Rails - Mar 2009

Tuesday March 31 2009
11:40PM 8 site with drupal vs ruby
11:30PM 4 Hello World works on Mongrel but not in Passenger (Error 500), and nothing in the logs?
11:28PM 1 datetime_select issues
10:06PM 0 A new column on Rails for Linux Magazine
9:59PM 6 Installing passenger on a 20-node farm; tool for automation?
6:06PM 2 Packaging Rails App as Standalone EXE
6:03PM 2 some light security on a voting web site
5:49PM 2 form_for, partials, and link_to_remote
4:57PM 0 Updating a new id created from Ajax call in the same .js.rjs
3:33PM 3 Rails 2.3.2 bug? Detecting changed fields...
3:23PM 0 Job Oppurtunity: Ruby on Rails Developer - London
3:09PM 0 Re: new to RoR..need help with the error in my code
2:42PM 0 developer position available, Nashville TN
2:25PM 9 Does ARMailer work in Rails 2.3 ?!
2:14PM 4 Handle Net::FTP connection timeout
2:08PM 2 TimeWithZone seems in rails 2.3 seems broken...is this the correct behavior?
1:50PM 7 Firebird adapter HELP???????
1:06PM 9 javascript encodeURIComponent equal code
1:04PM 0 force Create on scaffold Save
11:52AM 3 Not able to see the the controls and database entries
10:53AM 2 A problem about routing request
10:05AM 1 Methode Controleur non prise en compte
9:31AM 9 Application without database.yml
9:31AM 7 dynamic select menu
9:09AM 0 Internal mail system : model definition issue
8:57AM 3 How can I change the rails default page?
8:07AM 0 Debugging Cookie Behavior
7:53AM 6 Question: An application made with Ruby on Rails is Open Source by default?
7:42AM 4 Mysql Error RELEASE SAVEPOINT active_record_1
7:38AM 0 Lister fichiers/répertoires sur serveur
7:24AM 2 Workling - Queue List
6:34AM 1 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in new action on scaffolding
6:20AM 2 Routing error in nested resources
5:53AM 1 How can I render a partial from other controller?
3:16AM 3 serving xml
2:48AM 3 Accept POST data from external source?
1:57AM 2 Safari 4 invalid auth token
1:23AM 7 Can RJS render new javascript?
Monday March 30 2009
11:28PM 1 HABTM Duplicate entry error
11:25PM 2 Feed tools compatible with latest rails version 2.32
11:20PM 3 Rails 2.3 and TimeZone
11:04PM 5 Restful_Authentication test failure
10:20PM 3 :first and :all giving different first records
9:00PM 0 Sub-Controller Issue on Host Server - Very Mysterious
9:00PM 0 Postfix/Postmap catch-all for local testing?
8:53PM 13 Pariah?
8:45PM 1 Dynamically import csv files
8:08PM 3 What's 'logger', really
7:43PM 0 Trying to bind an appended partial that has REST_in_place attached to it with jquery?
7:12PM 0 Cropped thumbnails with ImageScience
6:58PM 1 Superclass mismatch (Functional test)
6:43PM 3 No such file or directory - layouts/application.html.erb
6:43PM 1 Problems with form_for(@message.attachments.build ...)
5:20PM 5 Rails class cacheing in development mode
4:49PM 3 Should I install ruby 1.9?
4:45PM 0 logger for script/runner or console in production mode
3:36PM 1 How can I divide my Page into different Sections?
3:14PM 3 Printing pdf documents
3:09PM 3 my bug, nefarious scraper or a legitimate browser plugin?
2:35PM 13 Active record Query
2:18PM 5 Routing every request to same action
1:27PM 3 Great discrepancy between Google Analytics and own counter
1:13PM 1 Windows Production Apache Cluster. Mongrel sleeps
10:48AM 1 Re:Tutorials
10:24AM 3 Export to PDF
10:20AM 4 JQuery Ajax clash
9:30AM 1 Observe_field and habtm checkboxes
8:54AM 4 Long ass redirect with Ruby 1.9.1
7:54AM 1 Please suggest plugin to browse and view data in database
6:44AM 4 form_remote_tag does not update div
5:20AM 4 Displaying HTML code in view
4:21AM 1 Rendering partial and js together
3:34AM 2 Problem installing latest ROR from scratch
3:26AM 10 How can I let rails working on non-block mode?
3:22AM 1 where can find open source rails forum code?
3:08AM 2 pls,explain about search action
3:05AM 0 Renaming a Rails Resource
2:50AM 3 need help converting SQL query to find or AR association
1:25AM 0 smtp.gmail.com
1:20AM 0 WTF Happened to ActionMailer?
1:03AM 0 rufus schedule & passenger
1:03AM 0 twitter bot running inside Rails
12:49AM 4 Setting Up Reminders
Sunday March 29 2009
11:26PM 0 How do I hide includes in autotest
8:17PM 2 Problem installing rubygems on Mac OS X 10.5.6
7:52PM 2 deployment problem
6:11PM 0 Rails 2.3 <--> ARMailer (emails not in db table anymore)
5:59PM 2 after_create and after_save
5:58PM 2 Presenters out of vogue?
4:10PM 4 prevent an object from being destroyed if it has related records
12:59PM 8 couldn't find item with ID = 100
11:58AM 2 Please tell me what does this bug meanz ?
10:03AM 9 will_paginate and SEO
8:24AM 2 [rails 2.3.2] ActionController::DoubleRenderError
3:04AM 1 installing an old version of rails with 1.9.1
12:34AM 13 upgrade procedure
Saturday March 28 2009
10:48PM 2 Google maps error with Rails 2.3.2
10:32PM 2 Two level Navigational menus
10:30PM 9 RubyonRails GUI for Leopard?...
8:21PM 0 Rails rdoc compilation
6:52PM 4 country_select in Rails 2.3.2
5:41PM 10 Use fixtures within fixtures?
4:53PM 1 baffled on forms and controllers!!
4:04PM 2 Rails 2.3.2 issue with loading global constants file
3:19PM 1 Hiding association proxies from other models?
12:19PM 4 Primary Key Field name - Problem
12:03PM 2 Git and vendor/rails
8:05AM 2 Ruby on Rails integration with Red5 Chat
7:54AM 0 how to add onchanget event to select field
7:14AM 3 .ago
6:59AM 1 Custom Association validation error messages?
6:04AM 1 error_messages_for source code for Rails 2.1.0?
3:41AM 4 many to many question
2:52AM 1 Fwd: Re: Message Queue for Rails?
2:24AM 1 Image uploading - upload_column
2:00AM 3 TimeZone confusion
1:29AM 4 Message Queue for Rails?
1:06AM 5 Need help configuring this data model
12:15AM 3 Login chooses database
Friday March 27 2009
10:19PM 7 Rails 2.3.2 cannot find installed gems.
9:33PM 4 About AR relationship
9:25PM 0 ActionMailer multipart: html, plain and attachment?
9:05PM 4 Forms without a database backend
8:39PM 3 ANNOUNCE: Hirb - A gem enhancing your script/console
7:51PM 1 Where does rails loads paths?
7:10PM 0 Problems with Ruby code, when creating a mysql db
7:00PM 6 Controller into the lib folder?
5:44PM 0 How do I return values when using form_for
4:22PM 0 Would learning Camping would help me learn Rails?
3:59PM 0 LWGate
3:49PM 1 Images and Alt Tags Acheiving Better Search Engine Ranking
3:45PM 3 How do you protect files in RoR
3:31PM 14 [OT] Git branch and merge
3:08PM 1 Starting Mongrels = no such file to load -- initializer (load error)
2:41PM 1 using pagination to group pages by attribute value
2:15PM 0 Globalize question
12:03PM 5 Prag Progs: "Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails" - any good?
9:06AM 0 [Announce] MashEdge Web Book on "Build a Web Site with Ruby on Rails" for newcomers
8:51AM 0 Add params tto links on page load - ?domain=xyz.com
8:36AM 2 Router :requirements
8:28AM 4 Restricted Textmate Command+T (jump to file)
8:00AM 0 get text compatibile con la nuova versione!!!
7:51AM 2 Adding a css stylesheet to a plugin
7:42AM 5 Database Migration error
6:36AM 0 New TurnKey appliance for Ruby on Rails 2.3.2
6:20AM 2 adding automatic conditions to find method
6:18AM 1 ActionMailer not send email and not generate error in log
6:07AM 5 Invalid Authenticity Token?
6:01AM 1 create a table per user
4:23AM 1 How to pull down menu
3:43AM 2 Loading classes
1:55AM 1 Rails 2.3.2 server restart does not appear to clear fragment cache
1:33AM 3 Method not available within same module as definition
12:48AM 0 ajax window and Element.show when onclick
12:15AM 1 Request Profiling on Rails 2.3.2
12:03AM 3 Output to Printer
Thursday March 26 2009
11:13PM 2 Content Management the Rails way
10:59PM 0 acts_as_versioned and qa
10:28PM 0 reverse of simple_format?
9:46PM 1 adding a class in loops
9:23PM 0 SOAP WSDLFactory
9:12PM 7 Noob test Q
8:29PM 0 Error On relative_url_root
7:39PM 4 Trim all input fields
6:26PM 1 Help with a validation issue..? Tying 2 validations together
5:50PM 8 cross site scripting security
5:36PM 0 helper caching issue
5:34PM 1 Caching for a method in application helper
5:20PM 3 Send a collection from view to controller
5:16PM 1 How to prevent user assign value to attribute in ActiveRecord
5:05PM 3 help with code
4:54PM 1 Using Rails Scaffold command does not preserve Case on Table Name
4:48PM 0 ruby script/server error
4:32PM 4 what is taking so long to display this page?
4:24PM 3 script/server error on Mac OS X
4:17PM 4 2.3 Nested Forms, dynamically add an attribute
4:10PM 0 Rails 2.3.2 nested forms, option_groups etc
3:48PM 0 another problem starting mongrel
3:18PM 1 Need suggestion Ruby To Gtk
2:30PM 0 Gem remote Fetch error
2:22PM 0 Strange error in development mode in 2.3.2 when streaming data
2:02PM 2 Suming total spend
1:29PM 3 Naming Conventions for Associations
1:19PM 2 Data from DB based on role
12:57PM 2 smtp_tls and SMTP/NET required failing
12:45PM 0 Passenger 2.1.2 and mod_rewrite
12:00PM 0 Prawn + PrawnTo + Rails 2.3.2
11:54AM 1 RTF Creation Help
11:48AM 1 Lightbox popup on ajax pages....
11:41AM 0 Upload column - Updating the image using upload_column
10:45AM 2 Rails 2.3 Sessions
10:38AM 0 rails-2.3.2 and ruby-1.9.1 have problems with utf-8 chars using script/runner
10:11AM 1 Error Send Message
10:02AM 1 implementation of internationalization
9:44AM 1 Rmagick
9:43AM 2 about show list
8:52AM 4 restful_authentication - how does encryption work?
6:25AM 2 send_file using AJAX
4:34AM 1 Turning off the layout in ActionMailer?
4:22AM 3 nil.errors and error_messages_for
4:08AM 2 Deleting files after they are sent via send_file
3:34AM 1 Version fu problem
2:53AM 3 Using same variable in controller
2:47AM 1 ActionMailer Sends Multiple Messages
2:30AM 1 How to add .patch
1:00AM 0 form_tag_with_upload_progress with rails 2.x not updating its progress bar
12:54AM 1 Change the Web Challenge
12:27AM 4 Defining fixtures in Unit Tests necessary?
Wednesday March 25 2009
11:52PM 1 Starling problem
10:53PM 1 Does putting methods in Application.rb slow things down?
10:12PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer
9:09PM 7 Rails 2.1.2 to 2.3.2 problems
8:57PM 4 [JOBS] FOSS remote monitoring system is searching for Rails developers
8:57PM 5 curious how params, flash etc work in rails ?
8:31PM 4 What wrong?
6:54PM 6 question about creating a link to download
6:41PM 9 Database Error?
6:20PM 1 I18n + ActionMailer = conflict ?
5:22PM 3 Few Questions about form_for_remote
4:37PM 4 Problem with functional test
3:07PM 3 YAHosting inquiry (yet another hosting inquiry)
2:46PM 1 More concise way to write aggregate query...
2:34PM 2 trouble starting mongrel
2:28PM 1 I have nill object when i didn't expect it
2:25PM 4 advanced search for a model (including keywords)
1:56PM 1 Strange problems with belongs_to()
1:12PM 0 Optimise this association?
1:01PM 0 SalesForce Integration
12:58PM 0 Hi Dear all
12:53PM 0 how to number pdf pages of pdf document frm the second page
12:14PM 0 apache + mongrel keepalive ?
11:46AM 6 Hash with key and value from ActiveRecord?
10:37AM 3 Multiple workling instances
10:13AM 0 How to include a check box while using wice grid
9:24AM 6 Passenger vs Mongrel
9:20AM 3 List of databases supported by Rails
7:38AM 4 has_and_belongs_to_many relationship in nested forms
6:26AM 0 RMagick LoadError
5:54AM 0 How to modify the encoding style of WSDL
5:19AM 11 ActiveRecord: Nested :include erroneous behavior
4:44AM 0 IBM_DB version 1.0.5 supports ruby-1.9.1
3:35AM 2 Catch validation errors from Model.update(params[:object].keys, params[:object].values)
3:30AM 3 Restful delete/destroy
2:41AM 2 Couldn't find without an ID
1:30AM 0 Restful resources with a somewhat complex scheme
1:23AM 3 How can I forward to different pages for different account
1:10AM 1 render :update, error
1:08AM 1 activerecord problem
Tuesday March 24 2009
11:43PM 0 new Property
11:04PM 5 security question : making urls safe
10:30PM 4 Admins and Customers vs. Users
9:07PM 1 Different page caching folder for different domains
8:47PM 1 Routing spec problem after updating to rSpec 1.2.2
6:44PM 1 Where to put code, tests, and test data
6:20PM 0 [OT] perl6 logo
6:03PM 2 separate controller for side-bar components?
5:32PM 2 auto_complete and Prototype
4:13PM 0 Nested Model Form
3:36PM 2 OCR project in Gsoc
3:08PM 0 help caching rails
2:35PM 1 Sanitize within helpers
2:32PM 4 Help with AR design on a large (~100'sM) partition table
2:05PM 1 Multipart Emails in Rails 2.3.2
1:56PM 2 404 error in route
1:48PM 6 can't update hidden attribute
1:40PM 5 Upgrade application from rails 2.2.2 to 2.3.2
1:08PM 5 [rails 2.3.2] ajax form issue
10:18AM 3 Is ruby 1.9.1 supported by Rails 2.3.0 ?
10:17AM 7 Access params in before_validation?
9:28AM 1 will_paginate & vote_fu
8:38AM 0 Need Advice
5:39AM 2 Uncommenting a line in environment.rb file
2:07AM 17 Linking a model to a specific user - RESTful Authentication
1:30AM 3 has many through not working in ruby-enterprise
12:09AM 12 MonkeyPatching ActiveRecord::Base class
Monday March 23 2009
11:03PM 3 From Rails 1.2.6 to 2.3.2
10:40PM 0 Spec::Rails, "model.should have(1).error_on(:attribute)" passes when?
9:31PM 8 Cannot set date value
9:06PM 2 rails boolean and mysql tinyint(1) question?
9:01PM 0 error while running "rails shovell"
8:26PM 1 conditional model validation
6:15PM 0 Deploy the Ruby Weblog tutorial
6:14PM 2 Select updates database?
6:14PM 1 How to create the environment files for development, production and test?
6:14PM 0 fleximage : help
6:08PM 0 My First Post
5:44PM 1 mysql performance
5:36PM 2 mysql error on scoped find_or_create_by_attr
5:11PM 0 ext_scaffold
4:57PM 1 Mass Assginment and has_many others.build
4:17PM 0 You can speak Indonesia
3:33PM 0 Look This One
3:31PM 0 JOBS: RoR Developer
3:16PM 1 Bounding width when we give users' TinyMCE or FCKEditor?
2:21PM 5 find :all using :group
12:52PM 1 Ajax not defined.
12:50PM 3 Where is the sqlite .db file?
12:49PM 2 Just how the hell do you set Cache-Control max-age?
12:39PM 0 to avoid blank page
12:31PM 3 Helper
11:38AM 1 About membership of this group
10:39AM 0 export to pdf, txt and the utf8-problem.
10:08AM 0 In_place_edit_for in models
9:01AM 6 PDFs prawn gem freeze into the app...
8:21AM 0 URL-encoding and decoding on Rails
6:06AM 2 Rake goes crazy on me!
5:08AM 6 InstantRails and new gems
5:07AM 1 rspec 1.2.1 Released
12:44AM 6 Setting Session Options in Rails 2.3
Sunday March 22 2009
9:45PM 9 Failsafe errors since upgrading to 2.3
9:19PM 2 Rails 2.3 Nested models
8:06PM 0 DhtmlCalendarHelper
7:32PM 0 Logging time in minutes and seconds
7:28PM 1 before_filter on Models
6:31PM 5 How does view know about instance vars set in controller?
6:08PM 2 Checking my has_many :through relationships
1:24PM 4 Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.0
1:22PM 2 GoogleMaps book and FCC ASR Database
11:14AM 1 Upgrading 2.2 to 2.3: console broken, "uninitialized constant Module::ActiveSupport"
10:16AM 2 Rails routing
10:10AM 1 populating database outside of applicaiton
9:50AM 0 [Rails 2.3] named routes bug ?
6:36AM 1 Emailing
4:58AM 3 Problem running autotest in rails 2.3
4:02AM 7 How to restart an app under Passenger
2:29AM 3 undefined method 'define_a_column' for class 'OCI8::Cursor'
12:57AM 2 can't activate rails (= 2.2.2, runtime), already activated rails-2.3.2
12:44AM 4 Clean way to handle prices
Saturday March 21 2009
10:17PM 2 ApplicationHelper::WillPaginate (NameError)
10:12PM 10 Rails making it tougher for newbies?
8:46PM 0 Action Mailer problem
8:40PM 4 cannot migrate back
8:18PM 0 Nginx help
6:23PM 2 Models distance in terms of associations
4:46PM 1 is the default mysql adapter gem 3 years old?
3:10PM 1 Validating xml parser?
2:52PM 15 mysql encoding with rails 2.3.2 and ruby 1.9.1
1:44PM 2 select_tag help
1:36PM 3 Dynamically generated form + Saving multiple records at once
11:38AM 5 Getting Rails to send email
11:15AM 2 using transaction the right way
10:06AM 5 - 2.3.2 uninitialized constant ApplicationController
8:10AM 1 right_http and attachment_fu issues
8:01AM 1 Structuring a find that looks at the first letter of a field
7:40AM 1 routes path problem when using link_to_remote
7:04AM 2 Migrating rails website from one server to another
7:00AM 0 Problem running Rdoc from Rake in Rails 2.3
5:01AM 4 Sending & Recieving Mail
4:10AM 1 may somebody can give me a detail steps about sqlite3 installation?
2:44AM 3 Multi-Site sessions
2:22AM 0 YAML config files with environment specific settings
12:28AM 1 Rails 2.3 really checks for presence of $RAILS_ROOT/public/index.html
Friday March 20 2009
11:11PM 3 Observers or callbacks?
9:47PM 5 Complex Query?
8:18PM 2 Rails 2.3 and helpers within plugins
7:57PM 2 How to delete a record inside of an association
7:48PM 5 Rails requires RubyGems >= 1.3.1 (you have 1.1.1) on OSX
7:36PM 3 Generic link_to in a shared partial
7:34PM 1 In Place Edit w/ TinyMCE ?????
7:15PM 1 When are activerecord associations made?
7:03PM 2 How to position cursor on first input field?
6:43PM 1 Getting a Time Zone abbreviation from the full name?
6:16PM 4 actionmailer issues...any experts?
5:42PM 2 Slightly OT: Search for your questions/comments to forum
5:36PM 3 Instance variables in helpers?
4:59PM 1 ActiveRecord: Using include with conditions
4:57PM 0 Patchwork: an open-sourced wiki-like microblogging tool
4:53PM 1 Add parameter to url
4:05PM 0 rfm working in localhost but not in production enviromen
4:03PM 5 debugger seems broken with Rails 2.3.2
3:33PM 1 Ruby/Rails projects "market" site - anyone?
3:32PM 0 drake vs the standard Rails Rakefile
2:44PM 3 Display XML as text
2:05PM 2 IIS deployment
1:42PM 9 Rails 2.3 Upgrade Issue with MemCache
1:12PM 1 Compact forms
12:42PM 4 Reporting with Rails
12:40PM 0 hosting with aptana - opinions?
12:37PM 1 Sending emails on user specific scheduled times
10:43AM 2 acceptance test parameters
9:40AM 0 losing session in rails 2.3.2 app using subdomain
8:45AM 4 NoMethodError (undefined method `call' for nil:NilClass):
8:04AM 1 Polymorphic URL's and Uncountable Resources
5:55AM 1 New page in Export Word (.doc)
5:17AM 1 Getting Started
2:51AM 0 Session data and 304 Not Modified HTTP code
1:09AM 1 Initializers and I18n
1:03AM 1 assert_select_email and rails 2.3.2
12:48AM 1 Would Ruby on Rails consider including the followign Ruby project: Debugger for Ruby 1.9?
12:03AM 11 Authentication plugins
Thursday March 19 2009
10:47PM 2 HTTP Digest Authentication PUT DELETE problem. Bug ?
10:08PM 2 Using functionality in /lib in initializers
9:06PM 0 Mobile Fu not redirecting
8:54PM 1 run a script in the console?
8:47PM 1 HABTM, select box and array issue
7:23PM 6 rails's models diagrams
6:39PM 2 Does anyone want a new job??
6:33PM 3 is there a way to run a obj.each loop in the script/console?
6:29PM 5 validation for a non active record input field
6:19PM 2 Console truncates system call returns ....?
5:55PM 2 generate csv from ruby object
5:10PM 2 what does the find method return
4:45PM 1 triple join asking for trouble?
4:35PM 1 form_tag params hash doesn't contain form data
4:32PM 1 run a rake file from command line and view what is happening
4:22PM 0 How to convert UploadedStringIO or UploadedTempfile object to File object
4:19PM 2 Does anyone need a new job?
3:59PM 0 Moonshine: Rails deployment and configuration management done right
3:55PM 9 Charts in Rails
3:50PM 3 How to check for a real person?
3:21PM 3 (easy:) Installing plugin from folder
2:56PM 7 select helper and issues with :selected
2:44PM 2 ActiveRecord shared models
2:06PM 4 Semi-colons
2:05PM 2 restful_authentication and relation specification
2:03PM 0 String manipulation utf8
1:47PM 2 getting proxy_options from named_scopes
1:46PM 7 very simple authenticatation
1:38PM 4 Where is my message
1:16PM 6 Converting Array to String in a model using before filters
1:14PM 0 lightly used mongrel process - mysql connection
1:00PM 2 Rails 2.3 deleting sessions
12:59PM 1 GMap popups
12:34PM 3 How to pass javascript variable value to a Session Variable in javascript
12:19PM 0 how to represent join tables with Rails 2.3 nested attributes?
12:15PM 0 How to change paypal url from sandbox to papal original url. i am using paypal lib -- paypal (2.0.0)
11:16AM 4 re-initializing a controller or a model in production mode
10:55AM 2 videos
9:37AM 0 Single-table inheritance and validation problem
9:11AM 1 Date-conventions
9:07AM 0 restful_plugin with --stateful
8:44AM 3 LDAP Authentication Failed
7:49AM 0 Delayed_Job and Setting Env
7:35AM 0 How to send multiple values to controller using :with option of collection_select
7:27AM 3 Settings for CDN, GZip, Header Expires for BEtter Yslow
7:26AM 14 segmentation fault from mysql_adapter.rb
7:18AM 2 Implementation checkbox array in rails--How to?
6:38AM 3 Two models with restful_authentication
6:12AM 4 Rails Version
5:51AM 0 video upload
5:40AM 0 Release mapademexicali.com APP (source code, db, etc)
5:36AM 1 Workling and dependent gems
4:11AM 0 Calling ActionMailer model from script/console
2:53AM 0 Soft Ball? Validating either-or fields...
1:03AM 1 Multiple renderings of Partials
Wednesday March 18 2009
10:52PM 2 newbie confused by div_for
10:32PM 3 Missing readline
10:15PM 0 Version of SqlSessionStore for Rails 2.3
10:09PM 0 Simple auto-complete tutorial
10:04PM 1 How to store account information separately and across multiple applications?
9:56PM 0 forcing delivery of plain text email when both plain text and html templates are present
9:56PM 0 Problem with paging and MS SQL
9:47PM 14 gem list and . ~/.profile
9:25PM 4 4 Rails apps using the same table. How to streamline?
8:50PM 2 undefined method `fixtures'
8:45PM 1 rake db:test:purge , nil.object detected
8:42PM 2 ActiveRecord and SOAP
8:25PM 2 attachmnet_fu can't keep original file image!
8:06PM 4 Search Results into new table
7:36PM 2 Help! RubyGems is broken!
7:08PM 0 Where to put test/mocks/development?
6:40PM 4 Extracting just the text of an ActionMailer receive e-mail
6:00PM 0 uninitialized constant AuthenticatedSystem
5:33PM 1 Is there something like form_remote_tag that does an Ajax.Updater vs Ajax.Request
5:24PM 4 ERB templates in the database
5:14PM 5 changin var from partial
4:53PM 1 Web Designer — The International
4:41PM 2 Problems using Globalize 2 crud with rails 2.3 nested attributes
4:23PM 1 Introducing the Ruby 1.9 or Bust Project
4:12PM 8 Whats the difference between "<%= abc %>" and "<%= abc -%>"
3:22PM 6 Redirecting to another controller, with a POST method
2:05PM 6 How to use a freshly updated Rails gem?
1:44PM 9 Problem with restful_authentication
1:18PM 0 Reporting Site activity
12:33PM 0 search across models
12:03PM 1 uninitialized constant ActionController::AbstractRequest (NameError) with rails 2.3
11:58AM 3 Redbox implementation not showing anything
11:51AM 0 Security
11:32AM 0 Ricerca in una combo
11:07AM 0 Creatin abn album using facebook API
11:05AM 1 Handling database table dependencies
11:04AM 1 Handling database table dependenciese
10:59AM 4 Upload file without using file_field
10:46AM 1 Ruby and SCRUM workshops in Delhi Ruby March Meetup - Coming Saturday - 21 March
10:10AM 1 Update method problem in rails 2.2
9:57AM 0 Gem to open xls office-2007
9:52AM 6 Usage of methods in application.rb
9:42AM 1 Legacy MySQL database and relationships
7:58AM 0 Default haml views
7:41AM 1 Ajax file upload with remote_form_tag
7:41AM 2 Rails 2.3.2 + Lighttpd
7:19AM 0 [JOBS] Bondi Junction, Sydney Australia - Ruby on Rails contractors - 3-6 months - 5 vacancies
6:48AM 5 which plugin useful for facebook API?
6:22AM 0 sell D&g T-shirts, BBC T-shirts, Christan Audigier T-shirts,
4:56AM 1 active record logical cols
4:55AM 0 JAX India 2009: International Conference on Java Technologies April 06-10, Bangalore, India
4:24AM 1 Rail 2.2 Sort multiple Columns in report
3:48AM 2 Issues with database/object caching and testing
2:42AM 1 set_table_name woes, fragmented domain class
2:40AM 4 Recommended webserver for deploying Rails
2:24AM 2 Using mysql's 'REPLACE' command in active record
12:29AM 8 Flex and Rails - NoMethodError
Tuesday March 17 2009
10:24PM 3 How do I match strings?
9:44PM 0 rails 2.3.2 ActiveResource fieldnames uncamelizing
9:15PM 3 Disabel "pluralize_table_names" in Rails 2.3.2
8:49PM 5 validates_presence_of
8:37PM 2 Upload image to MySQL
7:50PM 1 ActionMailer works for gmail/yahoo, but not for other email addresses...HELP!
7:36PM 3 How to truncate a table from a rake file
7:20PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Ruby training in Atlanta: bring a friend for 1/2 price!
6:59PM 0 Just how many rails installations?
5:24PM 9 How can I validate a text_field_tag?
3:28PM 1 how to create an association through a Drag & Drop
3:10PM 6 Stop rendering a response in the default layout
3:05PM 6 How to create a simple loop counter
2:35PM 6 Problem when trying to freeze gem (XP user)
1:52PM 1 Problem during creating an app in facebook.
1:08PM 0 Layouts in ActionMailer
12:41PM 1 How to install ActiveRecord 2.3.2
12:36PM 1 Socket#getaddrinfo works in console but not in server
12:05PM 7 urgent please :HTTPS html parsing
12:03PM 9 Rails 2.3, restful_authentication, and passenger
11:28AM 11 Refactoring module
11:22AM 3 Getting Error
10:57AM 1 date_select problem with i18n
10:45AM 4 Session problem with subdomains
10:41AM 4 Google Latitude in Ruby on Rails
10:09AM 0 JAX India 2009: International Conference on Java Technologie
10:08AM 2 Rails loads wrong files
10:07AM 2 Has many association problem
9:40AM 0 khim sreang wants to chat
8:27AM 12 RESTful routing in 2.3 breaks
7:54AM 3 about rss read error---no address associated with hostname
6:56AM 1 Caching in Rails
6:38AM 10 Who are the ROR guru's on this board ?
6:09AM 6 Reading log summary line from log file
5:58AM 4 Preventing a submitted hash from ActiveRecord DB store
4:57AM 5 attachment_fu doesnt resize photo and create thumbnails
2:56AM 0 ActionMailer max recipients or characters?
12:04AM 0 Upgrading to Rails with git v2.3.2 tag
Monday March 16 2009
10:44PM 2 Building Relationship between Models
10:40PM 8 why does this happen...
10:11PM 21 installed ruby ver 1.9 but not working with rails 2.3.2
10:09PM 9 HABTM and radio_button
10:05PM 3 Access an attribute in the find method
8:57PM 0 Rails App, Nginx, Virtual Hosts and bandwidth shaping
8:57PM 0 Version of Struct for initializing via Hash
8:26PM 4 RAND() for MySQL, RANDOM() for SQLite
8:04PM 0 countries primary_key
7:48PM 0 Rails 2.3.2 won't start with "can't modify frozen class/module"
7:06PM 7 Git branch with same content
6:11PM 1 Auto update model
6:01PM 1 Routers and dot in string parameter.
3:54PM 5 Why does default scope break the #new method?
3:27PM 0 BAI file parser
2:40PM 4 Overriding ActiveRecord associations for special cases
1:57PM 0 rss maker make issue - Please help
1:45PM 3 Using text_area helper in a partial
1:43PM 3 will_paginate
1:17PM 0 Freelancer in Eindhoven (Netherlands) area
1:10PM 6 Searchable Rails API Doc
1:08PM 0 Open social API in ROR
1:01PM 3 Looking for Ruby on Rails applications for a demo
12:36PM 0 Reading XML-file + saving to sqlite3 database
12:32PM 2 nested forms in rails 2.3
12:23PM 15 DEV Laptop : Ubuntu or Centos , Netbeans or Eclipse ?
11:45AM 1 file upload
11:30AM 0 group_by missing items
11:09AM 2 Integration with LinkedIn.
10:43AM 1 link_to to open a website
9:24AM 0 Youtube html extraction
9:18AM 1 variable using problem
9:12AM 1 Advanced search form & Named scopes
8:52AM 0 newest Alessandro Dell Aqua,True religion shoes,pierre har
7:42AM 0 problem with a join table having additional data
6:08AM 0 unable to observe select_tag's value
4:16AM 1 Auto Complete in Rails
2:03AM 4 capistrano error: not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/nohup script/spin'
12:39AM 1 Rails Edge?
12:36AM 1 encryption error
Sunday March 15 2009
11:07PM 7 Routing to different pages with Ajax login
10:59PM 1 remote_form_for ajax validation
10:20PM 1 parsing arrays from globbed routes into controller
10:08PM 3 You called render with invalid options : {:text=>"howdy"}, nil
9:27PM 6 Find all messages from all friends
9:01PM 1 Link_to with :method doesn't work for me (newbie)
8:49PM 0 PDF showing which items each generator creates
8:49PM 3 Capistrano deploy errors
8:35PM 2 Rails + Firebird 2.1.x
8:26PM 3 can't run production console: custom_require.rb:27: [BUG] terminated node (0x8117eb8)
8:18PM 4 language parameters gem calendar_date_select
7:58PM 0 image_tag resolution of path to image not working in html emails
6:52PM 3 Basic program but getting confused.
6:07PM 0 CreditCard Processing in Europe
4:56PM 2 Questions about connection pools
4:25PM 3 Question on routes and default routes
4:07PM 5 Setting DEFAULT_FIELD_OPTIONS in Rails 2.3
2:05PM 0 Forms with date_select: How to set/leave a date to NULL?
1:48PM 0 Issue with using Net::SMTP bcc-ing or cc-ing
10:43AM 2 How to disable database setup / teardown in unit tests?
7:22AM 2 render action in rails 2.3
6:22AM 4 very basic question - writing instance method
5:46AM 2 If else statments for errors within controller methods
5:35AM 2 rspec error
5:30AM 3 ActiveRecord::Migrator, method get_all_versions & hard-coded SQL
5:12AM 2 ActiveRecord Nested Conditions Improvements Suggestion
3:40AM 2 Factory Girl Associations Issue with Uniqueness Validations
3:08AM 3 trivial rails model q
Saturday March 14 2009
10:12PM 7 problem with AJAX when using passenger
9:24PM 1 Trouble consuming REST from OpenStreetMap - self-closing elements, perhaps?
7:56PM 2 Passenger - Internation Server Error
5:31PM 2 How to add extension to routes?
5:08PM 9 null object pattern
4:50PM 2 Rails, lighttpd and the Expires header
2:16PM 0 Open source
1:38PM 2 Pobrem with REST routes
1:10PM 4 Installation of i18n
12:43PM 4 about HAsh in ruby
11:24AM 6 How to get controller output in functional test
5:05AM 1 rails startup
1:33AM 1 Creating/Updating Models from text/xml Requests
1:11AM 1 Date Validation for date_select
12:49AM 4 Transforming DateTime in this format: Fri Mar 13 13:00:52 -0700 2009
12:39AM 2 How to disable REST in Rails Applications
12:20AM 2 Rails Magazine Issue #1 - Free Download
Friday March 13 2009
11:21PM 3 Observers and outside methods
11:12PM 1 Problem saving nested attributes for has_many associations (Rails 2.3 RC2 and Edge)
10:06PM 0 Non-ActiveRecord observers
9:40PM 4 Help with sorting / ordering
9:06PM 2 Interesting arrangement
8:59PM 2 date_select and HTML options?
8:41PM 2 translating next and previous in will paginate
8:26PM 1 TZInfo included in Rails 2.2.2 vs. version on RubyForge
8:01PM 7 rails, passenger, and images
5:42PM 6 Using LIKE
5:41PM 2 Starling Service
4:57PM 2 ruby capitalizing singular version of route
4:55PM 3 Tables and Join
4:37PM 4 Managing ads banner
4:35PM 1 Model belongs_to
4:21PM 4 bad model name
4:06PM 0 Rails Genarator Destroy
3:46PM 0 pb rails require 'htmldoc'
1:34PM 1 Helpers in Models
1:29PM 0 Select forms
1:22PM 2 how to intregrate authorised.net with rails application
12:16PM 2 storing and retrieving arrays in mysql using rails
12:00PM 2 update_attributes and validation
11:21AM 5 Proble wuth form
11:10AM 10 Coding standards
10:56AM 1 Something crazy with rake test
10:01AM 1 file_tag and full file path
9:14AM 1 assert_template :partial don't work
9:07AM 6 gem install blackbook on centos error
7:22AM 0 Issue with SOAP response XML format for Array Types with AWS
6:43AM 1 Ideas for implementing an UI for set combinations in rails
5:51AM 2 Error while installation of rails
5:51AM 0 Opening for Ruby on rails developers in Pune, India
3:54AM 2 Head First Rails Book
3:38AM 3 Understanding how methods are made available within controller tests
2:45AM 0 How to format the session debug information?
12:24AM 6 Rails Query within Query
Thursday March 12 2009
10:08PM 1 Noobie questions about sotware versions
9:49PM 8 Segment error loading rails
9:28PM 4 Help: rails magic fallout
9:00PM 1 using instance variable within JavaScript function loaded in a partial
8:41PM 1 Is there a way to have link_to_remote execute two actions?
8:14PM 3 Does anybody have simple example of Tiny_MCE working?
7:59PM 1 Partials layouts
7:39PM 5 Which is the best way to do this? (about save time data)
6:18PM 0 2.3 Release notes
5:57PM 1 normalized table query not working now
5:30PM 2 Redmine: 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: text/html
5:19PM 5 to_param vs to_query
5:19PM 7 Is Mongrel dead?
5:13PM 1 Compare changes.
4:37PM 0 How to reuse named scope conditions with eager loading
4:30PM 0 Ruby on Rails engineer needed in San Francisco, Ca
4:30PM 0 Cleaning Action Cache not working for show action
3:42PM 0 Cookie not written in production environment
3:35PM 4 How can I append a text_field_tag to a form_for?
3:12PM 0 How database connection works?
2:58PM 2 Rails to C binding of libgio
2:40PM 1 Change will paginate into ajax call
2:18PM 12 Lin_to_remote and update a text area
2:18PM 0 Ruby-ansisys
12:37PM 0 Generating routes on demand
12:27PM 2 XHTML compliance makes development faster, not slower!
11:38AM 4 not logged in in subdomain?
10:11AM 3 How to read a charecters from and image?
8:54AM 4 will_paginate problem
7:26AM 3 Session Expiry
6:05AM 5 Beginner: what to do after adding an association in a model?
5:44AM 0 Tooltip effect feds away after sorting data in table in ruby
5:36AM 0 Doing POST and PUT in a Sinatra application
5:30AM 8 How many people are using Ruby now?
5:01AM 0 assert_xhtml - test your HTML by example
1:24AM 5 InvalidAuthenticityToken from home page
12:05AM 2 How to do queries for 'nested :partial' structures ?
Wednesday March 11 2009
11:06PM 5 Search Function
10:30PM 2 :order question
9:24PM 5 What's the latest on WYSIWYG editor integration with Rails?
9:05PM 1 Caching RJS
8:42PM 1 Ruby on Rails Hosting 2009 Survey results!
8:31PM 5 Production Logging with Rails 2.2.2
6:07PM 1 Newbie question on adding columns and references to existing table
6:03PM 0 ActionWebService... how to return base64??
5:35PM 2 do not understand collect method use wit property
5:29PM 0 Date Performance
5:12PM 2 Return only some resources from 2 tables
5:02PM 2 Modify select_year()
4:38PM 0 InvalidAuthenticityToken when using Mechanize
4:25PM 4 Stuff to do - Redmine - Error saving lists. Please refresh the page and try again
4:19PM 2 updating git-installed plugin
4:11PM 2 has_many through polymorphic true
3:10PM 0 Job Opportunity in Sunny Tampa, FL
2:03PM 6 Monkey Patching a Plugin
1:54PM 4 Web Service: REST or SOAP?
1:48PM 2 view and css - two floats in div arent level
1:32PM 5 no such file to load -- config/environment - Apache2 & Passenger 2.1.1
12:23PM 1 Creating search using active record
12:15PM 12 Eager loading comments associated with user submissions.
11:16AM 0 Ajax.inplaceditor maintain text formatting
10:20AM 9 a beginner, i also encounter an issue about route.
9:53AM 0 Trapping or rewriting crappy urls
8:06AM 0 Is there a better way to do this (SQL groups)?
8:00AM 3 install rubygems
7:13AM 2 Action working with webrick, not with apache+fcgi
5:48AM 3 How to store contents of table in Hash???
4:19AM 1 Making a user created in a complex (nested) form an admin.
3:14AM 1 Can you update a db record without first retrieving it?
3:06AM 1 NoMethodError for select_tag
1:41AM 4 setting up access rules
1:17AM 5 Disabling session cookie per-request in 2.3
Tuesday March 10 2009
10:18PM 5 update a table depending on icon click
10:14PM 1 Resubmitting remote form via AJAX -- old parameters get passed!!
9:24PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby Developer in Manhattan Beach, CA
9:00PM 1 uninitialized constant CachedModel
8:49PM 0 autosave no longer a valid option for belongs_to?
8:44PM 7 Managing migrations
8:31PM 9 Making the 'Back' link look the same as form.submit "Save"
8:14PM 8 unit test model validations
7:40PM 0 RAILS_ROOT issue - plugin unit tests won't work under vendor/plugins
7:15PM 7 knowing when to go to multiple mongrel instances or dedicated server
7:08PM 5 Help starting rails
6:28PM 2 inheritance problem
4:34PM 2 finding out template's filename in application layout file code?
3:59PM 1 any body please help me
3:25PM 2 How do I organize my model code?
2:55PM 4 High Priority Problem , when uploading image
2:19PM 1 Multiple Active Record Connection
2:04PM 0 Validations on parent and accepts_nested_attributes_for don't comply?
12:44PM 4 RoR on Bluehost
12:29PM 3 finding and deleting in activerecord array
11:46AM 4 Implementing a dashboard-style controller, (think iGoogle)
9:21AM 4 Phusion Passenger Installation Problem
8:47AM 1 Making a backend-centric application
8:29AM 5 'unknow column error' when using include and associated table condition in find
7:47AM 2 Routing problem
6:49AM 3 Routing and AJAX problem.
6:39AM 0 Undefined method issue in file_column temp object
6:38AM 0 File Column issue
6:29AM 0 File Column Field Major issue
6:18AM 8 crypto in Rails 2.x?
5:56AM 0 Jason King's inline_attachment probs
5:20AM 5 onsubmit for remote_form_for not working properly
5:15AM 2 ActiveRecord with **some** columns mapped to database?
5:02AM 4 How to test for a Null or empty object?
4:41AM 6 Annoying pop up window with restful_authentication
4:28AM 0 How to customize (<item> tags representing Array types) soap response XML with Web services implementation using AWS
3:22AM 2 How can I set default order in Model.rb?
3:11AM 2 If else not working?
2:30AM 1 Jruby / Rails / Logging
12:52AM 0 New version of TurnKey Rails appliance
12:43AM 1 Rails cross platform problem
12:33AM 3 polymorphic question
12:21AM 2 nested content_tag link, span, image
Monday March 9 2009
11:42PM 4 Post request from controller
11:04PM 7 Newb question...get info from the db
10:55PM 2 Ruby on Btrieve, it's possible?
10:47PM 3 One SELECT, multiple sorts
10:42PM 2 rake:db:prepare Mysql::Error: #42000BLOB/TEXT column ' used in key specification without a length
8:48PM 0 path to rails application
8:46PM 1 Where to put rescue clause
8:14PM 2 Application access for non-Rails developers
8:12PM 1 [2.2.2]Migration failing because MySQL has no "each" method?
7:24PM 0 [JOBS] Groundbreaking Start-Up Seeks Web Architect/Developer (London UK, Contract-to-Hire)
7:14PM 6 No error but mail not sent?
7:03PM 2 adzap-AR_Mailer sending email error
5:48PM 1 Limit Eager Loading?
4:56PM 1 How can I know if a mailer has already been generated?
4:42PM 2 order by number of occurances in a has_many relationship
4:03PM 4 Multiple database login issue
3:48PM 2 form_tag error: only get requests allowed
3:32PM 9 associations?
3:07PM 4 Ordering of messages in error_messages_for
3:04PM 0 actionmailer - TypeError: can't dup NilClass
2:34PM 3 rake error
2:19PM 2 Monkey Patch
2:00PM 4 development speed boosters
1:33PM 0 @prefix_options in ActiveResource
12:39PM 1 will_paginate plugin
12:37PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Early-bird rate extended for Ruby Training Atlanta
12:33PM 2 Protecting an associated record from destroying -- How To and explanation?
11:09AM 3 multiple columns primary key
10:59AM 1 Customizing XML response with Web services implementation using AWS
10:35AM 0 Problem with path helepers on nested routes
9:50AM 3 chained search
9:29AM 0 View related question
9:03AM 0 demo :expires_in with :memory_store
8:14AM 0 send a email with from like this "mysitename <webmaster-t1rxLZ7CIXjQT0dZR+AlfA@public.gmane.org>"
8:13AM 4 Help with this syntaxis
6:54AM 0 skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token make session data not accessible.
6:02AM 2 Importing application constants into models and backgroundrb workers - How To?
5:35AM 2 Hover effect for column data field...
5:34AM 0 dynamic html elements in erb file
5:26AM 2 Error running new app - CGI::Session::CookieStore::TamperedWithCookie in BookController#index
3:01AM 3 RoR server can't find a custom ruby module
2:03AM 0 Tech Session: Ruby on Rails - sat, March 14 - Hyderabad@Free of charge
1:45AM 1 Using record variable in routes
12:17AM 4 undefined method `symbol_path'
Sunday March 8 2009
10:19PM 2 swf object works on firefox and chrome but not on IE
9:57PM 1 Working with in_groups_of
7:31PM 0 Restful paths for rails - when error occurs
6:32PM 2 Premature end of script headers error using Rails 2.3.1 and Passenger 2.1.1
6:19PM 25 Best Rails editor
5:04PM 5 OT: What is the best DNS for wildcard subdomains?
3:11PM 3 Multiple foreign keys create / destroy
3:04PM 1 Displaying content using AJAX
3:02PM 3 Create reports with ActiveRecord to download by user
12:14PM 3 scaling full text indexing(ferret vs solr vs hyperstraier)
10:32AM 3 model.reload not working; preventing me from rescuing optimistic lock exception
10:09AM 1 RESTful design with multiple model types on one page
9:42AM 1 database table row creation method
8:58AM 1 Return binary file?
8:27AM 0 undefined variable or method in form_tag url
6:26AM 1 Displaying content using rails
5:59AM 1 2 Issues - On load component hiding ; Separate find methods
5:50AM 0 permalink_fu step by step help
4:30AM 0 Logging question
2:56AM 1 Set Default Radio Button Value (html)
2:55AM 3 Any good tutorial about upgrade ruby to 1.9.1 and with rails 2.3?
2:40AM 0 about cache and will_paginate
2:02AM 2 RESTful nested resources and polymorphism?
1:47AM 0 ActiveRecord .from_xml upgrade
1:10AM 1 MIgration Problem in 2.1.2
12:55AM 0 [JOBS] Ozéias Sant'ana for hire
Saturday March 7 2009
11:47PM 0 Where to put my JS stuff?
10:27PM 0 Be careful of BIGINT primary key fields in MySQL. Will cause problems with ActiveRecord create (but not find)
8:33PM 0 RJS: pass javascript variables in ruby calls
6:45PM 1 Sending multiple checkboxes values clicking a link
5:57PM 5 i cannt able to save the data.???
4:39PM 10 how to retrieve single record through chained associations
3:57PM 0 Plugin Announce: active_record_random_find (finding random models with ActiveRecord)
3:28PM 4 Different database for different domains
2:35PM 2 Disqus Gem; creating new threads
12:34PM 0 Ozéias Sant'ana for hire
12:23PM 2 counter cache problem
11:51AM 3 Playing videos
10:57AM 0 Turn off profiling in tests
10:54AM 1 Polymorphic Nested Attributes In 2.3
9:56AM 4 Storing UTC time, displaying and editing in user time zone
9:48AM 1 Will_paginate when used with ajax going on show method.
7:46AM 1 OpenFlash Chart not able to load the flash
7:05AM 3 Simple search form with restful routes?
3:37AM 2 Parsing html files => putting them in fixtures for testing
1:06AM 0 Inheritance VS DelegateClass
12:58AM 6 How would I extract data from this hash?
Friday March 6 2009
10:42PM 0 Open Source Rails Job Board App?
10:38PM 3 Change the start of auto_increment?
8:52PM 5 Filter defined in lib file required in environment.rb disappears from filter_chain in production environment. Why?
8:49PM 10 Strange rails/db performance issue.
8:37PM 2 rake test:functionals -> Task not supported by ''
8:10PM 1 formulas in mysql database for rails app
6:40PM 4 Multiple args with named scope.. problem
6:26PM 2 ActiveRecord::Base
6:13PM 0 Starling/Workling Questions
5:48PM 3 Cut off text if its too big for a table? (Resize table?)
5:18PM 4 ActionController : Exception caught
4:17PM 2 Get model.create(params) to silently skip unknown attributes
2:56PM 2 Routes.recognize_path on more complicated Routes
2:39PM 5 routes.rb problem
2:14PM 2 variable variable names... are you confused??
2:11PM 2 JasperReports and Ruby on Rails = disappeared?
2:07PM 0 New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now available
2:04PM 1 creating a form_for with field values?
2:03PM 1 attachment_fu has_attachment model logic reasoning?
1:52PM 0 Markaby a3e5f1 (github/why) with Rails 2.2.2
1:15PM 2 How: From database to "schema.rb" file ?
1:08PM 0 Problem with nested shallow in admin namespace
12:46PM 2 Rails 2.2 - Getting started - need some help
12:44PM 1 Google meshups
12:39PM 0 Multiplicate values of 2 textfields in a multi model form
11:22AM 3 Guru Web Developer - Pune
10:52AM 0 SQL Console to View
10:44AM 1 Deleting images with attachment_fu
9:35AM 1 Replace
9:35AM 9 Association broken when upgrading from rails 1.2.6 to 2.2.2
9:20AM 3 Gem update problem
8:31AM 2 how to catch AJAX calls on session-timeout?
7:49AM 2 errors when asking for index.html
7:16AM 1 Ultrasphinx search error... Invalid class name
5:55AM 5 How to Get value of text_field ??
5:20AM 7 How can i know weather a record is saved or not?
5:08AM 0 How to populate form dropdown with 2nd item of model
3:20AM 6 Can map.root to point to a static html file in public dir?
2:49AM 3 how to use observe_field with text_field
12:55AM 5 ActionMailer Layout on HTML version not Plain Text
12:02AM 0 ActiveResource Save and Create not passing data
Thursday March 5 2009
11:46PM 2 ERB not omiting lines
11:26PM 4 before_filter :action_name OR :action_name
11:00PM 1 Modifying output from to_json to exclude table name
10:34PM 0 rescue runtime error
10:03PM 0 Validation on password attr_accessor
9:57PM 2 Insert some value into a result of a find in a db.
9:14PM 3 How to render :partials *before* the :action has finished ?
9:05PM 3 Anyone using JRuby with Rmagick?
8:27PM 2 validate callback balks when using AR.find method
7:19PM 4 How to speed up ActiveResource?
6:31PM 0 ROR - Random [BUG] Segmentation faults
6:18PM 0 Create migration from existing database
5:50PM 0 occassional NoMethodError after creating new model object
5:18PM 0 Canceled/abandoned request to Mongrel/Ruby
4:56PM 2 Rails UI widgets
4:47PM 1 help me understand what to_param does on a hash
4:17PM 0 Render, partial, and cancel button issues....
3:54PM 4 New User, cannot run "Hello World" on OS X
3:44PM 2 attachment_fu
2:34PM 1 validate_presence_of problem
2:31PM 8 ArgumentError (wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)):
2:15PM 1 Global Hash vs. DB-Model (...social-networking-site with profile -> eyecolour e.g.) - best practise
2:08PM 3 SOAP and RoR
2:06PM 0 How to pass additional get parameters using button_to?
1:38PM 2 how to give default value to fields in a model while creating model_name.new()
1:19PM 10 database question
12:01PM 1 RubyAmf + DataGrid Binding
11:23AM 3 Connection Pooling on Rails 2.2.2 (Windows Vista)
10:53AM 5 comprehension question about controllers
10:50AM 1 rendering different html for mobile devices
10:28AM 0 link_to_remote and open new window passing parameters
9:48AM 1 Ajax Request with Select Box
9:44AM 0 Getting xml file display as xml when using render :text
9:32AM 1 error_messages with form_tag
9:26AM 2 Retrieving all values of the column from the table
9:19AM 0 ActiveResource & HTTP proxy
8:30AM 0 rails 2.3 test failure - is this all it takes?
8:21AM 7 Model has_many 3 degrees separation
8:17AM 0 2 types of method new
7:11AM 0 Insert using Rake Task
7:02AM 2 Dynamic Config Plugin for Rails - recommendations??? (e.g. storing in database)
6:56AM 0 Gmap application
6:46AM 0 Need Suggestion on handling multiple associated models
4:24AM 7 issue with the object cache
4:13AM 6 About before_* callbacks
3:49AM 0 need some rails/mysql setup assistance
2:57AM 4 Advanced Search Ruby on Rails
2:54AM 1 (unknown)
1:37AM 0 New version of open source Ruby on Rails virtual software appliance
1:05AM 2 Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket...
12:31AM 2 "test" terminology
Wednesday March 4 2009
11:51PM 0 Android + Rails
11:21PM 2 customizing the run time error page
10:46PM 12 Can RoR do this? How easily?
10:00PM 0 JavaScript Frameworks...
9:57PM 3 hard coded drop down menu help
8:17PM 4 Versions?
4:09PM 10 total per user
4:00PM 1 about rails error_messages
3:47PM 5 Separate rows in view depending its date
3:37PM 5 How to navigate to an external URL from a controller
3:17PM 2 How to apply a specific "view" when I send out an *email*
1:43PM 6 render yield?!
12:21PM 1 path from db as string not evaluated
12:13PM 1 before_filter - How to?
11:26AM 0 Which are the right :joins for two models in which one has two belongs_to the other same model?
11:17AM 1 find_by_sql
11:03AM 0 acts_as_taggable_on_steroids form
11:01AM 2 how to get session values in rails 2.3
10:14AM 0 How to use Controller instance methods inside (Web Service) API Services
8:24AM 1 Params and empty strings
8:16AM 0 How to create LOV list of values
6:56AM 6 change date and numbers format, before_validation()
5:08AM 0 how to mix php and ruby / rails
4:56AM 6 link_to/url_for in an "model" object quandry
4:55AM 0 Lightbox issue
4:51AM 8 Advanced Search In Ruby on Rails.
2:28AM 1 Img & link inline?
1:58AM 10 submit a patch?
1:44AM 2 wrong number of arguments (3 for 2)
1:09AM 0 Rails 2 blog screencast, ajax error
12:06AM 2 Service Merchant
Tuesday March 3 2009
11:32PM 0 Updating DIV within Form
10:58PM 1 Theme Support for rails?
10:41PM 5 how to use templates in ruby
10:20PM 0 rake db:migrate not saving latest version #
10:19PM 2 Redbox basic implementation question
10:17PM 5 routes.rb ... killing the apps ??
10:06PM 2 render layout not working for application.xml.builder
8:07PM 3 Using "join" on associated objects
7:59PM 5 restful_authentication with two models suggestion/help
7:50PM 5 Multiple foreignkeys for same model with different meaning (User.received_messages / User.sent_messages/ -> User.messages?)
7:40PM 10 activerecord-jdbc-adapter 0.9 oracle number id problem
7:32PM 3 RESTful app and refactoring code in different controllers
6:57PM 0 Content delivery networks
6:47PM 10 Getting the namespace out of the URL
4:47PM 3 @#$%ing forms using collection_select
4:41PM 2 Passing an SQL fragment in AR save
4:19PM 3 destroying entities related by foreign key
3:47PM 2 How to help in reviewing the "guides"
3:45PM 1 Save as new?
2:57PM 12 upgrade to Rails 2
2:27PM 2 Split textarea content into array
12:29PM 3 link_to_remote : render a view
11:50AM 2 Looks like a bug - Ruby1.9.1Rails2.3.0 - script/plugin
10:37AM 4 Storing encrypted strings in MYSQL - encrypted data changes on DB store
10:14AM 11 RoR for dummies .. from nothing to knowlege
10:06AM 3 Problem with `arp -a`
8:06AM 0 Setting value of a indexed property of an OLE object
7:51AM 0 how to use Wsdl2ruby generated files
5:46AM 2 dynamic validations
5:42AM 4 No method error - nil object
5:38AM 0 [JOBS] Early stage political startup looking for advanced rubyist and/or designer
5:36AM 0 Job Posting - Early stage political startup looking for advanced rubyist and/or designer
5:31AM 9 rails w/ jquery
5:28AM 4 How to fix radius of the open flash chart in ruby
4:18AM 6 Validation - set focus
3:54AM 1 First public deployment coming up. How to load test?
2:56AM 6 Rails 2.2.2 - Mysql::Error: MySQL server has gone away
2:11AM 0 Adding a new default verb to RESTful routes
1:40AM 2 javascript file structure
1:19AM 4 an external API wants to call our action with a param of action=
1:12AM 2 How can I set Rails user name?
1:10AM 1 autocomplete on edit
1:03AM 6 New Browser Window using AJAX
Monday March 2 2009
10:28PM 2 how to set a page of root/ dir of a site
10:23PM 1 Routes Parameter manipulation
10:22PM 2 Functional testing - don't create schema each time
8:50PM 5 Convert dynamic rails app to static html
8:48PM 0 Implementing conditional read-only attributes of ActiveRecord objects
8:03PM 0 Form creates multiple models - handling errors
7:57PM 3 Truncate function and html tags
7:10PM 3 Model Knowledge Of Controller Calling It
6:46PM 2 Compatible Packages
6:44PM 3 Rails2.3 plugin install git:// problem
6:25PM 1 Changing the way form fields with errors are displayed
5:02PM 1 Admin links
4:25PM 1 Creating a tar file for download
4:04PM 13 Catch the browser close event
3:31PM 5 new project at the same domain
3:25PM 1 scope problem: controller class methods and helpers.
2:40PM 0 Form helper
2:14PM 8 Executing a ruby file
2:12PM 17 Rails 2.2.2, Mac OS X and MySQL
2:08PM 0 Creating/Storing Attendance Records for different Rooms.
1:33PM 1 ActionMailer
1:20PM 2 Restful delete is driving me nuts...
1:12PM 7 Give own domains to users (shopify like)
1:09PM 3 empty file on upload
12:40PM 5 Problem with backgroundrb!!!
12:36PM 3 Are files in lib supposed to be loaded automatically?
11:38AM 0 Default format for Date and update/create date on DB
10:38AM 0 Display order becomes oposite in tag_list(acts_as_taggable..
9:50AM 3 Scheduling in Ruby on Rails
9:29AM 5 validates problem
8:13AM 3 How can I load a session from the cookie store manually?
7:52AM 4 Phone format in Rails
7:45AM 3 Simple Captcha setup problem
7:44AM 2 Error during rake db:migrate
7:26AM 8 managing multiple rails applications with apache
6:54AM 2 ActiveWebService returning custom types
6:31AM 1 How to access the binding of the caller within a method
5:57AM 8 table lock
4:07AM 1 How to Change Up Methods According to Parameter
3:17AM 0 Accessing helpers within partials within helpers
2:02AM 3 Display keys and values of a hash
Sunday March 1 2009
10:34PM 1 Preventing read access to a model
9:01PM 4 restful_authentication issues in production
8:48PM 3 Scope of Instance Variables with Partial Views
8:06PM 1 Using belongs_to within instance method
5:52PM 2 Find or select across a many to many relationship
5:16PM 1 Strange behavior of Source.column_names
4:13PM 2 Rails Magazine - Issue #1 is now available
4:02PM 0 atom_builder and link element
3:31PM 3 Problems using nested objects in a test
2:06PM 2 permalink_fu - update existing records?
1:04PM 15 Ajax in Rails
10:26AM 0 String ID -> schema.rb incorrect?
9:49AM 0 My new (ruby, rails, random) blog.
6:05AM 1 sortable_element helper query
4:21AM 2 Absolute Url with Link_to
12:25AM 4 Adding the conditions when parameter is available