Rails - May 2009

Sunday May 31 2009
11:50PM 4 Same table, multiple DBs?
11:34PM 5 Model structure based on unavailable data
9:45PM 3 Can't get around this Routing Error
8:54PM 0 { head: ok} ??
8:54PM 3 Howto Overwrite existing Ruby Class via Rails app?
8:39PM 4 way to divide long article and store in database
8:16PM 0 ruby enterprise + portable ubuntu on windows
7:23PM 3 How to get a nice url hierarchy with slugs and acts_as_tree?
7:07PM 0 catching missing translations
7:00PM 0 ar_mailer intermittent SystemStackError
6:14PM 3 Event Calendar in Rails
5:57PM 7 rails Erb w/ setAttribute "onclick"
4:46PM 0 [HELP] pagination w habtm association and authorization plugin...
4:36PM 5 using attachment fu in masse
4:23PM 0 simple before filter rights/acl
2:17PM 4 ActiveRecord not as smart as I thought it would be? or is it me?
10:12AM 5 Prevent caching of helper method
6:04AM 2 Handling multiple form data
4:37AM 2 nested forms with select lists
3:40AM 2 Routing inspection
1:10AM 6 Can't deploy using Git !!!!!
12:41AM 2 page object
Saturday May 30 2009
11:13PM 9 instance variable (conroller>view) and RESTful
8:21PM 1 Submit form without page refresh
8:08PM 0 validates_associated is unnecessary?
7:11PM 0 how to transform data to database (translation -> i18n)
6:28PM 5 Problem with Custom Form Builder
6:08PM 6 autocomplete lookup speedup
5:13PM 4 Routing Error with Passenger for Images and stylesheets
5:04PM 2 Simple model password protection?
4:59PM 3 default form name in form_for
4:25PM 3 Need help : How to render HTML inside of a JSON request
4:17PM 1 can't use :update => in form_tag?
2:31PM 0 Rails and YUI
12:22PM 1 Mechanize gem
12:21PM 11 Ruby and RoR Setup Frustrations
11:44AM 0 ANNOUNCE: textmagic gem for easy SMS features integration
10:02AM 2 Generating and authenticating by API keys
9:10AM 4 Is there a rails equivalent of <body onload="do_stuff()">
9:08AM 0 rake aborted! EMULTIHOP (Reserved)
12:00AM 2 Question on Hosting and Rails
Friday May 29 2009
9:14PM 4 Mi browser no muestra el formato para captura desplegado
8:22PM 0 Forum integration
8:08PM 19 shortcut to call js function
6:41PM 0 Full text search on Rails using the acts_as_solr plugin
4:38PM 1 assert method is not visible?
3:38PM 1 Book Shelf app in 'Ruby on Rails Bible' book
3:01PM 0 [JOB] Exciting funded NYC startup seeking Ruby developers
2:04PM 3 Question about Rails-formatted query params in URL
1:32PM 4 Rails site on CD
1:32PM 1 sql -> migrations ?
1:00PM 0 steps for creating rails engine ?
11:10AM 2 Sinatra
10:27AM 1 tests problem - NoMethodError: private method `gsub' called for 117681882:Fixnum
9:28AM 3 import unicode characters
6:46AM 0 Ruby on Rails giving error on HP-UX-ia64
6:28AM 5 SubDomain Queries
6:01AM 0 setup redmine to send E-MAIL using Gmail
4:46AM 0 js problem
4:36AM 6 autocomplete fill in text fields
3:45AM 7 Would ROR be a good choice to build my site?
2:19AM 3 Asking for help with operating on data
12:12AM 8 legacy db connection
12:08AM 2 using js prompt() instead of a form with create method
Thursday May 28 2009
11:54PM 1 Getting an exception in actionpack: "invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII" with ruby 1.9
9:41PM 1 UserMailer return boolean value
9:06PM 1 how to set default path
8:48PM 17 I need a lot of advice here - let's start from the beginning
8:32PM 0 Cross-Domain Data with Rack and Rails -- http://bit.ly/BNw6T
8:28PM 1 ActiveScaffold - undefined method `link' for #<ActiveScaffold
8:08PM 1 Why won't my ActionMailer work inside the controller?
7:24PM 0 Apps for Democracy has $35,000 in Prizes for Ruby Devs
7:23PM 2 Rails collection_select syntax issue
7:22PM 6 Time.parse seems to fail
6:53PM 0 rake db:create, db:migrate ok but rake RAILS_ENV=production db:create, db:migrate fails...
6:45PM 2 Newbie Help (No Method Error)
6:37PM 0 Altering text field value on form load
6:33PM 0 Re: ActiveResource as API test rig? Two jsons?
6:27PM 0 Status: 500 Internal Server Error when starting ruby applica
5:49PM 2 Autocomplete Plugin - how can I use same "text_field_with_auto_complete" twice on one page?
5:33PM 0 i18n and count question
4:43PM 1 how to create contact ( tableless ) page in RESTful Rails
3:56PM 6 How to test that a specific error message is thrown
3:51PM 2 confused on how rails 2.3.2 renders templates
3:00PM 8 block pop-up for rails apps
2:20PM 5 Getting values from multiple select
1:56PM 0 Transaction to DB in session
1:30PM 0 Watir without -jssh extension
1:24PM 4 turn off model pre-loading in production environment?
12:25PM 0 Pretty Code
12:15PM 1 Intercepting form submission
12:06PM 2 Resource routes with further options
11:09AM 8 how to create dependent record automatically
10:53AM 1 Turn Massive Array into new Objects
10:36AM 2 Rails application without database
10:07AM 5 Know what was updated
10:01AM 1 change number of pages in paging
9:28AM 1 has_one :through saving
9:22AM 0 db import from some external xml data
9:19AM 1 :has_many and :after_save
9:17AM 3 strange behaviour in ActiveRecord transaction
9:14AM 3 plz help to correct my query
9:06AM 6 Nice way to set attributes to nil if blank
8:57AM 7 shorten a link
8:43AM 8 500,000 to 1million records a day. Can Rails scale to that?
7:17AM 2 Use constants from module in view
6:23AM 3 Calendar Plugin
6:15AM 2 two ROR project with one application server , is it possible
4:06AM 6 Extending Rails Classes - Where?
2:52AM 2 ROR based web application over existing Java application
2:18AM 1 samples on invoking perl scripts from ruby
1:17AM 5 Combine if and do in a single line?
12:56AM 1 writing a custom DB adapter
12:55AM 3 city and state from zip code
12:30AM 1 Feedback for plugin: acts_as_readonly
Wednesday May 27 2009
11:33PM 5 Code in layout files, and minimizing database usage.
10:29PM 4 Sale, pop and product
9:14PM 0 acts_as_list problem
8:31PM 0 One url with multiple controllers
7:58PM 0 mass_assignment plugin for ActiveRecord
7:37PM 0 Security Problem
7:11PM 3 What's the best way to run (many) complex queries in a rake task ?
5:02PM 12 slow tests on large rails app
4:47PM 1 escaping [ ]
3:22PM 0 Problem rendering file when error using autocomplete field
3:03PM 0 How to create a GeoLocator
3:00PM 0 forcing onChange in a partial
2:34PM 10 migration issue
2:25PM 3 Use callbacks to determine model field changes?
2:22PM 0 request.raw_post into Tempfile
2:00PM 0 Sunspot: Search for Ruby and Rails
1:24PM 5 how to show dropdown list with selected value?
1:21PM 23 under MVC, business rules belong in the __________
12:58PM 2 replace string
12:04PM 2 Twitter gem question - Rails application
11:37AM 9 Contingent Select Boxes - 2 Q's
11:16AM 4 Scaffolding Results Format
11:01AM 0 User Interface Design Patterns
10:31AM 8 urgent help please!!
9:40AM 3 filtering-sorting form
8:35AM 12 query on Ruby array
8:09AM 6 attachment_fu and rails 2.3.2 no image on disk
8:03AM 7 problem with select_tag and observe_field
7:41AM 1 Web Application Spec & Costing
7:15AM 8 uncut words (string)
5:22AM 9 Cookie overflow?
4:27AM 0 Nested Forms with has_many associations with validations
4:08AM 3 Rails: concurrency question
4:06AM 0 multi_db
3:29AM 16 Java kicks Rails's butt - it says right here!
2:10AM 3 How to hook ActionController when plugin init in development mode?
1:57AM 3 Developing with GNU Screen
Tuesday May 26 2009
11:37PM 1 routs question
11:31PM 0 IIS, Net::HTTP::Get, and Basic Authentication
11:20PM 0 Need experienced RubyOnRails developer for non-profit project
11:01PM 3 require_role on a per action basis
10:09PM 1 help urgent please
9:15PM 0 Duplicate joins when combining scopes and :include
9:04PM 3 ruby and MySql
9:01PM 10 String Manipulation
7:51PM 0 date_select validate all fields selected
7:41PM 1 ri_cal 0.5.0 Released
7:21PM 4 ruby 1.9.1, cygwin & rails 2.3.2: undefined method camelize
6:48PM 4 Capitalize first letter of each word
6:47PM 1 library for URL parameters adding, removing, or replacing?
6:40PM 1 alias_method_chain :process
5:50PM 6 dump and import MySQL table w/ accents
5:18PM 0 local RAILS/RUBY connections (HUDSON VALLEY NY)? - repost
4:28PM 1 Active Resource custom method using POST
4:23PM 2 local RAILS/RUBY connections?
4:11PM 2 ID not primary key with not unique values
3:40PM 2 button_to_remote syntax
1:53PM 0 rspec to xhr
1:15PM 0 Rails.cache.fetch("Survey.all") {Survey.all} | Problem only Hash returned, not objects,... nil.include?
12:49PM 4 Installation Problem
11:26AM 9 Strange caching? problem
11:16AM 0 url encryption
11:05AM 2 memcache for variables
10:39AM 1 I need support it is urgent
10:35AM 0 Contingent selects - AJAX style
10:26AM 3 Two link Questions
9:20AM 6 Can I update session variable in a new thread?
8:47AM 0 path_prefix for all routes
8:01AM 8 how to use fusion charts in ror
7:48AM 5 how to save german date text_field in database
7:22AM 0 how show message in text file on web page?
5:42AM 0 rake db:schema:dump doesn't produce composite primary key instructions
5:32AM 1 find :include causing n+1 queires
4:39AM 7 iso-8859-1 no effect in browser
4:24AM 1 how does form_for and validate_presence_of work hand in hand
2:45AM 9 cookies are mandatory for Rails app?
12:34AM 1 Auto complete onclick
Monday May 25 2009
8:28PM 2 Looping through java hashmap from ruby through rjb
6:06PM 3 Running jQuery and prototype scripts together
4:53PM 0 NameError (uninitialized constant FileColumn::Magick::ImageList
3:59PM 3 method or controller?
3:50PM 0 eve
3:26PM 4 Product Search Engine Design with Sphinx and Faceted Search
1:29PM 0 Draggable ghosting
12:46PM 3 Testing fields
12:45PM 4 I18n and Javascript
12:00PM 1 Help --- My phone number field saves blank
11:33AM 2 Detecting Characters other the ASCII (Other than English)
11:30AM 1 Named Scopes and Will_paginate
11:14AM 0 Bulk SMS and Bulk Email
11:02AM 1 Update rails
10:40AM 1 Deploying Rails project
10:15AM 2 Inserting fixture data with a primary key of 0
9:26AM 1 validation with attribute_accessor
8:25AM 1 counter cache column not updated by fixtures load
6:59AM 2 List all field names on a PDF using iText from Rails
6:46AM 2 CAn u please tell wats the prob in runnning my project?
6:44AM 2 form_for v/s field_for
5:46AM 4 after_create and has_one association bug?
5:16AM 1 Error running migration
5:16AM 2 onChange => remote_function - Not able to get current id
4:48AM 32 a way that helper functions not produce XHTML but HTML?
4:21AM 3 periodic update related question
3:23AM 0 Vote for Ruby on App Engine
2:46AM 2 how upload file
1:49AM 0 Rails page caching with separately cached global elements.
12:40AM 1 Passing a JavaScript variable through a Rails params hash
Sunday May 24 2009
9:38PM 0 Voting and Polling
9:06PM 1 is f.submit in a form_for newer than submit_tag?
8:33PM 5 do you think we should make <%= # comment %> not cause error
7:31PM 3 why does this comment create a compile error
7:30PM 3 what is kENSURE and kEND in error message?
6:07PM 1 Rails 2.3 Localized Views issues with IE
5:17PM 3 Expired items
4:49PM 3 index.erb vs rhtml
4:37PM 2 beginner
3:13PM 3 != not working in search query (thinking sphinx)
2:04PM 1 why does form_for @story has to have Story as RESTful
1:45PM 0 does map.resources :stories immediately make Story RESTful?
1:18PM 3 ActiveRecord changes Logger formatting
12:18PM 5 Preloading database tables
10:14AM 8 can anyone help me with showing lists with conditions?
9:32AM 4 why do we use form_for @story do |f| when there is no loop?
7:54AM 2 How to pass arguments to functions in callbacks in model ?
7:46AM 6 belongs_to not saving foreign key
7:22AM 0 protect_from_forgery issue
3:31AM 1 Stoobie Noobie Roobie version questions redux …
1:49AM 0 How to integrate Google adsense?
12:51AM 10 Use of global variables...
Saturday May 23 2009
11:49PM 9 Searching/Sorting an Array of Hashes
11:23PM 2 Looking for more guinea pigs, new icalendar gem
7:40PM 1 uninitialized constant RenameIssuedCodes error
7:01PM 12 how to pass parameters with remote_function
6:09PM 0 Models, mixins, and acts_as
5:35PM 4 sql Rand() returns same result
5:27PM 4 how to edit a pluggin? (acts_as_taggable_on)
4:55PM 0 Conditional Validation: only if a record can be found
4:37PM 1 forms
4:00PM 1 where are the plugins installed through gems??
3:32PM 3 Re: Pair Programming (WAS: Have opening for ROR engineers)
3:07PM 7 Methodology question
2:03PM 4 help from Routing guru ...
12:50PM 2 Help with text replacement plugin
11:01AM 1 STI Problem
10:30AM 0 who is using firebird 2.1.2?
8:05AM 5 problem with fetching of data.
7:04AM 0 gettext-2.0.4, gettext_activerecord-2.0.4, gettext_rails-2.0.4
7:04AM 0 locale-2.0.4, locale_rails-2.0.4
4:35AM 1 MMORPG in Rails
4:26AM 5 Is there any collabrative community content managemnt product available in ruby On Rails?
3:37AM 1 using image as input type in submit_to_remote
1:13AM 0 Standard Way for Upload without Page Reload (aka Ajax Upload)
1:12AM 1 Legacy DB and id issue
Friday May 22 2009
8:33PM 0 Git PUSH!
8:08PM 0 Annotating Graphs cleanly
7:30PM 1 modern day auth
6:50PM 6 enforce an application constraint
5:36PM 3 Ruby Acronyms
5:20PM 1 Git + Capistrano deploying Rails app in Mor.ph AppSpace
4:41PM 0 awesome_nested_set is too paranoid for me :(
3:56PM 2 difference between html.erb and .erb
3:33PM 5 How well does Rails handle brownfield data in a greenfield application?
2:24PM 3 How can I read a cookie set on another subdomain by a non-Rails app?
1:30PM 1 import from excel, data store in database
1:18PM 3 nested resources and collection weirdness
1:18PM 0 Changing access to DataBase
1:02PM 14 Stuck on passing variable from controller to view
11:56AM 2 using console is a proper way in produciton?
9:32AM 3 Mongrel error on read file after upload
9:18AM 3 Anybody interesting in sharing some rails tips?
8:44AM 3 nested habtm in views
8:30AM 0 how to get the path prefix ?
8:09AM 4 Two destroy methods with different behavior for the model
5:52AM 0 https enabled method for ssl not working
5:29AM 2 Rails coding/design input
5:09AM 0 Kete 1.2 released
2:34AM 1 rails 2.3.2, active scaffold, nested, ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `format_column' for #<ActionView::Base:
2:07AM 2 How to get selected value from select_tag with params in remote_function's url?
1:52AM 5 Getting bleeding edge rails
1:06AM 2 Multithreaded BG task which does AR updates okay?
Thursday May 21 2009
10:39PM 1 How to install ActiveScaffold plugin?
9:24PM 5 ROR on top of a non-SQL database
7:03PM 2 can't dup Fixnum
7:01PM 0 BDD w/Rails training June 2nd thru 5th
6:20PM 6 modifing db
6:13PM 0 Loading images from Picasa
5:17PM 9 How to keep persistent socket connections?
5:15PM 0 DRYing up admin controllers
4:28PM 4 another quick question, or two
3:24PM 10 accepts_nested_attributes_for has_one issue
3:18PM 0 custom error pages-- which exceptions to catch?
3:13PM 1 DB connection problem in production
2:48PM 0 Layout Confusion
2:30PM 2 pass hidden field to the controller
2:07PM 5 Is it possible?
2:05PM 1 rails install/update worked?
12:31PM 0 new gem Excellent
10:07AM 2 PP + Multiple rails apps...
9:13AM 0 FasterCSV won't accept :headers option
6:54AM 0 "HTTP Parameter Pollution" and Rails
5:47AM 2 Install RMagick on Lunix
4:41AM 0 RoR Trainees required for JobeeHive.com
3:18AM 1 Any way to hide / mask / salt record ID?
1:54AM 6 date_select
1:24AM 4 Functional testing a has_many :through validation
1:16AM 0 authenticity_token and Flash - plus sign not recognizing
12:47AM 1 Attaching files to emails using ActionMailer
Wednesday May 20 2009
11:55PM 6 Calculating the Date of the Start of Week
10:57PM 0 ActiveResource as API test rig?
10:29PM 3 Newbie question: Custom Validations
9:47PM 3 ffmpeg + mp3 convert
9:44PM 0 accepts_nested_attributes_for and add/remove nested model forms with JS
9:04PM 4 rake redo??
8:57PM 2 Rails 2.3.2 Multipart Emails
8:39PM 3 beginner question
8:24PM 2 DB field documentation suggestions wanted
7:47PM 3 Shell command execution problem!
5:57PM 1 Nested partial, locals, and NameError
5:46PM 3 Sending SMS messages without knowing the user's carrier
5:38PM 2 Targetting individual rails server processes?
5:27PM 1 JOBS: Web Developer - Rails
4:53PM 2 Misgivings (or misconceptions?) about class=table concept
4:30PM 1 Overriding the belongs_to macro method
4:28PM 1 activeresource-2.3.2 HTTPHeaderSyntaxError
4:01PM 4 Weird associations, how would you do that ?
3:52PM 1 5 tips to scale your Rails application - http://bit.ly/dqlHp
3:40PM 2 how to import db
3:38PM 5 assert_select
3:02PM 1 templating language questions
2:57PM 2 question about case statement
1:55PM 2 how to pass data across the different controllers
1:34PM 8 ctionView::TemplateError (undefined method `start_form_tag'
1:14PM 2 Question about state during subsequent calls of an action
1:06PM 2 print.css not being picked up
12:22PM 0 Running a focused test within Textmate
10:25AM 0 exists? method for a table with no primary key
10:15AM 0 Dynamic Table Names for Daily Tables
10:09AM 1 habtm association and accepts_nested_attributes_for
9:41AM 0 polymorphic_url with link_to_remote
8:30AM 9 Referencing 'constant' record in db
8:19AM 2 prototype.js insert issue
6:42AM 5 Beautiful url
6:07AM 6 JOBS - Have opening for ROR engineers
5:47AM 13 What does has_one :through get me?
5:02AM 4 migration failure> mysql gem issues > xCode install -HELP!!
1:22AM 2 Nested forms
Tuesday May 19 2009
11:42PM 1 Hosting small site on Windows temporarily
11:42PM 0 SQL View with sphinx???
11:36PM 0 RubyNation Conference, Washington, DC
10:32PM 5 Sending vars from Flash to Rails - how to use auth_token
10:15PM 0 Extending finders to include a session variable as an option??
9:44PM 3 SSL testing on localhost - segfaults aplenty !
9:16PM 0 Polymorphism and belongs_to: trying to override belongs_to
8:36PM 2 Logout link.....unless logging in!
7:45PM 2 Rendering a partial without evaluating the erb tags
5:59PM 1 Update Local Variables?
5:25PM 0 Developer needed for ugreekrow.com -- Equity Partnership preferred
5:21PM 6 Problems with testing/Wrong table columns
5:14PM 5 mysql date out of range
4:08PM 3 Annotate Models
3:49PM 2 how to handle javascript with watir
3:21PM 6 Anyone here move from .NET?
2:57PM 10 Speed up recursive loop or get rid of it?
2:26PM 9 Rails Error explained?
2:02PM 1 choose language for Rails
1:57PM 2 sub-totals in tables
1:48PM 1 logging with the daemons gem
1:04PM 2 Payment gateway implemantation.
11:37AM 2 page access denied.
11:24AM 0 RJS and different views
11:03AM 2 Reg:Url Encryption
10:32AM 7 IRB fails to call some shell commands only on Windows
10:00AM 0 View testing (rspec/selenium) - test if a file link works
8:56AM 4 proper way to ensure atomic model changes
8:36AM 0 submit_to_remote fails on rails 2.2.2
7:35AM 0 Rails + Cappuccino : a screencast
6:55AM 0 Multi select checkbox in a form
6:13AM 0 How to calculate the rate of one field based on another rate.
6:06AM 1 How to use input control in loop
5:51AM 2 Lock Table : Help me to write an alternative code in RoR
5:47AM 5 Installing rmagick - failed
3:54AM 5 How to automatically Create a new page each day?
3:48AM 2 Problems with upload using attachment_fu
1:10AM 0 [JOBS] Online Client Intake Questionnaire
12:01AM 0 Populating Select Dropdown for Editing?
Monday May 18 2009
11:43PM 0 PayPal IPN
10:57PM 1 Rails + AJAX + mootools
9:22PM 0 RFacebook send emails to friends
9:14PM 1 Exception occurred during reader method compilation.?
8:38PM 4 piping bounced emails to rails script
6:45PM 2 first day on rails...and already hamstrung!
5:24PM 0 canvas scroll
4:15PM 0 ActiveRecord SerializationTypeMismatch MySQL SQLite
3:43PM 11 Deploying Rails App on Debian Etch / Apache2 / Passenger
3:05PM 5 bug adapter firebird 2.1.2 ?
2:28PM 0 authlogic - adding an admin status
1:35PM 3 Getting Rates from FedEx Web Services
1:22PM 2 playing with routes
1:13PM 0 Installed RedCloth but not found by app
12:54PM 1 undefined method 'fixtures' for UserTest:Class (NoMethodError)
12:41PM 0 Clean solution for a questionnaire
12:04PM 3 Pagination
10:36AM 0 Problem with TEH's format buttons acting as submit button
10:35AM 2 Move rails app from 2.0.2 to 2.3.2
10:13AM 0 Station Engine 0.2 released!
10:05AM 3 Rails developer salary rate in USA
8:38AM 0 routing like user_name.site.pl
8:08AM 0 Adding Subdomain_fu's 'current_subdomain' method to models
8:01AM 2 will_paginate customisation
7:47AM 1 Validating against other records for bulk creates/updates?
7:00AM 0 how to monkeypatch Hash's = method, revisted
6:11AM 1 Text_area + render text issues
5:45AM 0 Storing the file name or file path while File Upload
5:22AM 4 Different cc=js files for different pages
5:02AM 2 xlsuite
4:31AM 1 Rails ORM Help
4:31AM 1 Alas! Poor old MySql version 4.0.2 and the IN Clause
Sunday May 17 2009
7:43PM 0 BizConf at Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island Resort, August 20-21
6:21PM 1 date environment.rb
5:44PM 5 scaffold and links created
4:29PM 4 Test Driven Design and Rails Helpers
4:20PM 1 Time issues
4:11PM 4 uploading powerpoint file
2:46PM 1 Help with iPhone
2:33PM 0 [ActiveRecord] new connector implementation gives 'unknown attribute error'
2:13PM 3 opening database prompt based on database.yml
11:45AM 8 Overwhelmed with choices concerning Rails "best practices"
10:53AM 1 action mailer on my local computer
9:13AM 5 Using Value Length in Validation Message
8:25AM 4 regarding info
3:31AM 3 Can't access http://local:3000/projectName/
Saturday May 16 2009
10:42PM 1 Sending email from rails app to Postfix remote mail server.
7:05PM 6 upgrading from rails 1.1.6 to 2.3.2; problems with activerecord-oracle-adapter
4:53PM 5 ruby script/plugin install not working
4:11PM 8 mysql to postgres rake task
2:36PM 1 Github and Plugins
12:55PM 3 rake db:create fails
11:25AM 0 Vim Ruby Debugger
11:19AM 1 saving the selected item
10:21AM 0 Managing relationships in the form
8:28AM 11 AJAX based chat plugin (beta)
5:19AM 1 possible to set "PRAGMA default_synchronous=OFF" for my sqlite connection via AR?
4:34AM 0 Save only working on New objects
2:16AM 1 Action to Render Image for Download
Friday May 15 2009
11:22PM 0 Caching question
10:59PM 0 Help with Jasper reports(Jasper Server) integration
10:19PM 2 HABTM Self referential - only saves one way to join table
8:37PM 1 Pinax for Rails
7:54PM 3 Rails ActiveResource objects are frozen?
7:50PM 2 form_tag
5:17PM 0 Re: Modeling an internal messaging system, how would you do?
3:32PM 0 Undefined method `rescue_responses' for ActionController::Base:Class in Rails Edge
2:21PM 3 inserting into database problem
2:18PM 3 observe_field - returning weird key/value pair
1:07PM 19 has_many :though and nested attributes
1:00PM 4 same code different databases?
11:06AM 1 act_as_state_machine (or aasm) to manage integer state?
10:41AM 2 Custom JS breaking in IE6,7 - Tips on debugging?
10:40AM 0 upload jpg as non-progressive for flash
10:17AM 0 Watir Problem
10:05AM 6 having an integer matrix inside model
9:53AM 1 Expected x to define y
9:39AM 0 Parse rss feeds with multiple enclosures per item
9:38AM 1 snailgun: speeding up process startup
9:03AM 1 switching to RoR with database
8:39AM 0 Edit message property in messages list
8:15AM 8 Using standard validation methods in custom validation metho
5:24AM 1 datetime to_s(:option) not working
4:41AM 0 capistrano-ext
3:23AM 0 pdf-writer and new page sizes
1:34AM 0 include path update_rubygems
Thursday May 14 2009
10:44PM 0 Custom Helper Using Block
10:19PM 9 Multiple file upload w/Rails 2.x
9:07PM 1 getting acquainted with REST
8:28PM 4 appending conditions in a model
8:23PM 6 Generated test files and bad require 'test_helper'
7:47PM 2 cms/wysiwyg editor with simple photo upload
7:01PM 1 diff between ( rake db:migrate VERSION0 ) and (rake db:rollback)
6:08PM 1 method location
5:47PM 0 looking for a image upload plugin
5:43PM 1 has_many through
4:44PM 0 Re: Modeling an internal messaging system, how would you do?
4:09PM 0 Import existing Access database
3:47PM 0 RoR Developer Needed
3:33PM 0 check for existence of session without triggering one?
3:01PM 2 ruby variable = javascript variable ?
2:52PM 3 decimal or float
2:28PM 0 Thinking Sphinx
2:13PM 0 Selenium - using jquery locators instead of xpath
1:57PM 2 Object attributes through habtm
12:55PM 3 Unit testing an Observer
12:20PM 0 Voice alerts in Rails Application
12:11PM 0 ferret_ext error in running my app
11:50AM 1 Getting form field value within link_to_function
11:45AM 0 Brief introduction to Gearman with Ruby for Linux Magazine
11:40AM 0 uninitialized constant DashboardController::User
10:46AM 2 Gem Trouble
10:14AM 4 linux and file permissions - newb linux user
9:34AM 3 Mysql query is not working
9:13AM 1 complex forms in a simpler way?
8:09AM 4 Looking for S3 File Upload PlugIn
7:52AM 3 Rails 3.0 release?
6:52AM 0 paypal express chceckout problem
5:04AM 4 Keep getting this error after running scaffold command
1:30AM 2 HABTM & find_all_by
1:16AM 0 Streaming from controller
1:09AM 4 map.connect with pattern match
Wednesday May 13 2009
11:28PM 0 Help with polymorphic associations... the other way 'round
11:05PM 2 case/capitalization of LABEL text
9:41PM 1 Placing orders using Rails
9:28PM 0 Nested Models & Error Validation
8:33PM 4 Setting flash notice via javascript?
8:11PM 2 Canonical Way/Method to Add/Merge Query Parameters onto URL
7:06PM 0 How to kill / abort rails on windows
6:17PM 0 Cucumber + Selenium: Programmatically Starting a Test Server
6:09PM 3 Keep fix data in database table while deploying
5:57PM 4 MVC, best practice for hash that combines objects?
5:31PM 3 free sms gateway in india
5:00PM 8 Sharing sessions across rails apps 2.3.2
4:58PM 0 Tabbed Navigation with Secondary Nav and Auth
3:42PM 1 backgroundrb launched 8 workers via cron which I did not understand
3:03PM 2 Order numbers by value
3:01PM 0 Getting and setting ruby tags in controller
2:37PM 4 Re: Using adobe contribute on a rails project
2:18PM 0 Grouping in tables
2:03PM 0 Counting
2:01PM 3 application design : background process
1:23PM 4 Selenium - tips for avoiding a hundred fixture files.
12:50PM 0 How to ultimately override rails headers?
12:40PM 0 Blue Ridge 1.0: JavaScript Unit Testing for Rails
12:35PM 0 Login for iPhone webapp
12:22PM 0 Problem with mongrel server (FC8) :
11:12AM 0 What’s faster for getting Mails into Rails: Pop vs. MySQL
11:09AM 2 Updtade 2.2.2 to 2.3.2
10:47AM 4 compare this sql query and corresponding ruby code
9:53AM 0 Recaptcha plugin problem
6:56AM 6 Multilingual model content
6:43AM 2 form_for with multiple objects, each with a preset attribute?
5:47AM 0 Plotting data with flot
3:57AM 0 rubytest.vim 0.9.5 released
2:37AM 0 how to access to global i18n files in a plugin?
1:49AM 2 ruby script outside of rails app
1:27AM 3 Resource for creating a Text Editor (kinda like gmail or wordpress)
1:14AM 4 Setting a boolean to false in a before_create callback
1:10AM 9 dynamic table names for AR models
Tuesday May 12 2009
11:16PM 3 forms & link css classes - not working
10:53PM 1 Apache / mod_rails config
10:09PM 0 ActionController::RoutingError -> Functional Tests and :path_prefix in routes.rb
9:36PM 0 contact us form (n00b)
9:13PM 3 How much data can be stored in the cookie?
8:21PM 2 html sitemap
7:30PM 2 Integration testing edit actions (PUT method)
7:14PM 0 has_many :through , extra data retrieval.
7:09PM 1 MySQL Text type failure
6:26PM 2 @new_record_before_save
4:40PM 1 Date/Time problems on Windows
3:18PM 3 a problem http POST params
12:58PM 15 SocketError (getaddrinfo: Name or service not known)
12:55PM 4 Implementing ruby-openid 2.1.6 using TDD
12:43PM 1 Running rake test:units yields DEPRECIATION WARNING: Disabling sessions for a single controller...
12:40PM 0 Unused local variable load_error in boot.rb
12:09PM 1 Yet another cucumber/webrat/selenium problem
11:52AM 2 what to use for sanitize?
11:48AM 3 converting created_at to the number of days ago format
11:43AM 1 [ANN/ADV] "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" now out in paperback
10:41AM 9 belong to and search
10:22AM 0 RJS Error: TypeError: while using active scaffold
10:11AM 0 welcom on my ass
9:12AM 2 STI good or bad for my problem?
8:43AM 2 2.3 Nested Model Forms; build new without updating existing
7:32AM 0 What's New In Rails?
7:29AM 0 Identify dynamic name using Scrubyt
7:22AM 2 rails 2.3.2 is not generating environment.rb properly
6:24AM 12 Where to put additional code for model.
5:59AM 0 how to add validation in select tag
5:53AM 2 nested hash and nil question
5:17AM 3 Migrate VB.NET to ROR
4:12AM 0 `load_missing_constant': uninitialized constant Rails::Generator (NameError)
4:01AM 1 `load_missing_constant': uninitialized constant Rails::Gener
12:34AM 4 has_many :through and scopes: how to mutate the set of associated objects?
12:10AM 0 Using options on scaffold command line
Monday May 11 2009
10:57PM 3 Yet Another Time Zone Question
10:35PM 1 Simple Post to CookBook
10:31PM 1 Topic title displaying in the URL
10:29PM 6 CMS and REST - best practices
9:14PM 0 Fixtures, HABTM and id values
8:31PM 6 Ruby training? Worry no more.
8:30PM 0 [Merb] Authentication question!
7:45PM 6 Deleting Sessions with no logout
7:26PM 0 Not able to display the stored data + fckeditor
7:05PM 2 POST from http to https
6:37PM 0 Template is missing, latest edge
5:12PM 1 rails / windows / apache question
5:06PM 2 STI and Fixtures
5:02PM 2 Help with MySQL COALESCE
5:00PM 6 Query question
4:38PM 4 Is Rails in decline?
3:57PM 0 updating join table (HMT) with checkbox and extra fields
3:47PM 0 Open Positions - Ruby / Software Developers - Washington, DC (no telecommuting)
3:45PM 0 using OpenSSL blowfish algorithm
1:11PM 1 How to validate a patch submitted to rails core using .git
1:07PM 3 Page refreshed as a whole instead of a specific element.
12:57PM 2 Status: 500 Internal Server Error when running mongrel
12:52PM 2 function to check a value exists or not in array in RoR
11:55AM 4 trouble linking models
11:18AM 4 how to get the multiple selected data from select_tag.
10:16AM 0 Looping the worksheets opened with parseexcel
9:36AM 3 caches_page caching a javascript response
9:04AM 0 do we usually use Iconv to do translate to various encodings
8:23AM 7 First RoR Aplication - images/css paths
8:00AM 3 daemons load activesupport 2.2.2 instead of 2.1.0, causing failure
7:48AM 0 InvalidAuthenticityToken on login (sometimes)
7:08AM 3 Can't find YAML file via code (though it exists in /app)
7:01AM 3 invoke a controller def from view without clicking any link
6:52AM 7 Upload file with url parameter
6:52AM 3 HABTM: AND on associated table records
5:54AM 1 find :all in subclass within STI finds parents instead
5:18AM 4 I need help
4:34AM 2 link_to_remote
1:03AM 0 CloudCache for Ruby on Rails
Sunday May 10 2009
9:43PM 1 Charting /Data Visualization Libraries.
7:24PM 5 Problem with find with :joins and :include in same call
7:14PM 1 nested ajax functionality in a span element inside div_for
7:04PM 1 problem with daemons gem
4:21PM 3 Upgrade to Ruby 1.8.6 broke my app
3:56PM 3 Ruby 1.9 problem
2:29PM 1 Plugins with lib not working
2:15PM 0 Make Autotest run integration tests
1:58PM 2 Has_many association with named_scope?
10:53AM 0 current status of concurrency: rails2.3/ruby1.9/thin
10:30AM 4 How to generate UML diagrams from existing ruby code?
4:43AM 0 Rail 2.3.2 Protect_from_forgery
4:31AM 2 Looking for a lightweight client management app
3:56AM 3 Undefined Method '|'
3:14AM 2 storing the order of items in a joined table
3:06AM 2 activeresource issue - Rails 2.2
1:59AM 1 problem with webrick on rails 2.3.2
1:53AM 4 jQuery UI with Rails
Saturday May 9 2009
10:40PM 3 Multi level asociations
10:03PM 0 acts_as_list not working despite being installed
8:28PM 7 example application not working
6:32PM 1 Plugins Gone Wild
6:14PM 1 Ruby 1.9
4:07PM 1 many to many relationship and update problem
3:30PM 4 assigning directory path to downloaded email attachments
3:24PM 41 updating the db 6000 times will take few minutes ?
3:01PM 0 gettext-2.0.3, gettext_activerecord-2.0.3, gettext_rails-2.0.3
3:01PM 0 locale-2.0.3, locale_rails-2.0.3
2:21PM 3 What´s the easier way to implement a full text search in my app
1:43PM 2 want to put processing logic in Controller but no strip_tags
1:42PM 1 ubygems.rb hack
1:02PM 34 including a blank in a dropdown
11:58AM 2 Hash#merge in a controller
7:55AM 7 does somebody use XCode on Mac for RoR instead of TextMate?
7:47AM 0 CRUD Localization using I18n
7:20AM 9 Prevent HTML input
7:02AM 5 How many RoR engineers use Mac / Linux / Windows?
6:37AM 1 i am a new ruby programmer and i love this powerful language
6:33AM 7 <% %> is not exactly the same as <?php ?>
6:12AM 1 a problem with instance and local variables
5:40AM 7 Need help with label references in my fixtures
4:36AM 2 Differences between console [development] and console test?
4:35AM 0 Beginners Tutorial RAD using Ruby on Rails
3:59AM 17 can't get a simple partial to work !#$@#!$!!
3:44AM 0 XMLRPC raw_post getting run through Hash#from_xml
2:38AM 3 periodically autosave form
2:32AM 1 Rails and Browser Games
1:13AM 4 Gem path problems w/ Passenger+Apache2
Friday May 8 2009
9:18PM 4 Encrypt passwords in the database
9:05PM 2 div_for and RJS
4:51PM 4 Testing alternate css for printing
4:35PM 1 doubt
2:33PM 0 Jobs--Ruby on Rails Developer.
1:57PM 0 ActionController::Caching::Sweeper not autoloading
1:32PM 7 Code runs in development but not in test
11:45AM 0 jRails problem
11:06AM 2 I don't know "super".... Sorry for my ignorance
10:47AM 4 accessing dll files from rails application
10:35AM 0 Activerecord.count calculation not reurning expected output
10:05AM 1 Change "onsubmit" event key from "return" key "ctrl-return"
10:05AM 3 STI and subclassing twice
5:56AM 1 filter_parameter_logging for multi model forms
3:48AM 2 Rails SequencedHash source file.
2:16AM 1 SiteControllerTest error. <nil> expected to not be nil
1:14AM 1 Rails 3 code...
Thursday May 7 2009
11:07PM 1 Rails on Google App Engine from a standing start
10:07PM 0 HABTM pregunta
9:23PM 1 Receiver for *_path or *_url
9:06PM 4 Removing part of a String
8:55PM 1 Setting Up Setters
8:47PM 2 hide attribute from scaffolding
8:47PM 2 has_many / belongs_to issues
7:46PM 15 triple state radio buttons
7:37PM 2 Outputting strict JSON
6:43PM 5 Controller redirect_to to leave iframe
6:26PM 2 Setting Session Variables in Integration Tests
5:11PM 0 relations between contact_person and contact_business
4:58PM 3 named_scope issue undefined method that is a db column name
4:26PM 2 DRb::DRbConnError
4:01PM 0 Micro-frameworks
3:49PM 3 has_many through association
3:22PM 0 Dabs like product filtering
3:14PM 0 Template : modify file to add code
2:19PM 0 ActionMailer - which object has perform_delivery_test method
2:11PM 1 Paperclip: strange mime type on windows
1:05PM 1 Manifesto and roadmaps for described_routes and path-to
12:32PM 12 is there simpler way to export html within xml
11:42AM 1 sending email problem
9:57AM 0 problems with MySQL libraries while upgrading rails
9:36AM 0 Rails routes with prefix before the :id
8:52AM 3 Nested attributes, fields_for
8:43AM 13 what database field type should i use ??
7:34AM 0 About rails version
6:45AM 3 Add class to "form_for"
5:37AM 2 How to convert the model_name to table_name in ruby on rails
5:18AM 1 save doesn't work in migration
5:11AM 7 RMagick, ImageMagick, Passenger and Dreamhost
4:25AM 0 How to apply spreadsheet-excel-ole-storage.patch and parseexcel-ole-storage.patch
12:41AM 0 Re: Cannot connect to MySql
12:18AM 6 Flash Filereference and Rails - getting http 422
Wednesday May 6 2009
11:54PM 3 Hardcode database record reference into model
11:36PM 5 page.visual_effect
11:20PM 1 booting rails
10:35PM 6 sum - wrong number of arguments?
10:25PM 2 Rails plain ajax
9:20PM 0 "You are being redirected" message - please help!
7:46PM 4 Routing Error
7:38PM 3 problems with scriptaculous..
7:13PM 4 Upgrade old rails app issues.. help
7:04PM 1 How to extend ActionMailer
6:48PM 2 open call works fine in irb but not through webrick server
6:32PM 0 Cucumber, Webrat, RSpec and Mechanize for Non-Ruby Apps
5:50PM 1 accessing database model from generator?
5:46PM 1 hosting and user/group management advice please
5:26PM 1 new coming stuffs--keep pace with fashion--ur expection!!!
5:24PM 1 Problem caching Model instances on a constant in Rails
4:33PM 1 Ajax Error Response
4:16PM 4 link_to :back problem
4:03PM 0 gettext-2.0.2, gettext_activerecord-2.0.2, gettext_rails-2.0.2
3:52PM 0 locale-2.0.2, locale_rails-2.0.2
3:27PM 4 [ROUTES] [RAILS 2.3] Custom controller method fires a route error...
3:23PM 0 Setting config.action_controller.relative_url_root isn't working
2:33PM 4 Encrypting large amounts of text
2:28PM 1 JRuby-Oracle Error - Part 2
2:13PM 3 json formatting
1:48PM 0 How to apply spreadsheet-excel-ole-storage.patch and parseex
11:36AM 4 How should I test this?
11:04AM 0 web 2.0 template for rails..
10:10AM 3 crazy string issues
9:47AM 9 Re: projects works then breaks intermittently - mysql, linux
9:46AM 0 Encrypting serialized Attribute
8:09AM 0 Accessing Svn through rails
8:03AM 6 How to lock and unlock table in ruby on rails?
7:40AM 8 passing hard-coded values to controller
7:27AM 4 Windows Server 2003/2208 with IIS : How to make it as RoR web server?
7:26AM 0 Maxsize error in excel creation
7:16AM 4 how hidden field
5:25AM 1 Re: A Letter to the Authors of Web Authentication Libraries
4:42AM 0 link_to_remote with Modalbox.show
2:40AM 0 OCI Library Initialization Error
12:50AM 1 Base Auth plugin
Tuesday May 5 2009
10:05PM 3 Oracle-JRuby error
9:50PM 0 Assign dynamic (incrementable) values to objects
8:14PM 3 Unable to deactivate forgery protection
7:33PM 9 no sql in the controller guideline
6:41PM 4 Generate dynamic PDFs from RoR apps
6:02PM 2 sticking an erb block in lambda???
4:47PM 0 Question regarding has_one and association_build
4:33PM 1 Allowing only one tag per post
3:58PM 2 Re: A Letter to the Authors of Web Authentication Libraries
3:53PM 5 string as attribute
3:07PM 2 select_tag with multiple set to true returns a String in params instead of array
2:10PM 1 rake rails:update question
1:58PM 11 Confused about REST and custom actions
1:50PM 2 Declare global variable in views
1:35PM 1 Intergrate Jasper report to Ruby on Rails Application
1:00PM 1 will_paginate problem
12:39PM 1 Make a little to an outside website
12:30PM 0 How to write data into excel files using roo
11:55AM 4 Session ID too long
11:25AM 0 rake spec error: uninitialized constant Spec::Rails::Example::RailsExampleGroup
8:24AM 6 query returning just one value
8:02AM 3 My first plugin => my first Stack level too deep
7:42AM 2 Session id length in sessions table
7:31AM 5 How to use json in view file
6:00AM 6 Getting 500 Errors on production...
5:40AM 0 Problem with Time Zone Rails 2.3.2
5:23AM 0 RightScale Cloud Computing Webinar
4:40AM 4 modalbox rails var interpolation
Monday May 4 2009
11:15PM 0 JOBS-Ruby on Rails/LAMP Developer
9:58PM 0 More on IMAP
9:38PM 11 Database - Switching Tables
7:49PM 1 How to make my own render method
6:40PM 2 Problem using ActiveRecord on Windows
6:14PM 1 "gem install rails" error on Windows
6:04PM 2 How to reset Rails.cache servers? Rails.cache.reset is undefinied
5:54PM 1 Passenger 2.2.1 error?
5:27PM 0 Conflict acts_as_rateable with will_paginate
3:33PM 1 Unit testing for ActiveResource
3:11PM 2 partials: what variable name should you use?
2:27PM 1 Syncronization in rails
2:04PM 5 moving a project from windows to linux
1:51PM 2 Spree 0.8.0 Released (Rails eCommerce Project)
1:20PM 5 Firebird issue in fb.so - ruby: symbol lookup error:
12:39PM 0 uninitialized constant Article::Text (NameError)
12:26PM 2 New to Rails, but have a 500 error
9:18AM 0 Problem with rails 2.3.2 and Erubis 2.6.4
7:01AM 1 Automating a Rake Task
6:10AM 2 Deleting records in association
5:13AM 1 Sphinx on Rails?
3:26AM 11 Invalid authenticity token only in IE6
2:23AM 1 Use Rails test environment to test other kinds of servers
1:39AM 1 layout
12:25AM 5 Need remote_function help
Sunday May 3 2009
10:08PM 0 Parsing Rails XML on Flex
7:46PM 2 path problem
7:29PM 0 HTTP Auth 401 Even on Valid Login
6:52PM 0 [JOB] Senior Rails developper -> Join a Swiss startup!
5:28PM 5 In lieu of scaffolding...
3:32PM 5 undefined method `relative_url_root'
1:09PM 13 Ruby or Rails bug?
12:07PM 0 need help with self-referential has_many :through associations
11:48AM 18 rails.vim -> killing the server?
11:33AM 2 Rescue CookieOverflow
9:50AM 7 Fixing column value in the model
8:34AM 2 I downloaded rails-2.3.2.zip. How do I install it?
6:55AM 1 calculations on a virtual attribute...
6:38AM 1 Localizing attributes when using I18n
6:04AM 0 Trouble deploying with cap, nginx, thin, git
5:41AM 3 ajax submit question
5:05AM 0 Architecture discussion
5:04AM 0 Executing multiple controllers with one request
3:05AM 5 How to install downloaded zip/tar.gz plugin ?
2:51AM 15 fetch method of session hash
Saturday May 2 2009
11:30PM 0 How to generate external secure form for clients in Rails
10:04PM 1 problem with migration
8:16PM 1 mysql Gem Error
6:51PM 0 Ext Js and Rails
4:46PM 0 Net::SMTPAuthenticationError with use of gmail smtp
12:44PM 3 number_to_currency() in the view?
12:44PM 7 Multiple models
12:42PM 1 Linking to RJS files from multiple locations
11:14AM 7 any way to submit an image as part of a form (Javascript?)
9:57AM 0 Unicode + aspell problem
12:03AM 2 Restful rails
Friday May 1 2009
11:51PM 0 redirect_to issue - lost port number
10:12PM 0 Development Team Leader @ no-tie agile software house in London, England, UK
9:27PM 3 RESTful User Registration
9:05PM 2 Where can I find Ruby on Rails work?
6:32PM 0 Job: Ruby on Rails Developer-Full Time-NYC,NY
5:07PM 0 Using nested model forms with polymorphic associations
4:55PM 3 SQL joins question
4:51PM 1 polymorphic -> polymorphic relations
4:42PM 0 Who Are We? Research Survey - Thanks!!
4:41PM 3 CookieStore and setting an expiration
3:55PM 1 ordering by join table - is this possible?
3:15PM 0 Graticule / acts_as_geocodable error?
2:25PM 3 upgrading to 2.3
1:00PM 1 Create Log-in and Log-out
1:00PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 Talk Submission Deadline
12:26PM 3 sanitize_params + whiteList
12:20PM 2 How to make << 123.. >> functionality ? %)
11:30AM 3 Valid hashed passwords
10:58AM 0 Sending Bulk SMS
10:28AM 5 Layout antics
9:38AM 1 Optimizing OR Queries in Rails and MySQL
9:19AM 3 Problem with dynamic selects
8:18AM 2 Change default index page
7:32AM 1 How to do select with sum?
6:09AM 2 model
5:24AM 6 Redirecting from a View
4:39AM 4 Can't get to an action in a RESTful controller
4:17AM 3 button_to_remote problem on 2.3.2
4:12AM 1 Problem with button_to_remote on 2.3.2
3:46AM 1 how to disable auto-increment in primary key.
2:36AM 2 Making a link to a User profile
2:16AM 4 Ruby on Rails Certification