Rails - Oct 2010

Sunday October 31 2010
11:09PM 2 Re: Loading xml document using Nokogiri and retrieving CDATA element SOLVED
10:59PM 0 Loading xml document using Nokogiri and retrieving CDATA element
10:40PM 0 REXML file load 2 minutes Rails 3/1.9.2 while <1second Rails 2.3.8/1.8.7
9:24PM 4 Newbie - Rails 3 authentication question (Devise)
7:11PM 0 Newbie in dire need of help - Uploading
6:45PM 15 Rails newbie in dire need of help - File uploading
5:36PM 0 Error in rendering json
4:11PM 0 Rails Magazine 7/2010
12:11PM 2 JRuby...do i need it?
3:38AM 0 using rails_upgrade on windows
12:39AM 9 self.where('section = ?', '%:search_item%')
12:30AM 1 Rails application Webservices
Saturday October 30 2010
10:22PM 0 Will_Paginate — Set the Starting record ? IE, Photo 3, of 8
9:37PM 0 moved the problem along
8:55PM 2 Changing the type of a column in mysql
8:48PM 0 enforce-ssl
8:32PM 1 Error messages for nested resource; guide says to use f.error_messages, but is deprecated/didn't work.
7:32PM 0 Establish SFTP connection
3:01PM 0 RAILS3 GEM after_commit issue
1:53PM 4 git newbe
12:50PM 0 unbit - pubblicazione
12:24PM 2 ArgumentError (wrong number of arguments (2 for 0)):
11:57AM 1 Problems with an id
10:49AM 3 Authlogic not active
7:14AM 0 Re: Rails 3, Postgresql Schemas, and schema.rb
1:21AM 12 Anyone successfully ran JRuby 1.5.3, Rails 3, Tomcat6
Friday October 29 2010
9:34PM 1 Content-Length missing from HEAD request response
9:04PM 3 Trying to work through update of Ruby and Install of Rails
9:03PM 1 Testing error message when specing models?
8:12PM 4 Redirecting to a non-Rails application
8:08PM 0 Sortable List and Table Rows
6:06PM 2 simple Select can't find my Selected index lol
6:03PM 3 Asking Rails 3 to render a pdf from a file but getting template error instead
4:32PM 0 Could not find activesupport
4:18PM 0 Rails application thinks postgres password is wrong
3:40PM 5 Rails3 UJS AJAX links when DOM is not loaded
3:28PM 0 Stream videos and secure the files
2:39PM 0 Authlogic-facebook connect
1:18PM 8 Amazon s3 - paperclip - Rails3 - basic setup Noob simple problems
11:08AM 0 Post request by Java code for Rails application
10:57AM 1 Add prefix to dynamic routes that are created
10:49AM 0 install in_place_editing
10:34AM 0 Great startup opportunity (for real, no really, for real, not kidding, money back guarantee, ok now I am kidding, but really, for real)
10:33AM 6 link_to in the controller flash message?
9:36AM 0 Search not working with ajax
7:48AM 0 Fragment caching with touch (2.3.5)
6:27AM 1 Rails 3 Blogging Plugin
2:13AM 1 Rails 3.0 and form_for
1:16AM 3 when migrating add_index error: invalid date
Thursday October 28 2010
11:12PM 3 ActiveRecord :id offset
10:41PM 2 [Ruby on Rails 3] How to 3 model associations..
9:10PM 5 Rails 3 - possible to render a view into a string (inside a model or controller)?
8:37PM 6 Rails application on Solaris OS
8:34PM 0 Complex nested group_by
7:28PM 4 how do i find the trigger of an 'unknown' action
6:50PM 0 Active record help - sorting by number of paintings
5:43PM 5 RoR to interact with DB on IIS server
3:57PM 8 Is there a Rails3 way to "scope" views?
2:49PM 1 i cannot clear relation with rails 3
1:39PM 1 Deriving join SQL incredibly slow on Rails 3
11:28AM 8 Frames in Rails
8:59AM 6 Redirect issue after update
7:58AM 0 Looking for the best way to implement a tracking object for updates
7:13AM 1 Many to many AND one to many association
3:53AM 2 Using Rails Objects in js file
3:51AM 2 ActiveRecord JDBC error Generated keys not requested
12:19AM 1 validation on subdomain unique
12:13AM 1 trouble testing callbacks on update to model with nested attributes
Wednesday October 27 2010
10:50PM 4 Anything special needed to migrate test::unit tests from Rails 2x to Rails3?
10:15PM 2 Problems with the views.
10:10PM 3 connecting to exchange server
9:48PM 2 PostgreSql SELECT DISTINCT and ORDER BY returns an error
9:28PM 1 Does Ruby 1.9.2 include ftools?
8:10PM 0 "Missing partial layouts/application" error on render :partial => "index", :layout => "application" - Rails3
8:05PM 5 Update password with Devise
6:29PM 0 Help with routes
6:17PM 0 Action Caching with memcached with config.cache_classes = true in development.rb/production.rb not working in Rails 2.1
6:06PM 2 passenger for both rails 2.3 and 3.0
5:41PM 1 [Startup] Java Backend and Rails Frontend
5:01PM 1 Lightbox Plugin in rails
4:26PM 0 Trouble with Callbacks
4:02PM 6 Order by "title" but then put "Other" at the end?
3:46PM 0 Ruby hangout at San Francisco
3:34PM 1 link_to when empty
1:59PM 0 RubyZip Exceptions
1:23PM 2 SOAP::RPC::Driver
1:09PM 2 rails version check for gems
1:05PM 1 Facebook API
12:35PM 6 Inflect word depending on number
11:09AM 4 Using ActiveRecord 3.0.x with Ruby 1.9.2
10:43AM 6 Empty array check
9:55AM 0 Google maps
8:06AM 6 Virtual model
5:23AM 1 Rails 3 - Creating a JSON response to display Search Results
4:49AM 0 Call backs not working in jquery 1.4.3 with rails 3
2:22AM 6 Form_for problem after upgrading
Tuesday October 26 2010
7:40PM 1 Button click, rendering back to the same page
3:03PM 0 Ruby on Rails developer required
2:45PM 2 bundler installs gems in project rspec directory?
2:29PM 1 JRuby + Windows Service
1:39PM 0 [Job] Permanent RoR job in Andover, MA
1:33PM 0 Rails 3 tagging
11:56AM 0 rake gems:install without rdoc documentation
11:36AM 0 Unable to rrun script/console for newly created project
10:26AM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails developer needed
9:27AM 0 Need LAMP Development Lead: Location: New Delhi: Exp: 5+ Yrs exp..
8:43AM 2 AssociationTypeMismatch
8:41AM 5 Trubelshooting MS Sql database connection
8:36AM 6 Validating model depending on controller action
6:05AM 2 nginx deployment
4:56AM 0 rails - Search Controller
1:35AM 5 Display Time benchmark on page
Monday October 25 2010
10:33PM 4 use net/ldap from my controller
6:29PM 2 ActionMailer 3 does not generate a body from template
6:12PM 0 The Rebirth of Mephisto
5:52PM 0 Rails 3 -NoMethodError (undefined method `original_filename
2:23PM 22 q: why is the validation error output
1:51PM 5 Named scope with has many
1:22PM 1 Rails 3 On Ubuntu
12:33PM 8 pattern findings using “find” in Rails
12:29PM 0 Action Mailer 2.3.5 Vs Action Mailer 3,0
10:18AM 0 need help with rewrite
7:28AM 0 observe field using Prototype and Rails 3
6:55AM 2 form_tag with remote=>true Error during failsafe response:
5:32AM 0 Rmagick image resizing problem
4:57AM 0 Error when starting WEBrick with script/server command
3:16AM 1 About NoSQL in Windows
12:14AM 11 Create super-simple adding application
Sunday October 24 2010
10:18PM 5 Where can i post questions about setting up ROR on Snow Leopard
4:43PM 1 Problem with Sortable Table Columns
4:19PM 0 Rails 3, HTTP extensions (WebDAV) and Rack App mounting
1:20PM 1 Re: [Rails-core] Re: (Unable to start rails application) ruby scipt/server error
12:45PM 2 Synatx highlighting in Ruby
12:36PM 0 Where can I find the full document for rails application template?
6:49AM 0 Using a nested-model form as a partial on a page
1:27AM 1 rails PaperClip / S3 / ImageMagick
Saturday October 23 2010
9:17PM 0 [JOBS] NYC Consulting, Onsite at Client Location only, Financial Services Firm $800-$1000 per day
8:42PM 0 Suppressing the authenticity_token div in form_for output
6:50PM 0 Passing a form object to a partial within a fields_for using observe_field
6:48PM 1 How to access Twitter go retrieve results from http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/users/suggestions/:slug
3:48PM 6 Rails, Uploading multiple Files to an Album
3:11PM 1 Can't access from other computers in network?
12:35PM 2 Multiple Languages
12:04PM 1 View error
8:57AM 1 Paperclip: numbers strings after filename
5:48AM 4 is it poosible to return javascript's confirmbox response to ruby programme
4:01AM 0 Rails 3 routing using referrer
1:31AM 4 Could not find 'sqlite3-ruby' error in Ubuntu
12:43AM 1 Passenger is not working
12:27AM 2 Rails3 ActiveRecord lazy loading?
Friday October 22 2010
11:06PM 1 Rails 3, PaperClip, S3 - MultiFile Upload Approach - HTML5 perhaps?
9:21PM 2 [Rails 3] Appears test DB isn't being cleared when using shoulda - what am I doing wrong?
9:03PM 6 Can't use rails_upgrade plugin on Windows due to missing fork() function
8:21PM 0 ¿how can I use different customer paypal accounts to receieve payments securely?
8:11PM 3 Spreadsheet Excel - How to Span Columns
6:33PM 0 ActiveScaffold ForeignKey Error
4:52PM 3 Recommended Authorization
4:07PM 1 problem about create project by aptana
1:35PM 16 Problems when connecting to Sql server 2008 odbc no such file to load error
1:32PM 0 Lock wait timeout exceeded
1:29PM 0 Overriding to_s method of BIgDecimal
11:21AM 2 Ruby and Rails version
11:19AM 2 Aptana Studio Configuration on window
10:32AM 2 How to paginate in the same view?
9:55AM 1 Twitter connect using authlogic in rails 3
9:45AM 4 observe field using prototype Rails 3
8:25AM 1 Could not find rake-0.8.7 in any of the sources
6:33AM 0 How to start your rails application via JailShell on a shared host
3:08AM 5 How to Generate Dynamic visual effects for images.
Thursday October 21 2010
7:31PM 5 PRoblem using railroad
6:47PM 1 cant able to migrate
4:48PM 15 admin namespace
3:38PM 1 Problem(Error) in ruby-on rails installtion
3:12PM 1 work in New Zealand or Australia
1:09PM 9 13" MBA or 15" MBP?
11:49AM 0 Server/Console: ext call crashes in rails-server but works in rails-console
11:23AM 8 start value of model
9:55AM 1 Probles with will_paginate
8:43AM 1 How to create a better flash error message
8:03AM 0 attachment in the database with thumbnail generation - rails3
6:34AM 9 rspec test case
5:24AM 0 Mumps and Ruby
5:21AM 0 Testing subdomains on Rails 3
4:46AM 0 Unicode parsing
4:18AM 4 Authlogic + Rails3 - undefined method `Login' for nil:NilClass
1:52AM 1 Rails 3 plugin or gem testing resources?
12:11AM 1 Ajax, form_tag, accept headers, Rails 3
Wednesday October 20 2010
10:07PM 4 A New Bug Tracking System That Help Solving IT Problems Faster & Better.
9:56PM 3 [JOBS] Integrating a payment gateway into my current website.
9:19PM 13 Automatic validation
9:07PM 0 Permanent RoR job in Andover, MA
7:17PM 21 Sign up (create account, create user)
5:26PM 0 After upgrade to 3 from 1 layout method doesn't render anything...
5:13PM 0 rake gems:install error
4:35PM 1 Strange Routing Error
4:08PM 4 Rails 2 vs Rails 3 db:test:prepare oddness
3:52PM 10 onclick event the rails way
3:36PM 0 RubyConf Ticket
2:48PM 7 How can I render a template outside of a controller in Rails 3?
1:37PM 4 How do solve win32 messagebox problem
12:47PM 0 Dont uncheck checkboxs on update partial
12:26PM 0 Form for polymorphic association
10:13AM 4 each_with_index desired column output
9:29AM 7 RoR Into a 3 Tier architecture - MVC function
9:07AM 0 script/server log - use colour to highlight errors?
8:17AM 2 undefined method `items' for nil:NilClass
6:49AM 2 How do i use button_to_function
5:27AM 1 acts as ferret installation
4:31AM 13 problem with german ü,ö,ä,.
1:18AM 0 How can I render a partial using a traditional (outside of MVC) erb file in Rails 3?
12:09AM 2 form_tag not working correctly?
Tuesday October 19 2010
10:11PM 1 flash reapperas on refresh
9:20PM 6 Help understanding a very simple routes.db
9:00PM 6 Cache on certain condition
8:48PM 13 Missing partials
8:46PM 3 1.9.2 / Polymorphic has_many / calling .size
8:06PM 6 Nested has_many queries in AR?
7:51PM 33 Render partial generate unwanted spaces
7:34PM 1 Filesystem active record adapter
6:36PM 10 print page and Link_to problem
5:48PM 0 Rails3, default render :action for controller methods
5:04PM 1 reverse proxy caching and user specific information
4:48PM 2 ajax call not seen as a remote call; UJS in rails 2.3.8
2:20PM 4 Attribute_fu and Paperclip
2:15PM 3 no such file to load -- linguistics
1:48PM 0 Exception Notifier. . .2 questions
11:46AM 2 test case for crete action
10:20AM 1 Create array with elements
10:06AM 5 Could not find a valid gem 'xaws-s3x' (>= 0) in any repository
9:55AM 4 Rails3 on bluehost??
9:43AM 0 fail an url for edit
8:04AM 0 New to rspec
6:02AM 7 using custom foreign keys in associations
5:27AM 4 Problem while installing passenger for apache
4:32AM 0 Radrails import
4:04AM 1 What Amazon EC2 AMI do you recommend?
3:53AM 2 New to RoR. New project with a legacy database and php service. Any tips?
1:24AM 0 Queue management
1:08AM 0 Ajax & Table Display Filtering based on Selected Option
Monday October 18 2010
11:48PM 9 Rails 3 Development Server - What is recommended?
11:17PM 0 Ajax call-request.xhr? = false Rails 3
10:27PM 0 JOBS - Seeking RoR Developers ASAP
8:21PM 3 Cannot load JSON in Rails 3
7:59PM 2 wrong link_to html output
4:46PM 7 How to make an ActiveRecord::Base object to have a list of strings?
4:35PM 18 Is Ruby on Rails for beginner programmers?
4:24PM 2 Application Controller instance variable available to all views
3:57PM 1 Not able to override helper.
3:35PM 1 Ruby Documentation
3:21PM 2 httparty vs mechanize
2:34PM 3 Best practice organization of rails directories
2:13PM 0 Rails 3 - is it possible not to display the attribute name in the error message ?
1:36PM 4 How to run the application Rubyonrails's on the server (localhost)
12:52PM 4 Searching in database.
12:26PM 3 Rails 3 Development Servers - Is mongrel on its way out?
11:29AM 0 Can't seem to get my HABTM form to work.
11:25AM 5 How to create a "like" button
8:53AM 0 HTTP Response 302 fetching
6:33AM 0 Routing error for custom POST route in Rails 3
3:35AM 0 Startup Seeking ROR mentor/partner
1:34AM 2 How to Pass a Selected Option Value of select_tag from One Partial to Another
Sunday October 17 2010
7:34PM 0 Error whilst trying to deploy app with Capistrano
7:07PM 0 Rails 3 substruct documentation
2:05PM 2 Upgrade ROR 2.3.5 to 3.0
12:15PM 0 Blog screencast
12:04PM 10 activerecord variable apart from member
9:14AM 1 Should we seprate models into sub directories
8:01AM 3 RSpec
5:39AM 0 autotest, rspec with rails 3
2:28AM 0 Two writing sites up for adoption
Saturday October 16 2010
10:01PM 3 Doubt with symbols in Rails
8:55PM 0 Inline Attachment for mail
7:44PM 0 Foreign currency exchange rate Web services
7:09PM 0 problem with rake and mysql
4:45PM 10 Multipart form posts with files (testing with JMeter)
3:33PM 3 Authlogic: rendering the login form as a partial on every page of my site
3:02PM 1 Unable to start rail application at localhost
3:00PM 3 dump of my database sqlite3 to mysql
2:46PM 11 undefined method + method(argument)
11:48AM 0 File upload and permissions
11:03AM 5 rails console and tests launch time too long?
10:27AM 3 Rails, EJBs and transaction control.
3:22AM 1 importing mysql data
2:05AM 1 performance test fails with error message
12:05AM 0 gvim error with rails.vim
Friday October 15 2010
11:27PM 2 include ActionView::Helpers in Rails 3?
8:01PM 4 ActiveRecord - how to search by association value?
7:19PM 2 How Extend AR Instance Methods?
7:11PM 1 Arel errors when running activerecord tests
6:00PM 2 Rails 3 helper method issue
5:34PM 0 bookmarklet for switching official doc versions
4:55PM 0 Why is include_root_in_json true now
4:38PM 11 Beautiful and meaningful urls
4:21PM 3 Ruby as a web client
4:08PM 4 I want to try cucumber but............
3:50PM 6 Appointment History template page
3:48PM 2 calling hashes from another hash
3:45PM 4 Changing default image_tag folder
3:33PM 3 "has already been taken" on empty field
3:28PM 41 multiple domain names mapping to different rails app URLs
3:24PM 18 Newbie - Rails 3 lightbox?
2:28PM 0 observe_field for dynamic tables
2:11PM 0 Problem on Firefox and :disable_with on remote forms (ajax) when using jQuery
1:39PM 1 Changing one item in database without invoking another view than index
1:18PM 0 packers and movers
1:03PM 3 Noughts and Crosses layout with a variable number of entries
12:42PM 3 Regular Expression
12:00PM 9 ActiveRecord::Relation issue
11:37AM 4 Not Null
11:12AM 4 Rails 2 to Rails 3 upgrade issues
10:54AM 2 “ undefined method `enumerable_enumerator_path' " error.
10:47AM 0 Confused about ruby-ole gem
10:21AM 1 What's the best open source Rails Facebooker project to learn from?
10:17AM 0 Different behaviors for same rack stack in development and production environment
8:41AM 2 Fat free CRM error
8:36AM 0 insert image in a pdf
7:52AM 1 Re: Digest for rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 25 Messages in 17 Topics
7:21AM 1 Learning by example
6:49AM 2 how to list all sessions?
6:29AM 1 Help with nested form: User and Artist
5:44AM 3 hai
5:36AM 0 AssociationTypeMismatch / Model Caching in development envirnment
5:13AM 0 fails ruby-ldap on ubuntu 10.04
3:51AM 4 Geo-locations, Countries, Zips, Cities
3:28AM 5 Beginner cant get rake to work
3:20AM 3 How do I get this query to work in PostgreSQL?
2:06AM 0 Struggling with a complex Rails 3 query (user.friends.checkins)
1:22AM 1 SQL Restore and Migrations
Thursday October 14 2010
10:45PM 2 integration testing
10:42PM 1 Cleaning up some security checking code
10:22PM 2 Techlive - IT War Room in The Cloud
9:10PM 0 (JOBS) Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails) / CTO – Health 2.0 Startup
8:46PM 1 Cucumber Selenium web step to verify value of input field
8:40PM 2 File links with wildcards(?)
7:19PM 4 has_many :through - creating a new model
6:22PM 0 Bot-Away v1.2 Released
5:50PM 1 Populate f.select from database
4:46PM 3 Building Custom jSon hashes
4:40PM 2 Validate that input doesn't contain default text?
3:30PM 0 test:units error
2:28PM 3 Formatting Names and Addresses
2:27PM 7 Apache httpd config for Passenger?
12:46PM 2 Nested form, perhaps?
12:26PM 1 Ice Cube Rails problem
12:21PM 0 no such file to load -- ZenTest but I have already installed ZenTest
12:05PM 1 ActionMailer multipart messages with attachment rails3
11:55AM 8 Writing a Report on Ruby on Rails - Could anyone provide any insight
11:45AM 2 Page rendering dies halfway but rails thinks it has finished
9:53AM 7 undefined method?
8:32AM 5 How should one pass params to the comment form
7:02AM 3 install plugin in rails 3
5:18AM 1 Ruby - mysql on Snow Leopard 10.6
5:08AM 0 How to manage knowledge, timetracking and team moods in agile projects
12:58AM 2 Associations Pickle with Legacy Schema
Wednesday October 13 2010
11:54PM 3 problem running bundle install
11:46PM 1 what is the default valule for "encoding" in ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection
9:40PM 3 Path error when using a namespace
9:32PM 1 Adding table index through rails
8:59PM 3 using pg on snow leopard
8:37PM 0 Ruby on Rails Web Developer Gig for NGO Working in Haiti
8:23PM 0 interview question
8:22PM 0 ARes, Format, and Encoding
8:09PM 2 LoadError (no such file to load -- pg), OS X, Rails 3, Ruby 1.9.2, Postgres
8:07PM 4 Display thumbnail image on the fly?
8:05PM 23 Find account name
7:15PM 5 Adding foreign key when creating new user
6:14PM 0 Overriding log_error in Rails3 not working
6:06PM 10 Rails 2.3.8 - What happens to a datetime field between a form being submitted and the controller receiving the params
5:34PM 0 Get instances of all running Rack middleware
3:29PM 1 Batch page re-caching
2:27PM 1 unit test dependent destroy
2:18PM 2 Routing Error
1:44PM 2 Active record association
1:31PM 1 rails 3 with mongodb
10:04AM 1 Installation of rmagick --version '>= 2.13.1' on CENTOS
10:01AM 2 how to begin debugging in radrails
8:26AM 3 Deploy rails 2.2 app
5:20AM 2 acts_as_list issue in single table inheritence
4:16AM 0 Cloud Hosting Options
2:56AM 2 Using Ajax (Prototype) to Update Form fields + Resulting page Simultaneously
2:37AM 0 Job - RoR - 6 month contact roles
1:33AM 3 Signature pad
12:59AM 1 Including associations in to_xml
12:36AM 2 actionmailer and warning: regexp match /./n against to IBM437 string
Tuesday October 12 2010
11:26PM 2 The development env is loaded before the test env when running unit test
10:08PM 3 Is there a way to use xpath to check for an empty string text value in an element? (Cucumber/Capybara/Selenium)
10:04PM 6 is an application for state machine?
9:05PM 17 params function not working
8:16PM 8 How to display validation errors in nested form
8:05PM 1 subversion-ruby
7:42PM 6 RVM on a Macbook
7:00PM 1 How to install .gem files in Ubuntu 9.04
5:53PM 8 If variable is not empty
4:57PM 4 New to RoR, RoR Guides
4:32PM 0 Rails app, upload via api, test via curl
4:24PM 1 helper method does not include helper module into controller
3:49PM 0 raw needed on select tag options? Rails3/Ruby1.9.2
3:40PM 2 Off topic - A new Ruby book
3:31PM 8 Functional testing and HTTP authentication
3:11PM 0 errors.add - how can i set the whole message?
12:41PM 7 Cancan, how to allow artists to edit their own
11:40AM 3 problem with has_many
11:11AM 2 STI and :through, not working?
10:48AM 5 RJS vs Javascript Template in Rails 3?
10:36AM 4 RJS element is null, Prototype Error?
9:00AM 0 link_to('Previous Page', :back) doesn't work
8:34AM 5 yml file structure
8:04AM 0 acts_as_list and single table inheritence
7:11AM 0 Could not find linecache-0.43 in any of the sources
5:02AM 16 Unable to rake db:create
4:42AM 7 Modelling parent/child accounts with other models
4:26AM 2 What am I doing wrong with find_in_batches?
3:10AM 7 Default routes in rails 3.0
12:56AM 1 Using date select in rails.
Monday October 11 2010
11:28PM 0 running nginx as a reverse proxy
10:59PM 0 Converting observe_field to UJS in Rails 3
10:18PM 0 Rails 3 - Making a Form for Project/Permissions
9:40PM 0 advanced search under rails 3.
9:26PM 9 Ajax not working with form_remote_tag!
8:33PM 8 Nooby Stuck - "has_and_belongs_to_many" relationship
6:44PM 7 streaming a large XML file; optimizing large file downloads in RAILS
6:07PM 0 undefined method `includes_values' for :conditions:Symbol
6:03PM 1 Help on Rails3: html_safe don't unescape
3:29PM 12 Need advice on controller / view
2:32PM 3 is there one command to save an ActiveRecord and all dependents?
2:03PM 31 How old are you?
10:37AM 5 Object lost in memory/trashed?
7:54AM 13 Opensource ideas
5:28AM 3 to change ruby187 code on rails 235 to ruby192 on rails3
5:01AM 1 Rails 3 - Issue with Nested Routes, It's not allow for a custom collection?
3:02AM 0 rake db:migrate pukes on ActionController::Base.cookie_verifier_secret = '...'
2:03AM 3 ActiveRecord joins issue
Sunday October 10 2010
9:57PM 4 Problem with overriding URL helper methods
9:16PM 5 Running Bundler from Application Template
8:15PM 4 Rails - truncate - is not behaving--- Using a var returned from the model
5:54PM 5 Zip Timestamp Extraction Help.....
3:23PM 0 Exception Notification Missing rack.input
2:42PM 1 JSON output replacing & with "\u0026 "
1:26PM 4 odd number list for Hash error when using respond_to
1:14PM 25 Use of Editors(like Radrails,Netbeans) in ROR?
11:11AM 5 effort for web address database for Ruby on Rails newcommer
9:56AM 5 Server extremely slow?!
7:40AM 3 protecting resources in an app
1:32AM 17 Why is RSpec so slow with Rails 3?
1:16AM 5 meta-programming 101
Saturday October 9 2010
10:49PM 0 Rails 3, Paper_Clip + S3 - HowTo Save Files for an Instance and Protect Access
8:58PM 5 Name error when trying to include a file
7:51PM 3 Installing Ruby on Rails on ubuntu server
7:41PM 3 The requested URL /rails/myrailsapp/public/rails/info/properties was not found on this server.
5:15PM 2 The Rails Server
2:36PM 0 add hook_for to ScaffoldGenerator
12:41PM 7 Newbie - Create menu and send parameters to controller from view.
11:21AM 4 HoW to add ruby on rails pages in a PHP application
9:43AM 2 Not escaping arguments passed on to view helpers
7:34AM 3 Guide: how to install Ruby, Rails and Postgresql adapter on Ubuntu 10.10
6:21AM 2 beginners help please
5:47AM 1 Rails 3- Handling a conditional Create in a Controller
12:18AM 2 Rails 3 upgraded form validation issue
Friday October 8 2010
11:48PM 3 Rails 3, HowTo - Pass a Setting to the Application.html.erb
11:02PM 1 Is there a more efficient way to update the order of a collection of objects in rails 3?
9:34PM 1 Date and Time Picker recommendation
9:30PM 19 Display only when date changes
8:40PM 1 causes of occasional ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken exceptions
8:18PM 7 How to pass values to named scope?
5:57PM 7 How do I convert this active record query to a rails 3 query
4:20PM 5 Model identification strategy [Was: I need help with a design]
3:41PM 13 Ajax call, no route matches?
3:40PM 0 (JOBS) RoR web/exhibit developer position - Miami U. (Oxford, Ohio)
2:39PM 0 Problem with installing linecache on Windows XP
1:37PM 0 Form always submitting requests using GET
10:57AM 1 hpricot help
10:40AM 0 how mongrel temporary file is converted to cgi temp files
10:04AM 0 Zip::ZipFile timestamp extraction help...
9:49AM 7 90% of documentation outdated?
9:26AM 0 [JOBS] I am hunting for a RoR guru near Slough/Windsor/London... can you help?
7:17AM 12 not able to start my first RoR project
6:34AM 3 who has done large file upload in rails????
5:54AM 1 How to access virtual attributes in the model
2:27AM 3 Routes Id issue in 2.3.5
1:33AM 12 Cucumber @javascript scenarios loose seeded data
12:47AM 6 bootstrapping test database?
Thursday October 7 2010
9:32PM 0 ajax problem
9:22PM 7 Newbie! How to return to the command prompt after launching rails server
9:02PM 0 Getting a Binary Reponse using Curb
8:29PM 0 Unwanted page displays in tests but not in development
8:02PM 2 Where does one obtain the APU for Rails-2.3.9?
7:57PM 1 Question on polymorphic association
7:51PM 4 Not being able to order by includes on Rails3
7:16PM 0 has many relation in a form
7:07PM 1 rake aborted undefined method precision()
7:01PM 0 Prototype - toggle function doesn't complete.
6:00PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Contractors needed
5:23PM 5 Weird error when order by 'when'
5:21PM 3 IRB problem (rb1.9.1 +rails3.0 )
3:37PM 4 Help with nested forms
3:13PM 1 Looking for help to fund my Ruby Conf talk.
1:57PM 1 Creating a grid layout based on (pairs of) model attributes
1:52PM 0 responds_to_parent in rails 3
1:52PM 4 Append to end of file before 'end' declaration
1:07PM 1 checking Ruby Code
12:53PM 1 Adding nested object in form using AJAX
12:52PM 9 ruby on rails programmer/developer
12:18PM 0 Tooltip with css_tt
12:15PM 5 ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "")
11:59AM 0 Dealing with Etrade and rails Integration
8:36AM 4 where i should report an issue
7:51AM 3 i18n not working by default
7:16AM 9 Paperclip style not working with proc
6:31AM 5 Bad experiences with ruby on rails 3.0 :(
6:29AM 0 Gems installation on Windows
4:16AM 4 Rails 3 - Referencing the URL to determine if a Nav Item is class=“selected”
4:14AM 0 Not able to run ERB
12:33AM 31 I need help with a design
12:25AM 18 Is Java Dead?
Wednesday October 6 2010
9:51PM 18 Drop-down menu from a belongs_to association
9:44PM 3 Error generated after calling form_for
9:35PM 9 What is the best way to learn rails 3.0 with no prior rails experience?
7:59PM 2 Small issue with user and artist model
7:51PM 6 Use .ogv videos with Rails
7:43PM 0 freelancing oppurtunity?
7:34PM 8 find_by_id with multiple ids?
7:05PM 2 reflect_on_association method
6:51PM 3 Script acting differently inside of rake task
3:26PM 7 Passing a hash from the model to the view
2:54PM 4 List of html_options available
2:49PM 4 Converting an Existing Website: Removing Duplicate Meta Data
1:52PM 16 Dealing with an EAV database
10:38AM 0 Extracting own info from some websites
9:56AM 2 Start mongrel in ssh session and then exit in Ubuntu 10.04
9:01AM 0 How to do change password with old password confirmation aut
8:19AM 0 Associated object is not set correctly after creating with belongs_to and has_one associations
8:09AM 4 Good idea to send encrypted password with activation link
8:08AM 0 jquery not working in production
7:56AM 0 mail server application
7:34AM 1 problem in cofiguring in mongrel's http_request.rb
7:03AM 0 MassAssignment problem with ActiveRecord 2.3.9
6:56AM 0 Error customization problem.
6:27AM 0 How mongrel Temorary files is generated
3:32AM 2 Mailing labels
1:48AM 6 Error on running unity test: "no such file to load -- 'active_record/version'"
1:12AM 0 jquery.fancybox not working with rajs template
Tuesday October 5 2010
10:31PM 2 Immediate opening for a skilled RoR developer
10:22PM 0 replacing ActionController::Routing::RouteSet::Mapper.send
9:53PM 1 rake and stderr
9:25PM 1 Rails 3 generate model
9:06PM 3 What is the best column time to store amount of hours
8:46PM 9 Problem writing to database using form_for
8:28PM 2 Is it possible to query on virtual attributes?
8:03PM 3 Rspec .should == true does not seem to work
6:39PM 5 Really need help with gems not being found
5:48PM 18 wkhtmltopdf and PDFkit
5:31PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Engineer, NYC to 120k + Relo
4:36PM 0 Ruby with apache ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/"):
3:51PM 5 How RoR handles multiple sub-websites under one host?
1:28PM 0 Looking for a passionate Ruby Developers
1:05PM 3 Help with a find
12:08PM 1 Ajax request not coming
11:10AM 0 Vacancy Ruby on Rails Developer (Ukraine, Kyiv)
9:56AM 13 something is removing my whitespace
9:56AM 0 10 Points How Cells Improves your Rails Architecture
9:14AM 2 Keep collection_select as selected after "submit"
Monday October 4 2010
11:52PM 4 http caching a dynamic page
9:30PM 0 file upload with attachment_fu.
9:23PM 0 Rails 3 DataMapper dm-rails sqlite3 issue
9:11PM 3 how to connect to microsoft sql server 6.5
8:14PM 1 img_submit_tag
7:05PM 10 Rails 3 mysql date
6:42PM 5 send_file Rails3, Ruby 1.9.2
6:22PM 4 Cronjob in Rails?
5:47PM 3 Como utilizar Internacionalização no Rails - criar aplicações em português
4:15PM 2 newbie q on activerecord - has_one and has_many on same table?
3:54PM 3 Uploading Photos - HowTo with Rails 3 ---- Which Gem?, S3?
2:34PM 1 can you use rjs with jquery?
1:17PM 0 order of validation execution
11:48AM 1 Ruby On Rails Ebooks – Free downloads
11:26AM 1 Share session between Node.js and Rails
11:12AM 38 Rake gives Command failed with status (1):
10:21AM 0 polymorphic_url with map.resource rails 2.3
7:02AM 2 Image upload
6:48AM 13 How to write an ActiveRecord conditions containing null?
4:39AM 5 Rails2/Rails3 nested form, fields_for not displayed
2:35AM 0 question about Drag-and-Drop element
12:40AM 7 thinking sphinx startup issue
Sunday October 3 2010
8:37PM 3 rendering View output to a file
8:12PM 4 Rails 3 - Using link_to but adding a # for AJAX Deep Linking
4:07PM 7 Rails 3, Validates, Custom Message
12:33PM 4 Newbie - submit_tag with link?
11:58AM 1 Rails 3 observers
9:36AM 23 Newbe: rails version issue
9:04AM 4 Error Running Rails 3 Application under Phusion Passenger
4:54AM 7 Rails 3, How do I set an :onload for a link_to :remote?
1:09AM 2 Newbe - how to add onClick to select option?
Saturday October 2 2010
9:09PM 4 Basic question on controller; "no route matches for hello/world"
7:59PM 2 How to write a test hash for a nested form??
7:36PM 2 How to make has_attached_file dynamic depending on form values
7:15PM 0 Re: Lacking some enlightenment on why rspec says I have a 200 response when I do not (SOLVED)
7:03PM 0 Routes are not available in RSpec integration test
6:58PM 0 Lacking some enlightenment on why rspec says I have a 200 response when I do not
6:47PM 6 Nested Resourced, Books > Authors… Creating Records for Authors…
6:13PM 6 Can't stop webrick with ctrl-c or ctrl-d on linux host
3:31PM 3 General Arel, ActiveRecord Adapter question ?
1:07PM 4 How to upload mp3 with custom duration/length
11:47AM 7 Can't modify frozen hash
11:23AM 3 MySQL setup question
6:28AM 2 Problems Installing Rails 3 on a new Machine
5:53AM 0 Cucumber, Capybara + Bespin/Skywriter
3:48AM 2 Great rails forum software
1:57AM 1 Legacy Single Table Inheritance - Specify Discriminator?
1:23AM 0 Ajax observe_field not vorking on Rails
Friday October 1 2010
10:18PM 1 Intermittent RingNotFound error
9:44PM 0 (assessments/quizes/surveys)/questions/answers
7:43PM 0 [Newbie] Require old password when changing it (Rails 3).
7:41PM 0 What's your Real World Rails 3 performance like?
4:58PM 13 NoMethodError
3:57PM 0 code/application for uploading csv data to multiple tables.
3:42PM 4 polymorphic_path - How to Create One given a table
3:07PM 8 field_with_errors.
1:38PM 20 Paperclip not executing FFMPEG properly
12:07PM 1 I18n.with_options bloc executed TWICE
11:00AM 0 RE : How do i delete mongrel temp file after upload complets
10:13AM 3 Gem::FilePermissionError
6:19AM 6 need a way to use sort_by with possible nil values
4:25AM 2 How to run a CRON task at midnight of each user's local time