R help - Oct 2013

Thursday October 31 2013
8:41PM 1 Lattice Legend/Key by row instead of by column
8:27PM 1 quickly extract response from formula
8:08PM 2 help with ggplot legend specification
7:58PM 2 set difference between two data frames
4:02PM 1 Moving averages shading / two colours / polygon
3:55PM 0 arules package apriori() fn error message XXXX
3:38PM 2 Download CSV Files from EUROSTAT Website
12:25PM 1 Extracting values from a ecdf (empirical cumulative distribution function) curve
11:27AM 1 Beginner having issues with making pie charts and other graphs
11:20AM 3 Count number of consecutive zeros by group
11:11AM 0 Matrix calculations from database linked to in RODBC
11:09AM 2 Make Multiple plots in R
10:14AM 2 Efficient way to convert covariance to Euclidian distance matrix
9:53AM 0 SIAR problem with model running
9:41AM 1 Read ENVI files and extract stats in R
9:23AM 2 remap values from one vector to the other
2:27AM 1 getting p-value for comparing to gam's from gmcv
12:32AM 1 an rpy2, R cgi type question
Wednesday October 30 2013
10:41PM 1 Irregular time series frequencies
9:34PM 1 Rterm
6:39PM 1 multiple concurrent write in R
6:11PM 1 ggplot2 - how to get rid of bar boarder lines
5:09PM 1 help me align the legend bar
2:47PM 1 Shiny question: what happens after hitting F5
2:35PM 1 ggplot2 question: keeping the order as in the input data
1:04PM 3 omitting integer(0) rows from data frame
12:58PM 0 getPortfolio(frontier)$weight
12:03PM 4 (no subject)
11:07AM 2 Subtotals by id for a large number of columns XXXX
8:59AM 1 Yield to maturity in R
8:38AM 1 cannot coerce class ""function"" to a data.frame
8:14AM 2 Select fixed number of elements
4:06AM 3 rpy2 and user defined functions from R
3:22AM 0 "merging" rows that share columns (but not all of them)
1:34AM 0 add a color bar in a plot
12:39AM 2 Fitting multiple horizontal lines to data
12:00AM 1 big speed difference in source btw. R 2.15.2 and R 3.0.2 ?
Tuesday October 29 2013
11:42PM 1 deparse: replacing all " by \"
9:55PM 2 Can not read Excel file correctly
9:06PM 0 Mean error
8:26PM 2 R function to locate Excel sheet?
8:16PM 1 (gam) formula: Why different results for terms being factor vs. numeric?
7:54PM 0 Conditional wald statistics in ASRemlR
7:27PM 2 How to save very large matrix?
5:13PM 3 Regular Expression returning unexpected results
5:02PM 3 mapping data to a geographic map of Europe
4:21PM 1 R vs octave development strategy (and success)
4:01PM 1 sh /bin/sh bad interpreter error when loading certain packages
3:31PM 1 calculating quantiles
2:14PM 1 maximum value replacement
1:17PM 2 R CMD check Error: package MASS was built before R 3.0.0 - not true!?
11:57AM 1 TelosB external modules, guide
11:14AM 0 Showing a reduced Time series in a plot
8:04AM 0 How to set default font for lattice graphics?
12:05AM 0 need some help with this example
Monday October 28 2013
7:14PM 0 gmmBoost creating huge 500+ gb vectors
6:42PM 1 Create Time Lists with a for loop
6:16PM 0 for loop help, repeat a function multiple times
5:39PM 0 make system() output invisible on mac
5:13PM 1 Chess Playing Software Written in R
5:00PM 2 Optimize function in R: unable to find maximum of logistic function
4:45PM 0 high cross-validation errors ( xerror ) in regression tree?
4:19PM 1 Automatically Remove Aliased Terms from a Model
4:19PM 3 speed of makeCluster (package parallel)
4:01PM 2 Error: Data is not atomic
3:58PM 0 Code Book from SPSS Data
3:57PM 0 Fwd: Undeliverable mail
3:37PM 0 Error:Data is not atomic
3:30PM 3 linear line in x, y plot
3:01PM 0 Countour for netCDF-like meshes
2:51PM 1 indicating significant differences in boxplots
1:40PM 2 pie graphs in log scale axis
1:27PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 128, Issue 30
1:19PM 2 How to extract residuals from multiple regressions from a loop
12:27PM 0 "Optimization fail" error from fitdistr (Weibull distribution)
12:07PM 2 Optimization failed in fitdistr (Weibull distribution)
10:13AM 0 Package for PAV and MPAV algorithms
9:00AM 2 coxph: how to define interaction terms?
6:56AM 0 Different information between correlation and frequency of a seasonal time series
5:53AM 1 plotting multiple variables
Sunday October 27 2013
9:33PM 2 numeric data being interpreted as a factor -trouble with reading data into a dataframe in R
8:46PM 1 Use correlation matrix to get values for a new data frame
7:49PM 1 dunnett test questions
3:50PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 128, Issue 29
3:21PM 0 How to avoid this warning message
3:17PM 1 Split a data.frame
11:37AM 1 apply question
11:30AM 1 how well *new data* fit a pre-computed model
11:10AM 1 nls function error
8:32AM 1 Code Book from SPSS Data
3:57AM 2 Heteroscedasticity and mgcv.
1:56AM 2 About K-means Clustering
Saturday October 26 2013
8:37PM 1 Code Book from SPSS Data
7:05PM 1 find and add text
6:31PM 1 Strange results from dbeta function
5:17PM 1 Compare two lists, with their sublists that have same structure
3:01PM 2 Problems with lme random slope+intercept model
8:33AM 1 Inscrutable error message in mgcv: 1> prediction = predict(MI, se.fit=TRUE, newdata=rhc), Error in if (object$inter) X[[i]] <- PredictMat(object$margin[[i]], dat, : , argument is of length zero
8:06AM 2 OT: The topic of reproducibility in the media
7:55AM 2 No speed effect by using RcppArmadillo compared to R in matrix operations
4:18AM 1 Quick help needed in coding quantile normalization
Friday October 25 2013
11:01PM 0 failure to build R-3.0.1, R-3.0.2 from source
10:40PM 0 Proportional Odds Model
8:49PM 0 zero inflated Poisson - goodness of fit of distribution
3:29PM 1 problem fitting 2 term exponential with nls
3:11PM 1 Equation of an Ellipse in R
2:48PM 2 Adding up normally distributed numbers seems to not create a t-distribution
1:19PM 3 What computer power for GAMM models
12:19PM 1 Revo R for Arima Implementation
9:38AM 1 add a color band
7:57AM 1 Regarding rgdal package installation in R
1:33AM 4 'yum install R' failing with tcl/tk issue
12:42AM 0 How Are You R-help?
12:02AM 0 moving points labels in ordinations
Thursday October 24 2013
10:24PM 0 How to calculate running 8-hour averages of temperature
7:24PM 1 Custom x axis in a boxplot
7:16PM 1 test wilcoxon sur R help!
7:10PM 1 Text in a plot without x axis
6:45PM 0 Error in scan?
4:59PM 2 Nonparametric k-way ANOVA
2:15PM 2 R: Optional argument to be used in a subset function
1:46PM 1 Making a function and applying it over a list(?)
1:28PM 1 Plot.raster hides the axis layer
1:24PM 0 Prototype molds and plastic molds
1:13PM 2 Use R to plot a directory tree
9:40AM 2 track on boats
9:15AM 1 ordinal data with binary response
8:51AM 3 bug in dummy.coef?
8:34AM 0 Course: Mixed modelling (with intro MCMC)
7:16AM 0 TR: problem with ecdf : "missing C_R_approxfun" message
6:54AM 1 problem with ecdf : "missing C_R_approxfun" message
4:39AM 0 Variable operations
2:53AM 1 installing package from source
Wednesday October 23 2013
11:36PM 2 data frame pointers?
6:19PM 0 question regarding cv.glmnet in glmnet package
6:13PM 3 How to view un-sampled data from a randomly sampled dataset
5:39PM 1 Scripting call to R-Studio compile PDF
4:21PM 1 garchFit
2:40PM 1 raster package: merge/mosaic
2:25PM 3 Function not working as I'd like
2:00PM 0 Hey guys I have one slight problem with my code
1:50PM 0 SUR and less observation than parameters
1:00PM 1 changing model matrix restriction in lm()
11:25AM 0 ARIMA model and xreg with R
10:51AM 3 Loop for R
10:17AM 1 gplot
9:05AM 2 Geocode Conversion
4:50AM 1 Help parsing from .txt
3:35AM 2 cbind() function : Not able to display columns
3:03AM 2 Depends and Imports in DESCRIPTION file
Tuesday October 22 2013
10:57PM 0 Help with loop ;(
10:55PM 0 warning messages
6:58PM 0 Replace NA values with previous valid value in array
6:21PM 0 reference class error
5:52PM 2 nls model definition help
5:07PM 2 Graphing complex functions
4:40PM 1 Hdf files Download
2:43PM 2 colour code areas of a plot
2:14PM 0 scholar 0.1.0 on CRAN
2:14PM 0 [R-pkgs] scholar 0.1.0 on CRAN
1:41PM 1 More Columns than column names Error
1:15PM 1 More Columns than column names Error
11:21AM 2 Where is element 30?
9:50AM 1 integer -> factor
7:35AM 1 Merging data.frames with overlapping intervals
7:17AM 0 [ADMB Users] R2admb compile problem
1:52AM 1 left transpose
1:18AM 1 cor matrix in multivariate regression
12:31AM 2 How do I use simple calls to java methods?
Monday October 21 2013
11:32PM 1 Quick advice on loading packages
11:12PM 3 R - How to "physically" Increase Speed
11:08PM 1 post hoc test to a significant Kruskal-Wallis test package asbio function pairw.kw()
9:15PM 2 May I send a zip attachment to a post?
8:30PM 3 speeding up "sum of squared differences" calculation
8:11PM 1 Calculating Blups Using R (lem4 packages)
7:39PM 1 Installation of 3.0.2
6:45PM 1 help creating a simple function to rename columns
6:04PM 3 Error in heatmap
5:09PM 3 About integrating R inside a C++ software
4:28PM 0 Predicting hurdle model results on spatial scale
3:41PM 0 tr: Aggregate values in one dataframe into a list of vectors of different sieze
3:40PM 1 Am I working with regularly spaced time series?
2:45PM 2 plot correlation matrix
2:29PM 0 Aggregate values in one dataframe into a list of vectors of different sieze
2:09PM 0 Removing duplicates dates matched on another column
2:04PM 1 Problem to understand calculation of loglikelihood in the ramps package
1:57PM 2 Problem with coordinates when trying to draw lines into a raster (image) file
12:48PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 128, Issue 22
11:06AM 0 Statistical software interoperability meeting
10:18AM 3 merging matrices
9:19AM 0 Reproducing density(..., kernel='rectangular', width=1) using convolve? (for educational purposes)
4:22AM 1 Data Manipulation in R
3:18AM 1 Conflict between Accelerate BLAS and package 'stats'
Sunday October 20 2013
10:01PM 5 nlminb() - how do I constrain the parameter vector properly?
3:30PM 0 "Error : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments‏"
3:29PM 1 Nash-Sutcliffe coefficient
11:08AM 3 Errore : requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments
10:12AM 0 R2admb compile problem
6:49AM 1 Combining two models into one
4:28AM 2 list and <<-
12:54AM 2 Want to create a histogram
Saturday October 19 2013
9:29PM 3 bold dot size and name in plot
9:27PM 1 blod dot size and name in plot
7:47PM 1 XML package not working
5:41PM 1 loop not working my way
3:27PM 0 read table and import of a text file
10:44AM 1 Extracting AICc and BIC from an ARIMA model.
10:22AM 2 ivreg with fixed effect in R?
9:26AM 1 fitting a random gamma sample into the weibull distribution
4:47AM 0 How would i set every column in a data frame to a scale of 1-100
12:17AM 3 find jumps in vector of repeats
Friday October 18 2013
8:19PM 1 Loop for taking sum of rows based on proximity to other non-NA rows
4:42PM 1 hurdle model error why does need integer values for the dependent variable?
4:41PM 0 Logistic regression over LOOCV
4:40PM 1 Multimodal multidimensional optimization
4:05PM 3 Recovering object names when using the ... argument in a fn XXXX
3:47PM 1 Lists with numbers lists and strings
2:46PM 1 read table and import of a text file
2:01PM 1 No P.values in polr summary
11:37AM 2 Need to merge multiple data frames with time stamp
6:04AM 0 Data frame to PostgreSQL without primary key
4:24AM 1 (no subject)
4:11AM 1 dmvnorm returns NaN
1:59AM 1 crr question‏ in library(cmprsk)
Thursday October 17 2013
9:56PM 1 speeding up a loop
6:54PM 2 Newb: How I find random vector index?
5:21PM 2 RWeka and multicore package
5:02PM 0 Goodness of fit for a Rietveld Refinement
4:48PM 3 Selecting maximums between different variables
3:17PM 2 Lattice xyplot: Fill Legend Points
1:38PM 1 Incorporate Julia into R
1:15PM 2 flatten a list of lists
12:59PM 1 representing points in 3D space with trajectories over time
11:44AM 1 plot - how to vary the distances of the x axis?
11:36AM 1 match values in dependence of ID and Date
11:34AM 1 How would i sum the number of NA's in multiple vectors
11:21AM 4 S4 base class
9:45AM 2 Constraint on regression parameters
7:17AM 1 extract column's from different dataframe
6:55AM 4 Subseting a data.frame
6:40AM 0 Singular Matrix 'a' in solve
3:45AM 3 saveXML() prefix argument
2:18AM 1 Reshape
Wednesday October 16 2013
11:03PM 3 Error message after following Appendix A R-intro
9:57PM 2 Plot time series data irregularly hourly-spaced
9:28PM 0 Workshop: structural equation modeling in R
6:59PM 1 identifying which column an observation comes from?
6:30PM 1 problem with MLE estimation using Kalman filter
6:18PM 1 Extract a predictors form constparty object (CHAID output) in R
5:04PM 3 Weighted regression markers on scatter plots
3:03PM 1 Cleaning up workspace
2:54PM 7 Is there something wrong with R version 3.0.2 (2013-09-25) -- "Frisbee Sailing"?
2:07PM 2 new dprep package for windows
11:01AM 1 How to write an error to output
10:47AM 1 map with inset
10:27AM 0 R reference group in Cape Town South Africa
8:57AM 1 binding matrices
8:13AM 0 course: Bayesian Data Analysis with R and WinBUGS
3:48AM 0 some addition in the codes
12:58AM 2 How to obtain restricted estimates from coxph()?
Tuesday October 15 2013
11:11PM 2 A 'good' way to build a matrix from a sequence of integers?
9:03PM 3 Assign date according to defined time interval
6:59PM 1 how to set pch in auto.key for splom
5:52PM 2 Math notation in a title
4:55PM 1 Problem with lapply
4:15PM 1 Everything You Need for JEdit/R Edit Mode
3:54PM 0 compute current values in a facet
3:38PM 1 plotting a marginal distribution on the plane behind a persp() plot
2:27PM 2 Data handling
2:23PM 1 plot: want only dots
1:24PM 2 Finding solution for non-linear equations
11:55AM 1 Writing an R fn to produce random sequences of binaries XXXX
11:53AM 1 bug(?) in str() with strict.width = "cut" when applied to dataframe with numeric component AND factor or character component with longerlevels/strings
11:07AM 2 extract regression coefficients
10:51AM 2 R on Server without installation
10:32AM 1 cluster option in stata for random intercept model in the R language?
9:53AM 0 Contract Work
9:53AM 0 Contract Work
4:21AM 0 Help Call
Monday October 14 2013
11:27PM 3 RStudio with Revolution-R
10:07PM 0 access the OECD odata API from R
8:25PM 1 project parallel help
8:23PM 2 Image Classification in R
8:08PM 0 Call of interest: mixed modelling course in Quebec City
7:59PM 1 there is no package called 'boot'
7:40PM 1 R Help-how to use sapply w/tapply
6:49PM 2 sequentially aggregating elements of a vector
5:35PM 0 R Help-Implicit loop-lapply
5:01PM 1 Extracting elements of model output
3:52PM 1 simple postscript question
3:09PM 2 Passing multiple object names to a user-defined R fn XXXX
1:52PM 1 x12 doesn't work any longer
11:47AM 2 repeat a linear regression model
10:57AM 2 Help with combining functions
10:31AM 1 singularity problem
8:33AM 1 Transform plot3d grafics in to executable files
7:49AM 1 Comparing two groups
4:09AM 1 R help
12:13AM 0 ENMCA in EnQuireR problems!
Sunday October 13 2013
11:13PM 0 RODBC on Mac
9:04PM 3 using a variable for a column name in a formula
5:53PM 3 How can I use a script "l" (LaTeX \ell) in mathematical annotation of plots?
4:41PM 0 RODBC not connecting from my Mac
3:51PM 0 [Urgent]replace several rows in matrix with a vector
10:37AM 0 Hungarian R User's Group: ggplot2 - The Grammar of Graphics
Saturday October 12 2013
11:41PM 1 lmerTest
4:01PM 2 Order of factors with facets in ggplot2
3:12PM 4 Loop over factor returns NA
1:33PM 1 export glht to LaTeX
10:44AM 0 new package 'midasr'
10:44AM 0 [R-pkgs] new package 'midasr'
3:40AM 1 Introductory screencast tutorials on R
3:13AM 1 using ddply with segmented regression
Friday October 11 2013
10:39PM 1 How do you add the x-bar (mean of x) symbol and show a calculated mean in the title of a histogram?
10:28PM 2 rjava be-carefuls
10:22PM 1 MCP solver
6:59PM 2 Looping over names of multiple data frames in an R for() loop XXXX
4:49PM 3 matrix values linked to vector index
4:49PM 1 Updating RSQLite fails
4:48PM 1 labeling abscissa using a function of the plotted scale
1:45PM 0 Mixed models with overdispersion
1:26PM 3 Create sequential vector for values in another column
12:45PM 2 R plotting
12:08PM 1 behaviour of read.xls (gdata package) when worksheet usesuser-defined cells formats
11:54AM 1 Singular matrix
11:00AM 0 How to altering the colour of confidence intervals in a lattice.
9:01AM 1 ggplot2 : to change the title of legend
8:04AM 3 automation of an R script to run
2:35AM 2 summary and plot
12:02AM 3 Gaussian Quadrature for arbitrary PDF
Thursday October 10 2013
10:35PM 2 Splitting times into groups based on a range of times
10:08PM 0 Assessing compiled code in base packages
9:08PM 0 Revolutions Blog: September roundup
7:40PM 2 Help with expression()
6:39PM 4 Looking for package to solve for exponent using newton's method
5:16PM 0 Using calibrate for raking (survey package)
4:00PM 2 order() not producing results as I expect
3:58PM 1 installing package gstat
3:16PM 1 system2 commands with backslash
3:09PM 3 Problems with R
3:01PM 1 pairs plot
1:17PM 1 Rcpp and mclapply
1:02PM 3 Convert a factor to a numeric
11:49AM 0 vector where elements are functions evaluated at integers, but length of vector varies
11:45AM 0 optimizing code
11:41AM 0 Convert a factor to a numeric
11:17AM 1 convert list of lists to simple list
10:44AM 1 help for compare regression coefficients across groups
3:36AM 2 knitr and functions generating latex
12:35AM 0 Biclustering issues with biclust()
Wednesday October 9 2013
11:43PM 0 AES algorithm package
10:39PM 2 Possible loop/ if statement query
9:35PM 2 Help required graphing factors with predicted model settings
8:26PM 1 Add function to each row excluding certain columns
5:20PM 1 Using "cpquery" function from bnlearn package inside loop
2:40PM 0 habitat mapping of sharks
2:36PM 1 frailtypack
1:53PM 1 Small p from binomial probability function.
1:38PM 0 Remove the help information when R console starts
1:26PM 0 Correlating data after changing one observation for one variable
12:33PM 0 lme slopes and intercepts differences
12:11PM 1 Formula documentation
11:50AM 2 select unique by multiple values
11:31AM 2 Error while running MR using rmr2
10:26AM 0 Testing.
10:23AM 0 Dutilleul's method with covarying parameters
9:54AM 0 How to write R data frame to HDFS using rhdfs?
9:34AM 0 how to pairs plot without axes
8:46AM 2 How can I use the predict function in R in a logistic regression fitted years ago?
8:23AM 1 mixed model MANOVA? does it even exist?
6:43AM 0 Parsing useragent in R
Tuesday October 8 2013
11:02PM 2 iconv question: SQL Server 2005 to R
9:35PM 1 parallels package -can't create cluster
7:46PM 2 Writing Generic (Extractor) Functions
5:29PM 3 tables with row sorted numerically although factors
4:43PM 0 R: Re: R: Re: Information Frequency problem calculation
4:34PM 1 Plot with date
3:46PM 1 Summary functions in sqldf() XXXX
2:47PM 4 matrix of mean values
2:44PM 2 rbenchmark: why is function benchmark back-quoted?
2:35PM 0 [R-pkgs] A new version of the package “TestSurvRec” is now available on CRAN
2:35PM 0 A new version of the package “TestSurvRec” is now available on CRAN
2:03PM 2 problems with package COZIGAM
2:02PM 1 how to check the accuracy for maxent ?
1:37PM 3 Latin Hypercube Sample and transformation to uniformly distributed integers or classes
12:25PM 1 na.action within glmmADMB package?
11:21AM 2 row sum with all absence in a presence-absence matrix
9:22AM 2 What is the difference between Reduce(…) and do.call(…) ?
8:55AM 1 Lattice z colours when using formula class
6:36AM 1 R function for Bisecting K-means algorithm
Monday October 7 2013
11:52PM 1 Centering multi-level unordered factors
5:56PM 0 Interpretation of coefficients in spatial lag models
4:18PM 0 Indirect Association Rules
4:09PM 3 Information Frequency problem calculation
4:04PM 1 Color font in verbatim text output in Shiny
3:23PM 0 interacting with the user: programming r in order to ask questions to the user
1:26PM 0 GLM: Defining non-constant variance for (gaussian) family
1:16PM 1 Data Frame Operation: Replace values based on contraints
12:35PM 1 Why read.table replacing space with "." in the header
11:56AM 1 convert data.frame to parameters
10:22AM 0 plotting the predict values of time series
10:02AM 2 Need help with plotting the graph
9:09AM 1 Growth calculation
7:57AM 1 kill colnames Matrix
Sunday October 6 2013
5:30PM 4 Transposing the output of 'table'
4:21PM 0 work with observations in column
1:35PM 0 Creating a vector in R
1:29PM 1 Create a categorical variable from numeric column
7:58AM 0 power law plot
1:11AM 1 trouble with nlme: Error in MEEM() : Singularity in backsolve at level 0, block 1
Saturday October 5 2013
9:41PM 2 goodness of fit for nonlinear quantile regression
8:17PM 1 Permutation tests in {coin}
4:27PM 0 Help with effective diameter calculation
4:22PM 0 Verzani cover figure
12:12PM 0 Heatmap with mouseover
8:52AM 0 How to establish the order of a time series so as to fit ARIMA
3:21AM 0 try to subset zoo dataset
1:21AM 1 make a file from four individual files. but keys can be missing among files.
12:03AM 3 trying to compile R in win 7 (with Rtools)
Friday October 4 2013
10:50PM 1 Cannot read XPT file using foreign package
9:23PM 1 function with loop that goes through columns of dataframes with different dimensions
7:16PM 3 Why 'gbm' is not giving me error when I change the response from numeric to categorical?
6:38PM 1 Applying and labeling scenarios
4:51PM 1 Web Scraping
4:06PM 3 quote a column of a dataframe by its name
3:03PM 2 Subsetting Timestamped data
2:16PM 2 abline is not plotting
1:49PM 0 Trying it 'isolate' correctly in Shiny
1:49PM 3 Trying to avoid nested loop
12:00PM 2 Tab Separated File Reading Error
11:01AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 128, Issue 5
8:08AM 0 Importing odf file into R
4:57AM 1 Importing odf file into R
2:36AM 0 Divide a Time column each K seconds
Thursday October 3 2013
10:42PM 3 (sans objet)
10:07PM 1 Not getting any result from 'gbm'?
10:07PM 0 How to obtain "doubly robust" means and SEs for different levels of a factor in R?
8:49PM 1 String substitution
8:39PM 1 Random Projection
6:49PM 2 SSweibull() : problems with step factor and singular gradient
4:48PM 2 text position with offset
4:27PM 4 Counting numbers in R
4:10PM 1 When to use RProfile.site or .Rprofile
4:01PM 1 a simple question
3:32PM 4 time series has no or less than 2 periods
2:45PM 0 Testing custom linear contrasts with Welch correction (anova function)
2:41PM 4 storing element number of a list in a column data frame
1:25PM 1 lattice multi-panel layout
1:19PM 0 spatialprobit
12:57PM 1 How to extract the error flag from 'try'
9:41AM 1 prcomp - surprising structure
8:55AM 0 tilting procedure in tilting library hangs or errors
8:35AM 4 Status of installing XML package on widows
8:13AM 1 Problem with makePSOCKcluster R3.0.1
Wednesday October 2 2013
10:51PM 2 YSI data in R
10:11PM 1 foreign package problem with stata 13
9:40PM 0 fminsearch usage
6:44PM 0 Prevalence Assessment in R (Free Webinar)
6:12PM 1 ggplot2 multiple legends modification (resent witout attachments)
4:37PM 0 Help with vapply() loop
4:28PM 2 Bioconductor / AnnotationDbi: Why does a GOAllFrame contain more rows than its argument GoFrame?
3:51PM 3 Drawing garbled
3:33PM 5 Interpreting the result of a Wilcoxon (Mann-Whitney U) test
3:19PM 1 R Excel - Microsoft Excel is waiting for OLE action
3:17PM 1 update.packages fails on pdf write - CSAgent
2:58PM 1 (no subject)
2:52PM 0 How to create an ROC with three possible classes?
2:33PM 0 ggplot2 multiple legends modification
2:12PM 1 How to pass an object between two independant environment?
2:09PM 2 Group all the consecutive days
1:17PM 0 Vector from csv file.
12:10PM 0 Removing time and min from Date
10:41AM 0 r - Forecast model
9:42AM 0 In which order should the "p" argument within chisq.test() be specified when working in 3 dimensions?
7:15AM 2 missclassification in estimating proportions
6:32AM 2 transferring a graph from R into word
1:01AM 0 re-coding variables
Tuesday October 1 2013
9:37PM 1 package:nlme unexpected varIdent behaviour
8:35PM 1 Java requested System.exit(130)
6:15PM 1 over dispersion plot
6:05PM 2 can no longer install packages on OSX
2:41PM 2 glm's for a logistic regression - no warnings?
2:13PM 1 Save intermediate result in a same file
1:55PM 0 Question ANACOR-HELP
1:24PM 3 Basic help on DF creation row by row
12:06PM 2 leveneTest - output
11:22AM 1 'XML' package cannot be un-zipped or un-tar'd"
10:28AM 0 A new book "Learning Regression Analysis by Simulation (Springer)"
10:06AM 1 Tex-mining in R
4:59AM 0 Can I use R for implementing GBI?
3:52AM 0 Reshape problem