R help - Oct 2014

Friday October 31 2014
11:20PM 0 problem with posting question: This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet
7:12PM 0 grided files
6:24PM 0 converting individual data series to natural log (continuously compounded return)
5:22PM 0 Re: Sorting within a dataframe Thank you
4:44PM 0 lappy and xts get all indexes from a list ?
3:31PM 0 3D scatterplot and agreement among three methods in the same subject
3:22PM 0 lat/log to meter
1:12PM 0 Comparing matrices in R - matrixB %in% matrixA
11:56AM 0 Knitr: how to find out from within a .Rmd file the output type?
11:33AM 0 How to update R without losing packages
10:13AM 0 R 3.1.2 is released
6:44AM 0 MLE
6:14AM 0 Variable selection from given data
4:27AM 0 Dropping variables from data set
12:00AM 0 problem with Zenith angle calculation
Thursday October 30 2014
8:46PM 0 change default installation of R
4:26PM 0 Setting a class / outcome variable for Weka Principal Components Analysis
4:06PM 0 PCA on stacked raster (multiple bands/ layers) in R
4:03PM 0 How can I merge data with differing length?
3:17PM 0 How to speed up list access in R?
1:10PM 0 RForcecom VERY SLOW on large data sets
8:50AM 0 Oddity using multcompView package
Wednesday October 29 2014
7:20PM 0 reading data from a web
5:20PM 0 problem in loop using windows executable
5:12PM 0 Variance of multiple non-contiguous time periods?
4:56PM 0 Fwd: Combining stacked bar charts for logfile analysis
3:23PM 0 Using readLines on a file without resetting internal file offset parameter?
2:16PM 0 Voronoi/Thiessen polygon neighbors?
1:09PM 0 Ways to get all function signatures of a library?
12:42PM 0 How to cite R-Project
12:16PM 0 assigning a function within a loop
10:28AM 0 SQL Requests Templating
8:48AM 0 foreach/dopar's processes accumulate RAM
Tuesday October 28 2014
11:11PM 0 weighting histograms
4:47PM 0 R and Newest version of Java
3:47PM 0 merge coefficients from a glmlist of models
3:44PM 0 Adding labels to ColSums
1:08PM 0 spectral coherence & non-overlapping windows: confidence intervals?
12:40PM 0 Putting R script in a function.
10:36AM 0 breakpoints
10:25AM 0 how to structure data to use a cengaussian/cenpoisson distribution in MCMCglmm
10:23AM 0 Nonparametric Estimation of Tail Dependence Coefficients
5:38AM 0 Using a function for rows over a subset of columns in data.table
1:10AM 0 Order of boxs in box plots
12:58AM 0 Loop with ggplot2 not as simple as it seems...
Monday October 27 2014
9:29PM 0 how to define a geometric distribution for "glm"
6:42PM 0 "inahull? from package alphahull not working when used with lapply
3:11PM 0 "survey" package -- doesn't appear to match svy
12:37PM 0 big datasets for R
11:42AM 0 plot hclust object
5:05AM 0 "inahull” from package alphahull not working when used with apply
3:27AM 0 Re: Plot size
1:49AM 0 Box Plot size and labels
Sunday October 26 2014
8:45PM 0 Help with Lowess smoother
8:33PM 0 Help
9:51AM 0 Matrix::sparse.model.matrix produces inconsistent result
3:40AM 0 kruskal test p value way too low.
Saturday October 25 2014
5:25PM 0 About the availability of a new package
2:43PM 0 R Markdown and scan()
9:25AM 0 Looking for Feature Hashing
8:51AM 0 Rubik cube-like plot in R
2:14AM 0 Finding Sum
Friday October 24 2014
10:37PM 0 readChar maxing out at screen width when using gnu screen?
10:04PM 0 Re: [R-SIG-Mac] "command not found" from system() call in GUI with proper PATH
9:54PM 0 "command not found" from system() call in GUI with proper PATH
9:50PM 0 RCurl memory leak in getURL method
8:11PM 0 Default Display of hist.Date with breaks="months"
5:13PM 0 I cannot get files from this site
4:24PM 0 Error: Line starting 'Package: tools ...' is malformed!
3:31PM 0 Extra documentation not appearing
12:45PM 0 RE : Re: Apply Function to Columns
10:06AM 0 rgdal: Convert ESRI ArcGis geo database (gdb directory) to geojson, or shapefile map
7:59AM 0 Fine Tuning Parameters for LogReg in Caret
3:35AM 0 how to calculate a numeric's digits count?
Thursday October 23 2014
11:05PM 0 Clarification on debug output
7:05PM 0 OpenStreetMapR
6:45PM 0 Heatmap - strange horizontal lines
4:35PM 0 Interpolate through NAs using monotonic smoothing spline
3:57PM 0 dotplot with library lattice
3:06PM 0 Apply Function to Columns
2:42PM 0 Problem getting Option Quotes
12:56PM 0 Help Getting the Price of Gold
12:33PM 0 Computing Water Balance using a loop.
9:40AM 0 Installing gWidgetsRGtk2: R session is headless
5:54AM 0 New package PANICr: Looking for reviewer for vignette
4:48AM 0 Help with GLM starting values in user defined link function
2:30AM 0 Add an NA column to a zoo object
1:44AM 0 how to build a heatmap like this
12:29AM 0 Merge of the rows by finding the sum of the rows
Wednesday October 22 2014
7:57PM 0 reducing the sampling rate of a .wav file
3:48PM 0 creating individual records from a frequency distribution
3:37PM 0 Split fixed width data in R
3:36PM 0 how to import and export data in RMark package
12:55PM 0 import and export data for RMark package
9:35AM 0 Fwd: as.POSIXlt() Function
9:34AM 0 sort a data.frame in a different way
9:02AM 0 running the aggregate claims distribution using the package "actuar"
2:02AM 0 Socket question about isIncomplete and isOpen
12:45AM 0 [Sweave] doesn't accept unicode?
12:32AM 0 add text to the first line of an output file
Tuesday October 21 2014
7:35PM 0 R-code for carrying out step-wise panel regression
4:01PM 0 assignment 2 part 1,2,3
12:24PM 0 MMSB
11:24AM 0 "source" command inside R package scripts
10:33AM 0 undesirable output for lm( )
8:28AM 0 Dealing with NAs in lm or gmm
Monday October 20 2014
5:48PM 0 glmer with multiple random slopes
3:30PM 0 How to clear R memory in a for loop
2:46PM 0 making a plot
1:41PM 0 how to predict scores after varimax rotation (using prcomp() and varimax())?
1:36PM 0 strange loadings matrix after varimax rotation: PCA with prcomp in R
1:28PM 0 matching genes to a list of gene groups an built binary data frame
10:53AM 0 create vector objects by recurrence equation function
10:26AM 0 dbHasCompleted() always returns TRUE for POSTGRES Database with RJDBC?
8:27AM 0 saving parameters as a variable
7:47AM 0 Dry Spell Problem.
7:03AM 0 format negative numbers
7:03AM 0 need help for predictive analytics part
6:21AM 0 2 missing observation of LSD analysis in R
6:18AM 0 pasteFromExcel
2:32AM 0 HOW to call R code from matlab?
2:29AM 0 How to read tif format file?
Sunday October 19 2014
8:05PM 0 distance from fitted line
2:43PM 0 Trace of product of matrices
8:09AM 0 Plotting sum rather than count in hexbin
4:17AM 0 Checking if a matrix exists/is defined
Saturday October 18 2014
3:42PM 0 Build a package on one Mac but unable to load this on another Mac
2:57PM 0 Smoothing Data-dplyr
10:41AM 0 how to judge a virable is a integer?
7:59AM 0 command for plm
Friday October 17 2014
8:39PM 0 [survMisc]: error message in examples of comp()
8:21PM 0 Comparing values of different columns: Error: level sets of factors are different
6:57PM 0 Microsoft fighting against cxxfunction() and winning
1:26PM 0 assigning letter to a column
10:53AM 0 {car} outlierTest looses p/q values
9:04AM 0 need help for error "incompatible dimensions"
4:29AM 0 how to overwrite a Unary operator ?
2:02AM 0 Making a very specific heatmap in R (ggplot2?)
Thursday October 16 2014
11:32PM 0 Difference betweeen cor.test() and formula everyone says to use
6:12PM 0 Time outside limits
3:51PM 0 Help for i-else iwth more than one alternative
1:00PM 0 Job Opening - PhD Discovery Statistician at Cambridge, MA
11:00AM 0 ggplot: Stacked bar/pie chart - Objects above the bar/pie
Wednesday October 15 2014
8:28PM 0 how to loop through dataframe objects in environment
6:21PM 0 Passing object value in command line
3:48PM 0 Proportion data GAM
1:27PM 0 vcov function and cross terms
12:53PM 0 HELP
12:23PM 0 Retrieving lists of colnames
11:42AM 0 gsub regexp question
9:00AM 0 lag operator on a zoo object - code sharing
7:30AM 0 Parameter estimation of loglogistic, lognormal and 2 parameter exponential distributions
7:01AM 0 Sum of two consecutive number in dataset.
1:46AM 0 r-help@r-project.org
Tuesday October 14 2014
9:20PM 0 Ternary Plots Do Not Display Ellipses in PDF
6:42PM 0 apply function to multiple list arguments
6:12PM 0 Help with functions - printing a variables name
6:07PM 0 Error using betamix function
3:00PM 0 package installation failure virtualisation environment
2:23PM 0 grep won't work finding one column
9:51AM 0 evaluate NA to FALSE instead of NA?
9:34AM 0 ggplot - start axis label with superscript
9:33AM 0 how to ajust y-axis values in plot() ?
7:36AM 0 ggplot "scale_x_date" : to plot quarterly scale?
6:17AM 0 How to Install R 3.1.0 on ubuntu 12.0.4
Monday October 13 2014
11:27PM 0 Storing vectors as vectors in a list without losing each individual vector
8:46PM 0 Help with a function [along columns]
8:43PM 0 Legend (guides) for point and two line graph
1:37PM 0 Loading a rda file for predicton
12:57PM 0 How to sum some columns based on their names
8:11AM 0 User authentication
4:21AM 0 Not related with R, but i want to jion in a statistics help maillist, can you tell me some ?
2:25AM 0 Finding the Summation of Monthly Amount
12:25AM 0 How best to model these datasets
Sunday October 12 2014
10:40PM 0 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
8:20PM 0 Is xyz point inside 3d convex hull?
1:06PM 0 problem in R2winBUGS
9:58AM 0 Q-Q Plot for loglogistic, lognormal and 2 parameter exponential distributions
7:24AM 0 seqinr ?: Splitting a factor name into several columns. Dealing with metabarcoding data.
6:14AM 0 rbind in array of lists
6:12AM 0 Update package dor r-devlop
Saturday October 11 2014
11:58PM 0 Help with caret, please
5:17PM 0 understanding the no-label concept
4:03PM 0 xts array in minutes ?
9:25AM 0 complain about a[-integer(0)]
4:09AM 0 errors in initial values in R2winBUGS
1:20AM 0 Problem Invoking System Commands from R
Friday October 10 2014
11:13PM 0 How to remove the second line generated by addHeader function in the rtf package
3:32PM 0 Re: Count number of Fridays
2:16PM 0 (no subject)
12:38PM 0 Maximum likelihood Estimation
11:28AM 0 Count number of Fridays in a month
6:18AM 0 Bar plot in R with more than 2 factors
5:24AM 0 how to break the loop using sapply?
12:56AM 0 agricolae package: doubt about test used in kruskal and order.group function
Thursday October 9 2014
5:19PM 0 jitter function when length(x) = 1
4:43PM 0 Odd error from mvrnorm?
4:38PM 0 Windows RT
2:30PM 0 Bug in myintegrate in Elliptic package
1:01PM 0 Remove from the mailing list
11:19AM 0 [vegan] Error in as.vector(x, mode) : , cannot coerce type 'builtin' to vector of type 'any' when performing anova on CCA objects
10:53AM 0 Event after a package is loaded
8:37AM 0 Gaussian mixture model based clustering
6:14AM 0 How can I overwrite a method in R?
Wednesday October 8 2014
7:47PM 0 ADF test
7:12PM 0 cbind in a loop...better way?
4:25PM 0 Revolutions blog: September 2014 roundup
4:14PM 0 Desktop icon to run R and load/run specific package
3:06PM 0 Obtain a list of data tables from a main data table
3:03PM 0 an opinion question about State Space and Kalman Filters, please
2:34PM 0 CoDA: Interpreting acomp() Summary Output
2:22PM 0 write.table produces a file that read.table can't read
1:36PM 0 Data formart
11:02AM 0 glm - rgamma vector as predictor
11:02AM 0 reading in hexadecimal data - not working with data ending in E
10:54AM 0 Function on an array
7:57AM 0 Generate sequence of date based on a group ID
2:25AM 0 Finding Rainfall Amount
Tuesday October 7 2014
10:24PM 0 standard deviation
8:50PM 0 Re: QCQP Optimization
7:39PM 0 quantreg crq function-incomplete taus fitted
4:55PM 0 Conditional Data Manipulation -Cumulative Product
2:51PM 0 Find common two and three word phrases in a corpus
1:40PM 0 How to extract table results from survival summary object
1:01PM 0 lattice add a fit
9:22AM 0 Time series Regression with lags
9:20AM 0 Find growth rate of a zoo (time series) object
8:55AM 0 maximum likelihood estimation
7:32AM 0 Changing date format
7:05AM 0 Path Diagram from Mplus semPaths{semPlot}
6:45AM 0 Evaluation of global variables in function definitions
Monday October 6 2014
9:23PM 0 jfindClass class not found - Please Help
7:17PM 0 Unable to install packages
6:00PM 0 par("plt") behaving inconsistely? bug?
5:11PM 0 a question about arimax, please
9:50AM 0 aggregating a zoo object (monthly data to quarterly data)
6:42AM 0 R coredumps when calling functions from rms package
Sunday October 5 2014
10:01PM 0 loop
3:54PM 0 Caret and Model Prediction
3:40PM 0 n-gram error with packages tau, tm, RTextTools
3:18PM 0 truncated normal
11:21AM 0 Removing description from lm()
Saturday October 4 2014
8:37PM 0 Inference() Function Insisting That I Use ANOVA Versus Two-Sided Hypothesis Test; R/RStudio
4:45PM 0 get names of glm and related families from an object
3:08PM 0 R Markdown (Rstudio) Limit Results in knit Pdf
1:21PM 0 Question about range of letters
7:09AM 0 Re: Rolling window linear regression
Friday October 3 2014
5:39PM 0 Workaround for RODBC asymmetric numeric data treatment
4:09PM 0 a REALLY dumb question
3:29PM 0 Help with PredicABEL
2:19PM 0 c() and dates
1:32PM 0 Logistic Regression & Results per Condition
12:51PM 0 comparing two "half-normal production" stochastic frontier functions
12:31PM 0 strange behavior of the compare operator
11:15AM 0 help with subscript on axis lables
7:55AM 0 Hadley's book: paper/PDF/etc. versus github
7:39AM 0 Using compute.es and metafor together
2:19AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday October 2 2014
8:17PM 0 Identifying Values in Dataframe
7:18PM 0 Using PCA to filter a series
6:30PM 0 Class ltraj and function as.ltraj
4:12PM 0 Problem using predict() to draw lines() if predictor variable is logged on the fly
3:40PM 0 tkProgressBar without progress in foreach %dopar%
3:40PM 0 concentrated likelihood in dlm
3:20PM 0 order clusters in heatmap.2
2:54PM 0 (no subject)
2:19PM 0 Befuddled by ddply
2:11PM 0 accumulation curve for kernel density using adehabitatHR
1:13PM 0 merge by time, certain value if 5 min before and after an "event"
9:01AM 0 apply if else statement to vector
1:05AM 0 pmnorm to find cdf with linear decision bound
12:48AM 0 Best Beginner Books?
12:30AM 0 optimization question
Wednesday October 1 2014
10:11PM 0 How to check to see if a variable is within a range of another variable
6:20PM 0 optimize
5:56PM 0 ave documentation
12:29PM 0 power.t.test threading on 'power'
11:11AM 0 Opening netCDF file with large number of variables but size is small in R
11:00AM 0 aov and groups coding
10:59AM 0 Print list to text file with list elements names
12:32AM 0 Using R for modelling Australian Senate Election in NSW?