R help - Nov 2003

Sunday November 30 2003
11:27PM 1 fitting a theoretical distribution with truncated tails
8:03PM 0 box m-test in R , 2nd
9:47AM 1 Escape optimization
9:20AM 1 with for objects
4:42AM 1 tcltk problem with <Button-2>
Saturday November 29 2003
9:56PM 1 Classic Levene Test of variances
4:52PM 1 problems with xlab
10:37AM 2 Indexing ANOVA table
3:19AM 3 performance gap between R 1.7.1 and 1.8.0
Friday November 28 2003
11:25PM 1 compile problem with gzfile
10:02PM 1 problem with nls()
9:27PM 5 Discovering methods
5:51PM 0 box m-test in R?
2:44PM 0 For those of you that uses syn Text Editor to edit .R files
1:45PM 1 mark axis
9:32AM 1 tcltk extension: documentation?
6:55AM 0 (no subject)
6:13AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday November 27 2003
11:52PM 1 cclust - cindex - binary data
11:01PM 2 Getting rid of loops?
7:11PM 1 tcltk - tkcreate question
5:49PM 2 MASS fitdistr()
4:04PM 4 significance in difference of proportions
3:10PM 1 problems with R graph.
2:19PM 1 help me!
2:02PM 2 lme v. aov?
1:26PM 0 stl and NA
12:48PM 1 lagsarlm - using mixed explanatory variables (spdep package)
10:11AM 2 would like to know how to simulated a GARCH(1,2)
7:27AM 0 Workshop on Statistics in Functional Genomics 2004
5:24AM 1 sorting a list structure based on one of its components
Wednesday November 26 2003
10:08PM 5 multiple peaks in data frame
7:44PM 1 excluding libraries at configure
6:25PM 2 lsmeans
6:12PM 0 cumulative relative frequency curve(ogive)
5:54PM 1 re: lines(lowess())
5:26PM 4 R 1.8.1 on SUSE 9.0
4:44PM 0 R 1.8.1 for Mandrake 8.2
4:43PM 1 lines(lowess()) trouble
4:42PM 0 connect RAqua 1.8.1 with external editor (alphaX)
4:40PM 0 new R package: magic squares
4:06PM 6 FDA and ICH Compliance of R
3:03PM 3 Correlation test in time series
2:58PM 0 (a solution for) plotCI : Disabling X axis labels ?
2:16PM 2 creating graphs in BATCH mode
2:15PM 0 plotCI : Disabling X axis labels ?
12:47PM 1 Spearman correlation and missing observations
12:31PM 0 Interations to convergence with eigen()
9:53AM 0 pdf files, change in content
4:25AM 2 Calculating great circle distances
3:38AM 2 Syntax error from the following command running on Win XP: Rcmd BATCH a:test.r
1:37AM 0 Visual Studio 6, GetRNGstate() causes crash
1:36AM 0 Update to DataLoad on VSN website
1:32AM 1 nlm
12:23AM 4 strptime Usage
Tuesday November 25 2003
11:28PM 3 weighted mean
11:11PM 1 hist plot and custom "band" width
11:09PM 1 problem plotting curve through data
9:18PM 1 64-bit R on Opteron [was Re: Windows R 1.8.0 hangs when M em Usage >1.8GB]
6:34PM 1 plotting to postscript: how to control line width ?
4:10PM 1 using pdMAT in the lme function?
3:10PM 2 R recursion depth and stack size
2:03PM 3 plot mean + S.E. over time
1:54PM 3 Persistent state of R
12:38PM 1 Something broken with update?
12:10PM 0 Coxian-Distribution
11:09AM 2 Lambert's W function
10:36AM 2 RandomForest & memory demand
10:29AM 1 1.8.1. RMySQL Win2K Writing-Table Problem?
10:20AM 1 randomly permuting rows or col's of a matrix
10:05AM 0 AW: ISOdate() and strptime()
9:09AM 5 Parameter estimation in nls
3:33AM 1 Y axis scale in plot.gam
1:55AM 1 Time series indexing/subsetting
Monday November 24 2003
11:29PM 0 Re: [RMySQL] unable to establish connection since R-1.8.0 upgrade
10:58PM 0 Variance Ratios
9:23PM 2 1.8.1 and subsetting dataframes
9:22PM 2 How to get the parameters of nls(...) for later use
7:45PM 1 RMySQL valid field names
7:17PM 2 Is R multi-threaded?
4:47PM 0 Model checking for glms
3:31PM 2 Questions on Random Forest
3:19PM 3 Bollinger Bands
2:32PM 1 Warning calling par
12:59PM 2 statistical prediction for glm()
10:09AM 1 mle in the gamma model
9:51AM 2 merging variable and character
9:49AM 0 link between arima and arma fit
4:56AM 1 ROracle issue with shared library and RMySQL
Sunday November 23 2003
8:52PM 1 dvips function gives "Documents not found" error
7:48PM 2 R Home Page Graphic Competition
5:30PM 4 remove 0 rows from a data frame
5:22PM 1 coplot row separatot line
4:56PM 0 Stangle - dropping re-used code chunks
4:04PM 1 readline problem under src-compiled R 1.8.x under Mandrake 9.2
3:48PM 2 Distribution transformations
11:38AM 1 R comparison
2:20AM 1 options(width= ) in rw1081
12:12AM 2 where to get the "leaps" package
Saturday November 22 2003
9:37PM 2 plotting and overlay
7:50PM 0 arima {ts}
6:50PM 0 Warning: X11 protocol error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
6:17PM 0 R crashes with package SJava; was Memory leakage?
4:57PM 3 1.8.1 behavior change?
1:04PM 0 About implementing triangulation function in gpclib
12:25PM 0 : how to plot smooth function estimate from gam (mgcv package) in other program
8:49AM 0 RAqua 1.8.1 binaries available on CRAN
8:40AM 2 lm with ordered factors
12:11AM 3 summary.manova and rank deficiency
Friday November 21 2003
11:57PM 1 How to read .bmp files into R? read.pnm throws error
11:41PM 0 C++ streams in shared library in cause R to hang? (linux)
7:16PM 1 R memory allocation error - Unix
6:44PM 1 output files in a different directory
4:59PM 1 hidden node names in a dendrogram plot
4:08PM 1 VIP and pls
3:57PM 1 glmmPQL, log-likelihoods issue
3:03PM 2 method names conflict.
3:00PM 2 kruskal wallis for manova?
2:05PM 2 read SAS format file from R
1:22PM 3 what does this mean in R-1.8.1 release notes?
1:17PM 2 cross-validation with count-data
1:08PM 0 event history analysis and multiple origin and destination states
1:01PM 3 plot map of areas
12:55PM 0 gls with serial correlation
12:45PM 1 R-1.8.1 is released
10:50AM 1 : BIC for gls models
9:58AM 0 AW: best editor for .R files
9:34AM 0 Package for Mandrake 8.2
7:43AM 0 Answered: incorporating R into C
5:38AM 2 using a logical vector as a mask?
3:23AM 3 speeding up a pairwise correlation calculation
3:00AM 2 Who can provide me RWeb installation
Thursday November 20 2003
10:38PM 1 incorporating R into C
9:37PM 1 model tutorial
9:27PM 6 best editor for .R files
9:11PM 0 Fractional polynomials
8:50PM 3 Fracpoly
7:37PM 3 Problem with Trellis graphics in nlme
7:28PM 1 acf with NA?
7:28PM 1 TISEAN and nonlinear time series
6:21PM 2 reading data rows
6:06PM 2 ts format for daily time serie
5:12PM 4 p value in MANOVA
2:26PM 0 How to adjust the Intercept correctly when using ols() and validate().
2:26PM 0 Re: nlrq problem
2:08PM 1 Compile Packages under Windows and CHM
2:02PM 3 nls, nlrq, and box-cox transformation
1:43PM 2 Increment element of vector and efficiency
12:26PM 5 Find value in vector (or matrix)
8:12AM 2 netCDF, ncdf library
7:42AM 0 How to handle multiple thread using (D)COM server
7:11AM 3 read.table(..)..Help?
5:08AM 1 maps package for Windows
2:34AM 1 Hidden Rhistory files
2:27AM 3 file not found?
Wednesday November 19 2003
10:34PM 2 anova(mylme, type = ??)
9:45PM 1 Specifying arguements in user defined functions
8:05PM 0 multinom question
7:59PM 1 maximum width for pdf device
7:27PM 0 R interface for Swarm, available?
7:23PM 2 as.double( factor(something) )??
7:01PM 0 OT Sorta: Strouhal Numbers, Unladen Swallows and Monthy Python....
6:20PM 11 Windows R 1.8.0 hangs when Mem Usage >1.8GB
5:50PM 1 Compiling R 1.8.x under Solaris 9
5:08PM 0 nls (nlrq) boxcox
4:35PM 1 RMySQL_5.2 SuSE9.0
3:51PM 2 repeated measure in GLM
3:45PM 0 question (and a suggestion)
2:47PM 3 X11/ graphics problem
2:09PM 1 Installing RXlisp
1:58PM 5 ISOdate returns incorrect date?
12:50PM 0 howto improve sharpeness of fonts in a jpg-image producedby R ?
12:36PM 2 Difference in ANOVA results - R vs. JMP/Minitab
12:04PM 0 technical questions> connecting to a front end
11:16AM 1 size of graphics device
10:52AM 0 filter() function
10:36AM 2 Correction for first order autocorrelation in OLS residuals
9:41AM 0 gmp
9:20AM 0 solution: rpart graphics, Mac
8:14AM 0 'nor1mix' for 1-dimensional normal mixture distributions
1:30AM 1 converting a numeric vector to a single string
Tuesday November 18 2003
9:33PM 0 arima models
6:07PM 1 adding variable
5:41PM 1 \samp tag
5:04PM 0 SVM question
4:55PM 0 time series
4:22PM 3 Copula calculation in R?
3:29PM 5 Histogram
2:04PM 0 Invalid Characters for hclust or dist
1:45PM 3 howto improve sharpeness of fonts in a jpg-image produced by R ?
1:40PM 3 model formula
12:22PM 1 aov with Error and lme
12:13PM 1 installing a local package in RAqua
11:06AM 2 readline not found
10:56AM 2 Problems installing lattice
10:32AM 1 package compilation
10:17AM 2 x[x > y] and more conditions
10:08AM 0 Is it possible to source a R program in VBA?
9:59AM 1 How to return a big treelike list from .Call Interface (protect stack overflow)
9:44AM 1 data.frame subset?
8:50AM 5 mixed model for Splus and R
8:23AM 2 Compiling R
2:53AM 0 arima() in ts
12:28AM 2 sampling without repetition
Monday November 17 2003
11:21PM 2 reordering numbers in a vector
10:51PM 2 Looking for recommendations for optimal memory settings
9:08PM 1 \preformatted and $
8:33PM 1 rpart postscript graphics, Mac OS
8:33PM 0 image processing
7:01PM 1 Fwd: License Agreement
6:30PM 4 cumulative distribution functions
4:14PM 3 Accents in R
3:48PM 1 gradient option in "nlm" function
3:27PM 3 S Programming
2:41PM 0 using R
2:27PM 1 Generalized linear model
12:24PM 2 Rweb: how to use source()
12:24PM 1 confint: which method attached?
11:15AM 1 function identify()
10:37AM 2 Symbolic math?
10:23AM 1 CLARA
3:25AM 2 Newbie question
1:16AM 0 gradient option in 'nlm' function
Sunday November 16 2003
10:19PM 1 graphics reset
10:17PM 1 DOE support in R and fac.design
9:36PM 3 ?for
7:18PM 2 Error when calling a dll procedure
6:42PM 1 Legend position in barplots
5:26PM 1 na.rm default
4:27PM 1 SE of ANOVA (aov) with repeated measures and a bewtween-subject factor
3:37PM 1 help with EMclust
1:26PM 2 Newbie: Barchart Gray with White Grid?
11:53AM 1 Mixtures of Von-mises distributions
5:04AM 1 Newbie Help:: Honors Chem. Project:: How to use R instead of JMP IN and GraphicalAnalysis...
4:25AM 1 R-Project: Graphic/3-D capabilites and information...
1:58AM 2 prevent conversion to factors in aggregate?
12:41AM 3 an object of class lm returned by lm?
Saturday November 15 2003
6:49PM 0 r 1.7.1, MacOS 9.2.2, mclust 2.0-2 (Update), lapackLib
4:48PM 0 r 1.7.1, MacOS 9.2.2, mclust 2.0-2 (Update)
3:28PM 0 FW: computing a p-value ...
2:49PM 5 correlation and causality examples
2:26PM 4 recognizing "(" as a character
2:10PM 1 Loading file to use with qda()
2:02PM 0 r 1.7.1, MacOS 9.2.2, mclust 2.0-2
3:56AM 0 computing a p-value for a one-way ANOVA given only means and std dev of 5 factor levels
3:12AM 2 Rescaling character widthof the title
12:06AM 0 som package tutorial?
Friday November 14 2003
11:14PM 1 Initial size of graphics window
10:58PM 2 installing the next version of R while in an older version
10:50PM 0 this is a test
10:02PM 5 A suggestion regarding multiple replies
7:31PM 0 summary of expression and functions
7:05PM 6 index of max value ?
6:01PM 1 spatial modeling
5:42PM 1 calculating arc length using R?
5:26PM 0 R user group at NIH
5:23PM 3 assigning rownames
4:27PM 1 R and RS232-Interface?
3:55PM 0 Help wilth lme for repeted measures design
2:22PM 2 Round error?
2:14PM 3 Expressions and Functions
2:07PM 4 LOCF - Last Observation Carried Forward
2:02PM 1 What goodness-of-fit measure for robust regression ?
1:16PM 7 Vector indices and minus sign
12:35PM 2 bad performance of a function
10:13AM 5 ISOdate() and strptime()
9:37AM 1 packages
9:28AM 1 R CMD check problems
Thursday November 13 2003
10:54PM 1 Can't get Sweave syntax highlighting with Emacs
9:57PM 1 Panel Data Analysis
8:52PM 4 stop further sourcing of an R file
8:48PM 1 creating a "report" table from a set of lists
8:09PM 2 install.packages() for a local file
7:07PM 1 (no subject)
7:05PM 3 Program Saving
6:52PM 0 Help: Strange MDS behavior
6:42PM 0 comparing k-means and hierarchical clustering
6:18PM 1 Installing packages
5:23PM 0 Problems about Heatmap
3:31PM 3 Fitting to strange function
1:31PM 3 conf int mixed effects
12:39PM 4 Problem with parser and if/else
9:59AM 4 Running R-program as queue jobs
9:10AM 0 Subject: RE: Time plot question.
6:04AM 1 what does this multinom error mean?
5:54AM 5 xlims of barplot
Wednesday November 12 2003
10:57PM 1 Course***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, December 2003 @ 4 locations near you! (Princeton, DC, Boston, San Francisco)
10:45PM 2 Formatting axis label numbers on plots
10:40PM 1 Plotting lm() attributes
10:18PM 0 lme: estimates and confidence intervals for crossed fixed effects
8:39PM 2 I receiv an error when try to run a function...
8:21PM 0 setValidity and "initialize" method conflict ?
7:53PM 0 RMySQL & couldn't find function ".valueClassTest"
7:41PM 2 Using tcltk language with R system
7:34PM 0 Usando Tcltk com o Sistema R
6:09PM 0 Subject: RE: Time plot question.
5:41PM 2 question about matrix
5:10PM 1 RMySQL
4:05PM 2 postscript: font size in text(x,y,label)?
3:05PM 3 Chron, as.POSIXct problem
2:39PM 1 "/" operator in model formula
2:26PM 0 Summary: Calendar Time Series
2:26PM 5 repeat until function
1:21PM 2 Alpha values
1:01PM 0 (no subject)
12:50PM 4 column extraction by name ?
11:24AM 3 (no subject)
11:22AM 0 survrec 1.1-2
10:04AM 0 marrayTools package
9:56AM 1 problem with x11 and PS devices on different machines
9:37AM 1 value of strptime in R 1.8.0
7:17AM 1 Talk with from Java
5:42AM 0 Strange behavior of pipes
4:36AM 1 Time plot question.
3:17AM 2 CircStats reveals underlying R bug?
2:52AM 1 trouble in setting jpeg a large size
Tuesday November 11 2003
11:59PM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 9, Issue 11
11:28PM 4 HMisc describe -- error with dates
10:05PM 2 Test for new page
7:51PM 1 cor
7:38PM 0 help specifying error structure in lme
7:28PM 0 symbolic column extraction ?
5:58PM 1 += assignment operator
4:34PM 0 Installing and Loading RMySQL on OS X 2.8
4:34PM 3 Calendar Time Series
4:33PM 2 Compilation problem SuSE 9.0
2:44PM 0 interpreting output of lme
1:47PM 4 installing an add-on package
12:49PM 1 Unloading packages
10:49AM 4 A co-occurrence matrix
10:33AM 1 nlme-problem
9:13AM 0 subscripe
7:49AM 0 useR! 2004
12:46AM 2 sample size/power calc packages
Monday November 10 2003
11:22PM 3 Reading an upper triangular matrix
11:10PM 3 relationship between two discrete variables
11:08PM 2 boot package question: sampling on factor, not row
9:11PM 2 textConnections so slow!
6:02PM 1 "configure" options and R CMD INSTALL
5:34PM 0 make failed
4:36PM 1 animated plot
4:28PM 10 shuffling a vector
4:14PM 5 attaching data to any object
4:06PM 5 Finding the name ob an object
4:01PM 8 Memory issues..
11:16AM 1 (no subject)
10:57AM 1 model constant relations
9:50AM 0 position of given values labels in coplot
9:39AM 0 Rdbi/RdbiPgSQL updates
9:04AM 1 criterion for variable selection in LDA
8:07AM 4 predict.lm with (logical) NA vector
5:52AM 1 kmeans error (bug?)
3:17AM 0 small problem with symbols
2:57AM 0 Extending function symbols() to handle arbitrary shapes
12:43AM 5 Subsetting a list of vectors
Sunday November 9 2003
2:31PM 1 multiple cross-correlation function
2:28PM 1 weird behaviour of eigen()
12:58PM 2 How to create unique factor from two factors? + Boostrap Q
9:56AM 0 invisible functions?
3:37AM 0 simple compilation
Saturday November 8 2003
10:46PM 1 simple compile/Fortran question
9:29PM 3 Dealing with ...
9:23PM 2 help with hierarchical clustering
9:18PM 1 signalCondition
3:25PM 2 Effects of rounding on regression
2:31PM 1 notation for skewness and kurtosis
2:20PM 1 about .RData
8:46AM 0 rpart node size
1:19AM 1 [Fwd: Sun Solaris 8 compile problem.]
Friday November 7 2003
10:50PM 2 stack overflow and predict()
10:48PM 1 Copula functions in R?
9:14PM 0 Barplots (THANK YOU!!)
8:29PM 1 barplot(names.arg) versus axis(labels)
7:35PM 1 y label after axis (4)
5:49PM 2 Annoteting graphs using text
5:12PM 3 Two Y-axises and One X-axis
5:08PM 0 Intervals of Tickmarks
3:46PM 5 Barplots
3:38PM 0 CircStats bug? (circ.plot)
2:47PM 3 average of y at each level of x?
2:45PM 2 Bug in cor.test - Spearman
1:55PM 2 chisq.test error: x and y must have at least 2 levels
1:54PM 1 R humour: Early versions
1:47PM 1 xyplot
1:06PM 2 Non-standard axis plotting
12:52PM 0 SOM function with missig values
11:32AM 1 summary.nlme
11:28AM 0 Electronic copy of Ihaka and Gentleman (1996)?
9:11AM 1 precision in operations
7:53AM 2 opposite function of strsplit() ?
7:16AM 0 clustering distributions
5:38AM 0 quadprog
2:58AM 1 XML package
1:53AM 3 Q. About String indexing
12:52AM 3 R input file scanning
Thursday November 6 2003
11:14PM 1 Plotting Andrew's curves?
11:13PM 1 Flury faces.
10:42PM 1 some error messages using arm cpu with Debian
10:13PM 2 RMySQL for Windows
8:50PM 4 newbie's additional (probably to some extent OT) questions
7:41PM 2 Summary: How to represent pure linefeeds chr(10) under R for Windows
7:33PM 1 Question about computing offsets automatically
5:16PM 2 created data doesn't remain when split...
5:12PM 1 Lexical scoping
4:48PM 1 Hierarchical glm
4:09PM 2 How to setup proxy in R for windows?
3:56PM 2 Absolut newbie questions
3:25PM 1 for help about R--probit
2:41PM 1 how to install tkrplot?
2:34PM 0 how to install tkrplot.zip
12:17PM 0 Statistics newbie question
11:33AM 1 Levelplot and NAs
11:04AM 2 GDB under windows
11:04AM 3 import data troubles
9:04AM 0 Variable selection.
7:32AM 1 Reading JPG files within R
5:33AM 2 Number of Days
1:24AM 4 building r-patch
Wednesday November 5 2003
9:07PM 7 R for various ports of linux
8:45PM 1 ETA for 1.8.1 ?
7:49PM 1 Contributing to the R Extensions documentation
7:39PM 1 save(iris,file=
6:57PM 2 query on proxy settings for R.
6:27PM 1 save(iris,file="clipboard",ascii=TRUE)
5:26PM 0 RE: [Rd] fast nearest-neighbor in R?
5:26PM 1 How to call R from C?
5:10PM 0 for help about R
5:00PM 0 fast nearest-neighbor for R?
4:50PM 2 Transfer Function Estimation
4:28PM 2 Multiple comparisons with a glm
4:19PM 0 editor argument in edit()
3:57PM 3 How to represent pure linefeeds chr(10) under R for Windows
3:45PM 3 package installation problems
2:53PM 2 Mean Significance
2:03PM 3 question
1:56PM 1 matching of arguments in ...?
1:40PM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 9, Issue 5
11:25AM 1 Match data.frames with different number of rows
11:18AM 3 map does not display maps, MacOSX
10:28AM 1 Fitting a 3-parameter gammadistribution
8:50AM 3 converting column to factor *within* a data frame
1:38AM 0 R 1.8 and MacOS X 10.3
1:10AM 1 Estimate hazard function from right-censored data only
1:04AM 2 Contrast
12:21AM 3 using LSODA in R
12:19AM 1 objects inside curly braces
12:16AM 0 Re: [S] LME - fixed effects model and missing values
Tuesday November 4 2003
11:58PM 5 read.spss Error reading system-file header
11:22PM 2 help with nomogram function
11:19PM 2 Cointegration
11:15PM 2 more barplot presentation questions
11:14PM 1 How to define a function to be smooth?
9:38PM 1 Ignoring Errors in Simulations
8:57PM 1 Architecting an optimization with external calls
6:14PM 2 real eigenvectors
4:12PM 1 AW: R function help arranged in categorical order ?
3:42PM 3 help with lme()
3:27PM 0 Handling memory
2:55PM 3 R function help arranged in categorical order ?
10:52AM 2 line breaks in recode
10:12AM 1 Binaries for ROracle and V 1.8. needed
10:11AM 1 Error in edit.data.frame
9:19AM 3 interfacing C into R and R packages
9:11AM 1 hclust doesn't return merge details [Solved]
2:20AM 1 Using "_" in names?
12:10AM 2 write.dta and handling labels
Monday November 3 2003
10:37PM 1 inquire
10:28PM 1 Generic Function
10:20PM 1 ROC with GLM?
7:48PM 1 svm in e1071 package: polynomial vs linear kernel
7:32PM 3 A matrix is full rank is equal to having independent columns?
5:47PM 0 mva Hclust, heatmap and plotting functions
5:01PM 2 hclust doesn't return merge details
4:58PM 2 problem building MS-Windows package under linux
4:46PM 5 comparing characters
3:43PM 1 R-1.8 for Suse Linux rpm question
3:33PM 1 FDR in p.adjust
3:14PM 2 lang2(...) with two and more arguments
2:46PM 10 USA map
2:15PM 1 Visualising Vectors
1:47PM 1 second Y axis
11:40AM 1 Questions in R
10:37AM 2 calling R from Perl
9:35AM 2 Problem with batch-file
6:53AM 2 Odd r-squared
1:18AM 2 poisson GLM
Sunday November 2 2003
8:59PM 1 hello
8:37PM 0 lattice function splom
8:28PM 2 cannot have a function argument named 'break'
5:55PM 1 optim
5:27PM 3 SWinRegistry & R 1.8.0
10:17AM 3 barchart in lattice
3:32AM 1 Boxplot with full x-range
Saturday November 1 2003
11:00PM 3 Calling R from PHP on Win2K?
2:31PM 4 Beginner: Homogenity of Variances
2:26PM 2 c code in R
1:05PM 1 first 3 minimums
9:47AM 0 R maps, mapdata and mapproj for Windows
4:05AM 2 Question about the high dimensional density estimation
1:38AM 0 html glitches with help?
1:01AM 1 Partial least squares.