Rails - Apr 2009

Thursday April 30 2009
11:49PM 0 Dirty objects and overload attribute read/write methods
11:28PM 4 Can a moderator check my message?
11:18PM 1 Need Ruby on Rails Developer / NY
10:56PM 0 Trunicating Names in options_from_collection_for_select
9:24PM 3 n:m relationship, joining table record creation issue
8:45PM 2 how to search all fields for a string in SQL ?
8:17PM 2 How do i stop rails from cacheing a link
8:13PM 8 MacVim and rails.vim not working
7:36PM 2 Unable to install RMagick
7:22PM 4 Posting a form from Rails programatically
6:49PM 3 ActionMailer view template:
6:38PM 4 how-to introduce a rails patch to the dev community?
6:33PM 2 ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection loads once?
6:25PM 3 Exception notifier and rails 2.3, does it work?
6:11PM 2 Restful_authentication doesn't work in Rails 2.3.2
5:46PM 3 Why inconsistent validation with .new ?
4:53PM 1 Goldberg breaks (almost) all functional tests
4:49PM 6 is possbile limit the number of object in has_many option?
3:55PM 2 Image from database and display
3:41PM 4 strange NoMethodError when trying to work in production mode
3:12PM 1 Integrate test process with Rspec and Cucumber in a plugin using Desert
2:18PM 1 error with test:functionals
2:13PM 4 Proper way to extend an app engine model
1:30PM 4 Alternative coding for decimal arithmetic
12:56PM 1 Calendars in Rails
11:36AM 0 ActiveSupport DateTime.to_time (yesterday vs now)
9:26AM 4 is possible limit the number of has_many objects?
9:06AM 2 How to iterate fixtures
8:44AM 0 Goldberg breaks functional tests
8:03AM 1 controller/ URL not working without controller/index
8:02AM 3 Even a simple rails app won't work.
6:39AM 6 Cannot get jquery to work
6:31AM 0 IS rails_ramf is compatible with rails 2.3.2 as i m ...
5:19AM 1 Plese have a look on this error and tell me y it comes
4:37AM 3 Logging - using a different log for one method
1:02AM 0 Error : (undefined method `write')
12:11AM 1 Re: how to combine SQL queries in self.up
Wednesday April 29 2009
10:12PM 6 Automatically delete oldest post of a specified tag
9:58PM 0 tiny_mce and jquery + jrails
9:28PM 2 find_by...
8:57PM 0 keeping uploads through form errors with attachment_fu?
8:26PM 0 [JOBS] Software Developer opening in Washington, DC
8:15PM 7 problem with nil.user
8:04PM 1 Complete newbie questions
7:52PM 3 BUG - content_type assignment case sensitive
7:29PM 5 Flash notices are not accessible on next request
7:18PM 0 Storing & retrieving a serialized hash in the DB is not working.
6:46PM 0 Routes difference with Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.8.7
6:43PM 0 overriding associations problem
6:25PM 2 Testing an external script
6:09PM 7 Reg Expression Help Please?
4:39PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer opening
4:00PM 1 [new to ruby] implicit function return values ?
3:41PM 1 Lone Star Twitter/Ruby Conference 2009
3:39PM 0 customizing generated type names with ActionWebService
2:57PM 1 Rails, multiple connections and threads
2:44PM 0 XML Builder - problems with serialized ruby
2:03PM 3 Re: Is mime content type case sensitive?
1:50PM 0 Error while passing values in will_paginate
1:11PM 1 Errno::ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused - connect(2)) Act
12:25PM 1 Basic Doubts
11:59AM 1 Different behaviour on ActiveResorce with JSON or XML
10:18AM 0 Techkicks.com technology links, community driven
9:57AM 1 Send some text as a csv file?
9:37AM 0 HTMLDOC Table header row(s) to repeat on subsequent pages
8:56AM 0 creating xml in controller and send to Web Service
7:16AM 3 Re: how to combine SQL queries in self.up
6:16AM 1 Driving me nuts!!! - Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)
4:59AM 0 Polymorphic comments table needs associated model
3:23AM 1 will_paginate urls and AJAX calls
2:18AM 4 Controller access to POST Data in bulk?
1:14AM 11 Polymorphic Associations... confusing. Do I need them?
1:11AM 1 Nested routes without id
12:01AM 5 updating parent resource whenever child is updated
Tuesday April 28 2009
10:33PM 1 session values not being stored
10:05PM 2 Controller helpers in app/helpers
8:16PM 0 Action Mailer does not raise exceptions with Rails 2.3.2
7:48PM 1 help active record modeling.
7:38PM 1 How do you make associations when a table has two unique columns?
7:32PM 1 Rails generates incomplete schema
6:04PM 0 strange path errors
5:02PM 2 Got error on method overriding :(
4:13PM 0 restful_authentication setup using aasm gem
3:07PM 0 TypeError Conversion on has_many relationship
2:57PM 1 Development Log does not include SQL statements
2:44PM 1 Direct Client Requirement for Ruby on Rails
2:29PM 0 will the controller compiles the rjs only on ajax request ?
2:18PM 0 Need help to add auto_complete in Rails with Solr
2:10PM 1 Complex relationships
1:27PM 2 Custom error message
1:17PM 0 Detect client session support
1:02PM 0 Toronto RoR Project Night returns May 7th
12:57PM 4 Single Table Inheritance - Basic
11:24AM 0 Radio buttons in forms
11:13AM 6 two instances of a controller?
11:03AM 0 How to test a controller that needs to be logged?
10:18AM 1 chmod in rails development
10:07AM 0 Writing an imgae tag in to_xml
9:34AM 6 Contacts
8:51AM 0 ssh problem
8:25AM 7 Custom Validation on Many-To-Many Association breaks Unit-Tests
7:39AM 0 News site for ruby developers released
7:31AM 1 rendering images through JS in rails
4:59AM 9 what's the easiest way for novice to install RoR
4:03AM 4 Rails2 Documetation.
3:06AM 0 Problem with SEO urls and the Find_By_ID() not working
2:52AM 0 Introducing Pfeed plugin, automagically create fancy logs / activity updates in your rails app
2:51AM 2 Migrating rails 2.2.2 to 2.3.2
12:00AM 0 google adsense breaks render :partial =>
Monday April 27 2009
11:45PM 1 Asynchronous SSH tasks
11:23PM 3 Writing a plugin: Need to get including class's name. Help?
11:07PM 0 Different links after refresh
10:59PM 0 validate_uniqueness_of and accented characters.
10:49PM 2 Interesting Class variable problem
10:14PM 0 Too Many Rooms for Rubyconf
9:57PM 1 Passing multiple values with link_to
9:16PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developers
8:33PM 1 Error following the 15 minute blog with ROR Screen cast
7:55PM 8 What is 'Representational State Transfer'?
4:46PM 0 how to get acts_as_versioned able to delete only selected ve
4:42PM 0 how to get acts_as_versioned able to delete only selected version
4:23PM 25 Controller Instance Variables
4:04PM 2 Serving formats at named route?
3:12PM 4 Renaming a file inside a zip
3:02PM 2 Legacy encryption function...
2:58PM 0 Creating & Validating w/ has_many :through
2:57PM 0 Adding and validating with has_many :through
2:18PM 2 Find eager loads correct records but generates excess queries (Rails 2.1)
1:39PM 0 Rails on amazon EC2
12:46PM 5 Travel Salesman Problem
11:43AM 1 Modern Form Tutorials?
11:05AM 0 ActiveRecord::Errors best practices?
11:00AM 0 How to compare 2 string object and display the differences
10:56AM 1 How to integration test forms with multiple models
10:12AM 4 routing: Unescape urls
9:52AM 8 How do I properly create a menu with optgroup labels?
9:42AM 1 routes, controllers, and intentions
8:43AM 0 [Rake] Parse XML File, recursive function
8:27AM 9 git push doen't change my live application
8:02AM 0 Deletion of sessions
7:57AM 5 ruby jasper report
7:49AM 1 link_to_remote with javascript to fetch multiple checkboxes
7:19AM 0 Encoding Problem / mod_rails / passenger / Postgresql 8.3
7:17AM 2 Default value for scope in multi-account App, best way
6:37AM 1 Asynchronous copies
4:58AM 8 reset_sessions how to?
4:16AM 1 Engines VS rails3
12:42AM 0 ruby mysql adaptor
Sunday April 26 2009
11:57PM 0 Overriding a Relationships Propertry
11:31PM 1 To Rails Guide Authors...
9:34PM 1 Does anybody have an example of using Google Analytics to track unique pages?
7:20PM 5 problem inserting date_select values in the database
6:06PM 16 What is the sequential steps of installing RoR?
3:48PM 3 find_by_sql
3:10PM 0 Creating a WYSIWYG editor with Protoype and Scirptaculous
3:10PM 2 login system - user password being updated
2:52PM 1 Combining acts_as_taggable, will_paginate and scope_out
12:43PM 4 Weird auto-complete production problem in Rails 2.3.2
11:34AM 1 Changing the ActiveRecord mapping of boolean values in the DB ?
9:22AM 1 validators.rb breaks after update from Rails 2.2.2 to 2.3.2
7:41AM 0 Want to switch my apps to RonR
6:54AM 10 Submit form through GET requets
3:27AM 0 symlink and map.root config
2:40AM 1 Concatenating to an array constant for options_for_select
Saturday April 25 2009
10:25PM 5 SQLite3::SQLException: unable to open database file
9:46PM 0 [JOB] Lead Web Developer, NYC | 80-100k
9:08PM 0 ferret, will_paginate and group by
8:38PM 2 non-repeatable "undefined error 'path'" error
6:05PM 0 Shopping Cart sales tax calculation tools?
5:40PM 1 How do you ( successful programmers ) track your site traffic?
4:58PM 2 Write Static File for View Output?
4:53PM 0 problem when run script/server
4:32PM 1 question about running ror apps
2:00PM 6 change link color on mouse over
12:32PM 5 How to properly override ActiveRecord::Base.find
10:30AM 4 How to pass a variable from a model method to a controller
10:22AM 2 Back in PHP/CSS hell
9:56AM 3 Test::Unit reports are a pain to read
5:41AM 2 Default scaffold makes a test.rb with errors
4:49AM 0 static variables
4:43AM 2 How webrick works
4:41AM 0 can run up the server after update to 2.3.2
3:16AM 0 ActiveRecord Constraints
2:53AM 0 'get_user_list' function not working
1:19AM 4 named_scope and Time.zone
12:33AM 1 [JOBS] Looking for a Rails tutor 20 USD/hour Part-Time and Remote
12:27AM 2 Strategy for handling historical dates while avoiding timezones
12:11AM 0 validators.rb breaks on update from Rails 2.2.2 to 2.3.2
Friday April 24 2009
11:27PM 4 git-rails init can't find HOME environment
10:37PM 4 Overriding Model Name
10:21PM 2 passing a value to a js function via button_to_function
10:21PM 0 Button Firefox
8:44PM 1 Can rails environments be loaded only once and then execute rake tasks without loading it again and again?
8:22PM 2 plugin loading
7:04PM 1 Test Errors giving me Error 500 and wont display site.
7:03PM 4 "@marshal_with_utc_coercion": false ?
6:38PM 3 form.collection_select utilizing CONSTANT string array?
6:29PM 0 cant able to edit and new post
5:59PM 0 Setting attributes on a has_many through relationship
5:56PM 0 Best open source application framework poll on linkedin- Grails ahead of Rails
4:00PM 0 Convention for setting join model fields when associating
3:22PM 1 Looking for RailsConf ticket
3:12PM 2 Recipe to handle session expiration in ajax calls
2:51PM 3 Listing of Category error
2:24PM 1 belongs_to not working as expected
2:05PM 2 html safe and <%=h
12:46PM 4 Long string in crypting
11:39AM 2 collection_select help
11:29AM 1 JQuery Ajax problem=Weird- works once stops next
10:40AM 0 links in rss comes with .rss ending in production mode, why?
9:00AM 4 ApplicationController never fires
8:53AM 0 How to create associations with Factory Girl?
8:39AM 4 Is Rails the Right Choice?
8:39AM 3 Running in non-dev envs. with script/runner shebang setup
8:05AM 2 Which Chapters from Agile Web will help me in Rails 3.0
7:28AM 9 Using same user credentials across multiple connected apps
6:09AM 11 We're sorry, but something went wrong.
5:47AM 4 Getting started with database/model relationships
5:38AM 1 RoR - getting started with database relations
4:54AM 5 has_many :through problem
3:10AM 2 Shoulda vs Remarkable
2:22AM 3 daemons error -- probably a simple fix
2:04AM 1 Booked too many rooms for Railsconf
1:45AM 4 Undefined method "redirect_to" in before_filter
1:41AM 0 Unable to install properly / use acts_as_taggable_on -- please help
1:33AM 6 Problem while connecting to MYSQL from NetBeans
Thursday April 23 2009
11:55PM 2 Problem with Rails 2.3.2 on Ubuntu 9.04: libWand.so.10 missing
9:56PM 2 ruby 1.9 ruby-debug | Alternative?
8:43PM 0 :before_filter validate for fields not part of model
7:47PM 4 "Helper" for 2 controllers?
7:37PM 1 Constants defined in initializer not found when running gems:install in test
7:24PM 3 rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production failed!
7:07PM 5 if...elseif...else, broken; need help
6:45PM 0 Is it possible to alternate row colors for collection_select
6:39PM 0 Add rake task to default
6:26PM 3 Named routes in link_to wrapper
5:57PM 3 rack.rb:17: warning: already initialized constant VERSION
5:56PM 3 New rails-based site helps you release your anger
5:29PM 5 Controllers and form_for
5:23PM 0 Passenger restart problems
5:02PM 3 simple question
4:58PM 0 Error: MySQL gone away - subclass of model
4:11PM 0 NoMethodError in StoreController#add_to_cart
4:10PM 6 Rails Web Site
3:49PM 0 Ruby: Object's attribute out of reach
3:21PM 3 rake gems not working in test environment
3:15PM 3 Contacts Importer/ Invite friends import Gmail Hotmail etc
2:57PM 0 Metaprogramming oddness - works in console but fails in spec
2:44PM 5 beginning ruby session problem / how do I rollback with git?
2:27PM 2 Passing an object to post :create
2:02PM 5 NoMethodError
12:12PM 0 How to convert Mp3 file to 128kbps before save
11:43AM 2 Translation inside models?
11:03AM 2 Git in InstantRails - Please
10:52AM 2 Associations In rails
10:05AM 1 dealing with complex query by find_by_sql
10:02AM 1 Integration tests: 3 questions
9:23AM 3 where do helper for a controller go?
8:38AM 2 Capistrano on Windows
8:22AM 2 Replace the first word of a string
7:08AM 6 Getting list of drives using ruby on rails
7:04AM 0 Rails API Link not Working
6:30AM 8 how to avoid (Net::SMTPFatalError) "555 5.5.2 Syntax error
6:17AM 0 difference in time between Rails and Mysql timestamps
5:10AM 2 Can you run a find on an existing hash?
4:17AM 3 Can u visit rubyonrails.org
4:12AM 15 rubyonrails.org is down?
3:02AM 2 Understanding the rails control flow better ...
2:25AM 0 Lone Star Twitter Conference 2009
2:02AM 0 Resource-based routing and controller module
1:24AM 0 What the hell happened to rubyonrails.org?!
12:58AM 1 RailsConf discounts?
12:54AM 2 BackgrounDRb start error
12:43AM 0 Nested Templates
Wednesday April 22 2009
8:41PM 0 Anyone going to Rails Conf in Las Vegas?
8:32PM 0 Complex relationships in Ruby - display data across many tables
8:24PM 3 default values for new table entry
7:16PM 1 Multiple customers/tenants - keeping the data separate - how?
7:13PM 1 relationship + XML
6:53PM 0 Monthly Publication Checklist (Newbie)
6:26PM 0 Active Scaffold
5:25PM 0 HABTM Checkboxes and Multiple Records headache...
4:37PM 0 Test ftp connection from web form
4:35PM 15 why does number of hits per second go from 1800 to 20?
4:04PM 3 How to include a helper method in a controller
4:03PM 1 Built associations don't know their parent. Why not?
4:02PM 1 how many hits per second can Rails support on dreamhost?
3:41PM 2 Processing Incoming Email With Rails
3:34PM 1 Need help with n<->n authorization
3:27PM 2 what escape or sanitize functions are out there?
3:24PM 3 UltraSphinx help anyone?
3:22PM 0 Weird Issue with IE6 regarding session
2:19PM 4 help with exceptions
2:14PM 4 need to restart server every time a controller is generated?
1:54PM 0 now it says sqlite.dll is missing... how to solve?
1:47PM 3 HTTP Basic Authentication
1:35PM 2 Sql query vs Ruby methods
1:20PM 0 how come "gem install sqlite3-ruby" will fails on PC?
12:53PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Ruby 1.9 Envycasts: "What You Need To Know", parts 1 and 2
12:45PM 0 rails and haml
12:11PM 3 Listing elements from a table
8:56AM 8 How to selectively ignore some model validations?
8:46AM 1 authentication with Rail 2.3 and Ruby 1.9
8:37AM 5 Connection reset by peer (Errno::ECONNRESET)
8:21AM 2 Date parsing issues
7:38AM 0 Proxy 502 error on file upload with rails 2.3.2
7:07AM 1 acts_as_mappable :through relationship is not working
7:03AM 3 Rspec
6:33AM 6 How to have a duplicate copy of params?
5:35AM 4 Any resources about rhtml study?
5:17AM 0 Custom Error validation
3:57AM 0 UltraSphinx Concatenate Syntax??
2:51AM 3 Error on running any controller- Noob question
1:36AM 1 Forgot attachment for SWF player tracks are 'undefined'
1:30AM 0 SWF player tracks are 'undefined'
Tuesday April 21 2009
10:08PM 0 Validate order lines on order creation (ActiveResource)
9:32PM 2 problem with sqlite3....
7:33PM 4 Ruby ecommerce options
7:25PM 3 What is the reason that the authenticity_token hidden field gets wrapped in a DIV?
7:22PM 2 Sorting entries by clicking a table heading
6:37PM 3 attachment_fu giving problem on production
6:21PM 2 render :partial in /app/views/layouts
5:57PM 0 can i update rails to the latest version using Instant Rails
5:56PM 4 My flash is not accessible anymore!
5:47PM 16 How do I pass a hash with hidden_field or hidden_field_tag
5:20PM 12 still cannot install rails on windows
5:08PM 5 Conditional Get
4:40PM 4 Changing Passwords in Active Directory with ruby-net-ldap
4:21PM 0 Nested forms without looping through fields_for collection.
4:07PM 2 Localization expected, got HashWithIndifferentAccess
3:52PM 0 Problems about radio buttons
1:58PM 9 backup (*~) view files are being used instead of proper view
1:26PM 2 Date Time format in Ruby
1:03PM 1 apache2 + mod_rails
12:46PM 1 Form - Tick boxes in related table
12:34PM 11 can we decrypt the cipher encrypted using Digest::SHA1.hexdigest
9:55AM 0 [Job] Expert Rails and MySQL Developer --telecommute
9:27AM 1 functional test failure
8:58AM 1 Help on Stack Trace
8:37AM 8 Problem with crontab and script/runner
7:07AM 0 open flash chart and ajax
6:23AM 2 sessions not working for active_record_store
5:17AM 2 validates_uniqueness_of
5:09AM 1 authentication for uploaded files
4:51AM 0 haml tag
1:53AM 17 Generating Word Doc
12:53AM 2 how to I see SQL trace when using (a) rails console & (b) running rspec tests???
Monday April 20 2009
11:10PM 1 Opening a image located outside the public folder
10:42PM 5 Ruby and Terminal - why didn't anyone explain this?
10:12PM 1 Upgrading rails to 2.3.2 - CookieOverflow issue
10:11PM 0 Looking for a Visual Guide to Rails
9:45PM 1 optimistic locking with session store?
8:24PM 7 acts_as_state_machine: bug?! obj.save doesn't work...
7:23PM 1 Nested params issue with Rack 1.0 / Unable to freeze Rails
7:11PM 7 baffled with form_for
6:37PM 5 restful_authentication: 3 unit tests break!
5:26PM 1 RJS sporadic error message
5:02PM 5 Any plugin to send email asyncronously in the background
4:55PM 6 location based application
4:14PM 0 Gmaps and radio_button
4:04PM 11 manual access to session data outside of request?
3:34PM 1 Problem with embedding a SWF player file in page
3:10PM 0 wrap 2 error fields on one div
2:43PM 1 current_user in a model observer
12:33PM 5 application.html.erb problem
12:04PM 0 Procesos en background
10:27AM 0 User defined model and validations?
10:24AM 0 Referencing associated records in a named scope
10:08AM 0 Using collection<< on has_many with :conditions.
9:17AM 3 xxx.valid? still true after xxx.errors.add(...)?
7:07AM 4 [noob question] View error, Resource route
6:13AM 0 Web based GUI components in Rail Project
5:09AM 0 Add partial view to Spree
4:42AM 0 Problem embedding SWF file in page
4:03AM 0 Affiliate plugin
4:01AM 3 JRuby/glassfish v3 logging problem
3:13AM 1 test:integration Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <404>
12:52AM 0 Filtering product data in sidebar
12:31AM 0 stack trace with test
Sunday April 19 2009
11:39PM 1 need help with controller/show.html.erb
9:51PM 4 cycle(...) - is there some sort of only_first_time(...)?
9:44PM 15 Not quite a rails question but can anyone advise?
9:08PM 4 Problem trying to restore last visited page
8:59PM 1 problem updating data
8:56PM 1 high school online newspaper
8:26PM 4 Why .send?
8:16PM 6 Accessing Models via Views
8:05PM 7 number_to_currency doesn't work...
7:29PM 3 can anyone give a quick explaination...
7:29PM 4 redirect_to results in "syntax error" for <!DOCTYPE HTML...>
5:31PM 2 Rails for Multi-User Applications (complete newbie)
3:43PM 1 link_to_remote clicking a link should replace that link
2:07PM 3 Will_Paginate error
1:13PM 3 Background tasks + multi processing
11:37AM 1 Overriding html generated for submit_tag and selected links
9:48AM 0 rubytest.vim 0.9.0
7:15AM 4 Problems upgrading from 2.2.2 to 2.3.2 - uninitialized constant ActionController::Failsafe (NameError)
3:04AM 2 Upgrading from Rails 1.3.x to 2.3.2 - text_field_with_auto_complete not working
1:01AM 4 Does respond_to play nicely with render :update?
12:50AM 9 polymorphic problema
12:16AM 3 Exclude Files from Capistrano / Source Control
Saturday April 18 2009
10:14PM 0 JOBS : Ruby on Rails engineers/ Java engineers (Architects level position available)
6:24PM 1 RESTful posting
6:14PM 6 Can't get SWF player to display in webpage
6:11PM 1 RESTful Routing: Getting names of resources out of paths
5:24PM 0 gettext-2.0.1, gettext_activerecord-2.0.1, gettext_rails-2.0.1
5:01PM 0 locale-2.0.1, locale_rails-2.0.1
4:47PM 6 Is unit testing really that necessary?
4:24PM 3 cannot install the current Rails on 3 machines
4:10PM 9 Show and hide from list with toggle
3:17PM 3 Large Mysql Database (Multiple Databases?)
10:14AM 0 A bug in sweeper.rb? [was: A frustrating and strange error when config.action_controller.perform_caching = true]
7:35AM 7 Help with a regular expressions and gsub
7:19AM 3 Create CheckBox
6:45AM 1 date_select and tabindex
6:25AM 2 Should I learn git or subversion in order to launch and manage a site?
3:01AM 1 raw SQL in migrations
2:18AM 0 Anyone know how to include playerMultipleList.swf
1:48AM 1 Help with Data Warehouse app -- How to display data?
Friday April 17 2009
11:56PM 8 act_as_state_machine question
11:18PM 0 ruby change
9:44PM 3 OT : SQLite or another database engine with a small application?
8:38PM 0 Ideas for using Localmemcache + Rails?
8:03PM 0 rake test takes too much memory, starts swapping
7:52PM 2 link_to_remote with an image
7:41PM 0 caches_action for ajax call
7:13PM 0 explorer like tree view in rails ?
6:47PM 5 When is nil not false?
6:23PM 8 Installing Rails on Mac Leopard - Best Approach?
6:21PM 9 Errors when freezing rails
6:12PM 2 Loading part of a has_many association, and sorting as I add more elements
6:11PM 0 Insert Variables into
5:43PM 25 Ruby + Postgres = Bad Idea or Good Idea?
4:32PM 2 Email photo to upload
4:07PM 2 Virtual Host issue
4:01PM 1 "Authentication failed" when third party smtp server is used
3:53PM 1 Run a single test with Test::Unit?
3:40PM 3 Incorrect Integer Value for MySQL Insert
1:45PM 6 Getting file size on upload
1:01PM 5 Rake test fails in RadRails on Clean Install
12:45PM 0 A frustrating and strange error when config.action_controller.perform_caching = true
12:15PM 26 Tips for getting started with testing for first large app?
11:41AM 1 Facing a problem with rails version
10:27AM 2 Completely override has_many accessor
10:10AM 0 relative_path_from error
10:07AM 0 Need Help with Rails 2.3 Four Level Nested Form Javascript Function
9:34AM 0 is it possible game with RESTful architecture?
8:52AM 0 flash integration
8:32AM 1 Multiple log entries when using Rails.cache
8:30AM 2 how to call javascript function in text_field_tag
7:55AM 0 >require 'RMagick' is not working
7:45AM 0 Complex query
7:33AM 3 Stack level too deep
5:42AM 1 Rails 1.2.3 'Depot' application > Can't create table '.\depot_development\products.frm'
5:21AM 3 Sort relative distance on the fly
4:20AM 1 Multiple Check Box
3:21AM 0 How can i copy file to rails public folder when install gem
2:20AM 0 Notification Messages plugin?
1:00AM 11 Testing and SQL views.
1:00AM 2 Storing Active record validation code in the database
12:58AM 3 query pulling too many fields
Thursday April 16 2009
10:18PM 6 Using Paperclip::Processor and RMagick to sharpen my thumbnails
10:08PM 2 Does rake db:migrate protect against concurrent use?
10:02PM 1 Saving parent record before child
8:54PM 8 file upload -> save outside the rails project..
7:13PM 2 keep 404's out of my logs
6:46PM 6 route to static resource?
6:40PM 0 Missin localizations.
6:03PM 2 how to get the enclosure' url value when reading the rss feed
5:10PM 3 Problems with Rails and Postgres
4:42PM 1 share controller/table
4:32PM 3 Depot App Who Bought Enhancements
4:27PM 3 deprec problem
4:13PM 0 A short article on Rails 2.3 app templates
4:10PM 3 how to download the source
3:47PM 6 Convert string to hexadecimal (preserving meaning)
2:39PM 7 Stubbing an ApplicationController before_filter
2:36PM 3 associations...
1:53PM 3 Time.now cached in model association?
1:45PM 0 Problem with deleting multiple users
1:39PM 1 Email validation in controller
1:33PM 0 how to convert the find_by_sql code to the find code
1:09PM 4 validate_presence_of :user or :user_id?
1:06PM 0 Query from tables that have one column name in common
12:46PM 1 Multiply forms?
12:24PM 0 Magic multi connections with association problem
12:22PM 1 Explicit Validation of Email in controller
11:27AM 2 Attachment foo - files security
11:21AM 4 Chess game
10:11AM 0 Error: Something went wrong
10:03AM 7 How to test :dependent => :destroy
9:45AM 3 The change you wanted was rejected
9:23AM 7 Problems with tests
9:16AM 2 New to Ruby on Rails
8:31AM 0 Oci 8 path prblem
4:52AM 5 Check Box and Radio Button
4:09AM 7 Have simple sidebar code snippet for application.html.erb?
3:46AM 1 cant get my hello world working
3:03AM 5 how to ensure
2:44AM 0 College Summer Classes in Ruby-on-Rails
2:44AM 0 How to aggregate tags on child nodes?
2:18AM 1 :has_many best practice search order
12:57AM 3 Silence logging altogether for certain actions?
12:27AM 0 online rails music Application
Wednesday April 15 2009
11:11PM 1 uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Dependencies::Mutex (NameError)
10:59PM 3 Rails and Sphinx
10:46PM 4 Using module methods in Rake task& model?
10:18PM 1 Rails 2.3
9:33PM 1 Model Accessor Does Not Work Until After Reload?
8:58PM 2 Associations, named_scope, and "active" records
8:11PM 1 Unknown Action error while updating record
8:05PM 0 Best framework for graphs and charts
7:47PM 2 Getting Started with Rails - post_comment_url
7:33PM 5 Injecting Ruby code into a javascript file?
7:17PM 0 Generating a css file from ruby code
6:04PM 0 hpricot bug?
5:09PM 1 Newbie Model Question
4:32PM 2 Revision: Background image contained in stylesheet
3:18PM 1 Return to previous page
3:13PM 2 Backspace in strings and patterns
2:41PM 2 external programs
2:33PM 4 gem install mysql "checking for mysql_query() in -lmysqlclie
2:25PM 0 Can Rails I18n translate plugins ?
2:24PM 0 RoR developer req in DC area with my direct client
2:02PM 0 Rails plugin to improve log format
1:09PM 0 Multiple CheckBox and Radio Buttons
11:29AM 0 Please help in Multiple Checkbox and RadioButtons
11:05AM 5 radio buttons?
9:52AM 0 Looking for Developers to work fulltime
8:12AM 1 Spreadsheet -avoid reading and writing from file how?
6:24AM 2 RoR engineers needed in San Francisco
4:14AM 0 Plugin or just a zip file...
3:55AM 1 Rails Error
2:43AM 2 URL Redirect and affect on Routes?
2:42AM 0 [JOB] Vodpod.com needs a Rails Developer
2:24AM 7 Passenger caching in development mode, wtf?
12:18AM 0 has_many :through question
12:07AM 4 Complex forms: only one level of “arrayness” is allowed?
12:05AM 3 install error for rails-widgets
Tuesday April 14 2009
9:55PM 6 Controlling concurrency
8:45PM 1 Request Resubmitted
8:33PM 4 Netbiens
8:21PM 0 Apache2 install problem: apt-get can not find/fetch libpq5 pkg from http://us.archive.ubuntu.com
8:03PM 3 how to implement a status table
7:25PM 1 Oracle oci8 => OCIError: OCI Library Initialization Error
5:29PM 6 SQL Server via DBI/ODBC configuration
5:26PM 9 ROR performance for milions pageviews/month
4:30PM 0 Mime::Type.register documentation needs example
4:27PM 2 Routing
3:32PM 0 ActiveRecord::HasManyThroughCantAssociateThroughHasManyReflection
3:11PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 - Now Accepting Talk & Training Submissions
2:33PM 4 Loop and instance variable problem
2:11PM 3 how to validate a form field sequentially
1:59PM 1 Routing question
1:50PM 5 CSS issue...
1:33PM 4 is it possible to render a modal dialog box from the server?
1:17PM 0 The "Ruby Best Practices" Collaborative Blog
12:37PM 2 "map.resources " problem
11:55AM 6 About haml and ruby on rail
11:27AM 0 Beginner/ Filtering logged users
11:20AM 0 Unable to start rails after upgrade to 2.3.2
10:45AM 2 deploying rails to apache with mongrel cluster
9:26AM 4 Can I get multiple applications with different rails versions running on one machine?(can't activate activerecord)
9:23AM 2 Text_area scroll to bottom
8:58AM 1 routing method problem
7:33AM 1 My sql error: Lock wait timeout
7:06AM 2 ActiveRecord and :include
4:59AM 1 passing non-model members through remote form
4:37AM 0 help with search query
3:14AM 4 how to user heywatch
3:02AM 3 Gem install Rails issue
1:25AM 2 about plugin install
Monday April 13 2009
10:59PM 0 Disabling layout in action disables rendering of action data
10:53PM 0 Routing convention for updating multiple resources
10:20PM 1 Hover Help
10:09PM 1 How to handle InvalidAuthenticityToken
10:06PM 2 referential integrity
9:56PM 2 Targeting the public/images directory?
9:39PM 0 Creating raw text from a TMail object
9:15PM 3 AJAX: link_to_remote creates a post request
7:59PM 2 RSS feed consumption.
7:47PM 0 Table_name question
7:23PM 1 Active Records with column privilages
6:42PM 3 Newbie Question about script/generate
6:10PM 9 Rating Model and DB Relationships
5:10PM 1 Configure a proxy with Scrubyt
4:38PM 1 R6034 error - RMagick
4:33PM 2 Running tests against a non-test environment
4:23PM 10 role_requirement question
3:50PM 0 db:migrate fail's after a single simple scaffold in WindowsXP with sqlite3
3:05PM 0 Database constraints: maintained plugins?
2:12PM 0 ActiveRecord - Data Modeling
2:01PM 5 Ruby 1.8.7 + Rails 2.3.2 + TLS = Where's the documentation?
1:45PM 4 can I do a "named_scope" for this scenario???
12:48PM 0 Rails Guides
10:49AM 1 Scopers
10:48AM 0 Error "ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken"
7:36AM 1 recognition_conditions called before overridden from environment.rb
6:21AM 1 shell cmd fails from Rails (not from CLI & Ruby script)
4:27AM 4 Creating Methods in the Model?
4:02AM 1 how to display javascript code returned by rjs template?
3:59AM 2 Rails Nested Object Form *_attributes problem
3:34AM 1 ActiveSupport::JSON.decode issue
2:10AM 6 Memcached 1.6.5 (Rails 2.3) 10x slower
Sunday April 12 2009
9:46PM 0 rails 2.3 nested forms with has_many through checkboxes
9:24PM 3 Multi-button form
7:42PM 5 Testing RESTful actions (put/post)
6:36PM 0 Undefined method `cache_template_extension' - Not finding how to fix that
4:59PM 4 RSS Feed parsing problem
4:43PM 1 handling ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
2:46PM 5 Problems with jRails and ajax helpers
1:55PM 4 params[:commit] doesn't work
12:33PM 0 Heroku Garden - reversing or changing a 'generate scaffold' command
12:29PM 3 Blackberry & handhelds
11:28AM 0 link/url helper with/for plugin routes
7:41AM 9 invalid byte sequence utf-8 OR best option to sanitize content brought in with net::http? single non-utf character causes rails to crash
6:08AM 2 user display preferences options
4:26AM 12 background process fork - generating zip files
2:52AM 4 Can't get an Array function to be visible inside ApplicationHelper
12:49AM 0 Trying to use AR with Oracle Instant Client: ruby-oci8 fails to load
Saturday April 11 2009
11:00PM 1 Thoughts on CMS integration?
10:43PM 3 Unit test problem with time update
10:38PM 3 Uploading to S3 without hitting the local server
9:10PM 2 Many-To-Many relation - Creating all models in the same form
5:47PM 3 Anyone know what causes this?
5:24PM 4 assert2 presents assert_no_rjs_, and .should send_js_to
2:45PM 0 Plugin for check constraints?
1:38PM 0 Falcon - powering innovation
1:30PM 6 Inserting data from 1 table to another by using find_by_sql
11:27AM 0 Rails application connectivity with mysql
10:42AM 3 Updated today - number of rows
6:08AM 3 Stymied trying to extend AR with Plugin
5:43AM 0 migration oracle auto_increment
1:13AM 1 How do I automatically modify a method when accessing it?
12:06AM 1 has_one triggers save!!?
Friday April 10 2009
11:49PM 10 Select in partial not behaving
10:42PM 9 a client and a contractor are both users, share some attrib but not others, how to implement as users
10:31PM 0 We launch the translation of Rails Guides to pt-br
9:10PM 0 MySql Memory Error
9:07PM 1 ActiveRecord.create using Mysql builtin methods?
9:00PM 4 rails2.3/ruby1.9: invalid byte sequence in utf-8 with blank?
8:37PM 2 programmatic way to find associations? (ActiveRecord)
7:07PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer - Beaverton, OR
6:40PM 1 Problem with Insertion
6:27PM 6 Multiple models versus one model
5:36PM 0 ActiveRecord belongs_to ActiveResource
3:57PM 1 ActiveRecord question
3:53PM 1 periods in parameter
3:22PM 1 File updated date
3:19PM 3 host to try out rails with minimal traffic
2:43PM 3 Question on clearing Active Record objects
11:28AM 5 error in my code
11:22AM 3 Model Relations
10:56AM 5 Double Quotes Problem in mysql
10:41AM 1 Running a script on a users PC
10:39AM 1 Can Rails App v 1.2.6 work on Server with Rails v 2.3.2?
10:35AM 0 testing a gem outside the rails framework
10:26AM 16 Changing URL from domain.com to subdomain.domain.com on login
10:19AM 5 New project in Merb or Rails?
7:58AM 0 code open the external links in new tab, or new window
7:32AM 3 custom validations - where's the original value..
6:31AM 0 sanitize_name
6:26AM 3 validating a date is a Monday
6:10AM 0 How can I get a list of all associations from my model
3:35AM 2 adding methods, accessing from console and rake tasks
2:03AM 2 Ruby On Rails with Webrick on a Vista System
1:46AM 1 render problems in upgrading from 2.1.2 to 2.3.2
12:08AM 0 p3p policy and rails 2.3
Thursday April 9 2009
10:31PM 0 Another TimeZone Question - Multiple Legacy Databases
9:57PM 1 ActiveRecord.save With No SELECT Privileges (MySQL)
9:39PM 1 ActiveRecord find/include question (MySQL)
7:53PM 4 After updating to Rails 2.3.2 whole enviroment broke. Help!!
7:30PM 0 Attach CSV String as attachment
6:50PM 10 '[' and ']' characters are not valid characters of a URI query component.
6:38PM 1 Routing error?
6:19PM 1 can startups post equity-based techcofounder positions here and
5:16PM 1 method_exists? is missing?
4:29PM 0 need help on using workling/starling
4:17PM 2 501 <>: missing or malformed local part
4:14PM 0 rake db:test:prepare vs. rake db:test:clone
3:40PM 3 Storing request-scoped data in a model
3:35PM 4 map.connect '' doesn't work
3:07PM 2 Create databse tables
2:33PM 1 cucumber + authlogic trouble
1:36PM 0 TypeError problem with active_merchant
1:04PM 1 Mailing error in Rails 2.3.2
1:00PM 2 Rails on westhost.com
12:55PM 1 saving mutliple objects to database
12:48PM 0 web service for processing files
12:46PM 1 How to run 2.2.2 and 2.3 / 1.8.7 and 1.9 on same dev box
11:50AM 0 MemoryStore vs Class Variables
11:49AM 4 MVC
11:26AM 1 Data is not passing from Form to controller actions
11:09AM 0 images in select combo box
10:59AM 0 Test helpers in Rails-2.3.2
10:40AM 8 Join query in rails
9:26AM 5 difference in writing a class file in lib and models folder
9:12AM 0 mailing list
9:04AM 0 HTTP Digest Authentication not working
8:45AM 0 Calender Control
8:42AM 0 Query Help
7:55AM 1 how to save one value into the attributes of all rows in a model
6:38AM 0 compromising development mode and production mode
6:04AM 3 Getting the top results only by group in a .find statement
4:41AM 4 create_table with unique combo
4:29AM 3 Default value in select_tag
2:26AM 4 uninitialized constant ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper
1:24AM 1 datepicker array
12:29AM 6 ActiveRecord Comparison Bug?
Wednesday April 8 2009
10:38PM 1 session / cookie confusion
10:33PM 3 Workling not outputting to production.log
9:54PM 3 business (document management) application in rails
9:51PM 0 authenticity problem with jrails ajax
9:44PM 1 changing database structure without wiping
9:38PM 0 xspf file format for images
9:16PM 8 Problem when migrating from rails 2.2.2 to rails 2.3.2 on linux SLES10 + apache 2
9:13PM 0 FREE Ruby on Rails Webinar: Tips and Tricks
8:42PM 0 ruby on rails senior developer full time position
8:33PM 0 XML + Rails
8:27PM 4 Having trouble extending a class from a Rails plugin
7:57PM 3 Reading from a separate database
7:37PM 2 Single table inheritance and find(:all) in parent
7:25PM 2 Installing rails in a subfolder
6:59PM 2 special case rendering from filter
6:42PM 3 Method to remove html escape characters from strings
6:40PM 2 ADVANCED Rails Mailing List?
6:35PM 0 Clearing string attribute
5:44PM 4 Facing problem while running db migrate
5:00PM 0 Error during migrations using Community Engine
4:51PM 1 Find and order
4:51PM 0 Datamapper port
4:23PM 0 Using a domain name in a Rails route
3:12PM 1 Having issues with paperclip, S3, and Aptana Cloud
2:51PM 0 Errors not logged to the screen in dev mode in 2.3.2
2:47PM 0 Using builder templates outside of controller
2:43PM 2 Calendar control
2:06PM 3 What does the ' %s ' mean ?
1:17PM 1 Edit masks for form fields
12:37PM 0 Rename file name with file_column plugin
12:11PM 2 [ActiveRecord] strange issue, would like to understand before I wake up...
11:55AM 0 Localization problem in nested-attributes validation
11:37AM 0 job oppurtunity for Ruby on Rails developers
10:44AM 0 Help with Redbox Styling and auto-resizing like Lightbox?
10:12AM 0 Ruby Developer role - upto £60k - web 2.0 greenfield - London, UK
9:51AM 5 Finding record between 2 dates
9:31AM 2 Testing RJS
9:14AM 4 Restful design is a headache?
7:56AM 1 Ultrasphinx::UsageError (Invalid class name "Place")
7:52AM 0 problem in understanding respond_to in rails 2.0 and above
7:02AM 4 Adding files in git
6:22AM 0 Validate file format: not by extension
5:51AM 5 Conditionally respond with HTTP redirect for xml_http_request
5:31AM 11 How to pass data to Javascript variable from Ruby on Rails
5:27AM 7 How to use Net::SSH
5:25AM 1 Understand rails 2.0 and above
5:24AM 1 JRuby on Rails on Google App Engine
5:17AM 8 update page with results as they are scraped
5:16AM 4 export to excel
4:53AM 0 font selection
4:45AM 9 Ajax & Rails
4:45AM 2 How to change the response charset
4:35AM 5 AR.find :include is adding stuff I don't want
4:28AM 0 Multipart REST post, XML body with file
3:52AM 3 Rails 2.3 memcache performance drop
2:12AM 2 Use a Time Zone without setting Time.zone?
1:35AM 2 Read remote zip
1:03AM 1 Association and validation
12:50AM 0 What version of a gem loaded?
Tuesday April 7 2009
11:33PM 3 Problems with in_place_editor_field
11:23PM 0 slashdot: twitter on scala
10:58PM 2 [JOBS]Opportunity for a ROR lead programmer as co-founder
9:05PM 2 Rails paths when loading a Java applet
9:05PM 1 Initializers not available in controllers...
8:07PM 0 rails assumption about getting new thread on each request
7:53PM 2 More Complex Join with Rails/ActiveRecord
7:50PM 2 Application Release Tracking & Version Numbers
7:24PM 2 Best practice for passing vars etc...
6:44PM 1 Converting a date to mysql format
6:26PM 0 [JOBS]Rails Developers Sought for Venture Funded Startup
5:27PM 2 STI Problem When Using Same Controller
5:10PM 0 add record and playback sound feature
4:08PM 1 Partial rendering results in a blank page?
4:08PM 0 File created using Spreadsheet Excel can't read on linux
3:43PM 5 strategies for securing attachment files from unwanted access
2:42PM 2 Adding image in pdf using pdf writer
1:02PM 4 Architectual question: Engine with all common models
12:44PM 5 Creation of pdf using rpdf
11:33AM 5 How to assert a specific layout.
10:53AM 12 Problem with MYSQL after re-installing rails
9:54AM 2 How Select just some columns ?
9:26AM 4 Multi Model Forms and Validations
9:14AM 0 How to implement checkbox-like selection with client-side state & controls?
7:53AM 1 Displaying 'ticked' check boxes
6:52AM 4 /lib daemon folder: how do i add a module into the daemon?
6:34AM 3 assert_valid in unit tests after upgrade to rails 2.3 doesn't work
6:27AM 2 NetBeansIDE -6.5
4:40AM 2 gem install ruby-debug
4:21AM 4 initializing collection_select
3:11AM 0 Net:HTTP post (to rails) example?
2:31AM 3 Need Help!
1:45AM 6 Alternative to render :update
Monday April 6 2009
10:45PM 2 Creating Complex ActiveResource objects
10:37PM 2 fields_for items not updating child records??
10:35PM 0 find_by_sql returns Strings! How to I type cast?
10:09PM 3 After Rails 2.3.2 upgrade: superclass mismatch for class TestCase (TypeError)
9:36PM 10 "gem install mysql" fails
9:17PM 4 Support Ruby(Rails) Growth
8:41PM 6 Getting the associated model in a join table
8:35PM 1 Need Ruby on Rails Senior Developer
8:10PM 3 routes.rb noob question...
6:57PM 11 How do I fix this? Power went down.
6:44PM 1 Nested Object Forms
6:23PM 2 Call Javascript
5:42PM 6 rails + validations -- place them in application.rb?
4:53PM 1 help replacing all @user patterns with link (regular expressions)
4:41PM 0 BackgrounDRb - Dynamic Schedules
4:13PM 0 Hpricot Strange behaviour
3:40PM 3 Rails 2.3.2 Ajax posting to XML
3:14PM 9 Ridiculously Slow View Rendering
1:36PM 9 setup method in functional tests and instance variables
1:15PM 1 Different views for different conditions
12:41PM 1 Redirection after registration
9:50AM 3 Installing Warehouse- undefined symbol: apr_dbm_type_db
9:32AM 2 Rails, Jquery, Pagination & form submission
9:30AM 4 Rails routes question
9:30AM 0 Url problem.....
8:51AM 1 Another Database Connectivity
8:10AM 2 Converting Number into Integer in ruby
7:33AM 1 How to reset session if rails server is killed abruptly using Ctrl-c
7:22AM 2 URL issue localhost/mongrel vs remote-server/apache
6:57AM 0 [REQ] archive of reverse_proxy_fix plugin (svn down since 2+ weeks)
6:55AM 1 Problem in copying file
6:30AM 1 Wizard like data entry
6:19AM 0 Rating Plugin dilemma !
6:08AM 2 How to Apply patch
6:02AM 3 Help to get on with jquery
5:08AM 1 Seeking help with basic installation
4:45AM 4 Unit test problem,
3:52AM 1 help me.... about net/http
3:38AM 2 CSS Background-color Weirdness
2:40AM 0 FREE Ruby on Rails Webinar - Tips & Tricks
Sunday April 5 2009
11:50PM 3 The find methods for a model class
11:10PM 4 conditional count mysql query.
10:44PM 2 Which Oracle connector for AR?
10:41PM 5 Rails or separate packages, RedHat
10:32PM 1 routing to custom defined controller method
9:55PM 1 OpenID relative_url_root problems
7:58PM 11 Sending email
3:48PM 0 Partial-Form validation from multiple pages (f.e. login-partial)
3:46PM 5 Use a value from a different model
2:35PM 4 auto_increment question???
12:56PM 4 How to debug a Rails application in emacs?
12:42PM 0 assert{ 2.0 } 0.4.8 unit-tests Ajax using assert_rjs syntax + assert_xhtml
12:39PM 1 A problem with my cucumber
9:28AM 0 Including related data in restful results
8:59AM 0 New Relic & RightScale - Ruby on Rails Life Cycle Tools
8:25AM 3 Error reverting back to a previous version of rails
8:14AM 1 Testing: Application controller and helper
7:19AM 12 Just can't get Ruby on Rails to work in Leopard
7:03AM 4 Disable routing?
5:52AM 3 problem with visual scriptaculous puff
3:33AM 11 Where to store scrape results?
2:03AM 3 images in html.erb files
Saturday April 4 2009
9:21PM 11 rake aborted! undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass
8:17PM 0 Greetings from LARubyConf
7:36PM 1 Rails 2.3.2 - template question
6:24PM 1 JRuby on Rails
5:35PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 - Call for Speakers
5:14PM 7 Unit testing problem
4:10PM 0 Creating a parent with grandparent_id from grandchild model
3:54PM 0 Rails 2.3 nested forms and transactions
3:37PM 2 Ajax request executing well on localhost but not on server
2:50PM 6 Rails and Firefox on crack with redirections
2:17PM 1 composed_of Validation - this is a joke right?
1:42PM 0 Action caching and after filters
7:07AM 1 general ways to create a filterable search
6:43AM 2 NoMethodError in PublicController
4:27AM 7 Easy way to convert URL back to route name?
3:42AM 2 Test: Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <200>
2:00AM 3 Timezones in Rails 2.3.2
Friday April 3 2009
11:52PM 0 Truncated development log when using rescue_from
11:01PM 7 RJS not rendering correctly when mime-type is 'iphone'
10:33PM 5 Subdomains with subdomain_fu
9:12PM 0 RESTfully dealing with a non-RESTful client
7:29PM 1 Ruby on Rails with jQuery
7:04PM 22 Rails VS. .Net MVC
6:38PM 0 Plugin or project to generate survey
4:36PM 3 authentication from scratch
4:23PM 0 [JOBS] Funded Startup Looking for Lead Rails Developer
4:06PM 1 BDD w/Rails training in June
3:44PM 2 connecting model class to different column name other tn id
2:21PM 0 assert2 0.4.7 improves assert_xhtml diagnostics
2:14PM 1 Singular Table name
2:09PM 1 Retrive record without id field
1:07PM 0 Forms - Edits and Shows reuse
1:06PM 10 Anyone know a way to create html comments with the names of the views?
12:38PM 6 date_select and "31st February"
11:04AM 0 URL formatting
10:39AM 0 names questions
10:15AM 1 How to find out image width and height which is saved in database?
10:06AM 4 [JOBS] RoR Team in Orange Country
10:01AM 1 Help with Code Tweaking
6:27AM 0 Alpha sorting on both options and groups for option_groups_from_collection_for_select
4:55AM 3 Locals in render partials
3:45AM 2 undefined method `fixtures' problem
2:19AM 4 url (view > controller) error "Need controller and action!"
1:46AM 2 Recovering in Ruby-libxml parser from invalid UTF8 code
1:32AM 4 Problem with my show page
Thursday April 2 2009
11:37PM 2 Ruby 1.9, Rails 2.3.2, and MSSQL issue
11:24PM 4 Uploads with FCKEditor
10:41PM 1 Can access mysql server via command line utility but not via rails
10:32PM 3 Need help with image resizing and configuration in rails
10:22PM 1 Need help with Rails Project
9:33PM 2 class versus instance method - how?
9:31PM 3 Displaying form errors and keeping a simple URL
8:39PM 2 Accessing MSSQL with Rails 2.3.2 and Ruby 1.9.1
6:56PM 1 Database migration problem
6:05PM 3 STI with the type data depending on the association
5:35PM 1 Capistrano error
5:03PM 7 Announcing a new Ruby journal
4:32PM 0 validates_uniqueness_of does not work for non-latin characters
4:31PM 8 Rails 2.3.2 & MySQL and/or PostgreSQL
4:30PM 3 error_messages_for does not display the error
4:24PM 0 act_as_ferret with datetime
4:22PM 8 Can't get console to work in rails
4:13PM 0 File uploads from Flex application
3:39PM 1 Show text or image, based on data value
3:04PM 3 ID of adapter in migrations
2:45PM 0 ar-extensions for multiple data importing
2:06PM 0 Loop and parse each rss feed url
1:31PM 1 ActiveRecord inheritance mapping - Table per subclass?
1:30PM 3 Changes to ActiveMailer?
12:13PM 0 Ajax call from CalendarDateSelect
11:19AM 2 Auto increment primary key different from the default 'id'
11:10AM 1 connecting model to singular named table
10:35AM 7 Undefined Method error when creating method for collection of objects
9:54AM 3 convert to rails
8:07AM 0 mongrel_proctitle in production environment... good idea?
7:40AM 4 How to handle json data request?
7:23AM 10 error about will_paginate plug in
6:49AM 2 REST: nested resources and rendering xml
6:16AM 3 how to eliminate replace_html alert pop-up in RJS
5:57AM 0 Sphinx Cannot search Chinese but English
1:51AM 1 "can't modify frozen string" error in Ajax.Updater
1:18AM 2 ask net-ping
1:10AM 1 How to Sort by a column from another table
Wednesday April 1 2009
11:52PM 6 modal popups
10:31PM 0 Amazon S3-like service?
10:26PM 0 create entry using another entry
10:22PM 1 Paperclip - how to display images that were not uploaded?
9:36PM 2 Migrating from homegrown auth. to RESTful Authentication
9:33PM 4 permission denied errors with rake db:migrate
8:45PM 0 How Rails-core-team manages its code on github?
7:39PM 1 upload/download office documents like *.doc, *.pdf
7:06PM 2 Removing empty fields before saving
6:47PM 1 Drop Down Menu Problem
6:38PM 2 Many to many in separate has_one controller
6:26PM 2 ActionMailer sending mass emails,Suggestion for validation
6:24PM 2 conditional root in routes.rb
6:03PM 3 Data structure for "linked list"
5:19PM 1 Newbie - Mysql::Error in SayController#hello
4:07PM 1 Erro de update no rails 2.3.2
3:39PM 1 Passing a full object as arguments VS minimal information?
3:18PM 1 find_or_create_by_foo_and_bar error (duplicate entry)
3:07PM 0 Custom validation and i18n
2:16PM 3 Nil being coerced to float
2:08PM 0 Gem to open office 2007 xls in older version office.
1:14PM 1 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid could not find table
1:11PM 0 create an apllication inside facebook using rfacebook.
12:45PM 2 Denormalize DB by adding redundant foreign keys to tables
12:44PM 1 rearranging the letters of a word
11:15AM 1 How do you handle SQlite3 files between branches in git
10:13AM 1 storing requested uri in session
9:04AM 3 Sub controllers?
8:44AM 1 Log in and log out help
8:24AM 2 how to grant table in rails
8:21AM 3 OOP road block
7:33AM 2 Inheritance vs Polymorphism: Design Question for "IS A"
6:51AM 1 locale currency only works for displaying numbers ??
6:50AM 2 hpricot won't scrape! (newb question)
6:48AM 3 FTP Transfer in rails
6:39AM 3 Storing information in session in rails - How to ?
6:24AM 1 How to pass HTML Field value to Ruby code in view
5:52AM 2 How create new Rails with old version?
5:19AM 3 What is the best way to update more that 1 div in AJAX call
4:39AM 3 make a <tr>clickable
4:31AM 2 Models relations definition
3:12AM 5 How can I upload images to another server by FileColumn?
1:48AM 3 Creating has_one models on save
12:43AM 0 Mongrel and application's public path problem