krb5 and ACL.
11:07AM 0 SOLVED hide files/directorys
10:53AM 2 hide files/directorys
6:32AM 0 What is going on with my samba?
3:08AM 0 samba-3.0.9-1.3E.3 - Winbind loses connection to active directory
1:21AM 0 Issues compiling related to LDAP libraries
1:21AM 1 visitor access to folders and files on Samba
1:21AM 1 Delay to join a domain successfully
1:21AM 1 incorrect shared access to the file - samba oplock bug?
12:34AM 1 SaMBa raises 10x the traffic but only when _executing_, pizza offered
Thursday September 15 2005
11:44PM 2 getent & winbindd on FreeBSD 5.4
8:42PM 1 Minimum User Rights For "net ads join"
8:26PM 0 smbstatus -b shows bogus connections
8:01PM 0 AIX 5.1 Samba
6:59PM 0 Winbind trouble when on the DC
5:01PM 1 Permissions not recursive on win2K?
4:49PM 1 LDAP search failed: Size limit exceeded
3:49PM 0 Samba Version 3.0.14a : user right access problem
3:38PM 0 Change Domain Password on Linux Client with winbind and PAM ?!?
3:37PM 1 delete user script
3:36PM 0 Oddities with DFS
2:59PM 0 Samba AIX libldap.a
2:16PM 0 Segmentation Fault
1:10PM 2 net rpc rights problem with groups
1:05PM 1 SSO Samba/AD integration
11:43AM 1 sambaSIDlist attribute
9:35AM 0 help, read_socket_data: recv failure for 11137 ??
8:42AM 0 FW: Roaming profile : taking forever to login /log off
7:13AM 0 FW: XP Profile write ok, no read.
6:26AM 0 Locked prf files within Roaming Profiles 2nd Try
2:06AM 0 Re: Samba install w/FC#3
12:11AM 2 LDAP - Can't add machine
Wednesday September 14 2005
10:10PM 0 samba + nis
8:48PM 0 Installing Samba on AIX V5.1...More Info
8:04PM 0 Installing Samba on AIX V5.1
6:43PM 1 Unable to change file permissions on samba mount.
6:39PM 2 ACL problem
4:50PM 4 pam_ldap and Samba password change
4:39PM 1 Problems compiling Samba-3.0.20 on Slackware 10.1 using kernel version 2.4.29 (unmodified)
3:19PM 0 session setup failed: ERRHRD
3:10PM 1 Printers don't stick
3:09PM 4 XP Profile write ok, no read.
12:55PM 2 OT: Download Archived Messages Locally?
12:03PM 0 RE: samba and crash server
11:43AM 1 Winbind PANIC
11:26AM 0 Logon fails
10:00AM 0 Winbind Problem on RedHat es3 samba 3.14a
9:57AM 0 RE: samba and crash server
9:54AM 0 Samba 3.14a linking to 2k3AD, utmp issues
9:48AM 1 [Samba PDC + LDAP] How to set user password never expires using smb-ldap tools
6:17AM 1 Yelling for help on interdomain Trust (a long one)
6:06AM 2 File owning and rights problems
5:49AM 0 Message "Couldn't verify trusting domain account. Error was NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE" while attempting "net rpc trustdom establish domain_B"
Tuesday September 13 2005
11:39PM 1 pam_ldap problem on an LDAP+SMB configuration
10:40PM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 33, Issue 16
10:12PM 0 Problems with samba PDC domain
6:49PM 2 Roaming profile : taking forever to login /log off
6:10PM 1 Building a new machine
5:17PM 1 mass-adding users with pdbedit or smbpasswd leads to long delay
5:16PM 0 net rpc shutdown does not work
5:12PM 0 Cannot login to share from winxp
3:11PM 13 Authentication against AD?
1:43PM 1 Unable to take ownership of directories
1:31PM 1 ldapsearch -x doesn't work for me
12:09PM 2 wbinfo returns Error looking up domain users
9:31AM 0 Samba PDC Config Error
9:30AM 1 Locked prf files within Roaming Profiles
9:30AM 0 Samba Concerns
6:19AM 2 Problems installing printer driver
6:05AM 1 Problem adding printer using MSRPC
6:04AM 0 How to preserve capital letter
3:21AM 0 kerberos_kinit_password administrador@REALM failed: Cannot resolve network address for KDC in requested realm
12:41AM 1 RE: [SLE] SuSE 9.3 and Latest Binaries - Library Conflict
12:40AM 0 Question: HP LaserJet III
12:22AM 1 Config problems with profiles?
Monday September 12 2005
10:11PM 1 samba on two machines
9:58PM 1 Accessing /home/<user> properly from Win2003 Server share
9:31PM 4 SuSE 9.3 and Latest Binaries - Library Conflict
9:10PM 0 use sendfile = no ?
8:48PM 0 Samba w/Kerberos
6:56PM 1 syslog versus direct Samba logging
6:43PM 0 Samba (I think) embeded into a machine, how to verify? (remote 'smbd -V')
4:33PM 1 Can't see windows shares by name
3:57PM 1 verify smbpasswd run as root when user changes?
2:37PM 0 FW: 2. try: settings for control panel of Windows clients
1:55PM 1 modify owner of file from windows xp client
11:25AM 0 Quotas when Linux System Quotas aren't available?
11:17AM 1 MMC plugin with Samba
11:06AM 0 2. try: settings for control panel of Windows clients
10:59AM 0 Maping a share with a local unix user
9:12AM 1 (no subject)
7:31AM 0 roaming profile trouble
7:07AM 0 Cannot access Windows Network from Samba
Sunday September 11 2005
7:41PM 0 Error Code -36
7:22PM 2 Samba+LDAP+IdealX - Can't add to domain
4:26PM 0 Problem with winbind on Samba PDC after 3.0.20
1:42PM 3 Error 1326 Connecting from Windows XP
1:03PM 1 settings for control panel of Windows clients
1:31AM 0 Discard datagram messages
Saturday September 10 2005
8:48PM 4 Samba compatibility with NetAPP filers.
8:11PM 1 Different parsing alg. on smb&winbind for separator
3:31PM 2 "Attempt to bind using schannel without successful serverauth2" in 3.0.20 logs
8:40AM 0 Special authentication question
7:14AM 3 problem with Samba upgrade
5:26AM 1 SuSE 9.3 samba binaries FUBAR??
4:26AM 1 Activate HTML Pages
2:05AM 1 encrypted file system with samba
12:37AM 2 Samba + OpenLDAP: LDAP server is running but could not respond to a search request
Friday September 9 2005
5:47PM 0 smbpasswd - RAP86 error - 3.0.20
3:47PM 0 File permission problem
2:55PM 1 admin users not granted administrative privileges
2:49PM 0 problem with printing
1:22PM 0 Permissions problem - smb 3 and FBSD 5.4-stable
1:19PM 0 CUPS username case wrong from Windows 98 client
10:25AM 0 sambaLMPassowrd and sambaNTPassword
9:54AM 0 Authentication problem
9:45AM 1 Samba 2.2.5 & Domain Administrator
9:31AM 2 Samba 3.0.14 + W2K3 Terminal Services + terminal server profiles
8:55AM 7 cups driver
7:43AM 4 smbpasswd and LDAP backend
7:25AM 4 File permission problems
4:12AM 1 not seeing windows XP
Thursday September 8 2005
10:35PM 2 guest user (from session setup) not permitted to access this share
9:32PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.5.rc3 released
9:07PM 0 AD users and non-AD samba servers
8:18PM 0 Nitrobit problems
6:09PM 1 Printers not working with Point'N'Print
6:03PM 0 winbind caching problem
4:54PM 3 can't update msaccess mdb file
4:13PM 0 First 8 bytes of the value of keys in group_mapping.tdb
4:04PM 0 Winbind ?
3:45PM 0 Samba 3.0.20 winbindd problem on x86-64
3:42PM 3 log files created for both the hostname and the IP address?
3:15PM 0 Problems using Samba with Accuzip
3:15PM 1 Samba 3.0.15
3:15PM 0 Samba and IBM TotalStorage NAS500
2:06PM 0 Changing complex passwords on a Windows Box
1:43PM 1 Solaris NSS/winbind problem - large groups
1:20PM 0 [Question] Smbtorture simulate Domain Logins / Joins
1:11PM 0 Several questions about subnet Samba and Wins
11:02AM 0 BDC on different subnet
9:18AM 0 Pb with file access rights on a NFS server
8:41AM 1 [UNDERSTANDING] BDC and Trusted Domain
6:23AM 2 couldn't find service ???
2:54AM 1 network printer not working
Wednesday September 7 2005
11:43PM 0 Several questions about Samba and Wins
11:43PM 1 [Fwd: Compatibility]
11:43PM 6 sambaAcctFlags Documentation
11:43PM 1 Samba + Kerberos
11:01PM 0 Samba seminars & workshop Chicago - 19-23 September.
8:12PM 1 change in winbindd behavior
7:19PM 2 max concurrent CIFS connections
6:13PM 1 Mac OS X 10.4.1 hangs when attempting to browse a Linux Samba Server
5:32PM 1 multi-domain authentication
5:23PM 3 Office (2003) saving excel sheet takes VERY long..
2:37PM 1 Samba HA-Cluster and SAN
12:15PM 2 WANTED: mod_ntlm_winbind developer
12:03PM 1 Users Privileges
11:05AM 1 smbldap-tools password issue
9:37AM 0 Dos Name mangling under 3.0.7
7:55AM 1 Samba 3.0.20 - Windows 98 problem
7:33AM 0 ACL and user list on windows XP
6:53AM 1 Cannot Authenticate to Samba Shares after switching laptop from wired to wireless nic.
6:53AM 1 Adding new users, changing admin pword, etc
6:53AM 3 Samba PDC (3.0.14a) with LDAP cannot add machines
6:52AM 0 "the request is not supported"
3:28AM 1 error when adding a new user
2:26AM 1 XP can't read SAMBA shares - can browse and write
1:59AM 0 net groupmap question
1:07AM 1 Samba domain member and wheel group
Tuesday September 6 2005
8:38PM 0 smb_request: result -104, setting invalid
8:30PM 4 Samba + LDAP over the WAN
7:31PM 0 samba as win 2k BDC
7:01PM 0 AFP_AfpInfo:$DATA
6:59PM 3 Date Mismatch
5:59PM 3 Samba Over A Wan
5:20PM 2 Samba and Linux Passwords Backend
3:48PM 4 completed printjobs stay in queue after "upgrade" 3.0.20rc2 -> 3.0.20
3:17PM 1 "map to guest = bad password" not working as expected
2:57PM 2 Password expiration
1:53PM 0 Sporadically open from Directorys lasts long
8:49AM 0 SOLVED userrights
8:36AM 0 userrights
8:30AM 0 Mapping a windows drive to a linux home space as a user
8:14AM 1 Cannot print PDF-Files...
Monday September 5 2005
11:05PM 1 Help - Serious samba problem with Excel
9:44PM 0 Computer trust account was not able to recreate password
7:47PM 1 Python API documentation
6:16PM 1 Cannot change samba password: "Error was : RAP86: The specified password is invalid."
5:49PM 0 Lost User after logon with Samba 3.0.4, Solaris 5.10 i386 and Win 2000
5:49PM 0 BAD SIG, findsmb lists nothing, all share files hidden
5:49PM 0 Asking for Lelp Guide
4:04PM 1 Data migration using net rpc share migrate
3:35PM 0 winbindd ADS Windows 2003 SFU idmap=ad, with Suse Linux9.1, no AD UI
2:00PM 1 winbindd ADS Windows 2003 SFU idmap=ad, with Suse Linux 9.1, no AD UID or GID
1:45PM 1 PDC home folder
12:53PM 0 Function "User cannot change Password" - when will it be implemented?
12:27PM 0 ads-connect DNS request with DNS type 28 - IPV6??
12:00PM 1 samba 3.0.x and windows 2000 service pack 4 issues ?
11:17AM 2 samba PDC -- really stuck here
9:33AM 2 Function "User cannot change Password"
9:19AM 1 slow logons - DNS problem?
8:18AM 0 Fwd: winbind problem
7:45AM 9 Samba Printing Extremely Slow from Windows XP
7:20AM 4 strange problem with Active directory integration
4:25AM 2 Help...!
1:18AM 0 Add Printer Wizard problem
Sunday September 4 2005
9:18PM 0 3.0.20 build issue
7:49PM 1 Samba and Kolab integration - HOWTO
1:35PM 0 problem using ntconfig.pol for win 2000 and samba server
10:32AM 0 net rpc group add mygroup - NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
7:52AM 0 Problems with ads-connect and krb5
6:12AM 1 client doesn't read logon script
Saturday September 3 2005
8:31PM 1 Return AD User Info?
12:48PM 1 winbind/ windows ad issues
Friday September 2 2005
11:54PM 0 How to get winbindd to ignore trusted domains?
11:54PM 0 winbind problem
7:11PM 0 Only guest access allowed
7:03PM 0 maybe a error in samba-hwoto-collection
7:00PM 1 Samba compile on AIX with LDAP
6:30PM 2 newb question
4:40PM 0 3.0.14a: print driver deletion w/ rpcclient
3:52PM 2 Hide Cmd Logon Script
3:31PM 1 account_policy_get: tdb_fetch_uint32 failed for field 10 (refuse machine password change), returning 0
1:58PM 1 SID problems...
12:57PM 0 Migrating a samba PDC to a new one
12:39PM 1 mod_ntlm_winbind.. errors compiling
11:47AM 0 multi domains (not two way trust)
11:32AM 0 Samba aborts with exit code "134"
11:30AM 1 Guest access
8:03AM 0 Samba cannot create a SAM SID
5:50AM 0 add user to smbpasswd
12:52AM 1 Samba PDC + Openldap (no database connection established after reboot)
12:15AM 1 Roots of Samba
Thursday September 1 2005
10:50PM 0 Access Denied using samba 3.0.4 and Solaris 5.10 i386
10:00PM 0 [PATCH] 3.0.20, usermgr.exe, and setting group information
9:47PM 1 net rpc vampire
9:46PM 1 More Info: Mac permission problems after Debian update
9:46PM 0 Samba - PDC(Windows 2003) connection trouble
9:46PM 0 samba 3.0.14 fails on boot, getpwnam cannot find nobody
8:47PM 1 Samba-console
8:43PM 0 Vampire and smbusers map file
8:04PM 1 removal from Samba list
7:15PM 1 Samba 3.0.14a on HPUX 11.00
5:45PM 1 ?The network name cannot be found?
3:39PM 0 RPC Vamp + caps
3:28PM 0 (no subject)
2:39PM 1 AW: Administrators and Users Rights for Windows workstations
2:24PM 3 Administrators and Users Rights for Windows workstations
12:57PM 1 LDAP compile problem (not the usual)
12:15PM 1 Samba with LDAP -> Can't include Windows Client
11:43AM 3 ntlm_auth and high load fault
11:43AM 3 samba banner string
11:30AM 0 Adding static wins entries
11:15AM 0 File Monitoring on samba server
9:53AM 0 Re-2: SOLVED - idmap_rid / roaming profile permissions /NTAUTHORITY\SYSTEM
9:07AM 1 Problems with the valid users setting in smb.conf andwinbind/AD (repost)
6:05AM 2 Kerberos problem with net ads join under AIX
5:18AM 2 ldap guest account mapping looks broken
4:34AM 1 wbinfo problems and documentation questions
3:41AM 0 Samba password change problem
2:14AM 0 Beta test of Sparc Solaris packages (Samba 3.0.20)
1:16AM 1 Account deactivations