Rails - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
11:19PM 3 Association proxy create
10:26PM 0 Rake Plugin Documentation Gives Error
8:11PM 1 installer for web rails app
7:58PM 2 Ajax Date Selector or similar?
7:32PM 0 Nested Forms adding [-]
7:21PM 0 Last Day for 50% Off Aloha on Rails Conference Registration
6:15PM 1 controller.controller_ name
5:06PM 1 form_for and saving models
4:05PM 0 multiple models in one form concurrency problem
3:47PM 8 Creating a Hierarchical View
3:14PM 6 Create without triggering callbacks?
2:53PM 4 ruby gems --> no such file to load - fastthread
2:45PM 2 First time problem
2:36PM 0 Search month
2:29PM 2 primary_key / legacy db
1:53PM 0 Problem In Rails + Urgent
12:05PM 1 observe_field and :on
10:12AM 1 Prototype Event.observe doesn't work in partial
8:40AM 3 Link_to_remote gives a javascript error
8:37AM 1 Announcing Rails application for distributed Social Networking.
8:00AM 3 rails-authorization-plugin
7:32AM 0 Re: error_messages_for + no template loaded
6:43AM 1 How to use json? why it used?
3:25AM 0 [ANN/ADV] Ruby Best Practices now in print!
2:04AM 0 Saving foreign key id's using form_for?
1:50AM 0 ri_cal 0.7.0 Released
12:27AM 0 render (:xml=>:model) based transformation
Monday June 29 2009
11:06PM 2 Authlogic & password problems using rspec
11:05PM 0 Pass variable to RJS
10:10PM 0 How to Scale Your Ruby Applications
9:59PM 5 How to "sanitize" a link?
9:31PM 4 Order for a each loop
8:17PM 1 Problem with mixins and filters
6:33PM 1 Replacing XML tag with a string based on parameters in tag?
5:44PM 0 6 Steps to Refactoring Rails -- http://bit.ly/116BST
4:48PM 0 custom finder in associated model.
4:30PM 3 Using rails for testing a non-Rails web app
4:20PM 0 LSRC 2009: Don't Miss Your Chance To See Matz!
3:38PM 0 Listing file tree
3:32PM 2 Mongrel Malformed Request error - help!
2:55PM 4 undefined method 'new_search' after upgrading SearchLogic
2:26PM 2 Cannot Run Ruby on Rails on windows Vista or 7
1:53PM 0 Integration Tests
1:11PM 0 Complex forms with correct ids
12:15PM 2 bulk emailer
11:36AM 0 Scruffy gems
11:29AM 3 HTML page source not updated.
11:19AM 2 No route matches for stylesheets
11:12AM 3 Table Inheritance based on a function
10:37AM 5 Scan IP Range In Ruby on Rails
10:18AM 3 page doesn't display flash[:notice] after redirect from rjs
8:46AM 2 Adding registers in HABTM relationship.
8:37AM 0 Problem with 2.3 nested forms and new elements
6:33AM 1 Cookie session domain for many sites
5:40AM 1 Re: Looking for Ideas on Scheduling + Day by Day View of Week
5:15AM 0 receiving email in production
4:01AM 4 About rubygems
12:40AM 1 Imagebundle port
12:07AM 4 Invalid source reflection macro?
Sunday June 28 2009
3:55PM 2 validation error messages in Form - how to disable the ActionView::Base.field_error_proc ?
3:06PM 2 which design pattern will work best with AR
1:06PM 1 CheckBox and Ruby on Rails
12:02PM 4 Question about a date range selector
7:04AM 0 rake test:integration appears to load routes twice
6:13AM 12 Complicated polymorphic relation
12:30AM 6 Determine if a time is within certain hours of the day
Saturday June 27 2009
11:07PM 1 Error while opening localhost:3000
8:39PM 1 How to make an alternating hover table in Rails
3:57PM 1 flog problem when run rake metrics:all
2:29PM 1 Problem with :touch in belongs_to
7:05AM 1 has_many_through inheritance
6:58AM 10 :has_one association not letting me delete parent record
3:26AM 6 User has many topics or subtopics
12:35AM 1 XML POST / Upload, Flash uploaders and all that
Friday June 26 2009
11:35PM 1 rails application mysteriously takes a big chunk of memory
11:00PM 1 RedCloth 4.2.1 with Rails 2.3.2 -- something's broken
10:55PM 4 First application: Alternatives to creating a database?
9:56PM 1 testing error_messages rails 2.3
7:44PM 5 AR inheritance and class methods
7:14PM 1 software for forums
6:50PM 1 mapserver, postgis, ruby mapscript
6:15PM 1 Consecutive event triggering in RJS
6:09PM 1 Comments belonging to two different models
5:38PM 6 Help: Webmonkey's Rails example NOT working on Bluehost
4:41PM 2 Question about saving
4:13PM 0 [ANN/ADV] The Ruby Hoedown 2009 -- FREE Ruby conference -- Hoedown Heist, speakers, and only a few days left on the CFP!
3:52PM 0 fields_for with div_for
1:49PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Rails Rescue Handbook
1:35PM 0 validates_uniqueness_of and MySQL enum type
1:26PM 0 weird behavior with ruby 1.9.1
11:52AM 4 Aurigma Image uploader
10:09AM 12 Problem with rake gems:install
9:16AM 0 Radio button issue
9:07AM 2 Getting started with Cucumber ... problem
8:40AM 5 redirect route after destroy doesn't work
8:34AM 2 Line Length limit in posts
7:06AM 0 Fixture data not saved into test database
5:11AM 1 Updating instance variable
5:07AM 0 Problem getting handle to a model attribute
4:32AM 1 Determine if a time is within a certain range
3:52AM 1 Ruby on Rails Guides
1:33AM 1 rSpec Newbie Question - Testing controller
12:22AM 27 has_many:through
Thursday June 25 2009
9:47PM 3 Embedded HTML validation in a RoR app?
9:02PM 1 Closing popup on webserver
7:26PM 4 how to get date_select to default to unused date?
5:58PM 1 Putting models into Gems (not plugins)
4:31PM 3 RJS and drop down menu
4:23PM 11 Putting Rails on the Web Server
3:39PM 0 Ruby on Rails Versioning (Development vs. Production)
3:35PM 4 standard ActiveRecord validation message
3:08PM 2 Select for boolean attribute
3:01PM 0 global condition clause
2:33PM 1 Redirect http to https
2:32PM 8 Scriptaculous -- How do I access from Rails?
2:15PM 1 request.host, proxy chains and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST
1:58PM 7 Choosing RoR or CMS for a customer which wants to customize
10:05AM 1 How to add html element to flash [:notice] ?
9:37AM 0 core_rl_magick_.dll not found
8:10AM 0 Update google maps dynamically
7:46AM 1 Restful_ACL "undefined method `is_readable_by'"
7:33AM 1 Ways to install streamlined
7:25AM 0 Errno::EPROTO --- Protocol error Errno::EPROTO rails
6:25AM 1 Permission denied
3:22AM 6 session cleanup
1:27AM 7 Join Tables
12:07AM 1 named_scopes
Wednesday June 24 2009
8:15PM 4 Inside or outside of Rails::Initializer block
7:37PM 3 ActiveResource:: HttpMock
6:54PM 9 A table named references
6:18PM 3 I18N: allocator undefined for Proc
5:56PM 7 Question about HABTM
3:51PM 3 Session storage switching problem
3:46PM 8 How do you do this in Rails?
3:04PM 0 trouble with basic remote_function usage
2:40PM 0 Drag and Drop - one list to the other
1:57PM 2 At my wits end ! Controlling passed in negative values from a form
1:51PM 4 How to disable form elements under any div ????
1:39PM 1 accepts_nested_attributes_for :reject_if issue
12:55PM 0 Help: pool doesn't work correctly!
12:27PM 0 Issue with Rails and Tomcat
11:16AM 1 how to get all associations info from an ActiveRecord model Class ?
10:55AM 2 Seems Complex----validation
9:15AM 0 [solved] CAPTCHA gem: undefined method `stringFT'
8:59AM 1 LocalJumpError calculating the median
8:21AM 3 Pop up window
8:05AM 0 Formatting dates for database, in controller or model
5:58AM 2 How to return List in web services througth ActionWebService
5:28AM 4 :select
4:34AM 0 Run rake task from Rails controller
3:00AM 1 Active Scaffold Error - Ruby 1.8.7
12:34AM 10 cookies.delete doesn't work...?
12:12AM 1 In-place Editing; State of the Union
Tuesday June 23 2009
11:47PM 3 Starting ruby script on server's reboot
11:36PM 1 admin link in application helper
11:23PM 1 Intro to Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber - http://bit.ly/ZX6TX
10:54PM 1 decoding utf - 8 string
10:04PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 Registration is Now Open
8:03PM 10 Won't display characters following '\267'
7:48PM 1 Problem with ajax and nested forms
6:59PM 1 ails based shopping cart/e-commerce engines/starter apps.
6:57PM 2 IE7 Cookies not persisting. Please help.
5:37PM 3 performance improvement in method to strip non-numeral characters from string ??
4:59PM 1 Do I lose anything by using legacy databases?
4:27PM 2 Retrieving image from database to HTML
3:58PM 1 Order on virtual attribute in has_many
3:47PM 2 find_by should return a default
3:42PM 0 Twitter gem documentation?
3:19PM 7 can't get remote_function working on rails 2.3.2
2:36PM 5 Rails Hosting: Can't make up my mind
2:08PM 0 render_to_string inside method shared across several controllers
1:51PM 3 Rails error
12:38PM 1 clear form field
12:08PM 3 render partial but content is hidden
10:38AM 2 Reset session if user click back button in browser
9:28AM 5 Session timeout using prototype
9:09AM 2 GWT_on_Rails
8:52AM 2 syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER, expecting $end
8:45AM 1 serialize methods by to_json
8:16AM 1 rails 2.3 view caching in development
7:29AM 0 roles, STI and convention
6:02AM 2 Nested Routes allow for actions only if IDs match??
2:39AM 0 How would I implement this as a named scope?
1:28AM 0 encode string to utf-8
12:08AM 0 DD IE PNG with Ajax Modal Window
Monday June 22 2009
11:00PM 7 opening old project
10:45PM 2 question about create_table
10:22PM 0 Passenger 2.2.2 error
8:39PM 1 Action caching with multiple domains
7:58PM 7 Trying to redirect to an external website
6:52PM 1 Updating a Text box
6:43PM 3 Flash message not being displayed
6:43PM 4 Modules and models
5:27PM 5 ActionMailer plain text problem and UPPERCASE chars
5:16PM 12 Rails Hosting: Slicehost vs. Rimuhosting
4:18PM 2 Initializers and automatically running code
4:16PM 3 Rails with composite primary keys and string keys
3:58PM 2 URI::InvalidURIError with open-uri and Google Maps
2:37PM 8 Div is shown only from the layout nowhere else
1:53PM 2 protect_from_forgery with db-session (Rails 2.3.2)
1:37PM 0 Running Flash files (swf / flv) under rails
1:31PM 5 has_many through , or habtm , using form
12:40PM 2 How to get form element id's?
12:28PM 5 Rails + IE Problem
10:32AM 3 Error with Message.find()
10:21AM 3 how to get files in s3 directory?
10:06AM 1 create or update_attribute method
8:58AM 1 send_file
8:26AM 0 Array unshift and save to database
7:37AM 4 modal validation not works
6:42AM 1 getting error can't modify frozen hash
1:12AM 5 How can I contribute with http://api.rubyonrails.org/ ?
12:04AM 2 how params (without @) works?
Sunday June 21 2009
4:07PM 9 Trying to create a contact form
3:12PM 2 Capistrano and "the task `cleanup' does not exist"
2:26PM 6 parsing XML POST params
1:46PM 1 cannot do mass_assignment when inherited class ?
12:34PM 1 Routing issue
12:28PM 4 Run Ruby Code Stored in DB
9:23AM 3 MySql as database in Leopard --- Will not rake
6:05AM 3 More than one criteria in business logic...
5:10AM 0 Best practices to pass in Conditions to Rake task?
2:28AM 6 plugins still exist even though they're deleted?
12:18AM 5 problems with has_many :through and habtm
Saturday June 20 2009
9:56PM 1 Template problem
9:40PM 0 error trying to install rubygems on Ubuntu
9:33PM 0 [Rails 2.3] nested_attributes and validation of nested model
8:30PM 1 can't modify frozen hash
7:41PM 4 [Plugin dev.] Hook into ActionController::Base properly
6:26PM 1 State Management Rails
5:48PM 4 Another RSS Feed question
5:38PM 0 STI or MTI design ?
4:31PM 0 problem with simlpe captcha
4:01PM 1 Privacy issues with attachment_fu and amazon s3
6:25AM 3 can't modify frozen hash when upgrade to rails 2.3.2
5:44AM 5 Regular expression
2:04AM 8 newbie need help
12:56AM 0 AssociationTypeMismatch
12:25AM 7 Not really a Rails post but...
12:00AM 7 Connecting Ruby on rails with MySQL
Friday June 19 2009
10:06PM 0 How to configure xml.builder to call Nokogiri?
9:00PM 1 routing woes.
7:30PM 3 Select form helper and css attributes
6:51PM 4 rails environment in scripts dir
6:49PM 5 one layout - many templates
5:47PM 0 activerecord-sqlserver-adapter-2.2.19 bug: text col limits
5:29PM 0 New version of the ibm_db gem is now available
4:29PM 2 Initialize won't work??
4:21PM 5 RuntimeError when "ruby script/server"
4:15PM 0 ActiveRecord - Joined subclasses possible?
4:09PM 3 SQL in rails without active record ?
3:52PM 8 Active resource record relationships
3:38PM 4 what's wrong ... syntax error ... unexpected identifer ..
2:44PM 0 Make gem from project
2:20PM 2 respond_to issue in IE7
1:44PM 2 Creating an all-in-one Windows installer for application deployment...?
1:26PM 4 One Quick help needed !
11:16AM 1 config.action_controller.session_store = :active_record_store
10:48AM 3 display category name in url
9:19AM 4 Making a Keyword Search
9:07AM 10 Case Insensitive in Rails + Urgently Need
8:30AM 0 wget and open-uri
7:34AM 0 Textmate carret previous location
5:50AM 1 How to write cycle helper for this code
5:41AM 1 errors.add(" ") not shows error message
3:47AM 1 Session Reset when clicking back button of the browser
12:40AM 4 sqlite3....Ugghhh`
Thursday June 18 2009
11:37PM 3 Date.new.to_time.to_i
11:12PM 4 Why can't an HTML ActionMailer view share a partial with a web view?
10:21PM 2 Search query: How to find results across columns
10:13PM 4 Fixed Sized Columns in TABLE on screen
9:05PM 4 ""no such file to load -- test_helper"
7:27PM 0 JOBS - NYC area
7:27PM 13 Display Block Conditionally
7:19PM 2 How to persist file upload fields after a validation error.
5:48PM 1 undefined method `text_field_with_auto_complete'
5:23PM 6 File upload?
4:56PM 0 A quick primer on sharding for Ruby on Rails - http://bit.ly/15k7Te
4:32PM 4 Session modify user updated_at
4:22PM 2 AR - custom error handling
1:55PM 1 Rails Metal app executed multiple times if Content-Type not html in Firefox???
1:17PM 12 Param in View not being set
1:11PM 0 exe
10:10AM 2 Unexpected 2.3.2 spew
9:12AM 5 Display a string properly in View
7:21AM 3 Routing, use parts of entered url as id / perma
4:28AM 2 Missing test helpers
4:11AM 2 Seems Complex validation --- pls help
4:10AM 2 Project-Voldemort ruby client library
3:52AM 3 redirect_back_or_default not work properly
3:25AM 2 noob collection_select question
1:59AM 7 How can I implement authentication in my API?
1:23AM 1 how to check if a record lock is in place
1:15AM 1 best way to access audio downloads / audio listen statistics
Wednesday June 17 2009
11:35PM 1 :loaded not called in test environment
11:20PM 13 a different page displays on the weekend--how?
11:00PM 0 link_to problem
10:51PM 12 FasterCVS and Rails
10:47PM 13 How to open PDF file in browser ?
10:12PM 11 Link to stylesheet from HTML email?
9:51PM 2 NoMethodError in Store#add_to_cart
9:42PM 4 Routing Error
9:21PM 2 Odd error with file_column and relative_path
7:25PM 2 Basing Drop Down from Check Box
7:18PM 0 "What to Expect in Rails 3.0": O'Reilly Webcast Available on YouTube -- http://bit.ly/172R82
6:10PM 3 valid RDFa in XHTML
5:41PM 4 Serverside AjaxRequest or AjaxUpdater detections
5:04PM 0 Modify values after update/create
4:38PM 1 url_for and rake routes differences
4:05PM 1 Agile book #3
3:54PM 0 Multiple simultaneous drag-and-drop items…?
3:50PM 2 max function in ruby
3:14PM 0 client side caching problems
3:11PM 2 Transfering information among view and action
2:59PM 0 Rip: A new package manager for Ruby
1:53PM 4 Why is map.root not calling action to set vars...?
1:21PM 1 File UPLOAD and put it on a DB BLOB
12:55PM 5 HABTM relationships in views
10:42AM 2 validates_uniqueness_of fails on STI in Rails 2.3.2
10:08AM 4 installing ruby 1.9.1 with ruby 1.8.6 on same Linux machine
9:03AM 1 checkbox color
9:00AM 6 Urgent ! Need Web Services Help
8:17AM 2 how to change quantity to cart?
7:36AM 0 How to bulid additional link to
7:19AM 0 I have been trying to get bureau name and count.
6:26AM 0 Model.scope.all.size != Model.scope.count
5:18AM 1 Great Opening for ROR
3:07AM 4 Restful Authentication (Error Formatting location..)
2:27AM 2 Using a cgi perl program?
12:31AM 9 cap deploy with no password
Tuesday June 16 2009
10:12PM 7 Decoupling the View from the Model
7:57PM 0 Strings from a Sockets Client
7:24PM 2 Documenting Models
6:57PM 3 Rails page timing out after 10 seconds...?
6:43PM 2 observe_field, :function, same value
6:13PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby developer
5:28PM 5 Write a File with JS
4:22PM 2 Problem with calendar_date_select
2:39PM 0 How to send build options to 'rake gems:build'?
2:21PM 8 Newbie question
2:17PM 0 Document referer
1:53PM 1 WHY parent.collection.eql?(parent.collection) => false ????
1:34PM 0 Access session secret key
1:08PM 0 Prompt option not available in rails date helper
10:58AM 6 Your expert views on rails code security needed !
9:54AM 13 How to improve a plugin?
9:38AM 6 Graphs over time, where to store data and how to?
9:23AM 0 need help with eway pay,ent gateway
8:37AM 1 Active record callback after_find doesnot exist
8:31AM 1 error during running demo.rb file of Service Merchant.
6:25AM 5 TemplateError for second-level partial during AJAX update.
6:13AM 0 automatic :format suffixing in helper methods?
5:06AM 0 BME-cat importer to db
3:32AM 14 Want to directly access MODEL from VIEW. Can;t :(
1:02AM 3 Calling a self controller path on method from view
Monday June 15 2009
11:43PM 1 Drag and Drop without bugging the server...?
10:36PM 17 display google static map
5:48PM 0 Getting Started With JRuby
5:45PM 1 RESTful form_for generation
5:45PM 2 writing to a remote SQL Server w/javascript
5:38PM 1 string to model name in active record
5:29PM 3 RoR not responding via command line
4:59PM 0 For technical contributors: Collect your web footprint on Mashedge and put on your resume
4:52PM 1 Production vs Development I need to make different connections and call different code
4:06PM 7 Problem with full_original_filename
3:31PM 11 Blog Screencast Questions
2:14PM 2 Aliasing AR attributes
12:57PM 2 passenger and 2.2.2
10:34AM 6 How to install Rails 1.1.6
9:32AM 0 Rubytest.vim 0.9.6 Released
7:11AM 1 calendardateselect problem
5:00AM 5 Unit test error: field ... doesn't have a default value
2:42AM 2 ActionMailer(1.3.5) model problem in my Rails1.2.5
2:02AM 1 NoMethodError: undefined method `password_reset_instructions' for UserNotifier:Class
12:19AM 0 ri_cal 0.6.3 Released
Sunday June 14 2009
10:54PM 2 -%> what this "-" for?
10:37PM 2 Steps to use Ruby on rails
10:23PM 11 Connect Ruby on rails to MySQL
9:37PM 10 controller subfolders and routing
9:18PM 6 Unable to make observe_field work
9:17PM 5 Help with Ruby Gems...
8:57PM 18 send_file resets my session cookies!
8:53PM 9 test succeed only when run separately
8:09PM 2 Splitting the user into user and user_profile
7:40PM 1 Radiant 0.8.0 "Asterism" Release
4:33PM 1 Check if an HTML element exists in rjs
2:10PM 6 validation
1:17PM 2 Preference for raw SQL in migrations?
10:12AM 2 Plugin dependencies
6:09AM 2 Is there RoR Debugger..?
5:58AM 5 Partials views and instance variables go nil
5:24AM 1 Advantage of using mock_model() over stub()
4:31AM 3 in a view, call a helper method from another controller
4:01AM 2 query the :limit => value back out of the schema
1:49AM 3 Rails I18n
12:49AM 3 Basic AJAX Response (Mootools)
Saturday June 13 2009
8:40PM 7 Parsing text in a rails application
7:13PM 8 Removing routes to new, show, etc. in a model
4:22PM 5 Plugin for displaying wikipedia content
4:07PM 3 How Can I insert another column data into the CSV file when I use FasterCSV?
1:18PM 28 Using find results the DNY way
12:36PM 2 Preload form fields with vaiables
10:37AM 0 pdf-writer :landscape and :portrait
10:34AM 1 pdf-writer background
9:53AM 1 Unable to install thin
8:36AM 4 What is a simple way to increment the next record (not the "id" column)
8:35AM 5 undefined method `valid_password?'
5:52AM 2 file manager for rails
4:35AM 2 Help on Regular EXpression
2:44AM 17 Please enlighten me and break me out of my shell
2:11AM 2 Rake migration error
12:40AM 2 Sqlite crazy timezone
Friday June 12 2009
9:49PM 2 Display RSS Feeds
9:37PM 7 How is gui development preformed in rails
8:30PM 2 A simple problem....
8:30PM 2 Find conditions on the model without a new method
7:43PM 3 Why does this go nowhere?
7:41PM 0 sap4rails
7:24PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Registration and CFP Now Open for Ruby Hoedown 2009
7:21PM 2 DRY concepts for Models
6:28PM 4 Re: Migrations and production databases
6:17PM 0 Paperclip issues, selecting a specific file, and edit view
5:38PM 7 Managing Feature Backlogs
5:30PM 6 Newbie -- Migration Error
5:08PM 2 modules location
3:30PM 1 Best Practice for Separate "Update" Applications for Website
3:26PM 0 Best platform for easy video encoding & streaming?
2:57PM 3 Make virtual attribute more "real"
1:44PM 8 assert_select <br /> embedded in text
11:22AM 3 noob validation question for time_zone
10:36AM 5 Word document parsing using ROR
10:11AM 1 string cutter
9:23AM 0 500 internal Server error
7:12AM 1 Just get the errortext, nothing more.
7:03AM 2 Fail to start a lower Version ( Rails 1.1.6) Rails Project
6:41AM 0 Updating a RoR Project to the Higher Version
6:35AM 6 How can I identify a memory leak? using memorylogic..
6:15AM 0 Simple text parser for wikitext
5:46AM 1 problem with asset timestamps
5:24AM 0 Blackbook Errors
4:11AM 0 Nice slideshow
3:14AM 9 5 minutes to save 25,000 model objects?
12:49AM 2 Mysterious Method added by Scaffold
Thursday June 11 2009
10:34PM 10 Development Question
10:05PM 2 Overrite ActiveRecord Methods in Plugin
9:03PM 3 Ruby 1.9.1-p129 fails the configure on OSX 10.5.7
8:39PM 5 RESTful routes problem when updating record.
7:55PM 3 Redefining rename_column?
7:52PM 0 Ruby 1.9.1 and Rails on Ubuntu
7:23PM 9 Printing the contents of a DIV
7:10PM 1 Problem Logging in to site with two names
6:37PM 2 Recursive partial wasted my 2 hours
6:24PM 5 Trigger an Ajax update from an external JS ?
6:11PM 0 ri_cal 0.6.2 Released
5:59PM 12 Candidate for RJS?
5:29PM 0 What is RubySpec and why should you care? http://bit.ly/CavJE
4:22PM 3 Restful routing question
4:13PM 1 CPU Time - ActiveRecord
4:12PM 1 Storing Ruby expressions to execute later
3:45PM 8 before_create return value breaking object.save: rails bug?
3:10PM 4 Sessions in Rails 2.3?
2:47PM 1 Need help with assert_select semantics
12:30PM 0 Multiple dynamically generated form fields
12:17PM 4 Using view helpers and route helpers in a model
12:02PM 0 Troubles with polymorphics associations
11:44AM 1 Application hanging in production! New Relic Phy Mem Utilization Haywire! Help!
9:38AM 1 Request to vote for on line SAP application.
9:08AM 0 parsing word docs with ruby on rails
8:56AM 1 fragment caching file_store problems
8:53AM 1 has one assciation insert record question
8:41AM 4 Parsing big XML files - memory issue
7:54AM 1 Errors with Rails 2.3.2
7:42AM 1 Module: ActionView::Helpers::DateHelper
6:54AM 4 Mongrel crashes while running 'exec' through ruby
5:03AM 1 close popup window?
2:45AM 1 rails looking for partial with .erb extension instead of .html.erb
2:05AM 0 file_field_tag : what was the original file name?
Wednesday June 10 2009
11:08PM 1 Ruby on Rails through cPanel
10:06PM 5 cannot open database under Passenger
8:30PM 1 cache-money and background tasks
7:38PM 7 HAML and SASS - worth the conversion with rails?
6:46PM 5 Compare timestamps
5:47PM 1 Scriptaculous Droppables Draggables problem
4:47PM 3 Authenticity token error on Safari and IE6 on Windows
4:46PM 5 ActionMailer Views Confusion
4:24PM 6 Rest with ruby objects?
4:15PM 1 question about using layout template in controller
3:35PM 5 The main index.html
3:33PM 2 To deploy or not to deploy on Google App Engine
3:19PM 5 uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Cache (NameError)
2:51PM 0 form_for - resource-oriented style question
2:17PM 2 Action Web Service Rails 2.3.2
2:10PM 3 Display Tree Structure Using rails
1:58PM 1 Actionamailer
12:46PM 0 how about using hashes as helpers ?
11:02AM 2 add variable in xpath
10:57AM 0 Taxonomization with dynamic taxon types
10:19AM 1 Complex Relations / Avoid deletion of join model objects?
8:56AM 0 install pb(solved) : http://gems.rubyforge.org/ does not appear to be a repository
7:39AM 5 problem with date object.
6:30AM 2 Two aplications one database
6:29AM 0 Upload file and insert on a database
6:10AM 2 Rails with Jquery/running into a problem
4:55AM 1 scaffold.. random error
3:08AM 0 JOBS- Senior Developer, Sabre Holdings, Southlake, TX (Contract to hire)
3:06AM 0 JOB- Mobile Software Engineer- Contract to hire (Sabre Holdings, Southlake, TX)
1:35AM 6 Developer + Web Designer available for remote work
12:56AM 0 Consolidating Controllers and Models
12:38AM 5 Deploying with Passenger question
Tuesday June 9 2009
10:08PM 2 Strange scaffolding bug for Rails 2.3.2
9:35PM 1 render mutates locals hash?
9:14PM 2 How to display categorized pages in the most effective way?
9:12PM 3 protect_from_forgery doesnt protect from forgery
8:18PM 15 Using update_attributes(params[:something]) w/ manual assignment
8:15PM 1 osx/cocoa <-> rails incompatibility
7:43PM 1 Using variable in Yahoo Calendar url link
7:14PM 4 Caching Warning
6:09PM 0 adding a prerequisite first to db:reset
5:56PM 3 Foreign Key (Mysql/Rails)
5:50PM 0 Rails Hosting for Newbies
5:18PM 2 Content type is not included in the list
5:03PM 1 Integrating an applet - getting a routing error
4:43PM 3 Issues with MySql database encoding
4:43PM 0 serachlogic pagination is not working
3:45PM 2 ActiveRecord::Base -> what does it mean?
3:04PM 1 accessing controller variable from view
2:49PM 0 SWF Object associated with Page
2:14PM 3 Current User, Database etc ..
1:09PM 3 Restful_ACL db structure
12:09PM 0 integrating youtube plugin with tinyMCE
11:30AM 2 Storing search value in database
10:25AM 0 New problems with ActiveRecord tests
10:20AM 1 Good pagination option?
9:46AM 4 Retireving record for will_paginate
9:20AM 1 Word Wrapping
6:37AM 8 Ui Designing with Rails opposed to PHP
5:54AM 1 Re: date validation how to chech ArgumentError
5:09AM 2 ActiveRecord subclass with manual DB connection can’t directly access column variables.
5:02AM 3 validation help
3:02AM 3 Sorting an array in a partial file
2:40AM 3 NameError what is it?
2:29AM 1 Daemonize/daemons causing IOError. Help?
12:38AM 6 Getting my feet wet on Linux - some questions
12:25AM 1 Rendering a View Creates Session
Monday June 8 2009
9:44PM 11 DRY (don't repeat yourself) way / Hook to Activerecord object (to store IP address on every object created)
9:05PM 4 distributed models
8:44PM 3 Video sharing site.
8:42PM 25 Rails Hosting Questions
7:58PM 1 authlogic - error messages
7:03PM 2 Dynamically connecting a model to databases in a running app…?
3:23PM 2 Connecting to SQLServer
2:31PM 20 How to delete all records in a table using a link
1:22PM 0 Printing out Cucumber step definitions
1:09PM 4 how can i get attribute values from xml using libxml
12:44PM 2 To deploy or not to deploy on App Engine
12:02PM 1 ActionMailer HTML emails appear as HTML code in email client
12:02PM 4 SSL before or after submit?
11:43AM 9 Pagination: Last Page
10:43AM 2 How to add these headers to a xml response
9:47AM 3 Will Pagination links getting not behaving as i wanted.
9:39AM 1 will_paginate links have broken urls
9:05AM 2 How to get value from view?
8:34AM 2 Problem with set-cookie?
8:33AM 3 Export to pdf (graph output)
7:56AM 0 Passenger on Ruby EE
7:38AM 6 hi folks....
7:09AM 3 Migration of existant data
5:57AM 1 why can't I add a :class to text_field?
5:49AM 2 Remove special characters from sentence
4:18AM 2 Inner Join help
3:01AM 1 link_to from controller
Sunday June 7 2009
9:58PM 2 Plugins not loading in production environment
8:28PM 4 Need help 'observe_field' to work in Safari or Konqueror
7:18PM 6 Error in production only: `method_missing': undefined method `has_attachment' for #<Class:0xb72b6cb0> (NoMethodError)
6:28PM 5 Use of Models - The Very Basics
6:26PM 17 ActiveRecord Classes
5:19PM 2 modify root URL generated by <%= link_to %>
4:51PM 5 why do restful_authentication generated rspec tests fail?
2:17PM 1 Iconv::InvalidEncoding (""ISO-8859-1"", "UTF-8")
1:57PM 0 Subject: ri_cal 0.6.1 Released
1:37PM 7 Ruby w/ Apache mod_proxy
10:18AM 4 Advice for quick fire DB replication with Rails
8:35AM 4 How to access parent property
4:22AM 6 Missing Template when testing with the Brain Buster Captcha partial
2:29AM 3 How do i model this in Rails? (put down java equivalent design)
1:57AM 1 Administration Subsystem
1:38AM 0 Learning Rails 1st Edition - Form Builders - Confuzzled
1:02AM 1 SQL Server Adapter 2000/2005/2008
12:23AM 6 Rails way to do long running tasks
Saturday June 6 2009
10:28PM 0 Checkbox to dropdown list
10:25PM 2 Commands out of sync
8:54PM 5 Rake Tasks
8:42PM 2 Abbreviated stack when using runner
7:58PM 2 Booting WEBrick ... server:invalid option: --trace ???
6:08PM 0 Create a new parent on child form?
6:02PM 1 Missing something about these form parameters
5:47PM 2 GeoLocation for any Cell Phone with GPS
3:16PM 1 Best way to find a ruby on rails company?
2:46PM 0 Building an I18N aware custom form builder on Rails
1:41PM 0 Windows Deployment - what to use
12:48PM 0 json - composite objects
11:27AM 1 Returning the value of a variable from controller to form or
11:17AM 2 How does controller call render when there's no render in action
9:42AM 1 select_time / select current time + 15 min
8:33AM 0 Reg:act_as_tree
7:16AM 0 error_messages_for not working
3:17AM 2 where is reaper in Rails 2.3.2
2:01AM 7 Scaffolding question
1:48AM 0 issue with serialized fields and testing
12:29AM 1 Sessions problem
12:10AM 2 Starting an Ap: fast_xs.bundle: [BUG] Bus Error
Friday June 5 2009
11:52PM 2 namespaced application layout?
10:34PM 3 Transferring old RoR site.... Problems.... sigh...
10:00PM 5 creating migrations
9:46PM 4 Drag and Drop, scrolling and DIVS (scriptaculous)
9:35PM 0 ri_cal 0.6.0 Released
9:10PM 0 Newbie help - Rails LoadError on Windows Xp
9:04PM 3 Counting up in 5's or something similar.
8:43PM 1 Slow/unpredictive response of post_form from rails lib
8:26PM 1 Loading partial after page loads
8:06PM 8 Routes - Preventing a Match
7:30PM 3 Mongrel not playing nicely with older rails/ruby
7:14PM 0 google graphs with searchlogic.
6:41PM 2 continuous integration
6:03PM 0 how to search an item using tags and an integer value?
5:49PM 17 passenger on localhost
4:49PM 2 Send a array of objects from a view
4:42PM 4 dispatch.fcgi is presented instead of the action
4:03PM 3 Best way to do filtering/refinements?
3:27PM 4 {ActionController] Default route naming
2:55PM 4 Is this a use case for has_many :through?
10:45AM 0 How to send commission to affiliates at time of Renewal
10:33AM 15 Rails Code Indentation
10:19AM 11 Constant already initialized
9:31AM 0 Nested params controller verification
9:02AM 2 Need help with routes
9:01AM 0 Internal plugin architecture, where to start from
8:58AM 6 rails 2.3.2
8:32AM 0 Color Picker - Innovation has no end
8:27AM 2 Complex Association - Please help
7:50AM 9 Plz provide code for (Drop down questions shouldn't have a N
7:38AM 3 ActiveRecord test problem
4:01AM 2 How to add up an array's element with a rails way?
1:01AM 9 Retrieving count of individual items among the table
12:49AM 0 Need a ROR Developer
12:06AM 1 new member, introducing msyelf
Thursday June 4 2009
11:21PM 0 Ruby Mendicant 2.0 (An Effort To Make RubySpec even more awesome)
11:01PM 3 How to know the current weekday?
10:54PM 2 GlassFish gem 0.9.5 released
10:35PM 1 Namespacing views simply and effectively?
9:49PM 3 embed php code in rails
9:47PM 3 Re: I guess my configurations is fabar?
9:16PM 39 Deployment Question
8:58PM 1 for in loop with only one element not working
8:57PM 2 Suggestions for notifying user on changes?
8:55PM 4 Replace numbers and leave one single whitespace
7:48PM 2 My Ajax form doen't work within a table. Any idea?
7:14PM 0 Source Code Beautifier or Formatter For Your blogger and websites
7:12PM 5 Creating a dynamic form and referring to a page with dynamic parameters
6:46PM 2 How do make the page refresh into the same position of the page previously?
6:38PM 1 Autotest FAIL
6:23PM 0 restful authentication - sending email activation
6:21PM 4 geometry columns
3:44PM 4 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken & :before
3:43PM 3 rcov plugin overwrites its results?
3:09PM 0 Enewsletter Application
2:42PM 0 Trying to get a job at Engine Yard
2:27PM 0 a good webiste :www.electrondiscountshop.com
2:26PM 1 Cannot generate controller/scaffold after installing active_scaffold plugin
12:19PM 2 Find :include broken when upgrading to 2.2.2
12:01PM 9 Controller method that doesn't require a view
11:21AM 8 HELP attr_accessor
10:43AM 1 Exception Notifier on Windows
9:41AM 3 How to print a page using RJS
9:33AM 1 wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
7:54AM 0 thinking sphinx "-" operator
7:11AM 0 Unit Testing with authlogic
5:06AM 7 Rails issue when using Rails 2.3.2 and Ruby 1.9.1
2:39AM 7 Can you set Base class attributes from a subclass?
12:29AM 0 Error with Rails.logger: closed stream (IOError)
Wednesday June 3 2009
11:55PM 2 Error loading fixture with serialized field - undefined method `key?'
11:41PM 2 Local file href or redirect
11:07PM 4 attachment_fu issue
11:02PM 1 Global Scope based on Subdomain
9:51PM 1 Ruby on Rails req - Seatle WA - Fulltime
9:02PM 0 How do others handle no-cache ?
6:32PM 0 Aloha on Rails, Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference, Early Bird Registration (50% Off)
5:10PM 0 methods or actions? ask or tell?
4:39PM 3 Appending a Rails Partial with jQuery
4:36PM 1 ActiveRecord statistics plugin
4:13PM 1 Nested forms, extreme weirdness
3:11PM 2 encoding issue
2:37PM 0 TINY MCE Jrails media upload
1:53PM 1 Implementing an atomic wizard with new objects
1:50PM 2 Polymorphism question
1:05PM 4 map.resources with both :get and :post on an action
12:05PM 0 Ja_tiny_mce Help Needed
11:07AM 7 Error occuring 'ruby script/server -debugger'
8:01AM 0 Migrating from sql_session_store to mem_cache_store
7:34AM 0 Blackbook::BadCredentialsError: Must be authenticated to access contacts.
7:19AM 2 Anyone knows how to do left join as well as inner join in same query.
6:38AM 9 fields dont display on browser
6:33AM 2 show all routes paths with command
4:05AM 5 Model Association Question
3:46AM 3 The error occurred while evaluating nil.chop
2:59AM 7 Rspec Controller Generator
12:36AM 1 Update fails Rollback?
Tuesday June 2 2009
10:46PM 0 [JOBS] Seeking developer in Los Angeles Area
10:40PM 10 mysql big decimal
10:36PM 1 RE: datetime_select causing 1 error(s) on assignment of multiparameter attributes
9:23PM 14 Calling JavaScript
8:33PM 1 406 Not Acceptable response
8:31PM 3 Idiom for Class variables
8:10PM 2 Can I create models from a preexisiting database?
7:38PM 2 Polymorphic join query with conditions on both ends
7:15PM 0 Security Flaw With acts_as_xapian
6:19PM 3 rake + eval
6:00PM 3 Something to pretty up my terminal
4:59PM 3 Attribute Accessors for Phone Number in Form
2:55PM 2 no such file to load -- openssl (RuntimeError)
2:25PM 2 Solid, serious tutorials?
2:16PM 5 What's a smart way....
12:59PM 1 time textfield validation (hh:mm)
11:07AM 0 Inconsistent REST behavior
8:13AM 2 How do I access a my :include data in my ROR SQL results?
7:42AM 9 XML::LibXML::Reader
6:31AM 0 postgresql broken on windows in 2.3-stable
6:28AM 0 engine migration in main application in rail 2.3.2 on window
6:14AM 9 Days of the Week and Models
5:42AM 3 Printer Algorithm
5:00AM 3 valdate_presnce_of email, :if => :validate_id + Factory girl
3:30AM 4 table less model
3:17AM 0 Edge - stable at the moment?
2:51AM 1 simple tables question
2:46AM 3 UTF-8, AES encryption, the works - help !
2:28AM 0 auto_complete plugin for rails 2.2.2
2:08AM 5 Conditions for Multiple Columns?
1:41AM 1 Set a session variable in a link_to
12:46AM 2 documentation for database.yml?
Monday June 1 2009
11:44PM 2 Convert Date to DateTime
10:20PM 0 Does has_many collection '<<' (append operator) always save/create child in DB when parent isn't new?
9:56PM 0 Forcing use of gem in vendor/gems?
9:41PM 3 How to Delete Table from Database?
9:07PM 1 Outlook like calendar
9:01PM 9 Access values with has_and_belongs_to_many assocciation
8:56PM 0 smart data loading
8:29PM 6 Model Name Conflict
7:30PM 2 Updated Tutorials?
6:37PM 1 rendering layouts/views from plugins
5:57PM 0 why the cult-like adherence to the One True Way of Agile works...
5:55PM 0 riding case in form_for.label
5:49PM 1 Simple problem of negating boolean in params-hash
5:44PM 2 collection_select option with multiple symbols
5:42PM 2 override finders?
5:29PM 1 process request and redirect to another url with all params
5:13PM 2 multiple controllers/views for one model
4:11PM 2 IE6 CSS and Rails Routes
3:20PM 0 ri_cal 0.5.3 Released
3:20PM 0 Specific exceptions for database errors: please speak up
3:18PM 0 Engine Yard Adds JRuby Support -- http://bit.ly/MALvT
1:37PM 0 radio_button_tag checked='checked'
12:47PM 2 ArgumentError - Unable to rectify please help
12:41PM 0 Quick question - access attributes through form helper?
12:03PM 0 ArgumentError (interning empty string)
11:44AM 4 ruby mysql error
9:42AM 4 counter_cache is making a redundant SELECT before UPDATE
9:17AM 0 Nested models and forms
8:20AM 1 Form validation on non-CRUD activities
7:20AM 0 Rails, rake and postgresql roles
7:02AM 1 suggestion in plugin for amazon payment
6:42AM 1 Daemons causing Mysql::Error:Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'
5:17AM 0 Managing multiple form data
4:29AM 0 Perplexing nested form issue
3:32AM 3 Ruby 1.9.1-p129 and Rails 2.3.2
2:02AM 1 sqlite db is note created with "rails" command.