R help - Nov 2014

Friday November 21 2014
11:26PM 0 memory usage with party::cforest
10:52PM 0 Help with Time
8:02PM 0 C project within R function
5:10PM 0 dplyr/summarize does not create a true data frame
1:23PM 0 Formula with dynamic number of variables
6:07AM 0 Optimization function
1:42AM 0 Parsing Google Finance page data?
12:16AM 0 see rcurl contents before they're sent?
Thursday November 20 2014
11:44PM 0 Saving Google worksheets with common prefix
10:14PM 0 ggplot question error: Error in s(x, bs = "cs") : object 'x' not found
9:46PM 0 Function returns NULL on running this code in latest version of R!
7:10PM 0 R website
3:56PM 0 [R-pkgs] rms 4.1-0
10:52AM 0 auto.arima function in R
10:03AM 0 Adapt sweave function to produce an automatic pdf.
8:31AM 0 install R without texlive dependencies
4:29AM 0 portfolio optimization in R
4:03AM 0 Conditionally replace multiple rows in a dataframe
Wednesday November 19 2014
6:48PM 0 Question on R lattice graphics
5:26PM 0 Using Rmpfr to round with precision in R
5:17PM 0 Symbolic equations to R code?
4:48PM 0 Why would something work in R but not Rscript?
4:36PM 0 R and R Studio - Problem with the package xlsx
4:18PM 0 MANCOVA in R
2:22PM 0 Equivalent to matlab ".*" operator in R
12:29PM 0 N.network help
11:38AM 0 Mapping code not working
9:47AM 0 Using sapply instead of for loop
3:42AM 0 reading data using XTS package
Tuesday November 18 2014
9:42PM 0 Rose Diagrams for Geology
9:33PM 0 R 3.1.2 (x64) Programming Assignment 1: Air Pollution(corr) do not understand the task
4:42PM 0 Random Forest - Strata and sampsize and replace
4:32PM 0 FW: Random Forest - Strata and sampsize and replace
4:20PM 0 LAT/LON to UTM in R
3:23PM 0 duplicated function
1:07PM 0 CMD check error
11:35AM 0 number of weights in multinom ?
10:48AM 0 problems with mail message
Monday November 17 2014
4:30PM 0 Preprocessing with Caret package
3:24PM 0 Help for x axis
12:03PM 0 Implements XPath 2.0 in R
11:49AM 0 Dates in a data.frame
11:42AM 0 I need help
10:49AM 0 glmnet estimates and Tibshirani JRSSB 1996
1:54AM 0 Newbie question: ROC function in TTR package
Sunday November 16 2014
8:58PM 0 Display two polygons in same map axes R
6:56PM 0 package unmarked: distsamp vs gdistsamp vs pcount vs gpcount
6:25PM 0 Problem on annotation of Deseq2 on reportingtools
4:27PM 0 heston model simulation
7:53AM 0 Using factors to analyze table by quantiles
12:11AM 0 Using OpenBLAS with R
Saturday November 15 2014
8:12PM 0 quantreg speed
8:08PM 0 Could you remove me from the mailing list please?
4:14PM 0 Help in code for fitting a growth model
2:49PM 0 Fine controlling "three dots" argument dispatch to functions with identical argument names
11:30AM 0 request
10:23AM 0 Prediction using ARCH
1:48AM 0 how to compure R-squared in glm
Friday November 14 2014
11:51PM 0 Lexical scoping/calling stack issue: R fails to recognize an argument's default value
9:45PM 0 select same row in a data frame several times
8:15PM 0 Bootstrap CIs for weighted means of paired differences
4:37PM 0 package multicore: check progress?
3:04PM 0 replacing columns with same names
2:48PM 0 Small vector into large data frame
12:18PM 0 expected arguments for rgl.triangles
12:07PM 0 file.copy
12:28AM 0 Data Import to R
Thursday November 13 2014
11:31PM 0 Help with ddply/summarize
8:49PM 0 rpart package: prp does not work with RStudio and R console
8:35PM 0 rpart package: How can I save print(rpart)
7:51PM 0 "R CMD Rd2txt" generate "_^H" for in all section titles
3:59PM 0 How to put inlined C code on a worker node?
2:02PM 0 merge 2 data.frames in dependence of 2 values
11:54AM 0 number of weights in multinom
11:00AM 0 metafor - code for analysing geometric means
10:50AM 0 hi
6:49AM 0 problem when using gmailr
5:02AM 0 subset drops S3 classes?
3:01AM 0 Re: Synthestic Control Methods for Causal Inference
Wednesday November 12 2014
3:20PM 0 Compilation error: Rcpp and related packages - record-gcc-switches missing
1:34PM 0 factor levels > numeric values
12:59PM 0 tapply error svyby function "survey" package
3:47AM 0 how to use the rpart model to predict new data frame?
Tuesday November 11 2014
10:05PM 0 Cannot change R package name in Windows and cannot install an R package in Mac OS Yosemite
7:41PM 0 qq-plot in R
7:32PM 0 R memory issues
7:17PM 0 Two dimensional likelihood surface plot
5:58PM 0 How are the standard errors of the estimates in glm.nb() calculated?
4:10PM 0 segfault with readDCF on R 3.1.2 on AIX 6.1 when using install.packages
3:48PM 0 How to highlight a group on a dendrogram
2:58PM 0 problem with vegan function rda()
11:40AM 0 (no subject)
11:25AM 0 sweave package for R version 3.02
9:05AM 0 Error: (list) object cannot be coerced to type double; on running the following code in R ver 3.1.2
12:10AM 0 upgrade from 3.1.1 > 3.1.2
Monday November 10 2014
8:26PM 0 Submodel selection using dredge and gam (mgcv)
7:35PM 0 Error when install R package in Windows
6:18PM 0 Remove from listserv
5:46PM 0 Strange error while passing string as an argument to the function in bnlearn package
5:15PM 0 Help on CHAID info
5:04PM 0 Revolutions blog: October roundup
4:10PM 0 range () does not remove NA's with complete.cases() for dates (dplyr/mutate)
2:39PM 0 Counting within groups / means by groups
2:20PM 0 MAd and trim-and-fill plot in R meta-analysis
1:12PM 0 1. What function to use to read all the files in a directory to a vector in R code? 2. What function to use to coerce character string into numeric?
12:50PM 0 which LETTERS?
12:14PM 0 Compressing code help in a loop
7:55AM 0 the bug of function base::order
Sunday November 9 2014
7:58PM 0 Working with data-frame
6:07PM 0 Is it possible to define another kind of NA
12:27PM 0 Compression variable in memory with gzcon
8:50AM 0 Solaris: --with-internal-tzcode
4:40AM 0 Getting the most recent dates in a new column from dates in four columns using the dplyr package (mutate verb)
4:34AM 0 How to generate mtable output from lm with response matrix
Saturday November 8 2014
6:34PM 0 Help with sample size calculation for inter-rater reliability study
3:16PM 0 Distance matrix for Spatial Filtering {spdep}
11:49AM 0 how to determine power in my analysis?
6:10AM 0 Urgent Help - Editing XML through R
Friday November 7 2014
9:54PM 0 Help with a for complex for loop that looks into another data frame
3:23PM 0 EM algorithm for ARIMA models
3:05PM 0 problem with function "polygon"
Thursday November 6 2014
11:23PM 0 Lme4 Package Help!
7:21PM 0 R 2.14.2 installation on mac OS X yosemite
7:20PM 0 R version 2.14.2 installation on mac OS X Yosemite
6:28PM 0 Timezone Upgrade
6:16PM 0 Daylight Saving Time
2:47PM 0 speed issue in simulating a stochastic process
11:22AM 0 [R-pkgs] anim.plots - simple animated plots for R
7:26AM 0 Time dependant covariate
6:04AM 0 VGAM package : Frechet distribution - 2 parameter estimation
4:50AM 0 limit of cmdscale function
Wednesday November 5 2014
3:44PM 0 better two column output from rmarkdown
2:33PM 0 Function StructTS: covariance matrix of the initial state vector
1:50PM 0 Re: cluster + tt terms in coxph
1:41PM 0 loops in R
1:15PM 0 Differences between MTDFReml and kinship2
10:04AM 0 Fwd: Re: Function that create day of the year column.
3:14AM 0 poor quality png/tiff/pdf on mac
12:04AM 0 Re: why RODBC on windows 7 with Sybase, returns garbage?
Tuesday November 4 2014
11:46PM 0 Frailty and tt terms in coxph
7:22PM 0 Volunteers for Google Code-in mentor & co-admin/admin
2:45PM 0 Function that creates a Date column
2:37PM 0 Help with glm and glht for analysing count data
10:01AM 0 Function that create day of the year column.
1:41AM 0 Webdings font on pdf device
Monday November 3 2014
10:54PM 0 Stacked squares plots
10:09PM 0 Convert time format to character
4:05PM 0 split a field in dependence of the semicolon
3:17PM 0 nlme Indometh SSbiexp
12:51PM 0 mclust for time series
12:07PM 0 column names in write.table
10:02AM 0 how to get likelihood function and negative hessian matrix
Sunday November 2 2014
11:30PM 0 How to calculate correlation of a vector in R?
6:36PM 0 Finding MLE
11:19AM 0 Variable Length Differ
5:21AM 0 How to fine control bar plot width?
Saturday November 1 2014
3:31PM 0 –°olor specification in KML() {raster} function
1:11PM 0 mixdist to mixture of exponential
12:03PM 0 MSE increased by increasing the sample size for Nadaraya-Watson kernel regression
9:58AM 0 treating missing values in timeSeries package
1:32AM 0 Creating a new column from a series of columns