R help - Dec 2003

Wednesday December 31 2003
7:50PM 2 a quick question about the package "car"?
4:19PM 2 Calling primitive functions from C code
3:12PM 2 how to use apply on a two variable t-test
12:13PM 2 Plot grouped data: How to change x-axis? (nlme)
9:17AM 1 programming with C++Builder 5
2:39AM 1 MASS package and lda
Tuesday December 30 2003
10:30PM 1 floor of n observations in number generators
9:21PM 2 regexp problem on R 1.7.0
4:39PM 1 Rmpi and PBS
3:48PM 0 grid's viewports
2:56PM 1 odd results from polr vs wilcoxon test
11:51AM 0 dyn.unload? library.dyn.unload?
8:19AM 1 Mistake with contour...
1:11AM 4 Assignments in loops
12:21AM 3 Writing data frames
Monday December 29 2003
7:08PM 2 Rcmd check package failure
4:40PM 1 installing packages on MAC os X
2:13PM 2 Update
Saturday December 27 2003
3:42PM 0 List protocol; draft of guidlines, etc.
1:16PM 0 i am looking for modelling job
Friday December 26 2003
7:32PM 2 different results by re-ordering vector: bug?
4:06PM 1 re| Dr Ward on List protocol
3:09PM 1 Multiple dependent variables
1:34PM 3 loop and read.table
4:52AM 2 OC curve in "Quality Control"
3:56AM 1 Problems converting output from Sweave to PDf
Thursday December 25 2003
11:07PM 6 Plot a sphere
9:41PM 3 Problem plotting with xyplot
8:38PM 0 Re: if .. else parse error {was "Sweave question"} (fwd)
10:03AM 0 Multivariate Kalman filter with time-varying coefficients
2:53AM 2 Fast logistic regression
Wednesday December 24 2003
6:28PM 0 Solution to "Can anyone help me reproduce this SAS Mixed output??"
8:34AM 0 AW: coding logic and syntax in R
7:27AM 4 coding logic and syntax in R
1:48AM 0 Is there an R or S implementation of PAMSIL or PAMMEDSIL
12:40AM 0 test h-f sphericity test?
Tuesday December 23 2003
10:22PM 3 question: DLL or EXE from R procedures
4:01PM 1 mca
3:44PM 7 Sweave question
3:28PM 0 circular package
3:28PM 2 R[Mailman] question: contour plot for discrete data
2:04PM 1 How can I put error bars on a barplot() ?
1:10PM 1 plot.survfit
12:44PM 2 (no subject)
11:39AM 1 What's "latex" for?
9:53AM 0 AW: unary operations
8:59AM 1 unary operations
7:25AM 0 revision of posting guide
7:20AM 1 Rd.sty not found -
4:31AM 3 draft of posting guide. Sorry.
Monday December 22 2003
9:55PM 2 missing data and completed missing data
8:11PM 2 Memory allocation
5:11PM 0 repeated measures with random effects
3:11PM 1 La.eigen hangs R when NaN/NA is present
1:30PM 1 pkg-manual.dvi. How to generate the start page?
11:39AM 2 error propagation - hope it is correct subject
9:51AM 3 runif and sample with reproducibility
9:29AM 2 Problems with read.table()
Sunday December 21 2003
7:45AM 1 Get message "cannot do complex assignments in base namespace" error
2:42AM 2 varFixed
2:35AM 3 Sweave/LaTeX Problem with EPS PDF
1:07AM 0 Software/algorithms for competing risks analysis
Saturday December 20 2003
1:38PM 1 sound library
5:55AM 6 draft of posting guide
12:16AM 7 error bars around a point
Friday December 19 2003
10:58PM 2 [Mailman] question: contour plot for discrete data
9:38PM 1 won't install properly on Mac 10.3.2
8:23PM 1 Different scales for keys in lattice levelplots
8:14PM 0 mpl and ppp
6:51PM 1 problem with rm.impute of the Design library
5:22PM 1 Forward of moderated message
5:19PM 0 disregard last message generic method/ consistency
5:17PM 2 generic/method consistency
5:13PM 2 R in 64 bit for Linux
5:09PM 0 lmList error if NA in variable not used
5:04PM 0 `useR! 2004': Submission & Registration started
4:35PM 1 read.spss warning message with 12.0 sav files
3:19PM 1 Question re labels in r-part (continuation of a thread from a while back)
1:38PM 1 Missing arguments to new
8:47AM 1 Export to GIF
7:33AM 1 R-package install
6:08AM 1 iterative proportional fitting
5:19AM 0 How small machines do you run R on?
12:54AM 2 weighted regression
12:20AM 5 for loop over dataframe without indices
Thursday December 18 2003
9:35PM 1 R and Sybase
9:16PM 1 Help with predict.Arima with external regressor values [Repalced]
9:09PM 0 Help with predict.Arima with external regressor values
8:55PM 3 mclust - clustering by spatial patterns
8:44PM 1 help installing Design package OS-X
7:44PM 2 diagnostic information ....
7:27PM 3 diagnostic information in glm. How about N of missing observations?
7:24PM 0 LotR:RotK + Linux 2.6.0 on the same day
6:02PM 3 R GUI dies using postcript() in Windows XP Pro
5:24PM 1 Collapsing Arrays/Lists to scalar values
3:17PM 1 prevent aov re-ordering of model terms
2:03PM 1 ESS tab completion for file names
2:03PM 3 NA, deleting rows
1:38PM 1 bootstrap pValue in DClusters
1:16PM 4 How to create Voronoi-Polygons ?
1:11PM 2 : Lp norm estimation
11:49AM 1 RSPerl
11:00AM 1 Huynh-Feldt correction
10:24AM 1 Manova
10:19AM 3 symbolic and algebraic computation
9:54AM 2 barplot & plot together
8:18AM 3 Summaries
Wednesday December 17 2003
7:52PM 1 step halving factor reduced below minimum
7:48PM 1 Building packages in XP
7:28PM 5 beginner programming question
7:03PM 1 Accessing row and col names of SEXP objects
5:21PM 1 R demonstration ideas?
3:52PM 1 Session log file...
1:53PM 0 R on Itanium in 64bit mode? Experiences?
1:24PM 3 Asking for help
11:31AM 6 Factor names & levels
9:33AM 1 repeated measures aov problem
7:27AM 2 Easiest way to get the mean of a row of a data.frame?
2:49AM 2 Jacobian Matrix
1:35AM 2 variance estimates in lme biased?
Tuesday December 16 2003
11:00PM 0 Help w/ termplot & predict.coxph/ns
10:19PM 2 Fw: [S] plot stacked bar chart in R
6:06PM 0 error constraints in lme
5:45PM 3 Random Numbers
3:04PM 0 box correction or Huynh-Feldt epsilon
2:21PM 1 Forward stepwise LOGISTIC regression
1:17PM 16 mailing list for basic questions - preliminary sum up
1:13PM 3 `bivariate apply'
7:11AM 1 Calling C function in R
4:45AM 6 Resampling Stats software
4:03AM 2 Winedit and R
Monday December 15 2003
9:39PM 1 Rd files Assignment functions.
8:55PM 3 Julian Dates
7:47PM 2 Appending intermediate terms in a For Loop
6:03PM 0 mailing list for basic questions
5:51PM 1 distribution of second order statistic
3:08PM 1 minor documentation typo ?
2:53PM 0 packages for ecologists - summary
12:54PM 1 Install Design Package
12:17PM 2 Error with spdep
11:00AM 2 Week of the Year date conversion
10:35AM 0 Missing Tcl.h in installation
10:01AM 1 nls arguments
4:17AM 2 help in lme
Sunday December 14 2003
9:16PM 1 pca
9:08PM 5 reverse lexicographic order
6:28PM 1 A faster plotOHLC() for the tseries package
2:58PM 1 contour() should handle the asp parameter
12:19PM 3 Problem with data conversion
3:33AM 0 I have a question
1:29AM 2 density plot for very large dataset
12:44AM 1 compile error with C code and standalone R math C library
Saturday December 13 2003
6:32PM 0 (no subject)
6:28PM 0 sphericity calculation (more formulas?)
5:00PM 0 adding labels to mosaicplots
2:27PM 1 ??devga??
12:00PM 2 half normal probability plot in R
9:11AM 1 partial proportional odds model (PPO)
Friday December 12 2003
11:09PM 0 Question about R-editor rwined()
10:55PM 1 Basic question on function
10:47PM 3 Basic question on function "identical"
8:29PM 0 NLS: starting values
7:55PM 4 Session Logging
7:21PM 1 jacobi.root, scre.eq, cgf.0, cgf.1 and cgf.2 R-plus functions nee ded
4:16PM 0 Rggobi installation issues
2:11PM 0 Precision of probabilities in lm or glm
11:30AM 0 survival analysis question
9:36AM 3 C++: Appending Values onto an R-Vector.
5:55AM 0 About differential evolution
4:46AM 0 lme error terms
4:27AM 0 mean as a condition of an effect?
Thursday December 11 2003
11:29PM 1 Bivariate linear regression
11:23PM 1 plot of survival probability vs. covariate
11:08PM 1 mode
9:44PM 2 returning plot tick marks
8:44PM 1 packaging standards for rda files?
8:17PM 1 Excluding from an Array the Elements of Another Array
7:37PM 0 Mail through r-project.org is down
7:23PM 1 Binomial distribution & Catherine Loader's paper
7:19PM 0 Bugtracking webserver down
6:55PM 1 Scatter Plot Matrix
6:40PM 2 typeIII SS for lme?
6:14PM 1 (no subject)
4:38PM 2 Failed installation on Mac OSX 10.3 (PR#5697)
3:44PM 2 read.spss question warning compression bias
2:58PM 2 chisq.test freezing on certain inputs
2:42PM 0 AW: Paper on PAM and Clara
2:13PM 1 cutree with agnes
2:10PM 0 Failed R installation under Mac OSX 10.3
1:42PM 2 Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel problem
1:37PM 0 Paper on PAM and Clara
12:48PM 0 SV: How to start RMySQL
12:18PM 0 package for mixed models with multivariate response vector?
10:31AM 4 Probelm with read.table
10:08AM 0 \vartheta
10:03AM 0 bartlett.test in a cell?
8:53AM 1 nested aov: plot available?
8:11AM 0 Black and white output from scatterplot (CAR package)
Wednesday December 10 2003
10:47PM 2 How can I call R from Java or C?
10:39PM 0 dyn.load for c code
10:33PM 1 How to start RMySQL
10:00PM 1 RODBC with RAqua
9:23PM 1 extensive grid docs?
7:11PM 0 (no subject)
6:36PM 1 an eval/parse trivia
6:21PM 0 configure stuck in checking leap seconds (R-1.8.1 on AIX)
3:14PM 0 factorial experiments and repeated measures
2:33PM 0 custom kernel
1:46PM 4 Scatterplot axes
11:31AM 1 How to remove extra spaces introduced (?) by write.table
11:16AM 0 NLME and limits on parameter space
9:34AM 3 Error in model.frame
8:57AM 3 How to calculate standard error for a vector?
7:08AM 0 RdbiPgSQL and POSIXct
6:20AM 2 pvalues
2:55AM 0 C++: SET_LENGTH() Over Many Iterations?
2:52AM 3 expressing functions
2:21AM 0 nested analysis with lme - odd result?
12:19AM 2 OT: BibTex year-only citation in text?
Tuesday December 9 2003
10:37PM 1 Key for custom lattice panel function
10:13PM 0 Johnson's Sb distribution
8:26PM 2 packages for ecologists
8:24PM 0 rpart question re NAs introduced by coercion
6:50PM 1 R Interface handholding
6:01PM 1 Contour plots
5:50PM 2 problem with pls(x, y, ..., ncomp = 16): Error in inherit s( x, "data.frame") : subscript out of bounds
4:15PM 0 problem with pls(x, y, ..., ncomp = 16): Error in inherits(x, "data.frame") : subscript out of bounds
3:58PM 0 FW: Symposium COMPSTAT 2004
2:48PM 2 PROC MIXED vs. lme()
2:15PM 1 Importing TIFF files into a R matrix
12:11PM 1 levelplot parameters
11:17AM 2 : global and local variables
9:07AM 1 Alpha
9:01AM 1 R: the spdep package
8:45AM 0 The spdep package
7:12AM 2 Font problem
6:17AM 3 axes that meet
5:02AM 1 How to append to a data.frame?
3:53AM 2 p-value from chisq.test working strangely on 1.8.1
3:24AM 1 Font
2:37AM 3 Interfacing R and Python in MS Windows
Monday December 8 2003
11:39PM 0 Frequent crash printing graphics windows and wavethresh
10:41PM 2 R^2 analogue in polr() and prerequisites for polr()
9:46PM 2 Matrix to Dates
9:23PM 1 Design functions after Multiple Imputation
8:18PM 0 Durbin Watson thanks!
7:45PM 0 Durbin Watson
7:35PM 1 Durbin Watson test
7:11PM 0 Re: Compiling R in 64-bit mode on AIX
7:02PM 1 Recoding problem
6:48PM 1 trouble with predict.l1ce
5:59PM 2 test for arima coef's significancy
4:56PM 1 WinMenus - is there a way of knowing if a WinMenu or WinMenuItem already exists?
3:51PM 3 stripchart problem
3:51PM 0 TukeyHSD changes if I create interaction term
12:17PM 1 aggregate and names of factors
12:08PM 2 Reading formated databases
11:18AM 0 tkrplot with grid lattice plots
10:50AM 1 graphical parametres...
10:47AM 1 Add row to data frame
10:33AM 0 Confidence intervals in ANOVA
1:51AM 2 Character graphics
Sunday December 7 2003
9:39PM 2 par(las = 1) not possible in polymap(), library(splancs)?
5:45PM 0 logistic regression
12:44PM 0 AW: A hint to start ESS-xemacs
7:38AM 5 A hint to start ESS-xemacs
2:56AM 2 Help
Saturday December 6 2003
10:57PM 1 recode{car} does not work as expected?
6:57PM 1 pdf() function, screen command and graphs
6:41PM 7 Windows Memory Issues
6:07PM 2 Precision
5:48PM 3 Axe time of series in format yy-mm-dd
4:10PM 2 Difference between summary.lm() and summary.aov()
12:56PM 1 (no subject)
Friday December 5 2003
7:27PM 3 .C() memory allocation
7:00PM 3 Odds ratios for categorical variable
5:49PM 1 Can anyone help me reproduce this SAS Mixed output??
5:37PM 1 rcmd check question.
4:33PM 2 s-plus to R
4:32PM 5 GUI's for R
1:40PM 2 data fitting
12:33PM 0 Difficult experimental design questions
11:34AM 1 How to use Sys.setlocale("LC_NUMERIC")?
3:34AM 1 Robust Covariance Estimation (NNVE) Package Released
3:19AM 1 grid packages since R-1.7.1
12:17AM 0 simple sphericity test using bartlett and cov?
12:13AM 0 Model (aov): CI of interaction
Thursday December 4 2003
11:58PM 2 passing par() options to pdf under Sweave
11:52PM 1 R code for estimating Hurst exponent
11:40PM 5 Processing calendar dates with R
9:02PM 1 Interrupt handling
8:37PM 1 assigning colors to barplot when beside=TRUE
5:20PM 4 bug in as.POSIXct ?
5:04PM 2 convert data
5:03PM 1 Font-style
3:38PM 4 regression with limited range response
3:08PM 2 Power-function of the F-Test
1:03PM 6 get mean of several rows
12:57PM 2 Comparing Negative Binomial Regression in Stata and R. Constants differ?
12:55PM 1 Irregular Time series
12:18PM 4 Selecting subsamples
12:05PM 0 Matrix Decomposition
11:53AM 2 extracting p value from GEE
8:46AM 0 AW: Table to pdf
8:34AM 1 Table to pdf
3:21AM 2 RE: R performance questions
12:31AM 2 R performance--referred from Bioconductor listserv
12:07AM 2 predict.gl1ce question
Wednesday December 3 2003
10:38PM 0 Code for Hodrick-Prescott Filter
10:31PM 5 add a point to regression line and cook's distance
8:46PM 1 volume of an irregular grid
6:17PM 2 nameless functions in R
6:06PM 3 checking for identical columns in a mxn matrix
4:26PM 1 Error in randomForest.default(m, y, ...) : negative lengt h vectors are not allowed
2:42PM 0 Error in randomForest.default(m, y, ...) : negative length vectors are not allowed
2:32PM 3 non-uniqueness in cluster analysis
1:35PM 1 intraclass correlation
1:34PM 1 multidimensional Fisher or Chi square test
1:09PM 1 Changing Colors
12:26PM 1 amap : hclust agglomeration
10:08AM 1 Simulating correlated distributions
8:41AM 1 Rblas for dual Xeon
5:25AM 0 npmc output
3:53AM 0 pushBack
3:23AM 1 R and Memory
Tuesday December 2 2003
10:10PM 1 Trouble with syntax
9:28PM 2 contributed packages not found
9:18PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Programming Techniques II in January 2004 @ 4 locations near you.
6:06PM 1 setMethod("min", "myclass", ...)
4:04PM 2 generate random number
3:34PM 2 Two questions about the creating new package
3:33PM 1 Is there a way to use CGIwithR in Windows?
3:19PM 1 changing axis font size in a pairs plot?
1:02PM 1 question regarding variance components
11:11AM 2 model of fish over exploitation
10:34AM 1 lme: reproducing example
10:33AM 1 RWinEdt
8:40AM 0 names of parameters from nonlinear model?
8:29AM 1 Two axes with different scales
4:14AM 3 check WARNING...
2:32AM 1 Help with this topic
1:56AM 0 white's general heteroscedasticity test
1:35AM 1 smoothing functions
1:19AM 8 Vector Assignments
Monday December 1 2003
11:58PM 3 search site for R (http://finzi.psych.upenn.edu)
9:44PM 1 histogram density division
8:23PM 2 help with random numbers and Rmpi
7:59PM 2 Kurtosis function
6:13PM 1 Re: using shapefile as owin
4:44PM 0 white's general heterocedasticity test
4:36PM 1 matrix bending
1:07PM 0 AW: Sampling
12:57PM 0 Cluster analysis for multinominal data?
12:37PM 2 Sampling
12:21PM 1 Rd Files?
12:07PM 0 Changing distance scale in plclust()
10:51AM 2 wilcoxon-pratt signed rank test in R - drug-effiacy
4:20AM 1 hdf library for windows