R help - Sep 2013

Monday September 30 2013
10:17PM 1 [sm.density.compare] scale up y-axis and additional line type
9:50PM 1 multilevel analysis
6:12PM 1 FW: Library update from version
5:39PM 1 ks.test or other Kolmogorov-Smirnov code
2:55PM 2 Apply function to do pairwise calculation
2:46PM 2 get mouse position without waiting for a click
1:05PM 2 barplot - easy for experienced, difficult for me
11:13AM 1 how to compare two different models with different dependent variables
10:30AM 1 Split type in the RandomForest package
10:25AM 2 climstats
10:11AM 0 Inquiry
9:47AM 1 barplot to the right side
9:42AM 1 change specific factor level values to NA in data frame
9:31AM 1 Residuals in garch (tseries)
5:15AM 1 str_count counts the substring
Sunday September 29 2013
9:48PM 4 Understanding classes in R
8:48PM 0 useR! 2014: call for tutorial proposals
6:57PM 2 explination
5:22PM 2 Help: concurrent R sessions for different settings of simulations
5:17PM 2 DEoptim inconsistent output
2:46AM 0 How to avoid "$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors" Thu Nov 6 19:04:49 CET 2008
12:06AM 2 Error for atomic vectors and integers issue
Saturday September 28 2013
7:36PM 1 Command line r
3:27PM 1 Help with simple as.POSIXlt or strptime
3:18PM 1 Help about a R command
3:18PM 2 Strange result from single [] extract operator
3:14PM 1 What is a "good fit" Brier score and Harrel's C Index
3:13PM 0 Help with automation of WinBUGS from R
9:39AM 3 Interperting results of glmnet and coxph plot, Brier score and Harrel's C-Index - am I doing something wrong ???
1:20AM 1 makeCluster help needed
12:21AM 1 How to make LN(x) transformation in R?
12:09AM 0 netCDF to raster and projection to UTM: output NA
Friday September 27 2013
8:48PM 1 Memory distribution using foreach
7:53PM 1 Help with nested and non-nested factors
7:13PM 2 Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit when using list.files()
6:56PM 3 Plot lines whose angle and length depict vector quantities
6:20PM 4 Logical indexing not working
3:27PM 2 An Apply function question about changing type of variable
2:38PM 1 exchange of axis labels in qqnorm function
2:11PM 0 Some issues with operations
1:37PM 0 Best and Worst values
10:48AM 3 Compare species presence and absence between sites
7:12AM 2 Locating inefficient code
4:26AM 2 Calculating euclidean distance in R
3:36AM 0 somewhat ineffective suppressing intercepts
1:26AM 1 snow::makeCluster on Windows hangs
Thursday September 26 2013
9:51PM 2 Sums based on values of other matrix
9:30PM 0 ConstrOptim function Error
9:15PM 1 Grouping Matrix by Columns; OHLC Data
9:02PM 1 question regarding cast function in reshape package with mixture of numeric and character
8:54PM 2 Read shortcuts of MS Excel files through R
8:47PM 0 ConstrOptim Function (Related to Constraint Matrix/ui/ci error)
8:45PM 1 Constructing a graph with ggplot2.
7:47PM 0 Re : Re: Re : Re: Re : Privacy rights of an old user of this list
7:35PM 0 Unexpected input error
6:02PM 2 Help with list
5:56PM 1 R not ploting lines in the correct order
4:47PM 2 plot multiple graphs in one graph and in multiple windows
4:24PM 1 help generalizing the following non-symmetric "identity"-like matrix
4:15PM 0 RODBC Package help ----binding issue
3:07PM 6 min(NA,"bla") != min("bla", NA)
2:10PM 2 Boxplot from statistics of original data
1:30PM 3 moving a window over a matrix column
10:37AM 0 Override default colour scheme of an effects plot
8:06AM 1 Installing Rcplex
8:03AM 0 R hangs at NGramTokenizer
7:57AM 0 error handling
7:31AM 3 Why does sin(pi) not return 0?
3:38AM 2 table of contents link style in R's PDF docs
2:18AM 1 Less than equal to symbol in ggplot2 legend text
1:13AM 1 Importing, renaming columns and exporting mulitple csv files in R
Wednesday September 25 2013
9:11PM 0 weighting in glmmadmb(family='nbinom') with RE
8:35PM 0 Besag endive data
8:24PM 1 Best and worst values for each date
7:46PM 1 Slight misinformation in OSX version of R
4:30PM 1 animate dataframe
3:39PM 0 How to fix col.regions mapping in multiple spplot?
2:43PM 0 drc - package
2:29PM 0 error when using ps() function on categorical variables - re propensity score matching
1:47PM 0 grImport problems in Windows
1:10PM 3 Multiple vector elements into one character element
12:47PM 1 Creating a new column to a data frame using a formula from another variable
12:23PM 2 MaxLik estimation issues
12:22PM 2 Cosine window in r
11:16AM 0 R 3.0.2 is released
11:16AM 0 R 3.0.2 is released
7:10AM 2 Space between x-axis ticks
7:08AM 1 Computing calculation among two vectors
6:41AM 1 How can I draw a 3D diagram (persp) with these Infos
2:18AM 1 object not found in a cca analysis with vegan package
Tuesday September 24 2013
11:47PM 2 Confusing behaviour in data.table: unexpectedly changing variable
8:33PM 1 fit a time varying coefficient log linear model in r
6:13PM 0 TwitteR package
5:53PM 0 display recursive partitioning tree as a treemap?
5:25PM 2 plot - scaling axis
4:44PM 2 Checking a large data set for normality
3:30PM 1 [] and escaping in regular expressions
2:34PM 0 Matrix operation
2:12PM 0 Hungarian R User's Group: Exploratory and interactive data analysis talks on Wednesday
2:07PM 1 Help: calculations based on three matrices
12:46PM 2 Graph is without line
12:23PM 0 GAM & GAMM course
11:10AM 0 Issue with lmerTest and dopar
10:19AM 1 Invalid Z argument error in persp.default
9:34AM 0 R function for censored linear regression
8:24AM 1 how to add a box to map plotted by a levelplot?
8:07AM 2 no answer to the following question
6:44AM 1 request for help in R
5:15AM 1 Installing R, R packages
3:12AM 0 Problem with plotting against time(hh:mm)
12:05AM 1 adjust scale of x-axis to unequal intervals
Monday September 23 2013
10:36PM 1 capturing warnings within loops, so I know the iterations where warnings occurred?
9:55PM 0 Correlate rows of 2 matrices
8:27PM 0 labcurve - size of symbol
6:55PM 2 Vector of char generated by Sys.getenv function is not available when the package is loaded
5:41PM 1 two questions about xyplot
4:49PM 1 Turning a string into a real vector
1:38PM 0 Recycling other internal package functions
1:17PM 1 pulling out coefficients
11:48AM 2 Date Comparing *Problem*
11:45AM 0 Bug in Survival - predict.coxph with collapse? (related to question "censor=FALSE and id options in survfit.coxph")
10:28AM 1 Permutation Test on Interactions {coin}
4:40AM 0 basic matrix function
3:54AM 3 legend for the plot with type = "b"
3:05AM 0 Correlate rows of 2 matrices
2:55AM 2 xlim with barplot
1:43AM 1 PLS1 NIPALS question: error with chemometrics package?
Sunday September 22 2013
11:13PM 2 Arcsine transformation
6:40PM 2 Coding several dummy variables into a single categorical variable
3:53PM 0 PCA
5:07AM 2 Creating rectangular plots with x and y coordinates and treatments from a matrix for a randomized block design
3:12AM 1 Conditioning plots (wth coplot function) with logistic regression curves
Saturday September 21 2013
10:03PM 1 Translating recoding syntax from SPSS to R
8:41PM 0 problem with showMethods()
8:40PM 1 Re : Re: Re : Privacy rights of an old user of this list
7:30PM 1 Setting a new method for generic function to satisfy "R CMD check"
4:43PM 1 Display all element names neatly in a Venn Diagram
4:31PM 1 Psedocode in R
4:08PM 1 Filtering out data from list
3:30PM 6 Obtaining data from a different row of data frame
4:47AM 1 Grouping variables by a irregular time interval
Friday September 20 2013
11:57PM 1 raster package: OpenStreetMap broken on Ubuntu, works on Mac
11:14PM 3 search species with all absence in a presence-absence matrix
4:11PM 1 Compare two subsequent rows based on specific values of a string
3:56PM 1 Rmpfr question
3:52PM 1 Is there a way to change x and y axis tick mark inside plot()?
3:02PM 3 time zones from longitude, latitude, and date
2:54PM 0 Clustering of data set documentation files in package description
2:16PM 0 Best way to specify a mixed ANCOVA in R?
2:10PM 3 Renaming variables
11:37AM 1 Comparing two GAMs using anova (mgcv)
10:55AM 1 saving as TIFF - problem with compression
10:52AM 2 Subcripting matrix
10:08AM 0 Hope u have some time for 2 more questions
9:43AM 0 Access of odfWeave function to variables that are defined inside a function
7:50AM 2 gam and optim
6:05AM 1 Factored ARMA models
5:10AM 1 Averate memory usage trend
Thursday September 19 2013
11:44PM 1 ggplot legend formatting
10:59PM 2 Need help to find out the name of my columns and rows in a data file
7:52PM 0 making a wider, shorter, 4-column table instead of the narrower, longer, 2-column table I get with tm, Hmisc, and Sweave
4:57PM 0 Fitting some data to a two-exponential expression
2:53PM 0 Polynomial of Degree 4
2:48PM 0 Warning in gamlss function centiles.pred
2:03PM 0 SAR: nonlinear and linear mixed model comparison using mmSAR - package
1:36PM 2 binary symmetric matrix combination
12:39PM 2 (no subject)
12:04PM 4 CRAN mirror for R in India: new one at WBUT, how do we get listed in the CRAN website?
10:20AM 3 lattice: double y - problem changing axis color after doubleYScale
9:32AM 0 [R-pkgs] depmixS4 version 1.3-0 on CRAN
9:32AM 0 depmixS4 version 1.3-0 on CRAN
6:58AM 1 callNextMethod with dots argument
5:38AM 0 ggplot2: two y-axis - any change?
5:01AM 1 Replacement function using grouping variable
4:07AM 3 How do I ensure that the polygon in spatstat::owin(poly=<polygon>) does not have “negative area”
4:04AM 1 replace.df() function in R
2:22AM 0 novel graphics package
2:21AM 1 glmer vs glmmadmb
Wednesday September 18 2013
10:56PM 1 rbinlist for data.table and specifying the column class
8:06PM 1 ggplot: stat_smooth(method='glm', ...) - plot linear predictor?
7:42PM 2 How to find values that correspond to a given value (i.e. max)
7:40PM 1 Dose-response relationship using metafor?
5:28PM 2 cov2cor exp
4:44PM 1 One-To-Many Spatial JOIN
3:54PM 1 v3.0.1 issue
3:42PM 1 Radius of Curvature Fit
3:42PM 2 strsplit with a vector split argument
2:40PM 0 Save multiple plots of model output
1:18PM 1 Converting a asymmetric data frame to symmetric matrix
1:14PM 1 R-3.0.1 g77 errors
12:43PM 3 Identifying the bin where a value is included.
12:10PM 1 convert string to date format
11:56AM 1 R packages for CAT scans
11:32AM 0 Multi multivariate feature selection problem
11:29AM 1 ggplot2: changing strip text in facet_grid and a legend text problem
6:58AM 1 Stacked Bar Plot With Two Dependent Variables
5:52AM 2 ggplot2: changing shapes facet_grid - special case.
2:48AM 1 can you explain the cov2cor function
2:06AM 1 (no subject)
Tuesday September 17 2013
11:42PM 0 clusterboot function in the fpc package in R
10:13PM 0 PAMR - adding additional labels
9:33PM 1 "With" question
9:25PM 1 Generation of a Markov Chain
7:26PM 2 lowercase and uppercase greek letters
7:06PM 1 save/load doubles memory
6:14PM 1 delete some lines of a dataframe
5:52PM 2 If-then with Dates in Date Ranges
5:35PM 0 Very high Nagelkerke’s Pseudo-R2 values
4:23PM 2 Fwd: axis lab font in r
4:11PM 1 cov and huge matrix
4:09PM 1 big difference between ncdf and RNetCDF ?
4:03PM 3 Unrecognized token
12:37PM 1 lme4: How to specify nested factors, meaning of : and %in%
12:06PM 2 question about "lines"
11:36AM 1 why does system() truncates stdout output from large files?
10:15AM 4 how to find interval?
9:55AM 1 foreach returns null first object in the list
9:49AM 1 intensity plot
9:09AM 1 the values of predict( , type = "terms", )
8:11AM 1 automatic history file append with every command?
3:06AM 1 A factor times a matrix
Monday September 16 2013
9:57PM 1 split on change occurence
9:14PM 1 Re : Privacy rights of an old user of this list
7:55PM 1 Is R able to fit and forecast arima models using daily time series?
7:05PM 2 set breakpoint in debug
6:56PM 1 How do you do this in R?
6:05PM 1 MASS mve_fits mycov.rob
4:26PM 2 Draw two separate legends in xyplot
3:09PM 2 Aggregate rows with same fields, within factors
12:45PM 1 Help to run bootstrap in R
12:11PM 1 microbenchmark
7:01AM 2 is it possible to install R packages without admin rights on a work station
6:42AM 2 Change the color of the line inside of the function lines
Sunday September 15 2013
9:33PM 2 hclust/dendrogram merging
4:51PM 1 Instructions for upgrading R on ubuntu
3:37PM 1 Data labels in R
12:30PM 1 Failed path analysis using sem package
12:21PM 1 Downloading data directly from internet
9:42AM 1 Executing a code until a new user input aborts it (readlines?)
2:36AM 3 accumulate() function in R?
1:04AM 1 DataEllipse versus Ellipse Function in R
Saturday September 14 2013
10:32PM 0 need help for var analysis using R
9:49PM 1 Masking
8:44PM 1 Error in Loop
8:12PM 2 Regression model for predicting ranks of the dependent variable
4:35PM 2 how to do this trimming/selecting in canonical R?
10:56AM 1 Markov Decision Process
10:44AM 0 meta-analysis of annualized event rate (Michael Dewey)
4:01AM 2 the problem of buying and selling
Friday September 13 2013
7:38PM 1 Non-ACSII characters in R on Windows
6:59PM 1 Looking for data sets with unordered failure events of different types
6:41PM 0 Which regression tree algorithm to use for large data?
6:34PM 0 code folding for both TeX sections and R code chunks in .rnw file
5:02PM 1 Running an R scrit from Automator
4:51PM 1 prevent mfrow from changing cex
4:47PM 2 Splitting data into two camps
3:09PM 0 library() and install.packages() no longer working ("Access is denied" error)
2:38PM 1 GLM result output..
1:16PM 1 regression
10:13AM 2 how to get values within a threshold
10:10AM 1 log-log link function
9:15AM 1 Creating dummy vars with contrasts - why does the returned identity matrix contain all levels (and not n-1 levels) ?
9:10AM 1 How to write a wrapper function which can honor default values, when the target function has ones?
6:54AM 0 How to export time series output in excel
4:14AM 2 help with a simple function
12:46AM 2 xtable use plus minus
12:37AM 1 Deterministic initialization for k-means
Thursday September 12 2013
10:54PM 1 failure to replayPlot() a recordedplot object saved in a previous session?
10:21PM 1 Shiny - can one create one RUN button?
9:47PM 0 gsub question
8:31PM 1 predict() from conditional logit model?
7:56PM 1 How to avoid searching variables in global environment
6:08PM 1 Logged ratio as Dependent variable
5:42PM 1 problem with rJython and modules
5:26PM 1 Package to manipulate timestamp data in format HH:MM:SS:sss
5:17PM 4 on how to make a skip-table
4:06PM 1 grep(pattern = each element of a vector) ?
3:38PM 0 predict from tobit regression
2:48PM 1 Plot help
2:31PM 2 princomp needs more obsverations than variables?
1:49PM 1 Creating a map in R using ACS PUMS data
1:40PM 5 Privacy rights of an old user of this list
11:46AM 1 substituting string variable in expression with its value
10:32AM 1 Getting "Approximate Estimates after Deleting Factors" out from fastbw()
7:15AM 2 how to retain dimnames while exporting from excel into r
2:10AM 1 Combining information from two matrices
12:30AM 0 Bar plot help
Wednesday September 11 2013
9:05PM 1 how to allocate more memory?
7:32PM 1 merge multi part polygons
6:08PM 0 About qmap package
5:53PM 1 ggplot interactions
5:51PM 1 How to split a plot into vertical subregions with width proportional to length of a character string?
5:51PM 1 meta-analysis of annualized event rate
5:29PM 0 Matrix mulitplication
3:47PM 1 Chi-square values in GLM model comparison
3:21PM 2 int vector
2:50PM 0 include variable of a dataframe in other dataframe
2:49PM 2 Running Loops
2:43PM 1 (no subject)
2:22PM 2 list to matrix
2:11PM 0 R/S-PLUS Course schedule in US - XLSolutions Corp
1:59PM 1 Shiny error: connection reset by peer
1:21PM 1 how to convert a list into a data frame.
1:16PM 0 R Online Workshops October 7-11
1:01PM 2 how to read data from MSExcel into R
12:50PM 1 superpose violin and boxplot in ggplot
12:02PM 1 Imputation for space-time satellite data
10:20AM 2 resample from data frame: unlinked columns
8:23AM 0 include variable of a dataframe in other dataframe
8:06AM 0 ggplot interactions
7:38AM 2 to retrieve specific data from a matrix
7:04AM 1 Formula in a model
1:01AM 0 Changing shapes of some Nodes
Tuesday September 10 2013
11:06PM 1 Problems to show X-labels when plotting small values
9:53PM 1 Fitting Arima Model to Daily Time Series
9:50PM 1 double.xmin really the smallest non-zero normalized floating-point number?
9:01PM 1 computationaly singular error!
8:06PM 1 Subtracting elements of a vector from each other stepwise
7:54PM 2 assigning the class of an object
7:40PM 3 ifelse question (I'm not sure why this is working)...
6:46PM 0 Function aovp in library lmPerm
4:23PM 2 ggplot2 percentages of subpopulations
4:15PM 0 Formula in R
3:31PM 0 Looping an lapply linear regression function
3:03PM 3 to delete lines by means of a vector
2:58PM 1 rgl snapshot on headless server
12:27PM 0 xtable Highlight the lowest and plus minus
11:00AM 1 merge two lists by column
10:40AM 0 plotting time series
8:53AM 1 Problem fitting GAM
7:50AM 4 Daily average temperature from monthly average temperature
5:12AM 0 getSymbols error for DGS1MO in FRED
4:51AM 2 RStudio Server init script
1:33AM 0 question about rSymPy and integration
12:13AM 1 How are Matrices accessed
12:11AM 0 How are tables accessed?
Monday September 9 2013
8:45PM 1 Need to learn or get R tutor in Minneapolis
7:36PM 1 Fitting Arima Models and Forecasting Using Daily Historical Data
7:35PM 1 Hmisc binconf function value interpretation during narrow confidence intervals
7:30PM 0 Duplicated genes
6:58PM 1 windowing
6:25PM 0 Revolutions Blog: August 2013 roundup
4:55PM 1 plotting issue
4:00PM 4 Problem adding lines to a plot, when y is defined
3:46PM 3 replacing Na's with values on different records
3:30PM 0 F test
3:25PM 0 longitudinal GWAS analysis
2:41PM 1 ADF
1:56PM 1 S3 Methods for Linear Regression
1:07PM 1 theta parameter - plm package
12:44PM 2 Merging big data sets
11:52AM 0 Regression using ggplot2
8:44AM 1 regression imputation in R
7:48AM 1 Cannot create summary of old glm object. How to ensure that R objects will be usable in the future.
Sunday September 8 2013
7:42PM 1 ADF test
5:27PM 1 CHAID Analysis in R
5:08PM 2 Need Help
4:22PM 3 to avoid a do loop
3:00PM 1 Package installation and path.package
10:46AM 1 Use of parantheses to force order of execution
5:37AM 1 Sub setting multiple ids based on a 2nd data frame
3:33AM 1 melting a data frame
Saturday September 7 2013
8:12PM 1 Subsetting isolating a group of values in a group of variables
8:11PM 1 Create a new column based on values in two other columns
5:24PM 0 Questions of non-conformable arrays
3:54PM 0 Extract components of gam object
3:44PM 1 Change color of the boxplot outliers
7:02AM 3 finding both rows that are duplicated in a data frame
5:06AM 1 Simple Model in R
Friday September 6 2013
10:25PM 1 Fwd: calculating dissimilarity index of islands (vegan and betapart)
9:59PM 1 Java exception error (Jcheck) while running an R script
9:14PM 3 How do I parse text?
7:42PM 2 Alignment of data sets
5:32PM 2 Fwd:
4:57PM 1 using correlation compound correlation structure with nlme; how to incorporate multple random effects?
3:59PM 1 melt error that I don't understand.
2:57PM 1 Combining rasters
2:36PM 2 calculate the probability
11:12AM 1 error with RNetLogo on a mac
10:10AM 1 probability of occurrence of an event and the probability of an event upon the occurrence of another event
9:29AM 1 how to define ordinal, nominal and scale type variables?
2:53AM 2 read.dta()
Thursday September 5 2013
11:37PM 1 get syntax for inherited environments
8:27PM 0 Matrix randomization
8:24PM 2 xyplot() with discontinuous x-axis variable
8:09PM 2 binary symmetric matrix combination
5:07PM 0 applying a univariate function for each response in a multivariate linear model (mlm)
4:49PM 2 Looping an lapply linear regression function
2:20PM 2 setStatusBar function gives error message in R 3.01 under Windows 7
2:02PM 1 plot densities outside axis
1:22PM 3 Y-axis labels as decimal numbers
12:44PM 3 Problem with converting F to FALSE
11:24AM 0 Using qmap module
11:12AM 0 Capturing warnings with capture.output
10:13AM 1 ggplot2: connecting medians of boxes using facet_wrap. Changing median marker.
9:07AM 1 R Help
8:37AM 1 sparse PCA using nsprcomp package
2:39AM 2 Question about R2 in pls package
2:19AM 1 New Version of R 3.0.1 problems with installing Rcmdr
2:18AM 2 Poly Correlations
Wednesday September 4 2013
10:12PM 1 Read a Google Spreadsheet?
9:56PM 4 Console Output Formatting
8:45PM 1 xyplot and lwd
7:22PM 2 Attribute Length Error when Trying plm Regression
6:34PM 2 Histogram
5:57PM 1 'snow' package -- parallel process
5:35PM 1 Linear Regression line equation
3:32PM 0 glmnet lambda and number of variables
3:17PM 3 Placeholders for String Operations
3:05PM 2 Problem with installing the TRR package
12:48PM 1 would you give me hints in r?
11:55AM 1 panel multinomial logit
7:58AM 2 Random products of rows in a matrix
5:16AM 0 Manipulate stock market data in R
Tuesday September 3 2013
11:38PM 1 tm::stemDocument function not work
7:38PM 1 Contributing to R
6:51PM 2 summary(object) not showing all values of a factor
6:49PM 2 Having problems with doing anything with my data sets
6:01PM 1 Permuting friendship nominations in a social network
4:02PM 0 The new "rockchalk" R package (Free Webinar)
3:01PM 2 R CMD check Note: Non-standard file found at top level
2:54PM 1 ANN: Course Data Mining with R in Spain
2:49PM 3 Should I wrap more package examples in \dontrun{} ?
2:42PM 0 Rows with positive values
2:19PM 3 How to assign names to global data frames created in a function
2:18PM 1 Error in Parts of Speach Tagging using openNLP
2:09PM 1 Writing list into csv file
1:08PM 5 optim evils
12:32PM 1 ESEM in R
12:12PM 0 Enquiry for applying Self-Organizing Map for Time Series Prediction in R
11:31AM 1 POSIXlt and months
11:28AM 1 [dfoptim] 'Error in fn(ginv(par), ...) : object 'alpha' not found'
10:58AM 1 reading files
9:51AM 1 Multiple regression (with interactions) by hand
8:59AM 1 Legend Help
7:34AM 2 Product of certain rows in a matrix without loop
6:47AM 1 remove rows with infinite/nan values from a zoo dataset
3:27AM 1 Question about the prediction plot in pls package
2:51AM 0 how to calculate bioclim for table dataset in dismo package
Monday September 2 2013
9:01PM 1 R dataframe and looping help
7:29PM 1 Convert chr pieces to numbers that have specific values defined by 2 vectors
5:18PM 0 Questions about 'bigmemory'
5:07PM 2 restructure my data
3:57PM 0 quoted expressions in microbenchmark
3:42PM 1 Meaning of "Integer,19"
3:38PM 1 Sweave: printing an underscore in the output from an R command
2:47PM 1 Multivariate discrete HMMs
2:30PM 0 Legend position
2:25PM 3 Product of certain rows in a matrix
Sunday September 1 2013
8:41PM 2 string processing(regular expressions)
8:18PM 1 Intersect 2 lists+bring extra columns
6:34PM 0 Time lag Regression and Standard Error
4:46PM 1 remove failure
4:35PM 3 help
3:09PM 2 How to catch errors regarding the hessian in 'optim'
2:36PM 0 Question About Markov Models
2:00PM 1 lapply to multivariate function?
1:13PM 1 outliers for Likert scale data
1:06PM 1 Blur and not readable text, using geom_text in ggplot
8:48AM 0 cannot install RExcel
8:48AM 0 cannot install RExcel
1:25AM 1 Insert null columns and rows into a matrix to make it square