samba - Jan 2005

Monday January 31 2005
11:17PM 1 problem with patch ms04-044 breaking SMB printer shares
10:49PM 1 Samba on HP Itanium
10:41PM 3 Ver 3.0.4 Anonymous access, no Password required
10:36PM 1 Question
10:07PM 1 documentation patch for winbindd (3.0.11rc1)
9:32PM 1 share mounted MANY times...
9:27PM 1 smbcquotas (Need help with command syntax)
8:59PM 0 (no subject)
8:49PM 0 How to support idmap_rid on Fedora Core 3?- RESOLVED
7:45PM 1 Samba Upgrade...
7:24PM 0 Account controls: T
6:43PM 0 Domain users are not able to login through ftp.
5:50PM 0 What's the deal with connecting back to the client on port 445?
5:46PM 0 Too many groups?
5:41PM 0 ldap smbpasswd UH???
4:54PM 0 winbind: SID_TO_UID not working for trusted domains?
4:47PM 1 print queue problems
4:45PM 0 Folder Redirection, Roaming Profiles and Working Offline
3:27PM 2 mass user creation
3:23PM 0 XP-Clients loose file permissions
3:12PM 0 problem accessing from windows xp
2:50PM 0 endless loop when searching ldap backend
1:58PM 1 variable substitution broken in 3.0.11pre2
1:48PM 0 winbind and distribution groups - solved
1:32PM 1 server replication
12:13PM 0 WU-FTPD and pam_winbind
12:09PM 1 How does the UNIX end work?
11:47AM 0 lost connection to w2k3 -> very slow system
11:25AM 0 bug in 3.0.11rc1 was not in 3.0.11pre2
10:46AM 1 reload configuration without a stop ?
10:26AM 2 XP clients unable to read user profiles (2.2.3a-14.1)
10:15AM 0 Flaky connection
8:36AM 0 smbmount across networks
8:34AM 0 mount a share on a W2k server
7:29AM 2 printing impossible on win98 and samba 3.0.10
7:29AM 3 Veto files applied per group
7:03AM 6 Samba log analysis and report
5:41AM 0 smb.conf.default and .example
2:56AM 1 Samba on my machine wi
Sunday January 30 2005
7:01PM 0 (no subject)
6:53PM 0 Bug 2288 - impossible to rename Windows domain group name
6:40PM 0 Strange message log from ldapsam_search_one_group()
5:10PM 1 newbie help, please?
4:17PM 2 How to support idmap_rid on Fedora Core 3?
3:08PM 0 problem to mount network shares from windows machine
2:14PM 0 Samba <--> AD password sync
12:09PM 0 Breaking News
1:27AM 1 samba-3 problem joining ws to domain
1:24AM 1 ldap smbpasswd
Saturday January 29 2005
9:40PM 2 Linux server & client in Win2k3 AD domain
5:52PM 1 samba in a WAN
5:22PM 1 roaming profiles - filesyncing problem with 3.0.10
12:41PM 0 [Samba 3.0.10] Trouble with roaming profiles: win XP clients 'network name not found'
11:02AM 1 Re: Logon Hours problems (really stuck)
12:44AM 4 Samba 3.0.11rc1 Available for Download
12:27AM 1 Upgrade path from 3.0.0 -> 3.0.10
Friday January 28 2005
10:38PM 1 security=share, write / read-only mix doesn't work on Samba3
8:54PM 1 3.0.1x, "min password lenght" deprecated, smbpasswd
8:39PM 1 Samba No Network Browsing
8:26PM 1 NTLMv2 passthrough auth fails on XP
8:08PM 1 Migrating from NT4 to Samba - correct strategy
7:09PM 1 Samba PDC setting up user groups and policies (Help)
7:01PM 1 tdb_fetch failed on Printer Share
6:19PM 0 Processes at the server
5:51PM 1 Weird IP's in WINS
5:43PM 0 Thanks! You are a great customer
4:47PM 0 Oplocks with concurrent access from same client
4:20PM 0 samba password server without Unix users?
4:02PM 0 Apology
3:21PM 1 custom print processing
3:16PM 0 question about libsmbclient
3:12PM 6 disappointed with complete lack of help.
3:02PM 0 Trying to change the owner of a file in ADS
2:53PM 1 RID/SIDs
12:50PM 0 Samba And Win98/XP Hidden File attribute
12:09PM 0 please help
11:32AM 2 Active Directory + Samba 3.0.10 -> how to deal with owners and permissions
10:12AM 0 String overflow with random characters
9:56AM 1 printing Problems in Samba 3.0.10
9:24AM 0 Bug report
8:47AM 1 Write list access to Read only share
8:04AM 1 Samba 3.0 PDC + LDAP: Workstation account disappearing
8:02AM 1 Renaming users with tdbsam
7:41AM 3 Roaming Profile problems
6:49AM 0 Samba PDC
5:35AM 0 request for help
5:01AM 1 Using an LDAP Directory for Samba Authentication
3:23AM 0 CIFS with Kerberos and client signing
3:14AM 1 Windows XP Pro cannot access Samba
3:12AM 0 Jpeg permissions on samba share
2:22AM 0 Very slow SAMBA
12:02AM 1 "Phanton" domain controller problem...
Thursday January 27 2005
11:46PM 0 samba and spanish accents
11:08PM 1 Problems with Browse List
10:02PM 2 Samba not recognizing secondary groups
9:52PM 3 Domain admins not getting local admin rights
9:38PM 0 Error: getpeername failed
8:43PM 2 Disk Space Error
8:41PM 1 Typo in Samba-3 By Example Book, Chapter 5
7:42PM 1 Printing problems
7:17PM 1 FAQ: Mounting user homespace in a given drive letter
7:13PM 0 PDC/BDC Distribution Question
6:41PM 0 Help With Article -- Interesting Uses of Samba
6:05PM 2 access
6:01PM 1 Modifying SWAT views for general users
5:17PM 2 1 BDC per 50 Clients? Can that really be true? (HOWTO)
5:06PM 1 Problem joining DOMAIN
4:56PM 0 avoiding the use of an LDAP entry for the samba domain?
4:03PM 1 parameter "ldap user suffix" ignored?
3:59PM 1 Winbind vs nss_ldap?
3:32PM 1 How to use ldapsam backend without storing any user SID?
1:48PM 1 Recycler problem
10:49AM 2 installation without logging on as administrator
10:49AM 0 tree connect failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)
10:33AM 0 Samba & WinXP
10:09AM 3 2 Domains on one server (browse.dat location) (3.0.9)
10:01AM 0 Unknown code krb5 156
9:42AM 2 LDAP and memberUid in Domain Users
8:16AM 0 samba server not accessible
6:50AM 0 Name lookup failure - NetBIOS lookup administratively prohibited
6:00AM 1 samba with sun's ldap
Wednesday January 26 2005
11:49PM 3 Accessing multiple shares from one single client
9:52PM 2 Any danger in having two shares with same name?
9:27PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.4.8 released
9:25PM 1 Savin Copier Print Processor
8:55PM 1 Setting file and directory permissions using Windows Explorer
8:45PM 2 Windows XP profile problems
8:22PM 1 Partition setup recommendations
8:18PM 1 Access 2003 printing?
7:28PM 0 Excel files & file modification time - VALIDATION
7:12PM 2 ACL's for smbpasswd to work?
4:37PM 2 winbind and distribution groups
4:21PM 1 memory issues with samba 3.0.10
4:15PM 1 WINBIND: only 88 group members ?
3:55PM 2 SWAT won't start
3:54PM 0 Mounting a linux samba share using fstab
3:10PM 1 A Samba's very basic problem
2:56PM 0 delete option
2:56PM 0 access denied with samba share
12:16PM 5 Problems with Access Control for Shares on Samba 2
10:36AM 1 Does BDC also need trustdom ?
10:18AM 1 Possible Winbind Bug ?!?!
4:01AM 0 Samba 3.0.10 errors
2:33AM 0 Problem with roaming profiles on upgrade from 2.2 to 3.0
Tuesday January 25 2005
10:11PM 0 Samba equiv for OS/2 NET ADMIN or NT's RCMD / PSEXEC?
8:18PM 0 Samba LDAP PDC Admin and other minor problems.
7:04PM 4 'security = ads' & 'valid users ='
6:31PM 0 PDC x LDAP x SAMBA 3.0.10
6:27PM 0 Authentication delays in Samaba 3.0.10
6:17PM 0 printers - network path was not found
5:14PM 2 Having problems running palm desktop or the uninstall program
5:08PM 0 "_HOMEPREFIX_/*" does not exist
5:08PM 1 3.0.11pre2 and wbinfo --users-sids
4:42PM 0 Samba file server permission/ownership - winbindd
3:45PM 0 Problems with nmbd (samba 3.0.10)
2:27PM 1 [[ CD Server ]]
1:38PM 3 Best practices for long-running Samba server
1:31PM 0 Files disappear / are hidden / not shown on a share
12:11PM 2 Logon Hours problems
11:43AM 0 Inconsistent ls behavior on smbmount'ed Windows shares
10:44AM 2 ACL not working
10:36AM 1 Compiling and installing minimal SAMBA
10:29AM 2 make: *** [dynconfig.o] Error
9:44AM 1 Samba 3 PDC with openldap ?
7:54AM 0 samba member server user authentication
1:29AM 0 ACLs agains :(
Monday January 24 2005
11:00PM 2 DOS Attributes On Folders
9:51PM 3 changing ldap passwords?
8:57PM 2 Email server
8:17PM 3 Roaming Profiles -- Problem Rapidly Switching Users
7:36PM 3 Visual Studio/Samba Compile from Shares issue
5:39PM 0 "Sufficient access to your computer to select this print queue"
5:19PM 2 Samba-Rights-HOWTO
5:03PM 0 SAMBA + LDAP + add machine script bug?
4:35PM 1 RE More help on ACL problemplease...anyone...anyone...Bueller?
4:05PM 0 winbind debugging help.. act 2
3:56PM 0 migrate from windows 2000 PDC to smaba 3
3:48PM 1 smbstatus not working as non-root user
2:31PM 1 smbldap-tools and sambaPasswordMustChange
2:29PM 0 Samba 3
2:20PM 1 Samba 3.0 and Netapp filers ?
1:40PM 0 samba -acces by machine
12:55PM 0 Serious problem with samba & macintosh
12:44PM 1 winbind error - Conversion error: Illegal multibyte sequence(æ~S^\^H)
11:25AM 3 Samba + Roaming Profiles + Firefox Application
10:18AM 0 Incorrect available space with smb mount
10:10AM 0 Linux vs WinXP SP2
9:10AM 0 Quotas support on ldap
8:09AM 1 Undeliverable message returned to sender
7:36AM 0 Logon hours (Please help)
7:33AM 3 Inherit permissions question (Please help)
6:51AM 0 len xxxxx deyond eof at 8192
1:34AM 0 :R9}@{@N 9f9}@: 0E5i60 :8Av55 86<<?d
12:43AM 0 test
12:16AM 1 Make samba a BDC to a Windows 2K PDC
Sunday January 23 2005
5:49PM 0 Windows XP login issue
5:18PM 1 same profile for all users
5:16PM 1 documentation on group profiles
5:15PM 0 change settings in all profiles
3:37PM 0 How-to Changing password from Linux using pam
3:32PM 3 Samba PDC and Windows XP not executing logon.bat
10:59AM 1 Winbind without netbios
6:18AM 1 IP address versus Hostname
1:18AM 1 Your message to seminar has been rejected
12:27AM 0 SAMBA 3 not working with W2K/XP in PDC mode.
Saturday January 22 2005
9:51PM 1 Samba Issue on Win XP to Linux Machine
2:05PM 2 Windows XP connects as guest instead of letting me choose the username / password
2:02PM 0 Slow file trasfer; Windows to Samba
11:48AM 0 Disabling all locking in Samba?
5:54AM 1 Samba - CPU and memory usage - Proposed solution(?)
3:15AM 1 Plans for BUG 2170 (phantom jobs in queue listing on Windows clients)
2:38AM 1 Samba 3.0.11pre2 Available for Download
Friday January 21 2005
11:10PM 0 winbind debugging help..
10:47PM 1 SAMBA + OPENLDAP - Getent - Please help :)
10:31PM 1 Samba 3, SLES 9 and ldap
8:43PM 0 net ads password
8:23PM 0 Case Sensitive Problem in SMBFS mount
8:02PM 0 Directory readonly with rw permission for files
7:46PM 0 Windows XP and Samba, slow access with many subdirectories...
7:02PM 0 Strange problems with samba-3.0.7-5&In-Reply-To=
4:30PM 0 Fwd: Export cd's without mounting them. samba vfs module using gnu's libcdio
4:22PM 1 Unable to map drives to samba shares
4:05PM 1 More help on ACL problem please...anyone...anyone...Bueller?
3:01PM 0 "Access Denied" from Windows
1:35PM 1 Only show shares a user have permission to access
12:30PM 2 change SID in ntuser.dat
12:04PM 3 Netlogon scripts
11:01AM 2 Upgrading samba.schema post 3.0.6
11:00AM 0 FlashMX creates BAD .swf file on Samba
10:46AM 1 tdbsam (local) to ldap (tdbldap) backend migration causes pam restrictions not to work anymore?
10:17AM 0 WinXP lost connection to Samba fileserver
10:09AM 0 Samba / Cups / ADS problem
9:41AM 1 Why does nobody answere??? WG: username map - same problem
9:02AM 1 Logon hours
8:37AM 0 guest smbmount across networks
7:38AM 0 Domain- AND local Users....
5:20AM 0 Samba SID
5:18AM 1 Inherit permissions question
4:59AM 0 Cannot delete files: "the mounted file system does not
4:19AM 0 Pre-approved Application for
4:03AM 2 Netbios Aliases and %L and port 445
Thursday January 20 2005
9:27PM 3 Samba LDAP and add machine script problems
9:23PM 1 Getting Samba3.0.9 to work on Debian(woody) for AD Authentication
8:33PM 0 More help on ACL problem please.
8:01PM 1 What does "ldap passwd sync" do?
7:06PM 0 [PATCH 8/40] fs/proc: replace schedule_timeout() with msleep()
6:09PM 0 Authenticating off a Windows 2003 ADS DC with Samba/Winbind
5:31PM 0 passwd chat
4:56PM 0 Trouble with User Management
4:41PM 1 LDAP + SASL (kerberos) password syncing
4:36PM 1 compiling libldap error??
4:34PM 2 Please help me decipher a two-packet NetBT conversation...
4:00PM 1 Active Directory integration - where to go next??
3:12PM 2 Why would nsswitch.conf be needed at all ?
2:57PM 0 What happens when a windows client joins a domain ?
2:56PM 0 SASL build error on solaris 8
2:18PM 0 very slow transfert rate and charge cpu high
2:15PM 0 Huge problem with roaming profiles
1:04PM 1 Samba-3 PDC: Home directories in other machine
11:56AM 1 Problem adding computer to domain
11:44AM 1 Migrating from Windows 2000 Server to Samba
9:59AM 0 samba 3.0.10 is mult task
9:55AM 1 SWAT status page
9:33AM 2 Excel files & file modification time
9:19AM 0 RE samba -cups
6:49AM 0 XP SP2 - winlogon.exe crashes
2:44AM 1 Samba PDC + LDAP without local Unix accounts?
Wednesday January 19 2005
9:48PM 1 HELP - winbind/PAM issues
9:42PM 1 ACL Win XP problem
9:23PM 0 Getting write access to share
5:39PM 2 winbind usernames
5:22PM 1 Problems with smbpasswd: any local changes are discarted after connection request
4:37PM 1 cannot bind when doing a browser sync
4:36PM 1 Sudden domain login problems from XP-pro sp2 clients, Please help!
3:54PM 0 Tru64 and samba 3
3:47PM 0 Integration with Iplanet
3:46PM 2 Getting samba ldap to work?
3:39PM 1 samba -cups
2:30PM 0 sambaLMPassword
11:15AM 1 admin privileges on a single domain machine
10:31AM 2 Moving fileserver
9:48AM 0 AD (Win2k) trusting SAMBA 3 problem
9:38AM 1 username map
9:28AM 0 solaris "mangling method = hash" meaning
8:46AM 0 local master = no; browse list = no
8:22AM 2 Free space calculation gets it wrong
7:44AM 0 A wide choice of programs for MAC and PC.
4:56AM 0 Problem adding user to Administrator list - part 2
1:57AM 0 windows problem with samba
1:23AM 1 About access the samba server through VPN connection
Tuesday January 18 2005
10:23PM 0 missing smbpasswd program
9:47PM 0 Windows XP deletes read-only files. Windows 98 does not.
9:32PM 1 Permission denied when using RCS from windows with Samba 3.0.10
8:02PM 1 Samba and ACL's
7:51PM 2 Entry in username-map being ignored
7:36PM 1 user-rights
6:58PM 2 Winbind fails to connect to \PIPE\NETLOGON with 3.0.10 and 3.0.9
6:16PM 2 auth samba+squid+ntlm
6:11PM 0 request [*] timed out!
5:52PM 0 winbind PDC error
5:21PM 1 Finished print jobs, Samba 3.0.9
5:13PM 0 trustdoms
4:41PM 2 Tutorial: Samba as NT4 Primary Domain Controller
4:28PM 0 Trying to get my local profile to sync with my roaming profile
3:49PM 2 Smbmount and permission denied
3:34PM 2 NetBIOS across subnets
3:09PM 3 Problem adding user to Administrator list
2:40PM 1 Users with changed passwords can't log on remotely (but can locally)
2:21PM 1 Curious timestamp bug in samba???
2:13PM 0 can't access directory although group is listen in ACL
1:20PM 0 samba-3.0.10 in solaris10
1:03PM 0 migration from 2.2.4 to 3.0.10
12:31PM 1 browse list problem
11:28AM 0 Can't add new domain members to Samba PDC
11:21AM 4 Using ssh for samba authentication?
10:39AM 3 User in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!
10:27AM 4 how to check IP addresses of machines in the network?
9:22AM 2 IdealX
9:07AM 0 AW: Slow write access with Samba 3.0.10-Debian
5:41AM 1 samba periodically access the disk even when idle ?
1:47AM 1 Pocket PC and SPNego
1:39AM 0 Getting "The network path was not found" error message
Monday January 17 2005
11:09PM 1 Access200 Sharing Problem
10:22PM 3 Samba authentication slow against PDC
10:08PM 0 Problem with username map parameter in 3.0.9
10:05PM 0 Samba and Windows, Logining in to home dir's
10:03PM 1 Move 3.0.10 PDC to server with diifferent hostname an IP address
9:47PM 1 Unable to view samba shares
7:19PM 0 Samba and windows client logon scripts
6:40PM 0 question about useradd, userdel, etc
6:28PM 2 OT - Software deployment
6:04PM 0 win host is not able to connect
5:49PM 0 XP pro user can not change password in SMB PDC
5:18PM 1 Slow write access with Samba 3.0.10-Debian
5:17PM 1 lpq: Unknown destination "pdf"!
4:57PM 0 How to disable client NetBT via DHCP options?
4:26PM 0 slow directory browsing w2k and win xp
3:33PM 0 Stop users from connecting from two machines
3:15PM 2 sambaPwdMustChange
2:55PM 0 Samba 3.0.x 2-node cluster / ID mapping
2:26PM 1 preexec
1:55PM 0 Timeout password and UNIX password file
1:10PM 0 Problem resolving groups in 3.0.10
12:56PM 0 "smbclient -L host" to list IP addresses - possible?
12:46PM 2 Two Samba Servers in one domain ?
10:20AM 0 Migration PDC from Samba 2.2.8a to 3.0.9 -> Error NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD [Solved]
8:56AM 0 samba vfs recycle problem
8:50AM 0 profile troubles
Sunday January 16 2005
11:02PM 1 Unwanted MySQL logging
10:38PM 0 PDC, BDC and member server
8:53PM 2 Sync password (with MIT-kerberos server) and migration
1:12PM 1 lanman,nt pass vs. mysqlpass
12:43PM 0 /etc/krb5.keytab and Preauthentication required
8:13AM 3 i cant make samba work!!
7:40AM 0 Unable to save files to share
1:54AM 0 Printing from Windows is printing PS commands instead of job!
Saturday January 15 2005
10:33PM 0 ldap backend and machine trust accounts
10:27PM 1 Samba PDC and logon.bat questions
8:15PM 7 Access denied changing file attributes
12:18PM 0 ppp connection only every second time
11:06AM 1 pam auth with mysql
9:37AM 2 SUSE 9.2
2:06AM 1 Windows 2003 member server
Friday January 14 2005
10:17PM 0 Delayed Write Error in Windows XP (Samba 3.0.9/HP-UX 11i)
9:18PM 1 Performance problems with 3.0.10
8:36PM 0 Fw: problems with username map
8:35PM 1 Missing last character in share name when access from Win2k
8:31PM 1 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED with ADS + Kerberos
7:57PM 2 Migrating PDC
7:03PM 0 Fwd: error
6:43PM 2 Revisiting SMB and SMP
6:14PM 1 PDC with Samba
6:00PM 1 Unable to connect to smb shares from second machine in workgroup
5:11PM 1 PDC Domain Name Change
4:58PM 1 Samba & Tivoli Storage Mgr (TSM) Integration Query ???
4:57PM 0 Users with changed passwords can connect locally, but not remotely
4:54PM 0 ACL propegation problem - any known issues?
4:27PM 0 File transfer very slow one way - why?
4:13PM 2 Help with samba
3:54PM 1 More than one LDAP-Server in smb.conf?
3:28PM 0 Why is there a folder refresh problem in w2k?
3:15PM 0 Samba over several IP Ranges ?
1:10PM 0 smbprngenpdf documentation?
12:22PM 1 groupmap trouble
11:47AM 1 Does Samba3 support AD trusts?
10:47AM 0 RESEND: SAMBA for 20days!!! Please help me
10:39AM 0 Printer Properties Greyed Out
10:32AM 0 security questions
10:27AM 1 SAMBA for 20 days!!! Please help me....... :(
10:24AM 1 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 6...
9:49AM 1 [Fwd: password quality compliance]
9:46AM 1 security = server, username map, different domain -> no login
7:35AM 1 SUS server on linux/unix (maybe out of scope)
7:31AM 0 Migration PDC from Samba 2.2.8a to 3.0.9 -> Error NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
4:05AM 1 problems with auto mounted share from Macintosh server on SuSE Linux
2:53AM 1 attaching xp machine to existing domain
1:52AM 0 Resolution to problem using 'net ads keytab' commands on RHEL3
1:00AM 2 Has anyone ever ported SMBCLIENT to WATTCP?
Thursday January 13 2005
11:50PM 0 Printing problem on RHEL3
11:14PM 0 getent passwd problem
10:47PM 1 signing_good: BAD SIG: seq 1 & SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet!
10:46PM 1 Add user using Windows ACL Dialog
10:34PM 2 samba3+ADS
7:29PM 0 winbind doesn't work with 3.0.10 NT_STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE
7:16PM 3 NTConfig.POL file
6:50PM 0 Other users to be able to write to a filesystem besides root
6:31PM 1 smbpasswd -a -s /add smbuser via bash script
6:11PM 1 Migrate from two domains to one
5:49PM 1 multi-homed server: trouble hiding private interfaces
5:46PM 0 Permission problem (Retract)
5:35PM 0 Permission problem
5:33PM 0 File Create Date Changes when file is modified?
5:32PM 1 Lingering WinXP SP2 issues
5:03PM 2 Kerberos negotion error? reply_spnego_kerberos(250)
4:43PM 3 Samba3 by example problems
4:16PM 0 Samba 3.0.9 PDC and ldap sync
4:03PM 0 unix-to-win shares connection
3:45PM 2 Mapping Windows groups to Unix ones on Samba 2.2
2:52PM 0 Samba hides some files when browsing
2:47PM 0 When opening a file it takes up to half a minute!
1:42PM 1 Using WMI Classes to join worksation to domain
1:33PM 0 Allowing access to users from a different domain
12:20PM 0 samba auth but no pdc
11:22AM 2 can join but unable to login to the domain + ldap account problems
9:32AM 2 WinXP print problem
9:21AM 0 ldap samba attributes will automatically add
9:05AM 1 save exe file on samba adds an .ide file too
8:57AM 1 upgrading (?) from 2.2.4 to 3.0.8pre1-0.pre1.3
5:02AM 0 power failures & loss of krb TGT
Wednesday January 12 2005
10:07PM 1 URGENT winbind - New DOMAIN but old DOMAIN not CHANGING - Resent
10:05PM 0 Shares disconnect on XP when Offline Files enabled after migration from v2.x to v3.0.7
9:44PM 1 Multiple Permissions within a share for the same userid
9:29PM 3 samba across internett
8:46PM 3 Samba 2.2 to 3.0.9 DC upgrade problems
8:31PM 1 Windows passwords change (again)
8:30PM 0 Sign-on to Linux Workstation to AD Network
8:06PM 0 samba printing does not work
7:19PM 1 samba(-3.0.10) + Excel(2003), file locking issue?
7:12PM 3 smbfs pc-netlink problem
7:03PM 3 Samba log analyzer
6:32PM 0 Can not connect
5:19PM 1 XP SP2 offline files sync delay (again)
5:03PM 0 user manager and set primary group script questions
4:54PM 0 samba from srpms for fedora core 1 with mysql
4:47PM 0 Log on problems since update from 2.2.12 to 3.0.10
4:31PM 1 Please remove my post
4:21PM 1 cifs extensions
3:31PM 0 compiling samba 3.0
3:24PM 3 Win2K. Raw CUPS printing, driver download
2:50PM 1 Samba on Snap
2:36PM 1 Questions to share right's
1:39PM 0 winbind - New DOMAIN but old DOMAIN not CHANGING .URGENT
1:28PM 0 "is it possible" question
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 14
11:27AM 1 help needed to move from Samba 2 to 3
11:25AM 0 Protection Fault error (Win XP, FC3, Samba 3.0.10)
4:58AM 0 Question Re Basis Pro5 and Samba File and Record Locking
4:44AM 0 Basis Pro5 and Samba
3:50AM 0 FW: samba clients disconnecting
2:57AM 0 samba clients disconnecting
Tuesday January 11 2005
11:32PM 1 Samba and PAM on SLES9
10:55PM 0 Problems copying large files from a XP share (smb_open, result=-13)
10:11PM 0 Problem reading a file from a share
9:55PM 1 smbldap-useradd error looking for next uid
8:46PM 0 AD password cache?
8:11PM 2 need some assistance - Samba 3.09 on FreeBSD 4.5
7:49PM 2 Joining a samba domain on WinXP without a root login?
7:08PM 1 winbind authentication with fallback
6:19PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 13
4:16PM 0 selective utmp logging
4:07PM 1 winbind stops authenticating until a restart.
4:04PM 1 how to limit the size of a samba 3 share?
3:34PM 4 Problems with OpenLDAP 2.2.20/Samba 3.0.10 and smbpasswd
2:51PM 0 FW: Migration Issue
2:44PM 3 Problems with Samba 3.0.9
2:28PM 2 Excel "file may have been modified by another user since" with Samba 3.0.10
1:59PM 1 Finished print jobs are piling up on windows clients
1:55PM 0 Migration Issue
1:54PM 1 PPPD & Winbind authentication
12:58PM 0 samba 2.2.9: printing problem II
12:04PM 2 Text files from Unix share
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 12
11:42AM 0 Problem using samba3 and windows 2000 clients with ntconfig.pol
10:51AM 4 sharing Outlook Contacts & Calendar
10:16AM 3 Number of SAMBA client
9:54AM 6 Where are Windows file permissions stored and how to change them?
9:43AM 4 LDAP unable to add Idmap
9:14AM 1 [Fwd: Re: force create mode]
9:07AM 0 Transport endpoint is not connected
4:13AM 0 Problems adding a user
1:15AM 0 WERR_BADFILE and Epson Stylus C62
Monday January 10 2005
11:01PM 0 Solaris 9 winbind/getent group issues
9:46PM 1 getent doesn't find the ldap users
9:14PM 1 /var/lib/samba vs /var/cache/samba
6:42PM 2 AD group member troubles
5:40PM 3 Multiple winbindd processes
5:33PM 0 Security scan causing load on PDC to skyrocket
4:43PM 0 Samba 3.x auth. and idmap_rid on RedHat AS 2.1
3:38PM 0 PDC Trust problems
3:37PM 1 smbpasswd -e (3.0.10)
3:03PM 1 Problem with mixed-case usernames and group mapping
2:36PM 0 PDC + BDC + LDAP replication
2:16PM 2 [PATCH] printing patch update
1:42PM 2 Samba + LDAP Computers OU
1:34PM 2 force create mode
1:22PM 2 Samba and Kerberos V
1:20PM 1 Off line folders
10:17AM 1 Sharing a vfat partition
10:11AM 0 samba as PDC not working after switch to debian
6:42AM 3 chinese characters
Sunday January 9 2005
11:27PM 1 international characters + user mountable share - is it possible?
8:47PM 0 Strange problems with samba-3.0.7-5
7:06PM 1 AD integration questions
6:42PM 0 security = domain and Mac OS X
4:18PM 1 Password Sync on cross/multiple-platforms
4:16PM 0 Server crash when desktop PALM Sync with Samba mapped drive
12:00PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 10
11:26AM 1 Problem in tracing the code at client end
6:50AM 1 SAMBA and Windows 2003 Appliance Server
Saturday January 8 2005
8:25PM 0 tracing mkdir function at the client
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 9
12:00PM 1 Trouble migrating from plain text to encrypted passwords
4:09AM 2 Help with Samba (net vampire) not pulling passwords into openLDAP backend - fails pam_ldap authentication - pam_unix used instead ?
3:33AM 1 Simple Samba Guest printer setup problem
2:01AM 1 Obey Pam Restrictions Problem 3.0.10
1:57AM 0 net ads join error
1:09AM 0 [2.6 patch] remove outdated smbfs ChangeLog (fwd)
Friday January 7 2005
9:31PM 2 University's using samba and ldap
7:33PM 0 Printing via Samba fails
6:18PM 1 winbindd 3.0.10 stops functioning
5:42PM 1 WinXP pro client and Samba 2.2.3 PDC?
5:33PM 1 Spool queue issue winxp and samba-3.0.x
5:26PM 0 NT4 local groups and winbind, possible?
4:53PM 0 Trying different domain
4:29PM 1 Problem in code tracing (reply)
4:05PM 0 smbldap-populate - failed to add entry: modifications require authentication
3:50PM 1 "Called name not present" - using smbclient from linu x to access win98
2:44PM 1 Consistent UID from SID for winbind
2:30PM 2 Differences between Samba-related PAM modules
1:57PM 1 Only primary group being used for AD user?
12:39PM 0 changing user password by using passwd command
12:17PM 1 new printing patch for 3.0.10
12:16PM 0 samba 2.2.9 - strange printing problem
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 8
9:41AM 2 Secondary group problem in include statement
7:32AM 0 (Fwd) (Fwd) Re: second samba problem
3:34AM 0 determining a shares physical location
2:50AM 0 mount.cifs returns Input/output error fedora core 3 to window server 2003
Thursday January 6 2005
11:43PM 3 Problems when using cupsaddsmb
11:34PM 1 %$(envvar) gets evaluated when?
11:30PM 0 Patch available to address the 'joining clients using root account' limitation
9:15PM 0 Symlinks not behaving as expected?
8:30PM 0 is not found
8:18PM 1 "Called name not present" - using smbclient from linux to access win98
6:45PM 0 Mini Samba-SuSE Firewall2 HOWTO
2:50PM 0 WIndows Error messages each write access
2:39PM 1 Administrator->root mapping not working on 3.0.10 (3.0.7 fine)
1:24PM 1 smb vfs modules queries
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 7
10:38AM 1 pdbedit syntax for forcing user to change password
6:26AM 2 Mysql Password Backend
4:22AM 2 General Samba Questions
3:40AM 1 shifting samba machine
2:59AM 1 session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
Wednesday January 5 2005
11:51PM 2 Kerberos and Samba
10:14PM 1 3.0.x and AIX 5.3
9:33PM 0 read only share access after upgrade to 3.0.10 - an update
7:33PM 2 Samba and Cups interaction
7:19PM 2 Migrating from NT4 to samba (do I still need a domain?)
7:19PM 2 Samba 3.0.11pre1 Available for Download
7:07PM 1 LDAP+samba dc docs
6:59PM 1 Windows groups in smb.conf
6:01PM 0 CUPS thinks jobs sent via samba are anonymous
5:57PM 1 new printing patch for 3.0.10 may fix the 'failure to remove print jobs from queue list display'
5:48PM 0 (no subject)
5:47PM 0 Weird "Share violation"
5:41PM 0 ldap idmap backend doesn't work
4:09PM 0 v.3.0.4 upgrade problem...
3:54PM 0 question regarding libsmbclient ´ s command lseek
3:51PM 0 (Fwd) Re: second samba problem
3:35PM 0 ls error on mounted share
3:28PM 1 second samba problem
3:17PM 0 slow network for windows 9x samba 3.0.10
2:33PM 1 3.0.10 with printing patch, NULL devmode, failing to fetch tdb and buffer overflow
1:55PM 0 Problem installing printer driver wiht samba
1:54PM 1 cant logon when i change winxp hostname
1:37PM 0 Turkish character problem
11:34AM 2 Article about Samba for "Software 2.0 Extra!"
10:37AM 0 Samba, AD and NIS
10:23AM 0 You Need This Netfilter-admin
6:55AM 0 installing samba 3.0.7 on kernel 2.6
6:20AM 0 Samba 3 on RedHat Linux 9?
6:14AM 0 Using windows homedirs as a linux homedirs
3:32AM 1 Master domain browser after IP change?
1:20AM 1 XP delete problem
12:47AM 1 PDC moved; domain admin user lost privs
12:45AM 1 smbmount performance stinks, smbclient is good
Tuesday January 4 2005
10:47PM 0 Smbd AIX syslog error messages
9:49PM 2 Problems on HP-UX 11i with 'user add script'
9:44PM 1 Isolated printer problem
9:34PM 1 Re: samba 3.0.10 pkg
8:25PM 1 Question about soft mounting samba shares...
8:18PM 0 group membership + acl
7:10PM 0 winbind auth pppd 2.4.3/pptpd dialup samba pdc works
7:01PM 1 removing a file lock
6:47PM 1 "password server" not failing over
6:01PM 1 smbldap-tools []
4:25PM 0 Will This Fix Your Problem?
3:51PM 2 Thank you! Upgrade from Novell 4.11 is complete
2:57PM 0 Samba 3.0.10 issues with native mode ADS...
2:34PM 1 problems includind a samba server in a 2003 network
12:41PM 1 pptp/pppd 2.4.3 ntlm auth acts different to your example
12:24PM 0 FC2 to FC3 Upgrade help
11:57AM 0 Samba 3.0.9 , mount and Win2003
10:15AM 1 msdfs: links to shares not visible/accessible in dfs root
9:49AM 0 has this bug been fixed?
9:23AM 0 new version of ico2sambaconf (graphical conf tool for samba) released !!!
8:48AM 1 acl quotas
7:55AM 1 PDC and guest access
6:58AM 1 really needs help on compiling samba 3.0.9 with ldap
3:36AM 0 Upgrade Recommendations and/or Tips - SAMBA 2.2.8 to 3.0.?
1:02AM 0 read only share access after upgrade to 3.0.10
12:25AM 0 [2.6 patch] smbfs: make some functions static
Monday January 3 2005
11:19PM 0 Unable to join domain with XP: "The parameter is incorrect"
11:12PM 0 RE: graphical configuration tool.
10:14PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 25, Issue 3
8:29PM 2 Swat not working
8:09PM 1 Samba 3.0 + eCS (os/2)
7:57PM 1 Smab 3 printing
6:38PM 1 samba v3 slow with 'security = server'
4:02PM 1 Troubles loging into Samba PDC
3:52PM 1 Samba share breaks msi-install process
3:00PM 1 Slow network and 100% CPU
2:03PM 0 pam_winbind troubles
1:16PM 0 graphical configuration tool
12:02PM 1 Re: Re: Your bill
10:23AM 3 New to Samba world
6:46AM 1 unable to compile samba 3.0.9
Sunday January 2 2005
6:07PM 1 sendfile questions...
Saturday January 1 2005
8:17PM 1 Error messages every 32min after Win2k security update
1:17PM 1 Networking problems - Fedora 3/samba/Win XP
11:29AM 2 SAMBA in hybrid mode
10:25AM 1 Anyone Pls? Domain function levels, etc