R help - Jan 2004

Saturday January 31 2004
8:46PM 0 lme help
3:43PM 2 in which column is an entry?
9:50AM 1 about contour - get contour coordinates - exclude area display
Friday January 30 2004
11:25PM 1 exporting directly to a file
11:18PM 0 RGui Buffered Output
9:11PM 0 Using fda - bruto
9:04PM 1 MATLAB to R
9:04PM 1 Trouble plotting with factor
8:58PM 7 Detect the presence of an object
8:55PM 1 Measures of central tendency - mode
8:29PM 1 a problem loading package 'subselect'
7:11PM 0 coupled statistical models
7:08PM 3 looping over factors
3:13PM 2 How to plot a small figure in a bigger one???
1:46PM 1 How to create own distance measure in cluster ?
12:13PM 1 lines in 3d-cloud plot (lattice)
9:20AM 0 GLMM (lme4) vs. glmmPQL output (summary with lme4 revised)
7:33AM 1 estimating mode
3:03AM 3 memory problem for R
2:45AM 1 Memory clear problem
12:17AM 1 Running R remotely in Windows Environment? - Xemacs and ssh
Thursday January 29 2004
11:43PM 1 a question regarding leaps
8:30PM 2 Object validation and formal classes
7:07PM 1 Variable substitution in grep pattern
6:13PM 0 Course***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, February-March 2004 @ 5 locations near you! (Raleigh, New York, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco)
4:39PM 0 Repeated regressions
4:19PM 6 please help me!
4:00PM 2 RMySQL for R1.8.1 on Windows
3:55PM 0 Denied post to s-news
2:33PM 10 Doubt about pattern
1:58PM 2 Loglienar models
1:56PM 1 setMethodReplace.. Help!
9:03AM 2 Help in error : SAM function in library siggenes
4:13AM 2 Finding Sweave.sty and other problems
1:34AM 2 Calculating/understanding variance-covariance matrix of logistic regression (lrm $var)
1:21AM 1 Confirmatory Factor Analysis in R? SEM?
12:35AM 3 Running R remotely in Windows Environment?
Wednesday January 28 2004
10:21PM 4 Math Expression and Variable Value in Title
9:01PM 9 How to generate a report with graphics and tables?
8:30PM 1 build fails to build help for nlme
8:19PM 2 Read In and Output Postscript file
8:11PM 1 Large data sets and memory management in R.
7:29PM 1 how to set R_GSCMD
7:05PM 1 multiple plots..again
3:19PM 1 Re: Help with Hmisc/Design installation in R-aqua (apple)
3:14PM 0 Re: Help with Hmisc/Design installation in R-aqua (apple).
2:33PM 0 savitzky-golay derivatives?
1:29PM 0 editing matrices (duh)
1:13PM 0 detecting non-singular square sub-matrices in rectangular matrice s.
10:50AM 5 Julian dates
10:48AM 0 Install R connector Server
10:31AM 1 dates function
10:27AM 0 plotting ARIMA fit
6:10AM 0 'subscript out of bounds'
12:02AM 0 more graphics questions
Tuesday January 27 2004
10:40PM 1 asymptotic convergence of savitzky-golay?
9:50PM 1 modified bonferroni correction
9:10PM 0 'Cbinding' a variable number of vectors
8:00PM 8 distance between two matrices
6:50PM 0 Membership
4:52PM 0 subplot command?
4:22PM 1 GRAPH
3:51PM 0 refman.pdf broken?
3:35PM 0 editing matrices (duh?)
2:54PM 1 MySQL posting confirmation for r-help@lists.r-project.org
2:43PM 2 Probability for ANOVA
2:32PM 0 package.
12:12PM 0 Gene identification
10:42AM 3 Directory-like data organisation w/ environments?
9:40AM 0 help help help
8:44AM 0 psychology and logistic regression
1:35AM 0 The results of your email commands
Monday January 26 2004
11:34PM 0 Function R
10:49PM 3 write.table file="file.txt" help
9:38PM 2 HTML help pages
7:15PM 5 conditional assignment
6:15PM 1 Question about design matrix
5:44PM 3 Fortran source code
4:56PM 0 Trouble with HTML search engine & Mozilla Firebird
4:42PM 0 Learning to use survey package
3:17PM 0 Openin a file from spss
2:29PM 0 Significances of Korrelations and Sweave
2:14PM 0 correlation/random effects when using nlme
4:43AM 2 D(COM) with Excel
Sunday January 25 2004
11:17PM 3 orphaned packages
11:07PM 0 Reading in .csv Files in R 1081
10:58PM 0 'Math' group generic functions. Cant explain behaviour of 'log'.
1:59PM 3 warning associated with Logistic Regression
6:10AM 1 boot vs. bootstrap
4:44AM 1 package question
3:47AM 3 how to keep functions while remove all other commands
2:39AM 1 Error Loading r
Saturday January 24 2004
6:47PM 1 logical comparison of two matrices
12:36PM 1 loop variable passage and lists
7:31AM 2 Re-Post: Combining Factors in model.matrix
12:48AM 0 regression to get non-negative parameters
12:45AM 1 "ylab" argument to plot.stepfun
Friday January 23 2004
8:22PM 0 Re: matrix __power__ (was "exponential")
5:58PM 1 lags in regressions
5:43PM 0 Fast ARMA
4:21PM 0 graphical book suggestion
4:21PM 0 correlation between two time serials
4:18PM 1 Problem with hasArg() using R-files
3:11PM 0 STARMA model (Space-Time ARMA)
3:08PM 1 Response Surface
2:24PM 5 Levels number of a factor object
12:23PM 1 predict.lda problem with posterior probabilities
12:08PM 2 (no subject)
4:54AM 1 how to take derivatives of a step function
1:21AM 0 confidence intervals
1:05AM 1 BVLS
12:36AM 0 cmptl_analy.R
12:33AM 1 Turnbull estimate
Thursday January 22 2004
11:56PM 4 Fitting compartmental model with nls and lsoda?
11:41PM 0 data.entry question
11:05PM 0 FW: Réf. : Packages debug and mvbutils
10:19PM 0 help on rgdal package
9:49PM 1 Interfacing with Java
9:11PM 1 Graphical Windows
8:35PM 2 lm function
7:58PM 2 scan() Bug?
7:34PM 0 wavelet toolbox
6:32PM 4 Axes Ticks
6:11PM 3 adding mean to boxplot
5:00PM 1 spectrum
4:40PM 1 Please help with \usage{} for [.S3Class in Rd-Format
3:42PM 2 help repeated measures factoial design
2:06PM 0 Réf. : Packages debug and mvbutils
1:47PM 4 customising installed libraries
1:34PM 1 Re: matrix exponential: M0
12:47PM 1 Calculation of normalised red and green intensities
12:08PM 1 File permissions and packages, openVignette
11:29AM 0 problem fitting linear mixed models
11:16AM 0 queing theory and R
10:56AM 1 Packages debug and mvbutils
6:06AM 1 Bug in termplot?
1:27AM 0 Combining Factors in model.matrix
12:32AM 1 error message
Wednesday January 21 2004
10:00PM 1 Problem with lme, ns and df (variable scoping problem?)
9:34PM 1 storage.mode and argument duplication
8:52PM 0 intervals in lme() and ill-defined models
8:19PM 1 silhoutte.default bugs
7:52PM 1 Mac OS X and R
7:38PM 0 Summary: Changing workspace from within an R session
5:23PM 0 weighted hierarchical cluster analysis
4:57PM 1 outlier identification: is there a redundancy-invariant substitution for mahalanobis distances?
3:41PM 1 varimax rotaion
12:06PM 0 Hello
11:56AM 2 subset select within a function
11:54AM 2 derivative of atan(x) and similar functions
11:49AM 1 Oracle RODBC/ROracle(W2k)
11:23AM 0 R News Volume 3/3
5:56AM 0 Any Better way to find function
5:53AM 2 Better way to find function
4:37AM 1 MODREG source
Tuesday January 20 2004
11:45PM 2 Combining several regressions
10:04PM 1 problem with rcmd build R-devel
9:55PM 1 evaluation of discriminant functions+multivariate homosce dasticity
9:04PM 1 Ruby & R
7:24PM 0 problems installing odesolve in OS X
6:28PM 0 Matrix exponential
6:18PM 0 Re: Need help on how to list functions from a loaded pack age...
5:59PM 0 nlminb function
5:41PM 1 programming cycle: file managment
5:16PM 1 Re: Need help on how to list functions from a loaded package...
5:05PM 1 Restoring an S object that was data-dumped
5:04PM 2 repeated measurements with R
4:03PM 4 matrix exponential: M^0
3:51PM 3 Changing workspace from within an R session
3:34PM 2 avas and ace
3:15PM 4 Loading packages at startup
2:13PM 1 Sytem Requirements for R for Win XP
1:39PM 0 Weird problem with trying to change a variable SOLVED
12:28PM 1 evaluation of discriminant functions+multivariate homoscedasticity
12:15PM 1 Roracle pre-compile error?
12:15PM 2 question
10:14AM 1 lattice: adding text between grouped panels?
9:59AM 1 random forest question
9:49AM 2 avas
2:20AM 0 Buckley-James censored regression without intercept
12:07AM 2 graph algorithms in R
Monday January 19 2004
9:52PM 1 about power of tests
7:27PM 1 Returning data in matrix form
6:23PM 1 Persistence for statistical models
6:12PM 0 Course***Advanced R/Splus Programming***Boston, January 2004 by XLSolutions Corp
5:43PM 2 January advanced R/Splus course in Boston?
5:04PM 1 ftable to LaTeX
4:51PM 4 Some more help needed...
4:16PM 1 qda problem
2:07PM 1 Compiling R, cannot open vars.mk
11:19AM 1 memory limitation with Fortran interface
11:17AM 1 png support on R debian sid 1.8.1 binary
10:30AM 2 Relative risk using GAM
1:39AM 1 Hi
Sunday January 18 2004
4:36PM 1 multcomp, simint, simtest and computation duration
12:52PM 3 Syntay-Highlighting for KDE-Kate
Saturday January 17 2004
7:39PM 1 (no subject)
2:58PM 3 Multiple groupedData plots in a postscript file using a loop
11:30AM 5 ternary diagrams with contours
9:08AM 1 Re:GAM with R
Friday January 16 2004
10:59PM 1 generate random number of any given distribution
9:56PM 1 ecdf function
9:18PM 2 Weird problem with trying to change a variable
7:36PM 1 Sparse matrix row/column access (SparseM)?
7:16PM 0 Summary: Installing the Rcmdr and tcltk
5:12PM 0 anova repeated measure interpretation
4:28PM 0 Nlm
4:02PM 2 Saving jpg of plot with grid.arrows
3:18PM 1 analytic derivative of complex function
1:29PM 2 individual likelihoods
1:22PM 2 reference to objects
11:01AM 2 Using dates for plotting
9:48AM 1 error message in plot(aov-object) -- repost
8:56AM 1 Naïve Bayes
8:54AM 0 FW: Announce: RPy version 0.3.3
12:53AM 1 fedora and yum
12:22AM 0 adjusted rand index
Thursday January 15 2004
11:47PM 1 random effects with lme() -- comparison with lm()
11:44PM 1 memory in R
11:02PM 4 invoking R scripts from a linux shell ?
10:03PM 2 Multiple comparisons in R; multicomp
8:56PM 4 SIR
7:23PM 2 plotting predicted values (lines) over data?
7:17PM 0 hyperlink in the R logo to a/the R homepage?
7:04PM 5 Lattices: Cloud: Background
6:50PM 1 plot
6:50PM 3 Extracting multiple elements from a list
5:28PM 1 old version of R for Windows
4:39PM 1 empty string
4:20PM 3 how to overlap plots
3:19PM 1 Ordering bars in barplots
1:55PM 1 Exactness of ppois
1:53PM 1 nlme vs aov with Error() for an ANCOVA
1:35PM 2 A language technical question.
1:27PM 0 Sjava question on MacOS 10.3
10:44AM 0 model II regression
7:08AM 2 Legend text -- discrepancy between X11 and postscript
1:25AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 11, Issue 14
Wednesday January 14 2004
11:52PM 2 R internal data types
11:28PM 2 Binomial glms with very small numbers
9:53PM 1 NLS mensagem error...
9:34PM 0 rcmd check question.
9:11PM 2 Generalized least squares using "gnls" function
8:59PM 0 Update on: Installing the Rcmdr and tclk package
8:10PM 1 estimation of lambda and gamma with std errors for a weibull model
8:08PM 1 Using pam, agnes or clara as prediction models?
7:40PM 1 Testing a timeseries for heteroscedastic (lmtest)
7:03PM 0 discriminant analysis
6:57PM 2 nonlinear regression and Excel solver
5:11PM 1 Collapsing a factor in R
5:05PM 1 Help Needed on plot Function
4:35PM 1 model-based clustering
4:30PM 0 error message in plot(aov-object)
4:25PM 1 R equivalent of Splus peaks() function?
4:21PM 3 How can I test if time series residuals' are uncorrelated ?
3:03PM 1 seasonal fractional ARIMA models
2:05PM 1 cca in vegan
1:53PM 1 univariant time series
1:47PM 0 non-nested models testing
1:43PM 0 Réf. : email problem
1:20PM 2 Fixed parameters in an AR (or arima) model
12:01PM 1 arrows on contour lines
12:00PM 0 How can I test if a not independently and not identicallydistributed time series residuals' are uncorrelated ?
11:33AM 2 RMySQL : Not loading
10:55AM 0 clustering indexes/indices
9:35AM 1 array(list(),c(2,5)) gives error in R 1.8.1
9:13AM 1 'solve' algorithm
8:48AM 1 Trellis graph and two colors display
8:24AM 3 summary() within a function
6:25AM 1 copula functions
Tuesday January 13 2004
10:02PM 1 prcomp: error code 17 from Lapack routine dgesdd
9:52PM 0 Running out of memory
8:37PM 3 How can I test if a not independently and not identically distributed time series residuals' are uncorrelated ?
6:11PM 0 nlminb(Splus) vs optim(R)
5:32PM 2 Installing the Rcmdr and tclk package
4:12PM 2 R killed on Solaris
3:50PM 0 Kaver
3:48PM 2 email problem
3:39PM 0 Average Graph
12:05PM 2 Manova for repeated measures
7:00AM 0 How to get the full (overparametrized) model matrix
3:35AM 1 reinstalling R/ mandrake 9.1/ rpm
Monday January 12 2004
11:49PM 1 extract data from a data.frame
10:16PM 2 data structure problem
8:19PM 3 ? data.entry "read-only" ?
6:31PM 1 graphlets -- more
5:26PM 1 question about how summary.lm works
4:58PM 0 graphlets
4:25PM 1 source problem
3:29PM 1 ReadLines does not give results with urls
2:15PM 0 tune(): how to specify a kernel ?
2:07PM 1 re: help with Hmisc/ Design installation in R-aqua (apple).
12:33PM 1 barplots with no lines around each bar
11:57AM 0 (no subject)
11:38AM 0 Help on Discriminant analysis
9:15AM 1 Matrix indexes
4:42AM 2 Wrote new tiff package, would like big-endian tiffs for testing
3:22AM 0 new version of randomForest (4.0-7)
Sunday January 11 2004
4:27PM 3 newbie question on contrasts and aov
5:44AM 1 Wavelet on time series.
Saturday January 10 2004
9:21PM 1 Error in R-1.8.1 build
4:25AM 0 FW: Letter Spacing
2:42AM 1 menuRandomSample funciton in S+ -> R?
12:11AM 1 edit windows in RAqua
Friday January 9 2004
10:05PM 1 degree-min-sec data
8:20PM 1 Call and memory
6:35PM 2 Fit non-linear regressor
3:46PM 3 ipred and lda
3:12PM 4 Poisson distribution help requested
2:53PM 0 problems with large data II
2:20PM 0 Raqua edit.data.frame()
11:04AM 1 pb with install
10:28AM 3 problems with large data
10:16AM 2 r: fortran help
10:10AM 3 apply to multiple arrays simultaneously
9:12AM 1 Wich character coding for source under Windows?
6:02AM 1 minimization routines in R
6:01AM 2 Letter Spacing
3:27AM 0 minimization using Powell's method without derivative
12:24AM 1 R and Postgresql (DBI)
Thursday January 8 2004
9:23PM 2 Sweave & xtable
7:15PM 0 problem
6:54PM 0 Installing R on 64-bit Solaris 2.8 --- I am up and running thanks to all
4:21PM 1 how to input incomplete data?
3:00PM 1 Using geoR krige.conv
2:58PM 1 Using split.screen
2:52PM 3 Installing R on 64-bit Solaris 2.8 --- follow-up
2:50PM 3 Strange parametrization in polr
1:33PM 0 title after split.screen (was multiple plot)
1:29PM 3 plot in win.metafile in nlme
1:29PM 0 Fitting curves with discontinuous derivatives
1:22PM 0 (no subject)
1:01PM 1 (no subject)
12:52PM 1 Help with acf
11:32AM 0 gamma() function for complex arguments
10:47AM 1 multiple plot
9:22AM 2 (no subject)
9:21AM 0 New version of eha
Wednesday January 7 2004
11:11PM 1 3-dimensional looping Q.
11:10PM 0 Statistical Learning and Datamining course based on R/Splus tools
7:04PM 3 GLMM (lme4) vs. glmmPQL output
4:56PM 2 locale problem in W98
4:53PM 5 assign
4:29PM 2 segments in 3d space
4:13PM 2 Installing R on 64-bit Solaris 2.8
3:41PM 1 Analyzing dendrograms
3:13PM 0 rpart question on loss matrix
2:30PM 0 Multiple response dv repeated measures
11:57AM 2 Survival, Kaplan-Meier, left truncation
10:52AM 0 malecot migration matrix
9:16AM 1 generic name of variables
8:16AM 1 Spatial regression model
7:20AM 1 Questions on RandomForest
6:44AM 1 Sweave and X11 on OSX 10.3
6:30AM 1 length of tick marks in grid.xaxis and grid.yaxis
3:57AM 0
Tuesday January 6 2004
11:09PM 1 Grouping data.frames
10:10PM 1 .Rdata file size
7:03PM 1 Problem reading large tables
5:41PM 2 dist(x,y)
5:38PM 0 Course***Advanced R/Splus Programming***January 2004 by XLSolutions Corp.
4:46PM 1 Problem while reading .csv files
3:52PM 0 dist(x, y) ???
3:31PM 2 comparing classification methods: 10-fold cv or leaving-one-out ?
3:04PM 1 Constructing a lm for predict() by hand
2:56PM 2 proxy
2:56PM 1 help on rmeta
1:34PM 1 numerical derivative
2:59AM 0 Boost Protein Expression by Codon Optimization
2:32AM 2 rmetasim: a population genetic simulation environment
1:38AM 1 "Smart update" utility (or coding) for data files
Monday January 5 2004
8:45PM 3 optim function : "BFGS" vs "L-BFGS-B"
7:54PM 2 loading matrix from file
7:29PM 0 DATA MINING Conference – 30th January is the deadline for early-bird registration discount.
6:18PM 2 build R package on winXP
5:27PM 3 Heeeeeelp! Estimatet Marginal Means of ANOVA needed!
4:13PM 1 lda() called with data=subset() command
3:50PM 2 Installing spdep
3:06PM 1 corrupt data object/session???
1:14PM 2 Set values in namespaces
12:53PM 1 install on windows
12:30PM 1 MANOVA power, degrees of freedom, and RAO's paradox
9:30AM 4 r: lm question
Sunday January 4 2004
11:25PM 1 Density Plots
9:54PM 0 R-analogue to the estimate and lsmeans statements in SAS
8:29PM 1 Error running as.phylo (package ape)
1:42PM 1 array problem
12:38PM 5 Analyzing dendograms??
Saturday January 3 2004
11:36PM 1 Exeption handling
10:58PM 2 Exception handling
7:27PM 1 (no subject)
2:54PM 0 : isoMDS using
12:47PM 0 error "evaluation nested too deeply" {was "Heatmap"}
5:45AM 1 R doesn't run on g4 iBook with Panther
Friday January 2 2004
9:49PM 1 type III sum of squares - ssType
5:49PM 2 SEM help!!!
2:29PM 1 bwplot and panel.bwplot
8:29AM 3 Importing Excel/Openoffice Dates into R
Thursday January 1 2004
8:04PM 4 force fixed format
6:59PM 0 Segmentation fault with data.frame
6:34PM 1 Barplot errors in MASS script
4:28PM 1 ade4