Rails - Nov 2010

Tuesday November 30 2010
10:30PM 0 many-to-many. add an entry in the auxiliary table. ROR3.
9:10PM 2 Did I miss a meeting?!
8:45PM 4 Cucumber+Capybara rails 3 issue (Don't know where exactly)
8:13PM 3 how to 'delete' an object from an association collection in-memory only
8:10PM 2 db migration fails
7:46PM 0 Using named routes in ActionMailer tests.
7:06PM 2 IE problem with submit_tag
7:02PM 3 Can't install PG gem
5:28PM 1 How Rails handles database connection in the background??
5:08PM 1 Problem with Dragonfly gem
4:52PM 4 Compose data for a column from two fields
4:49PM 14 Install Requirements for Independent Development
4:29PM 6 Rails server does not take in account the production and still used development db
4:26PM 2 routes & friendly URL's
2:30PM 2 Rails 2.3.8 Action Caching without layout (ajax and non-ajax requests)
10:56AM 0 q: remote_form_for get & submit
10:33AM 8 Update div with Prototype
10:14AM 6 please explain me why nil?
6:15AM 1 rails 3 meta_search usage
5:43AM 0 software and hardware specifications for ror website
5:27AM 1 [Rails problem]create IP address range?
4:39AM 0 simple SQLITE3 error!!??library routine called out of sequence
3:46AM 5 referring to params in other controller
2:50AM 6 Installing a gem in an application
1:07AM 1 checkbox array
12:22AM 0 Rails 3 & FasterCSV
Monday November 29 2010
11:18PM 0 rake aborted! getaddrinfo: Name or service not known
11:14PM 2 Fresh podcasts
10:31PM 3 HTML5 placeholder attribute and i18n proposal
10:29PM 21 rvm and gem confusion
10:27PM 6 error: mail requires i18n (~> 0.4.1, runtime)
10:05PM 4 Help needed!!!
8:58PM 1 Rails 3 rspec 2 rendering XML repsonse.should contain(<hash>.to_xml)
8:51PM 3 Fragment cache directory names in Rails 3
8:37PM 1 How to get all models,controller,action and method names
8:30PM 9 Checking parameters
8:01PM 6 Dependency Problem
6:57PM 4 wrong number of arguments error
5:55PM 0 file_field and rails3
5:54PM 15 Error installing rails 3, get error: mail requires i18n (~> 0.4.1, runtime)
4:29PM 1 Forking a process
4:13PM 0 Memory Usage
3:25PM 5 find duplicates in each array rails
12:20PM 10 Email marketing services
10:40AM 1 simple form
10:19AM 4 Error heroku: App Crashed
10:08AM 2 Rails2 to rails3 routes migration problem - namespaces
8:22AM 11 Heroku error msg:App Crashed
3:17AM 2 Labels, I18n and accepts_nested_attributes_for
12:02AM 3 session active_record_store
Sunday November 28 2010
10:27PM 2 Dynamic find_by method returning nil in a class method
10:08PM 4 Error creating model object using accepts_nested_attributes_for
9:07PM 6 querying has_many relationships
7:30PM 2 Implementing the MetaWeblog API
7:10PM 2 converting xml to a OpenStruct
4:29PM 6 has_one accepts_nested_attributes_for fields_for NOT WORKING HELP
1:20PM 2 Authlogic with Rails3 where to start?
11:27AM 0 gem update --system returns error
10:20AM 0 group_by Speed Question
2:08AM 4 HAML including CSS and JavaScript
Saturday November 27 2010
9:48PM 2 Something weird about draggable_element_js
8:43PM 18 I have a NoMethodError, please help!
5:56PM 0 Rails - class UserMailer < ActionMailer::Base
5:10PM 9 rails server command
2:10PM 5 FasterCSV isn't rendering columns
12:40PM 0 WHat's the best place for dropdown options - model, or locale?
12:12PM 0 ¿How to know the number of selected elements?
9:45AM 2 Long elaboration
6:00AM 2 Acts_as_ferret is not indexing either locally or remote
5:43AM 1 hosting on heroku
3:30AM 6 invalid date
3:14AM 7 Types of db for environments - same or different?
12:03AM 2 Something missing at Getting started
Friday November 26 2010
11:54PM 3 Adding date into entries when I do scaffolding [beginner question]
10:04PM 1 rails 3.0.3 in production css js do not load HELP
7:35PM 6 Using form_for inside a helper
4:13PM 4 Helper to generate css-id from AR model. Do I have alzheimers?
3:13PM 4 Hardware question: dual or quad core?
12:04PM 5 Adding content to static files.
11:41AM 5 ActiveRecord without table for using find_by_sql
11:32AM 1 NameError - any pointer on how to track down problem
10:58AM 15 editors available for designing for ror..
10:42AM 0 How to test paginate
9:36AM 1 Relay Access Denied
9:21AM 2 cucumber
8:15AM 2 Calls format.html twice
7:15AM 9 Facebook like page Count
7:13AM 0 Cucumber + Capybara + tiny_mce Problem
6:41AM 0 db connection pool in Rails 2.3.x
5:04AM 0 Rails Documentation Drive
5:02AM 4 Can't get past rake db:create, guidance appreciated
4:29AM 8 Technologies need to know before starting ror development?
Thursday November 25 2010
11:14PM 0 MediaTags - exporting m4a, id3, exiv, etc as YAML (JSON)
10:30PM 1 q: remote_form_for hits always to create
10:06PM 8 Fun with Routing Errors
8:10PM 7 has_many :through - additional attribute
5:32PM 3 help: using cucumber ruby
4:53PM 1 Creating a Secure ID/UID for a Password, token authentication type system
2:52PM 0 rails 3 render update mce
12:53PM 1 Legacy databases
12:34PM 5 Want to learn Ruby as web programming language
12:19PM 10 How to create a mail service like gmail using ror
11:59AM 5 render :partial with :collection
9:54AM 4 Devise sessions and load-balanced/multiple servers
8:31AM 0 Where should the rjs file be inserted in case of updating a child object
8:24AM 2 How to map Excel sheet data to my applicatioin in ruby.
1:25AM 0 [Call for speakers] ConFoo / Ruby conference
12:50AM 1 Can't run tests...illegal switch in RUBYOPT: -F (RuntimeError)
Wednesday November 24 2010
11:13PM 1 rails 3 cucumber load env
9:51PM 1 NoMethodError
9:07PM 2 CONTENT-TYPE for "render :text => 'som text'"
8:52PM 0 Looking for strong Ruby/RoR Engineers
8:28PM 30 no such file to load -- sqlite3 WITH mysql2
4:59PM 8 Moving View Logic into Controller
4:49PM 0 Open Ruby on Rails developer position in NYC
4:46PM 2 will_paginate on enormous tables
2:54PM 0 Rails Best Practice - NestedIterators
2:47PM 2 rendering stored html tag from database to view
12:37PM 0 How to select BACK button in "Internet Explorer" using RUBY code with Watir Framework
12:33PM 3 How to select single radio button & multiple checkboxes in RUBY (Watir Frame work), any one help me ASAP.
11:31AM 9 Problem to start rails 3 based application
11:22AM 4 Better approach to set global values?
10:52AM 0 document management
9:14AM 2 On click, open new text box in Ruby on Rails
12:05AM 1 NameError in Devise/sessionsController#new
Tuesday November 23 2010
11:36PM 1 CanCan gem help required
11:13PM 1 Re :Web Developer (Ruby on Rails)-opportunity at CA
10:39PM 7 How manage external user domains?
7:27PM 1 RJS Page Object
6:19PM 4 link_to image_tag
3:52PM 12 iFrame and routes
3:38PM 5 ActiveRecord not getting true value from checkbox
12:24PM 2 Determine which queries eat most cumulative time
12:04PM 2 Advice needed on completing a registration process by confirming an email address
9:24AM 1 sanitizing HAML formatted user input
8:43AM 6 static pages location
5:53AM 2 facebook feed post to user's facebook wall
5:33AM 0 Facebook feed post to user's wall & friends home page
3:31AM 7 any gems to process PowerPoint files?
12:36AM 2 Link_to not doing the expected.
Monday November 22 2010
11:28PM 5 Conditional haml vs. erb precedence
10:40PM 0 aasm code into module
10:37PM 2 Weird and inconsistent Model issues
9:20PM 3 Issue using bundler
8:05PM 0 Rails 3 - Custom Inflection Not Working?
8:02PM 5 How do I internationalize/localize my rails plugin?
7:57PM 0 preferring json to other ajax approaches...
7:45PM 1 Rake test picks up logger configuration from my development.rb
7:07PM 3 Multiple URLs - same server
6:30PM 1 Who wants to make a difference for America? :)
6:00PM 1 Freezing Rails v2.3.5 - dev.rubyonrails.org down?
5:15PM 0 Rails-3.0.3 gives Completed 406 Not Acceptable
4:29PM 2 Rails requires RubyGems >= 1.3.2. Please install RubyGems and try again
1:47PM 3 can't activate i18n (~> 0.4.1, runtime) for ["mail-2.2.10"
12:17PM 2 Including MS Word in a DIV
12:10PM 0 Background thing for Rails 3?
8:12AM 6 phpmyadmin equivalent in ruby
4:43AM 5 technologies needed to learn to be a good ror developer
4:21AM 4 images not displaying
3:34AM 6 Should be obvious, but how do I even know what versions of ruby are available for rvm to use with rvm install?
12:23AM 0 postgres date format
Sunday November 21 2010
9:26PM 4 Apache config for blocking php exploit requests that is compatible with Rails under Passenger
7:16PM 2 Override Rails headers
4:18PM 0 api respond_with json
2:25PM 6 Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
1:26PM 1 data type before saved to database
9:00AM 3 local installation of ruby and of rails?
1:39AM 5 Troubles getting :id
1:26AM 3 needs RUBY-XML tutorial..please help me
1:15AM 0 Streaming video servers for Ruby on Rails App
Saturday November 20 2010
10:59PM 1 How to get the :remote => true working to update a part of the page?
10:33PM 4 Gem environment has wrong ruby version
10:29PM 2 Could not find RubyGem sqlite3-ruby (>= 0)
10:04PM 6 syntax error, unexpected tSTRING_BEG
8:33PM 3 Global text search (and replace) on MacVim?
4:19PM 5 Equivalent to View Page Source; No AJAX
12:28PM 6 database & rubygems
10:26AM 0 [JOB] Rails developer with 1-4 years of experience wanted in Bangalore.
9:31AM 1 Plz anyone help me , how to write the code for google login page .
8:26AM 0 Plugin Based Application
8:24AM 4 How to get rspec running?
7:25AM 3 Rails 3 Active Record bug?
4:12AM 2 This installation of RMagick was configured with ImageMagick 6.6.4 but ImageMagick 6.6.5-0 is in use
1:12AM 2 Bug when serializing to_xml when :foreign_key is named like association
12:43AM 0 Enabling preprocessing in Erubis makes views much faster
Friday November 19 2010
7:52PM 4 Frontend and backend data Not in sync when two requests are made one after other in quick succession
6:57PM 0 Here is the requirement for software developer position
6:53PM 0 Creating a membership site with Ruby
6:48PM 0 Ajax Forms: submit_to_remote reliable?
5:49PM 3 Nested has_many :through problem with Rails 3
5:28PM 13 Triggering the standard Save dialog
3:24PM 0 how to include view helpers in both action_controller and action_mailer templates (rails 3)
2:33PM 0 Wickedpdf
12:05PM 1 Performance issue with Thin
10:51AM 1 Help: delegated association 'App' returning ActionDispatch::Integration::Session instead
10:48AM 1 Rails, Passenger, FreeBSD, Production weird goings on
5:50AM 6 modeling questions
4:25AM 1 I18n::InvalidLocaleData error on load page
3:55AM 5 Using production DB data locally
Thursday November 18 2010
11:20PM 2 connect Model not to Controller named as pluarize of model but to another Controller
9:13PM 7 Rails 3 ActiveRecord queries - I'm missing something very BIG
9:12PM 2 i18n_routes
8:59PM 19 select helper with boolean and null/nil values
7:32PM 4 Why does Rails try to parse XML received to a controller if mime type sent is "text/xml"
7:14PM 5 Client Needs : Ruby on Rails in NJ ( fast moving position )
6:52PM 1 Facing problems with YUI 2 grids, nesting does not work as expected (example markup inside)
6:43PM 7 params - is it a method?
5:33PM 2 Testing Error: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
4:32PM 2 Rails 3 skip_before_filter
10:52AM 0 Opensource NewRelic RPM analogue
9:29AM 0 max_allowed_packet mysql
8:55AM 6 Double click the submit button, submits form twice
6:18AM 0 Rails 3 upgrade - Custom cache store
6:18AM 4 How to insert/upload my static pages into the application
5:59AM 1 String concatenation in the helper text
1:57AM 1 Rake db:seed complains about form not being multipart encoded
1:40AM 1 Parsing an Email Message for just the reply, not the old thread?
1:25AM 0 Plugin rmm5t / strip_attributes
Wednesday November 17 2010
10:43PM 1 Error in creating new file
10:04PM 1 Rails 3 select form helper bug?
9:21PM 0 Rails 3.1 PDF Render
9:05PM 0 including ERB in README.rdoc and rdoc pukes
7:22PM 0 config.plugins breaks w/ bundler?
6:32PM 8 button_to confirm not working
6:12PM 1 looking for Ruby on Rails profiles,- jobs in SF
3:32PM 1 user_url failed to generate from {:action=>"show", :controller=>"users", :id=>#<User id: 1
3:29PM 8 Very confused - scaffold action does - sends NULL to db
11:44AM 1 Thinking Sphinx Query. Please Help.
11:19AM 1 How to enable div that was hide using JQuery
8:13AM 1 browse active directory.
7:28AM 4 How do you turn off notices using PostgreSQL 9?
2:31AM 2 RSpec Test: has_many and belongs_to conflicts
2:01AM 1 How to use request helpers outside of controller tests?
1:24AM 10 How do I create a function
1:06AM 0 Mail 2.2.10 Release Announcement
12:54AM 0 Rails 3.0.3 - Error on Install
Tuesday November 16 2010
10:44PM 1 Rails Engines/ Railties
10:34PM 0 JOB super nice, funded start up building rails team
10:22PM 2 select_tag not posting selection
10:18PM 0 Rails3.0.1 select_tag returns "null"
9:29PM 10 Best way to test web services and XMLHttpRequest
8:08PM 0 Job opening
8:03PM 15 acts_as_taggable, undefined method 'empty?'
7:27PM 2 Sorting with Associations ??
7:18PM 6 rails 3.0.3 and visit_CoercibleString errors
7:00PM 7 Test files downloads with Cucumber
5:48PM 7 Script working on boot drive, but not external drive with space in the name. Please help!
2:01PM 0 SPREE-Integrate with existing application
12:36PM 4 how to insert static pages and how to develop a website using ROR?
12:22PM 0 heroku not working /heroku/commands/pgbackups.rb:9:in `<class:Pgbackups>': uninitialized constant He
12:17PM 12 Why is my models can't be related using has_one and belongs_to?
10:00AM 14 foreigner plugin.
6:51AM 0 Re: Re: Why is my model relationship fails? (has_one and belongs_to)
5:55AM 0 calling an action on mouse over of the link_to in rails
2:53AM 1 Bls: Re: Why is my model relationship fails? (has_one and belongs_to)
12:47AM 0 (Jobs) ShoeDazzle is hiring! Sr Ruby on Rails Developer- Santa Monica, CA
Monday November 15 2010
10:51PM 1 XML.Builder
9:40PM 10 Rails 3 - Handle Incoming Messages (Allowing Users to reply to email notifications)
9:05PM 0 Hardcoded breakpoints in firebug
8:38PM 1 Javascript refresh...?
5:29PM 0 (Jobs) RoR Developer in Silicon Valley
3:53PM 7 How to send XML Data to Database in Rails
2:52PM 0 Ultrasphinx help
2:39PM 0 rake path seems wrong
11:48AM 11 Why don't Helpers auto-refresh in development mode?
11:02AM 1 Installing rmagick gem with RVM
10:48AM 9 Webrick Configuration
10:32AM 5 SQLServer 2008 and Windows XP
10:16AM 0 How to get lightbox on mouse over of the link in rails
9:27AM 0 Using geokit-rails3 and getting Unknown key(s): bounds
5:12AM 2 Urgent + Validations
4:36AM 2 Pull tweets into application
3:35AM 6 Filter records by dates occurring this year
2:50AM 2 How to add an exe to Rails app
Sunday November 14 2010
11:38PM 20 No route matches controller - scaffold generated code
11:13PM 5 Authlogic and rails 3 : NameError in User sessionsController#new
9:48PM 2 Question re assert_equal
9:12PM 2 Gems in ~/.gem vs in the Library
9:11PM 1 Rails string formatting
8:07PM 4 Problem with Rails 3 "rails server -d"
5:48PM 6 Need some information about the site twitter.com developed using RoR..
3:12PM 0 Dubsar Dictionary Project
2:54PM 1 site with just rails issues answered?
Saturday November 13 2010
9:37PM 4 Argument error in controller # show
9:00PM 0 gem install mysql2 ERROR
7:50PM 4 Use has_one or belongs_to
7:29PM 0 Use Bundler with Rails 1.2.6?
6:24PM 7 update action problem
5:11PM 8 invalid date error in many cases
3:38PM 1 rails generate model -h help text is wrong?
9:49AM 11 Strange error while using Authlogic
3:19AM 0 Moneta or Rails key store value with file
2:29AM 0 Children of the Nations' Rubyist has gone missing! [Job]
Friday November 12 2010
11:40PM 1 Devise after_sign_up_path_for - how to?
10:05PM 4 Sent from my iphone (was: How to handle concurrently opened windows)
7:23PM 1 Can't seem to observe the before_destroy or after_destroy events
3:12PM 0 Re: Can I not reference from production.rb a constant in environment.rb? [SOLVED]
3:07PM 8 Can I not reference from production.rb a constant in environment.rb?
2:53PM 10 can't run unit tests, not even with "ruby -I test"
1:50PM 0 RMagick gem require error
12:09PM 0 Exclude an environment configuration from rake execution?
11:15AM 2 Validation Errors
9:39AM 20 How to handle concurrently opened windows
8:44AM 1 Need a multi user voice chat application that can be integrated into rails application.
7:16AM 0 writing the code for show action in rspec
6:45AM 0 wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) (ArgumentError)
6:38AM 0 Could not find table 'sessions' in rails 3.0
3:29AM 2 Devise: binding 'resource' (aka general error reporting)
2:17AM 0 SofTeC 2010: Listen to testing experts from Dell, Infogain etc [Nov 13th, New Delhi]
12:59AM 7 Observe_filed Rails 3.
12:09AM 5 Updating the sessions table
Thursday November 11 2010
9:53PM 5 ActiveRecord query
9:22PM 2 Get instance methods of class only
8:59PM 7 Ruby on Rails Developer
8:03PM 4 Could not find a valid gem 'xxx' in any repository
7:33PM 11 About Tempfile
3:05PM 6 How can i disable session for one action in Rails
2:56PM 1 ActiveRecord and Thread
2:40PM 2 Rails Sever Crash
11:38AM 0 Fetching http://github.com/odorcicd/authlogic.git error: Couldn't resolve proxy 'error: Couldn't res
10:48AM 0 our-proxy-server
10:01AM 12 Multi-Companies oriented application - HOW ?
8:39AM 1 Inaproriate excaping of string in Rails
6:39AM 2 help: adding RSS feed to the post using ruby on the rails
4:52AM 0 Routes Refactoring
3:50AM 2 Rails 3 - Nested Forms, using Builder -- Check_box issue
2:55AM 1 mongrel_rails logger
Wednesday November 10 2010
8:21PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Engineer - NYC
6:30PM 4 activerecord adapter for msaccess mdb files
5:58PM 0 Problem with case statement and mb_chars in Ruby-1.9.2
5:40PM 0 Setting timestamps manually (not working)
5:26PM 0 Build a planning avalabilities
4:48PM 0 Send file from Amazon S3 to ActionController::TestUploadedFile
4:44PM 3 using DB2 with Rails 3
4:35PM 3 Rails VALIDATES w :message ?
4:05PM 1 rails "path_prefix" produces no correct verb route evaluation
3:32PM 1 Fixtures for other ORMs?
12:54PM 3 &pound; Troubles
12:37PM 1 Registration Problem
12:08PM 11 server overload
10:49AM 1 RuntimeError (Please install the jdbcmysql adapter: `gem install activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter` (no such file to load — java))
9:14AM 2 [Cucumber]Which example fails??
6:24AM 0 [JOBS] Senior Rails Developer in Beijing China
4:18AM 0 Devise - Configuring the Routes fine for Controller Inheritance
3:13AM 0 Displaying rails application's rdoc api in new window
3:08AM 0 Need activerecord-oracle-adapter- gem for legacy reasons
1:53AM 0 switch_user 0.4.0 released
1:44AM 0 [JOB]-------Ruby On Rails longterm Job Opportunity in White Plains, NY
Tuesday November 9 2010
11:39PM 3 Beginner on RoR
11:11PM 3 help getting started with javascript generated forms
10:52PM 0 sessions, cookies and rails 3
8:41PM 0 New Application went life: TRACKER
7:17PM 3 Multiple relationships between models
6:38PM 2 Undefined method
5:59PM 3 db:fixtures:load not working anymore?!
3:19PM 0 Create and join two models in one form (HABTM)
3:18PM 2 need help to integrate payment-gate-way
2:57PM 8 Help please Submitting multiple records from form..
2:40PM 1 How to fill other fields with RecordSelect
12:42PM 6 Upgrading to snow leopard
12:09PM 3 Authorization plugin for rails 3 ?
11:56AM 12 How to count a group of data
3:39AM 0 RAILS3 new validation class not working
3:14AM 2 link_to using a hashed :token instead of :id
2:44AM 3 Rails 3 Action Mailer issue
12:30AM 1 When was callback registration introduced?
12:09AM 0 Looking for a top-notch Ruby programmer
Monday November 8 2010
11:01PM 7 Does anyone test errors in their specs?
8:43PM 2 Very good offer for ruby/rails developers
3:13PM 1 Rails3 File open method
3:01PM 0 Re: REXML UTF-16 trouble
1:44PM 1 API Google MAPS
12:54PM 1 Open application services as API
3:57AM 5 Optimization on huge generating xml?
1:51AM 7 Webrick Failing with Illegal Instruction
12:52AM 5 Unable to use ruby-debug
12:22AM 1 Need help with starting the server please
12:04AM 0 Rails3: "rake test" task does not run tests.
Sunday November 7 2010
9:37PM 1 Rails Date MySQL operational differences
9:35PM 1 Strange authlogic logout behavior
8:56PM 2 having trouble accessing a nested resource in rails 2.3.5
8:06PM 0 Nested Forms and HABTM fails for existing model, no join record
7:17PM 1 Rails 3 or Rails 2.3.x to make a new website?
6:52PM 1 Displaying a form
4:38PM 3 Rollback error message
3:58PM 0 Create default database/table on Rails 3 app
3:54PM 0 Getting Rack::Session::Abstract::SessionHash error with rails edge
3:32PM 0 Submitting multiple values to the DB from one submit form...
3:18PM 2 Nifty_generators problem
1:28PM 0 Rails web console
12:07PM 1 How to return to a particular page in a paginated index?
10:37AM 8 why is migration failing?
10:04AM 0 [Meetup] New Tokyo Rails Meetup Group
8:15AM 1 making your own FormBuilder
Saturday November 6 2010
10:15PM 1 associate field in associated table
7:57PM 0 disregard my last post...
7:39PM 0 ActiveModel: undefined method `attributes`
5:50PM 1 how to build a smaple application using ror on windows 7
5:43PM 0 Rails and JQuery and Ajax/Json question
5:25PM 2 Rails show views from a different controller
5:15PM 0 Mongrels don't restart on Reboot
4:49PM 0 multi lines in button_to
4:30PM 8 Won't save user
1:26PM 4 rails environment suuuper slow
12:41PM 1 any good published rails 3 books ?
12:19PM 5 Debugging Rails
11:33AM 6 Need help writing about Rails in magazine article
7:55AM 2 many-to-many Association with HABTM
5:36AM 18 how to install ror on windows 7
12:43AM 0 Amazon Product API with ruby-aaws
Friday November 5 2010
10:44PM 7 Rails 3.0.1 Install on Mac OS 10.5.8
7:34PM 4 Inheritance alternative
5:14PM 1 Jquery xhr works in firefox, not safari
5:13PM 4 belongs_to :through
4:08PM 0 cookie problems with safari
3:21PM 6 how to build a smaple application using ror
11:58AM 2 Rails3 'join' query vs 'in' query?
11:47AM 0 Need a optimized version of this
11:00AM 0 Newbie respond_to question
10:51AM 0 RoR:OSV: Installation issue
7:33AM 3 non event_calendar
5:36AM 1 differences between rails 2 and rails 3
4:19AM 0 Help selecting the correct elements in an array
2:59AM 4 Display an array into multiple columns in a view
2:22AM 4 Problem with Array.rand
1:57AM 1 Accessing relationships during call backs
12:25AM 2 ActiveRecords queries: .where vs .find
Thursday November 4 2010
11:06PM 1 Icalendar gem
11:04PM 0 @variable returns in the wrong format after an ajax call
11:00PM 0 Image Manipulation
10:33PM 1 Calling a method directly from a test => no method error
10:30PM 0 Where to find a complete description of select_time?
10:10PM 1 Huge memory leak in benchmark.rb on converting to Rails 2.3.9
10:09PM 0 HIRING ROR Contractor (Foster City/SFO)
6:33PM 1 Access Denied for mongrel_service
5:50PM 1 ID value after AR.save ?
5:31PM 0 Subject on ar_mailer
4:45PM 0 update rails, bundler and other gems and......
4:40PM 11 Address already in use - bind(2) (Errno::EADDRINUSE)
3:52PM 0 Re: Train wreck getting render_to_string to work from foreign controller [SOLVED]
2:46PM 0 namespace problem with iCalendar
11:51AM 3 simple question about editing data in model
11:37AM 0 update relation without id table
11:23AM 9 Delete action is not working and redirects to edit action
8:12AM 4 Assign value in ruby in html.erb file???
2:27AM 3 Heroku JS & CSS Compression Recommendations
2:24AM 0 Railscamp Ticket
2:20AM 2 Programmatic creation of mysql db
1:27AM 0 Rails routing issue
12:59AM 2 The opposite of url_for?
12:26AM 0 Train wreck getting render_to_string to work from foreign controller
12:17AM 2 choose one of N: single form or multiple forms?
Wednesday November 3 2010
10:30PM 3 Rails3 - Dirty Object Not Reporting?
10:07PM 2 Simple Captcha Rails 3
8:21PM 2 send_file but not send_data?
7:17PM 2 Double quotes stripped from Params
6:35PM 3 |Newbie] Change default locale I18n file devise.
5:52PM 11 Why Ruby on Rails?
3:37PM 14 how to convert erb files to html for use by designers?
2:25PM 0 Accessing (updating?) the proxy_scope chain for named_scope (Rails 2.3.x)
1:43PM 7 Todays month first day and previous month first day
1:07PM 2 Comparison of values: Validations
12:55PM 4 haml as default instead of erb
12:13PM 8 submit_tag doesn't do it anything
11:51AM 6 SOT MySQL index question
11:17AM 3 How to update the rails 2.2.2 version based project into 2.3.4 version
11:16AM 4 Bundler install gems but not in vendor folder
10:49AM 4 Problems with Google Maps
9:57AM 0 Newbie help with Rails/Ruby. Totally lost! (Mongrel related, I think) 503 Errors
9:25AM 2 "Not Selected"-dropdown-list-option
8:56AM 2 Issue with Time Zones
6:01AM 0 How can I generate devise sign_in form within different controller?
3:11AM 2 devise rails3, flash messages
2:42AM 4 How do I make an email system that works for my site?
2:16AM 1 User validation of password
Tuesday November 2 2010
10:41PM 1 Getting postgres connection errors
6:54PM 2 Routing CRUD
6:41PM 6 Named Scopes and Failed Actions
4:25PM 1 Sending file data via HTTP post
3:08PM 2 Creating an association with accepts_nested_attributes_for
12:39PM 0 webservice - get client ip address
12:05PM 1 dyld: lazy symbol binding failed Please help
11:53AM 2 Why can I do a case insensitive Validation but not Find?
11:38AM 1 "respond_with" not working Rails 3
11:38AM 11 Problem with Sqlserver and Rails on a Win XP
11:33AM 6 Problem installing MySQL with gem
11:21AM 0 Advanced scope (or how to optimize it.)
10:54AM 0 Database views stop :include directive from working
9:48AM 0 Can't use paperclip plugins
8:00AM 17 Site displays as code?
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Monday November 1 2010
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4:57AM 9 has_one :item, :polymorphic => true
1:43AM 1 Encoding::UndefinedConversionError on a simple file upload (rvm, MRI-1.9.2-p0, rails 3.0.1, apache+passenger)
1:38AM 1 Error during failsafe response: